Birds, birds, birds, just lookin' for some sugar... birds, birds, birds, just lookin' for a crumb... ta na na na na na

Thursday, 18 July, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Hey, remember... Sabrina ? That long, hot '87 summer when some wanna-be Madonna chick did that thing in the pool, and then we watched "Maid in Sweden" right after and then... oh. ait. You weren't even there. A well...

She did have nice tits.


Cvas, you see, it comes in a bottle. Or it can, at any rate.


Above, the excellent noodle Uzbek soup and below, the excellent Uzbek lamb axe at this excellent Uzbek pectopah I've mentioned before.



Above & below : this entirely different Uzbek place in an entirely different location two blocks from the other one.






Above : the lulz, in Moontalk. Don't they look fucking hysterical though ? Once the narrative overlay is removed by analphabetism, once the scammer's muted, doesn't the simpler, truer substance hit like a ton of bricks ?

Below : girls shooting girls. For some reason that place (a very nice waffle & smoothie joint, about two blocks from either of the other two) is the nexus of instawhoring -- earlier today there were a coupla fifteen year olds posing themselves, in their school sneakers and everyday jeans, but it's the faces you make at the camera that matter, rite ?



Above : the weirdest thing happened while we were having coffee! Under the watery gaze of the crone on the right, the crone on the left proceeded over grumpily, went through a screen three layers deep of other chairs to select the very one our baggage train (purses, hats, sticks, things) was resting upon, and dragged it all over there!

Below : birdy came to steal some food, which I didn't really wanna give it because salt and other people things ; but then it stole a crumb of brown sugar the size of its head, swallowed it all like a maniac, and then got all hyper. I had nfi sparrows can digest sugar.






A lifetime of elite luxurious elegance in luxury, as Elliot would have put it.



Above : I ordered all the available prosecco at the breakfast joint. Because I can.

Below : it's 100% cock, you understand.





Anyway! We had a fabulous time ; mostly me (and since at least 1987). But not just me!

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