Babydoll and the happy surge princess

Wednesday, 04 November, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Saturday October the 2thnd. When I woke up I was hugging dogslave's butt. She had snuck herself in the middle between us although that is not how we went to sleep and she was sleeping with her face on Chris' boobs and Chris had her arms on dogslave's back and dogslave's butt was all round and like "sup! I am a butt!" Because she had her knees under herself kinda and was pushing it out. Her butt is so beautiful especially when you hold it like that because her little flower shows through her black thighs all pretty and colored! And her butthole is like a mouth kinda and her butt is the prettiest thing. I just wanted to kiss her right on her hole, and I did! It kissed me back! I did not know buttholes could do that, but dogslaves' can, and dogslave was trembling and she was pushing her butt more and more in my face. I think she was having a dream so I kissed her butthole again I think a few times and licked it and dogslave woke Chris up because she was squeezing her so tight and Chris pushed dogslave's hair away from her face to kiss her and then dogslave woke up and Chris kissed her and dogslave said good morning sister ma'am but Chris just kissed her and I kissed her too at the same time and licked her inside and dogslave was just trapped between us. Then I had the idea for a naked name for Chris!

I said Chris I know your naked name! You will be sisi! And Chris said how come and I said because you are her sister and because you are so shy and also because you are a princess and because you will do anything. And it made sense! But I don't know Chris knew all about it but she said yes Babydoll. dogslave was just trembling and I asked her dogslave, did you have a dream, but she didn't want to say.

When we went downstairs Sylvia and Doll were working together at the stove and I said Sylvia! and she said hey! Why did you kick Doll out you little bitch! And I said because I love her! And if you leave her all alone she should know her place! And they turned towards me and I saw they were tied together like in handcuffs! Sylvia's right arm was handcuffed to Doll's left arm and their feet too the same and there was a chain between the handcuffs too! So they could only move together and I said Doll what have you two done and she said they're just playing. But then the mail delivery came with things for the wedding like our best maid uniforms and they went and opened the door like that! And then they did for us the face of the guy with the delivery because it was so funny! Then we ate and I wanted to put on the things but Doll said no Babydoll, these are like the slave stones you can only wear them for a little bit at a time because your skin needs to breathe and if it can't you die of ass-fixya which is very bad. So I can't put them on yet which is bullshit.

Then I told them that I knew the naked slave name of Chris and dogslave knows too but they don't! And they tried to guess but didn't have a chance! Ha! And then I told them it's sisi, and Sylvia spelled sissy ? But I said no silly, sisi. And I told them it is because of the princess from long ago of happy surge but it's not really spelled like that but I don't want to go check right now and also because si is yes in Italian so she would be like princess yesyes because she always does anything we tell her to because she's just such a little slut. And Italian is a language just like French just so you know because I discovered when I was doing translations online that there are really many languages and they are all from a country from Europe and each country has a big city that is very old with many strange buildings but in Italian it is called Rome not Paris. And maybe we go one day.

But Sylvia said I am going next week and I was like whoa! but she said it's true. Really this is kinda bullshit. And what will I beg daddy for now ?! Because Rome might be even better than Pairs really, plus Sylvia is going. That is a special sign by the way when you put an exclamation and a question mark together it's like you're saying whoa wtf but it's much shorter. And also I said she's sisi because she's dogslave's younger sister even though really Chris is older than Key because her birthday comes first but it doesn't matter because in slaves it matters when you took your stone inside of you first. And that makes me the oldest slavegirl of them all, I am just as old as Doll is because we put our stones in together and that was the first time in the whole house and everyone should respect us! Which they do very much. Then Doll said "and also a bit of a sissy" and Chris got all red and said "yes ma'am" and we all laughed at her. But later I showed sisi the real princess sisi from long ago and she was princess of Austria and everyone loved her very much because she was just like Chris only Chris is prettier.

