April 21, 2014 | Author: Mircea Popescu

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Articles published on Trilema are available based on a credits system.

All readers are entitled to five free articles each week. In order to access more, readers are kindly asked to buy credits. All payments will be processed in Bitcoin, one Bitcoin buys one million credits (which never expire), minimum payment is 0.01. Please fill in the following form :

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    Once you enter your email above, you will receive a message containing a Bitcoin address and the sum of Bitcoin you are to pay. Once we verify your payment (usually within 24-48 hours at the most, depending on a number of factors not completely under our control) you will receive at the same address a password and a link to a php file on our server which transforms that password into a cookie.

    As long as you have the cookie you can navigate Trilema by using your credits (a count of which is shown in the upper right corner of each page). If you delete or lose the cookie you can obtain it by visiting the same link and using the same password again (it also expires naturally in about a month). You can keep the cookie on as many computers as you wish.

    Trilema never sends out newsletters or the like, but if you are concerned about your privacy you could use any disposable email service (such as Mailinator etc). Make sure however that you maintain use of the respective email for long enough to obtain the actual password after your payment - we will be unable to help you with email address changes. Also be sure you save the email containing your password - we will be unable to help you with password recovery under any circumstances.

    For any help or support you can get in touch on irc (click the link if you don't have a client, webirc allows you to connect via most any browser).

    Trilema happens to be the first blog in the world that switched to a paid model, imitated about a year later by The New York Times.

    In closing, have a pleasant read and remember : things that are paid for grow and develop, things that aren't wither and go away. If you won't pay for nice things you can't have nice things because there can't be nice things.