Check out the entreprising russki boisalone, holy shit.

Thursday, 26 March, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


The IP is interesting because it's a well known abuse / spam source, but also a fixed domestic broadband endpoint. In other words, some kid has been, for a while, trying to turn his mother's studio lost among the post-soviet urban blights of Isheyevka, Ulyanovskaya oblasti into an "online business".

The attempt is itself interesting not just because of the ever so obvious signs and marks of handwork, as opposed to automation, but for the following reason : one of the criteria driving Trilema's anti-spam feature is that comments consisting of only links to Trilema itself do not get into the moderation queue (a neat benefit you're more than welcome to test by yourself). So this kid :

  • downloaded MP-WP from somewhereii;
  • then looked through it patiently enough and competently enough to figure out some possible in ;
  • which he actually foundiii ;
  • and then attempted to use it for his own goals.

How do you like that ?

Here's what the solipsistic shitwad didn't do : get in my wot, participate with the Republic, or get anywhere.iv

Just like all the rest of all the rest of youv, rite ? Too fucking clever for your own good, line up and get to the fucking ovens already, there's not going to be any more of your insufferable ilk soon enough. You've missed the last chance you were ever going to get.

  1. A "working settlement", посёлок городско́го ти́па in (modern) local parlance, a sort of "I can't believe it's not butter" applied to... well, what, post-soviet urban blight. The sort of place that can only be distinguished from a village by the widespread ruins of brute concrete and the universal incapacity of the subhumans there conglomerated to fend for themselves. A favela made out of cemented sand rather than empty tin cans, how shall we put it, the saddest place in the world. []
  2. Where ?

    This is what I get for sharing it. The actual benefit Trilema itself derived from my sharing the code FOUR years ago -- the actual, no the promised, not the putative, not the expected, believed, not the imaginary benefit -- is nil. The drawback, self-obviously, is that now I get hand-weaved spam targetting it specifically.

    Share more code. Share more code, you fucking idiots, idiots just like I was. Share more code, such that idiot boys "who don't like being under others" can continue pretending to a thorougly unwarranted manhood. Do you think Stanislav would be nearly as fucking intolerably stupid today if the only way he could have ever hoped to set eyes upon the inside of a program was through sufficiently impressing the actual men in the world ? If he could never do any own-bedroom self-stroking, if none of you ever could, would any of you have the mental issues which completely bar you today from any possible relevancy in this world ? Hm ?

    The only thing that was achieved through three decades of "free and open software" movement was the thorough deskilling of the few males this and the previous generation who could've, maybe, amounted to anything. That's it. That's all. That's the hell python and its "made to make it easy" ilk have wrought. It is accompanied by a general decay in quality of software (and, more broadly, intellectual discourse, of which software is a mere subchapter), but that's just the symptom. "Empowering" bois === destroying the world. []

  3. to redirect to said IP, but who among you even knew that is how http works ? It's in the standard though, look it up! So how come you didn't know ? []
  4. Yeah, that's right, his clever scheme didn't fucking work, I dissect it here for my own benefit & amusement, because I can -- but I fished it out of the spam filter, it hadn't made it past. []
  5. No, you're not any better than that. I get you like to pretend you are ; but you very well fucking aren't. []
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2 Responses

  1. b41e209ccc264812`s avatar
    Friday, 27 March 2020

    > to redirect to said IP
    Actually it does not redirect. The part before the @ is the "userinfo" part of the the "authority" part of a URI. It can be used for acces control, etc. e.g.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 27 March 2020

    Do you mean "it does not redirect" in a very technical sense, "it's not issuing a 30x code" ? Because that has just about nothing to do with what's being discussed ; had I meant "it forces my server to issue a http code" I'd have said that.

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