Babydoll and the facts of life

Saturday, 07 November, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Wednesday October the 6th. I am sorry I did not write in my journal for a long time. Things have changed. It is ok now and I will write from now as if it were then, what I remember and from sketches. I told my story of my dream, and then we were having breakfast when the Masters came. They weren't real Masters, not really, but there were six of them, all big and strong and loud and smelly. They broke through the patio door, by throwing Dad into it. Then they jumped in. I screamed "Daddy!" and Doll was pale and sisi and dogslave cuddled into me. One of them yelled "shut up, bitch" and slapped Doll. Her lip was bloody, he slapped her so hard, and her cheek turned red. Then they made her cancel the alarm and even call the police station to tell them it was an accident and no need to send a car. The police person said thank you ma'am.

Doll said "please take anything you want" but the man said "I told you to shut up, bitch." They looked at us. dogslave was holding her straight arms tight behind her ass. They've trained me, I know now to call it ass. That is the word for what we have behind, and butt is for small children though I don't think so. dogslave was trying not to say anything, but I know what she wanted to say. She told me later she wanted to beg them to do it to her, she wanted to take her clothes off and gangbang with them. But she didn't say anything, because she thought it may be bad for us, for Doll, for me. I was trying my best to be Princess. sisi was pale and trembling. I think she was being a princess as much as me.

Then Doll said "do anything you want to me, but don't hurt my babies". The man walked up to her, slowly. It seemed like forever. Doll stood up straight. The man grabbed Doll by her throat. She put her hands behind her back. He lifted her up until she was on tiptoes. He said "your babies ?" Doll whispered quickly "I'll fuck you. I'll fuck you good. I'll fuck you all. So good. I'm a good whore. Let them go." The man looked at us, then back at Doll. He glared at her and then he spat in her face "These ain't yo babies, ho!" Doll was passing out, whispering "please, fuck me, please". dogslave went on her knees. They all gathered around us. The man threw Doll on the floor, like a pile of Doll. She was breathing heavily. He pushed her shoulder with his boot until she was on her back, then he stepped on her throat. She looked so pretty under his boot like that! We all kneeled with dogslave.

"If they yo babies how come y'all same age ?" He looked at me. He yelled "You go to school, ho ?" I wanted to say I'm not a ho, I'm a pimp. I didn't say anything. I nodded yes. "What grade ?" I didn't say anything. I showed on my fingers. He came closer to me, he yelled loud "You mute or something ?" but I nodded no. dogslave said "She's just scared, sir." He turned to her. He looked at her, hard. She looked right back at him, and bent a little forward. He curdled his throat and then spat in her face. It made a sound, a big sound. dogslave looked at him, with his big thick spit sliding down her face, by her nose, towards her mouth. She opened her lips, and licked it. He leaped at her. She turned on her back, she was holding him in between her legs in a blink. She caressed his face with her hand. She whispered "fuck me hard, sir." He tore her school skirt off of her. She lifted her blouse over her head, wiping her face as she did. She was whispering at him the whole time, warm, sweetly, "tear me apart, please break me, break this whore, make me a woman with your big hard dick, I'm just a little girl, take it away from me, hurt me and bleed it out of me, please sir, I want to be a whore" and things like that, over and over. dogslave is really very good with fuckwords, I never knew this about her. She never spoke to me, doing it with me. But she does it with men, when she's with them. I asked her how come, afterwards. She said it's just different, Princess Babydoll. I told her I am no longer a princess, that now I'm just a whore like her, but she said she will never forget I was once her princess babydoll.

