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Saturday, 23 November, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
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mircea_popescu ahh, isn't it a lovely time to buy some options... :D [05:54]
reeses no but it does have 1tb of raid 10 ssd and 40tb of raid 1 das :) [05:54]
rawrmage la ti mo ti mo [05:55]
imsaguy I use the raid with battery backup in my IBMS, pretty awesomesauch [05:55]
rg [05:55]
rg that'd do [05:55]
rg just need to upgrade the disks [05:55]
rg and check on the cooling [05:55]
MBS reeses what speed do you get with raid 10 ssd [05:55]
* smickles|idle is now known as smickles [05:55]
reeses not fast enough [05:55]
MBS although fuck hard drive prices, need some more media storage but not going to buy until prices are back under $30/tb [05:55]
MBS reeses, an estimate at least? [05:56]
imsaguy heh, seems like just yesterday when storage being $1/mb was a good deal [05:56]
reeses it’s my desktop, i haven't bothered [05:56]
reeses [05:56]
reeses buy that instead [05:56]
reeses you’ll be happy [05:57]
MBS if intel can get TRIM working on RAID 0 like they promised, would love to get another 120gb force gt or 2 [05:57]
reeses wonder if they have fusion io drivers yet for mac [05:57]
MBS although i am wonder if i should even bother for raid [05:58]
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reeses raid 0 makes me nervous [05:58]
MBS main game i want to build rig for (ARMA 3, which got fucking delayed to Q4 : ( ) i am planning to have a 24GB ramdisk for anyway, lol [05:58]
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reeses i only do 10 because i have four bays and i found 2x2.5 adapters that raid 0 the drives [05:59]
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Graet ssd makes me nervous, so i only keep os files there anything important is on mirroed drives :) [05:59]
reeses so i do raid 1 across two of those [05:59]
MBS wait the adapters that have built in raid? arent those limited to sata 2 [05:59]
MBS my hotswap bay has a raid version, but i just have the normal one [05:59]
MBS was planning on going sandy brdige e for my gaming rig, but if i hear any thing about ivy bridge e by summer will probably just wait even longer to build rig :( [06:00]
reeses I've had more ssd failures than magnetic [06:00]
reeses especially ocz crap [06:00]
MBS for new desktop guess i will sorta consolidate drives, right now have a 640GB and a 1TB, 640 has user files and manually installed games and 1TB has steam games [06:01]
reeses i just crammed 3tb drives in a pc tower and used port multipliers [06:02]
Someguy123 Graet SSD's are LESS secure than HDD's [06:02]
MBS not sure what i will go with, dont imagine would get a huge performance upgrade with raid 5, but at the same time wouldnt feel like spending a shit ton of money and case room on 4x2-3TB [06:02]
Someguy123 their failure rate is stupidly high at the moment [06:02]
phantomcircuit Someguy123, depends entirely on the ssd model [06:02]
MBS thats what backups and warrenties are for [06:02]
reeses i back up like a madman [06:02]
phantomcircuit the ocz drives are ridiculous reliable [06:02]
MBS i actually dont back up anything at all right now, lol [06:02]
MBS well except my media server to crashplan [06:03]
Someguy123 phantomcircuit bull, someone said they had to send back the same OCZ SSD to OCZ 7 times in a row [06:03]
reeses phantomcircuit: err, not in my experience [06:03]
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reeses they’re the worst [06:03]
Someguy123 and it was DOA 3 times after the RMA's [06:03]
reeses bricked more than any other [06:03]
Someguy123 where they apparantly fixed it, but it was broken before he even plugged it in [06:03]
phantomcircuit the consumer drives are rebranded [06:03]
phantomcircuit they've been selling the pcie ones for ages [06:03]
reeses ocz doesn't make anything [06:04]
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reeses they whitelabel it all [06:04]
* plutonic ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:04]
MBS if i would have been able to get more drives i would back up my desktop to my home server which would be backed up to crashplan, but right now i would rather have more downloaded stuff, lol [06:05]
MBS if i have to im even considering deleting all my steam games for server overflow [06:05]
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rg [06:08]
rg mmm [06:08]
rg come to rg [06:08]
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MBS rg, bleh that cpu [06:10]
MBS well cpus [06:10]
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reeses i love dl585s too [06:11]
MBS though might be able to strip ram out and resell it XD [06:11]
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reeses do you need less rack space or fewer servers? [06:11]
* smoothie ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:11]
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MBS buying mtgoxusd/btc for amazon payments/serve/clover/venmo (varying limits on each). can buy things for you from newegg/amazon/etc for mtgoxusd/btc, and can resell you servers ($25/$65/$80 respectively converted to BTC) [06:12]
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MILF2 rg, that'd be damned nice really [06:13]
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MILF2 for some virtualization [06:13]
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MILF2 run a stripped down copy of linux or so [06:13]
MILF2 and a bunch of vm's running in ram [06:13]
MILF2 that thing would just fly [06:13]
MILF2 :D [06:13]
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trigliu kool [06:16]
Graet Someguy123 ? that would be why ssd makes me nervous, so i only keep os files there anything important is on mirrored platter drives :) [06:17]
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MBS MILF2, but what if someone needs to do something cpu intensive [06:19]
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rg hmm [06:20]
rg i found a sweet server [06:20]
rg but its got no rails [06:21]
copumpkin I only write cobol on cogs [06:21]
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copumpkin [06:21]
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rg $90 for rails [06:22]
rg what a fucking scam [06:22]
rg i hate ebay [06:22]
rg they sell the servers for cheap then charge $200 for the rails [06:22]
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rg cause they know youll need them [06:22]
MBS you cant find the rails anywhere else? [06:22]
rg probably not [06:23]
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rg oo actually [06:23]
rg i found them much cheaper [06:23]
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MBS rg, not really server grade but you could always build a SB-E 3930K box [06:23]
* smickles ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:24]
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rg MBS, it has to go into a regular rack [06:24]
azkabal Would someone a bit experienced with #bitcoin-otc mind if I pm to ask a few questions? it's in regards to the order process of when I, the buyer, want to trade moneypak for bitcoins ... [06:24]
smickles ok, auto-reconnect doesn't work :( [06:24]
rg otherwise the DC would tell me to fuckoff [06:24]
MBS rg thats what empty cases are for [06:24]
rg azkabal: just read teh guide [06:24]
rg ;;tell azkabal [guide] [06:24]
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azkabal Thanks rg - I already read it through a few times, and have setup everything required I believe - but there are still some aspects in which I am uncertain about. [06:25]
smickles ident azkabal [06:25]
smickles ;;ident azkabal [06:25]
MBS [06:26]
* funziggy ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:26]
rg like what [06:26]
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* gribble gives voice to Someguy123 [06:27]
MBS [06:28]
smickles ;;voiceme [06:28]
* gribble gives voice to smickles [06:28]
MBS then this but out of stock right now [06:28]
MBS and then something like this [06:28]
azkabal Well, I purchased a moneypak I would like to trade here for bitcoins - for starters I would like to know how I find out what a decent / fair trade would be... for example a $100 moneypak [06:29]
MBS or if that isnt enough there is always this [06:30]
smickles ;;ticker [06:30]
gribble Best bid: 5.70001, Best ask: 5.70619, Bid-ask spread: 0.00618, Last trade: 5.70001, 24 hour volume: 93917, 24 hour low: 5.5001, 24 hour high: 6 [06:30]
MBS lol rg, i am assumine a blatent price mistake like this wouldnt ship unfortunately, [06:30]
smickles azkabal: ^ fair rate [06:30]
azkabal Secondly, how do I verify a user is who he says he is according to the OTC web of trust [06:30]
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smickles ;;ident azkabal [06:31]
gribble Nick 'azkabal', with hostmask 'azkabal!~azkabal@gateway/tor-sasl/amivit', is not identified. [06:31]
smickles ^ [06:31]
smickles and to contrast [06:31]
smickles ;;ident smickles [06:31]
gribble Nick 'smickles', with hostmask 'smickles!', is identified as user smickles, with GPG key id EA62D7CEB2450C3F, and key fingerprint 96ACCA7C3B09EC61B0A6D7F9EA62D7CEB2450C3F. [06:31]
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reeses just colo a bunch of iPods running linux [06:31]
azkabal Thanks a lot, excuse my newbieness - that's also why I wanted to pm so i wouldn't have to clutter up your chat when everyone here thinks this is stupidly basic stuff ^^ [06:32]
neonindian I have $60 MoneyPak if anybody is selling bitcoins. PM Me. Thanks!!! [06:32]
smickles azkabal: it's not a problem :D [06:32]
trigliu kool [06:33]
* Greedier ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:34]
* Greed ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:34]
azkabal So, a fair rate would be around 5.7 - but isn't the person selling the BC interested in making sometrhing off of it? Is there not a percentage that is "usual" for a seller to take? Or could I expect $100*5.7 BC for a standard trade? [06:34]
paulzag ;;getrating [ident neonindian] [06:34]
gribble Error: This user has not yet been rated. Currently not authenticated. [06:34]
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smickles azkabal: with MP you might be able to get 5.7 [06:35]
pigeons copumpkin: did you see amiller's notes? [06:35]
reeses azkabal: the price is what you agree to. 5.7 is mtgox pricing, where the cash has less value because it takes longer to withdraw [06:35]
smickles azkabal: you should make an offer, and if people want more, they'll haggle with you [06:35]
reeses azkabal: whereas a moneypak can be used right away [06:36]
copumpkin pigeons: oh, nope [06:36]
copumpkin oh, those are the old ones [06:36]
MBS sometimes people are in a rush to sell and offer to sell for 5 for moneypaks [06:36]
copumpkin then I think so [06:36]
pigeons oh ok, i just saw it and thought it was something you'd be interested in you geeks [06:36]
reeses so $1 MP > $1 mtgox [06:36]
azkabal Ok, that is interesting :) thanks.. also, what prevents, even a very highly rated / trusted user to scam someone completely unknown such as me? Wouldn't it be easy for the given persons reputation to say i MYSELF were the cheater ? [06:36]
* a5m0 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:37]
trigliu good point azkabal [06:37]
* jamescarr ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:37]
reeses that’s what #bitcoin-court or whatever is for [06:37]
trigliu lots of established IDs are scamming newbies [06:37]
reeses you can also ask someone to escrow [06:37]
trigliu and then blaming the newb [06:37]
pigeons trigliu: ??? [06:37]
* coldhardmetal has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [06:37]
smickles azkabal: if that happens, rate them as a -10 [06:37]
pigeons trigliu: name one, or maybe I misinterpreted you [06:38]
* coldhardmetal (~IceChat77@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:38]
trigliu look at the forums. there are complaints all the time [06:38]
smickles azkabal: people will then ask you why you rated someone a -10 and you can explain [06:38]
* EvilJStoker has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [06:38]
amiller copumpkin, pigeons, i have two slightly different attempts on my github [06:38]
reeses other than the shill ratings from new accounts, i don’t know of an established trader scamming anyone [06:38]
pigeons trigliu: I think we are talking about #bitcoin-otc [06:38]
trigliu you have too much blind faith in a rating system if you think it prevents cams [06:38]
* MrTiggr (~MrTiggr@unaffiliated/mrtiggr) has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:38]
smickles azkabal: also, it's pretty easy to prove that you were not sent btc [06:38]
amiller one is in haskell and it uses a monad transformer rather than just a monad, the other is an 'unfolded' version in Coq without monads but it has a lot more of the scripting language, and some proofs [06:39]
amiller i'm mostly hoping that Ken` finishes the paper he's working on and then comes and kicks ass at bitcoin in Coq. [06:39]
pigeons trigliu: No one said it prevents scams, but you said < trigliu> lots of established IDs are scamming newbies [06:39]
reeses oh no another one [06:39]
pigeons trigliu: which I know of no cases of [06:39]
reeses FUD [06:39]
trigliu look at the forums. there are complaints all the time [06:39]
smickles trigliu: about -otc? [06:40]
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* jjjrmy_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:40]
pigeons trigliu: about #bitcoin-otc? Give us a link to one please [06:40]
trigliu yes otc users are involved [06:40]
reeses you’re confounding things trigliu [06:40]
trigliu not at all [06:40]
smickles trigliu: can we have some evidence? [06:40]
reeses rated otc users with legit ratings? [06:40]
Cory Scottlad and foodst4mp received legitimate ratings before scamming. [06:40]
MBS someone sell me bitcoins/mtgoxusd for amazon payments [06:41]
pigeons legit ratings over a longer period of time than say, a few days [06:41]
MBS i promise im not a scammer [06:41]
MBS you can trust me ;) [06:41]
reeses oh fucking scottlad [06:41]
* copumpkin scams MBS [06:41]
trigliu no true scotsman territory. they werent *real otc users* cory :) [06:41]
MBS ;;getrating MBS [06:41]
gribble User MBS, created on Tue Apr 19 17:18:54 2011. Cumulative rating 48, from 27 total ratings. Received ratings: 27 positive, 0 negative. Sent ratings: 25 positive, 0 negative. Details: Currently authenticated from hostmask MBS!~MBS@unaffiliated/mbs [06:41]
reeses his were puppet ratings though [06:41]
rg ;;getrating rg [06:41]
gribble User rg, created on Sun Jun 5 10:39:49 2011. Cumulative rating 109, from 56 total ratings. Received ratings: 56 positive, 0 negative. Sent ratings: 52 positive, 2 negative. Details: Currently authenticated from hostmask rg! [06:41]
Cory trigliu: Heh. But what are the current scandals you're talking about? [06:41]
rg << superior [06:41]
rg supp [06:41]
* btc_dev ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:41]
azkabal But for a reputable trader, isn't the -10 something easily neglectable and still very much worth the $100 ... that's my concern... also what prevents anyone from just randomly throwing -10's on a reputable seller? Since my account is completely fresh, one could assume that I simply created it to give a low rating which the "scammer" could then appeal for and say I created the account simply... [06:42]
smickles trigliu: there is a diff b/t no true scottsman an established long term users [06:42]
azkabal give a neg rating :p [06:42]
reeses azkabal: word gets around fast [06:42]
* copumpkin sighs [06:42]
MBS ill buy your moneypak for amazon payments :p [06:42]
trigliu azkabal: its a valid concern. the people with a lot of blind faith in the otc ratings wont believe you [06:42]
pigeons azkabal: even if you are new at at first glance people think you must be making a false accusation, people will still want proof, and no, no way is that worth $100 [06:43]
reeses azkabal: and you have bitcointalk for a more permanent/visible claim of shens [06:43]
* Raccoon- (bismuth@unaffiliated/raccoon) has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:43]
* ChanServ gives voice to Raccoon- [06:43]
trigliu i would start very small then only trade with people whose rating is comparable to yours or lower [06:43]
* whisk3y_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:43]
copumpkin trigliu: can you give us a link or two? [06:43]
* Raccoon- is now known as Raccoon [06:43]
reeses i would start very small then only trade with people whose rating is comparable to yours or lower [06:43]
reeses wtf [06:43]
smickles ;;getrating scottlad [06:43]
gribble User scottlad, created on Fri May 6 09:10:02 2011. Cumulative rating -66, from 16 total ratings. Received ratings: 5 positive, 11 negative. Sent ratings: 4 positive, 0 negative. Details: Currently not authenticated. [06:43]
pigeons one link will do for starters, and Shakaru doesn't exactly count as a scammer or "scamming newbs" [06:43]
smickles ;;getrating foodst4mp [06:43]
gribble User FooDSt4mP, created on Fri Jun 3 04:16:33 2011. Cumulative rating -1, from 90 total ratings. Received ratings: 67 positive, 23 negative. Sent ratings: 68 positive, 9 negative. Details: Currently not authenticated. [06:43]
trigliu copumpkin: if you believe in otc, youll just believe the person with a high rating. its a circular argument [06:44]
azkabal That's annoying since my whole goal with bitcoin is not to be very involved but there is a certain thing I wish to purchase so i will most likely only be doing this one time moneypak > bitcoin trade :p [06:44]
copumpkin trigliu: I just meant about the numerous complaints you mention on the forum [06:44]
pigeons trigliu: we just want one of these specific complaints you mention [06:44]
pigeons because honestly we haven't seen what you're claiming [06:44]
copumpkin "find them yourself" [06:44]
reeses you’re making claims without evidence [06:44]
