Kim Kardashian Cameleo

Sunday, 03 September, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

You perhaps remember the ass girl that didn't make nearly enough money ? No ? Well anyway.

She's been taking acting lessons, the poor dear, and they apparently were not wasted! In fact, she turned out so very receptive and talented that while the very most an accomplished actor such as Christopher Walken might aspire to would be a cameo appearance in some sordid failure of a footage pile, and that after many decades of honing both the craft and public perception, Kim Kardashian manages effortlessly nothing less than a bunch of cameleo appearances (in similarly forgettable contexts). Behold!

kim-1 kim-2On the left side, Kim Kardashian appearing as a color-coordinated accessory to her daughter North by North West (Alfred Hitchcock). On the right side, Kim Kardashian fabulously fitting in as one of the camera crew in front of the camera crews.
kim-31 kim-4On the left, Kim Kardashian telling it like it is at the anual "White Chicks Dig Barnes & Noble" chair-y-table event. On the right, Kim fitting in with Alfred at their joint wrapping party post North-by-Northwest.
kim-5 kim-6On the left, Kim Kardashian fitting her fabulous beach bod right in with the speedboats. On the right, Kim Kardashian visits a VIP room on the Vegas strip.

In closing, let me point out that if you had half this glamorous girl's acting talent, you'd be going around looking like a nineteen inch LCD display. Peace out.

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