What have I been doing ?

Thursday, 26 April, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

In the direct there's of course conversations from half hour ago, like persay

Girly o a story!
*Girly reads
Girly ahahaha 2nd sentence ftw
Me ha ty! best sentence huh

Girly mhm :)
Me supposedly it's hardest to write the things you have no experience with.
Me hurr durr nonsense goes RIGHT in the garbage bin hosting other evergreens like "you don't know what it's like" and "you could never understand how $item feels" and so on.
Me i fucking understand the sadness of little bits of wood, fuck that dumb shit.

Girly the sadness of little bits of wood!
Me ikr?

Girly speaking of, the cafe where i sit (great couch) has next to me 19thc piano, cca 1993 macintosh, furnitures in various states of disrepair...
Me and yes game is a wonder of correct coding ; but my diamonds still not showed up ;/

Girly hrm wtf. and they're silent about it? kinda odd given how verbal they seemed about everything else (or were all those just other players/clanmates answering qs)....
Me i talked to the guy, he said talk to whatever bs payment processor (xsolla), which btw, can you log into that gmail ?

Girly i'm in said gmail acct
Girly one email from game says you set pw
Me anything from the people who stole my 100 bux ?
Me "shortly" heh.

Girly latest item is a notice from fetlife that the dermatologisti has creeped the associated fetlife girlie haha
Girly at...7am!
Me lol
Me anyway, i guess if they don't get a move on it by tomorrow ima write the dood again. wtf can you do with these idiots.
Me i expect my wot experience has utterly ruined me for dealing with the pantsuit "commercial world".

Girly well, inasmuch as that world is a mixed bag. not pure shit, but not reliable.
Me heh. right.
Me reliable to deliver the least effort possible for some definition of effort and possible they'll come up with on their own.

Girly what, like it couldn't be worse? it could be worse.
Me the sadness of little bits of wood.

Girly can't even find a good toe to embed into....
Me right ?
Me that's what they do all fucking day, looking for toes to embed into. fucking barnacles.

Girly better little bit of wood business bureau so far away it's not even worth trying to lodge complaint...
Girly also, FIRE EXISTS.
Me indeed it fucking does.

Girly anyway, i hope it's not like ruining your time. it'll get resolved one way or another, but the mark you leave will get left either way. they gotta be the ones to decide if it's in the shape of a high-five or a cockslap.

It strikes me that she is wise beyond her years ; and in being my creature this is not particularily surprising -- not to me, at any rate ; yet a certain discussion got me thinking. How come Trilema.ro is ~10mn words in four years while Trilema.en is ~3.5 mn words in five, almost six years ?! What's going on here ? And why is my subjective impression so badly misrepresenting the actual numbers ?!

One could say, of course, that English is supposed to be terser than Romanian, and here's the net result of that, for the first time ever measured concretely : English is (2030 / 1372) * (10749904 / 3451017) = 4.60 times terser than Romanian, in the sense that the same bag of words will take you 4.60 times further if they happen to be blessed by Shakespeare than if they were fingered by Eminescu. What, you didn't think all languages are equal, did you ?!

One could also say that there's just not that much left to say. After all, the originally declared purpose of the blog is to permit reference and therefore save effort. If it does indeed save effort, then the pile of referentiables should increase log(experience), and fitting the observed datapoints would propose the log is just about 2.x base.

Or one could say that there's just not so much that can be said in English, period and full stop, in the sense that it's a language which specifically limits the possibility of experience, much like a black and white camera reduces the diversity of the perceptible environment to fit its very limited coloric capacity ; but the risk with such a saying is that another might observe some years and some Romanian words produced infinitely less anything whatsoever than a correspondingly smaller pile of English expression. I said back then,

E imposibil, sub orice aspect practic, sa faceti voi competitie monstrului astuia.

which roughly translates into "you can't possibly dream of competing with this beast" -- the plain connotation, even if not specifically included in that article but visibly transparent from the whole body of them to that date, being that Romanians are insuficient and inadequate, both structurally and substantially. There's a very neat bridge uniting Spanish failure with Romanian failure, and they're evidently and profoundly cosubstantial, not accidents but the very actual nature of the biosacks involved. I was there just like I'm here, after all, where's the republic of there ? Why isn't it anywhere ?ii

In the end, it turns out the titular question's ill posed, there's no meaningful manner of measuring the measuring stick. The only important question is rather what have you been doing ?

  1. One of the "great guys", though not specifically listed on that page. His fare is more in the vein of "he has achieved item pile, looking for the corresponding girlcow to go with it". Something like that anyway, but you know, in his own words. []
  2. Yes, cleverness and poverty correlate extremely well. They correlate in fact closer than rain and thunder, smoke and fire, refined Plutonium and Cherenkov radiation, closer than any natural phenomena, and that's because they are in fact the same exact thing.

    Make no mistake about it, the cleverest part of any landscape is the town, while the cleverest part of any town are its poverty-stricken slums, from Five Points to what have you. And that's the causal relationship too, poor because too damn clever for their own good. []

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