pigeons just one link will do [06:44]
smickles foodst4mp is an example of azkabal fears and trigliu point [06:44]
pigeons we named the people we could think of [06:44]
trigliu someone just gave you 2 examples. and now you want "just one" [06:45]
* EvilJStoker (jstoker@unaffiliated/jstoker) has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:45]
reeses or we’ll talk about dependent types [06:45]
trigliu you obviously have a high degree of blind faith in otc [06:45]
pigeons you said all the time, those are nearly a year old now [06:45]
copumpkin okay [06:45]
amiller dependent types == bring out the comfy chair! [06:45]
* copumpkin senses a pattern here [06:45]
reeses “blind faith” [06:45]
pigeons i have no faith in otc, i just want to see what you are talking about [06:45]
reeses amiller: :) [06:45]
* btc_dev ( has left #bitcoin-otc [06:46]
MBS i can buy anything online for bitcoins [06:46]
MBS gift cards, stuff via amazon prime, stuff from newegg, w/e [06:46]
reeses trigliu: what is your real agenda here? to scam him yourself? [06:46]
MBS pretty much just over mtgox spot [06:46]
trigliu after you got a couple examples, the predictable defense of otc went into "no true scotsman" territory. [06:46]
MBS or for some things equal to it [06:46]
trigliu its no use arguing with blind faith [06:46]
reeses (i loves me the ad hominem) [06:46]
smickles azkabal: there is little risk in buying from an established trusted user of -otc [06:46]
Cory trigliu: Do you know of the gettrust command? [06:47]
* Shaded has quit (Quit: Shaded) [06:47]
reeses it’s no use arguing with a troll [06:47]
azkabal Hmm ok smickles, well... if you guys were like me, what would you do to ensure the least risk possible to convert the $100 moneypak into BC...Use an escrow? [06:47]
pigeons < trigliu> lots of established IDs are scamming newbies [06:47]
trigliu someone who doesn't share your blind faith is a troll [06:47]
pigeons one link [06:47]
copumpkin trigliu is the usual beacon of sanity in the hysteria of -otc [06:47]
copumpkin THREE CHEERS FOR TRIGLIU [06:47]
trigliu pigeons: 2 > 1 [06:47]
smickles azkabal: i was like you once, the first trade was scary, but it went well [06:47]
trigliu he's still asking for "just one example!!" [06:47]
reeses fuck stop talking to him [06:47]
copumpkin trigliu: you said there were complaints of it all over the forum, and we haven't seen any [06:48]
MBS its only $100 [06:48]
azkabal smickles: in comparison to other trades that users do - would my $100 be a larger amount? [06:48]
trigliu copumpkin: you just saw 2. and that's "not any". lmao [06:48]
trigliu see how blind faith makes you completely irrational? [06:48]
copumpkin trigliu: my point was the "on the forum" bit [06:48]
reeses it’s Saturday night and he’s trolling for fun, just put him on ignore so i don’t have to see half the discussion [06:48]
trigliu they were discussed "on the forum". ad nauseum [06:48]
copumpkin oh okay [06:49]
* copumpkin slaps Cory [06:49]
copumpkin Cory: you fucker [06:49]
reeses all he has to do is up-arrowing his “you have blind trust” straw man [06:49]
smickles azkabal: no, yours is not large [06:49]
azkabal For example, Keefe is at the top of the ratings, would the -10 be worth the $100 for him ? [06:49]
trigliu i was in otc when they were scamming [06:49]
MBS someone sell me $100 worth of bitcoins for amazon payments so i can sell them to this moneypak guy [06:49]
smickles azkabal: no [06:49]
pigeons azkabal: no [06:49]
trigliu its not new information to me at least [06:49]
reeses azkabal: keefe would have wayyyyy too mech to lose [06:49]
smickles azkabal: 100 is not worth it for even me [06:49]
pigeons one -10 would make everyone else look into what is going on [06:49]
reeses much [06:50]
Cory copumpkin: GammaG too! [06:50]
MBS azkabal, would you trust buying bitcoins from nanotube? [06:50]
* pingdrive has quit (Quit: Leaving) [06:50]
azkabal Ok, I'll have to take a semi-leap of faith then and take someone extremely reputable, should I add in a escrow on top of it to be even more safe or does that just add additional complications? [06:50]
reeses nanotube controls gribble controls the WoT ratings! [06:50]
pigeons azkabal: also, hang out and get to know people, until you get comfortable with trading with someone [06:50]
MBS additional complications usually [06:50]
smickles azkabal: #bitcoin-escrow [06:50]
MBS especially with moneypak [06:50]
MBS unless of course seller would prefer some other payment than moneypak [06:51]
smickles azkabal: ooh, ooh, what pigeons just said [06:51]
MBS in which case escrow could convert it [06:51]
pigeons azkabal: i would look for continuous trades over many months [06:51]
reeses moneypak is worth more, though, in trade [06:51]
MBS reeses, though alot of people have gotten moneypak blocked on paypal and etc [06:51]
reeses you should be able to do 5.5-5.6 right now [06:51]
* pirateat40 already doesn't like trigliu. [06:52]
amiller i like to think that the trust ratings aren't what you base your trust-decision on directly, they're just a conversation starter, the beginning of an investigation [06:52]
MBS i do like half of my trades not even authed into my gpg thing [06:52]
reeses MBS: that’s because they trip the money transmitter test [06:52]
rg forum != bitcoin-otc [06:52]
trigliu i wouldnt put any stock in trust ratings. i prefer hard to spoof evidence [06:52]
MBS reeses, yeah i know [06:52]
rg haha [06:53]
rg trig [06:53]
rg youre a doofus [06:53]
rg i have been trading here since 5/10 [06:53]
reeses people can tell I'm me because i’ll put gay thoughts into your head and take your btc [06:53]
rg i go by the trust web and the rating system [06:53]
trigliu anecdote != data [06:53]
rg you know how many times ive been ripped off? [06:53]
trigliu thx for that autobigraphical excursion [06:53]
rg guess [06:53]
smickles lol reeses , i just fell victim to part of that [06:53]
rg guess how many times people were able to 'spoof evidence' [06:53]
reeses hahahaha [06:54]
trigliu in reality ripoffs are rare in any forum. theres a risk of getting caught for a low-value scam [06:54]
reeses send me btc now [06:54]
rg so you dont want to guess? [06:54]
smickles ;) [06:54]
trigliu anecdote != data [06:54]
pigeons there is a difference between saying "don't trust ratings" and "established users are scamming newbies" [06:54]
reeses its not really a guess at this point rg [06:54]
trigliu ive never been scammed and i rarely use otc [06:55]
rg well [06:55]
rg its 0 [06:55]
Guest17867 i can't speak for everyone, but my feeling is $100 isn't much. anyone with an established rating here is going to try to scam someone of much more than $100 if they were to at all. on the other hand, someone with a ton of good ratings like myself might figure they could get away with a few negatives if they spin it right as if it were the other guy's fault. they'd still have an overall positive rating [06:55]
rg for nearly a year of trading following the trust web and rratings [06:55]
smickles trigliu: the data seems to be one established user scammed people [06:55]
MBS ;;seen netxshare [06:55]
gribble netxshare was last seen in #bitcoin-otc 14 hours, 17 minutes, and 1 second ago: it's all I do [06:55]
rg id say thats a pretty effective system [06:55]
reeses how about “trolls are often trolling the channel” [06:55]
Guest17867 oh, hehe, myself=Keefe... [06:55]
rg MBS: we was talking in #bitvps earliar [06:55]
rg i think hes around [06:55]
MBS he pm'ed me but im not sure exactly how long ago [06:55]
* Guest17867 is now known as Keefe [06:56]
MBS think it was just now, but cant be absolutely sure, lol [06:56]
copumpkin Guest17867: omg poser [06:56]
* Keefe has quit (Changing host) [06:56]
* Keefe (~keefe@unaffiliated/keefe) has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:56]
* ChanServ gives voice to Keefe [06:56]
pigeons and when someone unrelated gets scammed, people like rg and copumpkin take it personally and everyone tries help [06:56]
reeses you’d spend the time building a rep for maybe $10k if you’re a kid or if that is otherwise worth a lot to you [06:56]
azkabal is there any way for me to utilize gpg with the seller to make it easier for me to prove we had a deal? [06:56]
rg indeed i do take it personally [06:56]
rg even if its someone i dont like [06:56]
copumpkin pigeons: I'm useless though, didn't you see yesterday? :) [06:56]
trigliu reeses: if the high-rating person suddenly needs quick cash, then its easy to cash in that rating on people's gullibility [06:56]
reeses but then again, it’s tough to get that rating on your $1/week allowance [06:56]
smickles azkabal: yes [06:56]
amiller azkabal, definitely, you just sign the messages describing the transaction [06:56]
pigeons maybe someone will, it definately can happen, but that is very different from saying it does happen [06:56]
rg i've had moderate success [06:56]
smickles azkabal: double signed contracts [06:57]
Keefe fixed [06:57]
MBS reeses, parents credit cards :p [06:57]
amiller azkabal, the rating system keeps track of the fingerprints, so if both parties have signed messages agreeing about the deal, and the signatures match Gribble's fingerprints for them, that would convince anyone in this channel for sure. [06:57]
MBS so, who wants to sell me mtgoxusd for some amazon payments :p [06:57]
reeses copumpkin has a simple contract signing proposal [06:57]
smickles 'fo 'sho [06:57]
copumpkin reeses: no no, I don't produce anything of value [06:57]
amiller hm, i'd like to look at that, copumpkin wup [06:57]
amiller lol [06:57]
trigliu first you need proof that the counterparty has the asset you want. they you need to arrange it so you have gradual transfer of assets in both directions. so if youre buying 100 MPs, transfer 1 at a time [06:57]
copumpkin I apparently have a reputation for derailing conversations and not doing anything useful [06:58]
reeses copumpkin: that’s why i said proposal [06:58]
copumpkin oh okay [06:58]
MBS why would someone buy 100 moneypaks [06:58]
reeses who said you were useless, other than me [06:58]
azkabal .... lol you guys are hilarious for a trading channel :D [06:58]
azkabal jees [06:58]
pigeons azkabal: we'll be here all week, be sure to tip your waitress, tonight's special is stuffed eggplant [06:59]
Graet trigliu doesnt trust -otc, he stated that, now he is just making up unrealist situations to further his arguments [06:59]
smickles azkabal: i often think it's like the coffee shop where the old guys sit around and chat while waiting for business [06:59]
reeses MBS: to avoid having to drive to a 7-11 at 2am? [06:59]
MBS in reality everyone in this channel is all part of a big conspiracy to scam noobs [06:59]
trigliu whats unrealistic about anything i said? [06:59]
* aTK-[e] ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [06:59]
copumpkin reeses: trigliu did yesterday [06:59]
Graet 100moneypaks? lol [06:59]
pigeons < trigliu> lots of established IDs are scamming newbies [06:59]
copumpkin I get the impression he likes picking fights with people :) [06:59]
reeses he’s been around more than just now? [06:59]
MBS i need 50000 in moneypaks [06:59]
reeses i hadn’t noticed him [06:59]
copumpkin oh yeah, it was great last night [06:59]
pigeons me either [07:00]
Graet MBS nah - all of bitcoin... this is just a microcosm [07:00]
smickles pigeons: that quote is golden [07:00]
Graet lol [07:00]
copumpkin he's apparently been observing me for quite a while, because he made many profound statements about my behavior around here [07:00]
copumpkin and about me as a person, too [07:00]
trigliu copumpkin: stop playing the victim. it's tiresome [07:00]
reeses is triggglglglaga an established id? [07:00]
copumpkin it was enlightening, to say the least [07:00]
reeses ;;ident trigliu [07:00]
gribble Nick 'trigliu', with hostmask 'trigliu!', is not identified. [07:00]
copumpkin trigliu: oh no, I'm not playing the victim at all! [07:00]
copumpkin trigliu: I was genuinely impressed :) [07:00]
reeses ;;getrating trigliu [07:00]
gribble Error: This user has not yet been rated. Currently not authenticated. [07:00]
reeses ah [07:00]
Graet .... [07:00]
smickles ;;getrating [ident trigliu] [07:01]
trigliu pigeons: you got 2 examples of scammers with good ratings. but you still believe the system is perfect [07:01]
gribble Error: This user has not yet been rated. Currently not authenticated. [07:01]
reeses scammer [07:01]
trigliu its easily subverted, as those examples prove [07:01]
copumpkin strawman alert [07:01]
pigeons trigliu: i don't think the rating system is perfect [07:01]
* cyphunk has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [07:01]
pigeons i just want one example not from last june [07:01]
trigliu lol. no true scotsman [07:01]
copumpkin wtf [07:01]
smickles trigliu: i don't think pigeons said it was perfect [07:01]
copumpkin that doesn't even work here [07:01]
* dkjlaevhutbaqcen (4a4365b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:01]
rawrmage lol what [07:01]
reeses trying to reduce the confidence in “groupthink” so he can take advantage of sympathizers [07:01]
trigliu "those scammers werent real OTC users, because it was from last june!!" no true scotsman to the max [07:02]
copumpkin "no true OTC rating was made in june!!" [07:02]
pigeons trigliu: if you said otc system sucks i might even agree on points, but you said established id's are scamming newbs [07:02]
smickles and trigliu, of the 2 examples only one was an established user. [07:02]
copumpkin trigliu: he didn't say that, either [07:02]
trigliu keep adding qualifications to the definition of otc user... its hilarious [07:02]
reeses copumpkin: well, to be fair, you ARE a stalker freak [07:02]
copumpkin trigliu: he was asking for recent examples, not saying that yours aren't valid [07:02]
MBS free money [07:02]
Cory copumpkin: Hey, he's just found the list of logical fallacies on Wikipedia and is trying to use them. Let the man learn! [07:02]
NASDAQEnema what's thzt MBS [07:03]
MBS mtgox codes [07:03]
Graet lol Cory [07:03]
nanotube MBS: i think someone's got a goxcode cashing bot. [07:03]
MBS certainly [07:03]
nanotube gotta obfuscate them to make it interesting :) [07:03]
trigliu copumpkin: why? my point is sufficiently demonstrated with those examples. let him do his own investigation if he wants more info [07:03]
smickles I got one! [07:03]
pigeons because at first i thought you might be serious, then i thought you might believe what you say, now i believe reeses, either that or you are reeses having fun [07:03]
MBS MTUSD-GOX-RL6CS-UD2YK-CD9V8-14778 [07:03]
amiller i got two of them! [07:03]
smickles o/ [07:03]
reeses weird, that’s my root password and the other is my gig passphrase [07:03]
reeses gpg [07:04]
copumpkin trigliu: because your statement was that it happens all the time, and it hasn't happened in 8 months, and you have two examples that you didn't even provide yourself, so we were wondering which ones you were going to provide, had Cory not done so for you [07:04]
* dkjlaevhutbaqcen has quit (Client Quit) [07:04]
smickles trigliu: why do you say it happens often? [07:04]
MBS last one hasnt been cashed yet [07:04]
pigeons the closest thing I can think of is shakaru [07:04]
trigliu it does [07:04]
reeses pigeons: you are a wise man to suspect a false flag from me [07:04]
MBS gotta reverse USD and GOX though [07:04]
smickles trigliu: what do you consider often? [07:04]
pigeons well it was the insults to copumpkin that made me suspect reeses, because who else would be cruel enough to insult such a sweet guy [07:05]
trigliu restricting examples to "only recent cases" is a hilarious no-true-scotsman diversion by a band of zealots who really want to believe that otc is reliable [07:05]
reeses nanotube: they were ROT-26 [07:05]
copumpkin trigliu: you are kind of sad [07:05]
smickles trigliu: what do you consider often? [07:05]
pigeons "all the time" implies there are recent cases [07:05]
amiller i think it's pretty clear there's nothing to be gained from this argument, maybe taking it to another channel would be appropriate [07:05]
trigliu the blind faith on display is hilarious [07:05]
reeses pigeons: hmm…that is a tough one [07:05]
smickles trigliu: what do you consider often? [07:05]
amiller i made a reservation in #bitcoin-fight [07:06]
trigliu amiller: its not even an argument. the trolls already conceeded my point. now thy want more links and examples. [07:06]
nanotube reeses: haha [07:06]
smickles trigliu: what do you consider often? [07:06]
trigliu smickles: do you think nuclear accidents happen often or rarely? [07:06]
smickles or maybe: [07:06]
reeses pigeons: i can’t think of anyone. even vragnaroda would be nice to him and probably never insult him [07:06]
smickles trigliu: rarely [07:06]
smickles trigliu: what's the point of that question? [07:07]
* elektriks has quit (Quit: Leaving) [07:07]
amiller you could settle this the sporting way, with shots of roulette in #bitcoin-games [07:07]
trigliu how many nuclear accidents do you think happen per year? [07:07]
smickles trigliu: that's a non-sequiter (sp?) [07:07]
Rabbit67890 buying humble bundle android at average price.... [07:08]
Rabbit67890 buying humble bundle android at average price…. [07:08]
Rabbit67890 ;;eauth Rabbit67890 [07:08]
smickles trigliu: i'm not sure, few enough that the disaster crazy media doesn't have many to push [07:08]
rg can we quiet this dude [07:09]
trigliu there are hundreds of nuclear plant violations a year in america alone. at around 10 classified as "serious" by the NRC [07:09]
pigeons i like how accident switched to violation [07:09]
smickles trigliu: still a non-sequitor fallacy [07:09]
MrTiggr /ignore trigliu rg [07:09]
* Greed has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [07:09]
* Greedier has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [07:09]
azkabal Ok I think I'm ready ^^ ...So is anyone reputable here up for the $100 bitcoin = 17.5 trade :) [07:09]
Rabbit67890 lol [07:10]
trigliu pigeons: so violations are intentional? that would be a criminal offense [07:10]
