An examination of conflict

Monday, 14 May, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

First, the set-up :

Subject: How about you drop whatever it is you're doing and dedicate your life to serving me ?
LordMPofTMSR Not even kidding.
MissH1994 I think you need to have a read of my profile.

Needless to say it ain't gonna happen, because ain't nobody got any time for that.

Subject: MissH1994
MasterN1993 24M Master I find it hard to understand why someone who considers themselves a “Master” would fail to apply to correct protocol when addressing a collared and owned sub.

LordMPofTMSR Who are you again ?

MasterN1993 We haven’t spoken before. But you messaged my sub (username in the subject) and propositioned her. Please be respectful of her owned status. Thank you

LordMPofTMSR And you figure I'd give a shit about somebody I don't know, so much so as to enforce their worldview. Because you're enough of a narcissist to imagine it actually is your film, and we're all extras in it, right.

Make an effort and grow up. I could care less about your hopes for "the future", expectations of "how things are" or notions as to "how things work", but it'd take effort. The notion of a slave collared by you is the height of comedy, when the fuck did 24 yo nobodies even get this imaginary licence to print collars ?!

MasterN1993 blablablabla.

Then Dweeby McDweeberson Moon Unit hits me up again on the other profile :

MissH1994 And now you send an abusive message to my Master?

You have no right to call yourself a Master. You are everything that’s wrong with this site. A total disregard and disrespect for everyone else.

LordMPofTMSR Haha did "master" run crying to mommy ?

Wake up and smell the coffee, honey, your "choice" doesn't have the power to enact some dweeb into manhood, as you're sure to discover in due time. By then you'll have probably managed to waste yourself, so the incentive to face facts will be even less, of course, but none of it is going away just because you don't wanna consider it.

Anyway, stop bothering me, your infantile notions far outstripped my limited interest.

MissH1994 bla bla bla bla bla.

And now we're well equipped to dissect the source of conflict. The female portion of the loser unit makes a number of assumptions, all derivative of the same original cuntheaded bit of magic thinking : she thinks her words have power over things. This bit of nonsense then manifests every chance it gets -- she thinks she's called to declare whether some dweeb is a master or not, and her declarations hold some sort of sway ; she thinks she's called to declare whether I'm MP or not, and idem she expects this declaration has some kind of effect ; she even imagines she's the one to arbiter male conflict, and the source of male hierarchy.

She even imagines that if she calls her domestic arrangements with her cuck a "master-slave relationship" (and arbitrarily assigns the roles contrary to nature) she's thereby not merely stolen her own hat, but also stolen the having had a hat stolen, resulting in the net profit of one hat (of unknown provenance)! She's now one relationship richer for having called the sad bankruptcy of nonsense the right things in the right order and therefore magic!!!

The... genetically male, let's sayi, portion of the loser unit also makes a number of assumptions, but much less interesting in that they're strictly personal : "he" thinks everything princess says is as good as if I had done it myself. Obviously this hopeless expectation comes to grief, but in not being personal it's not necessarily wounding his massive ego : he was perhaps simply not following the right girly shaman, so the current one can be the scapegoat and the search for the right man "wo"man can continue!

Basically, conflict unerringly and universally arises from that sad situation when magic thinkers encounter actual thinkers : the shaman/scapegoatii feels their very life under threat (which it isiii), and the unthinking masses would rather not be arsed.iv

I... I suppose I should feel threatened, at some point in all this, but somehow I fail to see it. Really, what exactly are they going to do ? Disagree with me really really strongly ? "Warn others" ? Puhleaze.

The fundamental, the defining property of conflict actually, is that it's improductive. It. doesn't. do. anything.v What can you do ?

  1. Because he's absolutely a cuck, ie, playing the female role both sexually and socially. []
  2. Yes, the role is always the one and the same, there's no difference between the "emperor" in the Chinese sense of that term and the store of virgin damsels for throwing into volcano. That's what the emperor is, and always was or will be. What the hell did you think, that it's a good thing ?! Oy vey Prikoke... []
  3. And which is also why and wherefore they start with the wordflow. []
  4. This is what you get for misplacing the role, see ? []
  5. Yes, I'm aware this is "counter-intuitive", in any sense of "intuition" which reduces to "what evil parties with a vested interest tried to drill into my skull back when I was a child and the procedure had some chances to work because they really get off sexually abusing children". Nevertheless. []
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