Forum logs for 19 Feb 2012

Friday, 03 January, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
medaj whats fastestway to turn moneypak to btc [00:00]
smickles medaj: sell it here [00:00]
medaj smickles: i guess people with + are more trustworthy? [00:00]
smickles medaj: you should state the amount on the MP and how much btc you want [00:00]
mcorlett medaj: No. Use ;;getrating to see their ratings. [00:00]
smickles ;;getrating smickles [00:00]
gribble User smickles, created on Wed Jan 4 18:28:52 2012. Cumulative rating 34, from 25 total ratings. Received ratings: 25 positive, 0 negative. Sent ratings: 28 positive, 0 negative. Details: Currently authenticated from hostmask smickles!~michael@#64; [00:00]
medaj i see [00:01]
BTCHero the plus only means you have been here for a day and are authed [00:01]
smickles medaj: and ;;ident to make sure they are who they say they are [00:01]
mcorlett You also must make sure they're authenticated, or they might be being impersonated by a malicious person. [00:01]
rawrmage BTCHero: *was once authed [00:01]
BTCHero yes [00:01]
mcorlett smickles: Authentication info is included in getrating. [00:02]
rawrmage i could nick to someone else, auth as myself, unauth from myself [00:02]
* smickles is apparently blind [00:02]
rawrmage and still be voiced as someone else [00:02]
MBS not bad [00:02]
MBS $323 total for sears crappy store brand tires installed, lol [00:02]
* BTCHero is now known as Foodst4mp [00:03]
Foodst4mp Like this? [00:03]
MBS 405 to change oil and power steering as well [00:03]
medaj ;;ticker [00:03]
vragnaroda Foodst4mp: Capitalization's wrong. [00:03]
* Foodst4mp is now known as Guest7407 [00:03]
* Ploo is now known as Pucilowski [00:03]
Guest7407 meh I wasn't around then [00:03]
Guest7407 wtf? [00:03]
MBS 515 to add transmission [00:03]
Guest7407 i didn't know you could do that [00:03]
vragnaroda Nick protection's on. [00:03]
* Guest7407 is now known as BTCHero [00:04]
BTCHero oh I thought you did it to me lol [00:04]
vragnaroda [17:04] - NickServ- | (NickServ@#64;services.) FooDSt4mP has enabled nick protection [00:04]
* UkashForBTC (4f8f871e@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [00:04]
vragnaroda BTCHero: /msg nickserv set enforce on [00:04]
mcorlett I need bouncer recommendations. Let's hear 'em. [00:05]
BTCHero cool thanks vrag [00:05]
BTCHero Now no one can impersonate me [00:05]
medaj ;;getrating EasyAt [00:05]
vragnaroda Well, not for longer than 30 seconds. [00:05]
mcorlett medaj: You should receive a private message from gribble. [00:06]
MBS lol at a description someone wrote for these tires [00:08]
MBS "Cheapest of the tires available at Sears, says it's a private label brand made by Bridgestone. Basically, it's a tire, and nothing special about it. " [00:08]
NASDAQEnema BTCHero: Kevin Spacey can impersonate anyone [00:09]
phantomcircuit ;;getrating phantomcircuit [00:09]
EasyAt ;;getrating gribble [00:09]
phantomcircuit lol [00:09]
* danieldaniel is now known as Guest63344 [00:09]
danieldaniel_ lol [00:09]
smickles lol? [00:09]
danieldaniel_ nickserv enforcing ftw [00:09]
danieldaniel_ danieldaniel is now known as Guest63344. [00:09]
* DeLorean719 (DeLorean71@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [00:10]
danieldaniel_ t [00:10]
* gribble gives voice to DeLorean719 [00:10]
splatster Holy shit! 1 in 7 in U.S. Receive Food Stamps. [00:10]
danieldaniel_ holy shit [00:10]
BTCHero holy shit [00:10]
danieldaniel_ holy fucking shit [00:10]
BTCHero Who cares? [00:10]
phantomcircuit you dont have to be super poor to get food stamps [00:10]
danieldaniel_ idk [00:10]
BTCHero food stamps make the world go round [00:10]
DBordello Selling MP for BTC. Let me know if interested [00:10]
* danieldaniel_ has quit (Quit: danieldaniel_) [00:11]
splatster 1 in 7 people are getting food stamps. That's fucking insane! [00:11]
BTCHero how do you think those little corner stores stay in business? [00:11]
smickles 'merica is secretly a welfare state [00:11]
EasyAt DBordello: what rate are you looking for? [00:11]
phantomcircuit splatster, retired people also often qualify for food stamps [00:11]
BTCHero lots of people do [00:11]
BTCHero minimum wage job usually won't put you over the threshold [00:12]
splatster phantomcircuit: And they get SS. [00:12]
* Vual is now known as vual_is_AWAY [00:12]
BTCHero fuck you if you have any problem with anyone getting ss [00:12]
splatster Qualify doesn't mean use. [00:12]
phantomcircuit splatster, also food stamp eligibility usually only counts income [00:12]
* vlaube has quit (Quit: Leaving.) [00:12]
phantomcircuit so even if you have savings you can get food stamps [00:12]
splatster BTCHero: No SS is a good thing. [00:12]
* Vaerros (~Vaerros@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [00:12]
BTCHero ok [00:12]
* Zillow (~Zillow@#64;unaffiliated/zillow) has joined #bitcoin-otc [00:13]
smickles BTCHero: what do you think of EIC? [00:13]
splatster Fuck if I fell after retirement I would be fucked without SS. [00:13]
* Guest63344 has quit (Changing host) [00:13]
* Guest63344 (~danieldan@#64;unaffiliated/danieldaniel) has joined #bitcoin-otc [00:13]
Guest63344 wtf [00:13]
Guest63344 i think i broke something [00:13]
splatster s/fell/fell ill/ [00:13]
BTCHero EIC? [00:13]
phantomcircuit splatster, when you planning on retiring ? [00:13]
smickles BTCHero: earned income tax credit [00:13]
splatster phantomcircuit: 60s [00:13]
phantomcircuit no i mean roughly what year [00:14]
* Guest63344 has quit (Quit: ZNC - [00:14]
splatster I got ~35-40 years before retirement. [00:14]
smickles BTCHero: it's straight up wealth redistribution [00:14]
BTCHero smickles I don't really have an opinion [00:14]
phantomcircuit splatster, there is roughly zero chance that social security will exist when you retire [00:14]
BTCHero but leaning towards it is ok [00:14]
phantomcircuit congrats [00:14]
* medaj has quit (Quit: Page closed) [00:14]
splatster YAY! [00:15]
splatster Thanks for the reassurance! [00:15]
phantomcircuit baby boomers have put in about 50% of the funds necessary to cover their ss payouts [00:15]
phantomcircuit they've literally bankrupt social security [00:15]
* EasyAt is now known as EasyAt| [00:15]
* silvercoin (47442431@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [00:15]
rg ;;asks 5.01 [00:15]
smickles 5.01? [00:15]
vragnaroda [17:12] <+ BTCHero> | fuck you if you have any problem with anyone getting ss <-- I have a problem with anyone getting SS so go fuck yourself. [00:16]
BTCHero why vrag [00:16]
BTCHero they paid it [00:16]
BTCHero they get it back [00:16]
BTCHero no big deal [00:16]
vragnaroda lol [00:16]
smickles vragnaroda: "i'd bed" that you, like me, don't like EIC [00:16]
mcorlett Fucks all around! [00:16]
phantomcircuit BTCHero, no actually they did not pay for it [00:16]
smickles er [00:16]
smickles "i'd bet" [00:16]
splatster I think there are many things that circumvent natural selection. We need to let the stupid ones die. [00:16]
BTCHero mmmm actually yeah they did [00:16]
vragnaroda BTCHero: Are you smoking crack? [00:16]
phantomcircuit BTCHero, that hasn't been true for about 50 years [00:16]
* DeLorean719 has quit () [00:17]
BTCHero why because we aren't paying enough for them right now? [00:17]
BTCHero they still paid their whole fucking lives [00:17]
phantomcircuit BTCHero, most people currently receiving ss benefits paid somewhere around 75% of what they will eventually receive [00:17]
smickles BTCHero: you don't understand taxes very well, do you? [00:17]
vragnaroda I don't have a problem with *some* collecting SS but *any* collecting SS is a different thing completely. [00:17]
BTCHero My dad paid his whole life and got ss for 5 months then died [00:17]
vragnaroda BTCHero: No, they did not contribute nearly as much as they get out of SS. [00:17]
splatster SS is a ponzi scheme, it will collapse one day. [00:17]
phantomcircuit BTCHero, he's a statistical outlier [00:18]
phantomcircuit BTCHero, the vast majority of people will collect more than they paid in [00:18]
BTCHero who lives longer than 65? [00:18]
smickles most 'mericans [00:18]
BTCHero no one [00:18]
splatster A lot of people [00:18]
phantomcircuit the majority of the population? [00:18]
* blaeks (~blaeks@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [00:18]
splatster people are living into their 90s because of modern medicine. [00:18]
smickles also, if you live to see 25, you life expectancy is much higher than the national average [00:19]
splatster I have no problem with doctors saving the smart ones, but don't make me pay for some dumbass to live to a ripe old age. [00:19]
phantomcircuit BTCHero, anybody making > 5k USD/year is expected to live >65 [00:19]
smickles splatster: fascist [00:19]
smickles lol [00:19]
splatster smickles: lolnoway [00:19]
BTCHero I want a socialist state. I like for the government to hold my hand [00:19]
vragnaroda smickles: What? [00:20]
splatster BTCHero: NOOOOOOOOOOO! [00:20]
smickles vragnaroda: joking [00:20]
phantomcircuit BTCHero, stop trollin [00:20]
splatster Fuck socialism! [00:20]
djk90 +BTCHero is so right why do you think retirement is 67 in uk most people are nearly dead by then [00:20]
phantomcircuit you went from reasonable but wrong liberal too obvious troll in one sentence [00:20]
djk90 it is just a big con [00:20]
vragnaroda .wa life expectancy uk [00:20]
markac life expectancy-> ->country->United Kingdom;79.53 years (at birth) [00:20]
djk90 pension age 67 [00:20]
djk90 ss [00:21]
BTCHero We have a responsibility to protect the poor, young, and elderly [00:21]
splatster .wa life expectancy ru [00:21]
markac all countries, dependencies, and territories->life expectancy U (rack units);69.5 years U (rack units), (based on 227 values; 13 unavailable) [00:21]
BTCHero if we don't we are no better than anyone else [00:21]
vragnaroda lol [00:21]
splatster .wa life expectancy russia [00:21]
markac life expectancy-> ->country->Russia;67.89 years (at birth) [00:21]
phantomcircuit BTCHero, that is no what social security does [00:21]
vragnaroda .wa life expectancy north korea [00:21]
splatster .wa life expectancy china [00:21]
markac North Korea->life expectancy;63.8 years (world rank: 173rd);population->24 million people (world rank: 49th) (2010 estimate), population density->516 people/mi^2 (people per square mile) (world rank: 64th) (2010 estimate), population growth->0.384 %/yr (world rank: 179th) (2008 estimate), life expectancy->63.8 years (world rank: 173rd) (2009 estimate), median age->33.5 years (world rank: 71st) (2009 estimate);23290 days;559000 hou [00:21]
smickles (at birth) <=== misleads many people [00:21]
markac China->life expectancy;73.5 years (world rank: 109th);population->1.35 billion people (world rank: 1st) (2010 estimate), population density->376 people/mi^2 (people per square mile) (world rank: 80th) (2010 estimate), population growth->0.63 %/yr (world rank: 154th) (2008 estimate), life expectancy->73.5 years (world rank: 109th) (2009 estimate), median age->34.1 years (world rank: 69th) (2009 estimate);26820 days;643600 hours;3.8 [00:21]
BTCHero it protects the sick and old [00:21]
BTCHero from being homeless and not eating [00:22]
smickles .wa life expectancy M.O.M [00:22]
markac Couldn't grab results from json stringified precioussss. [00:22]
vragnaroda BTCHero: No, it doesn't. It takes from the productive and gives to the rent-seeking. [00:22]
djk90 thats why you pay your taxes [00:22]
vragnaroda *Some* of the rent seekers are sick and old. [00:22]
BTCHero if you are greater than 65 you can't really contribute to society [00:22]
smickles djk90: i only pay taxes out of fear of the gov't [00:22]
vragnaroda BTCHero: You mean ‹older than›? [00:22]
BTCHero yes [00:22]
vragnaroda Go fuck yourself. [00:22]
vragnaroda Lots of people contribute to society long after 65. [00:23]
BTCHero i tried, my penis is too short [00:23]
rawrmage GERONTOPHOBIA [00:23]
BTCHero lots cant [00:23]
smickles clearly trollin' [00:23]
splatster .wa life expectancy georgia [00:23]
markac Georgia->life expectancy;76.7 years (world rank: 66th);population->4.22 million people (world rank: 126th) (2010 estimate), population density->157 people/mi^2 (people per square mile) (world rank: 145th) (2010 estimate), population growth->-1.17 %/yr (world rank: 239th) (2008 estimate), life expectancy->76.7 years (world rank: 66th) (2009 estimate), median age->38.6 years (world rank: 43rd) (2009 estimate);~~ 0.98 × average [00:23]
splatster damn [00:23]
vragnaroda That's fine if they can't. I'm not demanding that they do. [00:23]
splatster (georgia the country) [00:23]
BTCHero I am seriously not trolling. I think we need to take our funny money and give it to those who need it so they can have the basic neccessities. They aren't living well on ss [00:23]
djk90 The only thing certain in life is death and taxes [00:23]
smickles why do people have to be productive? [00:23]
splatster .wa life expectancy japan [00:23]
markac life expectancy-> ->country->Japan;82.96 years (at birth) [00:24]
splatster DAMN! [00:24]
Blitzboom what is "contributing to society" and what do bitcoiners have a business with it? [00:24]
splatster .wa life expectancy us [00:24]
markac life expectancy-> ->country->United States;78.21 years (at birth);living past age 10->99.1%, living past age 20->98.7%, living past age 30->97.7%, living past age 40->96.4%, living past age 50->93.7%, living past age 60->88.0%, living past age 70->76.8%, living past age 80->55.5%, living past age 90->23.6%, living past age 100->2.8%dying before age 10->0.85%, dying before age 20->1.3%, dying before age 30->2.3%, dying before age 40->3.6%, dyin [00:24]
smickles splatster: that's getting annoying :( [00:24]
rawrmage nice percentages [00:24]
vragnaroda [17:23] < smickles> | why do people have to be productive? <-- the fuck? [00:24]
rawrmage i like those percentages [00:24]
splatster Okay I'm done [00:24]
Blitzboom why do people have to consume? [00:25]
Blitzboom there you got your answer [00:25]
splatster All this was stared with one line "[3:10 PM] Holy shit! 1 in 7 in U.S. Receive Food Stamps." [00:25]
* mozaka has quit (Quit: Page closed) [00:25]
BTCHero Foodstamps for everyone!!!! [00:25]
Blitzboom damn socialism [00:25]
vragnaroda No. That's not part of this discussion. [00:25]
vragnaroda Food stamps and SS have nothing to do with each other. [00:25]
splatster Yay for controversial discussions! [00:25]
vragnaroda That preceded this discussion. [00:26]
Blitzboom SS? [00:26]
BTCHero Nazis [00:26]
splatster Social Securit [00:26]
vragnaroda Blitzboom: Social Security. [00:26]
splatster Social Security* [00:26]
Blitzboom is social security a pyramid scheme as well? [00:26]
smickles vragnaroda: i mean, people are not really required to contribute to society, except by, i suppose, other people saying they should/haveto [00:26]
BTCHero People on welfare contribute to society. That is why welfare exists to keep the money velocity high [00:27]
* sayhier (45488262@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [00:27]
vragnaroda I wouldn't call it a pyramid. It is a Ponzi scheme, though. [00:27]
* vual_is_AWAY is now known as Vual [00:27]
splatster vragnaroda: +1 [00:27]
vragnaroda There isn't much hierarchy to it and you can't get rich by being in it earlier. ;p [00:27]
splatster People pay in and are payed back by other people paying who are also expecting to get more later. Ponzi scheme. [00:27]
smickles BTCHero: i hope you don't mean that all people on welfare contribute to society [00:28]
vragnaroda *paid [00:28]
* sayhier has quit (Client Quit) [00:28]
BTCHero indirectly yes [00:28]
splatster fuck [00:28]
BTCHero The government gives that money out so they can stimulate the economy [00:28]
splatster I keep misspelling paid! [00:28]
BTCHero falsely build it up [00:28]
vragnaroda Oh Jesus Christ. [00:28]
BTCHero Am I banned? [00:28]
splatster YES! [00:29]
rawrmage lol [00:29]
smickles is that your goal? [00:29]
splatster "stimulate the economy?" [00:29]
BTCHero tickle it [00:29]
smickles must be a french tickler [00:29]
smickles 'cause it's fucking us [00:29]
BTCHero how? [00:29]
smickles i dunno, that just sounded poetic [00:29]
BTCHero Increased taxes? [00:29]
BTCHero welfare is just the tip of the economic penis, they have 12 inches of other shit behind it they want to ram in [00:30]
pigeons [00:32]
vragnaroda If Baby Boomers wanted Social Security when they retire, they should have had more kids. While they were supporting SS recipients they had something like a 7:1 ratio while they're demanding a much greater (even when inflation-adjusted) payout from something like a 2:1 ratio of productive taxpayers to SS recipients. [00:32]
BTCHero I agree that SS isn't sustainable. [00:33]
unclemantis Bitcoin is just one big Fonzy scheme. Also you are helping to decode Russian secrets at the same time while helping the mafia laudrer money through MtGox. Way to go people!!! [00:33]
smickles unclemantis: that's why i do it [00:33]
unclemantis to help the Fonz? [00:34]
splatster unclemantis: me too. [00:34]
unclemantis because you are a communist? [00:34]
splatster Yep [00:34]
Cusipzzz i prefer potsie schemes [00:34]
splatster Jk [00:34]
unclemantis because big louie told you to do it [00:34]
unclemantis all of the above? [00:34]
vragnaroda Someone's standard of living is going to decline and that ought to be on the ones that are responsible for this mess. [00:34]
* Guest84707 (~danieldan@#64;unaffiliated/danieldaniel) has joined #bitcoin-otc [00:34]
Guest84707 fuck you irc [00:34]
BTCHero Legislature? [00:35]
* Guest84707 (~danieldan@#64;unaffiliated/danieldaniel) has left #bitcoin-otc [00:35]
smickles the businesses that took it out ppls paychecks? [00:35]
* smickles really should get off irc for a bit [00:36]
* Framedragger has quit (Quit: Leaving.) [00:36]
djk90 +vragnaroda who is responsible? [00:36]
smickles boomers for not realizing how the system worked [00:36]
BTCHero boomers for wearing condoms [00:37]
pigeons could it be... Satan? [00:37]
* danieldaniel123 (~danieldan@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [00:37]
danieldaniel123 what [00:37]
vragnaroda The generation that didn't build up the capital to support the system they expect their children and grandchildren to pay for with drastically fewer resources per supported person. [00:37]
smickles ofc it's satan [00:37]
danieldaniel123 the fuck is wrong with nickserv [00:37]
danieldaniel123 seriously [00:37]
smickles nothing on my end [00:37]
* samumedic (18d967ae@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [00:38]
DBordello nickserv was lagged when i used it [00:38]
danieldaniel123 i think I broke it [00:38]
danieldaniel123 XD [00:38]
djk90 vragnaroda you are saying the peolpe done this? [00:38]
* Shibofu (482d0a1e@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [00:38]
* danieldaniel123 is now known as danieldaniel [00:38]
* danieldaniel has quit (Changing host) [00:38]
* danieldaniel (~danieldan@#64;unaffiliated/danieldaniel) has joined #bitcoin-otc [00:38]
smickles gov't of the ppl, by the ppl , for the ppl [00:38]
BTCHero lol [00:39]
danieldaniel fucking there [00:39]
vragnaroda djk90: Could you rephrase that in English, please? [00:39]
Shibofu buying btc with moneypak [00:39]
* BTCHero Checks mtgox price [00:39]
BTCHero Nope not today :) [00:39]
djk90 vragnaroda are you from usa? [00:40]
vragnaroda I am. [00:40]
Shibofu 5 a btc? [00:40]
BTCHero yes [00:40]
danieldaniel Shibofu: yes [00:40]
BTCHero I will [00:40]
* btcjunkie (420bfe51@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [00:40]
Shibofu kk [00:40]
btcjunkie who accepts popmoney? under 100 [00:40]
djk90 iam from uk you are speaking my language [00:40]
* hngryhngryhippo (~hngryhngr@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [00:40]
EasyAt| popmoney/ [00:40]
EasyAt| ? [00:40]
Shibofu one sec my browser is actin up brb [00:40]
* EasyAt| is now known as EasyAt [00:41]
* Shibofu has quit (Client Quit) [00:41]
vragnaroda It's not yours. [00:41]
danieldaniel lol [00:41]
danieldaniel browser irc ftl [00:41]
danieldaniel luke-jr: you here? [00:41]
luke-jr [00:41]
* gfinn has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [00:41]
danieldaniel lol [00:41]
* vragnaroda smacks luke-jr. [00:41]
* danieldaniel smacks vragnaroda [00:41]
danieldaniel :3 [00:41]
* Shibofu (482d0a1e@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [00:41]
danieldaniel in a nice way [00:41]
danieldaniel don't kick pl0x [00:41]
rawrmage /kick danieldaniel [00:42]
danieldaniel :D [00:42]
danieldaniel D:* [00:42]
smickles smack in a nice way == love tap == fuck [00:42]
danieldaniel fail emoticon [00:42]
vragnaroda danieldaniel: “in a nice way” <-- wtf [00:42]
btcjunkie does anybody here accept this? it comes straight from my bank [00:42]
djk90 vragnaroda thats why its called english [00:42]
djk90 not USA [00:42]
djk90 english [00:42]
Shibofu how to pm? [00:42]
BTCHero Shibofu /query [00:43]
Shibofu t/query BTCHero [00:43]
Shibofu =P [00:43]
BTCHero almost [00:43]
djk90 ?? [00:43]
btcjunkie lol [00:43]
* Serajewe1KS is now known as SerajewelKS [00:43]
vragnaroda djk90: It's called English because it was originally spoken in Angeln. [00:43]
djk90 English [00:44]
vragnaroda Not because you or your present countrymen are its creator. [00:44]
djk90 NOT USA [00:44]
btcjunkie is this a bitcoin IRC? lol has anybody in here ever heard of popmoney? [00:44]
* silvercoin has quit (Quit: Page closed) [00:44]
djk90 ITS NOT HARD [00:44]
danieldaniel btcjunkie: [00:44]
vragnaroda djk90: Angeln, where it was originally spoken, by the way, is in Schleswig-Holstein. [00:44]
* vinhpk has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [00:44]
vragnaroda That would be Germany. [00:45]
danieldaniel is it possible to pay with a cc? [00:45]
* danieldaniel (~danieldan@#64;unaffiliated/danieldaniel) has left #bitcoin-otc [00:45]
phantomcircuit btcjunkie, popmoney is a ridiculous form of ach credit transfer [00:45]
btcjunkie why so? [00:45]
rawrmage ;;rallymode [00:45]
* danieldaniel (~danieldan@#64;unaffiliated/danieldaniel) has joined #bitcoin-otc [00:45]
vragnaroda I know how you Yuropeans are geographically challenged. [00:45]
danieldaniel wow [00:45]
danieldaniel ;;eauth danieldaniel [00:45]
phantomcircuit btcjunkie, if someone has an account at another bank then popmoney results in an ach debit and an ach credit [00:45]
* vinhpk (~khacvinhp@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [00:45]
* gribble gives voice to danieldaniel [00:45]
phantomcircuit btcjunkie, the system literally doubles the time to transfer [00:46]
djk90 vragnaroda iam from uk and you are trying to tell me my history [00:46]
btcjunkie wow so were talking 6 days turnvaround? [00:46]
vragnaroda No, I'm not. It has nothing to do with you other than the possible involvement of some of your ancestors. [00:46]
phantomcircuit btcjunkie, lol yeah [00:46]
djk90 typical american [00:46]
btcjunkie @#64;phantom do you accept wire transfer? [00:47]
smickles djk90: the winners write history, 'merica won [00:47]
smickles ;) [00:47]
btcjunkie ;; guide [00:47]
vragnaroda In that I'm not an obsequious little pissant, perhaps, yes, I'm a typical American. [00:47]
djk90 you stole america [00:47]
btcjunkie ;;guide [00:47]
djk90 dont forget it [00:47]
danieldaniel djk90: lol [00:48]
smickles djk90: stole, but still won [00:48]
vragnaroda I haven't stolen anything. [00:48]
djk90 won wot? [00:48]
smickles everything [00:48]
danieldaniel lol [00:48]
smickles so far [00:48]
* gfinn (~gfinn@#64;gateway/tor-sasl/gfinn) has joined #bitcoin-otc [00:48]
djk90 you killed of the true owners of the land [00:48]
djk90 murders [00:48]
smickles 'merica, fuck yeah [00:48]
djk90 and that is just for starter [00:49]
vragnaroda I have never killed anyone in Western Hemisphere. [00:49]
djk90 +vragnaroda wot [00:49]
djk90 of topic [00:49]
smickles djk90: also, you cant blame me for what other ppl did ;) [00:49]
vragnaroda s/in/in the/ [00:49]
rawrmage vragnaroda: lol [00:49]
Shibofu trading a $140 money pak for btc. current bid is 5 a piece. can you beat it? ;) [00:49]
smickles not rightfully anyway [00:49]
* EasyAt has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [00:50]
djk90 smickles you are not eveil just the evil people [00:50]
vragnaroda Why? [00:50]
djk90 ie banks [00:50]
rawrmage no true scotsman [00:50]
djk90 vragnaroda why wot [00:50]
vragnaroda Why evil? [00:51]
splatster "I ordered the jerk and she said, 'you are what you eat.'" [00:51]
djk90 +vragnaroda still of topic [00:51]
smickles .g test [00:51]
markac smickles: [00:51]
rawrmage All americans are evil! Except for you [00:51]
* pep_ (4429b847@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [00:51]
vragnaroda Also, I find it really amusing that a Brit should tell anyone that some other nationality is evil because of banks. [00:51]
MBS all evils are american [00:51]
djk90 just most of the goverment are [00:51]
Shibofu buying BTC with moneypak! current offer is $5 per btc. Anyone can do lower? [00:51]
vragnaroda That's about as ignorant of your own history as can be. [00:52]
pigeons all humans are capable of evil [00:52]
pep_ ;;guide [00:52]
smickles vragnaroda: i think it's amusing too [00:52]
danieldaniel Shibofu: how much is it? [00:52]
* UkashForBTC has quit (Quit: Page closed) [00:52]
djk90 vragnaroda a least we have a real history [00:52]
* Greedier (~Greed@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [00:52]
mod6 flame! flame! [00:52]
Shibofu 140 [00:52]
smickles " a real history", lol [00:52]
vragnaroda Yes, but it's nothing to be proud of. [00:52]
djk90 vragnaroda not fake history [00:52]
dirkdizzler the brits did something awesome with banks in the 1400's right [00:53]
djk90 like us [00:53]
dirkdizzler changed it all? [00:53]
djk90 bank of england [00:53]
vragnaroda We went from 0% literacy to 99.999% literacy in 400 years whereas it took you people millenia from when writing was introduced. [00:53]
djk90 thats were money came from [00:53]
djk90 after gold [00:53]
smickles sex after gold is better [00:54]
danieldaniel ;;ident luke-jr [00:54]
gribble Nick 'luke-jr', with hostmask 'luke-jr!~luke-jr@#64;2001:470:5:265:222:4dff:fe50:4c49', is not identified. [00:54]
* theymos (~theymos@#64;unaffiliated/theymos) has joined #bitcoin-otc [00:54]
* ChanServ gives voice to theymos [00:54]
* Greed has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [00:54]
djk90 vragnaroda it seems to you just think you know everthing but wot you think you know you dont know [00:54]
smickles luke comes in on ipv6 [00:55]
luke-jr gribble: you suck [00:55]
Shibofu Buying BTC with $140 moneypak @#64; $5 a btc [00:55]
djk90 i know that [00:55]
luke-jr ;;pgp eauth luke-jr [00:55]
danieldaniel gribble: it's ok, luke is just being mean [00:55]
djk90 %100 [00:55]
danieldaniel :) [00:55]
danieldaniel fail tabcomplete [00:55]
danieldaniel >.> [00:55]
vragnaroda > %100 <-- WHAT THE FUCK is that? [00:55]
rawrmage lol [00:55]
danieldaniel LOL [00:56]
dirkdizzler 100% = vrag wrongitude [00:56]
danieldaniel ;;ident luke-jr [00:56]
gribble Nick 'luke-jr', with hostmask 'luke-jr!~luke-jr@#64;2001:470:5:265:222:4dff:fe50:4c49', is identified as user luke-jr, with GPG key id 665FC11DD53E9583, and key fingerprint CE5AD56A36CC69FAE7D23558665FC11DD53E9583. [00:56]
rawrmage vragnaroda: rpn [00:56]
dirkdizzler that's how i interpreted [00:56]
smickles noone knows anything 100% [00:56]
* btcjunkie has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [00:56]
djk90 vragnaroda> Nieve [00:56]
djk90 think you konw but dont [00:56]
dirkdizzler knave or niave [00:56]
djk90 you must be young [00:56]
djk90 a lot to learn [00:56]
djk90 unlucky [00:57]
vragnaroda I believe I'm older than most of the people in here. [00:57]
djk90 keep reading [00:57]
dirkdizzler many lines [00:57]
Shibofu Buying BTC with $140 moneypak @#64; $5 a btc [00:57]
dirkdizzler of chat [00:57]
dirkdizzler make much sense [00:57]
dirkdizzler one [00:57]
dirkdizzler more [00:57]
vigilyn foolish knave [00:57]
* chmod755 (~affilitat@#64;unaffiliated/chmod755) has joined #bitcoin-otc [00:57]
smickles djk90: ,,view [00:58]
gribble #6789 Mon Feb 13 07:31:27 2012 smickles SELL 25.0 usd @#64; 4.2289 btc (in the form of a CrackerBarrel gift card, shipping included) [00:58]
djk90 vragnaroda highly abusive, hypocritical and immature 9159 Metabank vragnaroda 2012-02-17 12:55:11 -10 Left me negative rate about deal he wasn't involved in. We never traded. Defending the guy who sent me paypal that was reversed, telling me that I was aware of risks so I should accept loss. Avoid. 1229 LaoShanLong vragnaroda 2011-04-21 20:11:13 1 1507 alte vragnaroda 2011-05-01 01:38:25 1 5235 psymin vragnar [00:58]
vragnaroda vigilyn: No, he said ‘nieve’ first. A nieve is a serf. [00:58]
djk90 thats your rating [00:58]
rawrmage your copypasting sucks djk90 [00:58]
djk90 highly abusive, hypocritical and immature [00:58]
rawrmage also nice selective ignorance, djk90 :) [00:58]
* nyan has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [00:58]
rawrmage ;;getrating vragnaroda [00:58]
gribble User vragnaroda, created on Thu Apr 21 13:11:13 2011. Cumulative rating 15, from 19 total ratings. Received ratings: 17 positive, 2 negative. Sent ratings: 19 positive, 8 negative. Details: Currently authenticated from hostmask vragnaroda!~vragnarod@#64;unaffiliated/vragnaroda [00:58]
rawrmage ;;gettrust vragnaroda [00:58]
gribble Trust relationship from user rawrmage to user vragnaroda: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 5 via 5 connections. Graph: [00:58]
djk90 highly vigilant in discouraging BS on the rating system [00:59]
* pep_ has quit (Quit: Page closed) [00:59]
mcorlett vragnaroda: Did you actually "Left me negative rate about deal he wasn't involved in."? [00:59]
rawrmage oh snap, vragnaroda, those -10s hurt your rating :S [00:59]
djk90 vragnaroda its there in black and white unlucky [00:59]
danieldaniel holy crap… he's only rated 15??? [01:00]
danieldaniel He's like the most active person here [01:00]
vragnaroda mcorlett: I've rated several people negatively that I did not trade with. They did things that made me distrust them. [01:00]
djk90 punishes abuses of the rating system [01:00]
vragnaroda danieldaniel: Yes, but I don't actually trade that much. [01:00]
Guest71917 Scholarships will be available for students only. [01:00]
Guest71917 Churches will be encouraged, but not required, to offer [01:00]
Guest71917 scholarships to their student delegates. [01:00]
danieldaniel wow [01:00]
rawrmage i have a fairly low rating too lol [01:00]
rawrmage ;;getrating rawrmage [01:00]
gribble User rawrmage, created on Mon Sep 19 17:39:15 2011. Cumulative rating 24, from 17 total ratings. Received ratings: 17 positive, 0 negative. Sent ratings: 20 positive, 2 negative. Details: Currently authenticated from hostmask rawrmage!~servnix@#64;pdpc/supporter/student/rawrmage [01:00]
dirkdizzler as do i [01:00]
danieldaniel here i was thinking that you were rated like 5943754686556 [01:00]
djk90 +vragnaroda not a nice person [01:00]
mcorlett vragnaroda: In that situation, specifically, did you rate the person based on hearsay about a deal? [01:00]
rawrmage activity does not correlate to rating [01:00]
* minimoose (~minimoose@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [01:00]
rawrmage well, that's not true, it does, but not strongly [01:01]
* NASDAQEnema has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [01:01]
vragnaroda mcorlett: No, I rated those people based on the evidence at hand. In no situation was it just the victim saying “so and so did X.” [01:01]
* EasyAt (~easyat@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [01:01]
mcorlett That sounds reasonable. [01:02]
SerajewelKS i have rated people negatively without trading with them as well [01:02]
SerajewelKS it's called a "web of trust" after all, not a "web of people i've traded with" [01:03]
danieldaniel ;;rated luke-jr [01:03]
SerajewelKS if i have reason not to trust someone, they get a negative rating [01:03]
luke-jr :;rate SerajewelKS -10 joker [01:04]
danieldaniel lol [01:04]
djk90 vragnaroda trying to tell a english men his own history not a good idea [01:04]
vragnaroda When foodst4mp finally got to within 10 of having a negative rating, I made a new key for a user named “fuck you” and gave him another rating. I sockpuppeted the ratings book for amusement. [01:04]
vragnaroda > a english men [01:04]
vragnaroda djk90: You're trolling. [01:04]
djk90 of topic [01:05]
rawrmage vragnaroda: duh [01:05]
vragnaroda Not only that, but you're no longer entertaining. [01:05]
luke-jr kick! kick! kick! [01:05]
danieldaniel lol [01:05]
luke-jr who wants to buy some Midas Money? [01:05]
SerajewelKS luke-jr: :P [01:06]
* MORA| has quit () [01:06]
rawrmage luke-jr: what is that [01:06]
luke-jr [01:06]
mcorlett Who got Luke started? [01:06]
rawrmage .title [01:06]
luke-jr rawrmage: ^ [01:06]
luke-jr mcorlett: mizerydearia [01:06]
markac rawrmage: Best Anime Moments - Msyu's Overheated Economy - YouTube [01:06]
rawrmage lol [01:06]
mcorlett ;;rate mizerydearia -1 Got Luke started. [01:06]
vragnaroda lol, of course that's what it is with him. [01:06]
danieldaniel .title [01:07]
markac danieldaniel: Best Anime Moments - Msyu's Overheated Economy - YouTube [01:07]
rawrmage i already SAID that [01:07]
danieldaniel oh [01:07]
vragnaroda lol [01:07]
rawrmage pay ATTENTION [01:07]
rawrmage IN CLASS [01:07]
djk90 vragnaroda thanks for the debate [01:07]
djk90 i won [01:07]
luke-jr No, I won. [01:08]
vragnaroda djk90: (a) It wasn't a debate and (b) please stop trolling. [01:08]
