A Blast From The Past, or, The Molotov Cocktail Guide. This is how you win.

Friday, 13 November, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Motto :
mircea_popescu hmmm... listen, is it me or have the us
protestors forgotten the ancient art of the molotov cocktail ?
mircea_popescu i've not seen a single one, wtf is this ?
mircea_popescu tlp's "throw rocks" is an EUPHEMISM.
you're not throwing fuelbombs, you'll lose.
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BingoBoingo They forgot. Apparently in ferguson there
were unsuccessful attemps
BingoBoingo Seems like they googled and got disinfo recipes
mircea_popescu darn.
mircea_popescu well, ima write a monograph, one minute.

How To Make One

You will need :

  • One soda bottlei ;
  • One straw - yes the kind you drink from ;
  • One shoelace - yes, the sort you do your shoes withii ;
  • Two packin peanutsiii ;
  • Gasoline. You get this by busting open tanks of cars you've taken over. The average tank (12 or so gallons) should be enough for at least one hundred if not twice that many bombs.

With picturesiv :


How to make :

  1. Pull the shoelace through the straw ;
  2. Remove the bottle cap and cut a hole through it so that the straw goes in as neatly as possible ;
  3. Stick the styrofoam (aka packing peanuts) into the bottle ;
  4. Fill the bottle with gasoline, without spilling a single drop anywhere ;
  5. Screw the cap back on, so that the straw is one inch out of the cap.

That's it, you're done. Set it on the ground somewherev in the shade and move on to making the next one. ))

Why It Works

The reason electric cars suck, which somehow nobody seems to want to mention, is very much related to why the Molotov Cocktail works : the caloric power of gasoline.

In whitey terms it's 47 KiloJoules per gram, but in more practical terms it's as powerful as ten iPad batteries, fully charged. Per gram. A taser delivers ~10 Joules per hit, a Molotov Cocktail delivers ~270`000 Joules per hit, you do the math. How many twenty-seven thousand Taser holding shitheads in combat gearvi does one need to counter one protestor throwing Molotovs ?

So there you go, hit them where it hurts. The Soviet Russian army's main line of offensive bombs are fuel bombs, why do you think that is ? This shit works ; what da police got doesn't.vii

How To Use Them

There are two principal uses for the Molotov Cocktail :

Position interdiction. The way da police works is that they get orders - because there's a lot of them and none really wanna be there, so they need a boss man to tell them what to do then they all do it. If you notice them forming a line, throw a few cocktails at the ground. They can't stand in fire, and they can't just move because they feel like it, they'll have to get a new order. It's cheaper for you to throw a coupla bottles than it is for them to get new ordersviii, and thus chaos ensues, and thus you win.

Materiel interdiction. One of those fancy tanks they use costs millions upon millions of dollars, but they can and have been turned off with just a well placed bottle shot. It costs you nothing to get some more straws from Walmart (you're not buying these, are you ?), they can't afford to replace the machinery. This isn't even a matter of budgets or anything, dumbass whitey can write any numbers he wants on paper but it won't produce more machines. Burn them down, let the fatasses walk, see how far that gets them.

In Closing

Here's a quote :

If you hold a protest and you aren't throwing rocks it will fail. I'm not telling you to throw rocks, I'm explaining why your march won't work.

The reason "peaceful protests" don't work anymore is because now the protests are slower than the media coverage. When they threw the tea in Boston Harbor it was urgent, immediate, and by the time the press could interpret it it had already been digested by the public. But now even before the protest reaches critical mass the media, whose agents outnumber the protestors 100 to 1, has packaged and produced it, like a reality show, and by the time Naomi Klein got there I had already been told to expect someone like her. Do you see? She had already appeared before she got there. Yes, I can take pride in thinking for myself but if I'm going to be honest, all I'm doing is reacting to what I'm told.

He doesn't tell you to throw rocks because he's a chickenshit, pretending to be against "the system" from the inside. Meanwhile on the ground : you did well kicking "the media" out, congrats. Now hit them where it hurts.

Burn that mutha down.

  1. Alternatively you can use paper cups with straw lids like they have at various fast food joints (Starbucks etc), but these are more dangerous to handle, because paper is flimsy and flammable. Make sure you prepare them in a place without any sources of fire (this is important : liquid gasoline doesn't burn, the fumes however do, and they can carry the flame a surprising distance) ; make sure there's at least four inches of straw out of the cup when you light it ; make sure you throw them within two seconds of lighting. Absolutely no weakass throw / spilling on yourself (easier than you think, if you squeeze the cup it deforms and the lid comes off) / other lameass shit like that. Throw like a pro or stick to the soda bottles.

    And speaking of this : if you manage to get any fuel on yourself, whether actually on fire or not yet, change clothes immediately. Never be naked with these, it's bad for you. Simply walk to the nearest loser, punch him out, take his pants and tshirt (also good advice in general - I can't fucking belive you people don't switch clothes multiple times a day, what the fuck is wrong with you ? Ever heard of "plausible deniability" ?

    Stop being unprofessional, protests are srs bzns. []

  2. If you can't find shoelaces, use any string that's similar enough, cut to length.

    Make sure you use cotton / natural fiber. Synthetics melt, which will impede the proper functioning of your Improvised Flammable Device aka Molotov Cocktail. You can readily test whether any fabric is synthetic or natural fiber by approaching a flame (lighter, match) within an inch of it (no contact). Synthetics visibly melt, natural fiber couldn't care less. []

  3. If you can't find peanuts specifically, get that much styrofoam, doesn't really matter what from. Break it off the large chunks of white crap they use to package TVs. []
  4. Yes, I've deliberately picked a straw picture with "watermark" on. It's protected under copyright laws, you know ? They think this matters. []
  5. The reason it must sit for a bit after making is that the peanuts must dissolve. If your peanuts don't dissolve you've got shit peanuts, get better ones.

    Speaking of which, the correct way to do this is to have specialist teams that make the bottles, leaving them at convenient / strategic locations ; and different teams that do the throwing. You need a sixteen year old to throw worth a shit, but a nine year old can make the Molotovs if he's disciplined enough to follow simple orders. []

  6. Why do you think they wear that shit, by the way ? It wouldn't be because they are afraid of you, would it ?

    I've never seen anyone who wasn't a chickenshit go around in a carpace like some god damned beetle. []

  7. Yeah, that's right, it's the law. They're required by law to only use shit that doesn't work, ask around.

    Whenever you see a police hofficer doing something that works you can double down and split the aces, he's breaking the law. []

  8. Ever heard the term "DDoS" before ? Congrats, you're doing it. []
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8 Responses

  1. saifedean`s avatar
    Friday, 13 November 2015

    Glad to see someone has finally noticed the unfixable problem with electric cars: electricity is fucking weak. If Elon Musk weren't getting billions upon billions of government subsidies to build his insanely expensive batteries, these things would have no way in hell of competing with actual cars. The amount of damage he's doing to the planet by building these batteries is insane. And the pretense that he's reducing fossil fuel consumption is fucking laughable when one remembers his cars are powered from the grid, which is powered by fossil fuels, and not by feel good stories of visionarieness and transformativeness and disruptiveness and futureness. As it stands, he's getting billions in subsidies so he can build million dollar cars to sell at $150,000 to USian millionaire consumers, who have come to expect. Because global warming.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 13 November 2015

    It was also discussed back when we lolled at TSLA. It's all in the logs.

  3. Great, now there's gonna be a peanut transportation security administration checkpoint at Mailboxes Etc.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 14 November 2015

    I'm sure it's good for the "economy".

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