O vaca cu cabina si-un bou cu torpedou

Friday, 12 June, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Also known as an ox with a glovebox.

Hey, did you know that if you mistakenly issue

curl -L -O -C url > file

it will readily complain that hurri, but by then it'll be pointless to put in the correct

curl -L -O -C -ii url > file

anyways, because, obviously, the file'd have been 0'd out already. Or, to quote a reader, "linux was a mistake because unix had been a mistake in the first place".

Moving on... actually, what the fuck would we move on to ? Computers meanwhile replaced all the things, and what a fine replacement they make indeed!

I went by to see what [one of] my corporations's technical department is doing. One of, you know, I've been trying to hire more people to work there for well over five years. Apparently there's no people.

Nobody has any money, and so everyone imagines that absent money's the reason they've not got anything [anyone'd ever want]. Well, actually... the problem with this latter day's multi-laterally developed socialism we're living through is that nobody has anything anyone'd ever want because nothing anyone'd ever want exists, at all, in the first place. That's, after all, the point of pantsuitismiii -- it makes sure nothing anyone'd ever want does (or for that matter can) exist, thereby solving the problem of human wants, as well indicated by Poincare (not the mathematician, the other one, the politician). So... you know, you can have all the money you want, it still won't buy you anymore than his candle bought Diogenes. Because whence from and what'd it buy ? Stories, perhaps. If you want those.

Anyways, I went over to see what Diana Coman's up to these days, and her computer fed me a decade-old piece. It's quite remarkable an experience, meeting yourself, a decade older, in the hands of someone else. Saludos de Costa Rica, dear past MP, what can I say. Keep at it, you'll in due time discover that...

But why depress ourselves. Instead, let's write explanatory letters to business partners, that begin like

The server [...] died unexpectedly through provider impudence. I will be [...]. Sorry for the inconvenience ; the sad reality of these latter days of multi-laterally developed socialism we're living through is that keeping idiots out of the kitchen's becoming ever taller an order.

At least we can readily re-use whole phrases, we could just make outselves hand-held plastic signs with the shit printed on them, we could have rubber stamps... under the pressure of deluvionally marauding idiocy the very language itself is suffering, turning woody...

Or I could leave business to the side, and start recounting the story of the (possibly, only) competent doctor in Costa Rica that does general practice (though, in fairness, I'm not entirely sure this particular enterologist's general practice consists of anything besides me and mine). This poor guy's office was a mess, because of the two local "careerwomen" he had hired to do front desk (fancy that, two young women are barely enough to do some very limited basics of part of what one old man needs) one "was concerned" about her elderly parents with whom she's living, at the ripe age of twenty-something, let's not go into details, we've covered dumb old maids runing amok so many other places already... And so have they themselves. In fact, they've covered pretty much everything in their unwelcome secretions, everywhich way you turn you see the slime trails of these legless atrocities...

Anyways, one of the retards is "working from home", like she's heard on instafansiv and so therefore tottalies. Leaving the other to twiddle her thumbs at the actual office (not that she'd mind or protest, on the fucking contrary, she finally caught up on her netflix queue) and the phones ringing off the hook. What, problem with "work from home" consisting of taking the occasional call, when the mood strikes ? Just as long as it's validating her self-notions, mind you. Right ?

Anyways, so on and so forth and ongoing in this vein, until either you've had enough or you fall over, whichever comes first (guess which will, by the way ?).

I've been thinking about my grandfather a lot these past days, like for instance the time I left the official stockings and such things provider annoyed, after chastising the woman there that "looky, I used to buy here by the pound -- now there's nothing here worth buying, what the fuck are you doing ?" to which she retorted a meek & mild "oh, covid", as if fucking if "covid" makes it okay nobody in this whole town has 100% cotton socks anymore. They all shake their heads bovinely, too, like this was never a concern they ever heard about, and more importantly, like I'm supposed to just go along and buy their Cronica Navigatiei Cu Vele De Beton or whatever the fuck they happen to have on sale. What do I mean, all markets are buyer's markets ?! But they'll only sell what they happen to have for sale! Like they've seen on onlyfleas! No ?

No, of fucking course the hell not. Nevertheless, I expect the point will have to be driven into the thick skulls through yet another decade of trench warfare, for having failed to be driven into the exact same thick skulls day by day at home, with a hand-held leather strap.

It'd be way the fuck cheaper to beat them at home, you know ? Overall, it'd be way the fuck cheaper.

  1. Or in its own words,

    curl: option -C: expected a positive numerical parameter
    curl: try 'curl --help' or 'curl --manual' for more information

    if that matters. []

  2. Notice this dash in here ? Well so then, good for you! []
  3. Shorter than typing "multi-laterally developed socialism, 2nd reboot. Don't you find ? []
  4. Let's explain why the general herd so thinks, for the benefit of the inquiring young woman : if you're doing porn, a dude in charge tells her what to do, and does not bother himself with asking for her oh-so-precious "feedback" on the matter, thereby "failing to actualize" her delusions of the self. Whereas if they're by themselves with the potato-camera and the general filth...

    Yes ? []

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