rg that would be rude sharing the fruits of his quietness by myself [07:10]
rg id rather the whole channel be able to enjoy [07:10]
MrTiggr lol [07:10]
azkabal i mean... $100 moneypak [07:10]
Rabbit67890 ... [07:10]
smickles ;;calc 100/[ticker --last] [07:10]
gribble 17.4520678955 [07:10]
Rabbit67890 ok, anyone have a humble bundle android for average price? [07:11]
trigliu rg: stop being a drama queen [07:11]
trigliu heh [07:11]
nanotube smickles: trigliu: pigeons: can we please take this off otc? [07:11]
smickles aw damn, called out by nanotube [07:11]
Rabbit67890 ... [07:12]
* smickles is a bad boy [07:12]
rg ;;getrating trigliu [07:12]
gribble Error: This user has not yet been rated. Currently not authenticated. [07:12]
Rabbit67890 take it to #spam [07:12]
rg hes not even trading [07:12]
rg just boot him [07:12]
azkabal ;;gpg auth flazmok [07:12]
vragnaroda lol [07:12]
smickles ;;ident azkabal [07:12]
gribble Nick 'azkabal', with hostmask 'azkabal!~azkabal@gateway/tor-sasl/amivit', is not identified. [07:12]
smickles ooh, too quick i suppose [07:12]
amiller if you aren't putting money in the slot machine, you don't get any free drinks [07:12]
* kakobreklaa has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [07:12]
MBS Rabbit67890, i can get one for you [07:12]
* copumpkin has something to prove [07:12]
* kakobreklaa ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:13]
trigliu ive got a few otc accounts. im not trading right now, no [07:13]
Rabbit67890 ok MBS [07:13]
smickles amiller: tell that to the casinos in missouri, you don't get free drinks regardless [07:13]
Rabbit67890 how many BTC [07:13]
rg multiple accounts? [07:13]
amiller copumpkin, i hope that is your official tagline [07:13]
rg how sketchy [07:13]
Rabbit67890 ;;get rating MBS [07:13]
gribble Error: The command "get" is available in the Dunno, Herald, and Topic plugins. Please specify the plugin whose command you wish to call by using its name as a command before "get". [07:13]
MBS ;;getrating MBS [07:13]
gribble User MBS, created on Tue Apr 19 17:18:54 2011. Cumulative rating 48, from 27 total ratings. Received ratings: 27 positive, 0 negative. Sent ratings: 25 positive, 0 negative. Details: Currently authenticated from hostmask MBS!~MBS@unaffiliated/mbs [07:13]
copumpkin amiller: I'm considering it :) [07:13]
copumpkin nanotube: why did gribble start speaking in here again? [07:13]
nanotube copumpkin: only to authed users. because sometimes it's nice. :) [07:13]
trigliu rg: if you have multiple entities like a business, you shouldn't be using the same otc acct. [07:13]
copumpkin oh, okay [07:13]
* Staatsfeind (~markac@unaffiliated/vragnaroda) has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:14]
* ChanServ gives voice to Staatsfeind [07:14]
rg .. [07:14]
rg why [07:14]
lunks If someone wants to buy BTC using Paypal, I'm selling. [07:14]
rg i sell btc for myself and for my company under 'rg' [07:14]
trigliu do you use your personal account for your business? [07:14]
rg this isnt a bank account [07:14]
NASDAQEnema ;;getrating lunks [07:14]
rg its a trading channel [07:14]
smickles lunks: how much/ what price? [07:14]
trigliu and? [07:14]
* nok0 has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [07:14]
rg so then yes [07:14]
rg i do [07:14]
* Staatsfeind has quit (Client Quit) [07:14]
lunks 20 @ 6.5 USD NASDAQEnema smickles [07:14]
rg and i see no reason otherwise to do different [07:15]
amiller 6.5 yeeeesh even for paypal, which i suppose it's nice of you to accept at all [07:15]
lunks I can sell smaller quantities as well [07:15]
* Staatsfeind (~markac@unaffiliated/vragnaroda) has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:15]
* ChanServ gives voice to Staatsfeind [07:15]
trigliu a person buying from a business might want to know that business's rating. not the rating for an individual [07:15]
NASDAQEnema 15% markup dayaaam [07:15]
rg why [07:16]
rg why does it matter [07:16]
rg if you trade from one account your ratings will still be there [07:16]
rg if anything it makes you look less reputable for having less ratings [07:16]
trigliu yeah why do we need rating agencies? just publish the fico score of the ceo! [07:16]
trigliu im sure people buy government bonds based on obama's personal fico score [07:16]
rg you are sketchy as fuck [07:16]
trigliu cool story [07:17]
lunks amiller: that's how much paypal charges for me, no way around that :/ [07:17]
NASDAQEnema lunks what you mean? [07:17]
* pingdrive (~pingdrive@gateway/tor-sasl/pingdrive) has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:17]
lunks Paypal for my country charges around 8% [07:17]
copumpkin wow [07:18]
nanotube well, it's true that for a larger organization it may be sensible to separate. for a one-man show it's largely irrelevant. [07:18]
copumpkin amiller: my proofs about modular arithmetic are failing miserably! :( [07:18]
reeses amiller: can you write a github coq syntax mode plz? [07:19]
trigliu a business with a bid history, can erase that history by having an established ID become their front [07:19]
trigliu bad rather [07:19]
copumpkin reeses: I've tried contacting github about adding coq or agda and they said they weren't interested until a bunch of people used it [07:19]
reeses greasemonkey time [07:19]
copumpkin having big mathematicians like voevodsky or mike shulman on github writing coq doesn't seem to count [07:20]
reeses they should obviously work in ruby [07:20]
copumpkin totally [07:20]
copumpkin univalent foundations in ruby [07:20]
reeses or maybe python if they’re naughty [07:21]
copumpkin lol [07:21]
lunks i think you can add support to coq if you do a pull request [07:21]
copumpkin lunks: there's also the issue of disambiguating by contents [07:22]
copumpkin since .v is also used for verilog [07:22]
copumpkin which has a rather different syntax :) [07:22]
lunks oh [07:22]
copumpkin .agda at least is fairly unique :P [07:22]
copumpkin but they still didn't want it [07:22]
amiller maybe if i send them an email asking for the support it will help [07:22]
amiller is there a petition [07:22]
paulzag anybody WTB BTC for some form of usd payment? [07:23]
copumpkin nope [07:23]
amiller i'm new at this whole outreach / participation / involvement business [07:23]
* baby_ghost has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [07:24]
MBS buying BTC/mtgox usd for amazon payments/serve/clover [07:24]
reeses paulzag: what are you holding? [07:25]
MBS ;;rate netxshare 2 Have traded mtgoxusd/amazon several times [07:25]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating for user netxshare has changed from 1 to 2. [07:25]
MBS so who was that guy that came in here like a week ago with the university xeon cluster? [07:26]
amiller copumpkin i was helping this kid learning to code the other day with a 'high low number guessing game', so i tried to show off by putting in coq but burned out pretty quickly [07:26]
trigliu 4.7% of otc users have received a negative rating. [07:26]
trigliu that's a pretty high risk level [07:26]
rg how many of them are for active users [07:26]
reeses coq academy [07:26]
rg and how many of them are jokes [07:26]
amiller i love the part where you specify your functions very precisely, i still tend to hit a brick wall very quickly when it's time to prove something. [07:26]
copumpkin amiller: aw [07:27]
rg inactive users with negative ratings = dont matter [07:27]
MBS coq sucks [07:27]
smickles lol [07:27]
copumpkin MBS: AGDA 4 EVA [07:27]
trigliu theyre inactive because they created new accounts after getting neg'd [07:27]
smickles how do you pronounce "coq" [07:27]
MBS actually i dont know a think about either [07:27]
rg trigliu: uh huh [07:27]
MBS was just making a joke [07:27]
amiller smickles, like 'cock' [07:27]
smickles :) [07:27]
paulzag oops just reread my last statement [07:27]
rg did you come here for a purpose [07:27]
rg or just to be annoying [07:27]
MBS let me show you this coq i was playing with last night [07:28]
trigliu rg: are you annoyed? [07:28]
rg cause all you've done is nitpick and offered 0 [07:28]
amiller as in 'this coq is way too hard' [07:28]
reeses SerajewelKS had a visualizer with graphviz, it would be nice to add recency decay as well [07:28]
rg no, i dont care about you [07:28]
paulzag I will sell BTC for USD (PP, MP, others) [07:28]
MBS all your coq are belong to us [07:28]
amiller [07:28]
reeses or in gribble’s get trust as well [07:28]
amiller +1 for the graphviz [07:28]
MBS paulzag, amazon payments? [07:28]
reeses paaul [07:28]
trigliu rg: cool story bro. you seem to be talking about me incessantly. then fake-gnoring me. but its all because you dont care. [07:29]
reeses rep paulzag how much btc? [07:29]
rg fake ignoring? [07:29]
trigliu the fact that 4.7% of otc users have received a negative rating should be taken account by anyone doing trades. [07:29]
paulzag got 80 now - can get more [07:29]
trigliu now ive done lot of trades, and have never been scammed. so do your due diligence [07:30]
NASDAQEnema no [07:30]
MBS paul if you take amazon payments at mtgox price i can take alot :p [07:30]
reeses price for 80 w/ppusd? [07:30]
rg no wait [07:30]
copumpkin trigliu: what are your identities when you do trade? [07:30]
rg lets talk about this fake ignoring [07:30]
NASDAQEnema 4.7% is not the metric [07:30]
paulzag sorry MBS haven't worked out what to do with Amazon - despite your excellent efforts on the iphone yesterday [07:30]
rg besides, everyone makes mistakes [07:30]
MBS oh wait yeah [07:30]
* minimoose has quit (Quit: minimoose) [07:30]
MBS keep forgetting you are aussie [07:30]
NASDAQEnema it should be trades [07:30]
paulzag :p MBS [07:31]
paulzag ;;getrating [ident reeses] [07:31]
gribble User reeses, created on Mon May 2 21:23:05 2011. Cumulative rating 39, from 12 total ratings. Received ratings: 12 positive, 0 negative. Sent ratings: 15 positive, 2 negative. Details: Currently authenticated from hostmask reeses! [07:31]
trigliu well the problem with positively-rated trades is you have no way to determine if it was an "arms-length transaction" (technical term) [07:31]
* bitcoins_ has quit (Read error: Network is unreachable) [07:31]
* bitcoinstreet (~textual@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:31]
trigliu so you have to discount them [07:31]
paulzag ;;gettrust reeses paulzag [07:31]
gribble Trust relationship from user reeses to user paulzag: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 2 via 1 connections. Graph: [07:31]
smickles discount all positive ratings? [07:32]
smickles so only go by negative ratings? [07:32]
* chsados ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:32]
smickles that sounds stooo000o00o0oopid [07:32]
copumpkin lol [07:33]
trigliu not necessarily all ratings. but you need to apply a discount nonetheless. like i said, i dont go by ratings. i go by verifiable due diligence [07:33]
rg so i guess theres no comment on this fake ignoring [07:34]
rg and no guess for how many times ive been ripped off [07:34]
trigliu rg: stop it. no one cares [07:34]
rg i dare say it is you who is doing the fake ignoring [07:34]
rg no if youre gonna come in here and talk shit [07:34]
reeses rg imma gonna have to ignore you soon [07:34]
rg youre going to back up what you say [07:34]
rg reeses: go ahead [07:34]
rg i dont care [07:34]
rg i dont even know you [07:34]
Rabbit67890 ;;rate MBS 1 Gave me the android humble bundle for 1.15 BTC! [07:35]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user MBS has been recorded. [07:35]
MBS ;;rate Rabbit67890 Sold a humble bundle [07:36]
gribble Error: 'Sold' is not a valid integer. [07:36]
MBS ;;rate Rabbit67890 1 Sold a humble bundle [07:36]
* bill_stickers has quit (Quit: Lost terminal) [07:36]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user Rabbit67890 has been recorded. [07:36]
MBS since when is sold not an integer [07:36]
NASDAQEnema ok I have a retroshare gpg key [07:36]
MBS is '1 2 3 sold' not correct? [07:36]
NASDAQEnema how do I use that? [07:36]
rg ;;rate Rabbit67890 Sold a humble bundle [07:37]
rg you didnt include a rating [07:37]
MBS ;;gettrust MBS gribble [07:37]
gribble Trust relationship from user MBS to user gribble: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 1 via 1 connections. Graph: [07:37]
Rabbit67890 lol [07:37]
paulzag MBS you need to bang a gavel in between [07:37]
rg though it would be nice if it defaulted to 1 [07:37]
rg when not specified [07:37]
Rabbit67890 ;;getrating Rabbit67890 [07:37]
gribble User rabbit67890, created on Sun Jan 1 22:09:08 2012. Cumulative rating 2, from 2 total ratings. Received ratings: 2 positive, 0 negative. Sent ratings: 4 positive, 0 negative. Details: Currently authenticated from hostmask Rabbit67890! [07:37]
rawrmage ;;gettryst mbs gribble [07:37]
amiller gettryst lol [07:37]
MBS ;;rate gribble 1 Mah best friend [07:37]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user gribble has been recorded. [07:37]
rg haha gribble actually is rate [07:37]
rg d [07:37]
Rabbit67890 lol [07:37]
rawrmage ;;eauth rawrmage [07:37]
rg hes not got a very good rating though, considering all the work he does for us [07:38]
amiller ;;rate gribble 5 without gribble i wouldn't know WHO to trust [07:38]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 5 for user gribble has been recorded. [07:38]
Rabbit67890 ;;rate gribble 10 We trust him with all OTC activities, along with nanotube. [07:38]
* jamescarr has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [07:38]
MBS ;;getrating gribble [07:38]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 10 for user gribble has been recorded. [07:38]
gribble User gribble, created on Fri Nov 12 01:57:21 2010. Cumulative rating 103, from 30 total ratings. Received ratings: 26 positive, 4 negative. Sent ratings: 0 positive, 0 negative. Details: Currently not authenticated. [07:38]
spawn- hey [07:38]
amiller i think 10 indicates that you ARE gribble [07:38]
rg slow night for sales [07:38]
MBS lol 5 bucks gribble entry is just some random dude that set name [07:38]
rg this is boring [07:38]
* gribble gives voice to rawrmage [07:38]
MBS im guessing you arent allowed to change names? cuz if so would be lolzy [07:39]
rg all ive had to do today is migrate two customers to a different cluster [07:39]
rawrmage ;;gettrust rawrmage gribble [07:39]
gribble Trust relationship from user rawrmage to user gribble: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 1 via 4 connections. Graph: [07:39]
rg MBS: you can [07:39]
rg i changed from rapeghost to rg [07:39]
MBS lol [07:39]
rawrmage ;;gettrust rawrmage rg [07:39]
gribble Trust relationship from user rawrmage to user rg: Level 1: 3, Level 2: 13 via 9 connections. Graph: [07:39]
rg level 1 trust [07:39]
MBS then 5 bucks gribble in trust thing is just some random dude waiting to build up ratings [07:39]
azkabal I think I'm going to work out a deal with smickles with my $100 moneypak for bitcoins, is there perhaps someone here well established & trusted that would mind acting as an escrow? I tried asking in the escrow channel but there are not many people there unfortunately.. [07:39]
rg doesnt get any better than that [07:39]
rawrmage ;;rated rg [07:39]
gribble You rated user rg on Fri Dec 9 14:42:55 2011, giving him a rating of 3, and supplied these additional notes: traded multiple times, very trustworthy :). [07:39]
rg azkabal: smickles is rated and trusted [07:39]
rg you dont need an escrow [07:39]
trigliu is there a successor to clearcoin? [07:39]
MBS opaquecoin [07:40]
amiller i'll do escrow [07:40]
MBS ill do escrow for the escrow [07:40]
smickles rg, trigliu azkabal wants to escrow the MP [07:40]
rg yeah and im saying theres no reason to [07:40]
rg you've 19 successful trades [07:40]
rawrmage ;;rate rg 5 traded multiple times, awesome! [07:40]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating for user rg has changed from 3 to 5. [07:40]
copumpkin trigliu: I don't think there's anything particularly established, but the protocol does sort of support a form of escrow natively now [07:40]
trigliu why was clearcoin shutdown anyway.. i mean it doesn't seem like it would require all that much time to maintain [07:40]
trigliu copumpkin: oh rly? how so [07:41]
smickles multi sig? [07:41]
* ForceMajeure_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:41]
copumpkin you can send coins to an address that will require n of k signatures to spend [07:41]
trigliu hmmm [07:42]
smickles anyway, amiller can you escrow MP? [07:42]
copumpkin you do need a mutually trusted third party, still [07:42]
* ForceMajeure_ has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [07:42]
copumpkin which is annoying [07:42]
copumpkin but there's no real way around that, as far as I know [07:42]
* Shaded ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:42]
trigliu yes someone has to determine if the parties complied with the deal [07:42]
* Shaded has quit (Changing host) [07:42]
* Shaded (~Shaded@unaffiliated/shaded) has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:42]
copumpkin someone needs to be disinterested [07:42]
Rabbit67890 lol [07:42]
Rabbit67890 we need a new bitcoin escrow.... [07:42]
Rabbit67890 we need a new bitcoin escrow…. [07:42]
MBS $300 NRA life membership, lol [07:42]
Rabbit67890 built in the software [07:42]
copumpkin but the idea is that the coins are sent to an escrow address that must be signed by 2 of 3 signatures, where the three are the two parties and the escrow agent [07:43]
* chazam ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:43]
copumpkin if there's no contention, the two parties can send the coins to the receipient [07:43]
trigliu yeah pretty cool copumpkin [07:43]
amiller smickles, i'd be happy to i need to check how i will validate the amount of the moneypak as i have not used it before [07:43]
smickles amiller: what do you think of redeeming the MP and ppusding it to me? [07:43]
copumpkin trigliu: it's pretty new though, so I think most miners ignore stuff like that, and I think the only client that supports it is the web client on [07:43]
