July 31, 2013 | Author: Mircea Popescu

You can download the first, very alpha and barebones client here.i In order to run it you extract to a fresh directory, set launch.sh to executable and run it from a terminal (./launch.sh). The terminal will fill up with all sorts of dev-y messages while the game plays. The absolute first time the client runs it will take a decent chunk of time to build various indexes and whatnot (2-3 minutes), but subsequent runs are pretty spiffy.

It should work just fine in pretty much any current linux distro. It may work on Windows through some sort of de-windowsifier like cygwin. No idea if it runs on a Mac in any shape or form.ii

    What's working : character creation and selection, moving on map (space jumps by the way, check out the cute cubes jump with flipper movements), chat (big one, this!), windows/pop-ups, help system.

    What's not working : sounds are still an issue, various kinks with the db, with the networking, with the everything.

    Not yet implemented : you know, the game (skills, loot, quests, crafting, all that). Also some scripting stuff.

Your comments and complaints are very much welcome, use the box below. Also if you're good with code and would like to help don't hesitate to make contact.

Now go break it or whatever it is you do!

  1. zipfile, md5 sum b20d919c6aa9d6ce975d77a6e4c5e211. []
  2. As the game matures there will certainly be Windows binaries released. []
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