Hypersexualized female suicide through strangulation -- an illustrated tutorial

Friday, 07 August, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

If your interest in the titular topic is direct rather than meta, perhaps you should start with The MP Suicide Self-Evaluation Scale.

This article also includes material previously covered in The ties that bind, the ties that tie... generally speaking, a tie's a tie, The Outbridge, the Bitches' Bow, the various things you didn't know... and finally Orice cuplu functional. As well as the entire rest of Trilema, as per usual, of course, of course.


First of all, you will need (besides the female about to be suicided through hypersexualized strangulation) an anal hook.


Then you'll need zip ties. They'd better be long enough!


Pass one such tie through the anal hook's eye, and bind the wrists of the female being suicided behind her back.


After that... well...


Always remember : when it comes to hypersexualized female suicide through strangulation, the name of the game is slow and steady! You can probably make it last a good hour, if you get the tick counti precisely right.

If you're solo and so don't benefit (like the anonymous model above depicted) of loving support and carefully spare pairs of hands, you'll have to make some adjustments to the depicted proceedings. Put the strangulatory tie on your neck before tying your hands behind your back, and use some manner of force providerii to tighten it once you're immobilized. Make sure the anal hook's the right length for you, such that you can't free your hands by extracting the hook out of your asshole.

In any case, the good news is that if you failiii... well, you can always try again later, right ? Like they say, the only way to truly fail is not to play, and so...

Good luck!

  1. Any girl so used has a very distinct, viscerally imprinted memory of that tiny click sound of the tie tightening another notch. Part and parcel of having lived, you know ? []
  2. If you don't have programmable pliers, that can be set to open and close say every minute, strong adhesive or even something as simple as cutting a hole into the end of the tie to match a well placed nail in a wall somewhere. []
  3. Also consider maybe broadcasting the whole proceeding anonymously over the Internet. It's true that it might theoretically increase the chances of failure by some negligible quantity ; however consider the benefit : while a boatload of self-important douches do folding@home, you could be flapping@home, with even more marked benefits! There's this fashionable theory among psychiatrists proposing that suicide is contagious, and if you broadcast yours you're definitely doing your part in testing out that theory. Doesn't that strike you as more scientifically merituous than whatever obscure molecular biology ?

    Or I suppose maybe flapping's not necessarily the right word... []

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