NASDAQEnema can you buy moneypak online with debit card [07:43]
trigliu ahh i c [07:44]
rg Rabbit67890: i started coding one [07:44]
copumpkin but with any luck it'll be in the next round of client releases [07:44]
rg exclusively for -otc people [07:44]
rg but i didnt think it'd get used for trust issues [07:44]
rg while im very trusted here, i duno [07:44]
amiller sure smickles i would switch MP to paypal for you sure [07:44]
rg just seems like it'd be better if pirate or someone did it [07:44]
paulzag NASDAQEnema, let me know if you find out that you can buy BTC online with a debti card -I've heard cash only so far [07:44]
* hippos4lyfe ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:44]
trigliu rg: cool.. i would use that escrow [07:45]
* Rabbit67890 has quit (Quit: Rabbit67890) [07:45]
* vapor has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds) [07:45]
copumpkin I've performed escrows for DBordello a few times, and once for imsaguy ages ago [07:45]
copumpkin I guess it was before imsaguy's ratings exploded [07:45]
MBS paulzag, so any more thought on iphone? [07:45]
rg haha really? [07:46]
trigliu shouldn't amiller escrpw the bitcoins, rather than the MP [07:46]
copumpkin yeah, I think it was my first dealing with imsaguy [07:46]
paulzag sorry mate but it's not worth the hassle just to buy it in BTC [07:46]
* vinhpk (~khacvinhp@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:46]
paulzag Some things like iPhones, BTC isn't ready for [07:46]
rg just dont send first [07:46]
rg in my experience, people with moneypaks afraid to send to trusted users have been scammers [07:46]
spawn- hey paulzag [07:47]
spawn- check your pm [07:47]
copumpkin paulzag: well [07:47]
spawn- bro amiller check your pm plz [07:47]
copumpkin the feature I was mentioning a minute ago for escrow [07:47]
trigliu ok but then the buyer loses nothing cuz the btc is scrowed [07:47]
copumpkin can also be used for multi-factor auth for spending [07:47]
* Staatsfeind has quit (Quit: leaving) [07:47]
azkabal Ok i think i will end up doing the trade with smickles escrowing through amiller [07:47]
rg [07:47]
rg ^^ new bitvps vm cluster [07:48]
trigliu nice [07:48]
rg id rather the faster infiniband [07:48]
MBS rg, nah just have that been the SAN for it and connect some storageless servers to it [07:48]
rg well [07:49]
rg thats the point of the infiniband [07:49]
rg 20gbit = 2560MB/sec [07:49]
rg plenty of speed [07:49]
* Greed ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:49]
* vapor ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:49]
trigliu walmart will sell you a prepaid debit card via paypal [07:50]
MBS really? [07:50]
vragnaroda No. [07:50]
trigliu yeah. i think they started doing that a couple monthe ago [07:50]
MBS also for anyone redeeming moneypak [07:51]
MBS , free $10 for joining, and $5 bonus for redeeming moneypaks [07:51]
rg who the hell is brocktice? [07:51]
trigliu [07:52]
trigliu pretty good business. selling $100 for $105 [07:52]
* chazam has quit () [07:53]
rg thats the standard rate [07:53]
rg ive paid $5 for nearly all my prepaid cards [07:53]
copumpkin rg: lol, this comes up a lot [07:53]
* Shaded has quit (Quit: Shaded) [07:53]
rg well for most visa, etc [07:53]
rg its $5 [07:53]
rg its usually more cause the store charges more [07:54]
rg walmart probably bought so many they got them for $101 [07:54]
trigliu prepaid cards make a ton off fees, but probably much more in breakage [07:54]
trigliu where the person who has $7 left on his card just loses it or doesn't end up using it [07:55]
rg [07:56]
rg thats nice too but it'd require a drive upgrade [07:56]
rg disks are too damn expensive right now [07:56]
* MC1984 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [07:56]
* MC1984 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:57]
rawrmage lol [07:57]
* azkabal has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [07:57]
* aTK-[e] has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [07:57]
* Tuxavant has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [07:57]
* Brad__ has quit (Quit: Leaving) [07:57]
MBS will sell those $100 visa gift cards for 19.5 BTC :p [07:58]
* devrandom has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [07:58]
* paraipan has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [07:58]
* whutruduin ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:59]
* azkabal (~azkabal@gateway/tor-sasl/amivit) has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:59]
* wood has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [07:59]
MBS 5.3 BTC for $25 version [07:59]
* paraipan (~paraipan@gateway/tor-sasl/paraipanakos) has joined #bitcoin-otc [07:59]
* wood ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:00]
trigliu good deal [08:00]
* xHire ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:02]
* cbone_ has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [08:04]
* wood has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [08:04]
* devrandom (~devrandom@gateway/tor-sasl/niftyzero1) has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:08]
* Cablesaurus has quit (Quit: If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you) [08:09]
rg does hot-swap ram exist? [08:10]
* Txyru (~Txyru@unaffiliated/txyru) has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:10]
BTCTrader no [08:12]
gmaxwell Yes. [08:12]
rg hrm [08:12]
rg i wish i could remmeber the nick of that dude here [08:12]
rg who was saying he bought the 1u hardware from the datacenter [08:12]
rg i cant remember his nick [08:12]
* Myhatstoosmall (3251cc62@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:12]
gmaxwell ( [08:12]
Myhatstoosmall Hello :D [08:12]
rg does anyone keep logs of the channel? [08:12]
BTCTrader why do you want 1u's? [08:13]
rg from the past week? [08:13]
rg BTCTrader: cheaper to colo [08:13]
Cory Hi Myhatstoosmall. :) [08:13]
BTCTrader well yeah but for what? [08:13]
Myhatstoosmall Whats goin on [08:13]
whutruduin have btc for sale for moneypak if anyone is looking [08:13]
rg BTCTrader: i run a VPS companty [08:13]
rg looking to can the three servers i rent now [08:13]
rg for one massive [08:13]
BTCTrader too bad i am not in that business anymore :) [08:14]
Myhatstoosmall Ill sell a few btc for PP or MP :D [08:14]
rg it is too bad [08:14]
rg the thing is , at our other provider we got 4x450GB SAS 15k disks [08:14]
rg with a battery backed RAID cache [08:14]
rg and its basically fixed *all* our bottleneck issues [08:15]
lunks ;;rate Bigpiggy01Mining 3 Did some pho work for him, very trustable and friendly. Highly recommended. [08:15]
rg so instead of paying $500 for the three servers, i wanna buy a server for $1-$2k [08:15]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 3 for user Bigpiggy01Mining has been recorded. [08:15]
* Myhatstoosmall has quit (Client Quit) [08:15]
* hippos4lyfe has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [08:15]
paulzag spawn-, answer your PM [08:15]
* dedlove (~dedlove@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:16]
* dedlove (~dedlove@ has left #bitcoin-otc [08:16]
spawn- yups [08:16]
spawn- already [08:16]
azkabal So, I am doing my first trade (very nervous lol) of $100 moneypak to 16.9 bitcoins with smickles, and amiller as escrow... Does this double contract look OK? Should I be good to go? [08:17]
phantomcircuit rg, oh god battery backed raid [08:17]
BTCTrader better off using escrow azkabal [08:17]
paulzag anybody used to watch Recess? [08:18]
Cory Looks good azkabal. Make sure both of you sign it. :) [08:18]
nanotube azkabal: seems reasonable. now get it signed for that extra zing. :) [08:18]
amiller yup, public review, and i'll sign it last [08:18]
paulzag nice azkabal - that's a belt & braces approach [08:18]
MILF2 azkabal, yea, and it seems like amiller is appearently a good escrow from his rating [08:18]
MILF2 :P [08:18]
* BGL ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:19]
azkabal Yay glad to get receive approval from everyone haha [08:19]
BTCTrader foods4mp is my escrow [08:19]
MILF2 dammit, i wanna get in on the escrow action though my feedback may be a little too low :P [08:19]
trigliu indeed [08:19]
rg BTCTrader: do you have any hardware contacts still [08:19]
trigliu well an escrow site would be nice [08:19]
amiller clearcoin used to work great [08:19]
rg i also take it you found my bitjack21 offer insuffucient? [08:19]
amiller pioneered the 0.5% fee [08:19]
MILF2 i'd do escrow for like 0.2% [08:20]
trigliu yeah amiller.. does the protoocl support the "dead-mans" escrow that satoshi/clearcoin had [08:20]
rg since i recieved no reply [08:20]
trigliu where the cash goes to charity or is burned [08:20]
BTCTrader i'm buying some from now [08:20]
reeses rg: disk controller cache flapping is the root of much evil. [08:21]
BTCTrader just depends what you're local too really to save on shipping really [08:21]
amiller you're right, that's osmething missing [08:21]
amiller while we're collab-developing this protocol [08:21]
amiller what happens if i receive the $100 moneypak, but smickles disappears [08:21]
reeses ahh, clearcoin [08:21]
MILF2 isn't the owner of clearcoin still around? [08:21]
MILF2 i know the site's dead [08:21]
trigliu yeah.. gavin [08:21]
rg reeses: why [08:21]
amiller in clearcoin, you would typically set a time limit where after 1 month or 6 months you get your btc back [08:21]
* elektriks ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:21]
paulzag SH!T SH!T SH!T gotta backup my gpg key stuff, etc. I don't think ;;guide helps with that. Anybody got a howto for ubuntu? [08:21]
trigliu i believe satoshi was the first to decribe it [08:22]
MILF2 someone should just ask him for source of clearcoin [08:22]
trigliu [08:22]
MILF2 and/or how it works [08:22]
BTCTrader paulzag, why the fib at the door? [08:22]
BTCTrader fbi [08:22]
smickles amiller: i don't intend to disappear ;) [08:22]
azkabal So I just got smickles to sign it,, what exactly do I do to verify it and resign it with gnupg :P [08:22]
spawn- give me some btc paul hehe for remainding you hehe [08:22]
reeses rg: because it will nuke your throughput when you have too many oops from multiple clients [08:22]
* gribble gives voice to spawn- [08:22]
reeses iops dammit [08:22]
rg the whole point of cache is that it doesnt do that [08:22]
nanotube paulzag: gpg keys are in ~/.gnupg [08:22]
rg i will get a 1GB cache [08:22]
rg battery bcked [08:22]
nanotube paulzag: there is a 'secring.gpg' and a 'pubring.gpg' in there. but really, just back up the whole .gnupg dir. [08:23]
reeses except when the cache is too small for the requests [08:23]
spawn- ;;rate nanotube 2 thank you for assisting me :) [08:23]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 2 for user nanotube has been recorded. [08:23]
rg reeses as opposed to when there is No cache [08:23]
rg and the iowait goes up to 50% [08:23]
MILF2 but yea, if the owner of clearcoin is still around [08:23]
reeses no cache just sucks [08:23]
rg besides its not for disk reads so much [08:23]
MILF2 has anyone approached him [08:23]
rg its to prevent disk thrashing [08:23]
MILF2 and asked him [08:23]
MILF2 about someone else basically reenabling it [08:24]
* elektriks has quit (Client Quit) [08:24]
MILF2 and maintaiing it? [08:24]
rg vps 1 writes 20 bytes at the same time as vps 2, drive has to jump from one place to another [08:24]
reeses 4gb on a san head when yoou add 6 esx boxes to the environment is bad news [08:24]
rg while 20 other vps's do the same thing [08:24]
rg where as if there were cache [08:24]
rg itd be fine [08:24]
rg well im not doing a SAN [08:24]
spawn- ;;rate cory 2 fast smooth transactions [08:24]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 2 for user cory has been recorded. [08:24]
rg it will ideally be 4x450GB SAS [08:24]
spawn- :) [08:24]
Cory <3 [08:25]
reeses because the san asshats will say everything is fine because they see ok cpu and disk utilization [08:25]
* elektriks ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:25]
MILF2 Cory, i keep forgetting [08:25]
MILF2 where in WI are you again? [08:25]
amiller this is definitely worth a blog post, learn to do escrow the hard way with command line gpg [08:25]
rg amiller you got burned? [08:26]
Cory Wausau, MILF2. [08:26]
nanotube azkabal: first, make sure you have smick's gpg key in your ring (gpg --recv-keys if needed). then, run gpg --verify, and paste the contract. [08:26]
amiller oh no not burned just, it's the fun way to do it [08:26]
reeses lol [08:26]
MBS buying mtgoxusd/btc for amazon payments/serve/clover/venmo (varying limits on each). can buy things for you from newegg/amazon/etc for mtgoxusd/btc, and can resell you servers ($25/$65/$80 respectively converted to BTC) [08:26]
nanotube amiller: yea if you make it, i'll link it on otc :) [08:26]
MBS azkabal, you are really going with too much hassle for this trade, lol [08:26]
azkabal nanotube: I imported his PGP public key from the ;;ident command, and it said they was not valid when i tried to verify, what does this mean> [08:26]
MILF2 heh..that's a bit of a hike [08:26]
BTCTrader i accept amazon for btc [08:27]
MILF2 even from where i may be moving to [08:27]
reeses amiller: in 30 years, if you start today, you can have a gui app in agda to handle the simple case [08:27]
MBS BTCTrader, amazon payments at mtgox rate? [08:27]
BTCTrader i ask for a marginal fee like .1 for my time [08:27]
BTCTrader and depends on amount [08:27]
MBS wait you are selling btc right? [08:28]
nanotube azkabal: well, let me try a verification here and see if it works [08:28]
amiller i verified it on my end [08:28]
BTCTrader if the price is right :D [08:28]
amiller i'd recommend wget with the 'raw' link [08:28]
nanotube amiller: ah ok then i guess i won't bother :) [08:28]
reeses no curl? [08:29]
BTCTrader i sold to one customer earlier today [08:29]
MBS BTCTrader, prefer mtgoxusd but willing to do btc at mtgox price, how much of either would you be willing to sale for amazon payments [08:29]
* splatster (~splatster@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:29]
* splatster has quit (Changing host) [08:29]
* splatster (~splatster@unaffiliated/splatster) has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:29]
MILF2 Cory,'re kinda up in the middle of the woods up there, eh? granted i know Wausau itself is somewhat large, but next nearest [08:29]
* gribble gives voice to splatster [08:29]
splatster Hey there people! [08:30]
MILF2 "large" cities are what...rhinelander and eau clare? [08:30]
MILF2 XD [08:30]
nanotube ok, well, verifies on my end too. :) [08:31]
Cory Yeah, we're about as good as it gets. :P [08:31]
MILF2 heh [08:32]
MILF2 i'm taking a job in kiel.....small little place near plymoth [08:33]
Cory That Kara Neumann case got some national attention, where Kara's parents treated her diabetes with prayer rather than medication and Kara died because of it. [08:33]
Cory She attended the same elementary school I did. [08:33]
MILF2 and i'm near milwaukee. [08:33]
MILF2 oh really? [08:33]
MILF2 O_o [08:33]
reeses did they pray to st pancras? [08:33]
MILF2 that's cool.....i currently live like 2 miles away from where jeffry dahmer grew up. [08:33]
MBS she died because she was a sinner [08:33]
MBS obviously [08:34]
reeses well fuck, no wonder [08:34]
MILF2 i swear to god, this state drives people just batshit nuts. [08:34]
reeses I’m alive, ergo I am an innocent [08:34]
rg hehe [08:34]
rg anyone want to see what GammaG looksl ike [08:34]
MILF2 must be the cold weather X_X [08:34]
rg [08:34]
Cory It's the weather. [08:34]
reeses I consulted in MSP for two years [08:35]
Cory GammaG really is a girl? [08:35]
reeses you got weird people in that part of the world [08:35]
rg yep [08:35]
reeses lots of one-eyed or lazy-eyed people [08:36]
reeses it’s disturbing [08:36]
* BTCTrader (~aaa@unaffiliated/btctrader) has left #bitcoin-otc [08:36]
* maqr (~maqr@httpcraft/hax) has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:36]
* BTCTrader (~aaa@unaffiliated/btctrader) has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:36]
* neonindian has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [08:40]
* _chsados_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:42]
trigliu the btc escrow site doesn't actually have to handle or receive any money. let the buyer sign 2 transactions, one burning the coins, the other sending it to the seller. the escrow publishes only one depending on the outcome of the transaction [08:44]
trigliu that way the escrow avoids accepting any funds [08:44]
phantomcircuit trigliu, nobody wants that to be their options [08:45]
phantomcircuit burning the funds vs forwarding to the seller [08:45]
vragnaroda phantomcircuit: Oh, you think he's rational. How cute. [08:45]
trigliu why not? thats what satoshi proposed [08:45]
* chsados has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds) [08:45]
trigliu lol the founder of bitcoin devised this escrow. yet vragnaroda thinks its irrational [08:45]
phantomcircuit yes this isn't a religion [08:46]
vragnaroda Newton was an alchemist. [08:46]
trigliu well this is a dead-end, but why do you think satoshi's scheme is irrational? [08:46]
nanotube phantomcircuit: well, clearcoin did essentially that. only instead of burning, sent to eff and whatnot. [08:46]
trigliu ill try to disabuse you of your misunderstanding, whatever it may be [08:47]
nanotube from the pov of the buyer, it was the same, send to seller, or send "somewhere else and never see again" [08:47]
trigliu nanotube: yeah the problem with sending to a "charity" is that the charity may be a fake. at one point, a group associated with mybitcoin was one of the listed non-profits. [08:47]
* Cablesaurus ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:47]
* Cablesaurus has quit (Changing host) [08:47]
* Cablesaurus (~IceChat77@unaffiliated/cablesaurus) has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:47]
nanotube was it really? on clearcoin? [08:47]
