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Monday, 16 March, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author:
mp_en_viaje: jfw, at first you can just voice her, why not. but sure, conceivably she might end up needing it if she sticks around [02:00]
mp_en_viaje: << they become the fucking case if she includes the ablative, and explains the difference between it an' the accusative. otherwise if it's only five of them,they're the simple cases not the fucking cases. [02:01]
ossabot: Logged on 2020-02-21 16:55:04 jfw: Indeed mom taught me the English cases (though perhaps not the fucking cases) and sentence trees while the sixth grade did not and I remember grandma taught me handwriting exercises that the second grade couldn't be bothered with [02:01]
feedbot: << Trilema -- The slap and human dignity [04:04]
feedbot: << Trilema -- Un flic [14:38]
mod6: Heads up to TRB users, seems that nodes have wedged on block 618406. A simple restart of TRB seemed to resolve it. Not sure on the cause yet. Will update with more information as I have it. [17:12]
jfw: mod6: the view from my outbound-only node, with some notes: [18:12]
mod6: Thanks jfw. You've removed 'malleus_mikehearnificarum.vpatch', noted. [18:15]
jfw: mod6: my notion of what that action entails, and please correct if I'm missing a major aspect, is that I'm more exposed to potentially misbehaving or sybil peers, but also potentially better connected and more likely to bridge otherwise partitioned subgraphs of the network. [18:22]
mod6: Your notion is correct on the former, 'more exposed to potentially misbehaving or sybil peers'. As to the latter, I suspect you will be connected simply more prb nodes. It is possible that you'll also find, in a 'subgraph', nodes that are playing nicely, but seems less likely. [18:28]
jfw: mod6: do we have any picture of what software the larger miners are running these days? Because that's the possibly-prb-afflicted network I'd rather not be isolated from. [18:37]
mod6: jfw: I don't have any information regarding what miners of any size are currently running. [18:39]
mp_en_viaje: as far as the public network's concerned everyone's stuck with some version of postel's nonsense for the obvious reasons [20:29]
mp_en_viaje: the private networks are generally obscure and mostly handrolled but they do not differ as much as the people involved like to imagine. [20:29]
mp_en_viaje: ultimately, alfisms like the 'malleus_mikehearnificarum' are of little political consequence, coming as they are from an ispless band of socially isolated autists. [20:31]
mp_en_viaje: it could have mattered a lot more, in theory, in 2016. today, having it on or off is ~same. [20:32]
feedbot: << Qntra -- Twitter Bans Bloomberg Campaign "Deputy Field Organizers" For "Platform Manipulation" [23:25]
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