copumpkin lol [01:08]
vragnaroda Yes, I think spectators were the only winners in that. [01:08]
luke-jr Just because I didn't take part, doesn't mean I can't win. [01:08]
djk90 ha [01:08]
luke-jr ^ [01:08]
SerajewelKS ;;gettrust vragnaroda [01:09]
copumpkin lol, british history [01:09]
* Greedier is now known as Greed [01:09]
djk90 we allways fear wot we dont understand [01:09]
SerajewelKS yeah, the nice thing about the WoT is that it's fairly hard for trolls to poison it [01:09]
copumpkin djk90: was that a pun on WOT? [01:10]
rawrmage that's how he spells "what", not WoT :P [01:10]
djk90 what [01:10]
splatster What? [01:10]
splatster Wot? [01:10]
splatster WoT? [01:10]
djk90 wot [01:10]
* C4colo (~DJpyro@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [01:10]
rawrmage Wat? [01:10]
vragnaroda ,gy [01:10]
splatster AHHH! [01:10]
vragnaroda wut [01:10]
smickles wot? [01:10]
rawrmage ma [01:10]
SerajewelKS it sounds like jemain clement in here [01:10]
splatster Wut da hell? [01:10]
djk90 wooto [01:10]
copumpkin rawrmage: angkor [01:10]
dirkdizzler wham [01:10]
splatster WTF!??!?!?!?! [01:10]
rawrmage copumpkin: mo [01:10]
vragnaroda I switch layouts too often. [01:10]
SerajewelKS jemaine* [01:11]
copumpkin angkor thom [01:11]
dirkdizzler whoosh [01:11]
copumpkin or angkor wat [01:11]
smickles dirkdizzler: wham? wake me up before you go girl [01:11]
rawrmage khmer [01:11]
copumpkin rouge [01:11]
dirkdizzler have me hanging on the line [01:11]
copumpkin politique potentielle [01:11]
dirkdizzler wait that gerogre michael [01:11]
rawrmage pol [01:11]
* JZavala (~JZavala@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [01:11]
rawrmage copumpkin: lol [01:12]
copumpkin everyone should read this book: [01:12]
copumpkin (for the world's ultimate uplifting story) [01:12]
* ovidiusoft has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [01:12]
dirkdizzler [01:13]
dirkdizzler i wish to make [01:13]
mcorlett #bitcoin-bookclub? [01:13]
copumpkin it's a good story [01:14]
* NASDAQEnema (tom@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [01:14]
vragnaroda [18:13] < mcorlett> | #bitcoin-bookclub? <-- That sounds like a good idea. [01:14]
smickles for #bitcoin-bookclub [01:14]
C4colo Selling 4 BTC @#64; 4.25 PPUSD each [01:14]
mcorlett vragnaroda: Ten bucks say it'd only be political discussion anyway. [01:15]
dirkdizzler it would degenerate into politics [01:15]
rawrmage lol [01:15]
djk90 read this book my farther wrote it he was in the SAS [01:15]
copumpkin the guy survived the worst shit ever, had to watch his wife die of a trivial illness and couldn't admit to being a doctor because he'd be killed for it, and eventually made it to the US with a locket with a pic of his wife. Then in CA, a few years later, some gang tried to steal that locket from him and he refused, so they shot him [01:15]
dirkdizzler that just goes to show the world is evolving [01:16]
djk90 everything you need to survie [01:16]
danieldaniel C4colo: :O [01:17]
danieldaniel ;;ping [01:17]
gribble pong [01:17]
mcorlett Stealing from reddit: "BTC-like cryptocurrency with arbitrary tradeable computation in proofs of work" - [01:18]
danieldaniel ;;ident C4colo [01:18]
gribble Nick 'C4colo', with hostmask 'C4colo!~DJpyro@#64;', is identified as user C4colo, with GPG key id EFD6C931041DC729, and key fingerprint 50CC053C40265F1EA478C5C3AC4FF1FD87F9EA19. [01:18]
danieldaniel ;;getrating C4colo [01:18]
gribble User C4colo, created on Thu May 26 06:33:34 2011. Cumulative rating 17, from 11 total ratings. Received ratings: 11 positive, 0 negative. Sent ratings: 11 positive, 0 negative. Details: Currently authenticated from hostmask C4colo!~DJpyro@#64; [01:18]
smickles mcorlett: i just read it a "NooShit" [01:19]
OneFixt djk90: is there a copy for <150usd? [01:19]
djk90 OneFixt yes [01:19]
mcorlett smickles: That's for another audience. [01:19]
djk90 +OneFixt my farther was in sas [01:20]
* Ploo_ (~ploo94@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [01:20]
djk90 knows everthing [01:20]
OneFixt i saw you mention it [01:20]
* Zillow has quit (Quit: Leaving) [01:20]
copumpkin ಠ_ಠ [01:20]
djk90 about everthing [01:20]
copumpkin "farther" ? [01:20]
copumpkin twice? [01:20]
djk90 my farther [01:20]
djk90 dad [01:20]
* Pucilowski has quit (Disconnected by services) [01:20]
copumpkin ಠ_ಠ [01:20]
mcorlett ಠ_ಠ [01:20]
* Ploo_ is now known as Pucilowski [01:20]
smickles ಠ_ಠ [01:21]
OneFixt "father" [01:21]
djk90 witney houstons body gaurd [01:21]
mcorlett STOP IT [01:21]
copumpkin djk90: you're doing this on purpose [01:21]
djk90 and many others [01:21]
OneFixt ok now i'm not so sure anymore [01:21]
OneFixt ;;getrating djk90 [01:21]
dirkdizzler no it's a real life troll [01:21]
dirkdizzler you can probably pet it [01:22]
* copumpkin applies some vaseline [01:22]
Pucilowski C4colo still got those 4 BTCs? [01:22]
danieldaniel nope [01:22]
danieldaniel he doesn't [01:22]
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to vragnaroda [01:23]
splatster Uh oh! [01:23]
danieldaniel Uh oh! [01:23]
splatster vragnaroda is OPd! [01:23]
copumpkin ಠ_ಠ [01:23]
* vragnaroda sets ban on *!*@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip.$#bitcoin-dungeon [01:23]
splatster DUCK AND COVER! [01:23]
danieldaniel EVERYONE HIDE! [01:23]
* vragnaroda has kicked djk90 from #bitcoin-otc (I told you if you were going to troll, to be entertaining.) [01:23]
copumpkin oh, it's an invitation to vragnaroda's personal dungeon [01:23]
* splatster hides [01:23]
danieldaniel :) [01:23]
C4colo CANCEL: sold them, sorry [01:23]
smickles lol [01:23]
danieldaniel wait… Why isn't he deoping [01:24]
danieldaniel oh crap [01:24]
* vragnaroda removes channel operator status from vragnaroda [01:24]
vragnaroda lol [01:24]
danieldaniel oh, good [01:24]
Greed vragnaroda, vragnaroda, vragnaroda [01:24]
Greed Can't you see [01:24]
Greed Sometimes your words just hypnotize me [01:24]
mcorlett vragnaroda: I felt compelled to enter your dungeon, since you so kindly joined my book club. [01:24]
OneFixt that would have made his 'farther' a bodyguard at 60+ years of age [01:25]
OneFixt since john kingsley died in 2011 at 84 [01:25]
danieldaniel MTGOX-USD-MPDEF-9G5TZ-EF27F-Y4ZUH (the last two parts are switched, no bots :)) [01:25]
OneFixt and houston was not famous till '85 [01:25]
rawrmage <+splatster> vragnaroda is OPd! ← nerf bat inc [01:25]
Greed I still have trouble picture pirateat40 as anything other than a white Snoop Dogg. [01:26]
mcorlett danieldaniel: Wasn't worth the energy my body exerted moving the mouse. Thanks anyway. [01:26]
danieldaniel lol [01:26]
danieldaniel MTGOX-BTC-TSPHR-AALTV-7EC64-PPYJR [01:28]
danieldaniel last two switched [01:28]
* Shibofu has quit (Quit: Page closed) [01:29]
rawrmage aww [01:29]
CaptainDDL .00001337 :D [01:29]
CaptainDDL thanks :P [01:29]
mcorlett hi [01:29]
mcorlett I don't even... [01:29]
vragnaroda mcorlett: Well, of course #bitcoin-dungeon is +m so djk90 feels the need to PM people. [01:30]
danieldaniel lol [01:30]
danieldaniel can I have voice? [01:30]
danieldaniel i feel left out [01:31]
danieldaniel :( [01:31]
* amill (c1a99132@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [01:31]
mcorlett danieldaniel: First you need to go through out dungeon AML compliance verification process. [01:31]
* gheorghe has quit (Quit: Leaving) [01:31]
danieldaniel lol [01:31]
splatster ;;rate C4colo 1 Bought 5 BTC with PPUSD, no BS trade. [01:31]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user C4colo has been recorded. [01:31]
danieldaniel splatster: how much for each? [01:32]
splatster danieldaniel: 4.25 [01:32]
danieldaniel Screw that [01:32]
danieldaniel I only got four [01:32]
danieldaniel :( [01:32]
splatster I only got 4.9995 [01:32]
splatster :) [01:32]
danieldaniel D: [01:32]
splatster Money, money, money, money! MONEY! [01:33]
BTCHero is that supposed to be the apprentice theme song? [01:35]
Cory splatster: [01:36]
splatster Cory: No, [01:36]
* darkfur93 has quit (Quit: Leaving) [01:36]
Cory I like mine better. [01:36]
amill VRAG seems to me in here the moderaters need modrating this is the internet freedoom not bitcoin dictatorship [01:37]
Cory Isn't "like better" kind of an odd expression? Maybe vragnaroda knows why it's like that. [01:37]
rawrmage amill: lol [01:38]
amill LOL [01:38]
amill BAD MAN [01:38]
rawrmage you're so funny [01:38]
amill VRAG [01:38]
amill PICKS ON EVERYBODY [01:38]
rawrmage lol [01:38]
amill BULLY [01:38]
BTCHero he is quite the asshole [01:38]
* nyan (48c78b39@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [01:38]
* rawrmage pats amill [01:38]
BTCHero :) [01:38]
rawrmage sit, filly [01:38]
nyan anyone selling BTC through pp? [01:39]
amill LOL [01:39]
* sfantu has quit (Quit: Leaving.) [01:39]
amill lol [01:39]
amill i pitty vrag [01:39]
nyan btc hero ur name looks familiar [01:39]
amill sad boy [01:39]
splatster ;;rate nanotube 1 Loaned me just over 1 BTC for few days. [01:39]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user nanotube has been recorded. [01:39]
* oddlifter (ad352da1@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [01:40]
rawrmage amill: I pity you when he returns [01:40]
amill and did you see his ratings [01:40]
oddlifter have mp. need btc.. pm [01:40]
amill dont care [01:40]
BTCHero nyan it shouldn't i only hang out here [01:40]
nyan good luk i had moneypak and no one sold btc [01:40]
amill he does not own otc [01:40]
oddlifter :( [01:40]
amill freenode [01:40]
amill free [01:40]
rawrmage freenode isn't free [01:40]
amill he dosent seem to understand that [01:41]
splatster ;;getrating splatster [01:41]
gribble User splatster, created on Fri Jan 13 22:39:48 2012. Cumulative rating 21, from 16 total ratings. Received ratings: 16 positive, 0 negative. Sent ratings: 17 positive, 0 negative. Details: Currently authenticated from hostmask splatster!~splatster@#64;unaffiliated/splatster [01:41]
rawrmage your little rant is funny [01:41]
rawrmage [01:41]
amill that djk dude KICK HIS ASS IN A COVERSATION [01:41]
mcorlett Guess the link for a treat! [01:41]
mcorlett [01:41]
samumedic I had to get a new computer and now I have hard time importing a GPG certifacte I made previously on this account... does anyone know how to bring up your old gpg certifcate on new computer? [01:42]
amill vrag did not know wot to do [01:42]
rawrmage mcorlett: boyfriend? [01:42]
amill so he ignored him [01:42]
mcorlett rawrmage: Close! [01:42]
mcorlett I'm not revealing anything. [01:42]
nanotube samumedic: just copy over your old secring.gpg. or if you have exported it, try gpg --import [01:42]
rawrmage oh that's not a reddit link [01:42]
rawrmage that's an instawallet link [01:42]
amill VRAG seems to me in here the moderaters need modrating this is the internet freedoom not bitcoin dictatorship [01:43]
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to vragnaroda [01:43]
mcorlett Déjà vu! [01:43]
amill sorry i had to say that again [01:43]
gfinn amill: huh [01:43]
amill it so true [01:43]
* vragnaroda sets ban on *!*@#64;@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip.$#bitcoin-dungeon [01:43]
* vragnaroda has kicked amill from #bitcoin-otc (ban evasion) [01:43]
* Clonedead (~Miranda@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [01:44]
* Woundead has quit (Disconnected by services) [01:44]
danieldaniel whats !*!@#64; [01:44]
rawrmage a mas [01:44]
rawrmage and you typed it wrong [01:44]
danieldaniel oh [01:44]
danieldaniel yeah [01:44]
danieldaniel what is it tho? [01:44]
rawrmage mask [01:44]
danieldaniel oh [01:44]
rawrmage mcorlett: hmm [01:45]
samumedic I was succesfully able to import my old gpg.. but the problem is I don't know how to make set that imported certificate as my own gpg. (in other words, i cant decryptify) :( [01:45]
* vragnaroda sets ban on *!*@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip.$#bitcoin-dungeon [01:45]
mcorlett Nobody guessed the link? I'm disappointed. [01:45]
* vragnaroda removes ban on *!*@#64;@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip.$#bitcoin-dungeon [01:45]
rawrmage mcorlett: i've tried all the male relatives I could think of... [01:45]
oddlifter have mp. need btc.. pm [01:45]
Cory SAS? [01:46]
rawrmage father, grandfather, dad, uncle, greatgrandfather, grandpa [01:46]
SerajewelKS samumedic: youprobably imported your public key [01:46]
mcorlett rawrmage: Father is quite close. [01:46]
* TomasuAway is now known as Tomasu [01:46]
SerajewelKS samumedic: you need to import your private key too, or you cannot decrypt or sign [01:47]
* ppp has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [01:47]
rawrmage mcorlett: one word? [01:47]
mcorlett Yes. [01:47]
CaptainDDL got it :p [01:47]
mcorlett I'm giving you too many clues, you'll have to go farther on your own. [01:47]
* ralfhe (c1a9912f@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [01:48]
SerajewelKS samumedic: how did you export your key from the other computer? [01:48]
CaptainDDL ty mcorlett [01:48]
rawrmage CaptainDDL: what was it? [01:48]
rawrmage and how much? [01:48]
CaptainDDL [01:48]
CaptainDDL .09 [01:48]
* oddlifter has quit (Quit: Page closed) [01:48]
rawrmage farther? [01:49]
CaptainDDL I looked up in the chat [01:49]
rawrmage why farther? [01:49]
CaptainDDL he is mocking a guy that got banned [01:49]
mcorlett read this book my farther wrote it he was in the SAS [01:49]
CaptainDDL +OneFixt my farther was in sas [01:49]
* ppp (~lll@#64;gateway/tor-sasl/nickito) has joined #bitcoin-otc [01:49]
rawrmage oh [01:49]
rawrmage lol [01:49]
rawrmage haha [01:49]
rawrmage i had no idea [01:49]
mcorlett rawrmage: It was extremely painful watching you struggle, if that makes you feel any better. [01:50]
rawrmage lol [01:50]
Tril anyone need a moneypak? [01:51]
jscinoz I cannot figure this out >_< I've tried a whole bunch of different client versions, but for some reason, my balance is still incorrect >_< [01:52]
ralfhe CaptainDDL> wot is that? [01:52]
rawrmage oh my god [01:52]
CaptainDDL lol [01:52]
rawrmage vragnarodaaaaaaaaaaaaaa [01:52]
vragnaroda Rawr? [01:53]
rawrmage ban him again! [01:53]
rawrmage :P [01:53]
jscinoz it's been like 48 hours since i withdrew fro mtradehill, and i can see the coins with that address in the block chain but my client still says zero >_< [01:53]
mcorlett jscinoz: Is your blockchain up-to-date? [01:53]
CaptainDDL jscinoz, what block number is your client up to? if it's still downloading them it might be a while longer. [01:54]
* vragnaroda sets ban on *!*@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip.$#bitcoin-dungeon [01:54]
* vragnaroda has kicked ralfhe from #bitcoin-otc (ralfhe) [01:54]
splatster And the vrag strikes! [01:54]
jscinoz mcorlett: how can I check? [01:54]
jscinoz CaptainDDL: where can i find that number? [01:55]
mcorlett jscinoz: Depending on your client, in the bottom-right corner. [01:55]
mcorlett Mouse-over the icon and it'll pop up. [01:55]
jscinoz mcorlett: i'm using bitcoin-qt 0.5.2-r1, i only have the lock icon and the little 'signal' bars for how many connections [01:55]
mcorlett The signal bars. [01:56]
* att has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [01:56]
jscinoz ah wait i see [01:56]
jscinoz hmm its still downloading [01:56]
jscinoz ill give it some more time [01:56]
rawrmage that's why then [01:56]
rawrmage that's why it hasn't shown up [01:56]
* kelme (5410e0e5@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [01:56]
jscinoz odd that it's taking so long though, i've had my client open for a few days now [01:56]
jscinoz and my connection is reasonably quick [01:56]
jscinoz it seems to be stuck at 163101 [01:57]
nanotube ;;bc,blocks [01:57]
gribble 167426 [01:57]
Tril jscinoz: lock icon means no network, mouse over it.. [01:57]
mcorlett jscinoz: If you're feeling adventurous, you can download a copy from [01:58]
mcorlett Extract to %AppData%RoamingBitcoin [01:58]
jscinoz Tril: i thought the lock was to indicate the wallet is currently encrypted and has not been decrypted in memorty [01:58]
jscinoz mcorlett: gentoo, not windows :P and i'll give that a shot [01:58]
Tril oh nevermind then [01:58]
mcorlett ~/.bitcoin [01:58]
CaptainDDL jscinoz - you're really close to being caught up...have you tried closing and reopening your bitcoin client? [01:59]
Tril jscinoz then mouse over the signal bars and see how many connections :) [01:59]
CaptainDDL let it reconnect to the network. [01:59]
jscinoz mcorlett: I figured, thanks :) [01:59]
mcorlett I don't think it even displays signal bars if connections < 1. [01:59]
jscinoz CaptainDDL: restarting it now [01:59]
jscinoz Tril: eight [01:59]
jscinoz i still have the message that i may need to upgrade, but i thought 0.5.2 was the latest version? [02:00]
Tril jscinoz yea forward port 8333 you aren't accepting inbound if it's stuck at 8 [02:00]
* gribble gives voice to CaptainDDL [02:00]
jscinoz Tril: ah alright, will give it a shot, thanks :) [02:00]
mcorlett Tril: That isn't necessary. [02:01]
jscinoz I should port forward anyway though :P [02:01]
* BlueMatt has quit (Quit: Ex-Chat) [02:01]
* M4v3R has quit (Quit: M4v3R) [02:03]
Tril anyone want a moneypak, buying BTC at 4.4 or mtgox/bitcoinica/LR at 1:1 [02:04]
* njstein has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds) [02:06]
* samumedic has quit (Quit: Page closed) [02:07]
splatster Tril: How much you paying? [02:07]
* samumedic1 (18d967ae@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [02:08]
Tril variable amount at the rate I stated [02:08]
splatster Hmmm [02:09]
splatster lemme think about it [02:09]
Vual Ayone know cheap indian dev that will work for 1 BTC a hour??!!!! SEND THEM MY WAY!!!!! [02:10]
jscinoz Tril: that's TCP only right? [02:12]
Tril yes [02:12]
* att (~att@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [02:13]
EasyAt $4.20 an hour? [02:13]
EasyAt Your deals are as bad as mine [02:13]
splatster Tril: That's less than minimum wage in the US [02:13]
splatster I could get more working at McDonalds [02:13]
splatster And I'm not indian. [02:14]
splatster And I already have a client. [02:14]
Tril splatster: I thnk you're mixing up the conversations here [02:14]
EasyAt I might dev for you for about 4 btc an hour [02:14]
Tril *think [02:14]
splatster Ooops [02:14]
* BTCTrader has quit (Quit: BTCTrader) [02:15]
Tril I'm paying $4.40 per BTC, not per hour :) [02:15]
splatster Vual: See my earlier set of messages to Tril. [02:15]
kinlo Vual: if I just work for 5 minutes I probably get more done with better quality then a cheap indian dev, perhaps you should pay me 20 BTC per hour, spend the same amount, and be better off? :) [02:15]
EasyAt $80 an hour? whoosh, thats contracting rates [02:16]
splatster I am getting payed $50/hour :) [02:16]
splatster paid&* [02:16]
splatster paid* [02:16]
splatster fuck I need to get that right [02:17]
EasyAt contracting? [02:17]
kinlo EasyAt: yeah, but I never have seen a single project that has been done by those "cheap" countries that actually worked or delivered on time and so on :) [02:17]
splatster Contracting meaning... [02:17]
splatster I'm helping with a large project for someone outside of the bitcoin community. [02:18]
EasyAt No benifits, usually employed per project [02:18]
EasyAt payed more because of lack of benifits [02:18]
splatster Ya [02:18]
splatster I mean I get bonuses too [02:18]
EasyAt rev. share? [02:18]
splatster Kinda [02:19]
EasyAt I need to do more things like that, more exciting [02:19]
splatster Exciting as in so awesome you have to sign an NDA? [02:19]
danieldaniel splatster: $50 an hour????? [02:19]
danieldaniel :( [02:19]
splatster danieldaniel: :) [02:19]
splatster I 1up you again! [02:20]
EasyAt I have had to sign an NDA at every job pretty much [02:20]
EasyAt doesnt mean anything :P [02:20]
splatster This project is big tho [02:20]
splatster I mean really big [02:21]
* PrincePrussia (3a6a885c@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [02:21]
rg awww [02:22]
rg whats in the boxxxxxxxxx [02:22]
jscinoz drugs [02:22]
rg what sni the boxxxxXXX???????? [02:22]
rawrmage lol [02:22]
EasyAt thats awesome, send some contract work my way if you ever need a little help :) [02:22]
splatster EasyAt: I think he is looking for two more devs... [02:23]
splatster EasyAt: PM me :) [02:23]
* BTCTrader (~aaa@#64;unaffiliated/btctrader) has joined #bitcoin-otc [02:23]
* PrincePrussia has quit (Client Quit) [02:24]
danieldaniel splatster: what are you making? [02:29]
splatster Big Brother made me sign an NDA. [02:30]
splatster :) [02:30]
splatster It isn't too lenient [02:30]
splatster I am doing web related programming/design [02:30]
danieldaniel can I join? [02:30]
danieldaniel i wouldn't want to be paid [02:31]
danieldaniel I'm just bored, and I have a week off of school [02:31]
splatster The guy is looking for more than a week of work [02:31]
pigeons ;;rate paraipan -1 appears to be a statist [02:31]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of -1 for user paraipan has been recorded. [02:31]
splatster Can we PM about this? [02:31]
danieldaniel splatster: I can do way more [02:31]
danieldaniel ok [02:31]
vragnaroda [19:31] <+ pigeons> | ;;rate paraipan -1 appears to be a statist <-- Does this really need to be in here? [02:32]
pigeons sorry, will rate in pm with gribble next time [02:32]
paraipan hey sup pigeons [02:32]
pigeons sup [02:32]
* yavuz (556c069a@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [02:32]
paraipan what's with the rating [02:32]
paraipan ? [02:32]
pigeons i think if you report someone to the police for doing business, people should be warned in case it happens to them too [02:33]
* Snapman has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [02:33]
paraipan ah ok [02:33]
* Snapman (~Snapman@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [02:34]
paraipan so now otc is used to warn them for someone who does the right thing [02:34]
copumpkin lol [02:34]
paraipan pls remove the rating [02:34]
* copumpkin is now known as EvilStatist [02:34]
pigeons its my trust level of you [02:34]
paraipan you don't know me [02:34]
mcorlett pigeons: I'm sorry, but if you're doing perfectly legal business, you have nothing to worry about even if someone reports you, no? [02:34]
EvilStatist muahahaha [02:34]
vragnaroda It's disingenuous at best. [02:34]
* EvilStatist is now known as copumpkin [02:34]
gfinn most people are statists [02:35]
gfinn that rating is not very helpful without more information [02:35]
copumpkin mcorlett: ... [02:35]
* yodaman (46b2b598@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [02:35]
vragnaroda paraipan: What did you report? [02:35]
pigeons ;;unrate paraipan [02:35]
paraipan bitcoinica [02:35]
gribble Successfully removed your rating for paraipan. [02:35]
pigeons ok [02:35]
Cusipzzz lol wat [02:35]
paraipan thanks [02:35]
gfinn mcorlett: useless comment [02:35]
copumpkin ;;rate paraipan -2 wtf, he reported bitcoinica [02:35]
vragnaroda paraipan: For what, exactly? [02:35]
paraipan [02:35]
mcorlett gfinn: Go on... [02:35]
paraipan damn them [02:35]
* yodaman has quit (Client Quit) [02:35]
paraipan using mtgox to suck funds into unknown territory [02:36]
paraipan you got my attention pigeons now [02:36]
* gribble gives voice to copumpkin [02:36]
copumpkin ;;rate paraipan -2 wtf, he reported bitcoinica [02:36]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of -2 for user paraipan has been recorded. [02:36]
* yodaman (46b2b598@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [02:36]
paraipan so please tell me your thought ... about me [02:36]
copumpkin there we go [02:36]
paraipan ok [02:37]
paraipan lol [02:37]
pigeons well, i saw the thread and it made me not trust you, so i recoreded it, people here seem to think it was inappropriate, so i removed the rating but feel the same way [02:37]
gfinn mcorlett: 1) your logic is unsound. legality of actions does not imply safety from the police [02:37]
copumpkin "if you aren't a criminal, you have nothing to worry about" is a horrible line of reasoning [02:37]
gfinn mcorlett: 2) it's possible that whatever was reported was not legal and hence might be cause to worry [02:37]
copumpkin when someone else gets to define what's criminal [02:37]
paraipan i don't want another mybitcoin 2.0 happen with bitcoin [02:38]
vragnaroda pigeons: I think how you phrased your comment is what got people going. [02:38]
paraipan that's all guys [02:38]
yodaman anyone here sell bitcouns [02:38]
mcorlett gfinn: Let me get this straight: paraipan was of the opinion that what Bitcoinica was doing should be investigated, so he filed a report. How exactly does this lower his trust? [02:38]
paraipan pls don't use the rating system for this [02:38]
paraipan :( [02:38]
gfinn paraipan: what did you report bitcoinica about? [02:38]
vragnaroda I don't have a problem with you downrating paraipan for reporting bitcoinica, but “appears to be a statist” isn't it. [02:38]
yodaman bitcoins? [02:38]
yodaman anyone sell bitcoins in here? [02:38]
paraipan nope [02:39]
gfinn mcorlett: I didn't say that it does. it might [02:39]
paraipan bitcoin isn't even mentioned [02:39]
paraipan only the name [02:39]
gfinn which contains bitcoin [02:39]
gfinn obviously [02:39]
paraipan that some strange activity happens there [02:39]
gfinn "bitcoin" [02:39]
paraipan nope [02:39]
paraipan not even mtgox [02:39]
gfinn what did you report, specifically? [02:39]
paraipan no bitcoin mention [02:39]
paraipan they use usd [02:39]
vragnaroda gfinn: It seems (from skimming that actual document) is that it's not transparent and unregulated. [02:39]
copumpkin sounds terrible! [02:40]
Cusipzzz go after goldman sachs next imo [02:40]
copumpkin heaven forbid something be unregulated [02:40]
mcorlett gfinn: Well, it is what got this conversation started. [02:40]
paraipan psy's post should help [02:40]
paraipan [02:40]
gfinn mcorlett: if vrag's assessment is right, then yes, it's reason not to trust paraipan [02:40]
vragnaroda I've only skimmed it, though, and my Spanish legalese isn't that great. [02:40]
gfinn i haven't read whatever it was myself [02:40]
paraipan copumpkin pls don't jerk around :| [02:40]
paraipan i was serious about asking them some papers [02:41]
mcorlett gfinn: Reporting an unregulated business lowers a person's trust in your book? [02:41]
paraipan and they zhoutong ignored me like shit [02:41]
pigeons yes [02:41]
Cusipzzz your papers...are not in order. [02:41]
vragnaroda mcorlett: It lowers my trust. [02:41]
copumpkin paraipan: he has no responsibility not to [02:41]
yavuz i want to buy 2-3 btc btc with paypal, does someone sell ? [02:41]
* splatster has quit (Quit: Linkinus - [02:41]
paraipan he has [02:41]
mcorlett vragnaroda: Is it something you would withhold from doing? [02:41]
copumpkin why? [02:41]
danieldaniel yavuz: bad time [02:42]
paraipan because it trades usd and pays interest for deposits [02:42]
gfinn mcorlett: reporting _to whom_ and _for what reason_ -- those are the questions that determine the answer to yours [02:42]
paraipan that started the issue [02:42]
paraipan i even ignored bitcoinica before [02:42]
gfinn paraipan: how is that your business? [02:42]
paraipan some ppl commented this was a oblique attack [02:42]
paraipan because it is [02:42]
copumpkin lol [02:42]
gfinn they have the right to pay interest if they so chose [02:43]
paraipan only aiming as online service [02:43]
paraipan yeah [02:43]
paraipan and be legal about it [02:43]
gfinn it's not your business to judge [02:43]
vragnaroda And it isn't the Spanish government's job to, either. [02:43]
yavuz danieldaniel: do u mean, sellers is sleeping ? [02:43]
paraipan so you judge me then [02:43]
danieldaniel yavuz: look at the conversation :) [02:43]
copumpkin so you're saying that as long as they didn't pay interest, you were fine with it, but as soon as they start actually paying people, you rat them to the authorities? [02:43]
copumpkin paraipan: sure [02:43]
paraipan man [02:43]
vragnaroda paraipan: I'm not using force when I say you're an asshat. [02:44]
gfinn paraipan: sure, why not? [02:44]
paraipan you tough or what [02:44]
vragnaroda ;;rate paraipan -2 Meddles in other people's affairs by force [02:44]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of -2 for user paraipan has been recorded. [02:44]
paraipan i asked for their legal registration in their country [02:44]
mcorlett gfinn: I'd love it if you read the document and returned with an answer. [02:44]
* Orion-Hax (~Orion-Hax@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [02:44]
paraipan and they didn't even tell waht country is [02:44]
mcorlett vragnaroda: Is it something you would withhold from doing? [02:44]
vragnaroda mcorlett: WHAT [02:44]
gfinn mcorlett: give me a direct link, I might look at it [02:44]
rawrmage paraipan: wtf man [02:45]
rawrmage paraipan: i mean seriosly, wtf [02:45]
paraipan i'm speechless... [02:45]
rawrmage seriously* [02:45]
gfinn mcorlett: is the summary given here not substantially accurate? [02:45]
copumpkin paraipan: it isn't your right to see their documents [02:45]
mcorlett vragnaroda: If you were in pigeons shoes, would you not report Bitcoinica? [02:45]
danieldaniel copumpkin: I'm not defending paraipan, but isn't it? [02:45]
paraipan it is to see their public info [02:45]
copumpkin paraipan: he didn't consent to showing them to you so you ran to the police [02:45]
copumpkin danieldaniel: why is it? [02:45]
mcorlett gfinn: You didn't give me a definitive answer... [02:45]
paraipan not their documents [02:45]
paraipan i'm spanish [02:45]
gfinn daniel: how? [02:46]
paraipan so my english talk is a little off sometimes [02:46]
danieldaniel i thought they had to [02:46]
danieldaniel like, similar to liquor permits [02:46]
vragnaroda mcorlett: for what? What did they do to pigeons and what does that have to do with the specific impulse of NTRs? [02:46]
paraipan i have the right to know where a company is located in this damn world [02:46]
danieldaniel you know how you HAVE to show them in your restaurant? [02:46]
gfinn mcorlett: to what question? [02:46]
copumpkin danieldaniel: according to US law, sure [02:46]
danieldaniel copumpkin: where IS it based? XD [02:46]
paraipan dunno [02:46]
paraipan lol [02:47]
paraipan that was all about [02:47]
gfinn daniel: does that make it right? [02:47]
danieldaniel as I said [02:47]
vragnaroda [19:46] < paraipan> | i have the right to know where a company is located in this damn world <-- No, you don't. [02:47]
danieldaniel im not defending him [02:47]
danieldaniel I was just wondering [02:47]
vragnaroda You have the right to know where someone is if and *only* if he's agreed to provide you with that information. [02:47]
pigeons how do i know if i have the proper Spanish documents to trade in -otc and if i will be reported for it? That was the reason for my rating [02:47]
mcorlett vragnaroda: I'm sorry, if you were in pigeons shoes, would you rate paraipan negatively for reporting Bitcoinica? [02:47]
danieldaniel I think its going to hurt the bitcoin community [02:47]
paraipan not at all [02:47]
* charlierlee has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [02:47]
vragnaroda mcorlett: I just did rate paraipan negatively but I think my comment was more appropriate. [02:48]
paraipan the police won't do shit [02:48]
danieldaniel then why the heck [02:48]
danieldaniel did you report them??? [02:48]
vragnaroda saber-rattling [02:48]
copumpkin paraipan: whois [02:48]
copumpkin there you go [02:48]
copumpkin that was really hard :) [02:48]
paraipan i was only hoping zhoutong tell me in what country his company is located [02:48]
pigeons my rating comment was phrased in anger [02:48]
jscinoz ;;rate paraipan -2 Interferes in the affairs of others without consent [02:48]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of -2 for user paraipan has been recorded. [02:48]
rawrmage copumpkin: lol [02:48]
danieldaniel copumpkin: lol [02:48]
mcorlett vragnaroda: That's not regarding the police report. Specifically, would you rate paraipan negatively for reporting Bitcoinica? [02:48]
paraipan if you stop reading some posts on the forum bitcoinica isn't a xwaylab property at all [02:49]
pigeons mcorlett: he did [02:49]
danieldaniel Wilmington, Delaware 19808 [02:49]
danieldaniel United States [02:49]
vragnaroda mcorlett: Yes, and I did. [02:49]
paraipan zhoutong mouth [02:49]
jscinoz paraipan is becoming a real pariah :P The irony of the similarity of that word to your name doesn't escape me :P [02:49]
* Orion-Hax has quit (Client Quit) [02:49]
vragnaroda [19:44] <@#64; vragnaroda> | ;;rate paraipan -2 Meddles in other people's affairs by force [02:49]
* strike has quit (Quit: Page closed) [02:49]
vragnaroda mcorlett: ^ [02:49]
paraipan bitcoinica doesn't belong to xwaylabs [02:49]
copumpkin paraipan: you gonna go checking up on whether I declared my bicoin earnings on my tax returns? [02:49]
paraipan leme search zt post [02:50]
Vual lol [02:50]
paraipan i don't give a f on your bitcoin earning copumpkin [02:50]
danieldaniel paraipan: *facepalm* [02:50]
vragnaroda Wait a fucking second, here!! [02:50]
paraipan only on this service [02:50]
danieldaniel Then why do you give an f on bitcoinica??????? [02:50]
danieldaniel about* [02:50]
vragnaroda and are the same person!! [02:50]
paraipan i didn't catch the mybitcoin fiasco [02:50]
vragnaroda WHATTHEFUCK?!?! [02:51]
paraipan but i sure don't want to catch bitcoinica's [02:51]
jscinoz it's very simple, as psy said on the forums "tl;dr: He's a jealous snitch." [02:51]
vragnaroda paraipan: Then don't use them. [02:51]
paraipan think what you want about me but don't express your thought with the otc [02:51]