trigliu yeah. the hayek society of canada or something [08:48]
trigliu it was created by a dude involved in the whole mybitcoin thing [08:48]
nanotube ah heh i see interesting [08:48]
trigliu but legally an automated escrow might want to avoid handling any funds [08:48]
nanotube indeed, i like that idea, publishing two tx, but not actually have the escrow guy own the coins at any point. [08:49]
nanotube er, s/publishing/sending to escrow/ [08:49]
trigliu the 'scrow would probably have to hand you a key to a wallet with prepaid funds after it completes the transaction [08:49]
trigliu to avoid the whole double spend thing [08:49]
MILF2 of course, there's always the oppertunity of the system/escrow person screwing peoples over [08:50]
MILF2 even if it's automated [08:50]
trigliu yeah MILF2.. but statisticall you hope you are not the user that gets screwed, assuming they have a trackrecord of verifiable reliability [08:50]
rg thats why someone trusted has to do it [08:50]
MILF2 there's the chance that it could fuck up (faulty scripting, etc) [08:50]
paulzag why are people surprised GammaG is a girl? cause she scammed? Junkies are girls too. equal opportunity disease [08:50]
rg paulzag , that has nothing to do with it [08:50]
rg we didnt believe it was a girl cause it was sketchy [08:51]
trigliu if the escrow doesn't handle funds, they have nothing to gain from screwing up the transaction [08:51]
rg generally a good tactic to scam people is pretend youre a girl [08:51]
rg especially on IRC [08:51]
MILF2 not many girls manage to make there way in here too, i'd imagine. [08:51]
rg cause 90% of IRC are virgins [08:51]
amiller it's worse than just 'statistically', because the escrow might actually target you [08:51]
paulzag I love how this channel uses the word "sketchy" [08:51]
Graet lol rg [08:51]
trigliu true amiller. that goes for any investment [08:51]
amiller with blinded signatures and by communicating over tor, the escrow would be unable to discriminate in that way, and so you'd be left with just the statistical unlikelihood [08:51]
paulzag oh true rg I'd forgotten [08:51]
trigliu yeah good point [08:51]
MBS XD [08:51]
MBS [08:51]
MILF2 amiller, yea, but scripts can always be buggy.. [08:52]
MBS I'm offering 1 BTC per PLEX. (must be in continues High Sec) [08:52]
MBS and I'll sell 1 PLEX for 2 BTC. [08:52]
MBS :| [08:52]
trigliu uacceptable risk [08:52]
MILF2 that being said, it'd probably be a good idea to "beta test" with very small amounts [08:52]
trigliu ^acceptable [08:52]
MILF2 i.e. is the coin faucet still around? [08:52]
phantomcircuit MBS, the fuck is a PLEX [08:52]
nanotube MILF2: yes the faucet is still around [08:52]
MBS gives you a month of EVE online [08:52]
MBS ask derpderp, lol [08:52]
MILF2 just some 0.00001 coin transactions [08:53]
MILF2 or something [08:53]
MILF2 from there [08:53]
MBS hes working on some eve bots or something, lol [08:53]
MILF2 to use as test cases [08:53]
phantomcircuit MBS, he is? [08:53]
phantomcircuit inb4failure [08:53]
MILF2 make sure it runs fine on those, then get volunteers to run agaiinst real coinage of similar sizes [08:53]
MILF2 then eventually go "completely" live. [08:54]
MILF2 test the shit out of it before it gets any real use...heh [08:54]
trigliu a) deposit to an address provided by the escrow b) sign 2 new transactions (one to be used if the deal is unsuccessful, the other if successful) c) tell the escrow to publish one of the transactions d) if the transaction is invalid (NSF) the escrow takes the deposit sent in step a, otherwise the escrow returns it to you [08:56]
* pingdrive has quit (Quit: Leaving) [08:56]
trigliu in most cases the escrow will end up returning your deposit, instead of sending it to the seller [08:56]
* slothbag ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [08:56]
amiller a) isn't necessary [08:57]
nanotube what's the deposit? the escrow fee? [08:57]
trigliu nanotube: it's equal to the escrow amount [08:57]
trigliu the only benefit is that the escrow isn't physically sending funds to the seller (to avoid being involved in money laundering or whatever) [08:58]
MBS buying mtgoxusd/btc for amazon payments/serve/clover/venmo (varying limits on each). can buy things for you from newegg/amazon/etc for mtgoxusd/btc, and can resell you servers ($25/$65/$80 respectively converted to BTC) [08:58]
reeses ;;rate paulzag 2 Paul sold me 80BTC for a tiny premium for PPUSD. Very careful side-channel validation through linkedin. [08:58]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 2 for user paulzag has been recorded. [08:58]
MBS reeses, you should get you soem kimsufis now [08:59]
MILF2 hey, not that i care too much, but how often can one smack up the bitcoin faucet? [08:59]
* Rabbit67890 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [09:00]
MILF2 because 0.005 coins doesn't really add up very fast anyways :P [09:00]
trigliu the protocol could support the satoshi-escrow natively. that would require some way to specify a burn-or-send-to-address operation [09:00]
MILF2 boolean [09:00]
trigliu where burn means the money dissapears.. or a charity i guess [09:00]
MILF2 based on if the transaction is seen [09:00]
* chsados ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [09:00]
MILF2 in like block explorer [09:00]
MILF2 after x amount of time. [09:00]
MILF2 if it is, send it on out [09:01]
reeses what is a kimsuti? [09:01]
MILF2 if not, "burn" it [09:01]
MILF2 or send it to charity [09:01]
MILF2 ...better yet, instead of charity [09:01]
MILF2 send it to bitfaucet or something :D [09:01]
trigliu send to the next miner [09:01]
MILF2 keep the community up and kicking [09:01]
reeses paulzag: what does ‘sketchy’ mean in strayan? [09:02]
nanotube trigliu: i don't get the point of a) then. aren't the two signed transactions already for the escrow amount? [09:02]
MBS MILF2, [09:02]
Bigpiggy01Mining reeses kimsuti = online version of the kamasutra where users can edit or add positions [09:02]
MBS kimsufi [09:02]
MBS [09:02]
MBS cheap french servers :p [09:02]
trigliu nanotube: yeah, but what happens if the buyer spends his wallet to $0. then the signed transactions are invalid [09:02]
reeses wait, there’s more than “the stranger”? [09:02]
MBS better than cheap french whores [09:03]
MILF2 MBS...nice [09:03]
reeses dunno about that one [09:03]
paulzag reeses, means mostly the same "dodgey" but more often "incomplete" [09:03]
* _chsados_ has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds) [09:03]
MILF2 i like the idea of throwing it at the faucet though [09:03]
trigliu theres some lag time between when the seller gets assurance the funds exist to when the deal is concluded [09:03]
nanotube trigliu: ah i see good point [09:03]
trigliu shipping time or whatever [09:03]
MILF2 just because it eventually ends up going directly back into the community [09:03]
reeses makes sense [09:03]
MILF2 get a couple of scamming people [09:03]
paulzag i.e. "details of the alien crash site are sketchy" [09:03]
MILF2 and you got potentially a few hundred coins back in the faucet. [09:03]
reeses sketch → sketchy almost never gets use in the us among the ≤40 year-old crowd [09:04]
paulzag yeah - I got the impression it was a youth slang use [09:05]
MILF2 but i like that idea instead of "burning" it [09:05]
MILF2 where you never see it again [09:05]
MILF2 nor does anyone else [09:05]
MILF2 for that matter [09:05]
MILF2 charity isn't a bad thought either though.... [09:05]
reeses who is charity? women are scammers! [09:06]
trigliu yeah. its just tricky. you have charities people disagree with [09:06]
MILF2 yea [09:06]
MILF2 or you could take [09:06]
MILF2 the amount of the transaction [09:06]
trigliu im all for charities.. both sides woul dhave to agree on it i guess [09:06]
paulzag the escrow should name it's charity. They get to [09:06]
MILF2 keep a small amount for whoever is running the site for maintanance [09:06]
* chsados has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [09:06]
MILF2 then take EVERYTHING else [09:06]
paulzag that's the cost of doing biz [09:06]
MILF2 and disperse it [09:06]
MILF2 between say the last couple hundred site users [09:07]
paulzag and the charity should probably be EFF [09:07]
MILF2 (granted that'd take a LOT of code to do...) [09:07]
trigliu yeah clearcoin had a bunch of worthy charities [09:07]
MILF2 but it'd give a potential incentive for people to use the service [09:07]
MILF2 as opposed to just straight up dealing with people [09:07]
paulzag If the scow service states where the funds go, neither party gets a say - they're bona fides would be in question [09:08]
* Rabbit67890 has quit (Quit: Rabbit67890) [09:08]
MBS also if anyone needs gift cards/prepaid visa/mastercard/amex for BTC i can get those too [09:08]
paulzag I got too much PPUSD right now... MBS [09:09]
MBS lol [09:09]
MILF2 MBS...i know those cost to activate [09:09]
MILF2 how much of a charge per card on those? [09:09]
trigliu yeah charity is cool.. i guess one of the reasons the admin was wary was some charities want to tknow the identity of the donator.. or filing taxes [09:09]
MBS well would order online from walmart, would vary on which one :p [09:09]
MBS $5-8 over value [09:09]
MILF2 heh [09:09]
trigliu if the escrow can be removed from handling the money directly thats good [09:09]
MBS so pretty cheap [09:10]
MBS free shipping or you can pick up at local walmart [09:10]
BTCTrader i buy mine with cash [09:10]
BTCTrader [09:10]
MILF2 i still like the idea of filtering it back into the community [09:10]
MILF2 that way no one can bitch about which charity is good or bad [09:10]
MILF2 lol [09:10]
* phraust has quit (Quit: [09:11]
trigliu if the protocol supported some kind of time limit for a transaction to be redeemed, that would be all you need [09:11]
MILF2 protocol itself doesn't [09:11]
MILF2 but blockexplorer has an api, no? [09:11]
trigliu yeah [09:11]
MILF2 just run it against blockexplorer [09:11]
smickles ;;rate [ident azkabal] 1 good tx with signed contract and escrow [09:12]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user flazmok has been recorded. [09:12]
MILF2 first check if you can find block explorer (i.e. that the site itself isn't down) [09:12]
MILF2 if it does, continue with the transaction [09:12]
azkabal ;;rate smickles 1 my $100 Moneypak for bitcoins, went perfect.. my first time EVER and he was really nice & patient helping out :) [09:12]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user smickles has been recorded. [09:12]
MILF2 if not...don't do shit with it [09:12]
MILF2 then generate the potential result set [09:12]
* malkauns ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [09:12]
MILF2 then it checks block explorer for said transaction [09:12]
MILF2 when it finds it, it sends [09:13]
MBS how about an escrow bot splits payment to bitcoin-otc users depending on activeness :p [09:13]
MILF2 after whatever number of time, if the transaction isn't found, donate it/send it off to wherever the hell [09:13]
smickles ;;rate amiller 2 a fine escrow [09:13]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating for user amiller has changed from 1 to 2. [09:13]
azkabal ;;rate amiller 1 a+ escrow :) [09:14]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user amiller has been recorded. [09:14]
trigliu so if you have a multi-sig transaction, what happens if it doesn't get signed? the money is lost? [09:14]
MILF2'd have to look for the correct number of sigs [09:14]
MILF2 if not, it gets sent back to sender? [09:14]
MILF2 dammit, i wish i had better knowledge on some of this stuff... [09:15]
nanotube if it doesn't get signed, it just sits there, equivalent to getting 'lost' [09:15]
MILF2 i'm only just starting out with my "real" programming stuff [09:15]
nanotube until such a time that you can get the requisite number of signers to agree to sign it. [09:15]
MILF2 if it doesn't get signed at all, send it back to wherever the fuck it came from [09:16]
MILF2 lol [09:16]
trigliu ok.. well then.. there you go. satoshi-escrow. require 2 signatures, then only sign it the second time if you're satisfied with the transaction [09:16]
trigliu if youre dissatisfied, you lost the money [09:16]
trigliu but the scammer doesn't profit [09:16]
nanotube yes, that's the classic multi-sig escrow. 2 of 3 tx, with the 3 parties being buyer, seller, escrow. [09:16]
trigliu yeah i mean, no escrow needed... you just sign it if you're happy, and if not, the funds are burned [09:17]
nanotube indee [09:17]
nanotube d [09:17]
MILF2 i still don't like the idea of truely burning the funds [09:17]
* chsados ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [09:17]
trigliu the complicated scheme i mentioned before is unnecessary with multisig [09:17]
* Burgundy has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [09:17]
nanotube MILF2: it makes the rest of the bitcoins more valuable. how bad can it be? :) [09:17]
MILF2 nanotube, but it makes the funds lost. permanently [09:18]
* EvilJStoker has quit (Excess Flood) [09:18]
nanotube trigliu: indeed. one of the uses of multisig that people have been 'anticipating' is the in-chain escrow. [09:18]
nanotube MILF2: yes it does... and that makes it a little sad. but unless it's /your/ coins getting lost, it doesn't seem so bad :) [09:18]
MILF2 heh [09:19]
trigliu actually theres a small profit incentive to be had by burning the funds deliberately [09:19]
MILF2 lol [09:19]
nanotube well, yes, someone who may own a lot of coins, may go around and troll transactions by being a fake-seller and failing to deliver [09:19]
nanotube resulting in a lot of burned coins, and thereby hoping to increase the value of his stash [09:20]
azkabal Now that I received money in my wallet, does that mean I have to create a new offline backup of the wallet.dat file, or is that only for when I send money out ? [09:20]
trigliu the buyer profits because he gets the asset and his share of total bitcoins in circulation is greater than it wouldve been if he sent the money to the seller [09:20]
nanotube azkabal: it is always a good idea to have backups. [09:20]
MILF2 yea, so maybe going the route of giving them away [09:20]
nanotube ;;bc,wiki securing your wallet [09:20]
MILF2 to somewhere [09:20]
MILF2 is a better idea. [09:20]
* Rabbit67890 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [09:20]
* EvilJStoker (jstoker@unaffiliated/jstoker) has joined #bitcoin-otc [09:20]
nanotube azkabal: [09:20]
MILF2 because then there's no real loss of coins, but rather they just get pushed off elsewhere [09:20]
vragnaroda If it only made a difference when you sent bitcoins out, I'd rather that difference *not* be backed up. ;) [09:20]
trigliu the profit is miniscule if its small amounts.. but its still there. you would rather have 25 out of 75 bitcoins in existence, rather than 25 out of 100 bitcoins in existence! [09:20]
MILF2 and no profit to be made from screwing someone else over. [09:20]
trigliu burning the coins, makes your remaining coins more valuable (slightly) [09:21]
NASDAQEnema do shipping companies provide a way to see a picked up shipping label online [09:21]
trigliu for a 100btc trade tho, the benefit is infinitessimal.. [09:21]
MILF2 not even for 1 100btc trade [09:22]
MILF2 but like 5 [09:22]
MILF2 or 6 [09:22]
MILF2 that's enough to put waves in mtgox even. [09:22]
trigliu nanotube: maybe the funds should be recycled back into the blockchain? simply add it to the unpaid bounties [09:23]
trigliu to avoid the troll scenario [09:23]
NASDAQEnema the burn goes to the burn insurance pot problem solved [09:23]
nanotube trigliu: heh great idea, unfortunately it is not possible with current bitcoin system. [09:23]
trigliu well stlil the troller gets away with it for a few hundred years [09:23]
nanotube the only thing that can go into a future block bounty is pre-set bounty, and fees from transactions included in the block. [09:23]
trigliu yeah currently [09:24]
vragnaroda lol, eliminate this one avenue for griefing by creating another [09:24]
trigliu hopefully the seller/troll would have more to profit by actually selling the asset, rather than increasing his share of circulating bitcoins [09:24]
MILF2 require a user login to be set up with gpg [09:24]
nanotube good pt vragnaroda , this does incentivize miners to grief escrow transactions. [09:25]
MILF2 and if you have a transaction go bad on your end [09:25]
MILF2 flag your account [09:25]
MILF2 granted that's not completely foolproof [09:25]
NASDAQEnema vragnaroda: we haven't mastered the art of creating intentional entropy [09:25]
MILF2 and people could set up multiple accounts [09:25]
MILF2 but it'd make it a lot more of a pain in the ass for someone to screw people over [09:25]
MBS could have a bot send a certain amount to the previous winning block for each new block [09:25]
MILF2 like for example [09:26]
MILF2 how often do people screw others over [09:26]
* azkabal has quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.88 [Firefox 10.0/20120202073415]) [09:26]
MILF2 here [09:26]
MILF2 when actually gpg'ed in [09:26]
MBS though anyway [09:26]
trigliu well the only solution is for the seller to escrow in an amount of btc equal to whatever share of btc he'd gain by reducing circulation [09:26]
trigliu and the buyer signs both [09:26]
NASDAQEnema i got one [09:26]
rg [09:26]
rg now thats nice [09:27]
MBS i doubt anyone using USD would use an escrow if all the escrow did was "if the seller doesnt send their stuff, we will burn your money" [09:27]
MILF2 it tends to happen, but not so much when people are gpg'ed in. [09:27]
rg too bad its not $400 cheaper [09:27]
smickles nanotube: you'd love the number of sigs on this [09:27]
MILF2 MBS, i think we've decided that plain out and burning it [09:27]
MILF2 is a bad idea. [09:27]
* whisk3y_ has quit (Quit: Leaving) [09:27]
MBS well i mean no one would use an escrow if they wouldnt get their money back if they got scammed, lol [09:28]
trigliu make the seller put up 10% of the amount himself in a tx that must be signed by the buyer. so the seller loses more than he could gain by shrinking bitcoin [09:28]
