The dire signs in the sky

Friday, 22 May, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Under the guise of "fightin' crime" & such superheroic nonsense (really, for the transparent purpose of promoting the "legitimate"i interests of the welfare recipient), the worldwide socialist governmentii has not merely nationalized all banks, but actually rendered banking a practical impossibilityiii for people in general.

Moreover, an attemptiv to restart sanity on fundamentally inassailable infrastructure has ran aground recently over the exact same problem. Apparently the history of mankind isn't a mere succession of highschool partiesv, there's darker mechanisms afoot, leading in practice to alienation that may well sound inconceivably, outlandishly improbable in theory... and yet can well be read in extant historical record. Multiple places, too!

All this makes complete and thorough economic collapse inevitable. Due to the global spread of socialism it's unlikely this will also be suddenvi ; rather a slow grindvii into the utter ground to mirror Byzantium's sad misadventure seems more likely. The fundamental problem is that socialism is incapable of creating faith in the future -- all it can do is eat the credit amassed by previous generationsviii. As that credit dwindles away the survival engine kicks on, and endures for as long as the "so what if we've got nothing, at least we're together" girltalk works. From experience it works variably in various times and places, in fact the only true, deep and authentic meaning of being white is "that dumb shit dun work at all". Everything else's Oriental at best, and generally African at its average, a point surprisingly close to worst.

I don't expect we'll see war, on the simple grounds that the dreamers are way the fuck too lazy and mentally disorganised for anything quite that effectual. They might be able to mostly "mobilize" to stay at home ; mobilization towards moving to any objective, definite point however... I do not believe there could be had, out of the endless millions currently zombying about decaying "first world" infrastructure, half as many extras as'd be required to re-enact just the Italian campaign in Greece for a year or two, let alone the whole scope of activities these schmucks' grandfathers engaged in over a decade. Excepting of course if by "war" you mean (like they no doubt will mean) "flying little plastic shits into other people's plastic shits most annoyingly", in which case... hell yeah! Nothing less than HDMI though, okay ?

Fun times, huh. I hope you're comfortable, because here's the thing with dark ages : as good as yesterday was ? That's as good as tomorrow'll ever get, and that in the best of cases. And for ye people of my own age, and of my own experience... welcome back, I guess ? Apparently burning down the shit ain't enough to burn down the shit, how the fuck this insanity works I don't know but evidently we hadn't ended it when we thought we ended it, we just somehow temporarily escaped a progressing front that meanwhile caught up again. Next time listen when I fucking speak, instead of thinking you know better. Aite ?

  1. No, the interests of the poor are never legitimate. Because they can't be. Because the poor aren't people. If they were people, they wouldn't be poor.

    Socialist (aka criminal, as counterdistinct from legitimate, ie non-socialist) government likes to promote the poor because they're the only group of subhumans liable to think socialism vaguely acceptable -- to everyone else, including all other groups of subhumans, it is at best risible nonsense. []

  2. I would say the recent hysteria, other than providing endless heaps upon heaped piles of comedic gold, has also resolved thoroughly and without leaving the faintest whiff of doubt behind that indeed the status of every "nation" (though they were called "countries" for a while, as an intermediate step to dissolution) out there is purely municipal.

    The "elected" leadership is neither responsible nor conceived to be responsible to a (purely declaratory & otherwise powerless) electorate, but merely tasked with implementing arbitrary bodies of pseudo-scientific nonsense through laughable "technical" "solutions" to imaginary problems. This top-down structuring of human activity is exactly as unstable as it sounds ; but it is not driven by some kind of conspiracy. It is the necessary result of men withdrawing from the world for some god forsaken, yet unidentified reason, leaving the women behind to deal with public matters as best they can.

    Elles jouent comme elles peuvent, les pauvres. []

  3. There's two fundamental things you can't do, today : you can't open an account, and you can't send or receive money. This is pretty much what banking altogether is, from its very beginning -- banks were introduced as more defensible economic forts, permitting the merchant class to protect their money-holding and money-moving ability from secular power.

    Absent a merchant class, there's no possibility for human society ; and absent the capacity for holding and moving wealth (I don't mean whatever piddly you deal in, good soviet ; I mean enough money such as Fugger the merchant had at the ready and Maximillian the Emperor could not afford, nor could do without) there's no such thing possible as a merchant class.

    This is not necessarily surprising, either : the only activity ever available in socialism being bureaucracy. []

  4. Say what your piddly powers might allow, it was by a very wide margin larger than anything else since the last world war ; and in any case amply, more than amply, vastly more than amply sufficient to reform the world entire. Besideswhich, it really doesn't take much in the way of kindling to blow up a gunpowder warehouse -- provided, of course, the gunpowder isn't wet. []
  5. Let alone anything like the naive might imagine -- and yes, by naive I mean me. []
  6. Sudden collapse requires foreign invasion ; but who'd be the Spanyards or the Turks ? Certainly not the item formerly known as TMSR, or in other words : puncturing the wound so it drains already rather than letting it fester for a few dozen generations requires either cultural or else plain demographic superiority (though really, it's always a mix of the two, we're naming for the dominant factor). Neither seem in practice available, and so... []
  7. What exactly is slow in the Internet age is somewhat an open question. Were the past thirty years slow ? Or fast ?

    A lot has changed, since the nineties, you know. For instance, unlike the "color revolution" bullshit, the naive participants in the original versions didn't even have cellphones. Or pagers. Or blackberries. Or, for that matter, Kardashians etcetera. No Britney Spears, either, it was Sabrina-wanna-be-Madonna all the way! []

  8. Nor do I believe China is in any kind of enviable position. It seems to me their entire "power" as perceived today stems very much from the usual orc whiteworship. They've managed it much better than the average orc, this much is certain ; but the extreme tenderness in the respective spot clearly indicates the local leadership knows as well as I know that the only reason Chinese boys haven't checked out just yet is pure shame, a gnawing feeling of inferiority. Once they start thinking they're just as good as the superior white bois, they'll go to sleep just like those. They have this one thing to do on the way to bed ; but they're headed to bed just like Curt Cobain was.

    Really, I expect China's going to be by far the worst hit by the millenial economic unwind. Bereft of the white man's approval market, which is what this was truly all about all along, every non-white out there trying their best to become alt-white, and be accepted in an imaginary 1800s england that somehow survived in their minds long, long past the real item that inspired it -- bereft of the white man's approval market (for cause de fermeture provisoire pour cause de fermeture définitive) I say, they'll be discovering some things on their own, and... well... []

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4 Responses

  1. so what's the solution?

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 23 May 2020

    Mass evisceration.

  3. Vorwarts`s avatar
    Sunday, 24 May 2020

    Dönitz war vom völkischen Denken seiner Zeit geprägt. Er war besorgt, ob „nicht in hundert Jahren“ „durch planvolle Zersetzung und Überwucherung ein internationales proletarisches Gemisch entstanden“ sein werde, „das die Bezeichnung ‘deutsch’ nicht mehr verdient“.

    Si intr-adevar...

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 24 May 2020

    Ca-n viata.

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