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Wednesday, 03 December, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

I was fully expecting Tyrone to show up, eventually. I never expected him to show up the way he did.

I got home to find my mother sleeping. Afternoon naps, very rare for her, but then she didn't get out of her room at all for the entire rest of the day. This never happened before, but honestly it suited me just fine. I spent the whole rest of the day in the shower, jacking off while pretending the drizzle's Tyrone's. I must have splurged twenty times or something, towards the end it was little more than a cramp.

The rest of the week passed uneventfully, Tyrone wouldn't as much as look towards me in school, but then again that was normal. Let's just say I took a whole lot of showers. I also snuck into my mom's bedroom while she was at school Friday evening and stole a couple of panties. One, lacy and very low cut, sorta-covered my balls while letting the dick out free, which was more comfortable. The other, with a sort of floral pattern and larger in front I couldn't really wear except by holding my dick between my legs, which made walking kinda dubious. Originally I was going to take just one but better safe than sorry!

I figured he probably wouldn't be coming by Friday, seeing how mom worked and he probably knew it. All of Saturday passed between the TV and jumping up to check on some car I heard passing by every ten minutes or so. Out of sheer sex-obsessed, craving boredom I painted my toenails a birght red. There was nothing else on TV, so I ended up watching this self-pedicure program and well... one thing led to another. I also snatched a pair of pinkish all-lace ankle socks with bows on the band to enrich my girly attire. I went to bed thinking that maybe he fucked her in school or in a motel or somewhere and he won't be coming at all. The thought was sickening, like a hole in my stomach. But no, he was definitely going to come!

Sunday noon, just about the time the damned tanga straps had rubbed me raw, Tyrone shows up at the door. I was spying from my room, the window overlooks the front door. With him, two dudes. Not schoolkids, either, these were burly, thirtysomething dudes covered in tattoos, with heavy chains around their necks, loads of tattoos... real jailbirds by the look of them. My mom went to open the door, and I went to the strategically cracked door to my room. I could see and definitely hear pretty well from there.

As my mom opened the door expectantly, Tyrone stepped in like he owned the place, pushed her aside towards the kitchen and dumped some bags in her face.

"Bitch, put this on and come wait on us" he said blankly, then moved into the livingroom and turned on the TV, the two dudes following right behind him while grinning and elbowing each other. My mom just stood there blank for a moment, then started going through the bags. The first thing that came out was a some strange sort of... actually, it was a set of bunny ears. Cheap plastic red and fake fur sort of things. The next thing out was a... well it was something. Like a nude bodice, basically. Some material here and there but nothing really covering her breasts or going in between her legs really. The next things were much heavier, metallic. One was a dog collar, plain and simple, with leash attached. The other was basically a pair of handcuffs, maybe a little larger, and with a longer chain between them. Turns out this goes on the ankles, and it's called a hobble.

My mom seemed completely hypnotized. She quickly stepped out of her jeans, pulled her blouse over her head, undid her bra, put the ears on, then the bodice, then put the dog collar around her neck, leash handle dangling around her knees. Then she paused for a moment, went for the cuffs but stopped, took off her shoes, scurried off as fast as she could go to her room, then emerged a minute later in her highest black heels and a very racy pair of red panties. Just as she was about to put the hobble on she stopped for a second, then took off her panties, hobbled her ankles and shuffled as fast as she could to the livingroom, where she was greeted by a barrage of hoots and hollers. As that died down I could hear her say

"Sir ?"

"Yeah" gave Tyrone.

"Do you want me to put these on too ?"

"Naw, you won't be needing panties tonight ho. But it's good to know you have some anyway."

The men laughed, then there were some indistinct sounds - I think they were groping her. After a bit she was sent to the kitchen to make them sandwiches and drinks. I could sort-of make out Tyrone bragging to the other two to their rapt admiration, but they were talking too fast to make much out.

Tyrone followed my mother in the kitchen soon after. I could hear her stop what she was doing.

"What are you doing to me Sir ?" she asked, meekly.

"Fuck you, of course."


"Now listen here. Joel and Marduk are nice guys, they just had a bad wrap and had to go to jail for a while that's all. It's all up to you. If you want to be a good ho and give them all that sweet stuff you've got, they're going to have the best time after a long wait in the can, and you're going to have a lot of fun too, I'll see to that. If not, they'll just mess you up. They'll fuck you anyway, just, it won't be nearly as nice."

"You know, we could call the police" I said, cracking the door just a little.

"Yeah Andy, you could. And if you did, yo momma here'll have to explain why she's wearing rabbit ears and a god damned hobble around her ankles like some sort of fetish porn queen. They'll prolly send Jo an' Duk back to where they came from, and they're going to remember how they got there, and where you live. And they're eventually going to get out, too. That what you want ?"