trigliu mbs: yeah for larger amounts, burn is less appealing [09:28]
MBS would be better to have an actual escrow company setup, contacts and etc [09:28]
nanotube smickles: lol awesome [09:28]
MBS where if you tried to chargeback, escrow company would have proof that you agreed to it [09:28]
trigliu but for small amts, its ideal [09:28]
MILF2 yea...maybe say for transactions under.....5 coins (of course this amount could be changed) [09:29]
MILF2 but for now, say 5 coins [09:29]
MILF2 funds get burned [09:29]
NASDAQEnema try this: both seller and buyer send half the amount to a pot if the item is received then the amount goes to the seller - if the item is not received the amount goes to the buyer [09:29]
MBS so you have to have coins to buy coins? [09:30]
rg my idea was this: user a trades with user b, user b logs into escrow site, sends btc, gets a link to show the other trader how much has been desposited, when, # of confirms, and the user who sent them [09:30]
MILF2 heh [09:30]
MILF2 i was gonna say [09:30]
rg user a sends money [09:30]
MILF2 that doesn't work [09:30]
MILF2 :D [09:30]
rg user b releases bitcoins [09:30]
rg but the catch is [09:30]
rg once you upload bitcoins, you cant withdraw them [09:30]
rg that way no one can upload funds, rip off [09:30]
rg then request them back [09:30]
rg and after a week theyre automatically sent to the person you filled in [09:31]
rg when you started the escrow [09:31]
rg pretty fool proof? [09:31]
MILF2 where would the funds be stored though [09:31]
rg in a wallet? [09:32]
rg where are all funds stored [09:32]
MILF2 ya see, that's the problem though [09:32]
rg its not if its a TRUSTED MEMBER OF OTC [09:32]
MILF2 because then the escrow is dealing directly with the money [09:32]
rg for the 10000th time [09:32]
MILF2 well not even that so much [09:32]
MILF2 but it could cause potential problems with other things [09:33]
rg lay it out for me [09:33]
MILF2 like taxes if you live in certain countries [09:33]
MILF2 etc [09:33]
rg ... taxes? [09:33]
rg what the fuck [09:33]
smickles rg, there is no true scottsman er,, trusted member of otc [09:33]
MILF2 because you've got all that money flying across you [09:33]
MILF2 lol [09:33]
smickles weren't you here earlier? [09:33]
MBS thats not how taxes work [09:33]
MILF2 and yea, no matter what [09:33]
rg its an escrow site for -otc people only [09:33]
rg it will link up with WoT [09:33]
MILF2 there's always the potential of corruption [09:33]
rg dude, look at people like pirate [09:33]
* fimp ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [09:34]
rg they manage (not an exact number cause i dont know) upwards of like $100k btc [09:34]
rg a day [09:34]
rg so scamming 20 btc of joe nobody isnt going to entice them to steal [09:34]
extor WoT? [09:34]
smickles web of trust [09:34]
rg extor: web of trust [09:34]
extor ahh [09:34]
MILF2 there's always the greed factor though [09:34]
extor I think he meant how will you explain 200k worth of USD moving across when the taxman calleth [09:34]
Greed And the MILF2 factor [09:35]
MILF2 about the only way you take that out [09:35]
Greed The MILFs run the show here [09:35]
MILF2 is by automating it [09:35]
rg extor [09:35]
Greed No question about it [09:35]
* LibrtiORDeth (~IceChat77@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [09:35]
rg not everyone cashes out into money [09:35]
rg some of us , like me , only cash out when we have t [09:35]
rg o [09:35]
extor well you have to become licensed as a money exchanger at those levels [09:35]
extor banking regulations and all [09:35]
rg not if its bitcoins [09:35]
MILF2 yea.....not everyone DOES [09:35]
MILF2 but if it takes off enough [09:36]
* fimp has quit (Client Quit) [09:36]
MILF2 200k flying across you [09:36]
MILF2 is pretty fucking hard to explain [09:36]
rg but 200k would never fly across me [09:36]
extor it's not just bitcoins, it's bictoins and USD that flow to banks [09:36]
rg the escrow would be BTC only [09:36]
rg no 'real' money [09:36]
rg so no taxes, no nothing [09:36]
MILF2 so..people what [09:36]
extor 200k a month in ACH transactions? Sorry...that will trip a few wires [09:36]
MILF2 swap bitcoin for bitcoin? [09:36]
MILF2 lol [09:36]
rg omg [09:36]
rg you guys are retards [09:36]
rg seriously [09:37]
NASDAQEnema no dollars [09:37]
smickles rg: i understand [09:37]
rg smickles: i think the majority of the channel understood [09:37]
trigliu trolls burning bitcoins isn't a problem if the seller of the goods also escrows some btc [09:37]
extor so the otr users send ACH to the other party? [09:37]
NASDAQEnema bitcoins don't have a dollar value [09:37]
trigliu 10% seems reasonable [09:37]
NASDAQEnema there is no ACH [09:37]
* dserrano5 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [09:37]
rg im going to start coding this escrow [09:37]
MILF2 NASDAQEnema, tell that to mtgox [09:37]
rg when its done [09:37]
extor SO like gift cards and all [09:37]
rg i will hand it over to nanotube [09:37]
rg and he can run it if he chooses [09:37]
rg that way, if you cant trust nanotube, you shouldnt be in here [09:38]
trigliu rg: dont you want the profit? [09:38]
rg what profit? [09:38]
rg its a free service of -otc [09:38]
rg to protect otc users [09:38]
rg look, im poor, like, real poor [09:38]
trigliu the escrow charges a fee to maintain itself [09:38]
MILF2 like i suggested [09:38]
rg ive had chances to steal thousands upon thousands of btc [09:38]
rg and i didnt [09:38]
MILF2 if a transaction goes splat [09:38]
amiller i don't see the value in bitcoin to bitcoin escrow [09:38]
rg because i love bitcoin [09:38]
rg and i love this channel [09:38]
amiller it's interaction with another payment mode that's important [09:38]
MILF2 have the service itself take a small fee [09:38]
amiller even clearcoin interacted wiht paypal for you [09:38]
MILF2 for maintainance [09:38]
smickles ;;hug rg [09:38]
* gribble hugs rg [09:38]
CCoolty ;;tell rg [tell hi] [09:38]
rg hai! [09:39]
rg [gribble(~gribble@unaffiliated/nanotube/bot/gribble)] CCoolty wants me to tell [09:39]
rg you: (tell ) -- Tells the whatever is. [09:39]
rg Use nested commands to your benefit here. [09:39]
trigliu its just more legal hassles for the escrow.. handling currency has all sorts of issues [09:39]
CCoolty lol [09:39]
rg ;;tell ccoolty [tell ccoolty tell ccoolty hi] [09:39]
gribble Error: This command cannot be nested. [09:39]
NASDAQEnema btc != currency [09:39]
trigliu but yes, it would be more convenient if the escrow could handle money [09:39]
NASDAQEnema it are tokens [09:39]
trigliu NASDAQEnema, it is, but i was talking about usd from paypal et al [09:39]
NASDAQEnema no it are not [09:40]
trigliu btc is a fiat currency [09:40]
NASDAQEnema tokens [09:40]
NASDAQEnema lol [09:40]
rg btw [09:40]
rg anyone watching 'The River'? [09:40]
CCoolty ;;tell rg [ticker] [09:40]
nanotube amiller: i don't think clearcoin did anything with paypal, or any form of usd. [09:41]
trigliu multisig escrow is the solution for small amts.. buyer sends a tx that requires his sig, seller deposits 5% to himself in a tx buyer must sign.. then buyer decides at the end if the amounts should be paid [09:42]
smickles ;;buy 1 btc @ 5.92 ppusd up to 16.89189 total [09:42]
gribble Order id 6762 created. [09:42]
* spawn- VPS/VPN/IRCBOUNCER for BTC anyone ? [09:42]
smickles ;;remove 6762 [09:42]
gribble Order 6762 removed. [09:42]
smickles <.< [09:42]
smickles >,> [09:42]
trigliu and yeah if you want the chance of recovering rather than burning the money, add a neutral third party [09:43]
trigliu which is impossible because bitcoin is such a small community [09:44]
trigliu but its better than nothing [09:44]
MILF2 neutral 3rd party? [09:45]
MILF2 rofl [09:45]
trigliu until miners support all the multisig stuff, youd probably need a site to facilitate.. but it wouldn't necessarily have to accept any funds in the first case (burn) [09:45]
MILF2 and wouldn't this have the potential forthe BUYER to screw stuff up too? [09:45]
MILF2 and screw the seller out of the money? [09:46]
trigliu MILF2: if the buyer loses his wallet? yeah it could happen.. [09:46]
MILF2 (not that they'd really have any incentive to do so, short of being a jackass) [09:46]
MILF2 well no, i'm just saying [09:46]
MILF2 the buyer could set up the transaction [09:47]
MILF2 it could go completely smoothly [09:47]
smickles ;;buy 17.95332 btc @ 5.57 ppusd (price per btc) [09:47]
MILF2 and at the end of a multisig escrow [09:47]
gribble Order id 6763 created. [09:47]
MILF2 the buyer could say fuck you to the seller [09:47]
MILF2 and shoot them in the foot. [09:47]
trigliu MILF2: yeah it can happen. this scheme definitely favors the buyer [09:47]
MILF2 burn the funds, as the case would be [09:47]
trigliu the buyer could extort the seller: give me another 10 btc or i'll burn the funds, etc [09:48]
* plutonic has quit (Quit: plutonic) [09:48]
MILF2 that being said, i'd LIKE to think that wouldn't happen [09:48]
MILF2 then again, i know how this shit works [09:48]
MILF2 and it probably will [09:48]
trigliu for small amounts, there would be little to profit from doing that.. [09:49]
MILF2 true... [09:49]
amiller hm yeah you're right i'm totally wrong about clearcoin, it was btc only [09:49]
trigliu the buyer and the escrow agent could both extort the seller. cash on delivery works better of course [09:50]
MILF2 lol [09:50]
MILF2 damn dilemmas [09:50]
MILF2 lol [09:50]
trigliu they could claim the goods were never received or they were broken... impossible for the community to verify the claim [09:50]
MILF2 so you run on good faith? [09:51]
MILF2 and maybe a user rating system of sorts? [09:51]
trigliu i would do the burn escrow for small amounts, anything larger would need lots more due diligence [09:51]
smickles gribble api? [09:51]
MILF2 (though like i said earlier, that could be worked around too) [09:51]
MILF2 even for small transactions (upper limit on like 4 or 5 coins) this would be a good idea i think [09:52]
smickles there's probably no perfect answer, just keep piling shit on 'till it's considered art [09:52]
MILF2 there's no real perfect answer for anything to speak of. [09:53]
* Bemmu (u841@gateway/web/ has joined #bitcoin-otc [09:53]
smickles MILF2: that's why i brought art into the mix [09:53]
trigliu a pizza shop can give you one pepperoni slice at a time in exchange for $x, until the full amount is paid. unfortunately not all physical assets are infinitely divisible [09:53]
MILF2 i'm just throwing out ideas and thoughts [09:53]
MILF2 heh [09:53]
NASDAQEnema i've got it [09:53]
smickles :o [09:54]
* Vaerros has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [09:54]
MILF2 maybe automate the feedback [09:54]
NASDAQEnema seller buyer and escrow put in 1/3 each [09:54]
MILF2 until a user hits x number of feedback [09:54]
MILF2 they can't do large transactions. [09:55]
smickles like otc feeback? [09:55]
MILF2 something like that, yeah. [09:55]
NASDAQEnema if seller frauds the buyer gets the seller's third [09:55]
smickles that's a hard x to define :( [09:55]
MILF2 true enough [09:55]
MILF2 and of course, there's always workarounds on that too. [09:56]
MILF2 i'd just throw this idea out there [09:56]
extor It's rare to see prices equal between btce and mtgox...that time is now. I wonder why? [09:56]
smickles i think defining a x give the scammers a goal to work towards [09:56]
MILF2 minimum of 10 positive transactions [09:56]
MILF2 with at least 5 different users [09:56]
trigliu extor: maybe the abitragers are running on both exchanges [09:56]
rg rg bored [09:56]
rg maybe ill work on teh websitez [09:57]
smickles rg: what happened to working on that escrow ? [09:57]
rg people will just be gay about it [09:57]
MILF2 or like different classes of transactions or something [09:57]
trigliu how many otc ratings are given per day? [09:57]
smickles 'nuthin wrong with gay ;) [09:57]
rg im not going to work on something just to have a bunch of people who dont know shit about shit [09:57]
extor how would the arbitragers be linking the russian system with the us one? I thought that was the only cause of the rift [09:58]
rg talk shit [09:58]
rg smickles [09:58]
rg its 2012 [09:58]
MILF2 rg, i think it's still just idea gathering time [09:58]
rg gay doesnt mean gay [09:58]
rg fag doesnt mean fag [09:58]
MILF2 trying to find out what possible loopholes there are [09:58]
MILF2 and if there's any good workarounds for them [09:58]
MILF2 :P [09:58]
smickles rg: it's 2012, the pejorative gay is still bad [09:59]
smickles (not that you can't use it) [09:59]
MILF2 alright...pushing 2am here..time to sleep...gotta be up in a few hours [09:59]
MILF2 :/ [09:59]
rg milf2 [09:59]
rg ive put a lot of thought into my project [09:59]
rg its pretty foolproof [09:59]
rg theres no way to scam a user once the preliminary info is put in [09:59]
MILF2 well then work on it :D [09:59]
rg and even if they do decide to scam [09:59]
rg you have to put the second users btc addy in there [10:00]
rg and it gets sent to them within a week [10:00]
rg and when the first user looks at the page verifying the funds [10:00]
rg it shows them what the other user put in [10:00]
rg s if they put in a different btc addy [10:00]
rg they be scammin you [10:00]
smickles oh moi [10:01]
smickles it's past 3am here :o [10:01]
trigliu lets say there are an average of 20 otc transactions a day for an avg ticket value of 10 btc.. an escrow site taking 1% would make around 730 btc a year if it did all orders... however i think an escrow would actually increase the volume, so it might be more [10:02]
rg my escrow would be free [10:02]
rg people can just donate to nanotube [10:02]
trigliu you sohuld be paid for your time [10:02]
splatster God I love freelancing. [10:02]
* lunks has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [10:02]
MBS splatster, got any more bitcoins now? [10:03]
splatster MBS: Meh, not really into the whole idea of a Mac Mini anymore [10:03]
MBS lol [10:03]
splatster Gonna get myself a new 15inch macbook pro [10:03]
MBS you should trade me your bitcoins for mtgox price amazon payments then [10:03]
splatster this one is three years old and has been through some tough times to say the least [10:03]
* Shaded (~Shaded@unaffiliated/shaded) has joined #bitcoin-otc [10:04]
splatster Meh again, freelancing pays USD usually [10:04]
splatster not sure these guys have heard of bitcoin [10:04]
trigliu sir goxalot [10:04]
splatster haven't asked [10:04]
amiller MtCoq [10:04]
trigliu MtHol [10:05]
smickles rg has the right idea, the benefit to the community would repay him enough [10:05]
splatster amiller: No need for sexual innuendoes in -otc. [10:05]
rg and thats what makes me hard [10:05]
MBS splatster, this one? [10:06]
MBS [10:06]
splatster MBS: I'm getting a custom one with high res display and some other upgraded specs [10:06]
* SomeoneWeird (~SomeoneWe@unaffiliated/someoneweird) has left #bitcoin-otc ("Leaving") [10:06]
rg [10:06]
MBS oh [10:06]
rg that would make such a sweet linux box [10:06]
rg So sweet [10:06]
MBS no it wouldnt [10:07]
splatster rg: The Xserves got discontinued by apple because of how load they were [10:07]
MBS how load [10:07]
amiller i just realized i'm IP banned from 4chan for 'CP' i assume because of running a tor relay [10:07]
trigliu rg, are there any el-cheapo datacenters in greater metro area. they might be able do a cabinet for much less than the city [10:07]
* plato has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [10:08]
smickles what shitty isp do you have amiller ? [10:08]
MBS amiller, duh [10:08]
trigliu i thought 4chan promoted that stuff [10:08]
trigliu hmm [10:08]
* plato (~plato@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [10:09]
* plato has quit (Changing host) [10:09]
* plato (~plato@unaffiliated/therealplato) has joined #bitcoin-otc [10:09]
splatster I am so annoyed when people don't capitalize [10:09]
splatster 'I' [10:09]
extor there's a 0.0002% chance that tor relay helped someone organise a slutwalk for Riyadh. It was all worth it. [10:09]
gmaxwell amiller: relay not exit? [10:09]
splatster i is not I [10:09]
gmaxwell amiller: if you've never run an exit you need to flame the shit out of 4chan for incompetence in their tor blocking. [10:09]
amiller no it is an eit [10:09]
amiller exit [10:09]
gmaxwell Ah okay. [10:09]
gmaxwell yea, thats part of the cost of running an exit. FWIW, the eff advises agaisnt running exits at home. [10:10]
MBS inb4 FBI [10:10]
amiller i've run it for over a year but only occasionally have to enter a captcha in google [10:10]
MBS so are you gathering passwords from it? [10:10]
amiller i am at home but a renter... [10:10]
gmaxwell This is because should some idiot law enforcement folks not realize its an exit you might get all your computers swollowed up before they ask the obvious questions. [10:10]
splatster amiller: Capitalize your damn 'I's! [10:10]
gmaxwell Whereas if it's not in a home the law enforcement types will think twice before raiding and realize that it's an exit. [10:11]
MBS i dONT sEe Wha7 ur PROBLEM is splatster [10:11]
trigliu why would they care? they could stlil prosecute a tor exit and argue against a common carrier defense [10:11]
splatster ;;leet What the fuck?! [10:11]
gribble Wh@ +h3 fuck?! [10:11]
MBS ;;leet [getrating MBS] [10:12]
gribble U53r M8z, cr38d 0n 7u3 4pr 19 17:18:54 2011. Cumu1@!v3 r@!ng 49, fr0m 28 +0+41 r@!ngz. R3c3!v3d r@!ngz: 28 p05!+!v3, 0 n3g@!v3. S3n+ r@!ngz: 27 p05!+!v3, 0 n3g@!v3. D3+4!1z: h++p://b!+c0!n-0+c.c0m/v!3wr@!ngd3+4!1.php?n!ck=M8z Curr3n+1y 4u+h3n+!c8d fr0m h05+m45k M8z!~M8z@un4ff!1!8d/mbz [10:12]
* Silberfuchs ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [10:12]
splatster ;;leet [getrating splatster] [10:12]
gribble U53r 5p1@5+3r, cr38d 0n Fr! J4n 13 22:39:48 2012. Cumu1@!v3 r@!ng 13, fr0m 10 +0+41 r@!ngz. R3c3!v3d r@!ngz: 10 p05!+!v3, 0 n3g@!v3. S3n+ r@!ngz: 12 p05!+!v3, 0 n3g@!v3. D3+4!1z: h++p://b!+c0!n-0+c.c0m/v!3wr@!ngd3+4!1.php?n!ck=5p1@5+3r Curr3n+1y 4u+h3n+!c8d fr0m h05+m45k 5p1@5+3r!~5p1@5+3r@un4ff!1!8d/5p1@5+3r [10:12]
