What's a rogue state ?

Thursday, 03 January, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Stuart asserts that New York authorities only came after him because they wanted to use him as a conduit to uncover illegal gambling operations in that state. He says the New York district attorney’s office tried to strong-arm him into a plea agreement that would have had him hacking into the systems of his software clients in order to obtain the usernames and passwords of gamblers and their bookmakers to help authorities gather evidence of illegal gambling.

Although Stuart initially agreed to the terms of the plea, he later recanted because he said he was uncomfortable being used as a pawn to secretly collect information on his customers. He claims authorities are charging him now in retaliation for refusing to cooperate with them.

Under plea agreement discussions that were never finalized by a judge, and that occurred in February 2011 before Stuart was charged with any crime, Stuart says New York authorities pressed him to install a backdoor in his software and distribute it to clients so the data of gamblers and bookmakers could be retrieved.

Stuart showed Wired a plea agreement (.pdf) signed by former Manhattan Assistant District Attorney James Meadows, which stated that he would plead guilty to second- and fourth-degree money laundering charges and assist the DA’s investigations by, among other things, “aiding in the design of software used to obtain records, usernames, passwords, and other information stored on websites using” his company’s software.

Stuart says authorities specifically told him that they would not use the backdoor themselves but that he would be expected to access the servers of online casinos and others who used his software overseas in order to retrieve the information of gamblers and bookmakers on their behalf.

“They made it clear that they would do nothing. I was expected to do everything, to modify the system to allow myself to get in to get the information they wanted,” he says. “Their whole intention was for me to retrieve information from those databases that were located in foreign countries…. They were going to use me to get to the clients…. But I’m not a hacker, I’m a software developer.”

via Wired.

So, a District Attorney trying to strong-arm a law abiding citizen into breaking the law in furtherance of their illegal agenda. This would be called conspiracy, and this would carry prison terms, for everyone involved (including the President, look up the caselaw). Obviously nobody involved risks any punishment, for the very simple reason that they work for a rogue government of a rogue state, which is a glorified way of saying they work for the Mob.

This is the same government that manufactured evidence, by means of paying a hooker to lie about being "raped" by the ex head of the IMF and probably president of France in order to knock him out of the race and install their favourite socialist.

This is the same government that manufactured evidence, by means of paying an attention whore to lie about being "raped" by Julien Assange, the guy that inconveniently but perfectly legally published millions of pages of hard evidence about the various illegal activities perpetrated by the same government and the same country.

This is the same country that lied to the world about imaginary "weapons of mass destruction" being stockpiled by Iraq. Needless to say these were never found, needless to say the irresponsible and otherwise illegal toppling of a sovereign government resulted in political turmoil and instability which isn't yet resolved, ten years later. The untold thousands dead, the millions who have had their lives torn upside down by the rogue state still await their day in the sun (and yes, it will come).

Being American is a crime in and of itself.

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  1. Not that you aren't perfectly correct about all that. But I resent calling all Americans criminals ... not like we get a choice before we are born. An awful lot of people there don't go along with all this shit.
    Oh and let us not forget WMD business, Brits and a few others claimed it also.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 6 January 2013

    Well, there's two problems. One is that the Iranians don't get a choice before they're born either.

    The other is that well... who exactly cares about Brits ? They went out of history over a hundred years ago.

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