I was invected with Хармс

Thursday, 15 September, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

A man's face fell off.

A man's face fell off while he was talking to a large customer on the phone. It simply detached and fell on the ground. He terrorized his coworkers by making loud growling noises. They tried to take him to the hospital, but the hospital was already full of other people who all had their faces and also didn't want to admit the faceless. They suggested a veterinarian. On the way to the suggested veterinarian he was seen by some children who were marked for life.

The man whose face fell off is much better now. He goes around holding a calender over his head with one hand and is researching Chechen poetry for his trial. He will answer to charges of indulgent exposure to minors of a very young age, terrorism in the workplace as well as crowding the hospital without a face. All these are very serious crimes in this country.

An old woman who used to be very pretty in her youth lost a shoe as men dressed in suits pushed her into the backseat of a car nearby.

Alphabetical order is theoretically important but in practice never much works out to any useful contusion.

A certain theory about snails prevails whereby historically snails had nails ; but evolution and electrocution sent the snails off their rails and thereby permanently lost them their nails.

Accessories are very important for the fashionably conscious. For instace Han Tran Pham, a fashionably conscious woman from Viet Mam uses an egg beater, slices of ham and some balm.

Atropine has much in common with tropine, as they are both cut out of the same tropical pine.

Allophone J. Hudson, esq picked up the phone and disappeared. The maid he occasionally used sexually came in to call him to dinner, picked up the same phone and disappeared. The wife called the police ; but the police didn't pick up the phone and so they're still here. My keys however, have disappeared.

All is swell is a topical application gel which they sell at the store. It's not a very good store, and also there's fish.

Antarctica has penguins. The penguins are not much against this. This is what the against is all about. The about page wears scarlet and beige, but he is neither here nor there. Then where ?

An axe with a lumberjack to grind went to the forest. The forest didn't have any trees, because it was really old and they had all fallen out. The axe then cut itself in half and called it good.

A is a letter which, realistically speaking, you wouldn't really need any others anyway.

I am very storry.

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