Higher order effects, a pizdillustration.

Thursday, 14 January, Year 13 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The greatest thing about owning your own harem are, of course, the higher order effects. The sort of thing the naive, wanking pointlessly outside the gates, "trying to imagine" "how it could be" etcetera are necessarily spared, by the very nature of the interplay between phenomenology and imagination (ie because you can only ever imagine the little you've seen before).

Exemplum docet :

  • At some point illo tempore (certainly before going to Europe) I bought the bimbo a little clay giraffe. Because we were in a crockery store for other reasons, and she was new and whatever, it made sense at the time. The giraffe in question was promptly baptised Gerri, and participated in whatever activities its nature and circumstances befitted, such as standing on a dresser to be gazed longlingly upon by a dazed, recently enslaved girly stuck in her first training cage.
  • At some other point, this time in Europe, I bought my boss whore some tea, not because of the tea but because of the packaging. The tea itself merits no comment I don't think ; but it came inside an actual music box, which we still have, for having carried across the Atlantic in our extensive baggage train (extensive enough Lufthansa was incapable of handling it, for its undying shame and hopefully imminent bankruptcy). You spin it and it plays a little tune on a miniature mechanism, it could be happy, it could be sad, we sometimes marionette around & about it ; the true reason I bought was the painting on the outside of the can. It's so very evocative of Alphonse Mucha's best moments, and we were so disappointed by the Prague "Mucha Museum" (seriously, Euro museums broadly underwhelm, with exceptions) that I apparently didn't even mention the visit. She's a great fan, and when we ran across it I asked her if she wants it and her eyes got all wide because it's so silly and out of character and who the hell even buys such things. Well... me, for her, why not.
  • We do this hiding game, whereby the numerous creatures about the house go places for reasons, and then the unicorn girl's stuck looking for them, trying to follow clues, what if they're hungry, she could've made the giraffe (who, by the way, went on an emergencyi scientific expedition) some nice bamboo sandwiches if only she knew ; and if I had only said "the giraffe needs some bamboo sandwiches for no reason" she'd have been happy to make them with no questions asked!
  • Eventually Gerri was indeed found, inside the music box in question (it's in some sense counterintuitive to lift the lid, as the mechanism plays without so it's almost never opened ; but it was obvious to her, because she smuggled some things in there as part of the means and ways of surviving Operation Pare Down back on the wrong side of the pond), where it was examining the very music-making mechanism, an activity definitely scientific enough for a clay giraffe ; but by now the bamboo sandwiches were a thing, so when we walked in the park of course Hannah suggested picking up some bamboo just in case, which necessarily came in the shape of something very much like a... switch. Yes ? So I switched their asses around a little (yes, in the park ; what, problem ?ii), the idea girl apologizing to the other all through, "I don't know why it didn't occur to me" while the other pretending she's not tickled pink by all the unprepared public play. Fun with pairs of girls, you know ?
  • So then as we laid down to "hang out", coincidentally in my bed, I had Nicole kneel across and just switched her ass regularly without let or hindrance until my arm was tired. The calves, the feet, the buttocks, the thighs, all of it ; all the while Hannah's very real guilt impelling her rubbing and then swallowing my cock most enthusiatically, and moaning her best moan s'as to maybe make me cum quickly and rescue her lovergirl from the enduring ordeal (it didn't really work, but then again intentions cunt).

So now, to continue ye olde discussion of payments and sex : I bought a two-inch clay statuette of a giraffe two years ago to get a very enthusiastic blowjobiii and the moan and groan background earlier this evening, rite ?

Higher order efects : they rule everything like no-one's business. And if you don't have any... well. What you mean is you don't have any working for you. Stop being so fucking poor!

  1. This is made richer by the circumstance that it only recently got eyes, by having them painted on with a marker. So of course it'd go make the most of them, see ? What if they fade away! []
  2. Originally I was going to put in here a reference to Hannah taking everything off in Saavedra Park back in Buenos Aires and having the entire "police" force run over out of breath ; but typically enough I can't fucking find it now. []
  3. I also table-fucked her, which is yet another obscure sexual practice I might detailedly discuss some day. For now suffice to say that when you fuck a girl on her back across another girl kneeling you're table-fucking her. Don't knock it 'till you try it, there's something to be said for all the alternative grabbing and purchase thus obtained -- at least if the girls involved are even half-qualified for fucking in the first place. []
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  1. i.e., what creativity used to mean!

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