MPOE, March 2014 Statement

Tuesday, 01 April, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Revenue : 180.37141356 BTC, of which :

  • Revenue from sales fee : 60.37141356 BTCi
  • Revenue from new accounts : 120 BTC

Expenditure : 8.262335 BTC, of which :

  • PR, 2.875 BTC.ii
  • Advertising, 0.1 BTCiii
  • Tech, 5.287335 BTCiv

Profit : 172.10907856 BTC


Since we no longer have the weight of the options book oppressing us, S.MPOE can report after the month, like every other asset. Going forward, expect a report before the 5th of the next month. Conveniently enough, last month's last Friday was also its last day, so it all works out neatly. Funny how that works, wouldn't you say.

  1. Total trade : 30`185.70678207 BTC []
  2. This will be the last month of MPOE-PR salary. The Bitcointalk forum moderators finally took exception to her public naming and shaming of their favourite scams, and banned her. I suppose in a sense this is best for all those involved. []
  3. Currently this means BitBet. []
  4. As described in March 2013. Fortunately the exchange rate took most of the edge off it. []
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