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Thursday, 12 December, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

MP Heh. Asswipes.
MMcC Aww.

MP I'm so fucking pissed off. The shit has nothing. One BTC/USD BitBet beti has more volume than that entire thing.ii Why the fuck do they not do me. Why! WHY!
MMcC Because you are unapproachable.

MP ME! Holy shit I'm here every day. I'm about as unapproachable as Arrington ever was.iii
MMcC But you scare people away. Is there an email contact on MPEx? Could a dummy reporter email you easy?iv

MP There's an email in the faq and on Trilema.
MMcC If you want idiot media to contact etc. you got to hold their hands a bit, remember they are not very smart.v

MP ZH is idiot media now ?
MMcC Yeah.

MP A well then nm, sorry I asked. I thought it was supposed to be a proper thing.
MMcC Well it doesn't take long before they want to play like a big boy ya know.

MP Playing like a big boy is what I do. What you're talking about is more like "playing like a gelded boy".
MMcC Well but they are little boys - they are trying, but not very smart. They need some hand holding.

MP Let me tell you something about parenting. Your father is going to be there, but YOU HAVE TO GO TO HIM. I ain't these retards' mother.
MMcC But he doesn't actually hide.

MP He has to come to me. And call me daddy. And be all submissive. Because he is the little boy. And if he isn't the little boy, then he'd better be a grown man. For fucks sake.
MMcC Well look, you can insist they worship and play by your rules and they will go elsewhere, or you can at least open the door for them.

MP How are these my rules ;/ Are they my rules ?
MMcC Well sorta.

MP What else is "my rules", is gravity "my rules" ? Is Gresham's law my rules ? Is it that I can either insist that bad money drives out the good and they'll go be Bernanke, or else I can open the door for them and do what ? Make Bitcoin so they can claim it sucks ?
MMcC Wait, you changed the subject. We were talking about media ppls.

MP I fail to see how their media-ness is relevant, I thought we were talking about people in general. Seems to me the gauntlet "people" propose to actual, sane people is, "either empower the stupid shit we do or else we'll go be stupid all by ourselves". This can not stand.
MMcC Well you got a world full of people that live in non-reality.

MP But it still can't stand. As the entire Tyler Durden referencevi well points out.
MMcC Some might manage to get to reality, but they might need a little help to find the door.

MP So you know, there are some schmucks in non-reality, who figured out it's non reality all by themselves, and I give them the benefit of the doubt, and they give me proof to the contrary. Ain't this nice.
MMcC You're exaggerating. One idiot on one website writes one dumb article and that's now proof of something?

MP I thought this was supposed to be the one non-idiot website. This misunderstanding on my part is really the source of the entire rage. Apparently idiots can't have nice things, they can just have the names and that's it.
MMcC Well generally ZH is pretty decent, better than general mass media stuff, but even they put out stupid sometimes. I certainly take them over Forbes etc.

MP I tell you I am disappoint.

I am, son. Very, very disappoint. Not because I give a shit about the 0.027 BTC some abominable failsitevii has obtained since you pumped it five days ago. That doesn't even register on the radar, BitBet gets 100s a day and besides, the hierarchy of Bitcoin exists, in and of itself, created by the very Bitcoin and immutable irrespective of the efforts of outside agencies.viii

I am very disappoint because you've done the wrong thing the wrong way for the wrong reasons. Very, very disappoint.