Then I said dogslave, you have to tell everyone what your dream was this morning and dogslave didn't want to but I said dogslave, if you don't tell I will not let you be in Dad's wedding and you will have to stay in the closet the whole time! And she said that she had a dream that she was working at my breakfast place idea for Western guys. In her dream she was a slave there and she had to change the hay that the horses ate and she had to bend down all low and push her butt out waaay out to do it properly, and the horses would fuck her ass very hard. And I said you silly dogslave, that wasn't horses in you, that was my tongue!

Everyone laughed very hard and then Sylvia asked me how is it ? And I said it's kinda like licking old penny coins and Doll said "all coppery ?" and I asked them what is coppery and they said it's a kind of metal so I asked them what is a metal and they said "what the hell are you doing in school ?" and I said "we're watching films and doing auditorium presentations of bullshit" and she said "just like the brown shirts, huh" and Sylvia facepalmed. But then I asked Sylvia how come she didn't know and had to ask me and she said because I never ate ass in my life, Babydoll and I said how come and she said because nobody forced me to and I said well now you have to do it Sylvia and she said oh no! And I said she's not even qualified to go to Europe until she's done it because what will those people think and I told dogslave to put her palms on the table and push her butt far out and Doll said "you've heard the Princess" and twisted Sylvia's right arm behind her back and pushed her face into dogslave's butt and Sylvia kissed it a little and dogslave was moaning and rubbing her bud with her hand but I told Chris to go on her knees and kiss dogslave on her spot and Doll said Sylvia "do it properly, like a careerwhore" and she was all no-bullshit! so Sylvia put her tongue out and licked dogslave a little but Doll started pushing her back and forth and dogslave was biting her fingers but Sylvia put her tongue out more and more as she was doing it and then Doll stopped moving her but Sylvia was moving by herself putting her tongue into dogslave and the poor puppy came like a bucket. I thought she peed at first but she said she didn't think she peed because she had just peed after we brushed our teeth before coming down for breakfast and Doll said holy hell, she's a squirter! And Sylvia looked up from her ass and said "Isn't she too young for that ?!" and Doll said "Apparently not" and Sylvia was covered on her belly and thighs and everywhere and she was all wet. And Doll said "that'll be a nice memory" and Sylvia grinned. Then she said "I never made a girl squirt before either" and I said you didn't make her, Chris made her but Chris was just blown away and she didn't say anything. So I said Chris lick through that puddle down there and tell me if it's pee or if it isn't and Chris licked like all across the floor and said it tastes sweet and dogslave was shaking.

Then Doll said we should not be doing the Western idea very much either because pee is ok but the reason licking inside the butthole tastes that way is because there are little bits of poop there. EWWW! I didn't think about that, but of course there are huh! And when you lick poop you are getting germs and toxic things and it can be very bad for you so we should not do a lot of it but only very little. So I said this Plato is becoming complicated and Doll said kinda and I said so when can we do it and she said not before Sylvia is back and I said so slave stones once a day, and the lickskin like the slave stones, and kissing it peeing not even once a day, and making dogslave have it her way twenty bananas or even less than that, and Western breakfast in three weeks! And Doll said "even less than that" and I said so how long before dogslave may sweetpee again and she said oh, as often as she can manage, that's like having it only wetter. Then I asked Doll if she kissed a butthole ever and she said she did it with Daddy once and I asked her how was it and she said at the right time and with the right butthole it is the best thing in the world. But really a lot of things are like that.

