The Perfect Day

Monday, 03 September, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Motto : What a perfect day...
I'm glad I spent it with you...

This will also serve as a guide to postcrastination. Read on!

So at four in the morning we took off for the beach! With the great sea beyond! The shining jewel... Lewt Golhiney!i

We arrived by sunrise ; we took a short and pleasant walk up and down the deserted beach and then we strung out the Towel of Legend and took a nap.

I woke up somewhat later, to admire girlybutts on surfboards. It really is the ultimate female sport, don't you agree ? Great Asses Wet, what more can ye ask for.

Then I went in, myself, against waves standing taller than the camel ; and therein I died again. Just like before only moreso this time. They dragged me back out, I could not stand. I leaned against alabaster abdomen and groaned the groan of the anoxic. I turned blue around the nose, and the eyelids. I passed out, and then I came to, and therewith needed to shit, piss and vomit at the same simultaneous time.

I had a fabulous time! Thereupon which having we returned, laden with sand in each crevice and orifice, from cochlea to interstitia and so following ; plus a battery of pineapples, a bushel of mangoes, fruits of paradise and other fruits etcetera. And on the road over I said cocksucking first, showering after, and then while girls hauled empty the complex baggage train requisite for such adventure, compelx arrangements of towels and ice boxes and thermoses and spares + everything in triplicate etcetera, I sat down to check out the wonderful world of the Internets!

Whenceupon-forth, 877.194.

Eight hundred seventy-seven dot a hundred ninety-four. That's how many street fights... I mean, that's how many millions of ECu my latest pop popped. Now you see why they call me Popescu ?

There it was, joy of joys, delight of delights, almost ten million Nondescript Tubers of a very acceptable quality! Thereby pushing all competition into third place and below, for now I own both first and second places in the all-time top of pops! The moment I'd been waiting for, patiently pouring five-digit quality LBN into the ground! VICTORY!

So as I was sitting on my Couch of Mastery (you have no idea) delighting in delicious homebaked monkey bread with a side of the world's best coffee etcetera it occured me I've had a perfect day!

And it's not even noon yet! (Well, it wasn't, at any rate).

See, this is postcrastination : to enjoy not doing anything after having done it! Not before, that's for suckers. After, after. There I sat, and there I enjoyed, my perfect day.


  1. This joke almost works if you know how to say naked in Romanian and butt in kidEnglish. []
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