If a family by the name Broderick had a son an' they named him Roderick could he in turn, without concern, eschew naming his daughter Limerick ?

Friday, 21 October, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

A randy marsupial named Reeves spent a while between a cocksucker's knees. When she asked him for money he said "Listen honey... a koala eats bushes and leaves."

Said Miguel to the gringo, "Senor, eef I open thees here closet door an' dee lady eenside ees my leetle lost bride then I theenk I mus' leek'er som'more."

There was a young sailor from Brighton who once told his girl "You're a tight one." She replied, "`Pon my soul, you're in the wrong hole. There's plenty of room in the right one."

A young harlot came nude at assizes whose breasts were two different sizes. One was so small it was nothing at all, but the other was huge and won prizes.

An unfortunate soul of Khartoum took a feminist up to his room and they argued all night over who had the right to do what, for how much and to whom.

A fine gent in an ascot found a schoolgirl hid on his yacht. Too lazy to rape her he made darts of brown paper which he languidly threw at her twat.

A young girl who lived out of stripping dreamt of a great merciless whipping - itchy long welts on her ass and big purple bruises... Alas all of the dudes were too busy tripping.

There was a young man from Bombay who shagged dozens of chickens each day. He wouldn’t stop fucking 'till they all started clucking. Then he’d eat all the eggs that they lay.

There's peculiar whores in Hong Kong whose cervical cap is a gong. They whistle and yell as each shot rings their bell, the pandemonium goes on all night long.

A good looking widow from Reno lost most of her cash playing keno, so she laid on her back, opened her crack, and now she's atop the casino.

The valedictorian said with delight "My pubic hair's perfectly white. I admit there's a glare, but none of the guys care, and it does make it stand out at night."

The bishop-elector of Krakow, while giving a speech in Morocco put it this blunt : "God loves eating cunt! Which is why it's shaped like a taco."

The famous vampire in this fable was famed for periods so stable that every full moon she'd get out her spoon and drink herself under the table.

The best known queen of Bulgaria had a snach which grew hairier and hairier till the king of Peru (the only man she would screw) had to hunt for her cunt with a terrier.

To fight the evil patriarchy a young hussy barebacked a darky. The result of their sins were quadruplets, not twins : one black, one white and two khaki.

The generously racked, psychotic Lorraine sucked off every man on the plane. She said "Please not to panic, I'm just slightly manic." and did them once over again.

A woman was once left to rot, she lived on pig shit and snot. When she couldn't get these she'd eat the cream cheese that she scraped from the sides of her twat.

A farm lass of Aberystwyth scurried to fix daddy's scythe but the blacksmith's son, Jack, laid her flat on her back and ran through her the tool that he pissed with.

A respectable bachelor of Thule was concerned about spots on his tool. So he went to the doc, who took one look at his cock and said "That's lipstick, you fool!"

You must have heard of Eugene, where they invented that fucking machine which served either sex whether concave or convex and played with itself in between.

This skinny broad from Seattle made a passtime of sucking off cattle. When a bull from the South'd blow a load in her mouth all her whole ribcage would rattle.

A misfortunate fellow named Rex had a vanishingly small sex. Once charged with exposure he replied with composure "De minimus non curat lex."

A very fertile pervert from Warsaw fell deeply in love with an ewe he once saw. Instead of getting his sleep he'd go out fucking sheep, and now there's a kid that goes "Paaaa!"

Mary was twelve before she'd seen foreskin. That whore of her mother plied her with gin, gave a nod and a wink as she flashed Mary's pink and said "Everyone's welcome, come in!"

A whore that lived chained to the dock from dusk until dawn just sucked cock 'til one day sucking Fred she reached the limit on head. She exploded, whitewashing the block.

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