Here, dear bois...

Sunday, 03 May, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Oh, right, since I'm doing tangents (and straining under the load of trying my best to resist the urge to just make this a Trilema articlei) : hereii, dear bois of useless preoccupations, here is why exactly spending my time, endless hours upon uncounted hours going patiently through museums on three continents covering five to ten millenia of human attempted existence was worth the entrance fees, transportation fees, the negligible cost of refreshments for the attached cocksuckers etcetera : because all that accumulated visual wisdom permits me to interact with a pile of young things just like you in confidence.iii

That's what it did for me, that's what it all did for me : that when encountering these lives, these "lives" just like your lives, these potential existences that aren't yet nor do yet matter in any perpsective -- not unless I say they do, not until I say they do (and I have to say)... then I do say. The fact that you're scared of even considering "such immense responsibilities" has no bearing on how things actually are ; when I was your age (excepting I was also biologically your mental age today, not merely mentally, like it is your sad lot) I thought the same thingsiv. Meanwhile school started, and... I grew out of it.

That's what it is, that's what it's for, that's how it works. Not for you, of course, but then again you don't matter in this world.

It's all for me.

  1. Evidently, I failed ; but for my failure this article started life as a germ nested at the very bottom, underneath that
    And at any rate, given how many of those I end up seeing by the time I publish a dump, I genuinely prefer it if someone else does the pick and choose

    Then it grew up. []

  2. Diana is making a whole boatload of shiny new people for me, out of pure & applied math (she's also got a biosack refashioning attempt underway she calls "young hands", but in all fairness that's nowhere near as productive). Shiny happy new people, and so much better than the old world alternatives in all respects and from all angles...

    Think about this for a while before doing the right thing, the only possible right thing in your case : what exactly makes you stand above any one of them migraine auras ? You're just a trite headache at best, they got you beat even on that score. What are you that's better than what they are ? You don't do anymore, that's for damn sure. You, just like them, are barely a handful of bits on someone else's hard-drive. Seriously, why are you still here ?

    A lifetime of simply getting in my way... Just end it already. []

  3. As the man said,

    It teaches him to see things as they are, to go right to the point, to disentangle a skein of thought, to detect what is sophistical, and to discard what is irrelevant.

    And this is, sadly if truly, also why doing the same wouldn't be worth your time, or "your" money (not that you'd do it anyway, even if you could, though you still can't, irrespective of how you don't).

    You're not me, see. You, like me, have eyes ; but you, unlike me, can't use them to see anything. That much you have in common with the rest of the celenterates : your eyes work, but by themselves, for themselves, like socialist institutions, they've their own three ring binders and who are you again ?

    They know perfectly well what to do on their own and by themselves, look, another meaningless shape moving over there! You just imagine having seen for having "looked", so to speak ; your brain "works" after its own fashion which has nothing to do with anything (nor with "you", though you also aren't anything) and so on. []

  4. Though I can't presently find the link to wherever I told the story of 5yo me asking my mother whether I'm in any danger of being interviewed on TV, it's nevertheless around here somewhere. []
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