spawn- ;;leet [getrating spawn-] [10:12]
gribble U53r 5p4wn-, cr38d 0n z@ F3b 4 19:27:00 2012. Cumu1@!v3 r@!ng 25, fr0m 14 +0+41 r@!ngz. R3c3!v3d r@!ngz: 14 p05!+!v3, 0 n3g@!v3. S3n+ r@!ngz: 10 p05!+!v3, 0 n3g@!v3. D3+4!1z: h++p://b!+c0!n-0+c.c0m/v!3wr@!ngd3+4!1.php?n!ck=5p4wn- Curr3n+1y 4u+h3n+!c8d fr0m h05+m45k 5p4wn-!~h3115p4wn@ [10:12]
spawn- awesome! :) [10:13]
MBS ;;binary [getrating MBS] [10:13]
gribble 0101010101110011011001010111001000100000010011010100001001010011001011000010000001100011011100100110010101100001011101000110010101100100001000000110111101101110001000000101010001110101011001010010000001000001011100000111001000100000001100010011100100100000001100010011011100111010001100010011100000111010001101010011010000100000001100100011000000110001001100010010111000100000010000110111010101101 (6 more messages) [10:13]
trigliu [10:13]
* wood ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [10:13]
smickles ;;supa1337 is better :P [10:13]
gribble ;z |>3++3|2 :P [10:13]
trigliu but all that said.. i would probably prefer to run the node outside of my home country [10:13]
trigliu amiller: have you ever gotten any dmca complaints? [10:14]
MBS ;;supa1337 [1337 [getrating MBS]] [10:14]
trigliu if you're rate limiting, probaly not [10:14]
gribble Error: "1337" is not a valid command. [10:14]
MBS ;;supa1337 [leet [getrating MBS]] [10:14]
gribble |_|53|2 //8z, <|238<| 0|| 7|_|3 4p|2 19 17:18:54 2011. C|_|//|_|1@!/3 |2@!||g 49, f|20// 28 +0+41 |2@!||gz. |23<3!/3<| |2@!||gz: 28 p05!+!/3, 0 ||3g@!/3. $3||+ |2@!||gz: 27 p05!+!/3, 0 ||3g@!/3. |)3+4!1z: |-|++p://|>!+<0!||-0+<.<0////!3//|2@!||g<|3+4!1.p|-|p?||!<|<=//8z C|_||2|23||+1y 4|_|+|-|3||+!<8<| f|20// |-|05+//45|< (1 more message) [10:14]
amiller enough gribble spam [10:14]
splatster ;;hash Does this work? [10:14]
gribble Error: "hash" is not a valid command. [10:14]
rg smickles [10:14]
rg what do you mean low use [10:14]
splatster ;;sha256 Does this work? [10:15]
gribble Error: "sha256" is not a valid command. [10:15]
splatster :( [10:15]
trigliu ;;supa1337 [clock] [10:15]
splatster ;;binary Now I'm sad... [10:15]
gribble Error: You don't have the #bitcoin-otc,filter capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified. [10:15]
phantomcircuit splatster, gribbles miner [10:15]
phantomcircuit lol [10:15]
* gribble gives voice to splatster [10:15]
splatster ;;binary Now I'm sad... [10:15]
gribble Error: You don't have the #bitcoin-otc,filter capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified. [10:15]
splatster :(((((((( [10:15]
trigliu ;;{getrating} mbs [10:16]
splatster trigliu: ;;getrating MBS [10:16]
trigliu ahh [10:16]
smickles rg: when did i say low use? [10:17]
MBS someone buy something from me [10:17]
* bitcoinTrader (~Adium@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [10:17]
smickles also "I'm coming out of my dick nipples" <-- that is why 4chan is awesome [10:17]
MBS lol googled slutwalk [10:18]
splatster MBS: I'll buy a Macbook Pro that costs $2,400 for 75 BTC [10:18]
MBS nothx [10:18]
smickles ;;lucky slutwalk [10:18]
gribble [10:18]
MBS most of the chicks in the pictures, "do not want to rape" [10:18]
rg 08:07 rg: The Xserves got discontinued by apple because of how [10:19]
rg load they were [10:19]
rg i said smickles [10:19]
rg but clearly i meant splatster [10:19]
rg and i gave out several hints [10:19]
rg so.. its your fault for not getting them [10:19]
rg mmm... yes.... thats right [10:19]
splatster DISSED! [10:19]
* smickles missed the hints [10:20]
splatster *and dismissed [10:20]
splatster ;;leet Well, I'm off to bed. [10:20]
gribble Error: You don't have the #bitcoin-otc,filter capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified. [10:20]
splatster WTF! [10:20]
smickles lol [10:20]
rg So sweet [10:20]
rg see [10:20]
MBS [10:20]
MBS no [10:20]
MBS im pretty sure you are a cart [10:21]
splatster Who took away my filter capability? [10:21]
splatster damnit [10:21]
rg there's no xserves with the spec i need [10:21]
splatster W311, 1'm 0ff +0 b3d. [10:21]
rg ;;leet later bro stack [10:21]
phantomcircuit MBS, that is a very confused cart [10:21]
rg l4t3r br0st4fF [10:22]
smickles splatster: [10:22]
splatster S33 j00 411 +0m0rr0w! D0n'+ b10w 411 y0ur c45h 0n w33d 4nd b10w. [10:22]
trigliu trolloscopy [10:22]
splatster smickles: WHAT? I need my sleep! [10:22]
smickles join #gpumax and play roulette with me realy quick [10:22]
splatster Uhg [10:23]
splatster okkkk [10:23]
MBS another confused cart: [10:23]
smickles lol [10:23]
paulzag ;;seen coinpal [10:24]
gribble I have not seen coinpal. [10:24]
trigliu sluttable [10:25]
splatster ;;roulette [10:26]
phantomcircuit MBS, lold [10:26]
splatster Ok, -now- I'm going to bed [10:27]
splatster But seriously, don't blow your bitcoins on drugs. [10:27]
splatster See ya tomorrow [10:27]
* splatster has quit (Quit: Sunshine, sunshine, it's fine.) [10:28]
MBS [10:28]
MBS totally gunna stop alot of rapes with that [10:29]
MBS lol at top youtube comment [10:29]
MBS Yeah, I think I'll stick with a gun. [10:29]
paulzag Anybody selling BTC for PPUSD? [10:29]
OneFixt MBS: hmm, that CAN mess someone up [10:30]
OneFixt you should claw the eyes while you're at it [10:30]
MBS not the way they are doing it [10:30]
phantomcircuit MBS, i like the lady in red second from right [10:30]
phantomcircuit clearly a tranny [10:30]
smickles [10:30]
OneFixt MBS: yeah, not quite that way... and not smiling [10:30]
MBS if you want to stop someone by getting their eyes, you dont do that fucking bird beak thing, you gotta do all you can to just rip their eyes out [10:30]
phantomcircuit teaching women half assed martial arts techniques is an excellent way to get them killed [10:30]
MBS really a thumb jab would be better [10:31]
phantomcircuit i was trying to explain this to someone recently and they just didn't get it [10:31]
MBS because the stupid bird beak thing would just spread pressure against eye instead of concentrating it [10:31]
OneFixt MBS: like this [10:31]
rg someone needs to file a fucking support ticket [10:31]
rg or something [10:31]
MBS and worse if you slightly missed with birdbeak thing, it wouldnt do shit [10:31]
rg i need something to do [10:31]
MBS while if you slightly miss with thumb, it can still turn and go into their eye socket [10:32]
phantomcircuit worse all of these strategies will just end up with getting your asskicked [10:32]
phantomcircuit ALL OF THEM [10:32]
rg phantomcircuit: order a vm [10:32]
rg then break it [10:32]
MBS SlutWalk organizers want to "publicly shame" rapists. Really? That's all? [10:32]
MBS I want to execute rapists. [10:32]
phantomcircuit rg, nothx [10:33]
MBS lol [10:33]
MBS worse all of these strategies will just end up with getting your ass raped [10:33]
MBS literally [10:33]
smickles MBS: you have a crooked sense of justice [10:33]
trigliu most humans are the descendant of a woman was raped [10:33]
phantomcircuit rg, you noticed that swap performance with qemu-kvm is fucking attrocious? [10:33]
MBS smickles, just posting from this page, lol [10:33]
trigliu its an awful crime [10:33]
rg phantomcircuit, what caching option are you using on your swap partition [10:34]
MBS phantomcircuit, you mean vm swap or host swap? [10:34]
* dvide_ has quit () [10:34]
phantomcircuit i've said too much [10:34]
trigliu rg, isnt it 3:30 am where you are [10:34]
MBS screw vms [10:34]
MBS buy a cheap dedicated server from me [10:34]
MBS lol, finally got an order yesterday XD [10:35]
phantomcircuit lol was it my referral? [10:35]
* Now talking on #bitcoin-otc [18:48]
* Topic for #bitcoin-otc is: OTC marketplace for Bitcoin trading and exchange. || || Bot's control sequence is ';;'. || Start with the ;;guide || Before you trade, talk to people, and check user ratings. || Beware the FRAUDSTERS. ;;fraud || Trade Options: || Bitcoin VPS: || Support bitcoin-otc! 1F1dPZxdxVVigpGdsafnZ3cFBdMGDADFDe [18:48]
* Topic for #bitcoin-otc set by nanotube at Mon Dec 19 23:38:55 2011 [18:48]
mircea_popescu i wonder why kicked the bucket. [18:49]
mircea_popescu it was fun five years ago or so. [18:49]
* BTC765 (6d818a80@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:49]
pirateat40 STOP YELLING! [18:51]
BTC765 nobody ? [18:52]
mcorlett BTC765: It's been 3 minutes... [18:52]
mcorlett ;;getrating BTC765 [18:53]
BTC765 usually how much time it takes, sry but i'm new here [18:53]
BTC765 mcorlett are you interested? [18:54]
* xlcus (~xlcus@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [18:54]
mcorlett Time before an interested party reads your post + time spent making the deal = amount of time spent waiting for a happy BTC765. [18:55]
AcidicChip BTC765, please read the guide, and get authed, no one will trade with you until you are authed, and most won't trade until you have atleast 1 good rating. [18:55]
mcorlett I'm not into Second Life, no. I'm busy enough with my own. [18:56]
AcidicChip BTC765 Once you read the guide and are authed, hit me up and I might be willing to do a smaller exchange to establish some trust and get your ratings started [18:57]
AcidicChip BTC765, start by typing: ;;guide [18:57]
BTC765 can you send me the guide plz ? :) I'll do it right now [18:57]
BTC765 ok [18:58]
BTC765 ;;guide [18:58]
silvercoin [18:58]
AcidicChip AFK a bit while yer doing that, need to get some caffeine running through my veins [18:58]
mcorlett nanotube: Do you know how many users actually follow through with registration after typing ;;guide? [18:58]
mcorlett It'd be an interesting statistic. [18:58]
silvercoin [18:58]
nanotube mcorlett: haha no idea, but i suppose the data can be collected from chanlogs and auth logs... [19:00]
* vuce has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [19:00]
nanotube anyone know if sll are chargebackable? [19:01]
BTC765 no chargeback with all, for sure :) [19:01]
BTC765 sll [19:02]
mcorlett nanotube: Pretty sure they aren't. It's one of the credit card entry points via WirWox or whatever they're called. [19:02]
mcorlett To whom it may concern: I'm offering a bounty of 0.955 BTC for the following information: How many users actually follow through with registration after typing ;;guide. [19:02]
silvercoin not sure if serious [19:02]
nanotube mcorlett: by 'follow through' you mean successfully create an account, or does merely starting a register/eregister request count? :) [19:02]
* vuce (~vuce@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:03]
BTC765 nanotube: if you're interested, hit me up :) [19:03]
mcorlett nanotube: An account. Bonus points for how many actually get their first rating. [19:03]
nanotube BTC765: nah i don't do sl, sorry. but i've seen a few people around doing sll, so maybe. see if anything is on the order book? [19:03]
silvercoin ;;guide [19:04]
gribble Guide to using #bitcoin-otc: [19:04]
BTC765 nanotube: first I'm trying to understand how to set a gig :p [19:04]
BTC765 gpg [19:04]
* MORA| has quit () [19:04]
silvercoin GPG ---> [19:04]
* nok0 has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [19:05]
BTC765 silvercoin: i'm a mac user :) [19:05]
mcorlett GPG ---> apt-get install gnupg [19:05]
* gribble gives voice to DeLorean719 [19:06]
mcorlett BTC765: [19:06]
BTC765 thanks [19:06]
nanotube mcorlett: put an order on the book with your bounty heh. or might you by any chance be interested in doing the data trawling yourself and are just looking for data? [19:07]
* hngryhngryhippo has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [19:07]
* MORA| ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:07]
* MORA| has quit (Changing host) [19:07]
* MORA| (~MORA@pdpc/supporter/active/mora) has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:07]
* BTC765 has quit (Quit: Page closed) [19:07]
mcorlett nanotube: I can do that. Can I withdraw it later, should the price skyrocket? [19:08]
mcorlett ...and you'll have to rephrase the latter part, I didn't understand. [19:08]
nanotube all orders are conditional upon people actually directly negotiating the conditions of trade. they're not binding. [19:09]
nanotube latter part is - if you are interested in doing the work for yourself, i can give you chanlogs etc. [19:09]
mcorlett Oh, I can give it a try. Send 'em over, if it's not too much trouble. [19:10]
nanotube in a bit, going afk. [19:11]
vragnaroda mcorlett: With your bounty, what are the terms? It seems a bounty is not a good way to do that because it incentivizes a first answer, not an accurate answer. [19:18]
* NASDAQEnema ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:19]
* fimp ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:19]
vragnaroda mcorlett: Also, on that note, 7%. :p [19:19]
lordcyfer ;;rate [ident MORA] 1 Perfect transaction [19:20]
* BTC035 (6d818a80@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:20]
lordcyfer ;;rate [ident MORA|] 1 a nice transaction [19:21]
BTC035 Hre I'm back, I really don't have the time to subscribe, set up a gig etc... so here's a fire sale: I sell 38750 SL [$125] for ONLY 20 BTC [$95] [19:21]
* DeLorean719 has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [19:21]
BTC035 I can send the SL right now, but I need a reputable buyer [19:21]
* NASDAQEnema has quit (Client Quit) [19:22]
BTC035 and as SL can't be chargeback, there is no way I can scam you... [19:22]
AcidicChip BTC035, it honestly only takes a minute, maybe 15 if you don't know what yer doing and are following the tutorials. No one will make such a large trade without auth or ratings, plain and simple. You've been here since last night, I'm sure you can spare another 15 minutes. [19:23]
AcidicChip I'm willing to help you out and get you started, but you have to take the first steps [19:23]
BTC035 ok let's say I take the time to do it, what doest it change as I still need to make transactions to gain feedback [19:24]
BTC035 I'm coming here only for ONE sell, because I need those btc asap [19:25]
BTC035 and because VIRWOX sucks [19:25]
AcidicChip Once authed, I'll make a smaller trade with you, establish trust between you and I, plus I'll give you a positive rating (provided all goes well). [19:25]
AcidicChip I'm sure there will come another time when you need to exchange again, consider it an investment of time. [19:26]
BTC035 Humm and can we do this in 15 min??? [19:26]
* NASDAQEnema ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:26]
BTC035 I mean as soon as I'm authed [19:26]
mircea_popescu re : To whom it may concern: I'm offering a bounty of 0.955 BTC for the following information: How many users actually follow through with registration after typing ;;guide. I'd bet on 10%. [19:26]
AcidicChip You're the one that's not authed. Get it going [19:26]
BTC035 ok well I'm gonna do it, I'll be back in 15 min [19:27]
mircea_popescu should i put my bet in the book ? :D [19:27]
AcidicChip 15 mins was rough guestimate of time. It only took me 10 minutes, and I didn't know much of what I was doing. [19:28]
* MoPac has quit (Quit: Au revoir) [19:30]
Someguy123 [19:30]
Someguy123 well this should clear up the issues with Metabank ^^ [19:30]
* DeLorean719 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:30]
vragnaroda mircea_popescu: What's your bet? [19:30]
mircea_popescu say 1 btc ? [19:30]
* gribble gives voice to DeLorean719 [19:30]
vragnaroda 1 BTC on what, though? [19:30]
mircea_popescu o hey nice new blockexplorer site you got there someguy123 [19:31]
mircea_popescu that the number of ppl making an acct after going ;;guide is about 10% [19:31]
vragnaroda lol, I said 7%. [19:31]
AcidicChip The question was, how many people follow the registration after typing ;;guide? I'd bet 2 BTC that the answer is less than 1%... [19:31]
mircea_popescu want odds ? [19:32]
AcidicChip I type ;;guide all the time, not for registration, but for other references [19:32]
mircea_popescu ya but we're talking unique ips acidic [19:32]
AcidicChip So, I'm sure I'd win the bet [19:32]
AcidicChip Gotcha [19:32]
vragnaroda But also, he didn't specify terms for accepting it so it's a bullshit offer anyway. [19:32]
AcidicChip Was hoping for a loophole. :P [19:32]
mircea_popescu :p [19:32]
vragnaroda AcidicChip: It wasn't how many times someone types ;;guide but how many people do. [19:33]
mircea_popescu well we'd need to negociate it, proposition bets aren't really that standardised vragnaroda. yiu say 7 i say 10, if its inside what do we do ? [19:33]
vragnaroda mircea_popescu: I'm not really betting on it. I just said 7 because his bounty as stated incentivizes first answers not correct answers. [19:34]
vragnaroda lol [19:34]
mcorlett mcorlett: With your bounty, what are the terms? [19:34]
mircea_popescu lol k [19:35]
mcorlett If you've done the data collection, you're obviously going to post it. [19:35]
vragnaroda lolwut [19:35]
mircea_popescu doesn't sound like much more than 1btc's worth of awking and greping tbh. [19:36]
mircea_popescu provided you have the logs. [19:36]
BTC035 ;;guide [19:36]
vragnaroda mircea_popescu: I don't have gribble's PM logs with other people. [19:37]
* Gaglia ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:37]
mircea_popescu i imagine nano does tho right ? or does g even keep logs ? [19:38]
vragnaroda I'm pretty sure nano does. [19:38]
* andress (d042c315@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:38]
vragnaroda I know I did ;;guide in PM before I registered. [19:38]
mcorlett I can switch things up if you'd like - you guys guess the percentage, nanotube supplies me with the logs, the closest wins the bounty? I don't think any one person has logs all the way back to day 1. [19:39]
* Gaglia has quit (Client Quit) [19:39]
Phoebus I would if I was here, used to hang out in -dev :P [19:40]
vragnaroda lol, who else even knows all the channels gribble's in? [19:42]
mircea_popescu i imagine chan op must have all logs since chan starting [19:42]
mircea_popescu if they didn't get deleted [19:42]
vragnaroda Not all of the ops stay connected 24/7. [19:42]
mircea_popescu true... [19:42]
mircea_popescu anyway, all that said, i think mcorlett's q is worth answering. [19:43]
