What is meant by AI ?

Thursday, 03 January, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

bimbo do bots self voice?
Me to "self voice" means they do the stuff needed to get voice themselves (as opposed to, having a human !!up them).

bimbo hmm okay, i suppose what i was wondering if they have a feature which allows them to communicate to deedbot in order to self voice
Me well yeah, they gotta be able to pm it and know what to say

bimbo thats pretty cool
Me yeah. whole thing is modulary like that, deedbot treats bots and people exactly alike for instance. so a bot that can voice itself simply emulates what you do.

bimbo interesting, and i also have no idea about all of the bot possibilities
Me i guess not. but in general the idea is that we'll destroy any hope or possibility of a future for dumb people by simply making bots good enough they can't be distinguished.

bimbo lol. isn't that AI?
Me nope.

bimbo so wheres the line between bots and AI?
Me i suppose from the idiot's pov the distinction's not worth making. an apocalypse in which "everyone" dies and an apocalypse in which "everyone you know" dies are not that different after all.

bimbo lol am i the idiot in this case? i mean in an apocalypse youd still need people to rebuild, regardless if you know them or not . idk maybe im looking at it the wrong way.
Me i meant the general "you". "One".

bimbo ah okay, i didnt know if i had enough to understand this conversation
Me you know how a large number of dorks go about "their lives" as if trilema didn't exist ?

bimbo indeed lol
Me if those live or if they die, it only matters to them. world history had a large number of such faux apocalypses, where say neanderthal man died off.

bimbo i see.
Me the world didn't END once the dinosaurs were wiped. though, from the pov of a dinosaur, it "might as well have". same thing.

bimbo ill buy it. i understand this idea but not how it relates to ai and bots.
Me from the pov of a moron, a bot that repaces him is "AI!!!". it's not, but the difference is too subtle to make, and in any case irrelevant to the moron.

bimbo ah i see. maybe ishould read about ai to understand the technology part of it
Me do you know what a turing test is ?

bimbo no i dont : /
Me so look it up

bimbo lol i already did but i felt like i was cheating.
Me the turing test is defined by libertard morons (in this case, that faggot turing), and it misses the only important point : there is no "people". a bot that passes the turing test as administered by some random moron may ~seem~ "ai" to that one moron. however, in that it will never pass a turing test administered by me, it therefore isn't going to be ai to me. it's just going to be my bot, talking for me to fetlife tards.i

bimbo lol. makes sense. more simple than i though it was going to be. so do you think one will ever pass your test? havent they developed better technology to test this anyways?
Me keks technology. what fucking technology. and what fucking "they". we're the only "they" involved.

bimbo lol. i mean a better test. im sure you capable of designing a more advanced test then one that was developed in the 50s.
Me lol mkay.

bimbo lol why mkay? i thought you were the one were talking about. i guess whats the point though when people are less intelligent and more automated
Me just as soon as i'm done designing a more advanced pythagora's theorem than the one that was developed in the 500s.

bimbo lmao. well if the test goes right, you can just send a bot to do it
Me what do you think this "technology" is, juju ? it's ~called~ THE turing test because it's definitive.

bimbo so the test is definitive but not the administrator?
Me exactly.

bimbo why cant bots administer the tests then?
Me they can lol.

bimbo ah okay. kinda seems like feeding the duck chicken


bimbo dude! these computers they used to try and beat the test is kind of funny. parry designed after a paranoid schizophrenic.
Me aha. their problem is this nutty idea that "people are all the same, ultimately, fundamentally, somehow ALL ONE". not even encountered anywhere but the nonsense tracts of the neoprotestants.

bimbo definitely. although i think its more than protestants
Me notrly.

bimbo especially if the person designing the test is technically advanced then they probably lack a certain level of social functioning (ie the manager conversation) it seems easy to pick out a schizophrenic as the biggest outlier. idk i think its partly why people dont think you exist
Me hm ?

bimbo most people think people are all the same, hence why your life has to be made up since no one else is doing the things you are.
Me a right.

  1. This is factually what's already happening, you understand this. Do you ?

    "Russian hackers" my left foot. []

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