Then there was the ceremony of Dad's wedding with Doll, and I guess it was beautiful and with garlands outside and many flowers and Doll was very happy and all but really it's kinda boring and a lot like school, just lots of old people talking all the time but nothing that is interesting or even worth writing down like when we talk by ourselves. We didn't wear our lickskin things but just normal party dresses because that's what weddings are, but the problem is everyone else was dressed stupid, and so everyone kept looking at us and kept wanting to come and talk to us all the time but they never said anything interesting it was always the same like three things over and over again which is so terrible and stupid! Like "what a lovely wedding" and then they kept talking about themselves and who they are but who cares! I know who you are, you are the guy that says "what a lovely weding". The food was kinda bullshit too because there was a company catering and they brough cafeteria food which is nothing like when we go to restaurants or even when Doll makes it or even Sylvia although Sylvia does not know that many things and she needs Doll to help her anyway. They should have made the food themselves but I guess it was too much to make because there were a lot of guest people. But I didn't tell Doll anything about it and it is terrible to not be able to tell Doll things. When you read it here sorry Doll I did not know what to do but I love you and that is why. Also Doll if you read my journal you have to go kiss my stone when you're done because that's the rule.

Then the other people left and now we wore our lickskin uniforms which are cool and feel great on the skin and also they kinda make you look almost as if you were naked because they are just directly on your skin and follow everything. But it's a great feeling and we will have to wear them again because sisi discovered that if you rub your bud through the lickskin it feels good but it is impossible to have it. But you have to just rub on the surface you are not allowed to rub very roughly and move it because then it's not fair. And dogslave kept licking our nipples and armpits and knees and everywhere and barked and panted the whole time but really we just wanted to hug Sylvia. Dad collared his whores, so Doll and Sylvia both have collars now, which they may never take off, and are kinda like a slave stone though I like the stones better than the collars because you feel them a lot more and they are inside, even if you can't keep them in the whole time. But the collars are permanent, they are made of a metal and it's smooth everywhere and there's no way to open them like a screw or anything and I don't understand how Dad put them on their necks. People can grab you by them, but Sylvia said it is not nice to do that to a slave that's not your slave, so I guess I won't do it to them then. Though I would kinda like to. And they can also be locked together very easily or to a stone or a pole or anything really, it's a lot like a handcuff. And I could have collared my whores also but I really didn't want to though I think dogslave would have liked one but I told her don't be sad puppydog, we can do it later anyways. And she said she knows.

Then later Daddy asked me "Did you kick Doll out of her bedroom ?" and I said "No Daddy, we were just kidding around, it was just for fun." and he said "Don't do that again." and I said "No Daddy, I wont." and then I asked him if he is angry with me and he said no, because he knows I love Doll and I would never be mean to her and it is true, I love her. This kinda means being mean to her too, but Doll knows that. And I asked her too if she is angry with me and she said "hell no Babydoll, I had fun, we were just kidding" and I said "that's right Doll Ma'am" and then I said "You know you'll always be the boss of me" and she said oh yeah ? and I said yea definitely and then she said then go to bed you little bitch and I said yes Ma'am! So now we are in my room, they are kissing and rubbing my feet like good whores and I am finishing writing the journal like a good Princess which I hope one day to be.

Sunday October the 3rd. This has been the saddest breakfast in my life because Sylvia is leaving and Doll will be driving her to the airport after we are done with breakfast and I really don't want her to go but she should go because it's her life and that's who I love. Doll asked me if I want to come to the airport but I said no, because it would be too sad. And Sylvia came to say goodbye in our room and I hugged her and dogslave got on the floor and hugged her knees and Chris was hugging us both and we were all crying. Then after breakfast we went down with her to the car, Daddy too, and then they said goodbye for real and Doll took off! And we will see Sylvia again only at the end of the month the earliest!

