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Thursday, 04 August, Year 3 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Mai nou ma dau pe irc. Ma gasiti pe #bitcoin-otc si #bitcoin-pit pe freenode, si apropo de care chestie, o poza :


Ei da, iata ca al dumneavoastra umil eu e proud sponsor-ul canalului de otc. Se mai intimpla.

Revenind la ale noastre, va citez dinjos un fragment dintr-o conversatie, cu convingerea ca ratacite pe-acolo s-ar putea gasi citeva graunte de intelepciune care s-ar putea dovedi utile unui tinar intreprinzator dornic sa-si lase urmele-n lume cum zice englezu'.

N-am sa traduc. Pentru motivul simplu ca nu exista in istorie tineri intreprinzatori care sa-si fi lasat urmele-n lume fara sa vorbeasca fluent limbi straine. Poliglotia e dintotdeauna prima si cea mai importanta caracteristica a negustorului.

[12:21] <random_cat> we can see in mtgox (for example) that they have been able to drag some concession from dwolla that tradehill was not able to do
[12:21] <mircea_popescu> dwolla is in itself a joke.
[12:22] <random_cat> yes
[12:22] <random_cat> i am sorry i gave them my real name
[12:22] <mircea_popescu> do you understand the interpolation problem in business ?
[12:22] * random_cat signed up as Random Cat
[12:22] <random_cat> maybe? i don't understand the question
[12:22] <mircea_popescu> ok. suppose the "right way" is 60 degrees.
[12:23] * random_cat has no trouble with the concept of interpolation
[12:23] <mircea_popescu> some businesses try to go the right way, and end up doing 55 degrees.
[12:23] <random_cat> (in the mathematical sense)
[12:23] <mircea_popescu> if some buysinesses try to go the right way as seen in these aforementioned, they might end up with 50 degrees.
[12:23] <mircea_popescu> each layer of businesses that emulates businesses loses precision
[12:23] <mircea_popescu> thus, an exchange predicated on the biz of dwolla which is predicated on paypal which is predicated on visa
[12:23] <mircea_popescu> is already way the fuck off.
[12:24] <random_cat> i didn't think dwolla was trying to be paypal; i thought they were trying to emulate japanese point of sale
[12:24] <mircea_popescu> well i just used that example
[12:25] <mircea_popescu> i don't think they even know what they're trying to do.
[12:25] <mircea_popescu> other than be in arrington's blog.
[12:25] <random_cat> ok... so if you don't have the right idea, you get ir wrong
[12:25] <mircea_popescu> exactly. im opposed to using as standards any things such as "dwolla"
[12:25] <random_cat> is an example of that
[12:25] <mircea_popescu> so what mtgox did or didn't and th failed or whatever... that's noise imo.
[12:25] <mircea_popescu> yes lol
[12:25] <random_cat> (with various english language tee shirts for the chinese market)
[12:26] <random_cat> or the standard game of telephone/telegraph/whatever
[12:26] <mircea_popescu> anyway, less pedestrian-ly put, my point is that in start-ups, the purity of vision matters most.
[12:26] <mircea_popescu> technical competence a pretty distant second.
[12:27] <mircea_popescu> and actual numbers... well you might have noticed nobody between san francisco and los angeles gives a shit.
[12:27] <random_cat> you can always hire someone competent if you have some dough

PS. Daca ce-ati inteles din text este ca "ideile conteaza", pot spune cu certitudine ca n-ati inteles absolut nimic.

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  1. am inteles, am inteles...

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