I didn't know what to say. He continued

"Fuck, if that what you want, go right ahead. Not like I give a shit anyway. Nothing's gonna stick to me here, too many ways I can play this. She tricked me, they forced me, we're going to the same school for crying out loud. For all the cops know you had me over to play videogames when these two dudes jumped your mom. Right ?"

I was puzzled.

"Right ?" he bellowed at me.


"Yes what!"

"Yes sir!" I said. He turned back to my mother.

"After this, things are gonna change around here. You're my ho now, and I'm gonna turn you out like any other ho. And like any other ho, you're gonna love it, and you're gonna shake that ass to make me a good buck, aren't you ?"

My mother nodded.

"You're going to have babies, lots and lots of babies, put those great milk jugs to good use. It's a damned shame to keep them in a bra all the damned time, they belong sucked on day in, day out. Heck, maybe you get lucky and get twins. That'd be a sight won't it ?"

My mother nodded again, pensively.

"So then, git in there an' get to work!" he said, and my mother beelined to the living room. I wanted to see what they'd be doing to her, but I didn't dare get that close. I just waited by the door of my room and listened, making out indistinct words and bits of phrases, "naw, I got some jell-o right here", "not like that, sit on his cock for an anchor while I fuck yo cunt! that's right, now take his in yo mouth!" all interspersed with fucking sounds, the occasional queef, rasped breath, my mother's orgasmic moans, the guy's screams and yelps, exactly what you'd expect. Eventually Tyrone extracted himself, and came over to my room. He pushed the door wide open and just stood there in the entryway for a moment, buck naked.

"How you doin' Andy ?"

"F...fine" I stammered. He frowned. "Sir!" I said.

"You know, that slut over there's all naked. Why are you still dressed ?"

"I... I don't know" I said, paralyzed.

"Strip, bitch!" he ordered. I started taking my clothes off, soon enough I was there in just my thong and ankle socks. He laughed, at me, at my antsy demeanor, at everything.

"What the fuck are those ?"

"Socks" I said quietly, looking down. "I thought you'd like them". I swallowed hard. "Sir".

"Damn right I do boy. They look great on you. Now come along."

I followed him to the main bathroom. He turned to face me, he had some sort of transparent plastic thing in his hand.

"How long since you've last been with a girl ?"

"I... I... "

"Speak up boy! What, are you a virgin ?"

"Yes sir!"

"Hahahaha that's great. Okay, do you know what this is ?"

I nodded no. I didn't have the slightest clue.

"Ok, panties around your ankles. I'll fix you up then I'll explain".

I did as he told me. He unhooked the thing in his hand somehow, put a ring around the base of my dick, then another between my balls and my dick, then placed a solid tube covering my dick completely. It all snapped into place, then he snapped a lock closed.

"It's called a chastity device, this thing" he explained. "Your cock can't get hard while you have it on, which means you can't cum, let alone fuck a girl. You'll be a virgin forever now boy!"

I looked at him, mesmerized. Really ?

"Now get in that tub. On your back."

Finally! I jumped in there, eager as all fuck.

"Plug the drain, and open your mouth a little, I want you to get a good taste this time."

My dick was struggling with its new cage, pulling on my balls in its hopeless quest to expand. It was like a dull ache deep inside of me. Tyrone pointed his snake at me and the stream just flowed and flowed, warm, lovely, perfect. I rubbed it all over myself, over my tits, over my face, into my hair. Eventually he said

"Let me get you in the eyes a little too."

Next thing I knew I could taste his piss inside my nose.

"Don't blink, hold them open. They'll get used to it soon enough." he said. I did. It was glorious.

Once he was done, I reached out to clean his cock again. He smiled. Then after a while,

"That's enough, boy."

"Please" I said. "Please sir. Let me have it."

He laughed as he was putting his cock away, an earthy, bellowy sort of laugh.

"Naw, you can't have it, what do you think ? You need sweet jiggly tits like your mother, you need a sweet bubble butt to have it. Just look at yourself, how do you think you're gonna have it like that ?! You could be sucking and licking on it all night and it still won't come out, not the way you look."

"Please" I cried.

"Naw, forget it. Just lay in there for a while. Turn on all sides, let my piss soak you through. Then turn on the water, and take a bath, but don't let the piss out. Just let the water thin it out. You hear ?"

And with that he left. I wallowed in his cold piss for a long time, and eventually a thought occured to me. He put some piss in my mouth, he put some in my eyes, some got into my nose of course, some even got into my ear. But there is a hole where I've not had any of his piss. So I hooked my ankles up on the sides of the tub and kept trying to push some in there while relaxing my asshole. It didn't go very far, but I kept trying, and eventually I started trying to force it in with my finger.

