Princess Babydoll and the snotty bitch club.

Monday, 02 November, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Friday September the 24th. Sylvia's car is now broken completely because she left it outside with the blinkers on all day and that drains the battery and electric cars don't have a lot of battery like normal human cars and if it ever drains completely they are destroyed. So I told her electric cars are stupid and she said god damn it and Doll said before we rescued her she had no idea what anything is and kept doing stupid shit and Sylvia said kiss my ass bitch! It can go in reverse as well as forward! but Doll went over and kissed her ass. Then Dad said he'll buy her a cheap beat-up red neck pick-up truck until she gets enough money together to get herself a better car and Sylvia started chewing her own hair and everyone was laughing.

Then we went to school and it was C.R.A.Z.Y. Like apparently Dad had Doll talk to almost everyone's parents which is like thousands of people I have no idea how she did that and there is now a new school policy about the gym and showers and all the seniors know my name and like twenty different girls that are going to highschool next year came up to me and said Hey! and like all the ones that are in Chris and Key's gymnastics but never before talked to them because they are older think I'm great now because of what I did and even Mr. Coach which I don't even know his name but dogslave says it's Kramer did thumbsup from across the field when we went by and Chris was like omg!!! And then in cafeteria when we came in everyone stopped eating and looked at us and then they slow clapped! I was like holy shit I should take my clothes off more often! I told Dad about it but he said Babydoll, that doesn't last. It'll never be as good as that first time ever again. That made me a little sad but I think maybe he is right.

So we are now sitting at the best tables wherever we want people kept making us place and things, even the drama girls that never want anyone new sitting at their tables were pushing around for us to sit at their table it was incredible. I think maybe I am going to take up drama. I told Sylvia about it and she said it sounds like a great idea and Doll said so too. But dogslave said drama is stupid and I should take up gymnastics but what does she know anyway. And Chris told me that Doll invited her and her parents to our weekend trip to Mt Wilson observatory but her parents can't go because they have to go to church of course and her dad didn't want her to go either and he said what does she even want with that little jezbel meaning me, and meaning that I am a whore but Jesus people can't say it directly and I told her bitch I'm no whore, you're a whore. I'm a pimp! And she said yes Babydoll but do you want to tell my daddy ? And I didn't say anything but then she said her mom was like we can't not let her go Jeremiah! Chris' dad's name's not really Jeremiah either, it's John, but he's weird and I guess that's the best he could find for a naked name, Jeremiah. If Marla were my slave I'd make her naked name be Jeremiah and I'd make everyone beat her alllll the time like until her butt fell off on the floor. And then I'd be like, "Jeremiah, looks like you laid an atomic egg. Bitch!" and everyone would laugh at Marlamade and her runny butt. So Chris can come because her mom said that it's an astronomical observatory and what will those people think but her dad was like it's all devil's work anyway, there is nothing like astronomy it is all witchcraft. I asked Doll what witchcraft is and she showed me pictures about it from long ago and she explained a lot of things but basically it is what we do so I guess we should go to the astronomical because we are witches. And maybe I should try burning Chris at the steak. I wonder how you do that.

But of course we are not going there because it's just a boring mountainside and Doll just made it up but instead we are going to a private party in Burbank and me and dogslave have fake IDs for being eighteen and she asked me if she can wear the faro dress which is what she said her golden Gucci dress is and I said I'll think about it but of course I'll let her wear it but I just want her to kiss my ass all the time until then. The party is all Saturday but we are going to get to the hotel any time we feel like it today and sleep there overnight because Dad got a large suite with many beds so that way we don't have to deal with the traffic and can enjoy the brunch part and everything. It's in honor of a guy who is a criminal! Because what he did was he had sex with his wife's twelve year old daughter! So they found out but only much later and also I think he didn't pay any taxes, but he is a guy who makes films but he is not an actor so I don't know what sense this makes, maybe he's just a guy everyone says made the film they're in so they can't get in trouble for it. But when she saw dogslave in her faro dress Chris started to cry and said she wanted to be my slave too and she hates her parents. But I told her they're not even black! And she said it's worse because all the Jesus bullshit! And I think really she may be right, black people are much cooler than all that stuff with the church and jeremiah. Even though they are poor.

