The squares, and the holes.

Saturday, 26 October, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

So is Ginger your friend ?
Um... I mean sure, we're friends. But she's really my hole.

What does that mean ?
Oh, it's really complicated.

I'd really like to know.
Ok, it's like this : I'm a rich girl, right ? I mean, just look around. So it wouldn't be right for me to marry just some like random scumbag or you know, nobody like that. Besides, Daddy has a lot of business partners and things, and sometimes it's best if your daughter marries the right guy for the business, you know.

So you'll just marry whoever your father picks for you ?
Oh, sure. Of course. Who else ?

I don't know. Some girls want to pick their own husband.
Now that's just silly. Why would they want something like that ?

Maybe they think they know better, make sure he really likes them.
How could they know better ? It's so much work, you have to look at so many things... do they also run their Daddy's businesses for him ?

Some do, sure.
And how old are they ?

What do you mean ? Every year they're a year older, it changes with time.
Yes, but when they marry.

Oh, I... I guess about thirty or so.
How does that make any sense ? I'm seventeen, I already told Daddy I wanna be married. He said maybe a year or two.

What did you say ?
I told him ok, but please more a year than two.

How come ?
I started having dreams at night. I dream of being all swelled up, and having a weight in my arms, and suckling... you know, it's time.

Aren't you too young ?
When you start getting the dreams, you're already too old. That's what all the Ladies say.

What do you mean, the ladies ?
You know, all the married Princesses.

So your father's looking for a husband for you ?
I'm sure he was looking for many years now. All his partners, too. They knew he had a daughter when I was born, they knew I'll grew up into a fine Princess for one of their sons for almost twenty years now. They must have figured some things out.

Then why does it take a year or two ?
I don't know, it's Daddy's business. Maybe he has to pick. Or maybe he just thinks I should suffer.

That's okay with you ?
Sure. He's my Daddy, anything he says is okay with me.

For how long ?
Haha. Until I get married.

So then... maybe he just doesn't want to lose you yet ?
Awww, that's so sweet. Yes, maybe he doesn't.

But... wait a second. The way you describe it all... shouldn't you be a... hm... a maiden ? When you marry ?
What's a maiden ?

You know, a girl that's never had... I mean...
Like a virgin ?

That's it.
Oh, of course. Absolutely. Oh my god, I could nevert insult one of Daddy's friends like that. What do you mean, make a cuck of his son ?! I'd die of shame first.

So... so you're... you're a....
Of course I am! Untouched like the day I was born.

But I mean... at all ?!
Not at all! Not my lips, not my tongue, not my vulva, not my rectum, not between my thigs, no single finger, never, nowhere. Really, I caught a glimpse. Twice. But I don't even look. Some of my friends look, they say it's ok to look, but... I don't know. They say it leads you into worse things, I'm maybe not as strong willed as them, so I just don't.

So you never had a boyfriend ?
Haha what. Am I so ugly ?

No, not at all, absolutely not. You're gorgeous, simply breathtaking.
I heard that before. So I've had lots of boyfriends. I've had... three... five... nine... I've had ten boyfriends. That's lots isn't it ?

Kinda is... especially by seventeen...
Yeah huh!

So you never were friends with them for very long ?
Oh, depends... with Joey for instance for a whole year, we split on the aniversary.

How come, did you argue ?
Oh, no. He just wanted to try being with other girls, you know.

Were you very upset ?
I wasn't upset at all, why should I be upset ? So many boys kept begging me to be their girlfriend...

But didn't Joey try to...
What ?

You know... do things.
What do you mean ? We did things all the time.

But I mean... sexually...
Oh. That too, of course.

Of course ?!
Well... Joey is a good boy, no ? His Daddy has a lot of money. How could I not show his son a good time ? I'd be ashamed of myself. Imagine, if Joey's Daddy went to my Daddy and said, "you know, your daughter's not really entertaining my son so well". What would Daddy say ? I'd be so sorry... I'd beg him to cane me really really hard to make it go away, and maybe it wouldn't even.

So Joey had sex with you ?
Oh, sure. Lots and lots of times. Every time he wanted to.

Every time ?!
Sure. Well, not like at the table or something... although we did that once, too. It was only Ladies there, and they said it's okay. They said it's very cute, actually. They also said my body's very beautiful, and I remind them of this Lady from their time. She's very famous for her good looks, they all defer to her in respect. I was shy at first about it, but it was very good. It's a cherished memory.

But... how is this possible ?! How can you be... how can you marry... if you've had lots of sex with your boyfriends...
What's the problem ?

It's not possible!
Why not ?

Because... look, it doesn't make any sense. To have sex, the boy's penis has to move inside of you, somehow, somewhere. And you said...
Ah, that. I have my holes, like every princess, don't I ?

I... I... yes, I'm sure you do.
So then, what's the problem.

I'm so confused...
I don't know why, it's really very simple, Joey just fucked my holes.

He did ?
Oh yes.

And your other nine boyfriends ?
Oh yeah, also. Especially the others, actually... they were later, so they fucked my holes really really hard.

Many times ?
So, so many times... Almost every day this year. What almost... like last week, Tuesday, we did it like I think seven times. Or eight.

All your holes ?
Well yeah, with something like that... he fucked all my holes like twice. Even more some.

But you're a virgin.
Of course. Didn't we walk about that already ?

I don't understand how this is possible.
What's the problem ?! It's me that's the virgin, not my holes. They're well used, poor darlings.

You're a virgin but your holes are well used.
That's right. That's what being a teenaged Princess is all about!

