The Tatu Party Bus and other wasps.

Tuesday, 23 August, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


Алло... Алло... Видишь ветер? Ну и что? Посмотри в окно... Ну и что? А вчера было солнце... Ну и что? Зачем ты все время говоришь одно и тоже?


But moving on.


So I get in a cab, to go across town. We get to talking, we end up talking about their (ridoinculous) energy situation (arrived at via bills opener). He wants to know how shit goes in Romania, I explain to him Romania spent untold billions to dam everything, and has cheap power ; but that even without such wonders of Romanian Peronism, even the US power costs slightly less than Argentine power. Which he's convinced is because govt pays 80% of the bill. Which is true - here. After a bit of that the elderly gentleman is visibly distraught, asks me if I know who Onasis was, and how he made his money, which I do knowi. And he tells me about how cool Argentina was in the 30s, back when it was the second metropolis in the world with a metro (ie, subway) network.

Which is true. And I know of no other place which fell as much in the past century as Argentina did. I know many places which went up, up, up - from Romania to Singapore all the way back to Turkey and what have you. But collapse of this nature is entirely Rhodesian in its substance.


But moving on.


Needless to say, I am extremely happy with this camera (that tower was a good hundred meters away). Also - Buenos Aires air is pretty clean.


Just like the Lido ; except without the water. Or the Lido.


Just like classical Montmartre. Except without classical ; or Mortmaitre.


Just like a boss. Fo' real.


Just like a beehive. Except no honey.

  1. Guy started out in life as a bus boy in Mar del Plata. []
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