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I found a pretty good one, let me sharei.

Be Think Solve Execute SpA
Range 0.18 - 0.18
52 week 0.15 - 0.47
Open 0.18
Vol. 113,278.00
Mkt cap 12.78M
P/E 11.38
Div/yield -
EPS 0.02
Shares 69.18M
Beta -
Inst. own -

BIT stands for Borsa Italiana, which I'm not even sure what would be. Something in litecoins probably, seeing how I never ever heard of it. Or alternatively some new scam ? Anyway, BET stands for BTSE in Italian I guess ?ii And so... BIT:BET. No surprise on the Inst own dash part there.

So now let's get into the news. 'Cause I really like the news items of obscure foreign pinksheet shit. In April, something I don't comprehend happens with shares :

Thursday, 28 Apr 2011 04:31pm EDT
BEE Team SpA announced that it has approved the share repurchase program of a maximum number of 6,900,000 of the Company's shares and in any case in a number of shares representing no more than 10% of the share capital. Moreover, the Company announced that it will increase its share capital through issuance of 6,900,000 new shares.

In February, subsidiary buys more shares of something.

Monday, 6 Feb 2012 01:35am EST
BEE Team SpA announced that its subsidiary B.E.E. Consulting has increased its stake in the share capital of Bluerock Consulting Ltd from 51% to 94.2%. According to the agreement 43.2% stake in share capital of Bluerock Consulting Ltd will be immediately transferred. The remaining 5.8% stake will be transferred in the next months. The operation is valued at EUR 1.36 million.

In May, auditor has to be let go.

Thursday, 10 May 2012 06:59am EDT
BEE Team SpA announced that it has appointed Deloitte & Touche SpA as its auditor for fiscal years 2012-2020.

In September, current shareholders buy more shares.

Monday, 24 Sep 2012 09:00pm EDT
BEE Team SpA announced that it has signed a framework agreement through which it has received the commitment by several of its shareholders for the subscription of a total of EUR 7,632,108.27 equaling to 61% of the share capital increase deliberated on July 17, 2012 for a total of EUR 12,500,000.00. According to the framework agreement Data Holding 2007 Srl has agreed to subscribe the share capital increase for EUR 4,074,780.65; IMI Investimenti SpA has agreed to subscribe the share capital increase for EUR 2,757,327.62; Carlo Achermann and Stefano Achermann have agreed to subscribe the share capital increase for EUR 100,000.00 and EUR 700,000.00 respectively. The subscribers will still be able to subscribe the share capital increase for higher sums at a later stage depending on the amount of shares which remain unsubscribed.

And finally last week,

Wednesday, 2 Jan 2013 01:25am EST
Be Think, Solve, Execute SpA announced that it has established its subsidiary Be Think, Solve, Execute Ukraine s.a. with head quarters in Kiev, Ukraine. Be Think, Solve, Execute Ukraine s.a. is controlled by 95% by Bluerock Consulting Ltd and by 5% by Be Consulting SpA, both companies of the Be Group.

But wait! Isn't that Bluerock Consulting Ltd something that was being purchased by a subsidiary earlier ? Quite Italian finance, wouldn't you say. Let's cursorily examine operations.

BEE è una realtà giovane, ma le persone che ne fanno parte hanno molta esperienza.

I nostri partner ed i nostri manager hanno partecipato alla realizzazione di importanti progetti aziendali con impatto significativo nel settore delle Istituzioni Finanziarie (Banche e Assicurazioni), nel mercato degli operatori Tlc e Media o su altri settori rilevanti dell’economia nazionale ed internazionale.

(Yes, they have a website : Missing dancing baby Jesus detected.)

That translates to the usual drivel : we're new but we're old at the same time (to wit : in all respects where you'd think we should be old, we're very very old ; in all respects where you'd like us to be young, we're very very young - this is our true age, unless you don't like it, in which case we have another set of horsefeathers) ; we've grandilocvently & grandstandingly "contributed" to "projects" internationally, transgalactically and metacognitively (just don't ask us what those are) as well as helped clients, customers and others (just don't ask us who).

Wanna buy some shares ? Dial 0-800-BITBET, ask for Georgio. Or if Georgio is at the Gym talk to Svetlana, she can also help you. Yes Svetlana from the Ukraine. You know her ?

  1. Grin grin, wink wink, nudge nudge, a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat, eh ? Share, you get ? []
  2. The BCST connection is thus clearly revealed, wink wink say no more ? []
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