The aphorism is the traditional venue of expression for minds far outside the comprehension of contemporaries. Lesser minds tend to try and copy the form in the hope that'll do anything, but leaving them aside as one leaves aside garbage -- genuine aphoristics start with imagined dialogue, because all reason is a construction, and all construction exists strictly in the sense of standing up to challenge. By the time the defenses of the tower so far exceed the capacities of the barbarians swarming at the foot as to make their efforts seem uninterestingly trite, one is tempted to ignore the actual, living parameciums and their threatless brownian motion, to instead imagine some more advanced enemies with whom to continue the joyous task of their continuing failure to storm the tower of thought, but with more advanced weapons deployed and better strategies employed. Eventually this abstraction runs its course, the pretense of agency outside fades to irrelevance, and the rabbi speaks directly to god, while god scribbles on post-its. Thereby is born the aphorism. Now tell me : did this introduction hurt your head or your feelings ?

Anyway, I'm starting a new page.

  • Do you know a better definition for evil than "partially literate" ?
  • All machines are milling machines -- some self-milling, some not entirely.
  • In this life, some will like you and some won't. Irrespective of this, your only job is to figure out which have a point and which don't.
  • Licking the power socket will never kill the licking of power sockets, even though it may kill all lickers of power sockets.
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