She wanted to kiss him, she went for it but he pulled his face away. She reached her arms out, her hands to the other men. She looked at them, begging them. They came close, as the man on top of her was getting his cock out of his pants. His whoremaking cock, that's how we're made, you know that. We all know that, we find it out. It is the facts of life. He drove his cock deep into her, in one hard go. She screamed, dogslave screamed louder than I've ever heard her ever scream. Then she yelled out "yeah! do me! more! more!" She grabbed the other men's cocks in her hands, and she was stroking them like the Italians do it, only better. The man on top of her pulled out, looked at his bloody cock, at the blood on the carpet. "Yo virgin ho?!" he asked, blinking, confused. dogslave hissed "hell yeah!" as she dragged the cocks in her hands closer to her face. She went to kissing them, one then the other then one and then the other over and over again, and rubbing them together and squeezing them up and down. Doll was crawling towards the man on top of dogslave, on all fours. He pushed himself into dogslave again, he pushed himself hard in, and out of her. "How old are you ?" he asked her. She looked at him from under the cocks on her face, and raised her eyebrow, and winked her eye. "How. Old. Are. You. You. Sau. Cy. Li. Ttle. Cunt! Fif. Teen. Thir. Teen. Tell. Me." he said with every slamming into her. She lifted his friends from her lips. "I'm twelve years old, massah boss man" she said, closing her eyes and smiling. The cock she held in her left hand spurted all over her face. She rubbed the other in the mess and it spurted the other side. She didn't let go, she rubbed them still, though they were trying to pull away she didn't let go.

"Aaah!" the man on top of Doll turned around. Doll had just reached him. I thought she was going to hit him, but no. She grabbed his ass with her hands, resting on her elbows, and kissed him. She told me she went right for his asshole, a little kiss and then the tongue, all the way in. She said she got deep enough to feel his spasms on her tongue, as he was filling dogslave with his cum. "Aaah!" the man yelled, "I'm gonna fuck this whore in the ass!" dogslave smiled again and whispered "which one ?" just as another man was coming at Doll from behind. "Don't worry, man. I'll do her for you." he said, and with a knife of the kind that folds up he started cutting her out of her clothes.

The other man came by where we were kneeling. His cock was out, sissy grabbed it and kissed it. I kissed his balls, I thought they were interesting, like a pouch that dangles by the cobb, and smells. It smelled bad, I liked it so much. I licked where it smelled the worst, and it tasted bad. It was delicious, so so deliciously bad. sisi told me his penis smelled bad too, especially under the skin, like goat cheese. She told me she licked it because it smelled so bad, and then she forced it into her throat. Far, deep, where the taste is the worst, because that's the best. I saw Doll wince, the man forcing his small, thin cock slowly into her asshole. Then he stood up, holding her with his arms under her shoulders. She opened her thighs up, wide, holding her knees with her own hands. She yelled out "come fuck the whore! here it is, fuck my cunt!" because that's what it's called, what we whores have in front. It is our cunt, and that's what you're supposed to call it because that's what it is. That's what we are, we're all cunts because that's all we have. Even if you don't know how to be a whore, you're still a cunt. And even if you know how to be a whore, you're just a cunt.

The man that was with sisi came up to Doll, and shoved himself into her. She told me they were rubbing each other inside her, like two faggots, that she was just the pretext, they needed her to block each other's view of themselves, they needed her to rub each other together and then lie about it, because she said boys are very affraid, and easily scared, and worthless as whores. She went to kiss him, and he sucked her tongue and she rubbed her ass lips all over his. The man that made dogslave's hole started laughing, but the faggot kissing Doll didn't pay any attention to him. dogslave was still on her back, the two penises she was playing with still captive in her hands. They were small now, and she held the ballsacks in her hands, squeezing them. I crawled over to her on all fours, and kissed her bloody lips. She shivered. I licked deep inside her new hole, the taste of fresh blood and fresh cum one thing in my mind. The first time that I had cum without any blood in it later I thought it tastes so strange!

He pulled me by the hair, the man that opened dogslave, and forced his cock in my throat. He pushed it back and forth, hard, all the way in. I kept my mouth wide open, and tried to breathe. I could taste his salty cum and her lovely blood, all the way as he pounded me, all the way down my throat. I tried to open as much as I could, to take it all in, to swallow everything he had, to be a real woman and do like real women do. His pounding was choking me, but I grabbed his ass with both hands and held tight, wouldn't let go. Doll told me later that she watched me, how my eyes bulged and teared up, how my whole body coiled with ass-fixya like it's called. She said she never loved me as much as when I dug my nails into his flesh and held that piece of meat in place inside my throat for all the life in me. I feelt my head grow airy, and my tummy squeeze, harder and harder. It felt like I was floating away, but I did not let go even a little bit, and then there was like a huge explosion. His cock went flying out, and I puked all over everything. The man yelled out "you stupid cunt!" and wanted to slap me, but then didn't want to touch my filthy face. I puked another little bit, but caught it in my hands, and then rubbed it all over my tits, through my school shirt. I don't know why I did that, but I did it, I rubbed it on my tits and on my stomach. Two of them started like with ass-fixya too although nobody was strangling them, and ran off for the bathroom, opening doors like idiots in an cartoon. I thought maybe they're just drawn, not really people. Drawings with cocks, fucking us whores.