gfinn paraipan: so don't use bitcoinica [02:51]
rawrmage vragnaroda: LOL [02:51]
paraipan i don't [02:51]
mcorlett vragnaroda: So you wouldn't file a report against Bitcoinica if you found they were unregulated? [02:52]
paraipan i stated in that shity paper that i didn't lose nothing with them [02:52]
* contingo has quit (Quit: NULL) [02:52]
vragnaroda mcorlett: No. [02:52]
paraipan only they pay interest for receiving funds [02:52]
paraipan from anonymous individuals [02:52]
paraipan just like a ponzi [02:52]
rawrmage lol [02:52]
gfinn paying interest is a legitimate commercial activity [02:52]
copumpkin [02:52]
phantomcircuit vragnaroda, "Some arbitrary limits apply in compliance with AML regulations" [02:52]
rawrmage not at all like a ponzi [02:52]
paraipan yeah gfinn [02:53]
copumpkin paraipan: many things are just like ponzis that are not ponzis [02:53]
paraipan if you have the paperwork [02:53]
phantomcircuit vragnaroda, basically he's annoyed that he's complying and others are not [02:53]
Cusipzzz wait, all the p2p trading is here is like a ponzi.. gonna ban everyone :) [02:53]
vragnaroda That's not a characteristic of Ponzis per se. [02:53]
Cusipzzz and unregulated [02:53]
copumpkin holy shit Cusipzzz [02:53]
gfinn paraipan: paperwork is irrelevant to the question of legitimacy [02:53]
copumpkin quick quick, I must be kicked [02:53]
paraipan i defend bitcoin with anyone calling it a ponzi [02:53]
copumpkin ;;roulette [02:53]
vragnaroda phantomcircuit: Right and I don't do business with self-righteous rent seekers. [02:53]
Cusipzzz lol [02:53]
paraipan seriously [02:54]
vragnaroda Hence my rating. [02:54]
Vual who regulates? i mean not everyone is form amarica hey... most people want nothing to do with USA who who are these regulaters you speak about? [02:54]
phantomcircuit actually bitcoinica paying interest on deposits will make their entire service far more useful, it is also completely illegal unless you're a bank [02:54]
paraipan yeah [02:54]
copumpkin phantomcircuit: where? [02:54]
phantomcircuit copumpkin, effectively everywhere, singapore and china to name the two people are most interested in [02:54]
copumpkin saying something is illegal is meaningless without a context [02:54]
Vual who says its illegal? [02:54]
paraipan i will not rate you vragnaroda because you don't know what is all about [02:54]
Vual USA? [02:54]
paraipan maybe some day you will rerate that [02:54]
vragnaroda Vual: In this case, paraipan and the Spanish state. [02:55]
rawrmage paraipan: you are a silly filly [02:55]
paraipan when you will understand [02:55]
paraipan i know [02:55]
copumpkin ;;rate mcorlett -1 might as well [02:55]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of -1 for user mcorlett has been recorded. [02:55]
rawrmage ;;gettrust mcorlett [02:55]
gribble Trust relationship from user rawrmage to user mcorlett: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 1 via 3 connections. Graph: [02:55]
mcorlett copumpkin: Ha! You should try harder with the notes. [02:55]
Vual thats not cool to fuck with the otc system....ey 0_o [02:55]
paraipan but it was my reputation with trying to do something against any kind of mybitcoin service [02:55]
rawrmage ;;getrating mcorlett [02:55]
gribble User mcorlett, created on Mon Dec 26 09:38:12 2011. Cumulative rating 3, from 5 total ratings. Received ratings: 4 positive, 1 negative. Sent ratings: 5 positive, 1 negative. Details: Currently authenticated from hostmask redditcoin!~rddtcn@#64;unaffiliated/mcorlett/bot/redditcoin [02:55]
paraipan or similar to mybitcoin shit [02:56]
copumpkin ;;unrate mcorlett [02:56]
gribble Successfully removed your rating for mcorlett. [02:56]
copumpkin ;;unrate paraipan [02:56]
gribble Successfully removed your rating for paraipan. [02:56]
phantomcircuit copumpkin, especially since banking in china proper is an almost universally government affair [02:56]
copumpkin I think both of your behavior is kind of barf-worthy, but I'm not going to rate you guys negatively over it [02:56]
copumpkin but seriously, wtf [02:56]
Vual ^ [02:57]
copumpkin phantomcircuit: why would china have anything to do with it? [02:57]
vragnaroda copumpkin: Why would Spain? [02:57]
mcorlett rawrmage: You say I should 'think about what OTC is', how do you mean? [02:57]
copumpkin vragnaroda: I enver said it would [02:57]
yavuz ;;ident easyat [02:57]
phantomcircuit copumpkin, people having been saying he would be operating out of china to avoid regulations [02:57]
rawrmage we're doing unregulated things omg [02:57]
* kelme has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [02:57]
copumpkin phantomcircuit: people are stupid [02:57]
phantomcircuit copumpkin, singapore definitely classifies demand depository instructions which pay interest as banks [02:57]
Cusipzzz people are why should it be [02:58]
copumpkin phantomcircuit: I think it's pretty obvious that he wouldn't register it in singapore, either [02:58]
Vual regulation... funny word it is [02:58]
phantomcircuit copumpkin, he's quickly running out of options then :) [02:58]
Vual it basicly means nothing [02:58]
paraipan searching for that zt statement where he says the xwaylab is not owner of bitcoinica... [02:58]
phantomcircuit he could probably legally register in one of the tax havens [02:58]
phantomcircuit but it would need to be one of the far more scummy ones [02:58]
Vual nervada coprorations + server in panama.... whats th eproblem 0_o [02:59]
paraipan found [02:59]
copumpkin "(We will announce our new corporate structure with proof of financial services license available from a government site.)" [02:59]
paraipan his hosting is in Texas US [02:59]
paraipan i dunno nothing more [02:59]
copumpkin paraipan: he said he would be announcing that yesterday [02:59]
Vual i thought the entire reasion we love bitcoin is becuase it is unregulated??? 0_o im lost [03:00]
phantomcircuit paraipan, typically where you have server space is not important [03:00]
paraipan it is [03:00]
paraipan but the exit point to fiat have to be [03:00]
vragnaroda Everyone has his own reasons for liking bitcoin. [03:00]
phantomcircuit Vual, he's offering loans on us dollars [03:00]
paraipan lol [03:00]
Cusipzzz not sure what is going on here, but if bitcoinica is hosted in texas, he's a moron [03:00]
paraipan if not you bring some real heat on it [03:00]
phantomcircuit Cusipzzz, it is and he is [03:00]
Cusipzzz wow, just wow [03:00]
phantomcircuit the vps i use for irc is at the same facility [03:01]
* BTCTrader has quit (Quit: BTCTrader) [03:01]
phantomcircuit 64 bytes from icmp_req=1 ttl=61 time=0.244 ms [03:01]
copumpkin it always makes me uncomfortable when phantomcircuit talks shit about other exchanges [03:01]
paraipan dunno if unregulated CFD's are lagal in US [03:01]
paraipan legal* [03:02]
* pingdrive (~pingdrive@#64;gateway/tor-sasl/pingdrive) has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:02]
Cusipzzz CFDs are clearly illegal in the US [03:02]
copumpkin and it happens quite a bit [03:02]
mcorlett phantomcircuit: Internal denial-of-service attack! [03:02]
phantomcircuit copumpkin, i actually would really like it if someone would build a futures market for bitcoins that is properly registered [03:02]
vragnaroda lol [03:02]
rg if you watch seven backwards [03:02]
rg its a really happy story [03:02]
phantomcircuit copumpkin, but lets put it this way, i've known for a long time that tradehill would eventually be shutdown [03:02]
* njstein (~trikkiyni@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:02]
phantomcircuit and surprise [03:02]
phantomcircuit it happened [03:02]
vragnaroda copumpkin: It makes me a bit uneasy when phantomcircuit talks shit about other exchanges, too, but he's usually right. ;) [03:03]
phantomcircuit rg, lol [03:03]
paraipan i am calm now and they did say to make a public announcement with their info [03:03]
Vual may someone please point me in the direction of a 'fiver Gig service" that works with BTC..... [03:03]
rg phantom what happens when your exchange gets shutdown [03:03]
copumpkin vragnaroda: I don't care, it's just awkward [03:03]
paraipan that police paper is shit that will no go very far [03:03]
mcorlett You'd make a great icebreaker, rg. [03:03]
pigeons did btc-e ask for your security audit? ;) [03:03]
pigeons you filed a shit police paper? [03:03]
paraipan so now i'm getting neg in otc to top it up [03:03]
rg shrug, theres things i want to know [03:03]
rg and if i want to know something i ask [03:03]
paraipan from ppl that don't know what is all about [03:03]
copumpkin poor paraipan, martyr of justice [03:04]
phantomcircuit rg, nothing because we're complying with the regulations (and actually have contacted the appropriate authorities asking if we were) [03:04]
* splatster (~splatster@#64;unaffiliated/splatster) has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:04]
rg phantom :what if you got info from an intern [03:04]
paraipan lol copumpkin [03:04]
rg who just wanted to get off the phone [03:04]
vragnaroda copumpkin: He should probably make his conflict of interest more obvious when he does, but to be honest all the exchanges are shit. [03:04]
* oddlifter (ad352da1@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:04]
phantomcircuit rg, it's proper mail [03:04]
gfinn phantomcircuit: that doesn't mean it won't get shutdown [03:04]
oddlifter fastest way to turn paypal money into coin?? [03:04]
copumpkin vragnaroda: oh, I agree [03:04]
mcorlett oddlifter: Reputation. [03:05]
Cusipzzz forget about exchange vs exchange, how clueless is zhou of world events to host in texas?? /boggle [03:05]
* rg DMCA's phantomcircuit [03:05]
EasyAt oddlifter: me [03:05]
phantomcircuit rg, lol would have no effect [03:05]
* gribble gives voice to splatster [03:05]
Vual "I will dance to 2 minutes of any song of your choice in a hot dog costume for 1 BTC" <----!!!! [03:05]
EasyAt well.. depending how much [03:05]
paraipan please remove the rating guys and wait for this thing to settle [03:05]
danieldaniel mcorlett: lol [03:05]
rg but i love christian bale [03:05]
vragnaroda phantomcircuit: No offense. I mean, the worst thing about yours is the volume (or rather, the lack thereof). [03:05]
rawrmage Vual: with video? [03:05]
paraipan see for yourself who is the good guy [03:05]
* BTCTrader (~aaa@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:05]
* BTCTrader has quit (Changing host) [03:05]
* BTCTrader (~aaa@#64;unaffiliated/btctrader) has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:05]
copumpkin paraipan: a legal resolution isn't going to tell me who the good guy is [03:05]
copumpkin it's going to tell me what spanish law thinks [03:06]
pigeons ;;rate paraipan -1 reported bitcoinica to police [03:06]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of -1 for user paraipan has been recorded. [03:06]
phantomcircuit vragnaroda, ERROR: circular dependency [03:06]
phantomcircuit :) [03:06]
paraipan meh [03:06]
danieldaniel ;;getrating paraipan [03:06]
gribble User paraipan, created on Sun Jan 29 08:41:29 2012. Cumulative rating 1, from 9 total ratings. Received ratings: 5 positive, 4 negative. Sent ratings: 5 positive, 0 negative. Details: Currently not authenticated. [03:06]
rg fuck bitcoinica [03:06]
rawrmage lol [03:06]
danieldaniel o.0 [03:06]
vragnaroda phantomcircuit: hehe [03:06]
MBS someone needs to start a somalian bitcoin exchange [03:06]
MBS [03:06]
Vual lol [03:06]
Vual hahahaha [03:06]
copumpkin [03:06]
oddlifter ;;getrating EasyAt [03:06]
danieldaniel ;;ping [03:06]
gribble pong [03:06]
rg ;rate parapan 10 fuck bitcoinica [03:06]
Vual why not "" [03:07]
mcorlett pigeons: Would you file a report against an unregulated financial services provider such as Bitcoinica? [03:07]
copumpkin rg: can you elaborate on that sentiment? [03:07]
njstein wait what happened with bitcoinica? [03:07]
pigeons mcorlett: i would never report anyone to the police ever [03:07]
rg copumpkin: im ... batman [03:07]
mcorlett That's a -2. [03:07]
vragnaroda njstein: Nothing yet. [03:07]
copumpkin pigeons subscribes to the italian principle of omertà [03:07]
Vual Jelosy.... [03:07]
smickles what's this about bitcoinica? [03:07]
phantomcircuit vragnaroda, i cant actually think of at least one place where i could probably register as a proper bank [03:07]
vragnaroda Just a complaint was filed against them by someone that doesn't like the different jurisdictions. [03:07]
phantomcircuit i'd just need a couple hundred grand [03:07]
paraipan mcorlett ... if you'd know that if it comes down it could harm bitcoin ? [03:08]
njstein why would he report it? [03:08]
paraipan i shoot straight at them [03:08]
vragnaroda njstein: Because he's a jealous competitor. [03:08]
paraipan and passed over bitcoin alltogheter [03:08]
copumpkin paraipan: so we call in the law to protect bitcoin? [03:08]
paraipan not at all [03:08]
njstein what are you even reporting? [03:08]
mcorlett paraipan: It strengthens our community by preventing this from happening in a year when they have ten times the volume. [03:08]
paraipan competitor ? [03:08]
paraipan i send money nothing more [03:08]
vragnaroda Not a direct competitor but yes, a competitor. [03:09]
* h4ckm3th32nd (~jake@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:09]
paraipan you have to have tow identical services to call it a competitor [03:09]
paraipan you are a competitor too for trading btc in here not using bitcoinica then [03:09]
vragnaroda No, you don't. [03:09]
copumpkin vragnaroda never trades [03:09]
copumpkin he's too manly for that [03:09]
vragnaroda Apple and BMX are both competitors. [03:09]
paraipan i trade btc [03:09]
copumpkin he's like ron swanson [03:09]
vragnaroda They are both out for your dollars. [03:09]
paraipan every one thoes [03:10]
vragnaroda (Or euros or whatever.) [03:10]
mcorlett vragnaroda: By that definition, Bitcoinica actually USES a competitor on their back-end. [03:10]
Cusipzzz better than ron jeremy i guess [03:10]
vragnaroda mcorlett: Yes. [03:10]
BTCTrader i am THE btc trader [03:10]
mircea_popescu anyone here play regnum ? [03:10]
vragnaroda So do many. [03:10]
paraipan they use mtgox usd codes to funnel money [03:10]
copumpkin <- vragnaroda [03:10]
vragnaroda <-- “Bitcoinica doesn't owe you documentation, and if I were zhoutong, I would -in no polite manner- tell you to fuck yourself with a rusty metal pipe. You are just some dick, rattling your cage for god only knows why.” [03:10]
phantomcircuit lets be very clear [03:10]
phantomcircuit bitcoinica has no competition [03:10]
paraipan +1 [03:10]
vragnaroda That guy (Randy Folds)'s classy. [03:10]
rg ;;rate paraipan -2 Meddles in other people's affairs by force [03:10]
mircea_popescu lol i likethat sentiment [03:11]
rg so when i butt in and help people try to recover funds [03:11]
GlooBoy and you used paypal to funnel your btc's... whats the difference [03:11]
phantomcircuit literally there is nobody competing with bitcoinica [03:11]
vragnaroda phantomcircuit: No direct competition. [03:11]
rg you'd -rate me too? [03:11]
paraipan so what's bad in calling the law to help ? [03:11]
njstein help with what [03:11]
vragnaroda rg: OK, that's a fair point. [03:11]
paraipan after i tried talking with zt [03:11]
phantomcircuit vragnaroda, they occupy a substantially different market space from everybody else [03:11]
phantomcircuit vragnaroda, they really do [03:11]
vragnaroda ;;rate paraipan -2 Meddles in other people's affairs by force with no evidence or suspicion of wrongdoing [03:11]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating for user paraipan has changed from -2 to -2. [03:11]
mircea_popescu paraipan are you the muppet with the spanish complaint ? [03:11]
copumpkin oh it's mircea_popescu [03:11]
Cusipzzz lol @#64; muppet [03:11]
mcorlett mircea_popescu: He is. [03:12]
copumpkin mircea_popescu is also running a shady internet business! [03:12]
rg so am i [03:12]
copumpkin mircea_popescu: papers please [03:12]
paraipan pls use apropiate words [03:12]
paraipan mircea_popescu [03:12]
vragnaroda phantomcircuit: Yes, that's true. [03:12]
mircea_popescu lmao, you know what, i can go to my friendly neighbourhood policeman and complain that paraipan on the inerwebs upset me [03:12]
rg just kidding [03:12]
paraipan i didn't call you things [03:12]
rg were a legit company [03:12]
vragnaroda muppet's appropriate. [03:12]
rg ' [03:12]
mircea_popescu and they will have to take the thing down and stamp it and all that jazz. [03:12]
* Mafeki (~Mafeki@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:12]
vragnaroda It's probably the politest thing I can think of right now. [03:12]
mircea_popescu so i guess i could take a pic and put it online and be all paraipany myself. [03:12]
rg you guys are all meddling in paripans business now [03:13]
copumpkin mircea_popescu: granted, the great government built you that huge building [03:13]
rg it has nothing to d owith you [03:13]
phantomcircuit vragnaroda, too be clear i could extend intersango in a relatively easy way to enable margin trading, but i have not because it is clearly a regulated activity in the UK [03:13]
copumpkin rg: he posted it publicly [03:13]
rg so what [03:13]
copumpkin rg: it affects us [03:13]
mircea_popescu omg rg stop meddling in freenode! [03:13]
paraipan not at all [03:13]
vragnaroda phantomcircuit: Is that your only reason for not doing that? [03:13]
copumpkin we aren't using force against him [03:13]
rg thats your fault for using na unlicensed unregulated service [03:13]
rg not his [03:13]
BTCTrader phantomcircuit just do it in singapore [03:13]
phantomcircuit vragnaroda, yes [03:13]
copumpkin rg: the only confidence you get in something is through regulation? [03:13]
phantomcircuit BTCTrader, it's regulated in singapore also... [03:13]
paraipan no mention on bitcoin AT ALL ! [03:13]
rg umm if you want to be legal [03:13]
rg yes [03:14]
copumpkin uh [03:14]
* h4ckm3th32nd has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [03:14]
copumpkin meh, this is pointless [03:14]
paraipan only [03:14]
paraipan they use usd [03:14]
rg so you can go commit crimes with someone [03:14]
mircea_popescu i don't get how anything could be a regulated activity, given that no government takes btc as a currency. [03:14]
rg cause 'theyre a good guy' [03:14]
rg ? [03:14]
mircea_popescu but anyway. [03:14]
phantomcircuit mircea_popescu, margin trading involves loaning people government currency [03:14]
phantomcircuit mircea_popescu, in the loan the bitcoins are simply collateral [03:14]
mircea_popescu i thought you meant btc margin trading [03:14]
mcorlett mircea_popescu: If the government doesn't accept it, you don't have to regulate it, is that your reasoning? [03:14]
paraipan thanks guys, you really help finding what bitcoinica is about here [03:15]
mircea_popescu ifthe govt doesn't accept it as a currency it can't regulate it as a currency. [03:15]
paraipan i don't even know where they are located [03:15]
copumpkin omg the government might not approve so IT MUST BE IMMORAL [03:15]
mircea_popescu if it does accept it as a currency paypal is legally required to accept it etc. [03:15]
* erek_ (~chatzilla@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:15]
splatster copumpkin: lol [03:15]
paraipan again, bitcoin not involved ! [03:15]
paraipan they will try involving it [03:15]
phantomcircuit mircea_popescu, yes, lets say that i offer bitcoin margin trading and someone wants to go long 2:1, that means they're borrowing us dollars from me to purchase additional bitcoins and then using the bitcoins they have not purchased (and possibly their account balance) as collateral against this loan [03:15]
vragnaroda mircea_popescu: That does not follow. [03:15]
paraipan in the future [03:15]
phantomcircuit mircea_popescu, but you are still loaning dollars [03:16]
mircea_popescu phantomcircuit way i see it they're borrowing btc. [03:16]
paraipan i was thinking at that, so if they fall one day [03:16]
mircea_popescu if i loan you a diablo2 sword [03:16]
vragnaroda paraipan: LOL, hurt bitcoinica because it doesn't involve bitcoin because when it falls it'll hurt bitcoin [03:16]
vragnaroda wat [03:16]
mircea_popescu you could claim it has a usd value [03:16]
phantomcircuit mircea_popescu, if you go short you're borrowing btc, if you go long you're borrowing us dollars [03:16]
paraipan all the broken plates for bitcoin [03:16]
mircea_popescu but that's just a baseless claim. [03:16]
pigeons if you were warning consumers of the dangers of bitcoinica people would support you [03:16]
paraipan when they are using usd [03:16]
phantomcircuit mircea_popescu, i think you're confused [03:16]
mircea_popescu une of us might be, yes phantom. [03:16]
* erek has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [03:16]
mcorlett Make it three! [03:16]
phantomcircuit mircea_popescu, im quite certain that it is you :) [03:16]
paraipan i'm sure not confused [03:16]
* erek_ is now known as erek [03:16]
* bbr0wn (~bbr0wn@#64;gateway/tor-sasl/bbr0wn) has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:16]
paraipan i know what i want [03:16]
mircea_popescu we could start a party :) [03:17]
mircea_popescu and yes, that'd be a symptom phantom. [03:17]
gfinn phantomcircuit: borrowing? no [03:17]
paraipan to know where bitcoinica is located [03:17]
paraipan on this globe [03:17]
mircea_popescu which globe ? [03:17]
phantomcircuit gfinn, yes [03:17]
copumpkin paraipan: and he just said he's going to announce it... [03:17]
paraipan lol [03:17]
copumpkin just not immediately [03:17]
Cusipzzz apparently it's in texas ffs [03:17]
paraipan i want to know it now [03:17]
copumpkin Cusipzzz: not the company [03:17]
gfinn paraipan: so ask. [03:17]
paraipan pls [03:17]
copumpkin paraipan: THROW A TANTRUM THEN [03:17]
paraipan they trade thousands of dollars in there [03:17]
gfinn phantomcircuit: buying is not borrowing. [03:17]
mircea_popescu omg how dare they [03:17]
* copumpkin hands paraipan a rug to lie on the ground with [03:17]
Cusipzzz copumpkin: well yeah [03:18]
paraipan and they have a link with bitcoin [03:18]
splatster paraipan: It seems as though a lot of people don't like you now, why did you do this? [03:18]
mircea_popescu i think im going to go with vragnaroda on this [03:18]
phantomcircuit gfinn, with margin trading you're borrowing funds [03:18]
copumpkin splatster: "for the good of bitcoins!!"!! [03:18]
phantomcircuit gfinn, it's a loan [03:18]
paraipan because i don't want mybitcoin 2.0 happen [03:18]
pigeons splatster: to protect people from themselves [03:18]
mircea_popescu ;;rate paraipan -2 the spanish complaint against bitcoinica muppet. [03:18]
paraipan i don't give a shit about my reputation [03:18]
gfinn i didn't see that stated [03:18]
OneFixt paraipan: what if everyone lost their bitcoins when the government shut down bitcoinica? [03:18]
gfinn but ok [03:18]
paraipan only to see bitcoin grow [03:19]
splatster ;;getrating paraipan [03:19]
gribble User paraipan, created on Sun Jan 29 08:41:29 2012. Cumulative rating 1, from 9 total ratings. Received ratings: 5 positive, 4 negative. Sent ratings: 5 positive, 0 negative. Details: Currently not authenticated. [03:19]
a5m0 selling dual 2.8ghz xeon server, 8gb ram, sata hard drive, tower case, 600w psu, radeon 5830 for mining, taking offers [03:19]
mcorlett phantomcircuit: On a somewhat unrelated note, what does Nefario actually do at Intersango? Is he employed by the Bitcoin Consultancy? [03:19]
splatster ouch [03:19]
mircea_popescu phantomcircuit : what exactly do you base your "borrowing" theory on ? [03:19]
copumpkin Nefario is such a trust-inspiring name [03:19]
copumpkin I'm glad to have him behind glbse [03:19]
vragnaroda lol [03:19]
splatster a5m0: rg might be interested, I'm not sure tho [03:19]
* bbr0wn has quit (Client Quit) [03:20]
smickles wow, what would motivate that complaint, and wtf [03:20]
smickles srsly [03:20]
paraipan please guys, i'm asking you once again to reconsider raing me before all is settled [03:20]
a5m0 rg, are you interested in a dual xeon server? [03:20]
mircea_popescu i mean, the "going price" for pixels is one dollar each. I make a site where you can get pixels for fifty cents each. Therefore I am loaning you dollars ? [03:20]
copumpkin paraipan: what do you consider "settled"? [03:20]
mircea_popescu no, i think it's well settled. [03:21]
paraipan they publish company info [03:21]
njstein i still have no idea what bitcoinica really does and why he's contacting the authorities about them [03:21]
mircea_popescu mostly because the authorities are required to listen to idiots [03:21]
vragnaroda njstein: That's funny; nor does he. That's his problem. [03:21]
paraipan mircea_popescu i was born in romania and know how the system works [03:21]
mircea_popescu similar to getting a notarized paper saying that i picked my nose. [03:21]
copumpkin njstein: he's contacting the authorities because zhou apparently ignored his requests to find out where the business is based, even though he stated publicly that he wouldn't disclose it immediately [03:21]
* yavuz (556c069a@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left #bitcoin-otc [03:21]
mircea_popescu o you were born in romania and know what "the system" works ? im in awe. [03:21]
smickles paraipan: you're the one who made the complaint? [03:22]
paraipan and you are rude without reason [03:22]
copumpkin Z: I will announce where the business is located soon, but not immediately for strategic reasons [03:22]
njstein wait you have to disclose your business location? [03:22]
copumpkin P: where is the business located? [03:22]
copumpkin P: where is the business located? [03:22]
copumpkin Z: ... [03:22]
njstein why for? [03:22]
copumpkin P: POLICE POLICE [03:22]
OneFixt paraipan: know that there is a system here, too = if you make your complaint public, expect a public response [03:22]
mircea_popescu how is an internet business "located" anyway. [03:22]
* zordilorp (~zordilorp@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:23]
phantomcircuit mircea_popescu, lets say you have $10, you want to go long bitcoins for $20, this means you are borrowing from the broker (bitcoinia) $10 and they are using the resulting bitcoins as collateral against the original loan [03:23]
splatster copumpkin: LOL! [03:23]
mircea_popescu i can move from texas to china tomorrow, and then back to brazil the bnext day. so ? [03:23]
njstein i still don't get why any of this matters [03:23]
mircea_popescu phantomcircuit : no, it just means you're getting 2x as much imaginary, virtual "merchandise" for hard currency [03:23]
paraipan you have to have a residence country [03:23]
copumpkin njstein: it's a dick move [03:23]
mircea_popescu twice zero is still zero. [03:23]
OneFixt paraipan: there ARE valid complaints about bitcoinica, but they can probably be best settled in a different manner [03:23]
paraipan even if you work internationally [03:23]
phantomcircuit mircea_popescu, no absolutely not [03:23]
mircea_popescu well, so then there's the confusion. [03:23]
vragnaroda [20:23] < paraipan> | you have to have a residence country <-- No, you don't. [03:23]
njstein paraipan: why do you care, at all? [03:23]
smickles isn't bitcoinica about to begin coplying with banking laws? [03:23]
paraipan lol [03:23]
phantomcircuit mircea_popescu, regardless of what you get it is still a loan for $10 [03:24]
mircea_popescu basically paraipan managed to make himself a representative of all that bitcoins are here to destroy. [03:24]
gfinn mircea_popescu: i think his premise is that you're margin trading [03:24]
copumpkin smickles: they've announced that they will, but not quickly enough for paraipan [03:24]
phantomcircuit smickles, so he claims [03:24]
mircea_popescu its kind of funny. [03:24]
paraipan njstein dunno man, because i'm stupid enough to care about these people in the community [03:24]
copumpkin smickles: why wait and see when you can file a police report [03:24]
paraipan :( [03:24]
copumpkin aha, the martyr [03:24]
mircea_popescu gfinn : "you're margin trading" may mean you're playing at it online. [03:24]
phantomcircuit gfinn, he's trying to say that because you end up with something which is not currency the original loan for $10 never occurred [03:24]
rg In fact this little wake up call (and I certainly hope Zhou takes it seriously) may prove to be beneficial to BTC and Bitcoinica after all. If BTC related businesses havent thought too much about legal implications of their doing, then now they will start. Preparing and building resilience against legal difficulties can never be wrong. [03:24]
mircea_popescu who the fuck are you in the "community" you douche [03:24]
mircea_popescu omay fucking god. HE cares. [03:24]
mircea_popescu grrrr [03:24]
vragnaroda [20:24] < rg> | In fact this little wake up call (and I certainly hope Zhou takes it seriously) may prove to be beneficial to BTC and Bitcoinica after all. If BTC related businesses havent thought too much about legal implications of their doing, then now they will start. Preparing and building resilience against legal difficulties can never be wrong. [03:25]
OneFixt if his request is taken seriously, the users of bitcoinica may not see their funds [03:25]
phantomcircuit gfinn, too even try and make that argument in court you'd need a lawyer with balls of steel [03:25]
OneFixt that's one great way to care [03:25]
vragnaroda rg: Who are you and what the fuck have you done to rg?!?! [03:25]
paraipan mircea_popescu please watch your language [03:25]
mircea_popescu please blow me. [03:25]
mircea_popescu jesus god. [03:25]
gfinn rg: there are many ways to do it. some of them are wrong [03:25]
mircea_popescu go write a fuycken complaint. [03:25]
rg he did.. [03:26]
mircea_popescu and whne you're done come pick up your mother, shes a lousy lay. [03:26]
rg its not like he sued them [03:26]
copumpkin ಠ_ಠ is my reaction to all of this. I think I'm done :) [03:26]
rg he asked for an investigation [03:26]
splatster " basically paraipan managed to make himself a representative of all that bitcoins are here to destroy." <== +1 [03:26]
copumpkin rg: would you like bitvps to be investigated? [03:26]
rg you can investigate us [03:26]
rg cause we've done nothing wrong [03:26]
copumpkin I asked whether you'd like it [03:26]
copumpkin would it be convenient for you? [03:26]
rg it wouldnt matter cause we follow the rules [03:26]
njstein this whole situation is more retarded than arresting drug addicts thinking it's going to fix the drug problem [03:26]
a5m0 ;;rate BTCHero 1 Acted as escrow service on a successful trade. [03:26]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user BTCHero has been recorded. [03:26]
splatster mircea_popescu: So true [03:26]
copumpkin rg: I'm asking whether you'd like it [03:27]
smickles redditcoin: us? you're part of 'coinica? [03:27]
redditcoin smickles: My Master has not taught me how to communicate with humans. I can't even guess what language you're speaking! [03:27]
rg if zhou is doing everything properlyu [03:27]
rg then its not an issue [03:27]
copumpkin rg: I don't care if the feds audit my taxes [03:27]
rg is it? [03:27]
copumpkin yes it is [03:27]
copumpkin it's a huge fucking pain [03:27]
mircea_popescu this whole situation is more retarded than arresting drug addicts thinking it's going to fix the drug problem < its really akin to writing a complaint against the fire, on paper, with colored gasoline. [03:27]
smickles err i meant rg [03:27]
copumpkin getting audited [03:27]
rg well get mad at zhou [03:27]
rg not para [03:27]
copumpkin rg: wat [03:27]
gfinn rg: "properly"? [03:27]
rg cause zhou is the one operating the mystery company [03:27]
gfinn by whose definition of "properly"? [03:27]
mircea_popescu rg is at best naive, i guess the original rg is back lol [03:27]
rg the law [03:27]
mircea_popescu you ever been audited mr ? [03:27]
copumpkin rg: okay, so you wouldn't mind if you got audited or if your company got investigated and shut down while getting investigated, right? [03:27]
rg thousands of companies get audited every day [03:28]
copumpkin yes, and none of them like it [03:28]
mircea_popescu indeed. [03:28]
vragnaroda Yes and IT FUCKING SUCKS DONKEY BALLS. [03:28]
copumpkin it's a huge inconvenience [03:28]
gfinn yeah it's not exactly convenient [03:28]
copumpkin zhou said he would provide details soon [03:28]
rg last time i checked the laws werent in place to make companies happy [03:28]
copumpkin that wasn't soon enough for paraipan [03:28]
mircea_popescu im still trying to push a bill through requiring for govt to pay for time investigating. [03:28]
rg and if he provides proof, word [03:28]
copumpkin rg: I'm saying it's a dick move, not that it's illegal for him to ask that [03:28]
rg he shoulda done it in the first place [03:28]
gfinn rg: many of them are. [03:28]
mircea_popescu i got about the chances of paraipan with his crap, but at least this'd be useful. [03:28]
splatster My best friend's company got audited. He hated it. I hope I never start a business that has to go through that. [03:28]
gfinn rg: many of them are not. [03:28]
OneFixt rg: luke, is that you? [03:28]
rg you guys are just all in bed with bitcoinica cause you use it to trade [03:29]
rg otherwise you wouldnt give a fuck [03:29]
copumpkin I don't even use it [03:29]
copumpkin I think it's a dick move [03:29]
mircea_popescu i don't trade there. [03:29]
OneFixt bitcoinica has problems and needs to change things [03:29]
rg so what [03:29]
OneFixt this is just not thw ay to do it [03:29]
vragnaroda I don't use bitcoinica. I don't fucking trust them. [03:29]
mircea_popescu exactly. [03:29]
