December 15, 2012 | Author: Mircea Popescu

Starting immediately MPEx can be reached through the following dedicated domain names :

Out of these, is currently designated cannonical. About a dozen other domain names are already bought and kept in stand-by, and may be added to the pool on an as-needed basis.

In the event DNS fails MPEx can be always accessed directly via IP addressing, at

With regards to phishing, it is worth mentioning that because of its design MPEx is completely immune. You may send your encrypted orders to absolutely any site, whether it pretends to pass itself for MPEx or not.

There's no harm that may come your way as a result of you doing so, and the response you receive from that site will immediately make it plain whether it is or it is not MPEx itself : MPEx will always answer quoting relevant details of your order, such as prices, MPSICs etc, the whole encrypted with your key. While another site may unlikelyiv respond with a message encrypted with your key, it would never be able to quote any relevant details of your order in its response.

The same design makes MPEx communication in fact safer than https (or ssh) : you do not need to trust a third party to behave itselfv.

On a final note, let me point out that these measures don't come in response to any particular threat. They had been planned since late last year, they were never implemented up until this point because they were not seen as a priority. They still aren't in any practical sense a priority, but continued insistence on the part of BTC community members has prevailed.

  1. .co is the Top Level Domain for Colombia. []
  2. .ws is the Top Level Domain for Samoa (ex Western Samoa). []
  3. .bz is the Top Level Domain for Belize. []
  4. It wouldn't obtain it from your original message you sent, seeing how that's encrypted with MPEX's key, but it may somehow have it from a side channel, such as for instance associating your IP with an OTC registration. []
  5. Such as Verizon, or whoever issues the certificates involved - note that these third parties often reserve for themselves ample rights, which would in fact allow them to masquerade as any certificate owner. []
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