I don't know what I am going to wear myself because I don't have anything that's nearly as good as dogslave's but then I looked at Chris and she looked at me and it was holy hell, what is she going to do, show up at her first party in her life in school clothes ?! So we went through the closets and you can not believe this but most of Doll's dresses work for Chris because her boobs are huge I never realised before but Chris has boobs as big as Doll! And Doll has really large boobs, like bigger than a cupful. And then Doll came in and she was like wut! Are you doing ?! And we were look Doll, this whore's got boobs as big as you! And then they measured and it was right, and they're only one inch different in height because Doll is taller but of course Doll can put high heels on but Chris can't because she doesn't have any and also doesn't know how to walk in them and also her feet are huge. Her feet are bigger than anyone's, there's no heels in the house that are even close to her size, she's like a sasquatch. And Doll called her Tits McGee which was kinda funny and maybe it's her naked name too!

Then Doll asked me what are you going to wear Babydoll and I said I have no idea, because if I let dogslave wear her faro I have nothing nearly as good as that and Doll said well then you shouldn't let her wear it and dogslave was so sad but she nodded and I was like hm just to mess with her but of course she can wear it I don't care if everyone thinks she's my pimp. Then we went over and busted down Sylvia's door who pretended to be shocked and ashamed because she was just coming out of the shower and then Doll explained to her about dressing me and Sylvia said of course I don't have anything nearly as good, dogslave's the hottest package in town and we'll all have to learn to live with that. But Doll said there's always a prettier girl, just look what happened to me, three weeks ago I was the hottest package on the premises and Sylvia said you have only yourself to blame honey. And we kept messing around but eventually it was getting dark and we settled on a dark purple dress for Chris which is great for her because her skin is so white she's like a coffee mug and her tits are so big they're perfect because this dress is one of those with the things for the breasts to show. She looks just great in it and definitely eighteen. And for me we picked a very good thing which is a dress almost exactly the color of my skin and all covered in pearls and very snugly fit so it looks from a distance like I'm naked completely. Dad told us there is to be no shenanigans or horse play of any kind whatsoever anywhere at the party, except in the hotel room we can be naked but only with the door closed so this is the closest it can ever get. I would just love to take it all off in front of all those people though! But I promised Dad I won't and I will just wait until I'm older and the whoremones really kicked in.

Then we all went naked because Sylvia said that's how the pros do it, after the outfits are chosen you do your hair and make-up naked and then you dress so it's perfect. I think she was just messing around, because we can't do makeup for tomorrow now. But we chose outfits for the brunch tomorrow too and for getting there of course and showered together and then they played panty sniffer which is when you close your eyes and have to guess whose panties they are. dogslave said Chris is easy, hers smell of soap and Doll put her finger on Chris and smelled it and said Chris why don't you rinse properly and Chris didn't know and so Doll sent her to rinse properly and told her that she will get irritated if she leaves soap in there and not to do it. Doll is such a boss bitch. Then we got dressed and everything packed and got in the limo and went over to the hotel. When we checked in there was a package delivered for Mz. Pizdi Curgol which made no sense but Doll gave it to Chris saying "here you go honey" and inside was her ID. She's Pizdi Curgol from Pasadena, aged 18! Dad told us we are allowed to hold glasses but not drink from them ever under any circumstances, me and dogslave and Chris Pizdi McGee I really have to find this bitch a naked name already. And I said ok Dad, I promise I won't drink, I promise I won't take my clothes off, I promise I won't do anything. Can I talk to people ? And he said you'd better not. Just listen to what they say and say "Oh, really ?" "Wow that's so interesting" and stuff like that. And make it sound convincing! he said. I was looking at him like wtf but Sylvia grabbed me by the shoulders and said your Daddy's right Babydoll, that's the way it is for women, you'd better get used early and practice hard. Think of it as drama practice. That's when I understood she is actually serious. So the whole party I'm just going to keep my clothes on and carry drinks around the room and say wow really. What a stupid role. Why did I ever accept this ?!

Then we went up to our suite which was fabulous and very plush and with flowers everywhere. It even had a hot tub built into the livingroom! Dad and Doll and Sylvia went to their room and we were in our room and I just fell on the bed, closed my eyes and told my whores to undress me and make me have it until I pass out. And they did.

Saturday September the 25th. We dressed for brunch and went down and there were lots and lots and lots of people there, most of them very old. But they are some of the best old people ever, they've all been all over the world like before Burbank was even invented! And they all did things but not small things like being a school principal or anything because they were all famous and had so many interesting things to say! Last night I thought it would suck to just say oh really and wow that's so interesting but really I had nothing else to say all morning because it was all so wow and interesting! I don't know what Sylvia was bitching about all sarcastic, maybe that bitch is just jealous she's not twelve anymore.