copumpkin rg: so I'm calling him an asshole for doing it [03:29]
splatster I know who paraipan is working for!!!!! CryptoExchange! [03:29]
OneFixt because this hurts bitcoinica's USERS [03:29]
rg its business [03:29]
gfinn rg: nonsense [03:29]
copumpkin rg: that's it [03:29]
pho| +1 vragnaroda [03:29]
splatster oh noooes! [03:29]
paraipan not at all splatster [03:30]
njstein can we get some gambling going? [03:30]
rg ;;roulette [03:30]
* EasyAt has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [03:30]
njstein over if this is going to accomplish anything or not? [03:30]
rg it wont [03:30]
gfinn rg: it's not business [03:30]
splatster paraipan: That's exactly what I would expect you to say! [03:30]
mircea_popescu over whether the debate ends in an odd or even number of lines [03:30]
gfinn it's interference in business [03:30]
pho| is there i big game on sealswsithclubs or something? [03:30]
copumpkin njstein: okay, I bet that I will not return the 10 coins you'll send me in a few minutes. You can take my bet for 10 btc and bet that I do return them [03:30]
paraipan seriously splatster , only for myself [03:30]
Vual lol [03:30]
zordilorp anyone have a google drive invite [03:31]
mircea_popescu google drives now ?! [03:31]
pho| haha [03:31]
dirkdizzler yes [03:31]
rg community or not, everyone is here to make money [03:31]
smickles i want one of those cars [03:31]
dirkdizzler ggogle drives legally in nevada [03:31]
gmaxwell mircea_popescu: only available to people under FBI observation [03:31]
pho| googles been driving for like years now [03:31]
pho| with funny camera thing on top of car [03:31]
mircea_popescu gmaxwell o ic [03:31]
smickles anyone want this: ,,view already? [03:32]
gribble #6789 Mon Feb 13 07:31:27 2012 smickles SELL 25.0 usd @#64; 4.1725 btc (in the form of a CrackerBarrel gift card, shipping included) [03:32]
rg cracker barrel has good chicken fried steak [03:32]
dirkdizzler place smells of cinnamon [03:32]
rg and biscuits [03:32]
dirkdizzler would never go in one [03:32]
* djspleenbaby (52008a9d@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:32]
rg and a store full of old people 24/7 [03:32]
pho| what fascinates me about google street view is ... how many people do they have to hire to blur out the license plates ... and how much do they get paid? [03:32]
danieldaniel anyone know any dubstep songs? [03:33]
dirkdizzler i second the chicken fried steak [03:33]
dirkdizzler nom [03:33]
rg pho: i think its done automatically [03:33]
mircea_popescu i think they autorecognise them [03:33]
mircea_popescu yea [03:33]
rg and checked over by a group fo people [03:33]
rg for compliance [03:33]
vragnaroda <-- lol [03:33]
* chmod755 (~affilitat@#64;unaffiliated/chmod755) has left #bitcoin-otc ("Leaving.") [03:33]
Vual google drive is a cloud storage not those robot cars in nevada lol [03:33]
* hngryhngryhippo has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [03:33]
pho| rg: yeah i hope it is, i just dont see how automatically could be infalliably accurate at identifying license plates [03:33]
paraipan vragnaroda that isn't true [03:34]
paraipan bitcoin is a digital good [03:34]
dirkdizzler danieldaniel: adventure club [03:34]
rg its google [03:34]
paraipan and sending money to another individual is legal [03:34]
rg they probably had 50 coders in a basement [03:34]
paraipan if you comply with AML [03:34]
rg working on it [03:34]
* djspleenbaby has quit (Client Quit) [03:34]
vragnaroda paraipan: What isn't true? Are you telling me I didn't lol at that? [03:34]
copumpkin paraipan: depends how :) in italy there are restrictions, for example [03:34]
pho| or 500 slaves in a country that isnt mapped on google maps [03:34]
splatster rg: I think more like 70 [03:34]
splatster pho|: or that [03:35]
danieldaniel fuck td bank [03:35]
paraipan i know copumpkin [03:35]
vragnaroda If you tell me that's not true, you're not just a rat, you're a blatant liar. [03:35]
paraipan vragnaroda that my send money is illegal [03:35]
copumpkin Great National Bank of Canuckistan [03:35]
mircea_popescu it was kinda funny lol [03:35]
copumpkin (TD Bank) [03:35]
mircea_popescu this may be a new meme [03:35]
rg if i had 70 coders in a basemnt [03:35]
rg id have them sexually harass daniel [03:35]
rg 24/7 [03:35]
dirkdizzler [03:35]
vragnaroda I didn't say it was and I don't give a fuck if it is. [03:35]
mircea_popescu to paraipan something, a new way to call spurious litigation [03:35]
rg this irc server is lagging like a motherfucker [03:35]
* vragnaroda has kicked rg from #bitcoin-otc (NO.) [03:35]
smickles paraipan: did you seriously say that bitcoinica promises high returns on investmet? [03:35]
danieldaniel thanks vraf [03:35]
rawrmage lol [03:35]
danieldaniel vrag* [03:35]
rawrmage what [03:36]
paraipan yes [03:36]
copumpkin *wat [03:36]
MILF danieldaniel...yeah, there's that awesome dubstep song that goes WUB WUB WUB [03:36]
smickles paraipan: where do they claim that? [03:36]
paraipan [03:36]
splatster OH NO! vragnaroda is still OPed! [03:36]
mircea_popescu actually by looking at things a little closer i guess once the bitcoinica ppl decide to come out they can sue for slander. [03:36]
splatster DUCK AND COVER! [03:36]
* theymos has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [03:36]
splatster AHHHH! [03:36]
mircea_popescu since the guy has his details all available he'll be liable. [03:36]
* nyan has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [03:36]
smickles paraipan: 5% is high? [03:37]
paraipan i'm ready to take any legal action against me from a legal entity [03:37]
copumpkin I don't see why you'd get legal action against you [03:37]
pho| duck and cover -> [03:37]
paraipan since the guy has his details all available he'll be liable [03:37]
danieldaniel pho|: I remember that from something [03:37]
danieldaniel seriously [03:37]
mircea_popescu yea, that means you paraipan. [03:37]
pho| danieldaniel: its awsome [03:38]
danieldaniel i know [03:38]
mircea_popescu and actually if i were zhou whatever the fuck the bitcoinica guy you'd be getting papers right about nou. [03:38]
Vual skism - The blank(while we are on the subject of dubstep) [03:38]
danieldaniel Vual: thx [03:38]
danieldaniel wtf is up with the fred ads... [03:38]
mircea_popescu i guess you're lucky they're dissinterested or whatever. [03:38]
dirkdizzler all over the youtube [03:38]
smickles hmm, i wonder if this will affect the market significantly [03:39]
danieldaniel all he is [03:39]
* copumpkin listens to bitosca [03:39]
danieldaniel is this guy with a good vid editor [03:39]
danieldaniel srsly [03:39]
copumpkin e qual via scegliete? [03:39]
smickles equal by what? [03:39]
mircea_popescu smickles : market is locked on 4-4.5 mode, i don't think war with iran would move it by now [03:39]
Vual song i remixed a while ago ( if you like dub step check it out, i mixed it :P [03:39]
paraipan smickles it actually shoot up the moment ppl got to see the thread on the forum [03:39]
copumpkin mircea_popescu: now you've jinxed us, asshole [03:40]
paraipan the price i mean [03:40]
copumpkin o.O [03:40]
copumpkin O.o [03:40]
oddlifter need coin got pp [03:40]
copumpkin o.o [03:40]
smickles paraipan: that's seems idiotic to me [03:40]
mircea_popescu haha just another public service i offer cop. [03:40]
paraipan i really think they are using ppl money to keep the price low [03:40]
copumpkin lol [03:40]
paraipan they are betting on it with priviledged info [03:40]
mircea_popescu this guy is incredibly stupid srsly. [03:40]
smickles priviledged info? [03:40]
paraipan lol [03:40]
dirkdizzler info from god [03:40]
mircea_popescu dude how the fuck did you find the interwebz, you don't belong here [03:41]
paraipan they have the positions [03:41]
mircea_popescu go on facebook and be a social media expert or something [03:41]
mircea_popescu twitter awaits ffs. [03:41]
* copumpkin hands paraipan a tin-foil hat [03:41]
copumpkin mircea_popescu: hey, I'm on twitter [03:41]
smickles paraipan: you dont' need 'coinica to have positions [03:41]
paraipan whatever... [03:41]
OneFixt plenty of bucket shops trade against their customers [03:41]
mircea_popescu copumpkin aaaand ? :D [03:41]
OneFixt it's ironic that bitcoinica is probably not one of them [03:41]
vragnaroda mircea_popescu++ [03:41]
dirkdizzler the chart needs MOAR LINES [03:42]
* copumpkin draws several lines joining pairs of points [03:42]
copumpkin cause I can find a trend in every pair of points [03:42]
dirkdizzler buy buy buy! [03:42]
* copumpkin has a special skill [03:42]
smickles mircea_popescu: look out, you may be next. i mean, you offer puts, puts can be used to hold the market down [03:42]
copumpkin holy shit he's right [03:42]
copumpkin smickles: don't forget though [03:42]
OneFixt i bet he's buying now that i bought a bunch of calls [03:42]
copumpkin I offer loans, which can be used to SHORT SELL [03:42]
copumpkin SHORT SELLING is evil [03:42]
smickles oh fuck [03:42]
OneFixt or selling [03:42]
OneFixt he's doing something! [03:42]
copumpkin OneFixt: oh, those calls were you? [03:43]
OneFixt oh uh [03:43]
smickles copumpkin: why would you do such a thing? [03:43]
OneFixt i mean [03:43]
OneFixt did i just give away magical information? [03:43]
copumpkin smickles: beacuse I hate bitcoin, obviously [03:43]
OneFixt that the trend is up? [03:43]
splatster Does anyone else think we should make #bitcoin-otc-arguments? [03:43]
smickles copumpkin: you bastard [03:43]
MBS hmm [03:43]
copumpkin #bitcoin-polemic [03:43]
copumpkin smickles: I do my best [03:43]
smickles ;D [03:43]
splatster Ok I registered #bitcoin-otc-arguments :) [03:43]
splatster bwahaha [03:43]
MBS so still not decided if i should flip this 64GB M4 ssd for $30 profit, or keep and use for games [03:43]
dirkdizzler i'm content here [03:43]
* copumpkin goes back to counting his coins [03:44]
paraipan lol [03:44]
MBS everyone join #bitcoin-sucks [03:44]
splatster MBS: How much did you pay for it? [03:44]
dirkdizzler do the scrooge mcduck dive into your coins copumpkin [03:44]
MBS ~58 after price matching [03:44]
copumpkin dirkdizzler: oh, I'm relaxing on a bed of coins right now [03:44]
dirkdizzler lol [03:44]
splatster MBS: Hmmm I might want it. [03:44]
MBS though price matching credit hasnt show yet, lol [03:45]
splatster Don't sell it too fast [03:45]
* smickles goes back to creating an "evil" exchange [03:45]
MBS and obv wont be shipped til monday at least [03:45]
splatster Ya that makes sense [03:45]
* klaus_trainer (~klausi@#64; has left #bitcoin-otc [03:45]
copumpkin smickles: why do you hate bitcoin? I'm gonna report you to the authorities in liechtenstein [03:45]
Vual #btc-drama [03:45]
splatster Vual: +1 [03:46]
copumpkin oh, and by the way guys [03:46]
MBS or for a small bitcoin tip i could show you how to get your own cheap ssd :p [03:46]
copumpkin you know how credit derivatives are evil and how they crashed the world economy? [03:46]
copumpkin I'm gonna offer some bitcoin CDSes [03:46]
dirkdizzler lies [03:46]
smickles ya know, i'll make sure to use Unrea Satoshi Denari [03:46]
paraipan i'm waiting now just as you guys that zt publishes something [03:46]
smickles copumpkin: not if i beat you too it ;) [03:46]
copumpkin paraipan: he should be waking up soon :) [03:46]
copumpkin smickles: have you read the Hull book? [03:47]
dirkdizzler why not fractional reserve bitcoin checking accounts [03:47]
splatster zhou is going to die if he tries to read this srollback [03:47]
splatster scrollback* [03:47]
danieldaniel lolol [03:47]
* rg (~rg@#64;2001:bd0:100::49) has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:47]
smickles copumpkin: i just want a transferrable contract exchange, peeps can make whatever contracts they want [03:47]
splatster "Wait, so who is on my side again?" [03:47]
rg that exists [03:47]
splatster "I'm lost." [03:48]
* hngryhngryhippo (~hngryhngr@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [03:48]
copumpkin smickles: oh, so you won't be offering them [03:48]
rg i want to go paragliding [03:48]
splatster "Who was talking about cats again?" [03:48]
rg copumpkin have you paraglided [03:48]
rg i feel like you would be the type who has [03:48]
smickles copumpkin: i'll use my own service to offer whatever I feel like ;) [03:48]
copumpkin nope, but my dad flies gliders [03:48]
dirkdizzler rg what does paragliding have to do with taking over the world [03:48]
paraipan lol [03:48]
copumpkin smickles: but then you need to figure out how to price them :) [03:48]
splatster rg: I wish I had spelunking money :( [03:48]
paraipan para... glided [03:48]
smickles copumpkin: bids and asks [03:48]
paraipan the way i go every that of my life [03:48]
paraipan :) [03:48]
rg because [03:49]
rg our troops will paraglide in [03:49]
paraipan day* [03:49]
copumpkin smickles: you need to decide if you consider a price to be good, right? [03:49]
rg from the mountains [03:49]
copumpkin otherwise you won't enter the transaction [03:49]
copumpkin how do you know what the right price for a bitcoin CDS is? [03:49]
splatster Someone want to sell me a paraglide thing? [03:49]
smickles copumpkin: yea, i'll offer my stuff at a given 'ask', if someone else beats my price, so be it [03:49]
copumpkin yeah, and I was asking how you'd compute what you'd offer it at :) [03:50]
* spawn- Selling amazon payments + BTC i need LRUSD or PPUSD anyone? [03:50]
unclemantis CDS? [03:50]
copumpkin say I'm selling options, I need to decide what I want to sell them for [03:50]
copumpkin there's a lot of thought that goes into how I compute that number [03:50]
copumpkin unclemantis: credit default swap [03:50]
pingdrive what the hell is LRUSD? [03:50]
smickles copumpkin: oh, well, it depends on what it is exactly. and right now i'm concentratin on making the system [03:50]
copumpkin liberty reserve / USD [03:50]
paraipan libery reserve [03:50]
paraipan usd [03:51]
copumpkin smickles: yep :) just saying there's a fair amount of literature on the topic and pricing them efficiently can be difficult (and if you don't price them right, people can take advantage of you) [03:51]
splatster I don't use bitcoinica, I could care less if they go into oblivion (though it would hurt the market). However, I do feel for the kid who is 17 and is under all that pressure. It seems I had it easy compared to the shit zhou has to go through. [03:51]
pingdrive oh okay dont have any [03:51]
spawn- thats what we call LRUSD [03:51]
unclemantis copumpkin never heard of it. you got a page i can read about it? [03:51]
copumpkin [03:51]
smickles copumpkin: you make me feel like any btc i make running the exchange will be lost by selling bad options :( [03:52]
copumpkin unclemantis: it was one of the big ways people used to bet against the mortgage-backed securities market leading up to the credit crisis [03:52]
unclemantis ewwww [03:52]
unclemantis now i need to take a shower [03:52]
unclemantis that is disgusting [03:52]
splatster lol [03:52]
copumpkin smickles: I doubt it'll be that bad :P but if you plan on selling options yourself, you should definitely read up on black-scholes or the BOPM, if not more [03:52]
* eldnord has quit (Quit: eldnord) [03:52]
copumpkin smickles: or suck off mircea_popescu and ask him how he prices his [03:53]
splatster I think once Mt. Gox options go live, bitcoinica will become mutch less of a player. Gox already has the volume and the userbase. [03:53]
smickles copumpkin: well, i'm sure i have plenty to learn, but like i said, i want the system to do this in. and i'm making it happen :) [03:53]
unclemantis mtgox options? [03:54]
unclemantis ok now this is intreging me [03:54]
copumpkin oh, I definitely think it'll be a huge help! I just don't want you to get screwed if you decide to become a counterparty [03:54]
unclemantis is this going to be another way of making money? bitcoin loans? [03:54]
splatster unclemantis: MagicalTux said something about options being in testing [03:54]
copumpkin smickles: the idea for BOPM is fairly simple, and black-scholes is sort of extending the same idea to a continuous setting and gives you a nice formula for the whole thing [03:54]
copumpkin whereas BOPM is sort of a simulation [03:54]
smickles copumpkin: i like formulas :D [03:55]
unclemantis are you talking about loans with a cosigner? [03:55]
copumpkin unclemantis: we've been doing bitcoin loans for a while :) [03:55]
copumpkin unclemantis: I'm talking about loan insurance and/or speculation [03:55]
mircea_popescu smickles : im looking forward to. [03:55]
copumpkin smickles: mircea_popescu could become a seller of options on your site! [03:56]
mircea_popescu i have more lawyers than he's had girlfriends and not that much stuff to give them to chew. [03:56]
unclemantis out of my experience area but something i should get into [03:56]
unclemantis so what is going on with bitconica? [03:56]
* MoPac has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [03:56]
* Chaang_Noi1 has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [03:56]
smickles mircea_popescu: glad to hear you're looking forward to it :D [03:57]
mircea_popescu o what, no more drama ? [03:58]
mircea_popescu and i had just gotten myself milk and coconut cookies! [03:58]
splatster smickles: What is it you're doing? [03:58]
mircea_popescu bitcoin-otc fails to deliver :( [03:59]
mircea_popescu i was promised drama dammit! [03:59]
unclemantis is some sort of interested accrued savings account? [03:59]
smickles splatster: making an exchange for contracts. ya know, options, futures, derivatives basically [03:59]
splatster oooh [04:00]
splatster smickles: Can't wait :) [04:00]
unclemantis can someone please give me the skinny on bitcoinica without sending me to a wiki page? [04:00]
copumpkin [04:00]
rg wait no [04:01]
rg its not paragliding [04:01]
rg its hng gliding [04:01]
* emmanuelux has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [04:01]
rg thats the bad ass one [04:01]
copumpkin unclemantis: bitcoinica gives you leveraged trading of bitcoins [04:01]
splatster mircea_popescu: You want drama? maybe a little $randomNick could help... [04:01]
splatster ;;action hates [echo $randomNick] [04:01]
* gribble hates quantumi [04:01]
rg i was going to use my 130 btc to buy new servers [04:01]
rg but ill buy a hang glider instead [04:01]
rg anyone? [04:01]
mircea_popescu is it well hung ? [04:01]
unclemantis copumpkin and for the non money person, what exactly does that mean? [04:01]
oddlifter need coin.. have pp [04:01]
rg [04:02]
mircea_popescu unclematis for the non money person its : [04:02]
copumpkin unclemantis: a CDS is basically a bet that someone will default. The buyer of the CDS pays the seller regularly and the seller agrees to pay the buyer lots of money if the loan defaults. If you are the lender in the loan, this boils down to insurance on your loan. If you are a third party, you're betting that someone else will fail to repay [04:02]
copumpkin unclemantis: it means you can borrow money to trade more, basically. When you borrow, you make money faster if you predicted correctly and lose money faster if you didn't [04:02]
mircea_popescu it's all just one big scam [04:03]
unclemantis sounds like a gamble [04:03]
* Orion-Hax (~Orion-Hax@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:03]
unclemantis so thy are basicly a wall street type bookie [04:04]
copumpkin unclemantis: say I have $5 and buy one bitcoin (asusming $5 each) and the price goes up to $6, and I sell. I've made $1. Now, say I have $5, and borrow $50, then buy 11 bitcoins, and then the price goes up to $6: my total worth is $6 * 11 = $66, but I owe my lender $50. I pay him back, and I'm left with $16, which is $11 profit over my original $5 [04:04]
unclemantis damn this is getting ugly [04:04]
paraipan notice that coinica is using usd to make all that posible [04:05]
unclemantis anything based on the USD is going to fail [04:05]
copumpkin lol [04:05]
paraipan it can go the legal way or not be a part of bitcoin comunity [04:05]
copumpkin paraipan: I'm glad you've decided that for us [04:05]
* emmanuelux (~emmanuel@#64;2a01:e35:2e4d:9010:21d:60ff:fe0e:b818) has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:05]
paraipan that's the way i see it [04:05]
unclemantis so make 1 dollar on 5 or 11 on a loan [04:05]
copumpkin paraipan for BDFL [04:05]
copumpkin unclemantis: yeah, but the risk for those $11 is much higher [04:06]
gmaxwell copumpkin: why are you talking about buying bitcoin? [04:06]
copumpkin you've multiplied your profits but also your risk [04:06]
unclemantis definitly not my game [04:06]
paraipan heh i'm not dictating anything here [04:06]
unclemantis i am looking for long term investment in bitcoin [04:06]
copumpkin gmaxwell: I was just explaining one half of the leveraged trading concept :P [04:06]
copumpkin unclemantis: short selling is the same idea, backwards. You borrow bitcoins instead of USD and you sell them immediately [04:06]
paraipan i'm sick and tired of seeing news about bitcoin involved in illegal practices [04:06]
splatster paraipan: It smells like... centralization. Something tells me that that's not good. [04:07]
oddlifter ;;getrating spawn- [04:07]
smickles [21:05] anything based on the USD is going to fail < that's why i'll use Unreal Satoshi Denari [04:07]
vragnaroda paraipan: Notice that the rotation period of Deimos is about 30.3 hours. [04:07]
unclemantis i need to find something else to invest in regarding bitcoin [04:07]
gmaxwell Fine enough, the site in question does not enable you to purchase bitcoin at all— it's just sidebets. (the fiction of it is what makes it viable but also would potentially make it unlawful in many places) [04:07]
unclemantis these options this is too risky for ME [04:07]
copumpkin gmaxwell: sure, which is why I think it's hard to argue they're actually lending you USD, but I'm not going to get back into that discussion [04:08]
* emmanuelux has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [04:08]
paraipan i don't know why i bothered to pressure bitcoinica at all [04:08]
copumpkin I also don't think anything about the legal status of bitcoinica (or bitcoin) is "clear" [04:08]
paraipan just stupid from my part [04:08]
copumpkin as much as phantomcircuit wants to sound knowledgeable about it :) [04:08]
copumpkin I think if it ever went to court it'd be pretty tricky [04:08]
paraipan all the ppl i meet and know bitcoin from press only ask me bad things they read about it [04:08]
gmaxwell copumpkin: bitcoinica is clear enough that you're not buying/selling bitcoin's there. [04:08]
gmaxwell "To make things simple, there are no deliveries of Bitcoins. If you are looking for an exchange that gets you actual Bitcoins, we recommend Mt. Gox and TradeHill" [04:09]
copumpkin gmaxwell: yeah, but then they're "clearly" not lending you USD, either [04:09]
vragnaroda Well, where it went to court would really be the biggest factor. [04:09]
splatster Lets just drop this and talk about... Paxum or Tradhill or something. [04:09]
* eldnord (~eldnord@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:09]
splatster Something that doesn't matter [04:09]
gmaxwell key words being "no deliveries", though they're misleading everywhere else. ::shrugs:: [04:09]
copumpkin gmaxwell: which is also why I think it's decently clever on their part [04:09]
splatster So we don't end up hating each other [04:09]
* Graet has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [04:09]
mircea_popescu i don't know why i bothered to pressure bitcoinica at all << generally it's good to THINK FIRST [04:09]
mcorlett splatster: No - this is insanely great! [04:09]
phantomcircuit copumpkin, "To make things simple, there are no deliveries of Bitcoins." [04:09]
splatster mcorlett: damn [04:10]
copumpkin yeah [04:10]
copumpkin what's that inreference to? [04:10]
paraipan i gave a good 2 day thought before doing it.... and came up with the know result [04:10]
paraipan you pounder about it the same time [04:10]
paraipan and see what you get [04:10]
phantomcircuit copumpkin, i think their legal status is actually reasonably clear [04:10]
mcorlett So, mircea_popescu, would you file a report against an unregulated financial services provider, such as Bitcoinica? [04:11]
mircea_popescu i don't think bitcoinica is a financial services provider. [04:11]
paraipan lol [04:11]
mircea_popescu and no, i wouldn't file against Blizzard for not doing whatever with their game gold. [04:11]
* Turingi has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [04:11]
mcorlett You don't think Bitcoinica provides financial services?! [04:11]
mircea_popescu that's right. [04:11]
splatster paraipan: I think this is a lose-lose situation fro you now. If nothing comes of this, you look boastfull, but if you shut down bitcoinica, people hate you. [04:12]
gmaxwell I agree with mircea_popescu. [04:12]
splatster boastful* [04:12]
copumpkin ;;rate mcorlett -2 going around self-righteously probing people about their beliefs to find who to rate negatively [04:12]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of -2 for user mcorlett has been recorded. [04:12]
dwon You actually can exchange BTC for USD on bitcoinica, though. [04:12]
mircea_popescu course gmaxwell prolly agrees for slightly diff reasons. [04:12]
gmaxwell mcorlett: Do you think casinos provide financial services? [04:12]
mircea_popescu there's two floors to this argument. [04:12]
mircea_popescu haha yea, exactly. [04:12]
mcorlett mircea_popescu: What about margin trading, is it a financial service? [04:13]
smickles gambling [04:13]
mircea_popescu if by margin trading you mean contracts involving actual currency. [04:13]
mcorlett gmaxwell: I'm not familiar enough with casinos to answer that question. [04:13]
copumpkin mcorlett: is the personal paypal loan I sent imsaguy the other day a financial service? [04:13]
gmaxwell Thats with Bitcoinica is— a casino. This isn't obvious to you because they are somewhat deceptive about their business (though technically honest, as I quoted above)— and also because the specific kind of casino they are is generally outlawed so you're probably not familar with it. [04:13]
* splatster is now known as splatster|away [04:13]
mircea_popescu that is correct gmaxwell. [04:13]
mircea_popescu however, even if that were somehow resolved, i still wouldn't think its a "financial services provider". [04:14]
phantomcircuit copumpkin, only if you do it as a regular business activity [04:14]
phantomcircuit copumpkin, :) [04:14]
paraipan [04:14]
gmaxwell mcorlett: Bitcoinica doesn't provide margin trading of the same kind that e.g. an american brokerage does. When a real brokerage provides you with margin they're actually making a lone to you (secured by your assets you have with them and their ability to sue you for the rest). [04:14]
copumpkin phantomcircuit: how regular? [04:14]
mircea_popescu ;;gribble shoot anyone quoting wikipedia. [04:14]
gmaxwell On bitcoinica there is no loan because you're not actually buying and selling bitcoins/dollars, instead you're making bets on changes in the trading prices. [04:15]
mcorlett gmaxwell: I can agree with that. [04:15]
gmaxwell (Bitcoinica is the counterparty in these bets— and the engage in various practices to reduce their risks, behind the scenes) [04:15]
zordilorp its a futures contract then [04:15]
zordilorp regulated by the cftc [04:16]
mircea_popescu no its not [04:16]
paraipan "Intermediation or advisory services - These services involve stock brokers (private client services) and discount brokers" [04:16]
phantomcircuit copumpkin, under us law that's something which is left upto the regulating authority (specifically the secretary of the treasury) [04:16]
mircea_popescu it's NO KIND OF CONTRACT if there's no deliveries. [04:16]
gmaxwell zordilorp: no, because there is no delivery of bitcoins ever. Real futures contracts involve at least the possibility of delivery. [04:16]
phantomcircuit copumpkin, who in turn has delegated the authority (more or less) to specific agents of fincen [04:16]
unclemantis right now my bitcoin investment is only based on the long term prediction that the value of bitcoin will continue to overall go UP. Are there other options? [04:16]
phantomcircuit mircea_popescu, bitcoinica is a bucket shop [04:16]
mircea_popescu yes. [04:16]
zordilorp synthetic derivatives dont have to deliver anything [04:16]
phantomcircuit which are illegal in most of the world [04:16]
zordilorp how exactly do these trades work [04:17]
mircea_popescu unclematis : yes, you can buy options for other evolutions, short term. [04:17]
vragnaroda It's generally a *bad* idea for a non-native speaker with noticeably odd speech to pick a definition argument. [04:17]
gmaxwell zordilorp: it's just a bet. When businesses like this were common (before being outlawed in the early 1900s in most places) they were called bucketshops. (owing to their historical origins) [04:17]
mircea_popescu zordilorp just because the delivery is synthetic does not mean it's not "anything". [04:17]
zordilorp yeah bucketshop offers trades on margin, and then does a margin call if you're close to losing your payin [04:17]
mcorlett mircea_popescu: In that case, would you file a report against an unregulated (and probably illegal) bucket shop, such as Bitcoinica? [04:17]
zordilorp margin doesnt need to have collateral [04:18]
mircea_popescu i wouldn't, seeing how bitcoinica is not a bucket shop, it's an online simulation of a bucket shop [04:18]
copumpkin [04:18]
vragnaroda [21:11] < mircea_pope> | i don't think bitcoinica is a financial services provider. | [21:11] < mircea_pope> | and no, i wouldn't file against Blizzard for not doing whatever with their game gold. [04:18]
mircea_popescu you're proposing i file a complaint for airline noise against kids plaing f-19 on their computer. [04:18]
vragnaroda mcorlett: That was already answered. [04:18]
* paraipan is speechless [04:18]
gmaxwell mircea_popescu: er, you're taking the position that things done on a computer are unreal? [04:19]
mircea_popescu no. [04:19]
copumpkin paraipan: if only you had been speechless earlier :) [04:19]
zordilorp the cftc has written opinions saying that predictino markets are legal and dont need to be licensed [04:19]
mcorlett vragnaroda: Can you refer me to the appropriate message? [04:19]
gmaxwell mircea_popescu: pardon me while I empty your bank accounts and take your files. :) [04:19]
unclemantis i am currently keeping my bitcoin savings in a paper wallet. Are there any options of making getting more bitcoin by just letting it sit somewhere else? [04:19]
mircea_popescu i am taking the position that speciffic things done on computers can be protecterd from the pretense of idiots that they're "real" [04:19]
vragnaroda [21:11] < mircea_pope> | i don't think bitcoinica is a financial services provider. | [21:11] < mircea_pope> | and no, i wouldn't file against Blizzard for not doing whatever with their game gold. [04:19]
gmaxwell Oh look, a picture of mircea_popescu in his underwear. [04:19]
vragnaroda mcorlett: ^ [04:19]
mircea_popescu you know, like it being legal to kill people on the theatrical scene [04:19]
* zordilorp has no idea how bitcoinica works or what it is [04:19]
mircea_popescu even if some redneck might call the police on you. [04:19]
oddlifter can anybody do 5.3usd/btc pp [04:20]
gmaxwell In any case its inevitable that people would report them to the authorities... some guy would place real money with them and lose it and decide they got ripped off.. [04:20]
zordilorp "Margin trading: Trade with our money! Leverage your profits when you're confident." [04:20]
gmaxwell I doubt any authorities will care. [04:20]
mircea_popescu well that i can see [04:20]
mircea_popescu exactly. [04:20]
paraipan i fine going down in the community if that's what it take to open some eyes [04:20]
mircea_popescu the dude would be a muppet. [04:20]
copumpkin gmaxwell: I agree. I still think it's a dick move [04:20]
mcorlett vragnaroda: First and foremost: I have no idea how Blizzard operates. Is there anything relevant to this discussion about their gold? [04:20]
copumpkin paraipan: feel free to keep seeing yourself as the martyr in this situation [04:20]
mircea_popescu they make d3, say, mcorlett [04:20]
mircea_popescu aslo wow. [04:20]
vragnaroda .wik analogy [04:21]
phantomcircuit zordilorp, they're a bitcoin brokerage essentially, offering margin trading as well as interest on demand deposits [04:21]
markac "Analogy (from Greek 'ἀναλογία' – analogia, 'proportion'[1]|[2]|) is a cognitive process of transferring information or meaning from a particular subject (the analogue or source) to another particular subject (the target), and a linguistic expression [...]" - [04:21]
vragnaroda mcorlett: ^ Read that [04:21]
zordilorp i c [04:21]
* emmanuelux (~emmanuel@#64;2a01:e35:2e4d:9010:21d:60ff:fe0e:b818) has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:21]
mcorlett vragnaroda: Fascinating stuff! [04:21]
gmaxwell phantomcircuit: No. They pretend to be that. But the bitcoins/dollars you buy and sell there are fictional. You know this. [04:21]
paraipan copumpkin i did what my small brain told me to do is right [04:21]
mcorlett vragnaroda: Are they a bucket shop? [04:21]
dwon gmaxwell: What do you think of this? [04:21]
phantomcircuit gmaxwell, yes i should have been more clear [04:21]
vragnaroda mcorlett: There's no way you read that that fast. [04:22]
gmaxwell phantomcircuit: the difference is important, because when they do eventually over extend themselves— they won't have the assets to back up any off the accounts and the customers will be left holding the bag. [04:22]
