To Die For

Sunday, 07 February, Year 13 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

To Die Fori is so fucken nineties it bleeds. Do you remember that time of yore, by the way ? Those enchanted never-never days back when white bitches still tried, and had ambitions and all that ? Yup, the nineties.

Kidman is doing the only thing she ever does, a very infantile, pre-defloration junior-high version of a vampii. She's seductive don't you know, enough to die for bla bla bla, because of her hair and things of that whispy nature. Dillon's his usual lens-flaring ham, there's little to say about his "performance" -- if you go for that sorta thing then.... well, more power to you. Phoenix does the Kurt Cobain demographic to perfection, rickety (as in, beset by rickets, the jewpoverty urban disease), scrawny, scruffy and otherwise barely there. I suspect I'd appreciate the performance a lot more if I didn't despise the item depicted quite so much.

Strictly the only value of this made-for-TV can of fizz is that it readily recalls to mind (for those who were there, and for them only) a certain milieu, a time-and-place. I don't expect it's meaningful, or even comprehensible, for anyone else ; nor is it notable in its memberberries vein (cocksucker blues at least had actual cocksuckers sucking cock in there, even if none of the rest of it makes any sense to you now). Nevertheless, there was a time when nobody expected the government to do anything useful (let alone remarkable), while the mafia was looked upon to fix the exceptional cases gumming up the works.

The nineties, you hadda be there.

  1. 1995, by Gus Van Sant, with Nicole Kidman, Matt Dillon, Joaquin Phoenix. []
  2. Admittedly this worked a lot better before we invented porn. Back then a whole line-up of cucks were quite ready to "do or die, whatever it takes" because her cunt "tastes like heaven"* and etcetera.


    * There's an article I now can't find somewhere around here mocking a scene in some retarded Cuckywood production whereby a (drastically) oversold blonde answers some typical John-looking dweeb's (he's a B-lister with a buncha credits, it's just that I can't distinguish cucks from one another exactly like you can't distinguish gooks from one another) inquiry as to what her snatch tastes like with the immortal "it tastes like heaven". Because totally, that's the sorta inane shit they believe around there. []

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