The labyrinth of gender

Sunday, 05 June, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Let's leave the Minotaur alone for a second and look at the walls.

So, for one thing, there's biological gender, properly known as sex ; and improperly thought of as somehow reducible to "the dirty bits". Nothing could be further from the truth, biological gender is all-pervasive, every single cell has its own individual mark, there's a dedicated chromosome for this purpose alonei. Each individual cell can be either male (XY), female (XX) or defective - and defective in this context means "deeply retarded" in the very best of cases. As a general rule it means "aborted silently in the third week". There obviously isn't, and there obviously couldn't be anything people can do about this - the notion that superficial cosmetic changes alter biological gender is typical for the ignorant sort of formalism favoured in the colonies, but otherwise the height of ridiculousness ; you might as well imagine some town merchant somewhere sells the right sort of powders and lip balm that'll turn a pig into a goat, you've just not found the right stall yet is all. Keep looking, I guess ?

Yet for another thing, there's cultural gender, which is usually what's meant by "gender" alone, and this is equally deeply involved in everything we do. Every single action, every single coping mechanism, any and all strategies fall on either the side of the Sun or the Moon, with very little exception possible or even conceivable. Suppose your son turns out gay, and suppose this is a problem. Is he gay because he's a shithead - literally, his composition's incorrect ? This view makes you culturally male. Is it rather because you brought him up wrong ? Well... you're a chick now, culturally speaking. Do you think "poverty breeds crime" ? Congrats on thinking like a woman. Do you suppose "criminals should get the chair" ? Male again. On it goes, there's very little that falls outside of cultural gender. Is your response active or passive ? Outwardly or inwardly directed ? Transitive or reflexive ?

But of course there's also subjective gender, which broadly speaking has absolutely nothing to do with anything seen in nature. People just pick something, arbitrarily which generally means randomlyii, and then more or less stick with that. If you're lucky their ideas are informed by a cursory anatomical self-examination, but until you start taking ownership of women as chattel and start making them do stuff (such as parade around the house naked and look at themselves in the mirror) you'll never know or ever guess just how little people know about themselves. I'd be much surprised if one in three live humans ever gave themselves a frank look, however briefly, and I don't expect the numbers came out better at any point in history. The Minotaur's just damned scary, what!

Complexity takes over from here. It's a point of fact that biologic gender changes very little, you may see slightly more cunts during fat times and slightly less after a good war, but generally speaking there's a balance at work and it doesn't allow much leeway. Meanwhile, it's also a point of fact that available cultural gender roles vary with population density, and very intensely so. If there's few people around, everyone's male, whatever they may carry between their legs, which is how women got the vote in Washington state way early and without much ado. If there's many people around, most everyone's female, like it or not, which is how you ended up being a girl.iii There isn't much one can do about this, as population density increases optionality reduces until the choice becomes very strictly "play the chick or burn everything down"iv.

There are, obviously, very bad reasons for keeping the herd composed of mostly females : it's easier, cheaper and faster to build its numbers up above the carrying capacity of the land. Yet for as long as one wants to fuck pretty girls, that one's stuck forcing the insane ecological cost of keeping immense herds aroundv. Besides, it's so easy to justify, even to oneself. Don't you find ?

The situation is truly without possible exit ; a direct mirror of the political conundrum. There, people know they live off fancy, unbacked promises capitalized in the tangible form of fiat currency ; and wish to continue doing so. No such thing as "reform" nor "a different political class" nor anything of the sort may exist - things work the way they work because of accepted necessity, and they won't change simply through loud disavowals at the various junctures. Similarly here - people want what they want, and are paying the costs for it. Bitching and moaning all through the process, of course, but the fact remains that "the manosphere" is entirely composed of a bunch of sour cunts that, while whining throughout their rape, thoroughly enjoy it. Just don't make them admit it out loud, they don't wanna be doing that, which is how far their chastity goes. On the other side of the aisle, "feminists" are merely trying to dissolve subjective blocks to regendering, so it's easier for more people to faster embrace what's socially required of them. Seeing how once you've decided to go to the dentist it's really very bad form to pick fights with the anesthesiologist, what exactly do you have against them ? Jus' doin' they jerb!

And so here we are : at the end of the "labyrinth of gender" we find, of course... well... The walls were only there to distract from the fact, and the fact is that there's no price too high. Moreover, who's to say sticking solidly with cultural femminity is such a bad thing ?vii Worse things could readily be imagined, and if not necessarily worse then certainly scarier.

  1. And it's not an idle after-the-fact mark, either - cells are built in the first place, and maintained throughout their life, according to their genetics. []
  2. But not in any useful, hard, mathematical sense of that term, of course. []
  3. If you imagine "a monogamous equal partnership" can happen in between anything but two cunts you're either stupid or deluded. Seriously, wake up and smell the coffee, this is exactly how my slavegirls live! They're just as married in pairs as you are! []
  4. And, as often pointed out in the logs, this choice does exactly nothing for those who like living in towers that are tall. []
  5. Beauty lies on a Gauss curve. Whatever your idea of "pretty girl", there'll be more of her the larger the herd gets.

    Beauty also has nothing to do with it, if your idea of "fucking" is "talking" and your idea of "pretty girls" is "smart boys" exactly nothing changes. []

  6. Sorry, it's not "ourselves", I've exactly nothing to do with any of you. Can't say I ever tried, either. []
  7. Taking it up the ass can be as pleasant as anything else, if you do enough of it. Takes some getting used to, like anything else, but women that had the use of their cunt forbidden and now orgasm anally only do exist in the deepest recesses of fetish communities. If a girl can do it, why couldn't you! You wouldn't let yourself be beaten by a girl, what sort of a man are you, amirite ? []
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  1. cazalla`s avatar
    Monday, 6 June 2016

    Well.. I guess that explains all the sissy pussy.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 6 June 2016

    And silly putty.

  3. Not to mention sitty puffy (aka scootypuffs).

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