dwon gmaxwell: You keep quoting that "there are no deliveries of bitcoins", but in fact you can deposit, exchange, and withdraw bitcoins using bitcoinica. I think their FAQ is out of date. [04:22]
phantomcircuit mcorlett, there is no relation at all, blizzard specifically states that no virtual items in WoW have any value and you agree to that in the TOS [04:22]
copumpkin paraipan: and you were free to do so :) we're also free to dislike you for it [04:22]
gmaxwell dwon: "no deliveries" is a technical term, relating to the satisfaction of the underlying contracts. [04:22]
vragnaroda phantomcircuit: Sure and I define π = 3. [04:22]
paraipan i'm fine with that copumpkin [04:22]
gmaxwell dwon: of course you can deposit and withdraw, otherwise the site would be useless. :) [04:23]
zordilorp a bet on the future value of an asset (like a currency) is considered a futures contract by the cftc. delivery isnt essential to it [04:23]
mircea_popescu phantomcircuit: Sure and I define π = 3. sometimes i miss fortran [04:23]
phantomcircuit vragnaroda, in the us at least that provision has been held up in court, if someone hacks your computer and steals your wow gold you cant sue them for it, although you might be able to get the prosecutor to charge them with computer misuse [04:23]
mcorlett vragnaroda: I'm not sure you noticed, but I specifically rephrased my question to instead ask about bucket shops. Did you notice? [04:24]
gmaxwell dwon: and your completely understandable misreading there is why I feel comfortable claiming that they're being a bit deceptive. [04:24]
* P3DIGITALRESOURC has quit (Quit: Page closed) [04:24]
mircea_popescu zordilorp : a bet is not a contract, bitcoins aren't a currency etc. [04:24]
* rorot (47e74813@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:24]
vragnaroda mcorlett: That's not rephrasing an earlier question. That's a completely unrelated question that I chose to ignore. [04:24]
* rorot has quit (Client Quit) [04:24]
* joecool has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [04:24]
phantomcircuit vragnaroda, it's pretty damning when you show up in court suing for something where the other party has you're written agreement that the very thing you're suing for has no value [04:24]
paraipan in spain bitcoins are treated as digital good [04:25]
vragnaroda *your [04:25]
vragnaroda It is pretty silly. [04:25]
mircea_popescu by whom where paraipan [04:25]
* P3DigitalResourc (47e74813@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:25]
mcorlett vragnaroda: When you told me "That was already answered.", what were you referring to? [04:25]
paraipan by the people [04:25]
mircea_popescu o the people is it. [04:25]
phantomcircuit vragnaroda, bah you're right i dont know why i keep doing that [04:25]
mircea_popescu how's your mother treated in spain [04:25]
mircea_popescu by the people ? [04:25]
vragnaroda lol [04:25]
mcorlett vragnaroda: My last question was minutes earlier. [04:25]
paraipan we, the people, remember ? [04:25]
mircea_popescu in spain ? [04:25]
mircea_popescu dude, you selling any of that nice pot ? [04:26]
copumpkin we the gourds [04:26]
paraipan democracy is equal in all parts of the world [04:26]
paraipan i actually had to study spanish constitution [04:26]
mircea_popescu and your brain is equally distributed in al parts of your body [04:26]
mircea_popescu sorta like an amoeba. [04:26]
danieldaniel omg guys [04:26]
mircea_popescu equal. [04:26]
danieldaniel 1Ht3k6fY138ZeDXt38KF2fPLWaXDYthbRn is the most amazing btc address evar [04:26]
gmaxwell danieldaniel: why? [04:26]
mircea_popescu how the fuck do unmeasurable abstracts get to be equal for fucks sake [04:26]
gfinn "democracy is equal in all parts of the world"? [04:27]
danieldaniel gmaxwell: because you need to send all of your bit coins to it now [04:27]
gfinn what is that intended to mean? [04:27]
P3DigitalResourc hello id like to buy ~200 coins with paypal. Smaller amounts are just fine. Although I havent participated in the rep system here yet I have a very good rating on ebay, Im keepsallhismoneyinapaperbag. Thank you [04:27]
danieldaniel P3DIGITALRESOURC: lolno [04:27]
mircea_popescu P3DigitalResourc get authed with the wot. [04:27]
dwon gmaxwell: I don't see how they're being deceptive, either. You've called them a "bucket shop" in the past, but that only reason why a bucket shop is an actual problem is when they bet against their customers because they make *no* actual trades on a real exchange. Bitcoinica makes trades and doesn't bet against its customers. And as far as it being like a casino is concerned, *all* margin trading, option trading---really, any speculation---is effectivel [04:27]
dwon y gambling in some sense. I don't see how this makes Bitcoinica somehow less legitimate or "not a provider of financial services". [04:27]
mcorlett P3DigitalResourc: I thoroughly enjoy your eBay username. [04:27]
vragnaroda “We the People” is how the U.S. Constitution starts. The Spanish Constiution opens with “Lord Juan Carlos I, King of Spain” [04:27]
rg [04:27]
danieldaniel rg: only $15000? [04:28]
phantomcircuit inb4deathtrap [04:28]
gmaxwell dwon: many bucket shops also engaged in actual trades to hedge. Morover, how do you think bucketshops manipulated the market to pop their customers without trading? :) [04:28]
vragnaroda [21:26] < paraipan> | i actually had to study spanish constitution <-- and you passed? [04:28]
rg well, thats the current bid price [04:28]
rg i assume itll probably go for $20k [04:28]
paraipan yep vragnaroda [04:28]
danieldaniel My dad is a pilot [04:28]
rg as a 1970's 172 cessna goes for $50k [04:28]
danieldaniel im learning [04:28]
mcorlett vragnaroda: Did you chose to ignore my question? [04:28]
unclemantis does anyone here offer a interest bearing bitcoin savings account? [04:28]
* DeLorean719 (DeLorean71@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:28]
rg daniel: you ever used one of those ultra light gliders? [04:28]
paraipan i study ccna now vragnaroda [04:28]
gmaxwell dwon: The difference being that in margin trading you're buying the actual assets [04:28]
rg they get towed up by a bigger plane [04:28]
danieldaniel rg: no, I've only actually flown a cirrus [04:28]
* gribble gives voice to DeLorean719 [04:28]
mircea_popescu if the us and spain didn't have a war over texas and exactly how unequal democracy is this most current paraipan blunder wouldn't even be so funny. [04:28]
paraipan exam next month [04:28]
gmaxwell (on borrowed money, yes) [04:29]
* vragnaroda sets ban on *!*@#64;unaffiliated/mcorlett [04:29]
danieldaniel as in piloted [04:29]
danieldaniel OH noes [04:29]
* vragnaroda has kicked mcorlett from #bitcoin-otc (Knock it off; come back later.) [04:29]
rawrmage ffealthy pweor texa [04:29]
rawrmage wealthy power texans! [04:29]
mircea_popescu lol were you lurking rawr ? [04:29]
rg i want to fly something [04:29]
rawrmage no ive got noa fucking idea what youre aaling about [04:30]
rawrmage talking [04:30]
rg peferably without an engine [04:30]
AcidicChip I'll sell you a kite for 2BTC [04:30]
danieldaniel AcidicChip: LOL [04:30]
Vual SOLD! [04:30]
mircea_popescu ill sell kicks in the rear for 5btc [04:30]
mircea_popescu WITH delivery. [04:30]
paraipan rg [04:30]
rawrmage mircea_popescu: your necklace [04:30]
* sytse_ (sytse@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:30]
rawrmage it looks just like your cutie markl [04:30]
* sytse has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [04:30]
zordilorp CFTC v. Hanover Trading Corp., 34 F. Supp. 2d 203 (SDNY 1999) (contracts where no delivery was contemplated were futures contracts) [04:30]
rg mircea_popescu: itd cost you quite a bit to deliver a kick to any of us [04:30]
mircea_popescu what necklace ? [04:30]
* DeLorean719 has quit (Client Quit) [04:31]
mircea_popescu rg : i have fine print, it says you have to be on all fours on the snow in my yard [04:31]
rg im.. batman? [04:31]
rawrmage mircea_popescu: the one you ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmed [04:31]
rawrmage ahmed [04:31]
oddlifter need 178 coins [04:31]
oddlifter pp [04:31]
dwon gmaxwell: So if you were going to set up an online Bitcoin margin trading service, how would you do it differently? If you delivered the assets that were purchased using leverage (which you effectively have a lien on) before someone paid you back, wouldn't it be really easy to rip you off? [04:31]
rawrmage oddlifter: NO YOU DONT [04:31]
danieldaniel oddlifter: yeah right [04:31]
rg Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter [04:31]
rg you've got to be shitting me [04:31]
danieldaniel rawrmage: LOL [04:31]
mircea_popescu dwon : that's a big problem, which is why the model doesn't work in this context. [04:31]
danieldaniel rawrmage: The coin-hungry children [04:31]
rawrmage danieldaniel: hey! you know what this calls for? [04:32]
rawrmage a party! [04:32]
danieldaniel no [04:32]
danieldaniel it doesn't [04:32]
gmaxwell dwon: say bitcoin goes to $1000 tomorrow, what happens to all those people who are long in bittonica? They don't actually have the coins to back those positions— they have some tiny fraction, plus a bunch of short positions which long since busted. This is a risk that bittconica users are exposed to, but don't really know about, and lack the information to reason about concretely. [04:32]
mircea_popescu exactly. [04:32]
rawrmage danieldaniel: yessss it does [04:32]
mircea_popescu and it doesn't have to go to 1k. [04:32]
danieldaniel rawrmage: no gtfo [04:32]
danieldaniel :3 [04:32]
gmaxwell dwon: Yes, it's hard to do it— the correct way is by requring something to secure the loan... but that it's hard doesn't make doing it poorly a good idea. [04:32]
mircea_popescu the collapse from 30 to 15 would have been enough, and that historically happened. [04:32]
* rawrmage forcibly parteis with danieldaniel [04:33]
gmaxwell mircea_popescu: right I don't know how far it has to go, because they don't disclose enough information to figure that out. [04:33]
* danieldaniel calls police [04:33]
mircea_popescu gmaxwell : i can guess, and im guessing about 68-75% [04:33]
dwon gmaxwell, mircea_popescu: Is that actually true, though? I thought the point of "starring out" (when you can't go long/short and Bitcoinica says "NO RESERVE") was exactly because they *do* have to purchase the actual coins. [04:33]
danieldaniel I'm thinking of starting up my server [04:33]
mircea_popescu dwon well there's no way to make sure but im pretty certain for myself. [04:33]
danieldaniel but its loud as fuck [04:33]
paraipan they don't dwon [04:33]
paraipan they bet on the price going down every time [04:34]
vragnaroda lolwut [04:34]
mircea_popescu that it's hard doesn't make doing it poorly a good idea. << dude i like gmaxwell. [04:34]
gmaxwell dwon: they do— to some amount that hedges against the normal variance of the market. But they're first canceling out short and longs against each other. If they actually 1:1 purchased there would never be a reason for an extended hold. [04:34]
* sytse_ is now known as sytse [04:34]
* kilm (4e9f78ec@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:34]
gmaxwell dwon: the business they are in works a lot better if they're simultaniously trading a lot of unrelated assets, so they don't all go unprofitable at once. :( [04:35]
kilm df [04:35]
mircea_popescu and even then surprises can pop [04:35]
imsaguy copumpkin: why you gotta be spilling our sekkrets? [04:35]
mircea_popescu as in, unrelated may be not enough for them to not go unprofitable at once, seeing how all assets are in the end related. [04:36]
mircea_popescu Alexandru Bogdan Semenciuc. isn't it sad when the only thing connected to your name is you being stupid ? [04:37]
paraipan mircea_popescu i suggest you easy up on me given we don't know each other personally [04:38]
gmaxwell paraipan: I don't think you did anything wrong. Probably pointless. But whatever. Don't worry about whatever other people think. [04:38]
paraipan that is my name and last name so i exposed more info than bitcoinica atm [04:38]
paraipan thanks gmaxwell [04:38]
mircea_popescu SEMENCIUC BOGDAN ALEXANDRU X6285888B (64-235599-2009) [04:38]
mircea_popescu in madrid. [04:39]
mircea_popescu mkay. [04:39]
gmaxwell mircea_popescu: can you cut out the name dropping stuff, it's kinda lame. [04:39]
jscinoz What the shit [04:39]
danieldaniel First person to post their address gets some btc [04:39]
jscinoz I still can't download new blocks, even with the port forwarded correctly [04:39]
zordilorp [04:39]
mircea_popescu if you insist. [04:39]
zordilorp the cftc calls it "financial settlement" [04:39]
paraipan you have something to point out with that mircea_popescu ? [04:39]
unclemantis looks like a joke. Is there a more serious website out there for goods and services? [04:39]
jscinoz most recent block I have is 29 days old >_< [04:39]
imsaguy WTF is going on with all these negative ratings? [04:39]
paraipan other than making me feel worse [04:39]
rg i love how posting someones information on the internet is considered proper and OK these days [04:39]
jscinoz imsaguy: internet drama [04:39]
danieldaniel i mean btc address [04:39]
imsaguy jscinoz: evidently [04:39]
zordilorp when only cash changes hands. theres less regulation for otc trades (person to person futures agreements that arent brokered by an exchange) [04:39]
* IcePee has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [04:39]
rg its so petty [04:39]
imsaguy I wanna neg someone [04:39]
imsaguy who wants a neg rating? [04:40]
rg pety [04:40]
zordilorp but why would the cftc care about such a tiny market [04:40]
rg i do [04:40]
imsaguy ;;rated rg [04:40]
gribble You rated user rg on Mon Jan 9 11:13:57 2012, giving him a rating of 6, and supplied these additional notes: got my digits. [04:40]
danieldaniel imsaguy: whats your btc address? [04:40]
jscinoz How do I revoke a rating again [04:40]
imsaguy ;;rate rg -1 [04:40]
* hngryhngryhippo has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [04:40]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating for user rg has changed from 6 to -1. [04:40]
imsaguy done. [04:40]
imsaguy who else? [04:40]
Vual /join #btc-drama [04:40]
imsaguy danieldaniel: why? [04:40]
rg ;;rate imsaguy -10 now what you wanted to give you received [04:40]
danieldaniel imsaguy: I want to send you some [04:40]
danieldaniel >.> [04:40]
dwon gmaxwell: FYI: <-- curious to see what zhoutong says about this [04:40]
Vual someone rate me +1 for staying here and putting up with this childish shit!!! <--- [04:41]
rg im pretty sure hes explained it [04:41]
rg hasnt he [04:41]
danieldaniel ;;rate Vual -1 No. [04:41]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of -1 for user Vual has been recorded. [04:41]
paraipan i'm full today imsaguy [04:41]
rg it means 'we got no money' [04:41]
paraipan :) [04:41]
* Shaded (~Shaded@#64;unaffiliated/shaded) has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:41]
danieldaniel ;;unrate Vual [04:41]
gribble Successfully removed your rating for Vual. [04:41]
unclemantis Tor just released a major update? wow [04:41]
imsaguy paraipan: full of shit [04:41]
imsaguy ? [04:41]
gmaxwell dwon: this was already discussed on the forums— thats why I was saying the cancel long and short positions against each other first. But the direct question seems nice. [04:41]
paraipan of neg ratings [04:41]
imsaguy ;;rate rg 6 he helps me sleep at night. [04:41]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating for user rg has changed from -1 to 6. [04:41]
* Tomasu is now known as TomasuAway [04:41]
copumpkin imsaguy: what secrets?? I was just using you as a (fake) example! [04:41]
imsaguy gmaxwell: I said the same thing [04:42]
imsaguy but everyone said it wouldn't work [04:42]
imsaguy I didn't understand why [04:42]
jscinoz Is it possible to cancel a rating? I regret down-rating paraipan earlier [04:42]
imsaguy a long is a counter position to a short [04:42]
imsaguy Vual: homo [04:42]
unclemantis Vual has cookies!!! [04:42]
imsaguy unclemantis: you dont want his cookies. [04:42]
Vual :P [04:42]
danieldaniel OMG [04:42]
Vual hash cookies... maybe you do? [04:42]
Vual 1btc each [04:43]
danieldaniel VUAL GIVE ME COOKIES [04:43]
Vual >< [04:43]
Vual lol [04:43]
gmaxwell imsaguy: it does work. except once the prices have climed to the point of popping the shorts then they provide no backing anymore. [04:43]
imsaguy [04:43]
vragnaroda I will say that if I made a complaint to law enforcement about someone/something, I wouldn't redact information about who I am when telling people about it online. [04:43]
imsaguy gmaxwell: but once the shorts have popped, you then have the capital to pay the longs [04:43]
* SomeoneWeirdzzzz is now known as SomeoneWeird [04:43]
imsaguy so it sitll works right. [04:43]
vragnaroda .o ud soggy cookie [04:43]
imsaguy the only time you get screwed is the major major extremes [04:43]
markac a game when two or more guys stand in a circle around a cookie masturbating and the last one to cum on the cookie has to eat it.A game where a group of men (at least 2) stand in a circle around a cook [04:43]
jscinoz ;;unrate paraipan [04:43]
gribble Successfully removed your rating for paraipan. [04:43]
mircea_popescu I will say that if I made a complaint to law enforcement about someone/something, I wouldn't redact information about who I am when telling people about it online. <<< [04:43]
imsaguy and thats when you limit [04:43]
gmaxwell imsaguy: with some not too hard math you can find out how much hedging you have to do— given a certian amount of variance to make the odds of going bankrupt as low as you like it to be. [04:43]
mircea_popescu mostly because people can find out. [04:44]
unclemantis what is the deal with [04:44]
imsaguy gmaxwell: I concur. [04:44]
paraipan thank you jscinoz [04:44]
imsaguy but I'm just a nobody [04:44]
dwon gmaxwell: Cancelling the longs & the shorts doesn't seem like it would involve any risk to me.... (/me does some math) ohhhh, wait, I see how that works. A bunch of shorts could be force-liquidated, but that might not actually make up for the difference if the market moves too quickly. [04:44]
Vual stop advertising your shamelss site [04:44]
dwon gmaxwell: right? [04:44]
zordilorp LE doesnt care about bitcoin trading sites... [04:44]
gmaxwell dwon: right. selling someone a long when you don't have the asset has potentially infinite risk. [04:44]
Vual hey wait i was looking for that site before [04:44]
Vual thats a gig site like fiver for BTC thanks for the share... i was atcaully looking for one [04:44]
gmaxwell dwon: but a short that liquidates at some price does not have potentially infinite reward. [04:44]
jscinoz paraipan: I still think you're a douche for what you did, however I won't abuse the OTC system for personal grudges [04:45]
vragnaroda mircea_popescu: Well, that, and I believe people have the fundamental right to confront people making accusations against them. [04:45]
vragnaroda .wik confrontation clause [04:45]
markac "The Confrontation Clause of the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that 'in all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right…to be confronted with the witnesses against him.' Generally, the right is to have a face-to-face [...]" - [04:45]
mircea_popescu its why i use my real name online. [04:45]
Vual someone trying to sell on flippa for 1k.... a nulled fiver script from the net and a $5 logo isnt worth it [04:45]
a5m0 how much would someone pay for radeon 5830s? [04:45]
paraipan jscinoz i understand, you're a nice person [04:45]
imsaguy a5m0: $75 wanna sell? [04:46]
imsaguy I'll buy 5830s [04:46]
Vual who owns, ill make you a offer!!! [04:46]
njstein ]you guys are still talking about that? [04:46]
a5m0 75 seems a bit low [04:46]
gmaxwell mircea_popescu: Thats also why I use my real name. Though this doesn't prevent anonymous people from sluring me, or even discourage people from believing me. Oh well. [04:46]
imsaguy that's generous, some guys I was only paying 65-70 [04:46]
gmaxwell er believing them. [04:46]
njstein paraipan, who did you even report this silly thing for? [04:46]
njstein to* [04:46]
mircea_popescu course this'd be a civil matter at best so not rly related to the 6th [04:46]
dwon gmaxwell: yes, ok, if I'm Bitcoinica, and I have 2 customers: one 100 BTC long and one 100 BTC short, and the price skyrockets, it's perfectly fine as long as my short customer actually makes good on the short, but if he disappears, I might not be able to buy 100 BTC at the force-liquidate price in order to cover my customer who is long. [04:46]
a5m0 they're 90-130 on ebay [04:46]
paraipan nacional police njstein [04:46]
imsaguy a5m0 once you figure out a price [04:46]
imsaguy then sell on ebay [04:47]
vragnaroda mircea_popescu: No, I'm saying I support the principle, not just that application of it. [04:47]
dwon gmaxwell: so for 0 risk, I have to have the 100 BTC anyway. Bitcoinica doesn't. [04:47]
mircea_popescu gmaxwell i think anyone moderately sane would not put much stock into anonymous slurs really. [04:47]
vragnaroda paraipan: *nazi [04:47]
njstein national police? [04:47]
imsaguy bitcoin doesnt have expenses [04:47]
imsaguy or chargebacks [04:47]
* Chaang-Noi (Chaang-Noi@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:47]
imsaguy you can get charged back on ebay [04:47]
mircea_popescu vragnaroda i gather. [04:47]
rg michael douglas in [04:47]
njstein what country is that? [04:47]
rg FALLING DOWN [04:47]
Vual @#64;unclemantis check out [04:47]
Vual [04:47]
Vual [04:47]
Vual [04:47]
Vual [04:47]
Vual [04:47]
Vual [04:47]
Vual [04:47]
imsaguy stop spamming [04:47]
Vual [04:47]
Vual :P lol [04:47]
* vragnaroda has kicked Vual from #bitcoin-otc (Vual) [04:47]
imsaguy kick him [04:47]
imsaguy adios [04:47]
zordilorp bitclone [04:47]
* Vual (~Vual@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [04:47]
vragnaroda holy fuck [04:47]
paraipan lol [04:47]
gmaxwell mircea_popescu: when it's normal for people to use pseudonyms (like it is in this community) people often don't notice that the people making the slurs are just random names. [04:47]
phantomcircuit that is clearly bannable [04:47]
Vual wasnt ment to be a spam you dick says the cunts sitting here flaming each other all day [04:47]
Vual what happend to otc not for random chat.... [04:48]
Vual wankers [04:48]
njstein paraipan: what nation? [04:48]
jscinoz paraipan: :) We'll just have to see how this all turns out [04:48]
Cory Vual: Are those your ideas? [04:48]
imsaguy Vual: stfu [04:48]
* vragnaroda sets ban on *!*Vual@#64;37.59.67.* [04:48]
* vragnaroda has kicked Vual from #bitcoin-otc (Vual) [04:48]
paraipan njstein spain [04:48]
a5m0 i will sell for $100 including shipping seems like a good price [04:48]
* yossarian_ has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [04:48]
imsaguy adios wanker [04:48]
imsaguy a5m0, how old, what rates, how are the fans? [04:48]
paraipan jscinoz agree [04:48]
paraipan :) [04:48]
* vragnaroda sets ban on *!*@#64; [04:48]
njstein spain has no money to investigate silly pretend money. this is probably treated like second life linden [04:48]
* vragnaroda removes ban on *!*Vual@#64;37.59.67.* [04:48]
danieldaniel a5m0: what for $100? [04:48]
a5m0 the fans spin [04:49]
* DBordello has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [04:49]
gmaxwell njstein: they'd be more likely to investigate if someone showed up saying "I lost 100k euro on this, they ripped me off!" [04:49]
mircea_popescu gmaxwell : the 401 scams took about 50mn in >1k people to actually start moving [04:50]
a5m0 danieldaniel, radeon 5830s [04:50]
mircea_popescu iirc. [04:50]
danieldaniel $100 for more than one? [04:50]
gmaxwell mircea_popescu: 419? [04:50]
mircea_popescu ya that [04:50]
mircea_popescu rich uncle bs. [04:50]
vragnaroda .wik 419 scam [04:51]
markac "An advance-fee fraud is a confidence trick in which the target is persuaded to advance sums of money in the hope of realizing a significantly larger gain." - [04:51]
gmaxwell I think there is a cognative bias at play there that goes something like "jeez. No one fell for that, right? come on. how stupid do you have to be?" :) [04:51]
mircea_popescu i think that type of bias is universally available. [04:51]
kilm ;;sell 102 USD @#64; {mtgoxlast} BTC USD in the form of egift cards. smaller amounts acceptable. [04:52]
gmaxwell I think that relative to that particular bias something slick like bitcoinica is more likely to get investigated. [04:52]
mircea_popescu i think we should have a futures market on this :) [04:52]
gmaxwell haha [04:52]
gmaxwell I said 'more' not ... likely! :) [04:52]
paraipan i will keep you guys updated [04:53]
gmaxwell I think it's unlikely. [04:53]
mircea_popescu on the other hand the spanish did invent winmill fighting... [04:53]
danieldaniel does anyone know of a bitcoin lottery? I have an extra .5 btc with nothing to do with [04:53]
mircea_popescu windmill* [04:53]
paraipan if police ever contact me [04:53]
paraipan contacts* [04:53]
amiller danieldaniel you could try bitcoin battleship / bitcoinchess [04:53]
danieldaniel paraipan: please dont [04:53]
vragnaroda mircea_popescu: and they were pretty good at Inquisition-type things for a while, too. [04:53]
danieldaniel amiller: ok [04:53]
draco49 [04:53]
paraipan ok danieldaniel [04:53]
rg spain must have the highest cancer rate [04:53]
mircea_popescu well vragnaroda... they had two things working for them. surprise and fear. [04:53]
rg (lung) cancer [04:54]
amiller danieldaniel, give me .5 btc and i'll flip a coin for you [04:54]
danieldaniel draco49: anything recent? [04:54]
danieldaniel amiller: XD [04:54]
OneFixt no one expects the spanish inquisition [04:54]
rg nobdy [04:54]
draco49 what do you mean? [04:54]
danieldaniel like [04:54]
vragnaroda I do want to know the progress of that whole thing with bitcoinica in Spain but I still think you're a scumbag. [04:54]
danieldaniel something I can win tonight [04:54]
OneFixt right rg, nobody [04:54]
dwon gmaxwell: Thanks for explaining it to me. I still don't really have a problem with what Bitcoinica does. To me, the risk is worth the learning experience, and zhoutong doesn't strike me as exceedingly dishonest (even if he prefers to "beg for forgiveness rather than ask for permission"). Still, you've helped me understand this a lot better than I used to. Could you PM me a bitcoin address so I can send you a 2.0 BTC token of gratitude? [04:55]
mircea_popescu for the newer kids in the crowd, explanation : [04:55]
draco49 oh... no, as far as I know there's no daily/weekly lottery YET.... [04:55]
danieldaniel aww [04:55]
rawrmage danieldaniel: if you send me your .5 i can keep it and say you lost [04:55]
danieldaniel rawrmage: LOL [04:55]
danieldaniel no [04:55]
draco49 but bitlotto is legit and not a bad value @#64; 0.25/entry [04:55]
mircea_popescu "risk isworth the learning experience" < dwon prolly has it. [04:55]
rawrmage ;;roll [04:55]
rg vragnaroda has a new butt buddy [04:55]
gmaxwell dwon: I don't think there is anything wrong with it so long as people are fully informed. I thin kthey could do a little better in that regard. [04:55]
vragnaroda Why on Earth would you PM a bitcoin address? [04:55]
dwon gmaxwell: agreed [04:55]
danieldaniel someone should make a weekly lottery [04:56]
draco49 :D ... [04:56]
danieldaniel or daily [04:56]
rg its good enough for you its good enough for me its good enough! [04:56]
unclemantis they are out there [04:56]
paraipan vragnaroda i can live with that [04:56]
gmaxwell (likewise I think ponzi schemes are also okay if they're explicit) [04:56]
rg its good enough fro me! ay yi yi yi [04:56]
paraipan :) [04:56]
unclemantis and when you say lottery what do you mean exactly? [04:56]
unclemantis shit, how about a bitcoin BINGO [04:56]
danieldaniel unclemantis: like powerball [04:56]
danieldaniel ] [04:56]
vragnaroda .w lottery [04:56]
markac lottery — noun: 1. A scheme for the distribution of prizes by lot or chance, especially a gaming scheme in which one or more tickets bearing particular numbers draw prizes, the other tickets are blanks, 2. (figuratively) An affair of chance [04:56]
zordilorp bet that the last digit of the next block hash will be < 8 [04:57]
danieldaniel w00t [04:57]
danieldaniel won a bit coin on betcoin [04:57]
vragnaroda danieldaniel: On what bet? [04:57]
danieldaniel [04:57]
dwon vragnaroda: Some people prefer to PM bitcoin addresses, because a few publicly-known bitcoin address makes it really easy for people to trace where you've received/spent bitcoins. [04:57]
rg .o ud vrag [04:57]
* Silberfuchs has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [04:57]
markac Slang for Vag, or vagina.1. Slang for vagina or vag. 2. Acronym for Violence Risk Appraisal Guide. [04:57]
rawrmage .o ud rg [04:57]
rawrmage .o ud rawrmage [04:57]
markac An internet chat abbreviation for "retarded giggles"; applicable when reading a message and in stead of 'laughing out loud', you let out a short, obnoxious, manatee-sounding laugh. An 'RG' can also be [04:57]
rawrmage .o ud rawr [04:57]
markac ENOTFOUND [04:57]
rawrmage .o ud made [04:57]
rawrmage .o ud mage [04:57]
vragnaroda dwon: It takes more than a few. [04:57]
markac A word that means "I Love You" in dinosaur. A primitive sound used to represent a personal feeling. Due to the generic and modular nature of the word, the actual implied meaning varies from person to [04:57]
rg .o ud rapeghost [04:57]
markac A skilled magic user who, unlike wizards and sorcerors, needs no staff as an outlet of his magic, but instead uses his hands.The class in World of Warcraft that does crack, then goes and casts spells [04:58]
markac to be "blessed" into a family(crew) by means of being a great associate(cafone)in which a member of cosa nostra(made man most likely a soldier "soldati" or a higher ranking soldier "sgarrista") has al [04:58]
markac A ghost with a peculiar obsession with raping anything and everything. Its ethereal nature gives it the ability to rape a wide variety of people, animals, and objects. [04:58]
rawrmage lol [04:58]
rg sounds about right [04:58]
rg i rape anything with matter [04:58]
rawrmage i do crack then cast spells and am a dinosaur [04:58]
* oddlifter has quit (Quit: Page closed) [04:58]
paraipan vragnaroda could you please keep your personal opinion on me out of the otc rating system ? [04:59]
* vragnaroda removes ban on *!*@#64;unaffiliated/mcorlett [04:59]
vragnaroda paraipan: No, that's what it's for. Your behavior causes me to distrust you. [05:00]
* Cablesaurus (~IceChat77@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [05:00]
* Cablesaurus has quit (Changing host) [05:00]
* Cablesaurus (~IceChat77@#64;unaffiliated/cablesaurus) has joined #bitcoin-otc [05:00]
danieldaniel W00t [05:00]
danieldaniel I won 150% of my bet at [05:00]
rg vragnaroda - the guy who doesnt trade yet still puts shit in the ratings [05:00]
rg lovely [05:00]
zordilorp where can i get a bitcoin loan [05:00]
paraipan i don't think you have any reason to rate me given that we didn't trade or do bussines at all [05:00]
paraipan :( [05:00]
danieldaniel ;;ident zordilorp [05:01]
gribble Nick 'zordilorp', with hostmask 'zordilorp!~zordilorp@#64;', is not identified. [05:01]
danieldaniel no [05:01]
* yongjhen (~yongjhen@#64;gateway/tor-sasl/yongjhen) has joined #bitcoin-otc [05:01]
danieldaniel zordilorp: not here :) [05:01]
danieldaniel well, yes here [05:01]
danieldaniel but only when you have a rating [05:01]
zordilorp ahh'cool [05:01]
vragnaroda rg: I have traded on here. I just don't do it often. I will not trade with paraipan and people that would factor what I say is my trust level for him into it are clear about why. [05:01]
vragnaroda [22:00] < paraipan> | i don't think you have any reason to rate me given that we didn't trade or do bussines at all <- You don't understand the purpose. [05:02]
paraipan but your statement is false [05:02]
paraipan i didn't use force on no one [05:02]
paraipan and i have suspicion [05:02]
danieldaniel paraipan: don't use bad grammar with vrag [05:02]
rg paraipan: whatever your motivation for doing what you did, its going to come off as being a tattle tale to people [05:02]
vragnaroda That you're oblivious to what your actions are only makes it worse. [05:03]
rg just chill [05:03]
rg itll blow over [05:03]
paraipan of bitcoinica [05:03]
paraipan got it rg [05:03]
rg markymark will eventually remove it [05:03]
rg no harm no foul [05:03]
rg honestly a bad otc rating is the least of your worries right now [05:03]
rg youve got all those forum fags out for blood [05:03]
paraipan but i take it seriously that's all [05:03]
rg meh if you created another identity here for trading [05:04]
rawrmage rg, paraipan: [05:04]
rg no one would even know [05:04]
rawrmage here is a picture of science woona [05:04]
kilm dont worry paraipan vragnaroda is a evil perso [05:04]
paraipan :) [05:04]
rawrmage guard it with your lief [05:04]
rg well i disagree with that [05:04]
zordilorp so otc is a popularity contest where people record their personal opinions of other users? [05:04]
paraipan not at all kilm [05:04]
danieldaniel zordilorp: no [05:04]
rg zordilorp: its a trust based system [05:04]
rg if something rubs you the wrong way about someone [05:04]
rawrmage vragnaroda: kilm is djk90 [05:04]
rg youre free to put it in the ratings [05:04]
paraipan he doesn't know what this is all about [05:04]
rg just as theyre free to do it to you [05:04]
vragnaroda I suspect so. [05:05]
rawrmage vragnaroda: he's selling the same GCs [05:05]
rawrmage for the same amount [05:05]