It sounds more like magic.
Haha. They say my Daddy's a magician! So yeah!

Is one used more than the others ?
I think so... maybe Sarah, I guess.

You have girl names for your holes ?
Haha what a silly question. The boys would be really weirded out if they had boy names. And everyone else.

Other people know about it ?
Of course. Everyone knows. How could they not ?

You're very open about it, huh. So what are they all called ?
Sarah, Ginger and Susannah.

Wait, Ginger ?
Yes, the girl you just met.

Ginger, the girl I just met, is your hole ?!
I said that, didn't I ?

So you mean... you named your hole after her ?
No I didn't name my hole after her, what sense does that make ? Ginger is my hole.

But... what sense does that make ?! Oh my god... oh god... you mean... when you say they fucked your holes really hard, what you mean is Ginger, the girl I met, she was there too, and they fucked her, instead of fucking you they fucked her ?
Yes, that's how it goes before the marriage. After you're married your husband fucks you, but before you're married your boyfriend fucks your hole.

Oh my god.
Yeah. It's wonderful.

It is ?!
Oh yeah.

So for instance when you said, at the table...
Yes, Joey and I kissed, and he fondled my breasts and held me tight and everything...

... and all the while...
... Ginger was sucking him off under the table. He had a great time, he said it was the best dinner ever. She's a great sucker, everyone says.

That's just unbelievable.
It's so great, you know... holding them while they lose themselves in your hole... they're so cute and lovable... it's just... it's the greatest thing. Plus they make faces and... you know, you have to suck that last breath, yeah ?

And that time Tuesday, when you said...
Yep, I held Susannah while he plowed her. It's great, you know, you feel the strength of his thrusts between your thighs, if you hold the hole from behind. And I sat on Sarah's face and held her ankles back so it hurt her. She had to kiss my ass and I didn't even let her breathe. You know when you pull legs back like that it hurts really bad where the inside is. I really made her suffer, I was so pissed off with her.

What did she do ?
She was just being a little bitch. But that's all bygones now, she apologized, and we made up, we're besties again.

So Ginger...
Ah, she doesn't like to fuck between the legs so much. She likes it in her mouth. She didn't do so much, mostly kissed his ballsack from behind and rubbed herself and the other holes. She's really good giving the clit orgasm, too! She has the perfect rythm for it.

So Ginger's like a human Hitachi wand.
What's that ?

You know, that large vibrator thing, looks like a wand.
What's a vibrator ?

Um... you never seen one ?
I don't think so...

It's this plastic thing that vibrates.
Like a massage piece ?

Yeah, but you put it down there...
Ew, that's unpleasant. Doesn't it feel unpleasant, the vibration ?

It is a little unpleasant, I guess... but it also gets you off.
Yeah, but...

What do you want, not everbody can be a Princess.
Well... they should be a hole, then.

How does one become a hole anyways ? Like for instance Ginger.
Oh, daddy bought her from her folks. They were very poor, she was starving the poor thing.

How old was she ?
He bought her when I was twelve, I remember. And we're the same age... so she must've been also twelve.

So how did she become your hole ?
Well... daddy took her virginity...

Your father fucked your hole too ?!
Oh, no. She wasn't my hole yet, then. He just bought her, and used her for a while, and then I started bleeding so the Ladies of the house picked three of the younger girls and told me about things and they were my holes.

Just like that, huh ?
Just like that.

Don't you think maybe Ginger wants to be married herself ?
She probably will be married, when I marry. I mean I don't know, we haven't talked yet, but many holes do. Daddy will find her a nice hard working kid, and make them a dowry. Or I guess she could also stay on to work in the house, if she wants. Maybe if she doesn't like any of the matches. Depends on her luck too, I guess...

What about the others ?
Ah, Suzy's going to be my wet nurse, we talked all about it. She's got these gorgeous tits, have you seen her ?

I don't think so...
Oh, I'll make her show you when I see her. it's something else, I've never seen tits like hers anywhere. She's going to feed all my babies.

But doesn't she have to... I mean... in order to...
Yes, she has to get pregnant when I do. Your milk doesn't flow unless you're pregnant.

So that means...
Oh yea, she'll get gangbanged. It's the most fun way to make sure. You know what that is ? It's when they get a lot of men in the room with you and they just go at you over and over again until you pass out from it.

Yeah, I've heard of it.
I think she really wants that for herself.

She doesn't want to get married ?
Maybe later, Daddy says. But no, now she just wants to be used lots and lots. She eggs my boyfriends on, too. I told her not to do it, but she still does a little. She's a troublemaker, and she's crafty, too! One time Daddy gave her a very stern talk and at the end threatened to tie her on the back of a mare and make the horse go on her instead of the mare, you know, and she said "Please..." like you see, everyone could take it "please don't" like she's begging him not to but she twinkled her eye like she meant "please do that to me" instead. That's how she is.

So what did your father say ?
He told me to whip her.

Did you ?
Oh yeah, I whip her lots. I think she likes that, too. It's good practice for me, anyway, for when I'll be married, so I can whip well. It's hard to do right, you know, hard enough but not too hard ? Needs a lot of practice to get right. Depends on the girl, also, the girl getting whipped, I mean. Some are harder than others, you have to know, feel them out first, how their bones go, their flesh. It's complicated.

And Susannah still wants to be your wet nurse, even though you whip her ?
Of course. Susannah loves me, she'll do anything for me.

I don't know... everyone here seems so happy...
And why shouldn't they be ?

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