November 05, 2016 | Author: Mircea Popescu

What seems to be the problem ?
Doc, I was... I mean I sat down to... you understand, I...

Yes ?
I took a shit.

But wait, because the thing is, I took such a shit it gave me goosebumps. On both legs, and I think on my sides too though I'm not sure.

And what seems to be the trouble ?
I'm very concerned now, you see, because I don't really trust my sense of pain, so what if I accidentally lost something that I needed in there ? So I'd like you to give me you know, a thorough examination, make sure all the bits and parts are still inside. Do you think I lost anything ?

It sounds like you lost a marble.
Is this possible ? Does this happen ?

Yes, it sometimes happens.
How serious is it ?

That depends. How serious do you want it to be ?

Proctology today.

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