paraipan ack rg [05:05]
rg detectivemage [05:05]
rawrmage with the same string [05:05]
* yossarian_ (~john@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [05:05]
* vragnaroda sets ban on *!*@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip.$#bitcoin-dungeon [05:05]
* vragnaroda has kicked kilm from #bitcoin-otc (kilm) [05:05]
rg who is djk90 [05:06]
rg annoying turd? [05:06]
vragnaroda rawrmage: and celeste and guss64 and roanm6 and damarsh [05:06]
rg scammer? [05:06]
rawrmage vragnaroda: lol [05:06]
draco49 he's been trying to sell GC for thelimited for a few days now... [05:06]
* splatster|away is now known as splatster [05:07]
vragnaroda rg: An annoying turd that has 100s of $1 gift cards for CVS and other places. [05:07]
draco49 But last I recall he couldn't get GPG to work or figure out the regsitration and auth process. [05:07]
vragnaroda That's correct. [05:08]
echelon who [05:10]
mircea_popescu im starting to suspect very deliberate trollery. [05:11]
* Staatsfeind (~markac@#64;unaffiliated/vragnaroda) has joined #bitcoin-otc [05:11]
* ChanServ gives voice to Staatsfeind [05:11]
mircea_popescu the paraipan fellow keeps his cool and argues minor points [05:11]
njstein yo gangsta with those cvs gift cards [05:11]
njstein or maybe people are just that stupid [05:11]
paraipan my life story mircea_popescu [05:11]
paraipan :) [05:11]
njstein you can't have >100 iqs without <100 iqs [05:11]
paraipan nice to meet you btw [05:12]
mircea_popescu o, we've met ? [05:12]
paraipan in here i mean [05:12]
njstein i was watchin my friend open his sat scores in c++ class, he got an 850 out of 1600 [05:12]
njstein it was an awkward situation [05:13]
mircea_popescu ouch. [05:13]
* lueo (3d3ea08a@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [05:14]
mircea_popescu i knew these folks. they had this daughter, a kinda nice and very pretty girl. [05:14]
phraust ay! [05:14]
mircea_popescu maybe a bit simple ? tho you never know [05:14]
mircea_popescu she told everyone she did GREAT on the SAT [05:14]
mircea_popescu and then the results came [05:14]
mircea_popescu it was like... i don't even recall, 200 ? 300 ? [05:14]
mircea_popescu was like the bottom 1% [05:14]
njstein total? [05:15]
mircea_popescu yea [05:15]
njstein like 500? [05:15]
mircea_popescu was like the lowest score in the history of her school. [05:15]
njstein you get 200 points on each section for writing your name down [05:15]
rawrmage lol [05:15]
mircea_popescu and this was on the west coast, history of the school = century+ [05:15]
* mcorlett (~milton@#64;unaffiliated/mcorlett) has joined #bitcoin-otc [05:15]
mcorlett Hi there. [05:15]
rawrmage hi mcorlett [05:15]
rawrmage how are you <3 [05:15]
njstein got any cvs gift cards? [05:15]
njstein i'm fiending [05:15]
rawrmage lûl [05:16]
mcorlett rawrmage: I get by. [05:16]
zordilorp i need my suppositories [05:16]
njstein i'd like 50 $1 ones, so the cashier can finally learn my name [05:16]
zordilorp ill buy some cvs cards at a 5% discount maybe [05:16]
lueo ;;book MTGUSD [05:18]
rawrmage rg: hey have you seen our old friend GammaG's new vhost on rizon [05:19]
rawrmage rg: "GammaG [peepweet@#64;I.Love.Opioids.n.Opiates.H]" [05:19]
njstein lol [05:19]
* hngryhngryhippo (~hngryhngr@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [05:19]
Staatsfeind rawrmage: What channels does (s)he frequent on Rizon? [05:19]
danieldaniel This is my conversation with xbox live [05:20]
danieldaniel ' [05:20]
danieldaniel "It will help me serve you better if I can find your customer record" [05:20]
rawrmage donno, he disconnected [05:20]
danieldaniel "I don't have one… You fucking banned me" [05:20]
danieldaniel "Im sorry, that was an invalid response" [05:20]
danieldaniel ... [05:20]
* evertonblair (5995d1a6@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [05:20]
njstein didn't you have a customer record at one time? [05:20]
* Clipse-b has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [05:21]
danieldaniel yeah [05:21]
danieldaniel apparently they deleted it [05:21]
rawrmage paraipan: right, but did you file a police report /before/ asking to see their info? [05:21]
njstein did you have 'em try lookin for it again? [05:21]
P3DigitalResourc does anyone here use moneybookers for selling/buying bitcoin? [05:22]
paraipan not at all rawrmage [05:22]
rawrmage Staatsfeind: oooo, can't tell, they went umode +p [05:22]
rawrmage Staatsfeind: they didn't used to do that [05:22]
zordilorp goatcash [05:22]
paraipan i asked zhoutong politely in the forum [05:22]
rawrmage must be getting tired of stalkers [05:22]
rawrmage link? [05:22]
evertonblair ;;sell 102 USD @#64; {mtgoxlast} BTC USD in the form of egift cards. smaller amounts acceptable. [05:22]
Staatsfeind rawrmage: What's that? [05:22]
paraipan serching for the posts... [05:22]
* yongjhen has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [05:22]
rawrmage Staatsfeind: the equivalent of umode +i on freenode [05:22]
njstein danieldaniel: you could try being polite over the phone instead of malicious to someone who had absolutely nothing to do with your situation and probably hates his job as it is but has to keep it because he got some dumb 19 year old pregnant cause he was raw dogging her like a crazy foo. he doesn't deserve that [05:24]
danieldaniel LOLWUT [05:24]
danieldaniel oh [05:24]
danieldaniel hell no [05:24]
danieldaniel I'm recording this shit [05:25]
mcorlett danieldaniel: May I ask how old you are? [05:25]
danieldaniel 17 [05:25]
mcorlett Thank you. [05:25]
danieldaniel ??? [05:25]
danieldaniel no, I'm really 9001 [05:25]
njstein i bet your white too [05:25]
njstein i fucking hate white people [05:25]
copumpkin your white what? [05:25]
mcorlett Just barely over 9000, then. [05:25]
njstein you're* [05:25]
copumpkin I fucking hate white people too [05:25]
rawrmage why are you thanking him for his age? [05:25]
danieldaniel njstein: i am [05:25]
danieldaniel ' [05:25]
mcorlett rawrmage: I thanked him for answering the question. [05:26]
rawrmage ah [05:26]
njstein they are loud and obnoxious and think they own the place and have silly problems [05:26]
* ChanServ removes channel operator status from vragnaroda [05:26]
Staatsfeind We *do* own the place, though. :þ [05:26]
copumpkin omg a thorn [05:26]
danieldaniel I said my last place was herpderp [05:26]
Staatsfeind *þorn [05:27]
copumpkin you got a thorn in your tongue [05:27]
danieldaniel and she asked to spell that [05:27]
danieldaniel >.> [05:27]
copumpkin oh, sorry [05:27]
copumpkin murþer [05:27]
rawrmage moþer [05:27]
phantomcircuit njstein, i believe you just described poor people in general [05:27]
phantomcircuit congrats [05:27]
Staatsfeind What's ðat supposed to be? [05:27]
* phantomcircuit runs [05:27]
paraipan rawrmage [05:27]
Staatsfeind phantomcircuit: lol [05:27]
njstein woah, when did i ever said anything about ecomonic wealth [05:27]
copumpkin Staatsfeind: I remember reading somewhere that the murther -> murder transition happened due to the þ looking like a D [05:27]
copumpkin Staatsfeind: but that might just be pop etymology [05:28]
njstein that has nothing to do with the quality of a person [05:28]
danieldaniel I'm gonna troll this guy had [05:28]
danieldaniel hard* [05:28]
copumpkin danieldaniel: atta boy [05:28]
rawrmage ;;unrate paraipan [05:28]
gribble Successfully removed your rating for paraipan. [05:28]
copumpkin danieldaniel: make his life living hell for someone else deleting your record [05:28]
paraipan ;;unrate rawrmage [05:28]
gribble Successfully removed your rating for rawrmage. [05:28]
danieldaniel copumpkin: its a phone call [05:28]
copumpkin danieldaniel: then you'll be really cool! [05:28]
paraipan thanks dude [05:28]
copumpkin I know [05:29]
danieldaniel how is it living hell?? [05:29]
* yongjhen (~yongjhen@#64;gateway/tor-sasl/yongjhen) has joined #bitcoin-otc [05:29]
danieldaniel im confuzzled [05:29]
copumpkin danieldaniel: he probably hates his job [05:29]
danieldaniel copumpkin: Well, fine [05:29]
rawrmage .ety murder [05:29]
danieldaniel ill br srs first [05:29]
markac "O.E. morðor (pl. morþras) 'secret killing of a person, unlawful killing,' also 'mortal sin, crime, punishment, torment, misery,' from P.Gmc. *murthran (cf. Goth maurþr, O.Fris. morth, O.N. morð, M.Du. moort, Ger. Mord 'murder'). from PIE *mrtro-, [...]" - [05:29]
danieldaniel rawrmage: lolwut [05:29]
danieldaniel be* [05:29]
rawrmage <+copumpkin> Staatsfeind: I remember reading somewhere that the murther -> murder transition happened due to the þ looking like a D [05:29]
njstein what are you trying to accomplish on the phone? [05:29]
phantomcircuit njstein, are you on your phone? or at work [05:29]
njstein no why? [05:30]
phantomcircuit leap wireless [05:30]
njstein 3g usb card [05:30]
phantomcircuit ah [05:30]
Staatsfeind copumpkin: Oh, that's interesting. [05:30]
phantomcircuit njstein, i was making a joke [05:31]
copumpkin Staatsfeind: it might still be false, but it sort of made sense :) [05:31]
phantomcircuit njstein, i do believe that you can classify people reasonably effectively, but not by race or economic status [05:31]
Staatsfeind .tr :en :de murder [05:31]
markac Staatsfeind: "Mord" (en to de, [05:31]
* Zarutian has quit (Quit: Zarutian) [05:31]
njstein yah but i'm not really in to judging people [05:32]
danieldaniel I have been on f***ing hold for 20 minutes [05:32]
danieldaniel with shitty elevator music [05:32]
njstein well way to call during regular business hours [05:32]
copumpkin Old English morðor (plural morþras) "secret killing of a person, unlawful [05:32]
mod6 thats the worst, because you can't not listen. [05:32]
copumpkin you don't just walk into mordor [05:32]
evertonblair like vrag [05:32]
njstein what are you trying to do anyways danieldaniel? [05:33]
danieldaniel get my account unbanned [05:33]
njstein why is it banned? [05:33]
danieldaniel idk [05:33]
danieldaniel someone hacked my account or something [05:33]
danieldaniel and hacked [05:33]
copumpkin this sounds like something twey would know [05:33]
* NASDAQEnema has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [05:33]
copumpkin since he is the master of the thorn [05:34]
njstein how do you even hack an account anyways [05:34]
copumpkin njstein: l33thax, duh [05:34]
dwon lol [05:34]
njstein you give out your password [05:34]
njstein and haxin on xbox? i thought there was only serious glitchin [05:34]
* phraust has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [05:35]
copumpkin njstein: trust me, I'm a certified hax0r [05:35]
* phraust (~PhraustBy@#64;unaffiliated/phraust) has joined #bitcoin-otc [05:35]
copumpkin I know all about l33thax [05:35]
copumpkin [22:31:09] <@#64;bitcoinRT> Feb19 03:25:45 | Bid: 4.25935  | Ask: 4.27999  | Last: 4.28634  | Volume: 66600 [05:35]
njstein bro i bet u r leik so gud at halo 1 [05:35]
copumpkin oh shit [05:35]
njstein volume of the beast [05:36]
copumpkin njstein: nah, I rox0r ur s0x0rz at quake 1 [05:36]
danieldaniel I'm about to scream [05:36]
njstein i was too busy playing mechwarrior 2 to get into quake [05:36]
danieldaniel this stupid fucking support [05:36]
copumpkin mechwarrior 2 was for llamas [05:36]
copumpkin real men played quake [05:36]
danieldaniel the prerecorded message has told me 5 times now [05:36]
copumpkin white men [05:36]
danieldaniel "Did you know that you can get support online" [05:36]
danieldaniel And I'm like [05:36]
danieldaniel YES I F***ING KNOW [05:37]
rg daniel its for people who dont attempt to try anything [05:37]
rg before calling up and complaining [05:37]
danieldaniel ok [05:37]
danieldaniel but 5 fricken times [05:37]
danieldaniel is a little over-the-top [05:37]
rg its a recording dude [05:37]
njstein i played the hell out of tribes 2 if that's any redemption [05:37]
rg what the fuck do you expect [05:37]
rg honestly [05:37]
danieldaniel i expect them to play it once [05:37]
danieldaniel and then play the shitty elevator music [05:37]
njstein hi i'm calling at 10;30 at night and expect my phone call to get answered immediately [05:37]
rg well they have to play it more than once cause idiots wont get it through their head [05:37]
danieldaniel oh, nevermind [05:37]
rg to google before the ycomplain [05:38]
rg i run a customer service oriented business [05:38]
danieldaniel now its some sort of spanish thing [05:38]
rg and NO ONE tries anything [05:38]
rg before complaining [05:38]
danieldaniel rg: that must suck [05:38]
njstein his gamer tag got banned yo [05:38]
njstein this is srs shit [05:38]
danieldaniel 6 fing times [05:38]
danieldaniel holy crap [05:38]
njstein you think you would have learned after the first [05:38]
danieldaniel njstein: I don't really care [05:38]
rg no hello kity island adventure for daniel [05:39]
rg ;< [05:39]
danieldaniel Now its this weird 80s song [05:39]
danieldaniel WTFFFF [05:39]
njstein and why are you coming into #bitcoin-otc to complain about it. post a facebook status or send a tweet [05:39]
rg wow this subtitle is in spanish [05:39]
rg i rarely get spanish subs [05:39]
rg generally swedish or german [05:39]
rg or dutch [05:39]
Staatsfeind Scat porn tends to be more targeted at Germanic audiences. [05:40]
paraipan the spanish ppl really have troubles getting to learn another language [05:40]
paraipan lul [05:40]
rg why the fuck would a porn have subtitles, markymark? [05:40]
njstein Staatsfeind: what do you mean more? [05:40]
paraipan hahaha [05:40]
njstein oh [05:40]
njstein tends [05:41]
Staatsfeind paraipan: Mexicans aren't any better. :þ [05:41]
njstein i thought you said needs [05:41]
paraipan wait untill you see a voice dubbed porn in spanish [05:41]
Staatsfeind njstein: lol [05:41]
rg im watching 310 to yuma [05:41]
Staatsfeind Fuck that shit. [05:41]
paraipan they dub the uh oh ahhh [05:41]
paraipan and all that [05:41]
rg i dont know who i like better [05:41]
rg russel crowe or christian bale [05:41]
danieldaniel 8 times [05:42]
rg val kilmer is my favorite actor [05:42]
rg of all time [05:42]
rg and i dont care if you disagree [05:42]
Staatsfeind What? Who would disagree that he's your favorite actor? [05:42]
rg Cunth!!! [05:42]
paraipan lol Staatsfeind hope to have the money and travel that far some day [05:42]
rg i dont like movies where animals die [05:43]
rg and a cow just died in the movie [05:43]
Staatsfeind paraipan: Dude, you don't want to go there. México's dirty. [05:43]
rg racist [05:43]
paraipan meh depends on what you're there for [05:43]
rg spewing your hate propaganda as usual [05:43]
paraipan spain is dirty too [05:43]
mircea_popescu << has been to mexico, is notdirty. [05:44]
paraipan more than you think [05:44]
rg so is america [05:44]
mircea_popescu in fact, its cleaner than most of the us. [05:44]
rg new york is a dingy scum hole [05:44]
rg youd be lucky to find a street in new york as clean as mexico [05:44]
njstein mircea_popescu: unless you count the government [05:44]
Staatsfeind mircea_popescu: I wouldn't recommend most of the U.S., either. [05:44]
mircea_popescu the only reason it looks dirty to northerners is that they go to like baja, where they run into... more northerners [05:44]
rg ok guns time [05:44]
rg bbl [05:44]
mircea_popescu njstein well the govt, i was being literal [05:44]
njstein ; [05:45]
Staatsfeind (I've never actually been to México; I was just messing with you.) [05:45]
* coldhardmetal has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [05:45]
njstein i made a joke [05:45]
mircea_popescu i have a hot button cause ppl were o, you're going to mexico ? carry tp [05:45]
Staatsfeind I would recommend not going to California, though. [05:45]
mircea_popescu and once there... dude, they had nice, clean and furnished bathrooms in bus stops [05:45]
mircea_popescu UNLIKE the greyhound stops in southern us lemme tell you. [05:45]
Staatsfeind lol, that's because in the U.S., only the really poor take Greyhound. [05:46]
mircea_popescu hey, the us is the us [05:46]
mircea_popescu as it is. [05:46]
Staatsfeind Poor people are disgusting. [05:46]
mircea_popescu people in general are disgusting [05:46]
mircea_popescu the exact methods they employ vary [05:47]
paraipan until you get to live with them and know their are nice [05:47]
* DBordello (~DB@#64;unaffiliated/dbordello) has joined #bitcoin-otc [05:47]
mircea_popescu ... [05:47]
mircea_popescu i lived there dood. [05:47]
Staatsfeind mircea_popescu: in general? [05:48]
Staatsfeind I've never been to general. [05:48]
mircea_popescu haha , there actualy exists a General [05:48]
Staatsfeind I'm sure there are several. [05:49]
mircea_popescu but no, i meant mx. [05:50]
Staatsfeind .tr :en :de to murder [05:50]
markac Staatsfeind: "Beihilfe zum Mord" (en to de, [05:50]
Staatsfeind That's not an infinitive! [05:50]
Staatsfeind .tr :en :de He wants to murder her. [05:51]
markac Staatsfeind: "Er möchte sie zu ermorden." (en to de, [05:51]
evertonblair ;;sell 102 USD @#64; {mtgoxlast} BTC USD in the form of egift cards. smaller amounts acceptable. [05:51]
rawrmage you don't fucking learn [05:51]
rawrmage do you [05:51]
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to Staatsfeind [05:51]
danieldaniel god damnit [05:51]
* Staatsfeind sets ban on *!*@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip.$#bitcoin-dungeon [05:51]
MILF i don't think he's gonna ever pawn those giftcards off [05:52]
* Staatsfeind has kicked evertonblair from #bitcoin-otc (evertonblair) [05:52]
rawrmage #bitcoin-dungeon? lol nice [05:52]
phantomcircuit Staatsfeind, ? [05:52]
Staatsfeind phantomcircuit: A ban evader [05:52]
phantomcircuit oh [05:52]
MILF lol [05:52]
rawrmage MILF: not here, at least! [05:53]
MILF yeah, i looked at the website once just out of curiousity [05:53]
MILF it's like women's clothing [05:53]
MILF :/ [05:53]
* Duke_pro (~duke@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [05:55]
* uzyn (~uzyn@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [05:55]
rawrmage uzyn: .sg? nice [05:57]
rawrmage MILF: hey, you never know. [05:58]
* cliffyad (c16b1133@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [05:58]
paraipan hey guys [05:58]
paraipan what do you think about this one ? [05:58]
MILF rawrmage, yeah i suppose so....but in a room that's primarily filled with guys (or at least so i'd guess) [05:58]
MILF it's not a very good place to try and pawn it off. [05:58]
paraipan what i'm supposed to do now... [05:58]
* subpar_ has quit (Quit: Leaving) [05:59]
copumpkin paraipan: what about it? [05:59]
paraipan you saw the image ? [05:59]
* subpar (~JW@#64;unaffiliated/subpar) has joined #bitcoin-otc [05:59]
copumpkin it's a bank account [05:59]
paraipan trans ref... [05:59]
copumpkin and? [05:59]
paraipan he is using my nick as a reference [05:59]
rawrmage yea? [06:00]
paraipan [06:00]
paraipan i just saw it by mistake [06:00]
copumpkin you worried about people depositing funds into your account? [06:00]
paraipan couldn't believe my eyes [06:01]
paraipan is not my account [06:01]
zordilorp schwab let me create a checking account online [06:01]
paraipan i live in spain [06:01]
copumpkin huh [06:01]
copumpkin I don't understand what you're surprised by [06:01]
paraipan and my name isn't Zhou Tong [06:01]
* zeezey has quit (Quit: Textual IRC Client: [06:01]
pigeons wtf is this guy on [06:01]
* copumpkin facepalms [06:01]
paraipan imagine copumpkin as reference then [06:01]
copumpkin paraipan: uhh [06:02]
* zeezey (~textual@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:02]
paraipan it's as real as it gets [06:02]
copumpkin paraipan: can you explain what you're seeing there? [06:02]
rawrmage i'm confused [06:02]
paraipan this guy is using my nick as a reference with his service [06:02]
copumpkin lol [06:02]
paraipan dunno what he tryes to do by that [06:02]
paraipan tries* [06:02]
copumpkin "Transaction Reference: copumpkin (Important!)" [06:03]
pigeons paraipan: where did you get that image? [06:03]
rawrmage to tie your deposit to your account? [06:03]
copumpkin omg [06:03]
copumpkin HE IS USING MY NAME [06:03]
rawrmage so he knows whose account to credit?? [06:03]
paraipan on bitcoinica [06:03]
copumpkin paraipan: are you serious? [06:03]
pigeons from your account? [06:03]
paraipan i made an account when he oppened [06:03]
paraipan yes pigeons [06:03]
pigeons with nick of paraipan? [06:03]
copumpkin paraipan: my mind is seriously blown [06:04]
paraipan i know [06:04]
paraipan mine too [06:04]
paraipan :O [06:04]
copumpkin paraipan: so if you were operating a business [06:04]
copumpkin and wanted to accept deposits to a bank account for account-holders of your business [06:05]
copumpkin how would you differentiate between account-holders? [06:05]
paraipan pits me [06:05]
copumpkin say I send to your bank account and rawrmage sent to your bank account [06:05]
paraipan lol [06:05]
paraipan now i get it [06:06]
rawrmage [06:06]
paraipan it different for every user [06:06]
paraipan maybe i should get to sleep [06:06]
* copumpkin pulls out the futurama fry [06:06]
paraipan lawl [06:06]
copumpkin "not sure if" [06:06]
paraipan :) [06:06]
pigeons :) [06:06]
copumpkin [06:06]
paraipan thanks guys [06:06]
paraipan i was starting to see things [06:07]
paraipan :) [06:07]
rawrmage copumpkin: why is he at hogwarts in that picture [06:07]
copumpkin :) [06:08]
copumpkin dunno [06:08]
copumpkin cause hogwarts is awesome? [06:08]
rawrmage lol [06:08]
* cliffyad has quit (Quit: Page closed) [06:09]
* Bosma has quit (Quit: leaving) [06:10]
copumpkin I wonder [06:10]
copumpkin does the rain in spain [06:10]
copumpkin fall mainly in the plain? [06:10]
gfinn yes [06:11]
* gribble gives voice to uzyn [06:12]
zordilorp apply online -> download this pdf and mail it to us! wtf [06:12]
Staatsfeind zordilorp: Laws are stupid but that's the kind of thing they require. [06:13]
danieldaniel omg [06:13]
* yongjhen has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [06:13]
Staatsfeind danieldaniel: Please don't use my real name in vain. [06:13]
* jjjrmy-m (6166d451@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:13]
zordilorp its cool.. lots of banks do it fully online [06:13]
zordilorp schwab was one [06:14]
rawrmage Staatsfeind: [06:14]
rawrmage lol [06:14]
zordilorp other lame banks are like "dude heres a buttload of pdfs, why dont you fill it out and well maybe approve you" [06:14]
danieldaniel zordilorp: use td bank [06:15]
danieldaniel they didn't make me do that [06:15]
danieldaniel although [06:15]
zordilorp cool [06:15]
danieldaniel they suck [06:15]
Staatsfeind My main bank account right now, I opened it online, but I couldn't withdraw it until they received a signature card in the mail. :/ [06:15]
* yongjhen (~yongjhen@#64;gateway/tor-sasl/yongjhen) has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:15]
Staatsfeind danieldaniel: lol [06:15]
danieldaniel didn't do that with me [06:15]
danieldaniel also [06:15]
danieldaniel etrad [06:15]
danieldaniel etrade* [06:15]
zordilorp danieldaniel: the good thing about them is they can give you a new atm card inside the branch if you need a replacement [06:15]
Staatsfeind That's because they're Canuckistani. [06:15]
* PaulZagzzzzzzzz is now known as paulzag [06:15]
danieldaniel Thats as good as a checking account [06:15]
danieldaniel zordilorp: I know, i did that once [06:15]
Staatsfeind zordilorp: Oh, that's fucking cool. [06:15]
jjjrmy-m danieldaniel: long time no see [06:16]
zordilorp does etrade give you a debit card? [06:16]
danieldaniel jjjrmy-m: not reall [06:16]
danieldaniel really* [06:16]
danieldaniel zordilorp: yes [06:16]
zordilorp kewl [06:16]
danieldaniel in the mail [06:16]
jjjrmy-m danieldaniel: I haven't seen you in a while [06:16]
danieldaniel jjjrmy-m: D; [06:16]
zordilorp fuck the banks.. but i need to have an atm card [06:16]
danieldaniel Ive been on this support call for an hour [06:16]
* samumedic1 has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [06:16]
* UNOE227 (~mmc@#64;unaffiliated/unoe227) has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:16]
jjjrmy-m danieldaniel: for what? [06:16]
danieldaniel xbox live [06:17]
jjjrmy-m danieldaniel: pff [06:17]
paulzag ;;ident paulzag [06:19]
gribble Nick 'paulzag', with hostmask 'paulzag!paulzag@#64;', is identified as user paulzag, with GPG key id D2E53C8106D2F48F, and key fingerprint F36D4740261B6E12B48DC67BD2E53C8106D2F48F. [06:19]
* Tykling has quit (Excess Flood) [06:19]
* jjjrmy-m has quit (Quit: Page closed) [06:20]
* Tykling (tykling@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:20]
* Tykling has quit (Excess Flood) [06:21]
luke-jr extra extra, theymos says working with rg is a pain! [06:23]
luke-jr [23:22:10] I used to use U-Verse. Working around the RG was a real pain. [06:23]
luke-jr <.< [06:23]
paulzag ;;ticker [06:24]
gribble Best bid: 4.281, Best ask: 4.3, Bid-ask spread: 0.019, Last trade: 4.299, 24 hour volume: 66430, 24 hour low: 4.12, 24 hour high: 4.49675 [06:24]
Staatsfeind luke-jr: Don't be a dick. [06:24]
luke-jr Staatsfeind: no u [06:24]
luke-jr Staatsfeind: why does #bitcoin-onepercent redirect me to 99percent now? [06:24]
copumpkin lol [06:24]
rawrmage lol [06:25]
Staatsfeind luke-jr: Because it's funny. [06:25]
danieldaniel FUCK you xbox live [06:25]
Cory luke-jr: That's where we keep plebs like you. [06:26]
luke-jr Cory: no u [06:26]
Staatsfeind danieldaniel: Did you try /joining #bitcoin-onepercent or #bitcoin-99percent? [06:26]
danieldaniel one [06:26]
danieldaniel I did [06:26]
* gribble gives voice to someguy [06:26]
danieldaniel someguy [06:26]
danieldaniel pm me pl0x [06:26]
danieldaniel I'm too lazy to click on ur name [06:27]
Staatsfeind danieldaniel: You did what? [06:27]
danieldaniel kthx [06:27]
danieldaniel i joined onepercent [06:27]
Staatsfeind 23:27 -!- danieldaniel [~danieldan@#64;unaffiliated/danieldaniel] has joined #bitcoin-99percent [06:27]
danieldaniel i did it b4 2 [06:27]
Staatsfeind danieldaniel: You were forwarded to -99percent. [06:27]
danieldaniel i know [06:27]
* someguy is now known as Someguy123 [06:27]
luke-jr percents are so absurd anyway [06:28]
luke-jr why would anyone work in hundredths? [06:28]
rawrmage 10‰ [06:29]
rawrmage bitcoin-10permille [06:29]
luke-jr 128ths would be much more sane [06:29]
rawrmage Staatsfeind: sound good to you? [06:29]
Staatsfeind lol [06:29]
Cory luke-jr: It's way harder to estimate the percent a value is of 128! [06:30]
* Tykling (tykling@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:30]
Staatsfeind ‰ is much nicer than %. [06:30]
luke-jr or 256ths to make it a round san [06:30]
luke-jr Cory: well, you don't use it for estimates then :P [06:30]
Staatsfeind n² is stupid. [06:30]
* danieldaniel has quit (Quit: danieldaniel) [06:30]
copumpkin cube is better, yeah [06:30]
copumpkin case in point: timecube [06:30]
luke-jr if you need estimates, use 16ths [06:30]
copumpkin [06:30]
* danieldaniel_ (~danieldan@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:31]
* Duke_pro has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [06:31]
danieldaniel_ Someguy123: there… you happy now? [06:31]
danieldaniel_ ;;eauth danieldaniel [06:31]
Staatsfeind copumpkin: Not what I was talking about, but OK. ;) [06:31]
* gribble gives voice to danieldaniel_ [06:31]
copumpkin in Haskell, I can make !$@#64;# an operator [06:32]
copumpkin that is real ultimate power [06:33]
unclemantis anyone here know how much it would cost to hire a miner to generate a vanity onion name? [06:33]
* Dragonai (~octanexs@#64;unaffiliated/dragonai) has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:33]
danieldaniel_ unclemantis: what do you want it to be? [06:34]
dwon unclemantis: Well, you'd have to trust the miner, since he'd have a copy of your private key when you're done. [06:34]
dwon I think [06:34]
danieldaniel_ unclemantis: I can rent a dedicated server for a couple house [06:35]
danieldaniel_ house* [06:35]
danieldaniel_ hours* [06:35]
danieldaniel_ and give you login info [06:35]
danieldaniel_ and you can do it on that [06:35]
unclemantis does it have GPU? [06:35]
splatster I still have $22.65 PPUSD for sale [06:35]
splatster Any takers? [06:35]
copumpkin that's an odd way of phrasing it, splatster [06:36]
danieldaniel_ unclemantis: no, but a srsly good cpu [06:37]
danieldaniel_ also [06:37]
danieldaniel_ its like $2 [06:37]
danieldaniel_ so you won't lose much [06:37]
danieldaniel_ :P [06:37]
danieldaniel_ also, keep in mind that your not mining for a block [06:37]
danieldaniel_ lol [06:37]
danieldaniel_ copumpkin: ikr [06:37]
unclemantis i am asking for a new friend [06:37]
unclemantis he will pm you if interested [06:37]
splatster copumpkin: How? [06:37]
BTCHero what are all these - ratings about reporting bitcoinica? [06:37]
copumpkin splatster: taking a good that nobody ever wants around here and making it sound as if it's in limited supply and that people want to buy it :P [06:37]
splatster uhg [06:38]
splatster Well I was able to sell most of what I had. [06:38]
copumpkin amazing! [06:38]
splatster I know, right? [06:38]
* danieldaniel (~danieldan@#64;unaffiliated/danieldaniel) has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:39]
danieldaniel wtf [06:39]
danieldaniel ;;ping [06:39]
danieldaniel there [06:39]
dwon copumpkin: splatster's just a good salesman [06:39]
danieldaniel unclemantis: I can do it for free [06:39]
* DBordello has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [06:39]
splatster dwon: I'm flattered. [06:39]
splatster danieldaniel: Pong! [06:40]
danieldaniel_ ;;ping [06:40]
* danieldaniel_ (~danieldan@#64; has left #bitcoin-otc [06:40]
gribble pong [06:40]
danieldaniel lol [06:40]
danieldaniel that was my old username [06:40]
danieldaniel before I failed [06:40]
* ppp has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [06:40]
* ppp (~lll@#64;gateway/tor-sasl/nickito) has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:41]
danieldaniel ;;ping [06:41]
splatster danieldaniel: gribble hates you [06:42]
Staatsfeind ;;ping [06:42]
danieldaniel ;;ping ;;ping [06:42]
Staatsfeind gribble: Fuck you. [06:42]
splatster ;ping [06:42]
danieldaniel ;;roulette [06:42]
splatster ;;ping [06:42]
gribble pong [06:42]
danieldaniel aww [06:42]
Staatsfeind ;;eauth vragnaroda [06:42]
splatster YAY! [06:42]
splatster YAY! [06:42]
danieldaniel he's pm'ing it to me [06:42]
danieldaniel wtf [06:42]
splatster ;;ping [06:42]
gribble pong [06:42]
danieldaniel splatster: fuuuuu [06:42]
a5m0 unclemantis, i'd be willing to mine a name for you [06:42]
danieldaniel ;;ping [06:42]
danieldaniel gribble: pong [06:42]
smickles ; ,,ping ,,ping [06:42]
gribble pong [06:42]
gribble pong [06:42]
splatster danieldaniel: You have to auth [06:42]
rawrmage ;;ping [06:43]
gribble pong [06:43]
dwon pongv6 [06:43]
danieldaniel unclemantis: ill do it for free [06:43]
a5m0 cause i'd like to figure out how to do it for myself too [06:43]
danieldaniel ;;eauth danieldaniel [06:43]
splatster AHHH! [06:43]
smickles damn this guy is good at ping poing [06:43]
splatster ping pong spam! [06:43]
rawrmage ;;pong [06:43]
gribble ping [06:43]
danieldaniel a5m0: theres this program [06:43]
* gribble gives voice to danieldaniel [06:43]
smickles ,,ping ,,ping,,ping ,,ping,,ping ,,ping,,ping ,,ping,,ping ,,ping [06:43]
gribble pong [06:43]
gribble pong [06:43]
a5m0 lol obviously [06:43]
Staatsfeind ;;everify freenode:#bitcoin-otc:aa651f0752b17fcb5358ddfbad6b11092060aed76da82974ef77bb6c [06:43]
gribble You are now authenticated for user vragnaroda with key B594FD658613B519 [06:43]
danieldaniel LOL [06:43]
Staatsfeind ;;ping [06:43]
gribble pong [06:43]
danieldaniel oh shit [06:43]
danieldaniel kicking tiem [06:43]
rawrmage ;;ding [06:43]
rawrmage :( [06:43]
smickles ,,ping ,,ping ,,ping ,,ping ,,ping ,,ping ,,ping ,,ping ,,ping ,,ping [06:43]
gribble pong [06:43]
gribble pong [06:43]
gribble pong [06:43]
gribble pong [06:43]
gribble pong [06:43]
gribble pong [06:43]
gribble pong [06:43]
gribble pong [06:44]
gribble pong [06:44]
gribble pong [06:44]
smickles lol [06:44]
rawrmage o.O [06:44]
smickles i'll stop now [06:44]
* Staatsfeind has kicked smickles from #bitcoin-otc (Knock that the fuck off.) [06:44]
danieldaniel I knew it! [06:44]
rawrmage lol [06:44]
pingdrive lol [06:44]
* bravetheheat (~david@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:44]
* dwon is listening to this [06:44]
splatster I am physcic! [06:44]
rawrmage ;;bing [06:44]
gribble I do not know about 'bing', but I do know about these similar topics: 'bps' [06:44]
rawrmage ;;bps [06:44]
gribble Source code to gribble's bitcoin-related plugins: [06:44]
rawrmage oh cool [06:44]
danieldaniel dwon: lol [06:45]
Staatsfeind It would be cool but it's in Python. :þ [06:45]
pingdrive splatster, oh yeh? whats the price of btc going to be like tmr? [06:45]
paulzag ;;bc [06:45]
danieldaniel unclemantis: what are you looking for? [06:46]
danieldaniel what vanity name? [06:46]
* smickles (~michael@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:46]
* FlyRyan has quit (Quit: Leaving) [06:46]
smickles <.< [06:46]
smickles i've never been kicked before :o [06:47]
smickles i thought you all just stopped talking [06:47]
danieldaniel LOL [06:47]
Staatsfeind I have /fuckyouall aliased to /kick *!*@#64;* [06:48]
danieldaniel lol [06:48]
smickles heh, ever do it? [06:48]
AcidicChip I didn't know you could kick via mask, lol [06:48]
AcidicChip Learn something new every day [06:48]
Staatsfeind I'm joking. ;) [06:48]
AcidicChip Oh, LOL [06:48]
splatster try it out in -foyer [06:48]
danieldaniel its funny because [06:49]
splatster oh [06:49]
splatster damn [06:49]
danieldaniel you probably arent [06:49]
Staatsfeind Even if the protocol doesn't support it, it seems like something a sensible client would allow, though. [06:49]