The man holding Doll pushed himself out of her, pushing her on top of the guy fucking her cunt, nearly making them fall. He came up to me, shoving his string bean in my face. I put out my tongue and took it in, all the way in. His salty cum and her delicious blood filled my mouth. There wasn't really any poop at all. I grabbed him from behind his balls, I squeezed him hard, I rubbed my puke all over him and he spurted a coupla sad, small, sorry new strings in my mouth. Another man was jacking off, which is when they rub their cocks with their own hands. Doll put her feet on the ground, then lowered the man on his back and sat on him. She grabbed the cock in her own hands, and then went to kiss it, but before she could touch it with her lips it spit on her, all over her hair and face. She kissed it as it was doing it, then took it in her mouth. The man that openend dogslave wiped his cock in Doll's hair, and then said "Enough fucking with these cheap whores. We've got work to do."

They went all over the house, looking for "the good stuff" like they said, loading TVs and things like that into their van outside. We all kneeled together in the middle of the living room at first, but then I kissed Doll's mouth, and she hugged dogslave and sisi hugged me and we all really just wanted to cuddle so we took off our clothes and then I made dogslave have it and sisi made me. dogslave always wants to be in gangbang with many men, but she can never have it that way. She has it very hard right after, if I kiss her, or if sisi does, or Doll, or Sylvia, or any whore she likes, but she can not have it with the men themselves. Only after, I think she truly wants to dream the memories of what they do to her, I think maybe she doesn't like the gangbang itself as much. She says she always thinks of it, of how it is, how it feels, how it looks even, but she can't think of it while it's going on. Only after, and she dreams of it too and thinks of it all the time, which is why she's so wet.

Then I asked Doll to spread for me, and she said "But Babydoll..." I told her we're all whores now, and that it doesn't matter anymore. But she said "please Babydoll! please Princess! Let me go!" and I said ok, and kissed sisi on her mouth then sisi kissed Doll. It's almost like a kiss, I think. The man who opened dogslave started screaming at the others that they left us unsupervised, but they said "the whores keep each other occupied anyway" and that they can't watch us because it's driving everyone insane. Then one of them came over very excitedly holding some of the practice stones and other things, so they all went to check it out and came back with cuffs and all the whips and canes and crops and paddles and everything in the house. They tied us from the wrists and hung us down until our big toes only touched the floor, and whipped us all and paddled us and made our hides beet red everywhere. It hurt so much, and we all cried, even Doll and dogslave cried, and sisi first and after me, but the men wouldn't stop, and then our tears dried out and then it was good, warm, and we were happy. I wanted to hold hands while they did it to us, but they just left us there and called somebody on the phone, explaining things about what they found, that the main thing is four sex slaves and two are virgins and to send another van for us.

So they did, another van came, with three men in it, who tied our ankles and wrists together like they said we're meat, and that's what you do with meat. They put special beanies on our heads, made of lickskin and with openings for eyes and the mouth that can be closed with a zipper, and the mouth part has puffy lips on the outside and a hard part that you have to take in your own mouth and then you can never close it anymore. And like that they loaded us in the back of the van with all the slave stuff, even our lickskin uniforms. It was a lot of stuff!

They drove us all day, only now and again they stopped to give us water but no food, and to play with us, but only in the mouth. The first time they forced their cocks into the licksuit mouths, but it was so stupid! So we told them, first Doll, and then me and dogslave too, we said look, we're good whores, this is just stupid, let us suck your cocks right, what is this bullshit! It hurts our jaws and fucks everything up. So they took our beanies off so we were completely naked, and Doll and dogslave sucked them off. Then they asked us if we're going to be good whores and we all said we're good whores and better slaves and no trouble at all! So they freed our hands too, but put hobbles on our ankles, which are like handcuffs but with a longer chain, so you can walk slowly but you can't run away. I loved them! It's so sexy, thinking about it even now makes me all warm. It's so humiliating but so true, because you think maybe you can get away but also you know you can't, which is what it is to be a woman. Only some think it is different, or can be made different, like crazy people think they can fly. I liked having the true hobble on my ankles so much, so you know what's what, and what you are, true and for real, not having to guess anything or fight the silly nonsense in your head.

