The twinheaded announcer announces!

Wednesday, 06 August, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Head #1 :


The well known and alreadily beloved precocious child that is VAN[ity] Adsi will be paying all accepted venues a little over a bitcent-and-ahalf a day for the entire month of August, starting tomorrow (in the shape of a Trilema advert).

Yes, that's right, all of them. So if you're looking for a little guaranteed advertising revenue for your blog, news site or whatever else it may be, get a hold of us in #bitcoin-assets and plead your case. We're very selective, so dress to impress.ii

~ * ~

Head #2 :


War of Life just finished its first month, during which it did a decent 80ish Bitcoin worth of total bets. While BitBet's 15k seem like a bridge quite far away, I can tell you with authority that on an Argentine Peso basis, BitBet's first month was actually just about 70.886116592 of today's BTC. The more prices change, eh ?

Anyway, to celebrate the complete blowout of Life depicted above, a natural phenomenon of which I personally am a great fan, the next person that manages to double his War of Life investment will receive a quadruple payoff. So, put down a Bitcoin nowiii, show a 1 Bitcoin profit on it at the end of the game, get 4 Bitcoins instead of two.iv As a bonus, if the investment so quadrupled is at least 1 Bitcent, you also get a commemorative War of Life t-shirt depicting your game.v

~ * ~

In closing : For lulz and profit, forwaaaard!

  1. Really, it's named for a certain toplessly famous girl : V's Advertising Network. []
  2. This means we don't really care what the numbers are. We don't look at your "traffic". We look at your content. If your content sucks, this isn't for you. If your content is great you got a spot. []
  3. Past year 608 on game 22. Minigames not included. []
  4. You won't get more than twice your investment out of this offer, even should you be able to triple it or something. []
  5. And yes you will be able to order these soon! []
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