AcidicChip The client itself would prolly have to do the lookups, etc. [06:49]
AcidicChip Or just recognize the mask means all, and just kick everyone [06:49]
splatster I want to see if this is a gribble command: [06:50]
splatster ;;"bing" is not a valid command. What the hell did you expect would happen? Are you retarded? Next thing I know, you'll try ;;"retarded" only to realize that "retarded" [06:50]
splatster damn [06:50]
* Snapman has quit (Quit: Leaving) [06:50]
splatster [9:50 PM] Error: "bing" is not a valid command. What the hell did you expect would happen? Are you retarded? Next thing I know, you'll try ;;" is not a valid command. [06:50]
splatster damnit [06:50]
splatster almost got it [06:50]
smickles ;;voiceme [06:51]
* gribble gives voice to smickles [06:51]
smickles :D [06:51]
* Staatsfeind removes voice from smickles [06:52]
smickles lol [06:52]
Staatsfeind [06:52]
splatster [9:52 PM] Error: "bing" is not a valid command. What the hell did you expect would happen? Are you retarded? Next thing I know, you'll try ";;retarded" only to realize that "retarded" is not a valid command. [06:52]
* AcidicChip sets mode: -o+o Staatsfeind AcidicChip [06:52]
Staatsfeind lol [06:53]
AcidicChip :P [06:53]
splatster Staatsfeind: You should try using /kick *!*@#64;* on -foyer [06:53]
copumpkin AcidicChip: gotta make sure not to kick yourself before everyone else [06:53]
Staatsfeind splatster: No, it doesn't work in my client. [06:54]
* bravetheheat (~david@#64; has left #bitcoin-otc ("Ex-Chat") [06:54]
AcidicChip copumpkin: Re the kickall alias? True [06:54]
splatster aww [06:54]
splatster You should OP me in some test channel to see if it will work [06:54]
Staatsfeind copumpkin: Have you ever looked at ii (the IRC client)? [06:54]
paulzag ;;bc,next [06:54]
AcidicChip splatster, I'm pretty sure kick won't accept a hostmask [06:54]
Cory gribble should have a bounty for kicking everybody in here. It would encourage donations. :P [06:54]
AcidicChip Unless you script it into the client [06:54]
Staatsfeind copumpkin: It seems nerdy enough that you may have. :þ [06:55]
* Snapman (~snapman@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:55]
Staatsfeind copumpkin: [06:55]
splatster everyone join #kicktestchannel so we can test out stupid shit in different clients [06:55]
AcidicChip I remember a LONg time ago, I scripted my mIRC to accept voice commands with Microsoft Agent, lol... I could join, part, activate channels/msg... I had so much free time back then [06:56]
* charlierlee (43a07586@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:58]
copumpkin Staatsfeind: nope :P [06:58]
copumpkin yoi [06:58]
charlierlee ;;gpg eauth charlierlee [06:58]
copumpkin oh wow [06:58]
copumpkin Staatsfeind: I described this thing a few years ago [06:58]
Staatsfeind Did you just look at it? [06:59]
copumpkin yeah [06:59]
copumpkin cute :) [06:59]
* emmanuelux has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [06:59]
danieldaniel unclemantis: you here? [07:00]
splatster nanotube: How do I get gribble to join a channel of mine? [07:01]
Staatsfeind splatster: You suck his dick. [07:02]
splatster Not really feeling it right now [07:02]
danieldaniel welp [07:03]
danieldaniel anyone need a vanity address? [07:03]
danieldaniel I rented this server for the hour [07:03]
danieldaniel so anyone need it? [07:03]
danieldaniel does anyone need a server with 48GB of ram and 2 quad code xeons? [07:03]
danieldaniel for like an hour or two? [07:03]
danieldaniel its free for an hour [07:04]
danieldaniel ;;ping [07:05]
gribble pong [07:05]
danieldaniel y u all so quiet [07:05]
* Staatsfeind smacks danieldaniel. [07:05]
danieldaniel ? [07:05]
danieldaniel nobody wants it?? [07:06]
danieldaniel its free... [07:06]
smickles me! [07:07]
danieldaniel ok [07:07]
danieldaniel well, don't do anything illegal pl0 [07:07]
danieldaniel pl0x [07:07]
smickles oh shit, [07:07]
smickles nvm [07:08]
danieldaniel lol [07:08]
smickles i have to go to bed [07:08]
danieldaniel cya [07:08]
smickles nn all [07:08]
danieldaniel ;;ping [07:11]
gribble pong [07:11]
danieldaniel Y U SO SILENT [07:11]
* Someguy123 is now known as someguy [07:14]
danieldaniel someguy: you here? [07:14]
* phraust has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [07:17]
* phraust (~PhraustBy@#64;unaffiliated/phraust) has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:17]
someguy danieldaniel no [07:18]
someguy wtf? [07:18]
* someguy is now known as Someguy123 [07:18]
Someguy123 my ZNC is trolling me [07:18]
* MrTiggr (~MrTiggr@#64;unaffiliated/mrtiggr) has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:18]
danieldaniel aww [07:19]
* lethu has quit (Quit: No Ping reply in 150 seconds.) [07:21]
* lethu (~Naskingar@#64;unaffiliated/lethu) has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:21]
* pingdrive has quit (Quit: Leaving) [07:22]
zordilorp Print the application now yourself, sign it and return it to us. [07:22]
zordilorp ridiculous [07:22]
* MrTiggr has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [07:23]
Someguy123 [05:03:43] <+danieldaniel> does anyone need a server with 48GB of ram and 2 quad code xeons? [07:23]
nanotube splatster: you ask me nicely :) what's your chan [07:23]
Someguy123 i'll take it for free. [07:23]
Someguy123 where'd you get it from o_O? [07:24]
danieldaniel Someguy123: thats what I meant [07:24]
splatster #kicktestchannel please :) [07:24]
danieldaniel but now I'm doing something with it [07:24]
danieldaniel :) [07:24]
* fimp has quit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep) [07:24]
Someguy123 [05:24:19] #kicktestchannel unable to join channel (invite only) [07:24]
Someguy123 aww [07:24]
splatster wut? [07:24]
Someguy123 also danieldaniel dual-quads are nothing [07:25]
* fimp (~fimp@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:25]
Someguy123 I have a 12-core opteron :3 [07:25]
danieldaniel it cost .60 [07:25]
danieldaniel so idc [07:25]
MBS so you know how supposedly theres no way to remove stuff from gpg keyservers [07:25]
nanotube splatster: wtf is that? sounds like something i shouldn't bother gribble about. :) [07:25]
splatster oh haha [07:26]
MBS would be interesting to see what happened if someone put SSNs and CC# on gpg [07:26]
danieldaniel lol [07:26]
splatster I'm just screwing around [07:26]
danieldaniel wait [07:26]
danieldaniel oh crap [07:26]
splatster Someguy123: try joining [07:27]
chsados questoin: does bitcoinica charge fees for trades? like if i were to go 1:1 on bitcoinica would it be any different fee wise than on mtgox? [07:27]
MBS they have a higher spread [07:27]
* MacRohard has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds) [07:27]
* MacRohard (rm@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:28]
chsados by spread you mean the difference between the buy and sell price? [07:28]
danieldaniel LOL [07:29]
danieldaniel splatster: :) [07:29]
* benjamindees (~ben@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:29]
danieldaniel umadbro? [07:29]
danieldaniel :( [07:29]
* fimp has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds) [07:29]
MBS yeah [07:30]
* copumpkin hugs luke-jr [07:30]
danieldaniel anyone want to donate to 1pedoKESEnvK7Jx1ZLLy6ZT16XEfzYB5j [07:30]
danieldaniel :D [07:31]
copumpkin danieldaniel: do you hang out on street corners too? [07:31]
danieldaniel ... [07:31]
danieldaniel no [07:31]
MBS anyone want to buy a dedicated server? [07:31]
woofcat danieldaniel, donate for what? [07:31]
danieldaniel look at the address [07:31]
danieldaniel lol [07:31]
danieldaniel 1pedo [07:31]
MBS 65 BTC for 1 year of an atom w/ 2GB ram from kimsufi [07:31]
danieldaniel doesn't kimsufi suck? [07:31]
Staatsfeind markac@#64;jove:~$ bitcoind sendtoaddress 1pedoKESEnvK7Jx1ZLLy6ZT16XEfzYB5j 0.00125 [07:32]
MBS not really, just bandwidth outside of europe is meh [07:32]
Staatsfeind f5c5e3ee65207e537e384e3cb674dc8964d9d229eb278a20df14de86be07605d [07:32]
danieldaniel ? [07:32]
danieldaniel wait [07:32]
Staatsfeind danieldaniel: It amused me. [07:32]
luke-jr Staatsfeind: how rude [07:32]
danieldaniel what is that? [07:33]
Staatsfeind luke-jr: Your presence was making some uncomfortable. [07:33]
Staatsfeind [07:33]
danieldaniel Staatsfeind: what is that? [07:33]
luke-jr Staatsfeind: that's their problem [07:33]
pirateat40 Can't risk leaks. :) [07:34]
luke-jr or does onepercent mean bottom 1% of humanity? ;p [07:34]
pirateat40 We are union, we do not forget.... you know the rest. [07:35]
splatster Join #kicktestchannel to screw around kicking and banning people! YAY! [07:36]
danieldaniel op pl0x? [07:36]
danieldaniel iw ont do anything [07:36]
danieldaniel promise [07:36]
* sneak has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [07:37]
* sneak (~sneak@#64;unaffiliated/sneak) has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:37]
danieldaniel *sets ban on *.** [07:37]
danieldaniel trololo [07:37]
* phungi has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds) [07:37]
Staatsfeind danieldaniel: Did you like the topic in that channel? [07:38]
danieldaniel what topic [07:38]
danieldaniel in what channel [07:38]
danieldaniel :O [07:38]
* MrTiggr (~MrTiggr@#64;unaffiliated/mrtiggr) has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:38]
copumpkin danieldaniel: years from now, you'll be kicking yourself [07:39]
danieldaniel what? [07:39]
danieldaniel im confused [07:39]
P3DigitalResourc ;;buy 10 btc via paypal USD @#64; {mtgoxlast} [07:40]
* DBordello (~DB@#64;unaffiliated/dbordello) has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:40]
zordilorp sup bro [07:44]
* GlooBoy has quit (Quit: Page closed) [07:45]
goldpunk ;;ticker [07:45]
gribble Best bid: 4.22, Best ask: 4.22099, Bid-ask spread: 0.00099, Last trade: 4.22099, 24 hour volume: 66829, 24 hour low: 4.12, 24 hour high: 4.47916 [07:45]
danieldaniel this is SO worth 60 cents [07:47]
danieldaniel I got like 50 vanity addresses [07:47]
danieldaniel XD [07:47]
danieldaniel "pedo" "ohai" "omg" "fuck" "1337" "DESU" [07:47]
danieldaniel and Im getting "herp" and "derp" [07:47]
BTCHero 60 cents? [07:48]
danieldaniel yeah [07:48]
danieldaniel i rented a dedicated server [07:48]
danieldaniel for an hour [07:48]
BTCHero oh [07:48]
* Staatsfeind has quit (Quit: leaving) [07:48]
* Vaerros has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [07:49]
splatster Join #kicktestchannel A channel where non-assholes get OPed so they can do stupid shit [07:50]
danieldaniel do I count as a non asshole? [07:50]
danieldaniel lol [07:50]
splatster well, lets see [07:51]
danieldaniel lol [07:51]
splatster We'll have a vote [07:51]
danieldaniel no [07:51]
danieldaniel please dont [07:51]
danieldaniel lol [07:51]
danieldaniel Someguy123: pl0x say yay [07:53]
vragnaroda danieldaniel's not an asshole. He's a bit odd, though. [07:53]
danieldaniel vragnaroda's vote outweighs everyone elses [07:53]
* hngryhngryhippo has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [07:53]
splatster vragnaroda: He keeps kicking and deoping everyone [07:55]
splatster he is being an ass in the channel [07:55]
danieldaniel i didn't deop anyone [07:55]
splatster power corrupts [07:55]
* DBordello has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [07:55]
danieldaniel i just kicked one person [07:55]
splatster Ya ME! [07:55]
splatster the channel owner [07:55]
danieldaniel no [07:55]
danieldaniel it was someguy [07:55]
splatster and me [07:55]
danieldaniel no [07:55]
danieldaniel i didn't kick you [07:55]
danieldaniel only someguy [07:55]
danieldaniel i did set a ban on *.* tho [07:55]
danieldaniel and I'm sorry [07:55]
danieldaniel :( [07:55]
AcidicChip I have 2x Torrid Gift Cards (USD30 & USD25) I'm getting rid of for 10.5btc (for both). Msg me if you're interrested. [07:56]
vragnaroda splatster: Sorry, was that not the purpose of the channel? [07:57]
vragnaroda I don't get it if that's supposed to be a complaint. [07:57]
splatster but he was repeatedly kicking the same person over and over and over [07:57]
splatster So I deopped and kicked [07:58]
danieldaniel how do you set the default rank on a channel? [07:58]
danieldaniel would you do access *? [07:58]
vragnaroda What do you mean? [07:58]
splatster He mean make chanserv auto op everyone [07:58]
danieldaniel yeah [07:59]
vragnaroda /msg ChanServ flags ##some-channel *!*@#64;* +O [07:59]
vragnaroda You have to register the channel to do that, though. [07:59]
splatster I did register it [07:59]
danieldaniel thanks [07:59]
vragnaroda #bitcoin-anarchy has the coolest access list. [07:59]
vragnaroda [00:59] - ChanServ- | (ChanServ@#64;services.) 1 *!*@#64;* +voOtsriRA [modified 41 weeks, 2 days, 06:15:51 ago] [07:59]
vragnaroda [00:59] - ChanServ- | (ChanServ@#64;services.) 2 freenode-staff +voOtsriRfAF [modified 41 weeks, 2 days, 06:13:31 ago] [07:59]
danieldaniel everyone join #funfunfun [08:00]
danieldaniel :D [08:00]
danieldaniel should I ban *.*? [08:01]
danieldaniel in anarchy? [08:01]
danieldaniel lolol [08:01]
danieldaniel #bitcoin-anarchy [08:05]
danieldaniel fail [08:05]
vragnaroda danieldaniel: :p [08:07]
a5m0 anyone selling hard drives? [08:07]
Someguy123 vragnaroda get back in #bitcoin-otc [08:07]
Someguy123 #bitcoin-anarchy* [08:07]
* BlueMatt (~matt@#64;unaffiliated/bluematt) has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:08]
* ChanServ gives voice to BlueMatt [08:08]
AcidicChip Fawk man, btc needs to get out of this dip it's in. [08:10]
vragnaroda danieldaniel: /msg ChanServ CLEAR #funfunfun USERS [08:10]
danieldaniel oh [08:10]
danieldaniel lol [08:10]
vragnaroda :) [08:10]
danieldaniel ;;ping [08:11]
gribble pong [08:11]
danieldaniel i brokested it [08:11]
splatster #kicktestchannel now enables auto op and voice and clear! [08:13]
danieldaniel lol [08:14]
danieldaniel it banned e [08:14]
danieldaniel me* [08:14]
* NASDAQEnema (tom@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:15]
* saundrab25 (18189134@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:19]
* Cablesaurus has quit (Quit: I used to think I was indecisive, but now I'm not too sure.) [08:20]
splatster join #kicktestchannel and get access to auto op, kickban privelages, the chanserv clear command, and more! [08:20]
* Cablesaurus (~IceChat77@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:23]
* Cablesaurus has quit (Changing host) [08:23]
* Cablesaurus (~IceChat77@#64;unaffiliated/cablesaurus) has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:23]
* elektriks has quit (Quit: Leaving) [08:24]
* Mafeki has quit () [08:27]
* benjamindees has quit (Quit: Leaving) [08:30]
danieldaniel anyone know how to fix hits? [08:30]
danieldaniel this* [08:30]
danieldaniel [08:30]
* saundrab25 (18189134@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left #bitcoin-otc [08:33]
* phungus_ (~phungus@#64;unaffiliated/phungus) has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:35]
* phungus_ is now known as phungi [08:35]
* lueo has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [08:36]
MBS BTCHero, still interested in laptop hard drives [08:36]
MBS getting second ssd soon, so will soon have both the 120gb and now a 160gb 2.5" hdd for sale [08:36]
MBS would sell both for 14 BTC shipped [08:38]
* njstein has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [08:38]
* danieldaniel has quit (Quit: danieldaniel) [08:39]
* Mafeki (~Mafeki@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:40]
* Mafeki has quit (Client Quit) [08:41]
* hngryhngryhippo (~hngryhngr@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:41]
* copumpkin has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [08:45]
* copumpkin (~copumpkin@#64;unaffiliated/pumpkingod) has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:46]
* ChanServ gives voice to copumpkin [08:46]
* x0or has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds) [08:46]
* danieldaniel_ (~danieldan@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:47]
danieldaniel_ LOL [08:47]
* Mafeki (~Mafeki@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:47]
danieldaniel_ I just got a GIGAHASH OUT OF MY MAC [08:47]
danieldaniel_ Holy fucking shit [08:47]
splatster Not possible [08:48]
dwon danieldaniel_: extrapolating again? [08:48]
danieldaniel_ no [08:48]
danieldaniel_ i swear to god [08:48]
danieldaniel_ but its laggy as fuck [08:48]
danieldaniel_ its like going up and down [08:48]
* Orion-Hax has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [08:48]
danieldaniel_ ranging from 600-1000 mh [08:49]
danieldaniel_ well. up to 1300 [08:49]
danieldaniel_ let me take a vid [08:49]
dwon something tells me that whatever your mac is using to measure time is fscked [08:49]
danieldaniel_ idk [08:49]
danieldaniel_ how do I check [08:49]
dwon Best way would be to see how frequently you find blocks. [08:50]
danieldaniel_ its pooled mining [08:50]
danieldaniel_ i haven't found any [08:51]
danieldaniel_ :( [08:51]
danieldaniel_ i can barely type right now splatster [08:51]
danieldaniel_ its laggy as ffff [08:51]
danieldaniel_ whats before and whats after the / [08:53]
danieldaniel_ both of them are around 1000 [08:53]
* rdponticelli has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [08:53]
dwon It's probably the lag that's causing you to get bogus numbers. If your video card is going 100 MH/s, but your mining process gets starved for CPU, it might report that, over 10 seconds, you lagged for 9.5 seconds, then suddenly had 2000 MH/s. [08:54]
danieldaniel_ but its constant [08:54]
dwon No stock Mac can do anywhere near 1000 MH/s. [08:54]
danieldaniel_ its a 6970 [08:54]
* Blitzboom (~s@#64;unaffiliated/blitzboom) has left #bitcoin-otc [08:54]
danieldaniel_ isn't that good? [08:55]
dwon it's not constant: you said your machine is laggy [08:55]
danieldaniel_ no, now it is [08:55]
NASDAQEnema if the lag is constant it will be constant [08:55]
danieldaniel_ tue [08:55]
danieldaniel_ lol [08:55]
danieldaniel_ y u lag s much computer [08:55]
NASDAQEnema Mac to danieldaniel_: the longer you wait the more you want to lick my interface [08:56]
Mafeki [08:58]
splatster Join #kicktestchannel, the channel where everyone is auto OPed, gets access to kick/ban, is allowed to use the ChanServ CLEAR command, and more! [08:59]
splatster maybe I should rename it... [08:59]
danieldaniel_ wtf [09:01]
danieldaniel_ it won't connect to gpumax [09:01]
danieldaniel_ :( [09:01]
dwon danieldaniel_: According to this, a 6970 should get ~ 397 MH/s: [09:03]
* malkauns has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [09:03]
danieldaniel_ lol [09:03]
danieldaniel_ then yeah [09:03]
danieldaniel_ its bokested [09:03]
* malkauns (~neil@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [09:03]
danieldaniel_ broksted* [09:03]
dwon 397 MH/s actually isn't too shabby. I'm only getting ~ 26 MH/s on my machine [09:04]
* EPiSKiNG- has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [09:08]
* EPiSKiNG- (~EPiSKiNG@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [09:10]
zordilorp brostork [09:11]
* Cablesaurus has quit (Quit: There's nothing dirtier then a giant ball of oil) [09:11]
* P3DigitalResourc has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [09:12]
NASDAQEnema ok I have a new idea [09:14]
NASDAQEnema who wants to buy filesharing service in BTC? [09:15]
danieldaniel_ there are 596397846598 of those [09:15]
danieldaniel_ oh [09:15]
danieldaniel_ nvm [09:15]
NASDAQEnema I pay in dollars and you pay me in BTC [09:16]
* phraust_ (~PhraustBy@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [09:16]
* phraust_ has quit (Client Quit) [09:16]
NASDAQEnema anyone? [09:17]
NASDAQEnema noone? [09:17]
* BlueMatt has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [09:17]
* phraust has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [09:20]
* splatster has quit (Quit: Linkinus - [09:20]
* splatster (~splatster@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [09:20]
* splatster has quit (Changing host) [09:20]
* splatster (~splatster@#64;unaffiliated/splatster) has joined #bitcoin-otc [09:20]
* eldnord has quit (Quit: eldnord) [09:21]
danieldaniel_ you know what? [09:21]
danieldaniel_ someone should get one of these [09:22]
shades chicken butt? [09:22]
danieldaniel_ [09:22]
danieldaniel_ and test it out [09:22]
NASDAQEnema um [09:22]
shades sounds like /someone/ just volunteered ;) [09:22]
weex probably nvidia [09:22]
danieldaniel_ oh [09:22]
danieldaniel_ they are [09:22]
danieldaniel_ nvm [09:22]
danieldaniel_ XD [09:22]
shades I'm willing to test FPGA-cloud [09:22]
danieldaniel_ fpga cloud? [09:23]
danieldaniel_ whats that [09:23]
* shades signs up && everyones lights in that colos neighborhood dim just a little [09:23]
danieldaniel_ link? D: [09:23]
shades danieldaniel_: it's like gpucloud, except fpgas [09:23]
danieldaniel_ link? :D [09:23]
shades idk that it exists, it's a conceptual idea I just came up with [09:23]
weex danieldaniel_: actually i contacted those guys and they were interested to know what bitcoins were [09:23]
* shades runs to the patent office [09:23]
danieldaniel_ oh [09:23]
danieldaniel_ weex: lol [09:23]
shades patent pending!! [09:23]
weex thing is danieldaniel_ they didn't seem interested in getting ati hardware, we agreed to talk more later ;) [09:24]
danieldaniel_ lol [09:24]
* Cablesaurus (~IceChat77@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [09:25]
* Cablesaurus has quit (Changing host) [09:25]
* Cablesaurus (~IceChat77@#64;unaffiliated/cablesaurus) has joined #bitcoin-otc [09:25]
weex wonder where the cheapest electricity on the planet is [09:25]
zordilorp iceland [09:25]
* AgoristRadio__ (~AgoristRa@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [09:25]
* AgoristRadio__ has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [09:25]
weex Iceland - Bitcoin's new security guard [09:26]
shades idk I thought electricity was cheap in china [09:26]
Bigpiggy01Mining Power is cheaphere [09:26]
weex shades: i think that's labor [09:26]
weex also human life [09:26]
Bigpiggy01Mining but there are places that have it much cheaper [09:26]
shades i was talking w/ someone who is paid $1,100 usd a week to use their setup which costs them $440/mo to run [09:27]
danieldaniel_ hmm [09:27]
danieldaniel_ [09:27]
danieldaniel_ shades: lolwut [09:27]
Bigpiggy01Mining shades you talking to dISh ? [09:27]
shades yeah [09:27]
shades er [09:27]
Bigpiggy01Mining as he and I have a couple of contracts like that [09:28]
shades i was just mentioning [09:28]
shades I forgot the guys exact handle [09:28]
shades it might have been you but I don't think the sn was exactly the same [09:28]
Bigpiggy01Mining probably him [09:28]
shades last we spoke he had children to take care of, starving mouths [09:28]
Bigpiggy01Mining not me [09:28]
shades if you don't have children it's probably not you lol [09:28]
Bigpiggy01Mining I have kids as well [09:28]
zordilorp iceland has geothermal and hydro in abundance.. you can just drill down anywhere to get geothermal, which is generally a cheaper energy source than coal [09:28]
shades everyone and their children [09:28]
Bigpiggy01Mining but they;re far from starving [09:28]
shades lol [09:29]
shades they were just starving at the time, which is why he had to go make dinner [09:29]
shades Bigpiggy01Mining: do you also solder gpus that fail, etc? [09:29]
danieldaniel_ ;;ident [09:29]
zordilorp of course a thermal solar plant in the middle of the desert would be pretty good too [09:29]
danieldaniel_ ;;eauth danieldaniel [09:30]
* gribble gives voice to danieldaniel_ [09:30]
* itkor has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [09:31]
shades zordilorp: except for cooling.... [09:31]
shades unless you want the solder to just melt right off the board [09:32]
* phraust (~PhraustBy@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [09:33]
* phraust has quit (Changing host) [09:33]
* phraust (~PhraustBy@#64;unaffiliated/phraust) has joined #bitcoin-otc [09:33]
* vinhpk has quit () [09:34]
* BlueMatt (~matt@#64;unaffiliated/bluematt) has joined #bitcoin-otc [09:37]
* ChanServ gives voice to BlueMatt [09:38]
* BlueMatt has quit (Read error: Operation timed out) [09:40]
* BlueMatt (~matt@#64;unaffiliated/bluematt) has joined #bitcoin-otc [09:42]
* ChanServ gives voice to BlueMatt [09:42]
spawn- i got amazon + BTC i need PPUSD or LRUSD anyone? just pm me [09:42]
danieldaniel_ ;;ident [09:43]
gribble You are identified as user danieldaniel, with GPG key id C5D21E9BDCAE3594, and key fingerprint 4761C0C9EA65B824459AF736C5D21E9BDCAE3594. [09:43]
phraust weeee! [09:44]
* itkor (~kvirc@#64;2001:0:53aa:64c:c6e:5bba:af20:ee6b) has joined #bitcoin-otc [09:45]
* gribble gives voice to phraust [09:46]
* ppp has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [09:47]
zordilorp mangh' [09:51]
danieldaniel_ i is bored [09:52]
* no1 (~no-one@#64; has left #bitcoin-otc [09:53]
goldpunk ;;ticker [09:57]
gribble Best bid: 4.2312, Best ask: 4.235, Bid-ask spread: 0.0038, Last trade: 4.235, 24 hour volume: 61878, 24 hour low: 4.12, 24 hour high: 4.43599 [09:57]
* ppp (~lll@#64;gateway/tor-sasl/nickito) has joined #bitcoin-otc [09:58]
* ppp has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [09:59]
* ppp (~lll@#64;gateway/tor-sasl/nickito) has joined #bitcoin-otc [09:59]
* itkor has quit (Quit: KVIrc 4.0.1 Insomnia [09:59]
spawn- ;;seen seco [10:00]
gribble seco was last seen in #bitcoin-otc 3 days, 0 hours, 33 minutes, and 47 seconds ago: maybe one if your past trades mentioned someonwhere on a little memo "ty for btcs" :x [10:00]
* MORA| (~MORA@#64;pdpc/supporter/active/mora) has joined #bitcoin-otc [10:04]
* hngryhngryhippo has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [10:04]
* samumedic1 (18d967ae@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [10:09]
* samumedic1 has quit (Client Quit) [10:10]
* coyo (kvirc@#64;unaffiliated/bandu) has joined #bitcoin-otc [10:13]
* bandu (~kvirc@#64;unaffiliated/bandu) has joined #bitcoin-otc [10:15]
bandu ;;guide [10:17]
* splatster has quit (Quit: Leaving...) [10:17]
* Txyru has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [10:18]
* splatster (~splatster@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [10:19]
* splatster has quit (Changing host) [10:19]
* splatster (~splatster@#64;unaffiliated/splatster) has joined #bitcoin-otc [10:19]
* Txyru (~Txyru@#64;unaffiliated/txyru) has joined #bitcoin-otc [10:19]
* copumpkin has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [10:24]
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* copumpkin has quit (Changing host) [10:24]
* copumpkin (~copumpkin@#64;unaffiliated/pumpkingod) has joined #bitcoin-otc [10:24]
* ChanServ gives voice to copumpkin [10:24]
danieldaniel_ omgeh [10:25]
danieldaniel_ copumpehkin [10:25]
chsados has anyone put together a pamplet already for people to solicit bitcoin? i seem to remember there was a thread doing just that [10:27]
* AgoristRadio has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [10:29]
* AgoristRadio (~AgoristRa@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [10:29]
* da2ce7|2 has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [10:30]
* SerajewelKS has quit (Quit: Hardware maintenance) [10:30]
* squirrelz (187f612a@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [10:31]
* bbr0wn (~bbr0wn@#64;gateway/tor-sasl/bbr0wn) has joined #bitcoin-otc [10:31]
* wood has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [10:31]
squirrelz hows it going channel? [10:32]
danieldaniel_ horrible [10:35]
* Cablesaurus has quit (Quit: Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot.) [10:38]
* bbr0wn has quit () [10:40]
bandu oh, i'm allowed to speak? iirc, the last time i was in here, i had to earn voice via gnupg or something. [10:41]
bandu i'm glad i can speak. how's everyone doing? [10:41]
bandu danieldaniel_: awww [10:42]
bandu i hope you feel better, danieldaniel_ [10:42]
danieldaniel_ bandu: I'm just horrible right now because I can't fall asleep [10:42]
danieldaniel_ lol [10:42]
danieldaniel_ and how long ago were you here? [10:42]
bandu awww.. [10:43]
bandu i've been here before under this registered nickname. just havent been active in awhle [10:43]
NASDAQEnema ;;orders [10:43]
bandu mostly lurking quietly [10:43]
danieldaniel_ cool [10:44]
* a5m0 has quit (Disconnected by services) [10:44]
bandu so yeah. bitcoin is really freaking awesome! [10:44]
NASDAQEnema ;;commands [10:44]
danieldaniel_ bandu: I noticed [10:44]
danieldaniel_ :) [10:44]
bandu ;3 [10:44]
* Arc_ (~Arc@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [10:44]
bandu well, i was actually considering a career in finance, and i'd specialize in banking bitcoins, just because i think they have that much potential. [10:45]
* SerajewelKS (devnull@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [10:45]
* SerajewelKS has quit (Changing host) [10:45]
* SerajewelKS (devnull@#64;wikipedia/Crazycomputers) has joined #bitcoin-otc [10:45]
bandu but in the end, i decided on organic chemistry, because i love working in the lab. doesnt mean i dont still love bitcoins, though [10:45]
* fairydust has quit (Read error: Operation timed out) [10:45]
* fairydust (~atari@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [10:45]
danieldaniel_ that would have been a pretty serious commitment [10:46]
bandu yup. [10:46]
NASDAQEnema how do I check the orderbook [10:46]
bandu bitcoin seriously has that much importance in my eyes. [10:46]
bandu when bitcoin is finally broken, we'll just invest in the new bitcoin, and the bitcoin after that. [10:46]
danieldaniel_ NASDAQEnema: [10:46]
danieldaniel_ :) [10:46]
bandu we just keep evolving. [10:46]
Cory Bitcoin can be changed. [10:47]
bandu hello cory, good evening. [10:47]
danieldaniel_ bandu: morning* [10:47]
bandu :D [10:47]
bandu i've always wanted to say howdy on this particular channel [10:47]
bandu odd that it would be now of all times. [10:47]
phraust :O [10:48]
danieldaniel_ phraust: ? [10:48]
* phraust shrugs. [10:48]
phraust nuthin'. [10:48]
danieldaniel_ sooo [10:48]
Someguy123 bandu the new bitcoin... litecoin [10:48]
phraust got that mac mini. [10:48]
phraust berry nice. [10:48]
bandu anyway, my friend, squirrelz, here, is interested in purchasing some bitcoins using a moneypak. he has an urgent needfor bitcoins, so.. do you have any advice for my firned? [10:48]
Someguy123 and if thats dead... scamcoin [10:48]
danieldaniel_ does anyone want a server for really cheap + shipping? [10:48]
squirrelz :D thanks bandu [10:49]
danieldaniel_ Someguy123: scamcoin? [10:49]
danieldaniel_ lolwut [10:49]
bandu Someguy123: interesting. [10:49]
danieldaniel_ squirrelz: how much is the mp? [10:49]
mod6 ;; ticker [10:49]
gribble Best bid: 4.20132, Best ask: 4.22, Bid-ask spread: 0.01868, Last trade: 4.22, 24 hour volume: 61558, 24 hour low: 4.12, 24 hour high: 4.4055 [10:49]
squirrelz $72 [10:49]
danieldaniel_ nope… Sorry [10:49]
bandu 72 usd, not bad [10:49]
danieldaniel_ :( [10:49]
Someguy123 bandu /join #litecoin [10:49]
mod6 boo [10:49]
squirrelz tis fine :( [10:49]
bandu Someguy123: i'll check it out [10:49]
danieldaniel_ I don't even have that many bitcoins! [10:49]
Someguy123 danieldaniel_ LTC Balance: 2370 LTC [10:50]
Someguy123 :3 [10:50]
danieldaniel_ is that a lot? [10:50]
Someguy123 i have 2.3k litecoins [10:50]
Someguy123 only $230 [10:50]
danieldaniel_ lolno [10:50]
phraust I'll sell em 15.75 btc for $72. [10:51]
bandu hmm. [10:51]
danieldaniel_ Someguy123: want to give them to me? [10:52]
danieldaniel_ :3 [10:52]
Someguy123 danieldaniel_ 20BTC. [10:52]
sturles Can you use those litecoins for anything? [10:52]
bandu phraust, no offense meant at all, my friend, but is there a review site you can point me to? just a precaution, dont take it personally [10:52]
danieldaniel_ ill take them 4 free [10:52]
phraust i'm rated. [10:52]
danieldaniel_ bandu: ;;getrating phraust [10:52]
danieldaniel_ ;;getrating phraust [10:52]
gribble User Phraust, created on Thu Apr 28 13:58:11 2011. Cumulative rating 17, from 13 total ratings. Received ratings: 12 positive, 1 negative. Sent ratings: 15 positive, 1 negative. Details: Currently authenticated from hostmask phraust!~PhraustBy@#64;unaffiliated/phraust [10:52]
bandu squirrelz: dont got for litecoines yet [10:52]
phraust :O [10:52]
bandu litecoins look really interested [10:52]
danieldaniel_ phraust: negative/ [10:52]
bandu *interesting [10:53]
phraust indeed, hat's new. [10:53]
NASDAQEnema sturles in a bit you will be able to [10:53]
bandu but what he needs wont accept them [10:53]
Someguy123 bandu I run [10:53]
phraust hah. [10:53]
sturles Where? [10:53]
Someguy123 so of course I'm going to advertise litecoins :) [10:53]
* ovidiusoft (~ovidiusof@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [10:53]
bandu Someguy123: congrats! [10:53]
phraust metabank. go figure. [10:53]
NASDAQEnema sturles: will you sell me 6.5 BTC for $27 PPUSD? [10:53]
phraust did he finally fix his shit? [10:53]
Someguy123 phraust ? [10:54]
bandu BRB, i'm so sorry, everyone but my dog is begging to use the bathroom. i need to walk him. i promise pics of him as an apology, afk [10:54]
Someguy123 bandu hah [10:55]
danieldaniel_ lol [10:55]
danieldaniel_ Someguy123: YUIGNOREPMS [10:55]
danieldaniel_ ;;ping [10:56]
gribble pong [10:56]
danieldaniel_ Someguy123: [10:56]
* pineal (~pineal@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [10:56]
danieldaniel_ are you on skype? [10:56]
NASDAQEnema phraust sturles $27 PPUSD to buy 6.5 BTC sound good? [10:56]
mod6 ok so 1 LTC is ~ 1/4 BTC -- since there are supposed to be like 82 million? [10:56]
Someguy123 danieldaniel_ yeah [10:56]