After they were gone Daddy turned to me and said "Would you like to hang out with me ?" and I said yeah dad! Can I bring the slaves too ? And he said sure, so we went and hung out by the pool and made drinks and then got in because it was getting cold, though the pool is nice and warm but the outside is windy and we didn't want to be in the pool so much. And Dad asked me how are my slaves working out ? And I said it is great Dad, better than I had ever hoped or imagined it could ever be. And then he asked Chris who is now sisi if she loves Babydoll, meaning me, and sisi was very shy and playing with her skirt fringe but she said yes sir. And then Dad said to her, "you know if you become her slave you'll never be able to leave" and sisi looked up at him and said she never ever wants to leave me no matter what. But dogslave nuzzled me and I said go ahead and she said Sir, how come Sylvia could leave if she is a slave too ? And Dad said it's because she was enslaved when she was older, that's why she could leave, but little girls that are enslaved as young as we are can never leave because they imprint on each other. Then he said "How about you Keysha ? How is your life in slavery ?" and everyone froze because nobody has called dogslave Keysha here ever and even though she was dressed it didn't feel like school at all so it was very weird! But she said "It is the best sir, and everyone calls me dogslave" and Dad nodded and said "Anyone up for some games ?" and we were all like yaay! and we went in the den and everyone got a controller and we played Mario but Dad is really really good and we played karts and Mortal Kombat and many many things. Dad kinda beats us though, we have to gang up on him, but the problem is we don't have a good signal to know when to go or how to go about it. We will have to strategize more because this is a problem, we have to be organized! At least that's what Dad said.

Doll was back after a while and she ran up to Daddy and he hugged her and she whispered "Hurt me Daddy, hurt me bad please." but I heard her and I said "let's go to bed girls" and Doll kissed us goodnight and Dad kissed me goodnight and we went to our room. Poor dogslave really wanted to hug and cuddle, so we put her in the middle between us and just hugged her and petted her and she seemed sad at first and like she is going to cry but then little by little she was smiling and then she went asleep with her face on sisi's tits again. This is kinda bullshit so after I finished my journal I came in from the other side and kinda pushed to the side a little and we both slept on sis like her boobs were pillows, which they are and very good pillows too!

Monday October the 4th. When I woke up dogslave was kissing my toes very softly and sisi was playing with my hair pushing it away from my forehead and I sucked on her nipple and she said good morning Princess Goddess Mistress Babydoll! and dogslave barked her cute bark and it is the best way to wake up ever! Then Doll made us breakfast of sauce which is made of elephants but I don't remember what its name is but it is even better than peanut butter and dropped us off at school where the bullshit is ongoingly worsening!

This time it was little vans and annoying people pulling cables after them from my sweet sunshine princess show which is on a channel on TV that I don't remember and there is also a national convention or something and they were looking for little girls to do a dance or something maybe sing something or some talent I don't know for their show and they were holding auditions which is when they look at people although audition should mean when you listen and videotions should be when you look at them but all the boys in our year were playing soccer or sports and all the girls were on the lawn waiting to be auditioned visually. But it turns out that these people from the show think there are four kinds of faces of girls which is so silly because there are much more than that, there is dogface and catface and fish face and frog face and tree face and egg face and I have to stop because I don't want my whole journal to be just face names because it is not a face book. And the four faces they said there are were round, oval square just kidding, triangular and heart-shaped which is the very rarest and this is what they were looking for in their auditions, because they were saying they're doing a free evaluation but really it was just trying to look for heart shaped face girls and it turns out that nobody is heart shaped in the whole school at all except me. But I wasn't even auditioning although dogslave told me Princess you should go in but I didn't want to because I am already a pimp and it's ok if I whore out for my girls maybe now and again and eat their poop with my tongue but only rarely like Doll said and I don't want to be discovered or anything. And they came out of their audition booth and shook my hand and made a big deal congratulating me and bullshit, and they told me I should go to the convention but I said I'm not going anywhere and then they said they want to talk to my parents but I told them my parents are busy and don't have time to be bothered like I do because if bums show up at where they work the guard chases them away only we don't have a guard to chase bums away because it's just a school. So they left but more of them came and these kept saying about my future and things like that and I told them I am not interested and go away. But they just kept coming and coming like always new ones like they have a factory of different people to say the same things! But eventually they went away for good just as Doll showed up and dogslave and sisi told her all what happened and I was very upset and Doll said sorry Babydoll and I said that these people are like a very annoying Daddy that doesn't even work, and Doll said ha! Then I said they also have a lot of nerve, how dare they come over like they are offering me things. Like a busker saying he is offering a lucky person the chance to give him a quarter! Congratulations Mr. Guy-Dude, you have won the great prize of giving me a quarter! And Doll said "they have no idea who they're dealing with Babydoll" but I was still annoyed. And sisi said "I guess someone else will be the Sweet Sunshine Princess" and I got really upset and I pulled her hair and she cried. I am so angry even now writing what happened that I forgot to make paragraphs.