It felt great, and I spent a long time trying to put as much of his piss inside my butt as possible. Eventually I felt very strange, it was almost like jacking off. I was going to have an orgasm from Tyrone's pee! I stopped dead, not sure if I was allowed to have an orgasm with the dick dongle on or what it'd do, but eventually I thought what the hell, I'm just doing what he told me to do anyway.

It was fa-bu-lous. It was the best orgasm I ever had. You should try it sometime.

After that I drew a bath, washed, wiped, walked naked all the way to my room, got dressed and then went to the livingroom. The sun had already set, it was dark outside. My mom was there on her side on the couch, eyes glazed over. The soles of her feet were incredibly dirty, like she had been walking on asphalt. "Oh my god, they took her outside!" I thought to myself. I nuzzled into her.

"Mom ?"

"Hey there baby." she looked up at me.

"How are you ?"

"I think you're going to have a baby brother."

"Tyrone's ?"


I thought about it for a while. She spoke again.

"Would you like a baby brother, Andy ?"

"Yeah mom." I said, absentmindedly. "I'd love a baby brother. I'd love any baby of yours."

She hugged me tightly, wiping tears from her eyes.

"Mom, are you crying ?"

"I'm just very happy, baby." she said. "I'm just very happy" she said again, after a pause.

I was thinking about the most important thing ever. Eventually I broke the silence again.

"Mom ?"

"Yeah ?"

"Mom... I don't think I want to be Andy anymore."

"What do you mean baby ?!"

"I want to be like you, mom! I want to be like you. I want to have tits. And I want men to fuck me long and hard."

"Oh, baby..."


"It's not as great as it seems to you."

"Yeah, it is."

"But... you're not a woman, you're a ma... you're a boy, you'll be a man soon enough."

"But I don't want to be a man."

"Why not ?"

"It's not for me, anyway. Take say Tyrone". At this she sighed. "He's a man, right ?"


"Well... I'm not."

"Not yet."

"Not anymore."

She just looked at me for a long time, and then cuddled me at her breast like she used to be when I was little.

"Okay baby, we'll see, we'll see."

We fell asleep hugging like that.

Tyrone kept to his word. He never went to college, but he never really needed to go to college, either. My mother was pregnant that year, and that's how Ishmael, my first brother was born. When my mother was five months in Tyrone brought Lucinda to live with us, "because we had plenty of space" he said. Lucinda was a year younger than me, but she was also pregnant, also in five months. She was a very nice girl, but Tyrone told me that she's like my mother to me now, and I have to obey and respect her and serve her like a slave. I didn't mind, really, I liked Lucinda.

She slept with my mom in her bed, they were to be like two sisters Tyrone said, and they were. Sometimes he'd come visit them and then they'd fuck all three together, they did all sorts of things. At first they didn't let me hang around, but I explained and explained that I want to be a girl too, and I need to learn what to do and so on. Eventually they relented, and kinda let me hang around.

My dick piece never came off, but I didn't want it to, either. I found a black boyfriend that year, and so I discovered that the cause of my orgasm wasn't actually Tyrone's pee. Nevertheless I kept begging and begging him - he had plenty of money, we didn't have anything because my mom wrote the house over to him, and quit her job to look after the kids. Meanwhile he kept all the social security checks, plus he turned her out for hundreds each time, and my mother was in great demand. So he had plenty of money and I kept begging him so eventually he took me to a clinic and I got a pair of tits! They weren't so big as mom's, but hey, we can't all have everything in life. The doctor didn't think cutting my dick off was such a great idea, and neither did Tyrone. I really wanted to be a girl all the way at first, but once they explained to me that it's not possible, and even if they made a sort-of vagina it wouldn't really work I kind-of forgot about it.

My mom had a baby every year after that, but she never had twins. Lucinda did, however, two years later. Our family was really big, we often got together with mom's and Lucinda's other sisters, there's Ameliah, she has seven, Darlene six, Niniveh and Mary who's also white like my mom with five each. It's really a great life.

You should try it sometime.

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14 Responses

  1. Makes me sad. I dare you to revisit this "great life" in twenty years.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 5 December 2014

    It's fiction, what do you expect time to do to it ?

  3. I mean years of story time. I don't see how it can end other way than the frat boy having enough of the old hag and not-so-young-anymore useless boy and unceremouniously gets rid of them. They will be then completely unable to fend for themselves.

    The "great life" vibe itself can pass only for readers with no imagination, otherwise it creates jarring gap between mental picture of the situation and what's the boy saying.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 7 December 2014

    Oh that ? Of course.

    Generally life flows from the promise of youth to the drama of old age unable to fend for itself. Why'd any fiction diverge from that ? This ain't Disney, no ever afters.

    And that gap IS the very point, isn't it. Art is about the human condition.

  5. Elasmar91`s avatar
    Thursday, 8 April 2021

    what is this ?!!

  6. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 8 April 2021

    This is fiction, unless you recognize yourself in it. In that case, it's prescience.

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