Small details, which is to say дробныя дэталі. Or is it мелкие ? маленькія ? детали ? Who even knows anymore!

Monday, 08 July, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The principal advantage to living in the penthouse above a cathouse, that grandiose palatial dwelling wherein workaday womanhood aspires to maybe once every year or two spend a day or twoi, is that...well, how should I put this ?

It's the little details ; they defy systematic description. Looksy :


But female industry doesn't merely limit itself to recycling! Creative use of the marks and markings of womanhood, like a cat making paintings out of menstrual blood say, is merely one aspect of the intrinsic creativity of the beauticianii class!

They don't merely recycleiii, they also repurpose! Admire :


The difference'd be that the former item had no utility past its signifying, and therefore became refuse upon useiv, whereas the bobby pin was still a bobby pin, just as useful as ever at the time of its repurposing towards holding up the shower. Recycling and repurposing, the two poles of aspirant female contributory interaction towards luxury accomodation.

They really like the place, you see ? They do, and they'd love nothing more than to actually belong here. Yet they do not belong ; the problem, the fundamental bar (and, along with it, the necessary, necessarily complete and necessarily only possible solution) coming from the same place outside : directed activity, revolution around the establishing rod of manhood is the key to female belonging.

Speaking of which, let's discuss a sexual position. So, the whore gets on her knees atop a generous couchv (like for instance) and as you impale her from behind you grab both her wrists behind her back. If you're using your right hand for this, then her left wrist goes in between your thumb and your index, whereas her right wrist goes in between your index and the rest of your fingers. Oh wait, wait... you thought merely the size of the penis matters in terms of sexual dominance ? Ahahahahah. Listen buster, grow some hands, what the hell is this, if you can't hold her wrists in your hand what the fuck man are you ?

You can grab her tits or spank her ass or whatever with your free left (try strangling her, it's a lot of fun!), much like any man who knows how to ridevi has a free hand for fun and games ; but this aside : lift your right knee up, so you're resting on your left knee and the sole of the right foot, and put your right hand still holding her wrists in its iron grip upon your right thigh. She's completely immobilized thereby, you can grab her left ankle in your free left if you wish, you can do whatever the hell you want to her, really, which I guess is the point.

The difference'd be that this is about my own whores, whereas the rest was there from before. As they say, minor details. What's the Moontalk term, by the way, for a man with small hands ? Small rod, inconsequential footprint, easily and cheaply satisfied needs, little callings, tiny problems, diminutive solutions...

Ah well.

  1. You understand how impregnation works now, do you ? []
  2. Tell me you aren't aware one third of natural born females spend their time doing each other's hair / make-up / nails / whatever "professionally", which is to say as-if living in a state-supported harem.

    The aspiring writer/starlet/youtube star barista pumping complimocha all day for her more successfully mated sisters isn't doing anything different than the Chinese woman kneeling before her better heeled female relatives and suckling their toes. Yes it's a "professional" activity, but it's female-professional, like prostitution, not male-professional, like engineering (no, not "computer engineering", holy hell). []

  3. Cycle, geddit ? Like, in one cycle, it was part of the symbology that sold their identity-garments to them, and in the other cycle, it held the plant together. Plant a plant! []
  4. Much like a certain interpretation of womanhood, I'm not sure you're following. []
  5. "They make these tiny things, barely enough for two people, and then call them love seats. What fucking nonsense, love seats nothing, those are hate seats". I confess I can see the logic, and besides, Ring Lardner wrote an entire book about how he managed to extricate his wife's sister from an unwanted amorous entanglement through a lot of loveseating. []
  6. The expert rider has over the veteran soldier that marked advantage of not needing any tools. []
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