How dare these stupid boys pretend like they say who is princess or what because they call it something stupid it is different ? It is ok for every princess to be a princess but if the smelly boys make themselves a TV show for how smelly they are it doesn't mean they can say this chair is now the smelly boy moonshine princess! And my face is my face not their quest, I told Doll, what if one day some guy shows up at the house and says oh look, it's Doll's car! I was looking all my life for a Doll's car just like this here Doll's car! I have found it now! I hope Dad goes out and shoots him because what does Doll's car care about what some guy has been searching for! And Doll said "Doll's car doesn't care and so why do you ?" and I wasn't angry anymore because Doll is right and sisi was crying. I hugged her and she said she is so sorry she said the wrong thing but she didn't mean it and I said it's ok babycakes, I am not upset with you I am upset with those other people, outside. And I said I am so sorry I pulled on your hair please forgive me and she said no no I deserve it and you should punish me when we are home and I said ok I will punish you. But her punishment was to kiss my mouth and dogslave said hey, that is no punishment and so I sad she has to kiss dogslave's mouth too which is a real punishment and we all laughed.

But I was still angry about it even after dinner and Doll said babycakes, you don't even watch TV and I said that's right, I don't. And she said so what do you care ? And I told her I don't know! I don't know why but I am very bothered that these people dare go around talking about selecting princesses like I told Doll, what if a frog pretends to be a doctor ? And she said it's spelled fraud not frog and she said they put him in jail. And I said see ? They should put these false princesseers in jail too! And she said they used to until recently and I said too bad they changed that law! And then this bullshit where people start talking to you because they have been looking for something just like you! What bullshit! They really should stop doing that. And also the winning a trouble idea! Here, you have won a pirate chest full of bad smelling air, aren't you glad ? You won it and so you think it's good but they call it won when it is nothing like winning just to take advantage of your good feelings. Like maybe sisi's dad won a shooting and bullshit like that! It is terrible, all of it.

Then we played Monopoly which is fun because we play for prizes like someone can sell their clothes for money or do a dance or things and it is a lot of fun. But Doll was messing with me, like every time she said backwards, if I won something she said I lost it and if I lost something she said I won it and I said she should have her own TV show, on Boll TV! Then I won because I told dogslave to trade me some things for only fifty moneys and sisi to trade me some things I needed for some things I didn't need and then I made hotels and got Doll broke completely and she said ok you win Babydoll but I said nuh-uh, you have to keep on playing and she kept having to do things because she had no moneys at all like get us drinks and curtsy and everything we could think of and also painting sisi's toenails.

Then we went to bed but it was really too tight so I said you bitches go sleep in the spare bedroom down the hall and they were all sad about it but they went and then I tried to sleep by myself but it was too sad and lonely so I went after them myself and they were not sleeping but talking about what are they going to do without me because it's too sad and I said I want to sleep with someone not by myself and at first I sent sisi back to my bedroom to sleep by herself but she was crying so loud in there all alone we could hear her, and the dogslave said it's ok Ma'am go sleep with her in your bedroom and I will stay here by myself but I said no dogslave, come with me and we will be all together. And we were very tired but it was still hard to fall asleep because it is really too tight for sleeping comfortably. I have to ask Daddy what to do tomorrow because I don't want to miss out on sleeping with my lovergirls but also we can barely sleep like this and everyone is pale faced even dogslave!

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