Gli stornelli nun canti piu...

Wednesday, 25 March, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Notto : Stop your ramblin'
stop your gamblin'
stop stayin' out late at night
Go home to your wife & fambly
stay there, by the fireside bright

Eh ?

I had already plainly stated last week the plain, self-evident facts of the matter -- the current "hysteria"i is self-obviously and quite transparently a ploy by the older womanii to gather male attention she "feels her due" but "feels isn't getting". That Trilema's the only place this was stated is neither surprising nor extraordinary : Trilema is the only place, it comes with the territory. If such a thing as "somewhere else" in fact existed, the truth could perhaps be found somewhere else. Even if only by accident, yet nevertheless it could be. But as there isn't...

Anyways, here's the problem with the wishings by the immature : you get what you wish for.

The kids are at home now. The husband's at home too. Are you the center of that attention you so utterly yearned for ? How is it panning out for you ?

I can kinda tell, actually. There's queues out of the parking lot at all drive-through mcdonalds, because "the lady of the house" is barely qualified to the (significantly lower) standards making a lady of the night -- she sure as fuck can't cook. Can she now ?

What, you thought all those "women of old" cooked because "they didn't have a choice" ? Right you were. The choice they didn't have wasn't, however, in a wide selection of white goods. The choice they didn't have was being so fucking enrapturingly interesting enough as to maintain the focus of family life without cooking.

Come to think about it, you really don't have anything meaningful -- let alone, let very, very far & distantly alone anything remotely interesting -- to say to all these people. Yes, you thought you had, I'm sure you did... but then that "endlessly long list" was gone, not even with the dawn. It was gone in mere minutes. And then... there's another minute. After it... comes another. What now ?

Here's another minute. What can you do with it, to justify so much unbearable attention ?

Oh, "everyone should simmer the fuck down" ? I'm sure. The funny thing is, the man had warned about this, quite correctly and rather specifically (though what words mean over spans of time always requires adjustment) :

Give women the vote, and in five years there will be a crushing tax on bachelors.

Yeah, that's right : you were given the vote. You didn't take it, you were given it, like a sick child to nurse, like a pair of old socks to darn, like all the other garbage you're given as per your traditional role in society and point of existence altogether. Not like you can give it back, nobody the fuck wants it, actually strike that : nobody the fuck's even left to take it.

What now ? You got your vote, you got your attention, now what ?

Look, there's another minute, what of it ?

What tricks can you do, old gal ? Shall we watch tissues sag together ? Paint dry ? Flies fuck ? Can you dance ? For how long can you dance, Salome ?

Is all this really too much pressure ? Seems to me divorce rates are set to a magnific explosion this yeariii, the clerks will stamp five years' worth of paperwork in six months, but all the better, right, it's good for the economy just like pissing yourself to keep warm is good for the pants.

What now ?

for' de porta 'n carozzella
a balla' la tarantella
Nannarella nun venghi piu...
E li fiori a la loggetta
co' le spighe,
e la rughetta...

  1. Do you know what hysteria denotes ? Not really ? Well... what's a hysterectomy ? []
  2. Really gals : there's exactly one way what you want can be achieved. Exactly one way. Start training the young sluts for extraordinary competence in proportion to your extraordinary "expectations" & desires or get lost. I don't give a shit how "inconceivable" you wanna pretend like "it seems to you" -- the game of seemings didn't work for the retarded bois either, an' it ain't gonna work for you. []
  3. Let's take a moment to discuss a specific. I expect the "experience of the crisis" is going to turn out in retrospect the breaking point for Costa Rica's erstwhile very Latino-catholic worldview. It's a watershed moment, up until Spring 2020 ticos actually thought "home life" is a desirable if not always or necessarily tangible ideal. I expect come Summer 2020 they will have stopped thinking so, and even if the unwind takes a century, the "family" as lived by women now alive (in common with women dead for the past three to five centuries) will never again be met by any ticas. For the ones yet young it will survive as memory, a distant, cherished memory ; for the ones yet unborn it'll not survive as anything. Progress, you know ? []
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