I will now write down all the interesting things I remember. So, many things like music videos are not really made like you see but the singer is just in a room with green walls and everything in there is added later, like she doesn't even see the stuff going on around! People can own a film, like it is their film, like their bycicle. There is a Hollywood in India and it is called Bollywood. There was once an emperor of the United States and his name was Emperor Norton. There is a lot of very old music that is written for little boys who had their wee wees cut off to sing! There was a time when nobody was allowed to drink alcohol and everyone made a lot of money from it. There are all sorts of people who ate another person, like for dinner. Women didn't even use to shave their armpits a few years ago, and also they can grow moustaches. Like under the nose. There was a big wall in Europe and they shot people on it, and there is an even bigger one in China. Maybe it's time we build our own! Jewish people think god made a deal with them. All fruit trees originally come from a country called `Iran, except for the pineapple and the banana. There was a lot more but I have to go into the hot tub now.

So we all went into the hot tub, me dogslave Chris and Sylvia and Doll too! Hot tubs are a lot of fun and this one was big and spacious and we played dunking and things. Then Doll said all funny-like "oh no, I feel a tickle coming on" and she looked at me, and then she looked at dogslave, and then she said "oh, oh" and sat up on the rim and spread her legs wide. Then she said "hey dogslave, why don't you come here and help me with it" and then she looked at me and said "Is that ok Babydoll ?" and I said "sure, go help Doll dogslave" so she went between her legs, and kissed her but Doll just peed on her! Like, squirt! And we all started laughing and stood up on the rim like Doll and were "help her dogslave, help her" and Doll kept squiring in her face. And then when Doll was done we all were like "oh, oh" and dogslave had to help everyone pee on her face with kisses and Doll got out and got us all drinks so we have a lot of tickles. It was hysterical and dogslave even snorted some at some point and got it on her tits and in her hair and everywhere. Then she stood up and peed herself, and Doll bend over and tasted it a little. I asked her what's it taste like and Doll said it's warm, and salty, and it tastes like love. So Sylvia kissed her on the mouth and me and Chris kissed dogslave to see what it tastes like and it's not bad at all! Doll's right, because the taste of it filled me with love for dogslave. Then we all went to shower but I asked her later what does mine taste like and she said it tastes like she loves me. We have to do this more often because it is so lovely and such a great feeling to love someone.

Then we got dressed and put our slave stones in and went to the party. Doll left a note for the housekeepers to change our tub water haha. The party wasn't really as great as the brunch, but it was ok. The guest of honor came straight to Chris, and told her she's lovely and beautiful and things like that. Chris told him she is here with her date, and pointed at me. I waved like "hello!" and he was really blown away but he tried to play it cool and said to me that the two loveliest beauties of the night should be together. Then later he was talking to dogslave who was by herself with the food plate things, because that girl can eat! I saw her point to me again and he looking at me like wtf and I waved again. So he came over again and asked me if I'm a pimp ? Chris was giggling and I said yes sir, that is exactly what I am. I'm a pimp. And he said I'm the best he's ever met. I asked him if he met a lot ? And he mumbled something and then looked at me and then at Chris and then back at me, and Chris kinda cuddled into my side and he just opened and closed his mouth and then walked away. dogslave came over to see what was going on and Chris said I think our pimp scared away the criminal guy! And we all giggled and he looked back and he looked so sad!

I told dogslave and Chris "I really want to taste my whores. Don't you want to go upstairs ?" and they said yeah, the party is kinda boring, so we went and found Dad who was with some people and Sylvia was telling a story, and we told him if it's ok to go upstairs and he said sure. We went to the elevator but dogslave grabbed a bottle of the wine with bubbles in it on her way which was a great idea! But first I put my face between dogslave's legs and we did the triangle that way with Chris kissing me ; then we turned the other way after everyone had it. They taste so good, especially Chris since she's stopped leaving soap in. Then we poured the wine on each other and licked it off, it was very good and we all got drunk and went to sleep together happy.