phraust Someguy123, looks like he unrated you [10:56]
bandu back temporarily. my dog is so cute. anyway, squirrelz, keeping up? [10:56]
danieldaniel_ phraust: me? [10:56]
NASDAQEnema mod6: not yet there [10:56]
danieldaniel_ ;;getrating danieldaniel [10:56]
gribble User danieldaniel, created on Wed Jul 13 17:27:02 2011. Cumulative rating 67, from 42 total ratings. Received ratings: 42 positive, 0 negative. Sent ratings: 34 positive, 1 negative. Details: Currently authenticated from hostmask danieldaniel_!~danieldan@#64; [10:56]
phraust metabank. [10:56]
danieldaniel_ :O [10:56]
danieldaniel_ oh [10:56]
danieldaniel_ my ratings == 0551|| [10:57]
Someguy123 phraust yeah he did unrate me [10:57]
* bandu is going to need to read scrollback once he lets his dog back in [10:57]
Someguy123 I gave him his BTC [10:57]
NASDAQEnema 84 million LTC in the future [10:57]
Someguy123 since my paypal is still permabanned [10:57]
phraust Someguy123, glad to hear it. [10:57]
mod6 ok, i see NASDAQEnema [10:57]
danieldaniel_ [08:57am] Someguy123: since my paypal is still permabanned [10:57]
danieldaniel_ [08:57am] phraust: Someguy123, glad to hear it. [10:57]
danieldaniel_ wowowowowowoowowo [10:57]
danieldaniel_ fail timing [10:57]
sturles NASDAQEnema: No. Price is to low. I still get 3.8 EUR (5 USD) on several exchanges, and EUR is more useful. [10:58]
phraust ;;rate Metabank 0 Still a dickhead. [10:58]
danieldaniel_ lol [10:58]
spawn- anyone need here 10BTC ? [10:58]
spawn- :) [10:58]
spawn- anyone need here 10BTC ? i take PPUSD or LRUSD [10:58]
danieldaniel_ 1Lu7hP4HkgBHKdW3PaW7YsinTcGZLK2R4N [10:58]
danieldaniel_ hook me up [10:58]
Someguy123 spawn- sure I'll take it if you're giving it away: 1SoMGuYknDgyYypJPVVKE2teHBN4HDAh3 [10:58]
danieldaniel_ Someguy123: I beat you :D [10:59]
NASDAQEnema spawn-: I need 6.5 BTC [10:59]
danieldaniel_ don't ignore my Skype D: [10:59]
bandu i am. [10:59]
Someguy123 wait [10:59]
Someguy123 no im not on skype [10:59]
Someguy123 lol [10:59]
Someguy123 thought i was... [10:59]
danieldaniel_ >.> [10:59]
bandu oh, forgot i was scrolled up [10:59]
* Rattman (~a@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [10:59]
NASDAQEnema spawn-: PM [11:00]
* FastCat (kvirc@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [11:00]
FastCat hi [11:00]
bandu welcome fastcat! this is the famous bitcoin market! you can buy and sell bitcoins here "over the counter," so to speak. [11:01]
spawn- ;;getrating NASDAQEnema [11:02]
gribble User NASDAQEnema, created on Wed Feb 15 23:47:29 2012. Cumulative rating 1, from 1 total ratings. Received ratings: 1 positive, 0 negative. Sent ratings: 1 positive, 0 negative. Details: Currently not authenticated. [11:02]
spawn- ohhh [11:02]
NASDAQEnema lemme auth [11:02]
spawn- ok [11:02]
bandu so, love, if this amazing liberating technology interests you, and it should, you can learn all about it from the links in the topic, and the #bitcoin primary channel [11:03]
* Annika (45767e9e@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [11:03]
bandu FastCat: so how this works, is, as a vendor, you accept bitcoins for products and services, then you sell those bitcoins to obtain currency in your locale. you use this to pay bills, raxes, whatever. then the people who buy the bitcoins from you use them to purchase products and services from venders like yourself. [11:04]
bandu follow me so far? [11:04]
Someguy123 bandu is FastCat your friend? [11:05]
bandu yup. [11:05]
Someguy123 was wondering why there was just a sudden huge intro [11:05]
Someguy123 o_O [11:05]
bandu both squirrelz and FastCat are people i brought here. [11:05]
bandu squirrelz asked me if there was a way to buy bitcoins from someone willing to accept moneypak as payment. he would prefer a live, flesh and blood person over irc [11:06]
bandu so i immediately thought of you guys. [11:06]
* Annika has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [11:07]
squirrelz hi guys/gals :) [11:07]
* squirrelz waves [11:07]
Someguy123 ohai satoriuplink [11:07]
Someguy123 squirrelz* [11:07]
FastCat hi [11:07]
danieldaniel_ who wants to make a bit coin fork with me? [11:07]
danieldaniel_ 1337coin [11:07]
danieldaniel_ just for the fun of it [11:07]
bandu i had squirrelz connect to FreeNode and join this channel, and since he's a bit shy, i went ahead and did the talking for him. fastcat is my boyfriend, i was in a skype videocall with him as he was watching over me, and i invited him in so as not to exclude him. [11:08]
bandu danieldaniel_: IKR? [11:08]
danieldaniel_ no [11:08]
danieldaniel_ I'm being serious [11:08]
danieldaniel_ [11:08]
bandu 1777coin would be epic. how would that particular system work? [11:08]
danieldaniel_ is available [11:08]
bandu o: [11:08]
bandu DOIT! [11:08]
danieldaniel_ Idk how [11:08]
danieldaniel_ :( [11:08]
bandu go go go [11:08]
weex danieldaniel_: you should make one where the mining is done by mashing the keys [11:09]
weex convincingly mind you [11:09]
squirrelz not shy per say :P Just didnt wanna run in here like someone really new and do something stupid [11:09]
squirrelz Good chance ill be sticking around :) [11:09]
danieldaniel_ everyone tell Someguy123 to help me [11:09]
mod6 its probably pretty easy to make your own fork actually. doing something different with it to make it "1337" is another thing. [11:10]
danieldaniel_ Someguy123: 5up3rub3rpl0x? [11:10]
danieldaniel_ fine [11:10]
danieldaniel_ :( [11:10]
Someguy123 danieldaniel_ ctrl-h [11:10]
Someguy123 bitcoin [11:10]
Someguy123 1337coin [11:10]
Someguy123 DONE. [11:10]
danieldaniel_ NOOOOO [11:10]
danieldaniel_ U BROKE IT [11:10]
weex yeah mod6 it's ridiculously easy except the actual making a contribution part [11:10]
danieldaniel_ oh [11:10]
danieldaniel_ nvm [11:10]
bandu well, compose a business plan, with mission statment, etc, the whole nine yards, do your reseach, and take it to a group of investors. get a business loan, and hire web developers to build yoir 1337co/in website [11:11]
weex bandu: skip all that, just start a myspace page [11:11]
weex bam. [11:11]
bandu weex: myspace is still alive? [11:11]
danieldaniel_ bandu: LOL [11:11]
weex it is with myspacecoin [11:11]
bandu i'm sorry, i thought myspace died already. [11:12]
squirrelz ditto lol [11:12]
phraust cosbycoin! [11:12]
mod6 instead of blocks you have to knit crazy fucking sweaters? [11:12]
phraust FUCKING PUDDIN' YO [11:13]
mod6 hahah [11:13]
* FastCat likes fucking :D [11:13]
coyo so, how would 1337coin be different, danieldaniel_? what distingishes it front the other systems that makes it worth investing in? [11:13]
* spawn- i got BTC + amazon payments i need PPUSD or LRUSD [11:14]
phraust green text, black bacground. [11:14]
danieldaniel_ its 1337 [11:14]
phraust maybe some spinning wireframed skul and crossbones. [11:14]
Someguy123 phraust to make it even 1337er, blocks take 1 month to mine [11:15]
weex this 1337coin talk is getting out of hand [11:15]
Someguy123 so they're worth $1,000,000's [11:15]
Someguy123 :3 [11:15]
mod6 haha, i bet since its "1337", the client will just steal its own coins. [11:15]
bandu how so? is it particularly secure and featureful? does it allow you to manage your bitcoins closer to the raw network protocol? what do you mean by 1337? [11:15]
phraust [11:15]
weex it's so 1337 all 1337 of them are premined [11:15]
* Cablesaurus (~IceChat77@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [11:16]
* Cablesaurus has quit (Changing host) [11:16]
* Cablesaurus (~IceChat77@#64;unaffiliated/cablesaurus) has joined #bitcoin-otc [11:16]
Someguy123 mod6 hah maybe since it's so 1337, that it's really a botnet trying to cause a 51% attack against some other *coin [11:16]
Someguy123 thats how blocks are "generated" [11:16]
Someguy123 :3 [11:16]
phraust genius! [11:16]
* Cablesaurus_ (~IceChat77@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [11:16]
mod6 :D [11:16]
* Cablesaurus_ has quit (Client Quit) [11:16]
* Cablesaurus has quit (Client Quit) [11:16]
danieldaniel_ lol [11:17]
weex you ain't mining 1337coin unless you're merged mining 1337coin [11:17]
phraust wait, did taco bell release the doritio tacos? [11:17]
danieldaniel_ but seriously [11:17]
* Cablesaurus (~IceChat77@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [11:17]
danieldaniel_ how do you make the, [11:17]
danieldaniel_ it* [11:17]
* Cablesaurus has quit (Changing host) [11:17]
* Cablesaurus (~IceChat77@#64;unaffiliated/cablesaurus) has joined #bitcoin-otc [11:17]
bandu anyway, if anyone can help squirrelz with purchasing some bitcoins with 72 USD worth of MoneyPak, please pm either me or squirrelz [11:18]
squirrelz i can tip good [11:18]
* gribble gives voice to splatster [11:18]
weex this microcrisper is genius [11:19]
Someguy123 danieldaniel_ [11:20]
* EasyAt (EasyAt@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [11:20]
EasyAt cello [11:21]
bandu hello EasyAt [11:21]
EasyAt what's up bandu [11:22]
danieldaniel_ Someguy123: so How do I make it different? [11:22]
bandu nothing much, just trying to help my friend, squirrelz, purchase bitcoins for the first time, using 72 USD worth of MoneyPak [11:22]
spawn- squirrelz maybe i can help [11:23]
spawn- worth 72$ ? [11:23]
bandu if you have any advice as to how i should go about arranging this favor for my friend, i'd really appreciate it, spawn- [11:23]
* bandu nudges squirrelz [11:23]
squirrelz yea spawn [11:23]
squirrelz sorry lol [11:23]
squirrelz reading up on litecoin [11:23]
spawn- check my pm [11:24]
spawn- anyway guys you know seco ? [11:24]
squirrelz o hehe k, sorry im on the web irc, use to an irc client [11:24]
spawn- how can i get his email ? [11:24]
spawn- or do you know the email of seco ? [11:24]
EasyAt neato [11:24]
bandu squirrelz: from what you have led me to believe, litecoin is interesting, but not ready for primetime. maybe early adopters with money to spare can play with it, but bitcoin is the pioneering one. [11:24]
EasyAt litecoin is soso [11:24]
bandu guh [11:24]
bandu i feel so confused [11:24]
bandu i think i need to sleep after this [11:25]
Someguy123 bandu it's not for early adopters now [11:25]
Someguy123 it's 9 months old [11:25]
EasyAt bnadu youre right [11:25]
Someguy123 it's quite far ahead really [11:25]
squirrelz o i just got a new laptop, not that nice but had a quad core. so thinking of experienmenting with cpu mining. Ive never really done much mining [11:25]
Someguy123 its just the lack of services [11:25]
EasyAt its very close to something thats going to pump and dump [11:25]
EasyAt or it could be a nice [11:25]
EasyAt "silver to the gold" [11:25]
* andrew12_ has quit (Read error: Operation timed out) [11:25]
EasyAt but i dunno [11:25]
bandu squirrelz: mining is a fun hobby, but you're better off doing oddjobs for 20 dollar bills, and buying moneypaks at the corner store. [11:25]
Someguy123 EasyAt it's designed in mind that you can CPU mine as efficiently on litecoin [11:25]
Someguy123 as you can GPU mine on bitcoin [11:26]
bandu and just buying coins [11:26]
bandu easier [11:26]
squirrelz o yea i just wanted to experiment [11:26]
squirrelz im curious :D [11:26]
bandu :D [11:26]
zordilorp moneypak [11:26]
bandu well, then, go for it :3 [11:26]
EasyAt Someguy123 i know how it works [11:26]
squirrelz pc isnt doing much else anyways [11:26]
EasyAt I am just saying without strong adoption somewhat early on itll just fester [11:26]
* bandu sneaks into squirrelz's computer and watches over squirrelz at night [11:27]
bandu ;3 [11:27]
squirrelz <3 [11:27]
bandu <3 [11:27]
EasyAt I was strongly thinking about making lal my work comps into miners [11:27]
sturles Is Litecoin about anything else than mining. You mine them, and then what? Can you buy anything with a Litecoin? Sell it for more than the electricity you spent mining them? [11:27]
EasyAt We have baout 15 [11:27]
bandu teamviewer <3 [11:27]
EasyAt sturles: I think its on the stage where the only way you make money is if someone else is payin gpower [11:28]
bandu sturles: not yet, as far as i can see. but once bitcoin gets really bit, the other *coin systems will be more quickly adopted [11:28]
bandu *big [11:28]
bandu and i mean, you can buy clothing from walmart and coffee from starbucks with bitcoins big.. [11:28]
bandu which i can see happening [11:28]
EasyAt anyone from chicago in the bitcoin world? [11:28]
bandu i hail from texas, here [11:28]
EasyAt bandu [11:29]
EasyAt i have lived in Austin for the last 10 months [11:29]
EasyAt I moved back recently [11:29]
sturles Why Litecoin then? Why not just use Bitcoin? [11:29]
bandu hmm. i have many friends who live in austin, and have been considering studying at UTexas for awhile now. [11:29]
phraust I mine cause i lack the hardware to mine bitcoin. [11:29]
EasyAt Litecoin can mine at the same time bitcoin can but using CPU instead of gpu [11:29]
danieldaniel_ who wants to help me make 1337coin? [11:29]
EasyAt bandu, it was fun [11:30]
EasyAt I highly suggest [11:30]
EasyAt where are you know? [11:30]
sturles I don't get it. As far as I can tell, Litecoin is just Bitcoin experimenting with another type of hashing for the mining. [11:30]
bandu EasyAt: Garland, Texas [11:30]
bandu east of Dallas :9 [11:31]
sturles And there are thousands of HPC centra around the world with just the type of computing power needed for a 51% attack on Litecoin. [11:31]
bandu ooh. [11:31]
* andrew12 (~rewt@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [11:31]
spawn- ;;[ identd ] seco [11:32]
spawn- anyone knows what is the email of seco ? [11:32]
sturles For Bitcoin that's near impossible because HPC focus on FLOPS where Bitcoin is all about MIPS. CPUs with many FLOPS are typically shitty when it comes to MIPS. [11:32]
* pineal has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [11:32]
EasyAt bandu thats cools, I had some firneds from illinois that moved to garlen [11:32]
EasyAt boring... but livable [11:32]
spawn- how can i check his email via gribble bot ? [11:33]
spawn- anyone ? [11:33]
phraust heh, up till today i've mined 130 ltc. [11:33]
phraust woo, party hard. [11:33]
EasyAt eh, i sold a bunch of overpriced btc.... party hard [11:33]
spawn- ;;getrating seco [11:33]
gribble User seco, created on Wed Jun 29 06:05:31 2011. Cumulative rating 17, from 14 total ratings. Received ratings: 14 positive, 0 negative. Sent ratings: 14 positive, 0 negative. Details: Currently not authenticated. [11:33]
EasyAt wasnt that overpriced, just needed quickly [11:34]
danieldaniel_ the hashes of blocks [11:34]
danieldaniel_ are they hashes of the hex or the plaintext? [11:34]
bandu Someguy123: hey, is litecoin an entirely seperate cryptocurrency from btc? from what i understand so far, ltc is an entirely different currency. is this correct? [11:34]
danieldaniel_ ok i give up [11:34]
danieldaniel_ how the f*** do I make a genesis block??? [11:34]
EasyAt yes [11:34]
EasyAt bandy [11:35]
Someguy123 bandu yeah it is [11:35]
Someguy123 it's different [11:35]
EasyAt bandu* [11:35]
bandu EasyAt: thank you. [11:35]
Someguy123 different blockchain, different addresses, different mining system [11:35]
Someguy123 etc. [11:35]
bandu Someguy123: i look forward to devouring litecoin soon [11:35]
bandu i want to invest in it [11:35]
EasyAt It is more focused on CPU mining [11:35]
bandu i think you're in a good position to complement bitcoin [11:35]
phraust I heard there was a gpu miner in the works. [11:35]
EasyAt bandu: as opposed to GPU mining which is much more expensive [11:35]
Someguy123 phraust it's all bull, don't worry [11:35]
EasyAt you can also mine both at thte same tine [11:35]
Someguy123 mtrlt can't show any proof [11:35]
bandu but right now, squirrelz needs bitcoin to spend on a vendor that does not YET accept litecoin [11:36]
bandu i'm sure they will in the future [11:36]
EasyAt yea litecoin is nub status [11:36]
EasyAt maybe it will be bid [11:36]
bandu do plan on me asking a lot of questions [11:36]
EasyAt its not like NTC yet [11:36]
EasyAt BTC*** [11:36]
Someguy123 bandu these are really the few reasons litecoin is great: faster transactions, plus you can send smaller values for a lot lower transaction fees [11:36]
spawn- anyone knows seco ? [11:37]
Someguy123 spawn- nope... [11:37]
* `g (~whocares@#64;unaffiliated/g/x-7257079) has joined #bitcoin-otc [11:37]
Someguy123 who's seco spawn-? [11:37]
EasyAt Know... And I at least see alot of people come in and out of this chan [11:37]
NASDAQEnema bandu I'm about to break paypal's blockade [11:38]
bandu yay! [11:39]
bandu excuse my language, but FUCK PAYPAL [11:39]
EasyAt eh, just got a warning from PP [11:39]
NASDAQEnema I'm buying services in PP and BTC all over the place and selling shares of them at profit [11:39]
EasyAt Not very happy with the [11:39]
EasyAt them* [11:40]
spawn- seco [11:40]
NASDAQEnema shares of already purchase service [11:40]
spawn- the guy from europe [11:40]
spawn- ;;getrating seco [11:40]
gribble User seco, created on Wed Jun 29 06:05:31 2011. Cumulative rating 17, from 14 total ratings. Received ratings: 14 positive, 0 negative. Sent ratings: 14 positive, 0 negative. Details: Currently not authenticated. [11:40]
spawn- ;;seen seco [11:40]
gribble seco was last seen in #bitcoin-otc 3 days, 2 hours, 13 minutes, and 50 seconds ago: maybe one if your past trades mentioned someonwhere on a little memo "ty for btcs" :x [11:40]
EasyAt NASDAQEnema: What are you purchasing exactly, I dont understand [11:40]
NASDAQEnema vps, vpn, rapidshare etc [11:41]
NASDAQEnema and pricing it in BTC [11:41]
spawn- anyone here has LRUSD? [11:41]
EasyAt ah, hosting? [11:41]
spawn- exchange for BTC [11:41]
NASDAQEnema then I create a contract for the shares [11:41]
EasyAt so anony hosting perhaps??? [11:42]
NASDAQEnema starting with rg's [11:42]
NASDAQEnema but moving into other [11:42]
NASDAQEnema point is [11:42]
EasyAt I am very interested [11:42]
NASDAQEnema it's shares [11:43]
NASDAQEnema of ALREADY paid service [11:43]
NASDAQEnema not virtual currency [11:43]
EasyAt what do you mean [11:43]
NASDAQEnema doesn't break PP tos [11:43]
NASDAQEnema :) [11:43]
EasyAt i'll pay PP [11:44]
NASDAQEnema and it creates massive liquidity [11:44]
EasyAt sorry i mean BTC [11:44]
EasyAt not PP [11:44]
spawn- EasyAt you got LRUSD? [11:44]
EasyAt fuck pp [11:44]
EasyAt lol no [11:44]
EasyAt yea right [11:44]
spawn- you know lrUSD? [11:44]
EasyAt the half life currecny? [11:44]
* Joric (~joric@#64;unaffiliated/joric) has joined #bitcoin-otc [11:44]
* gribble gives voice to Joric [11:44]
spawn- liberty reserve :) [11:44]
EasyAt secondlife* [11:44]
* Clipse (~CLIPSE@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [11:44]
EasyAt oh, spawn-, I should look at this [11:45]
Joric bitcoinica just said my account is unverified and i need to upload my passport [11:45]
spawn- [11:45]
bandu ;;getrating spawn- [11:45]
EasyAt Joric: lol [11:45]
EasyAt eh, with the services that I know right now [11:46]
zordilorp passport hmm [11:46]
EasyAt Not enough time to mess with thinks like LR [11:46]
EasyAt things* [11:46]
phraust heh, i forgot that I bought some of my first btc with linden. [11:47]
phraust hilarious [11:47]
Joric why zhou wants my passport? [11:48]
phraust new ToS [11:48]
phraust oh, wait, was that gox? [11:48]
* spawn- selling BTC i need LRUSD :) [11:48]
spawn- anyone knows the email address of seco ? [11:49]
spawn- or it can be view here via gribble ? i dont know what is the commands :) [11:49]
* wood (wood@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [11:49]
mircea_popescu lmao joric [11:49]
spawn- ;;email seco [11:50]
mircea_popescu that's the top of ridiculousness [11:50]
* Mafeki has quit () [11:50]
spawn- ;;info seco [11:51]
phraust wow, I gotout of there just in time. [11:51]
* phraust has quit (Quit: [11:52]
spawn- bro seco where are you? come out come out wherever you are ! :) [11:52]
mircea_popescu im glad i never got in [11:52]
Joric mtgox doesn't ask for verification atm but it reserves the right to do it [11:55]
Joric Mt. Gox will request identification information (...) depending on the amounts deposited on the Accounts or the presence of suspicious activity [11:55]
Joric new tos, feb 22 [11:56]
* rjb82 (~rjb82@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [11:56]
Someguy123 [09:55:47] <+Joric> Mt. Gox will request identification information (...) depending on the amounts deposited on the Accounts or the presence of suspicious activity [11:56]
Someguy123 ouch... [11:57]
Someguy123 guess I might switch completely to btc-e or vircurex [11:57]
Someguy123 just incase they do try to fuck me over... [11:57]
* ppp has quit (Quit: Saliendo) [11:58]
Joric Someguy123, it's also explicitly prohibits creation/using multiple accounts now [11:59]
mircea_popescu vircurex volume 10 btc [11:59]
mircea_popescu you gotta be kidding me [11:59]
Someguy123 Joric oh shit. [11:59]
Joric 'The creation or use of Accounts without obtaining such prior express permission from the Platform will lead to the immediate suspension of all said Accounts' [11:59]
Joric 'Members may only have one Account at any one time and may not create or use any Account other than their own' [11:59]
Someguy123 great, I better extract all my USD/BTC out of my other acc then [12:00]
Someguy123 o_O [12:00]
mircea_popescu may not create an account other than their own ? [12:00]
Joric it's all here [12:00]
mircea_popescu those people need soem actual legal advice [12:00]
mircea_popescu which is not some 20yo paralegal. [12:00]
* Someguy123 is now known as -` [12:01]
zordilorp whats in the toS [12:01]
zordilorp you must submit to a cavity inspection by the auditor [12:01]
* Dragonai has quit (Quit: .•«UPP»•.) [12:01]
Joric Someguy123, ask tux for the permission first ) [12:02]
mircea_popescu and here's the daily reminder that you all can trade options anonymously and therefore w/o any passports. [12:02]
-` Balance (USD): 0.03922 [12:03]
-` Balance (BTC): 0.01337 [12:03]
-` okay [12:03]
danieldaniel_ lol [12:03]
* -` is now known as someguy123 [12:03]
bandu whooo, this is fun! [12:04]
Joric ? [12:04]
Joric how to use that? [12:04]
bandu trading over irc is freaking awesome. [12:05]
mircea_popescu well joric, click on a price [12:05]
Joric Learn about options -> haha [12:05]
mircea_popescu send an email with how many contracts you're buying, send the bitcoins and you're set. [12:05]
* Someguy1234 (~Someguy12@#64;unaffiliated/compgenius999) has joined #bitcoin-otc [12:05]
* Someguy1234 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [12:05]
* vlaube (~Adium@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [12:06]
* Someguy1234 (~Someguy12@#64;unaffiliated/compgenius999) has joined #bitcoin-otc [12:07]
someguy123 Your account has been credited by $0.03922 [12:07]
someguy123 Your account has been credited by 0.01337000 BTC [12:08]
someguy123 there we go [12:08]
someguy123 extracted from my other account nicely :3 [12:08]
* Someguy1234 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [12:08]
mircea_popescu unless you make less than 1 dollar an hour that was a waste of time [12:08]
spawn- ;;getrating bandu [12:08]
someguy123 mircea_popescu it took two seconds [12:08]
someguy123 I just connected my bot and did a few !withdraws [12:08]
mircea_popescu it took like 40. do the math. [12:08]
bandu i dont have a rating, pretty sure. i've never actually traded yet. [12:09]
mircea_popescu a, you're boted ? [12:09]
someguy123 mircea_popescu wat? [12:09]
bandu ;;getrating bandu [12:09]
someguy123 bandu type ;;guide [12:09]
mircea_popescu you have a bot. i figured you went and logged in by hand [12:09]
someguy123 ;;getrating bandu [12:09]
spawn- your not auth bandu ? [12:09]
mizerydearia mcorlett, huh? started? what do you mean? [12:09]
bandu ;;guide [12:09]
spawn- i was about to send the 14btc :( [12:09]
someguy123 mircea_popescu yeah, its easier just to use my goxbot [12:09]
bandu oh, right. [12:09]
mircea_popescu ;;dance [12:09]
spawn- dym!!! [12:10]
spawn- :( [12:10]
someguy123 thats why I have the second acc in the first place [12:10]
mircea_popescu gribble> Error: "dance" is not a valid command. << poor gribble. [12:10]
bandu i have a shiny new pgp key and everything. perfect opportunity [12:10]
someguy123 so I didn't get suspended for shitloads of codes being eaten by my bot [12:10]
someguy123 [10:09:37] Error: This user has not yet been rated. Currently not authenticated. [12:10]
goldpunk ;;ticker [12:10]
gribble Best bid: 4.19, Best ask: 4.2, Bid-ask spread: 0.01, Last trade: 4.18102, 24 hour volume: 49404, 24 hour low: 4.12, 24 hour high: 4.335 [12:10]
someguy123 bandu ^^^ [12:10]
someguy123 ;;ident bandu [12:10]
gribble Nick 'bandu', with hostmask 'bandu!~kvirc@#64;unaffiliated/bandu', is not identified. [12:10]
someguy123 bandu go log in using your GPG. [12:10]
mizerydearia mcorlett, I don't even see any messages from him due to ignore for so many months. And I haven't said anything in this channel for a while. I am not sure how I am involved. [12:10]
mircea_popescu so anyone here plays regnum ? [12:10]
bandu doing now. [12:11]
NASDAQEnema anyone want to sell me BTC for PPUSD at 10% over spot [12:11]
NASDAQEnema I can do $27 PPUSD give or take [12:13]
NASDAQEnema I'm looking to kick off this paypal dodging thing [12:13]
* Tiggr (~MrTiggr@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [12:13]
someguy123 ;;ident bandu [12:14]
gribble Nick 'bandu', with hostmask 'bandu!~kvirc@#64;unaffiliated/bandu', is not identified. [12:14]
* Tiggr is now known as Guest89623 [12:14]
someguy123 bandu what IRC client are you on? [12:14]
NASDAQEnema ;;gpg auth NASDAQEnema [12:14]
* coyo has quit (Disconnected by services) [12:14]
* bandu is now known as coyo [12:14]
* coyo is now known as bandu [12:14]
* coyo (kvirc@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [12:14]
* coyo has quit (Changing host) [12:14]
* coyo (kvirc@#64;unaffiliated/bandu) has joined #bitcoin-otc [12:14]
* BTCHero1 (~BTCHero@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [12:15]
* gribble gives voice to BTCHero1 [12:15]
bandu i'm using kvirc on linux mint 12 [12:15]
spawn- ;;getrating coyo [12:15]
bandu i have my otp, reading what to do with it...hold on [12:16]
* BTCHero has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [12:16]
* MrTiggr has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds) [12:17]
someguy123 bandu you type: ;;gpg eauth THATLONGSTRINGYOUDECRYPTED [12:17]
someguy123 bandu if you were on mIRC or Xchat, there's scripts to auto-auth you easily [12:17]
someguy123 I'm on windows, so mIRC handles my OTP and everything fully automatic :3 [12:17]
bandu thanks. trying to figure out how to decrypt the message with the linux command line. give me a moment to google this [12:17]
someguy123 bandu it's gpg --decrypt /home/bandu/otp.txt [12:17]
bandu THANK YOU [12:18]
someguy123 otp.txt = that link gribble sent you, save it. [12:18]
bandu you saved me 15 minutes of googling [12:18]
`g or use curl [12:18]
zordilorp get gribbled out bro [12:18]
someguy123 `g or wget [12:18]
bandu curl would have been more convient [12:18]
someguy123 my mIRC uses wget [12:18]
someguy123 so meh... [12:18]
`g there are some recipee on the wiki iirc [12:18]
someguy123 argh, it's too hot today [12:19]
someguy123 english weather is strange sometimes... yesterday it was cold most of the day and even SNOWED [12:19]
* bandu goes through the motions.. [12:19]
someguy123 today it's sunny, dry, and too hot =_= [12:19]
* Cablesaurus has quit (Quit: I used to think I was indecisive, but now I'm not too sure.) [12:20]
bandu okay, decrypted successfully. sending to gribble [12:21]
bandu aaaand done [12:22]
`g kvirc use tcl, you can make use of it [12:22]
`g (iirc) [12:22]
bandu i thought kvirc had kvs? [12:22]
NASDAQEnema ok [12:22]
bandu well, anyway. how do i identify with gribble when i reconnect? [12:22]
bandu ohwait, let me read that >.< [12:23]
NASDAQEnema -> ;;gpg eauth or everify [12:23]
NASDAQEnema anyways [12:23]
bandu okay. [12:23]
* contingo (~contingo@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [12:23]
bandu thanks, NASDAQEnema [12:23]
NASDAQEnema I'd like to buy some BTCs [12:24]
bandu that's pretty cool. [12:24]
NASDAQEnema for PPUSD [12:24]
Cory Yay bandu. :) [12:25]
bandu thanks, someguy123 , `g, Cory [12:25]
bandu okay, so i just go though those motions each time :3 [12:25]
NASDAQEnema yar [12:25]
bandu wasnt that bad. one time pads are cool [12:25]
NASDAQEnema so who is interested in the fuck paypal idea [12:26]
NASDAQEnema I just need one initial boost [12:27]
NASDAQEnema and I'm willing to do the trade propely [12:27]
* bandu growls at paypal, visualizing melting the entire headquaters into glass.. [12:27]
* bandu really doesnt like paypal [12:27]
NASDAQEnema would like me to sell limericks for BTC to start this off then? [12:28]
* bandu really likes the idea of buying and selling bitcoins and moneypaks or something similar. [12:29]
someguy123 bandu I hate plenty of reasons to hate paypal... [12:29]
someguy123 bandu [12:29]
someguy123 have* [12:29]
bandu someguy123: oh, wow. [12:29]
NASDAQEnema someguy123: you're doing the litecoins right? [12:29]
someguy123 NASDAQEnema yeah [12:29]
bandu more reasons why the headquaters should be melted into glass [12:29]
someguy123 NASDAQEnema why? [12:30]
NASDAQEnema ok does anyone want to sell me the initial 6.5 BTC i need to start the melting into glass [12:30]
bandu hehehe [12:30]
NASDAQEnema i'll write limericks - i'll fix your tumblr anything [12:31]
NASDAQEnema but I need that initial boost [12:31]
someguy123 NASDAQEnema I only have 5BTC worth of litecoins :( [12:31]
* gcforbtc (d806b3d8@#64;gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [12:32]
`g bandu: yw [12:32]
bandu :D [12:32]
NASDAQEnema someguy123: I plan on buying 6 months of service from rg and reselling shares of it in BTC LTC [12:32]
bandu okay, now that that's over with, how is everyone doing? [12:33]
* verwirrter- (~verwirrte@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [12:33]
someguy123 NASDAQEnema reselling it for litecoins would give litecoin a little "boost" [12:33]
someguy123 atleast [12:33]
bandu i'm really pleased to see that the bitcoin community has grown considerably since the last time i paid attentin [12:33]
someguy123 more services for litecoin are greatly needed [12:33]
someguy123 NASDAQEnema if you need any help, I'm willing to help around [12:34]
NASDAQEnema bandu - i'm getting ready to offer my first born for BTC - jeezus ppl really do not want to use paypal [12:34]
someguy123 NASDAQEnema [12:34]
someguy123 thats my rant about paypal ^ [12:34]
someguy123 a lot of other people have had bad experiences too... [12:34]
NASDAQEnema yeah I know [12:34]
NASDAQEnema and I know how to kill the beast [12:34]
bandu someguy123: so you're conceptualizing LTC as the "silver" to the BTC's "gold" as a complementary currency? [12:35]
NASDAQEnema but I need a lil help [12:35]
someguy123 bandu almost [12:35]
NASDAQEnema bandu more accessible [12:35]
someguy123 I'm not the creator of LTC, but I'm a supporter [12:35]
NASDAQEnema soooooooooooo [12:35]
NASDAQEnema 6.5 BTC anyone [12:35]
NASDAQEnema ? [12:35]
* Gaglia (~gaglia@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [12:36]
bandu someguy123: easier to access? you mean mining? i could easily buy a ton of cheap old computers off ebay, like a bunch of old crappy dell computers, and hook them up to a beowulf cluster. theoretically speaking, could i mind litecoins with that/ [12:36]
* sfantu (~sfantu@#64; has joined #bitcoin-otc [12:36]
someguy123 NASDAQEnema [12:36]
someguy123 bandu yeah [12:36]
bandu *mine [12:36]
* verwirrter- (~verwirrte@#64; has left #bitcoin-otc [12:36]
someguy123 a lot of people use their business clusters for mining [12:36]
bandu someguy123: that does make it a heck o a lot more accessible [12:36]
NASDAQEnema bandu it would make more sense to just mine individually on each of those comps using workers [12:37]
`g as parallelizing is the way to mine efficiently that's a good idea [12:37]
someguy123 bandu there's even a litecoin mining service [12:37]
someguy123 so it's quite easy if they're running windows [12:37]
NASDAQEnema i'm using ufasoft in linux [12:37]
someguy123 if they're on linux, you can just throw a shell script to download and compile poolers miner, then connect it [12:37]
* EasyAt has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [12:38]
NASDAQEnema 3 to 5 kh/s [12:38]
someguy123 NASDAQEnema 20kh/s :) [12:38]
* bandu nods, listening [12:38]
someguy123 with poolers miner on windows [12:38]
NASDAQEnema T2330 Dual CPU [12:38]
NASDAQEnema 1.6 GHz [12:38]
NASDAQEnema what's yours someguy123? [12:38]
bandu so you could have a bunch of inexpensive computers running a minepool network over the lan? [12:39]
NASDAQEnema yeah you could [12:39]
someguy123 NASDAQEnema phenom II x6 1075T [12:39]
someguy123 though I'm only using 4 of my 6 cores for mining [12:39]
someguy123 so it remains usable [12:39]
bandu that would be a lot easier than a beowulf cluster [12:39]
NASDAQEnema someguy123: what speed? [12:39]
`g and less consuming [12:40]
zordilorp dude [12:40]
someguy123 NASDAQEnema around 5kh/s per core [12:40]
zordilorp a beowulf cluster of [12:40]
NASDAQEnema ghz? [12:40]
someguy123 so I could get a good 30kh/s if I used it all for mining [12:40]
someguy123 NASDAQEnema stock 3ghz [12:40]
someguy123 if I oc'd this... probably 50kh/s total [12:40]
* gcforbtc has quit (Quit: Page closed) [12:40]
zordilorp serabro [12:40]
NASDAQEnema ok [12:40]
NASDAQEnema what do I need to do to get 6.5 BTCs [12:41]
* bandu has missed chatting with the bitcoin community [12:41]
someguy123 NASDAQEnema mine them? lol [12:41]
NASDAQEnema um [