Then we asked where are they taking us, and they said we're going to the dealer, and then he will put us on the market. I never knew this before, but there are markets everywhere for whores, where we are sold, even at auction, like in monopoly. The younger and prettier and better trained a whore is the more she is sold for, like even more than a car! So we started joking around how much we'll be worth, and we were making fun of each other and said sisi is probably not even going to be worth the cost of gas, and things like that, but they said no way, and they had our IDs and said we're all twelve year olds, and virgins too, and on top of that incredibly well trained already, like many twenty-five year olds are not half as well trained as we are, and that we will for sure set the record price ever at the market, that we're hot goods and the guy next to the driver said he's even proud to be driving us because he's never seen slaves like us in his whole life before, and he's been doing this professionally for over thirty years! And they said we're extremely pretty, and anyone who buys us will be so proud of us like nothing else, like nevermind cars, there are horses, like pure breed race horses that sell for millions but the best whore is so much better than the best horse! So I said "why don't you buy us then ? Don't you have employee discounts or something ?" and the guy driving gave him a look, like "fuck man, let's just run away" but he laughed and said he could never afford one of us, nevermind all four. And dogslave said "Not even after working thirty years ?" and he said "Not even by a long shot." So I asked him if it doesn't pay so well ? But he said it pays better than being the President of the United States, and by a margin at that, but he never could afford meat like we've got. So then I said "Please let me suck your cock sir?" and dogslave said "I'm good to fuck as well" and Doll said "Me too! But please not the ass." and they asked her if she's sore and she said kinda so we all laughed.

They stopped the van on the side of the road and they lined us up next to it, all naked in the sun, but only we put high heels on, from the pile, except for sasquatch, who was still barefoot. But it was so pretty! The sun over the desert, and then the guys laid down on the ground, their pants off, two of them, and Doll and dogslave sat on their cocks, and rode them, and the guy next to the driver just stood between them and moved his cock from Doll's mouth to dogslave and then sisi grabbed hold of it and shoved deep in her mouth and sucked it dry. They said "thank you" when they were done and dogslave laughed and Doll said no, thank you for the ride and everyone thought it was so funny, but I was sad and thinking about Dad. Why doesn't anyone ever want to fuck me, that I have to grab cocks from other girls mouths and dogslave's got her hole made in her already ?

Then we rode away, and we were kinda hungry but also sweaty and we were starting to stink so we whined to please let us have a shower, and they laughed and said ok. They stopped at the next gas station, which was very small, no motel or anything, just a small shop and three pumps. They made us go out of the van, naked, and line up and then they got the water hose for washing your car and hosed us down like cattle. It was so much fun, the water was cool and nice and we splashed and horsed around with our hobbles trying to get away, or more like pretending we were trying to get away, for fun, because obviously we couldn't get away. How can you get away ? Even when you don't even know you can't get away, like when you don't even realise there's something to get away from, a cold water hose, or real life, the hobble's still there on your ankles, like it always was. Like it always is. Like Doll said to me when we were back in the van, "school's over, babydoll". Doll's just a slave whore like all of us, of course, but I still write her Doll because I respect her even if a slave's a slave. But I'm just babydoll like sisi and dogslave now because that's what I am, princess babydoll the slave whore. It's better this way, anyway, it's always better to know the truth and to go with what really is.