Sunday September the 26th. I woke up and Chris was holding me in her arms with my face on her Doll boobs and dogslave was curled with her head on my butt. I think it was pretty early but my belly hurt like someone was twisting a big knife in there and I needed to fart, so I was like... sorry dogslave, hold your breath. But nothing came out. I got very scared because who knows what happened and maybe I am paralyzed because of the alcohol now like it happened to people to go blind when they drank alcohol when it was illegal before, but then I realised... I never took my slave stone out! So I wiggled out of the whores embrace and tiptoed to the bathroom, but my stone wouldn't come out! But I remembered what Doll told me and I tried to work it out little by little and patiently, and eventually it exploded out of me, and I felt like half my body fell out through my poor asshole in one go! I had to look down and see I still have a chest! But I was okay really, the pain went away and it was just that, because I had forgotten the stone in. I went into the shower and after I turned the water on dogslave showed up. She was all sleepy but she kneeled by the shower curtain and panted with her tongue out. I grabbed her by the shoulders and hugged her tight and started crying. She asked me "why are you crying Ma'am ?" and I told her it's just because I love her so much! And Chris and Doll and Sylvia and everybody. She gave me a big kiss on the mouth and sat herself on the toilet. Just as she exploded in a massive dog fart Chris came in. She was all like "omg I forgot my stone in, what can happen" but then she was like "ewwww!". Then we all started laughing.

Breakfast was just fabulous, I don't know what all those things were but they were much better than what we maked at home. Doll said maybe she should look more seriously into this whole cooking thing. Dad said that's an idea, and Sylvia was like I'd eat your shit, bitch. We laughed and we laughed, it was so funny. Then dogslave told about the criminal guy and I told it too and we had a blast about it. Then Dad and Sylvia left together because they had shit to do and meetings and things and Doll was going to take us back home before noon and check out. But we were finished with breakfast and packing even before eleven. I love packing as a pimp, I just sat on the armchair and drank milk coffee while my bitches did all my packing for me. It's great! Then in the car Doll said hey girls, how about we actually go to that observatory ? It's not that far. Chris and dogslave looked at me for what I say but I could tell they kinda wanted to check it out, so I was sure Doll! And we went and it's actually pretty interesting, you buy a ticket and you get to go under these humongous cannons which are for seeing very far away, and also they are very old like from before gangsters were even invented! And then we went hiking in the hills a little until it was evening and then we went back to the car and Doll said alright well let's drop Chris off then ? And Chris cried and we hugged her and we kissed her mouth and petted her hair and hugged her but she was still sad. Then I asked Doll what does Dad do to to her and Sylvia ? And she asked me what do I mean but I said you know what I mean and she said oh. Well Babydoll she said, your Dad is a man, so he has his manhood, which is like a corn cobb, and he puts it in us. "What do you mean in you ? Like the stones go in ?" I asked her, and she said yes, sometimes he does us like that, it's called assfucking, when he puts it in there. But many times he just does us between the legs, normally. But I said how do you mean normally Doll, there's no hole there. I thought maybe she meant her pee hole gets big, but no, she told me that first the man has to make the hole in you, and then you have the hole. Wow! What a concept, he makes the hole in you! Then I asked her if it is painful when he does it normally in your hole that he made, but she said not at all, it works very well. He pounds you hard and you like it very much, or he does it softly and you want him even more. And then she said they also suck on it like it's a popsickle which is good for him, and often they do all these, like Sylvia sucks his corn and then he fucks Doll with it or vice versa or sometimes he goes in and out of the both of them or whichever way he likes.

Then dogslave was like Fuck! and we were wtf and she said you can't drop her off like this, pointing to Chris. She was dressed in the brunch outfit we had for her! And I was like o shit, and I asked her, "Chris, where are your clothes you came with!" and she was all pale and whispered "I don't know." So Doll had to park the car and we went through the bags but eventually found them, so Chris had to change and because she was naked in the back seat we gave her a goodbye kissing. Doll had the roof down and the low Sun looked like gold in Tits hair and Doll was smiling and dogslave was smiling too and Chris had her eyes closed and her pretty mouth quivered.

When we were at her place her parents invited us in for a moment, and Doll said with pleasure but just for a moment because Keysha's parents will be worried as it is getting dark soon and she is living very far away. Chris mom nodded her head like "very far away" had some secret meaning Doll was communicating to her and Jebediah wouldn't come down to say hello, so we had some awful lemonade and then left. Chris mom says a lot of really stupid things for no reason just because she thinks you'll be impressed to hear her say them. I don't know how Chris can live with her. They should have to pay money for Chris to live there with them!

Then dogslave unpacked all my things and hers, and then came into bed with me, but I was half asleep. Then Doll also came in and asked if she may sleep with us girls because she's all alone. I said sure Chris and then I was asleep.

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