  1. 149.28 BTC over 10 days. []
  2. To quote from the exercise in braindamage,

    graphPoints = [[1384905600,5],[1384920000,5],[1384934400,5],[1384948800,5],[1384963200,5],[1384977600,5],[1384992000,5],[1385006400,5],[1385020800,5],[1385035200,5],[1385049600,5],[1385064000,5],[1385078400,5],[1385092800,5],[1385107200,5],[1385121600,5],[1385136000,5],[1385150400,5],[1385164800,5],[1385179200,5],[1385193600,5],[1385208000,5],[1385222400,5],[1385236800,5],[1385251200,5],[1385265600,5],[1385280000,5],[1385294400,5],[1385308800,5],[1385323200,5],[1385337600,5],[1385352000,5],[1385366400,5],[1385380800,5],[1385395200,5],[1385409600,5],[1385424000,5],[1385438400,5],[1385452800,5],[1385467200,5],[1385481600,5],[1385496000,5],[1385510400,5],[1385524800,5],[1385539200,5],[1385553600,5],[1385568000,5],[1385582400,5],[1385596800,5],[1385611200,5],[1385625600,5],[1385640000,5],[1385654400,5],[1385668800,5],[1385683200,5],[1385697600,5],[1385712000,5],[1385726400,5],[1385740800,5],[1385755200,5],[1385769600,5],[1385784000,7.95],[1385798400,7.95],[1385812800,7.95],[1385827200,7.95],[1385841600,7.95],[1385856000,7.95],[1385870400,7.95],[1385884800,7.95],[1385899200,6.4],[1385913600,6.4],[1385928000,6.4],[1385942400,7.9],[1385956800,7.9],[1385971200,7.9],[1385985600,7.9],[1386000000,7.9],[1386014400,7.9],[1386028800,7.9],[1386043200,7.9],[1386057600,7.9],[1386072000,7.9],[1386086400,7.9],[1386100800,7.9],[1386115200,7.9],[1386129600,7.9],[1386144000,7.9],[1386158400,7.9],[1386172800,7.9],[1386187200,7.9],[1386201600,7.9],[1386216000,7.9],[1386230400,7.9],[1386244800,5.05],[1386259200,5.05],[1386273600,5.05],[1386288000,5.05],[1386302400,5.05],[1386316800,5.05],[1386331200,5.05],[1386345600,5.05],[1386360000,5.05],[1386374400,3],[1386388800,1],[1386403200,1],[1386417600,1],[1386432000,1],[1386446400,1],[1386460800,1],[1386475200,1],[1386489600,1],[1386504000,3],[1386518400,3],[1386532800,3],[1386547200,0.55],[1386561600,0.55],[1386576000,3.49],[1386590400,0.65],[1386604800,3.5],[1386619200,5.9],[1386633600,5.45],[1386648000,5.5],[1386662400,2],[1386676800,2],[1386691200,4.5],[1386705600,4.5],[1386720000,7],[1386734400,7],[1386748800,7],[1386763200,3.4],[1386777600,3.4],[1386792000,4],[1386806400,4],[1386820800,3],[1386835200,1.81],[1386849600,1.81]];

    That's a grand total of 136. Milibitcoins. 0.136 BTC. And since it uses unixtime, 1386849600 - 1384905600 = 1944000 seconds or about 22 days. []

  3. One better, really, because even at the height of his pizza-fueled workaholic orgy the guy was never available on an open irc channel all hours of the day and night like a fucking maniac. []
  4. Yes, and in fact they do. Results vary. []
  5. She's not kidding. []
  6. For all the people reading Trilema long after nobody remembers the people who knew what a doge was : someone published a pulp novel in 1999 narrating the misadventures of a schizo anti-hero whose irrational alter-ego names itself Tyler Durden and proposes arson and murder.

    Because of the dishelved state of the world at the time these retards were living (not quite unrelated to their massive psychological issues touched upon in this very article), Durden's oftimes nutty monologues struck a deep chord with that little voice inside their head which screams "kill it! kill it with fire!" every time they look in the mirror. Brains contain this vague analogue for the cellular apoptosis mechanism, except it doesn't work nearly as well, sadly. []

  7. See Let’s understand mutual betting together to understand what the technical problems in question actually are. []
  8. To better understand this : yesterday I wrote about how you're all fucked, and mentioned in passing said BitBet bet. There have been 36 BTC bet as a likely result in the 12 hour interval. Let's do some math :

      36 BTC ... ... ... 12 hours ... 3 BTC / hour.
      0.027 BTC ... ... 4 days ... 0.00028125 BTC / hour.

    ergo 1 Trilema = 10666 ZH, or 1 ZH = 0.0000937 Trilema, either way. []

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6 Responses

  1. You know it strikes me as possible, re the whole Durden thing, that what may have happened is you identified with an icon they chose to identify themselves with, and that too much "mutual understanding" was predicated on this.

    I mean...V for Vendetta for instance was a hugely successful film. People love it, people quote it, people turn around and sell themselves out and have not one iota of guts to put forth. And they have no idea that there'd be a clash there.

    And indeed for most people the notion that you can actually enact what's in your mind, or do that which you deem the right thing, all of the time, whether or not it's convenient, is a movie fantasy. And not actually possible.

    Which is also where a lot of the resentment towards you comes from, subconsciously, I'm pretty sure. People sense this is what you're doing, and they know they can't; they may as well be ghosts observing the living.

    Anyway I'm sure you know all of this....

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 12 December 2013

    That's the thing with using symbols - it's not an empty exercise in being "cool" for free. It's a declaration of appartenance.

    If this schmuck walked into gangland and flashed whatever gang's colors he'd on the first pass be gangbanged by all the other gangs in some arbitrary order (possibly with encores), and then on the last pass be finished off by the original gang whose colors it flashed without right or reason.

    I get it that US kids are being miseducated into this nonsensical worldview where someone else is supposed to protect them from the consequences of their choices so that they can act "freely" which is to say irrationally and irresponsibly. I don't get what difference this is supposed to make, however.

  3. I don't think it's acceptable to like Fight Club and be more than 15 year old. The Durden thing is what bothers me the most about ZH.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 14 December 2013

    On their face all symbols are ridiculous like that. Consider the endless topless she-revolution or for that matter Gavroche, or what have you. Che.

    Symbols are after all speeches made so that even a 15 yo could understand them.

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