The guy at the gas station was like zombified, he came out to see what's going on and then just stood there and shuffled a little with his mouth hanging open. Then we left, and we cuddled in the van together and kissed each other and took naps. When we arrived at the dealer it was already night, and they just got us out of the van, they talked a while among themselves inside while we waited standing by the van outside, then they came out, marched us through a tunnel-like gate to a special doctor's room underground with no windows where they did physical examination, then they took us deeper in and put us each in a cage, right next to each other. The cages were made of metal bars, like in a prison, not very big, just with a hard cot to sleep on and a grating in the middle going to a water to pee in just standing over. The guys with the van made us pee in the desert, just for fun, and dogslave and sisi asked them if they can show them something, and please take their hobbles off just for a second. So the guy was like, okay, anything for you primo sluts, and took their hobbles off one leg, so dogslave and sisi stood on just one leg and held the other straight up like they can do and pee'd that way, it was so pretty to watch them do it. dogslave had her hobble on the ground, but sisi lifted the hobbled ankle up and I think it was better that way, because it dangled as she peed. Then the guys looked at us but Doll shook her head, and we had to pee like lame moms, crouching down, because we didn't have enough time to practice enough, but I held her hand and I sad "we'll do it, Doll", and she nodded and squeezed my hand. But apparently this slavery thing doesn't believe in toilet seats, because we have to pee crouching over a grate here too. Maybe a good idea would be to make the toilet seat out of clear glass, so you can both pee and sit comfortably. I like being seen, it's good when everyone can see it come right out of you, I think it's the best way to do it for you, too, but I also kinda like to sit down.

Then later a man with a hood came in and brought us disgusting slave gruel, that's what he called it, in metal plates, that we had to lick because they gave us no spoons. Doll said it's just oatmeal, and said eat up bitches and so we did and we were almost finished when another man came in and asked us how we liked the slop. We said it was delicious sir, all together, and then thank you kind sir for our disgusting slop, because we had practiced to say it exactly together, it was Doll's idea. She said we should always do very well all that we're told to do, like in school, and we should be obedient, which is when you do very good like a teacher's pet, and loving, which is what real women are all about, and that's what we are, true blooded whores all! The man said "so it's true then, you're all well trained ?" and we said "yes sir!" and he said there's a treat for well trained whores and he came back with icecream! It was in nice normal plates, and with warm home-made brownie, as good as Doll makes, or only better, and we had spoons and he asked us if we want our hobbles off. But I asked him if I may keep my hobble on, and he asked me how come and I said it makes me feel good and like a slave. He said ok, and he said we're here only for tonight, babes like us he has no doubt will move right into the most luxurious suites they have right after our debriefing tomorrow. And dogslave said "aww" I think she was fucking around, but he said "don't worry, you can visit the dungeon any time you like, and sleep here if you want with the new whores too." Then he asked us if there's anything we want until tomorrow, because we'll be locked down afterwards, and dogslave asked if we could have our slave stones ? So he asked what are those and Doll explained it's the plain buttplugs, and they explained which ones, and he said "sure, it'll take a little bit to find them in the pile but he'll bring them personally" and then I asked if I can have my journal ? And he said sure so I described it to him, and then after a while he was back with the buttplugs but they're really slave stones, and we told him who gets which, and a jar of vaseline which we passed around through the gratings.

He didn't have my journal though, and I wanted to say something but Doll looked at me and I knew better anyway, so I just looked down. But he came over and he patted my head through the bars and said "don't worry, babydoll, it will be ok" and I kissed his hand. Then later another man came in, who is the psychologist but I didn't know then, and he had my journal and asked which one of us slaves wrote that, looking at Doll, but she just looked at him and said nothing and I said "It's my journal, sir." So he asked me how old I am and I told him I was twelve years old in September and he asked me how come I am keeping a journal and I looked at him and said nothing but Doll said I bought it for her and he told her to get on her knees which she did instantly and he reached through the bars and grabbed her chin and lifted it to look at her and then patted her cheek and said "good slave" and she panted and showed him her tongue, like with her mouth open and tongue pushed down on her lower lip. He gave me my journal and a very good pen and a spot light, so I can write very comfortably, and he told me I am a very good whore for keeping such a good journal and he is jealous of whoever buys me. So here I am on the metal cot which is all hard, writing the day and hoping for tomorrow, but it is just a sketch and I will write it proper later. It will be maybe hard to sleep with the stones in all night, but we have a slave pact that we're not going to poop them out until they take us out in the morning, and maybe it won't be so hard Doll says because we didn't eat anything all day anyway. But I'll keep it in if I have to hold it with both hands. What are hands for, anyway ?

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