vragnaroda Yeah, but he should have asked it better. :p [19:43]
mircea_popescu purist. [19:44]
mcorlett Oh shut up, you. [19:44]
mircea_popescu lolz [19:44]
mcorlett Here I am, waving money in your face, and you criticize me. [19:45]
mircea_popescu pfff. btc is not money [19:45]
mircea_popescu it's some virtual imaginary thing [19:45]
mircea_popescu darn kids today... [19:45]
mcorlett If one can buy drugs with it, it's money. [19:45]
vragnaroda Next thing you know, mircea_popescu will be saying jenkem's not a real drug. [19:45]
vragnaroda mcorlett: I'll sell you some jenkem for BTC. 2.5 BTC/L. ;p [19:46]
copumpkin vragnaroda: what vintage? [19:46]
* gnlinx has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds) [19:46]
vragnaroda lol [19:47]
mircea_popescu lmao [19:47]
* DeLorean719 has quit () [19:48]
mircea_popescu popular street drugs among Zambian street children, exactly what you'd expect copumpkin to know vintages of. [19:48]
copumpkin oh, I'm a connoisseur of many things [19:48]
mircea_popescu dja know the joke with the friar who knew wines well ? [19:48]
* UukGoblin has quit (Changing host) [19:49]
* UukGoblin (~jaa@unaffiliated/uukgoblin) has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:49]
* ChanServ gives voice to UukGoblin [19:49]
copumpkin nope [19:49]
mircea_popescu was this friar in like belgium. he knew all the french and german wines [19:49]
mircea_popescu to the degree that one sip he could tell you the grape, the vineyard [19:49]
mcorlett I don't like where this is going [19:49]
mircea_popescu even the vintage year, or who put it in barels [19:49]
vragnaroda I know Encyclopedia Dramatica is more informative than TOW *but* I don't think jenkem can really be said to be popular among Zambian street children. [19:49]
mircea_popescu so one day, to mock him, some kids filled a flask with a young maiden's piss [19:49]
mircea_popescu the friar took a healthy sip and went [19:49]
mircea_popescu 15, a virgin and not from our parish. [19:50]
* Cablesaurus has quit (Quit: If you can't laugh at yourself, make fun of other people.) [19:50]
mircea_popescu vragnaroda : allow me to appeal for 15 mn btcs : [19:50]
mircea_popescu sorry, i mistyped. was "a heartfelt appeal". [19:51]
mcorlett mircea_popescu: ★☆☆☆☆ [19:51]
mircea_popescu awww! PURIST! [19:51]
vragnaroda *was reported to be* [19:51]
copumpkin [19:51]
copumpkin mircea_popescu: hah [19:51]
mircea_popescu does he nail that bug expert chick btw ? [19:52]
mircea_popescu i don't really recall [19:52]
* DeLorean719 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:53]
* gribble gives voice to DeLorean719 [19:54]
* mircea_popescu gives voice to gribble [19:54]
* DeLorean719 has quit (Client Quit) [19:54]
mircea_popescu gribble you sucker, keep going for all the new people. [19:54]
mircea_popescu then they leave you hanging in the cold. [19:54]
mcorlett gribble: Open the pod bay doors. [19:55]
* lebek (~peter@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:57]
lebek ;;guide [19:57]
* pingdrive has quit (Quit: Leaving) [19:58]
* da2ce7 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [19:58]
Someguy123 vragnaroda: [17:59:13] User Someguy123, created on Thu Dec 22 20:59:23 2011. Cumulative rating 5, from 4 total ratings. [19:59]
* DeLorean719 ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [19:59]
Someguy123 a positive rating after 2 months :D [19:59]
lebek ;;ident [20:01]
* trigliu has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [20:01]
vragnaroda Yay! [20:03]
* smickles is now known as smickles|idle [20:03]
* smickles|idle is now known as smickles [20:03]
* BorGor (~admin@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:04]
* BorGor has quit (Client Quit) [20:05]
imsaguy ;;rated Someguy123 [20:05]
mircea_popescu imsaguy, the omnirater. [20:06]
* gribble gives voice to imsaguy [20:06]
imsaguy ;;rated Someguy123 [20:06]
* BorGor (~admin@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:06]
imsaguy ooh, the behavior was changed again [20:06]
* BorGor (~admin@ has left #bitcoin-otc [20:06]
smickles ident imsaguy [20:06]
smickles ;;ident imsaguy [20:06]
gribble Nick 'imsaguy', with hostmask 'imsaguy!~nick@unaffiliated/imsaguy', is identified as user imsaguy, with GPG key id 7D7EA76776E6CE48, and key fingerprint A1398F4C58AC3D387F012AFA7D7EA76776E6CE48. [20:06]
* BorGor (~admin@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:06]
BorGor ;;guide [20:07]
imsaguy only certain things work in channel [20:07]
imsaguy ;;guide [20:07]
gribble Guide to using #bitcoin-otc: [20:07]
* imsaguy is now known as imsagod [20:08]
* smickles has quit (Quit: rage quit) [20:09]
* smickles ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:09]
lebek ;;gpg eregister lebek 0B22C5AE5449FD90 [20:10]
* bluefirecorp has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [20:10]
* TruthTaco ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:11]
* bluefirecorp ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:11]
* nelisky (~nelisky@unaffiliated/nelisky-/x-0749711) has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:11]
* cyphunk has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [20:12]
lebek ;;gpg everify freenode:#bitcoin-otc:432ef7209e4eaac97153a41fd48cb162e98a3b56badba5683afdbf88 [20:12]
gribble Registration successful. You are now authenticated for user lebek with key 0B22C5AE5449FD90 [20:12]
bitcoinTrader ;;getrating bitcoinTrader [20:13]
* Cablesaurus ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:13]
* Cablesaurus has quit (Changing host) [20:13]
* Cablesaurus (~IceChat77@unaffiliated/cablesaurus) has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:13]
* speedyd (4d14cbb1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:14]
lebek ;;ident imsaguy [20:14]
* cyphunk ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:14]
lebek ;;ident imsagod [20:14]
gribble Nick 'imsagod', with hostmask 'imsagod!~nick@unaffiliated/imsaguy', is identified as user imsaguy, with GPG key id 7D7EA76776E6CE48, and key fingerprint A1398F4C58AC3D387F012AFA7D7EA76776E6CE48. [20:15]
* cyphase has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [20:15]
smickles wts up to 6 btc call, strike 5.8, premium 0.25 usd*, expiry 11:59 UTC 14 feb 2012, settlement within t+24 hrs. American style, pm to exercise. *premium is time sensitive. I can also write a custom option. [20:15]
lebek ;;book MTGGBP [20:16]
smickles or actually, [20:16]
lebek ;;help buy [20:17]
gribble (buy [--long] [at|@] []) -- Logs a buy order for units of , at a price of per unit, in units of . Use the optional field to put in any special notes. may include an arithmetical expression, and {mtgox(ask|bid|last)} to index price to mtgox ask, bid, or last price. May also include (1 more message) [20:17]
smickles wts up to 6 btc call, strike 5.6, premium 0.45 usd*, expiry 11:59 UTC 14 feb 2012, settlement within t+24 hrs. American style, pm to exercise. *premium is time sensitive. I can also write a custom option. [20:17]
TruthTaco willing to pay a bitcoin for help with an accounting quiz! [20:17]
smickles TruthTaco: what level of accounting? [20:17]
smickles and what sort [20:17]
* Deslok has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [20:18]
* Tiggr ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:18]
* Tiggr is now known as Guest16234 [20:18]
TruthTaco Just a community college accounting 1 class. I can upload the quiz so you can see the questions if you want... but I really need to make sure I get 95% of them right [20:19]
smickles TruthTaco: i might be able to help [20:19]
smickles can i see the quiz? [20:19]
TruthTaco yea one sec [20:20]
lebek ;;buy 2 btc at 3.7 GBP bank transfer [20:20]
gribble Order id 6765 created. [20:20]
* Mr_Tiggr (~MrTiggr@unaffiliated/mrtiggr) has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:21]
* lunks (~lunks@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:21]
Mqrius Can someone suggest good resources for a small business that is considering accepting bitcoin? In this case, it's King Arthur's Gold, a 2d CTF minecraft game that's looking for new payment options [20:21]
BorGor Verify the latest encrypt-authentication request by providing your decrypted one-time password. If verified, you'll be authenticated for the duration of the bot's or your IRC session on channel (whichever is shorter). [20:21]
* bitcoinTrader has quit (Quit: Leaving.) [20:21]
BorGor WHAT DOEST IT MEAN??? [20:21]
* MrTiggr has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [20:22]
smickles Mqrius: should be easy [20:22]
mircea_popescu so i just crunched some numbers [20:23]
* imsagod is now known as imsaguy [20:23]
mircea_popescu and it comes out that bitcoin is roughly the same size as Romanian advertising (tv + print) [20:23]
* Guest16234 has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [20:23]
* Canucktux ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:23]
mircea_popescu and about 2.5 times the romanian online (publishing + ecommerce) [20:23]
smickles BorGor: it means you need to decrypt the message from gribble and send it back to it [20:23]
BorGor ok thank you [20:23]
silvercoin lol [20:24]
mircea_popescu mqrius : you mean sometyhing like ? [20:24]
silvercoin I think bitcoin trading would really take off if there was a more friendly userface that is just as secure. [20:24]
mircea_popescu you're right on that silvercoin. [20:24]
Mqrius mircea_popescu: Naw, it's a company just considering accepting it in general [20:24]
mircea_popescu but i mean they need a wallet or what ? [20:25]
Mqrius they need general info [20:25]
Mqrius on accepting, cashing out, etc [20:25]
AcidicChip ;;guide [20:25]
gribble Guide to using #bitcoin-otc: [20:25]
smickles Mqrius: do they want a catered solution (like bitpay) or a custom solution (like what rg made for himself) [20:26]
mircea_popescu ya prolly what gribble said [20:26]
Mqrius Imma suggest both. [20:27]
* lordcyfer_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:27]
* bluefirecorp has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [20:28]
smickles bitpay is probably the easiest solution, [20:28]
smickles a custom solution would require a decent coder [20:28]
* lordcyfer has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [20:29]
* lordcyfer_ is now known as lordcyfer [20:29]
smickles but it's not too tough [20:29]
Mqrius smickles: Are there any decent examples or anything I can link to? [20:29]
smickles it's something like a program that generates payment address and watches them for the correct deposit, then route to gox and cashout [20:30]
lunks Hey, I'm selling 20 BTC @ 6.5 USD at Paypal. Let me know if you're interested. [20:30]
Mqrius smickles: Yeah, that's roughly what I just told him [20:30]
* BTC035 has quit (Quit: Page closed) [20:31]
mircea_popescu all you need is curl [20:31]
mircea_popescu tanana [20:31]
mircea_popescu all you need is curl [20:31]
* cyphase (~cyphase@unaffiliated/cyphase) has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:31]
BTCTrader 6.5usdpp, funny! [20:32]
lunks BTCTrader: that's pretty much what paypal charges for me [20:33]
* Zilllly ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:34]
Zilllly ;;guide [20:34]
Zilllly ;; [20:34]
Zilllly wtf [20:35]
silvercoin ;;guide [20:36]
gribble Guide to using #bitcoin-otc: [20:36]
silvercoin he likes me better [20:36]
silvercoin youo ever get those stats on the ;;guide [20:37]
smickles Mqrius: i mean even the cashout part has an api [20:37]
* lethu_ (~Naskingar@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:37]
* Shaded (~Shaded@unaffiliated/shaded) has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:39]
* lethu has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [20:40]
* EvilJStoker has quit (Excess Flood) [20:41]
* Staatsfeind (~markac@unaffiliated/vragnaroda) has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:42]
* ChanServ gives voice to Staatsfeind [20:42]
* Staatsfeind has quit (Client Quit) [20:42]
* EvilJStoker (jstoker@unaffiliated/jstoker) has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:45]
silvercoin it's true i have traded with lunks, because of where he lives pay pal charges him more [20:47]
lunks thanks silvercoin [20:47]
silvercoin If I were you lunks I'd find a new method, that 8% is rediculous. [20:47]
lunks I'm not planning to be a regular BTC seller, this is more of an emergency [20:48]
lunks I had some funds in BTC and I suddenly needed to retrieve them [20:49]
lunks Here in Brazil it's a pain to get BTC :P [20:49]
silvercoin Yea, I heard banks over there are money hoards. [20:49]
silvercoin Or at least charge a lot for things and have weird laws. [20:50]
* Shaded has quit (Quit: Shaded) [20:51]
* nelisky has quit (Quit: nelisky) [20:54]
* lordcyfer_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:56]
* Mr_Tiggr has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [20:57]
* Zilllly is now known as Zillow [20:58]
* lordcyfer has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds) [20:59]
* lordcyfer_ is now known as lordcyfer [20:59]
* Mr_Tiggr (~MrTiggr@unaffiliated/mrtiggr) has joined #bitcoin-otc [20:59]
* napkin_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:03]
* Shaded (~Shaded@unaffiliated/shaded) has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:03]
* vapor has quit (Read error: Operation timed out) [21:03]
napkin_ I am new to this bitcoin-deal, and I am trying to find a way to purchase 20 BTCs, any help ? [21:03]
* MoPac (~MoPac@gateway/tor-sasl/mopac) has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:04]
Raccoon napkin_: best bet is to set up a Dwolla account. It's like PayPal but not as restrictive about its use. [21:04]
BTCTrader i sell btc for amazon gift cards [21:04]
BTCTrader dont use paypal [21:04]
Raccoon then set up an MTGOX accont [21:04]
BTCTrader dwolla only works if he is US [21:04]
napkin_ yeah that's what I figure, I set one up and it's on the verify stage [21:04]
napkin_ so I suppose I just have to wait [21:04]
Raccoon he's in the US [21:04]
smickles napkin_: can you buy a moneypak? [21:05]
napkin_ so then I go from dwolla > mtgox > my wallet? [21:05]
napkin_ yes i can [21:05]
Raccoon Dwolla. Create an account -> Add bank checking info -> Wait 2-3 days for ACH transfer of two small deposits -> Verify bank checking info (said deposit amounts) -> Initiate Transfer $USD from checking to MtGox -> Wait 2-3 days for ACH transfer. No Movement on Weekends. Overall expected time from start to finish, 7 to 8 days. Start now. [21:05]
smickles then people will sell to you here [21:05]
napkin_ i've seen I can do that, 5 dollar fee which isn't so bad [21:05]
napkin_ wouldn't you first transfer to dwolla then from dwolla to mtgox? [21:06]
Raccoon dwolla offers direct target to mtgox. behind the scenes you are correc [21:06]
BTCTrader Why did Whitney Houston snort Splenda? [21:06]
* DBordelo ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:06]
napkin_ would anyone want to sell me btcs for moneypak? [21:06]
Raccoon also you need to set up with gribble [21:07]
Raccoon a GPG authentication [21:07]
smickles Raccoon: he doesn't /need/ to [21:07]
Raccoon he should. [21:07]
napkin_ gribble is feedback? [21:08]
Raccoon yes. [21:08]
midnightmagic He definitely should. :) [21:08]
smickles yes, napkin_ you'll get more takers if you register with gribble [21:08]
napkin_ also, could someone explain to me pgp key? [21:08]
Raccoon sadly, until someone writes a really clear step-by-step guide, the process will take you about 20-30 minutes to get oriented [21:08]
* andress has quit (Quit: Page closed) [21:08]
* subpar has quit (Quit: Leaving) [21:08]
napkin_ yeah I've noticed it's a bit confusing, but I find it really interesting figuring this all out [21:08]
napkin_ all the exchange from here to there to there to here to there to get BTCs etc [21:09]
Raccoon helpful tools are GPG and WGET, both for windows or linux [21:09]
* cyphunk has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [21:09]
smickles however, there are plenty of people who will sell btc for moneypak with a photo of the receipt if you send first [21:09]
napkin_ yeah i can do that [21:09]
napkin_ is it same exchange rate as mtgox? [21:09]
napkin_ or lowest or whatever? [21:09]
smickles but, i do encourage you to register with gribble [21:09]
napkin_ will [21:09]
Raccoon that's up to negotiation [21:09]
napkin_ what's typical ? [21:09]
Raccoon consider that it takes about 7 to 10 days to get cash from moneypak back into btc [21:10]
smickles typical is within 10% of mtgox last [21:10]
Raccoon so some people might ask for what they predict btc is potentially worth 10 days from now [21:10]
smickles although, usually, it's pretty close to mtgox last [21:10]
* Zillow has quit (Changing host) [21:10]
* Zillow (~Zilly@unaffiliated/zillow) has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:10]
smickles it is the weekend tho, fewer sellers are in the chat [21:11]
napkin_ i just started looking into bitcoins today/yesterday, so it's still a bit fresh to me. Do the exchange rates fluctuate a lot? and is it always going up, -- or does it depend on the market like other economics? [21:11]
Raccoon both [21:12]
Ken` fluctuates quite a lot [21:12]
smickles quite a lot [21:12]
BTCTrader more down then up [21:12]
Raccoon sometimes it sits at the same value for weeks or months, other times it goes through a lot of commotion [21:12]
smickles BTCTrader: that depends on your vantage point [21:12]
Raccoon especially when bitcoin is mentioned on TV [21:12]
BTCTrader my vantage point is last july [21:12]
napkin_ so when it gets more popular btcs are worth more, I take it [21:13]
Raccoon from last year, it's worth about 5X as much [21:13]
Raccoon but it's also worth about 1/6th of it's max value [21:13]
Raccoon so it's pretty much in the middle [21:14]
napkin_ really strange [21:14]
napkin_ such a cool concept though [21:14]
napkin_ it's amazing that it actually works out [21:14]
Raccoon bitcoins are just shiney rocks [21:14]
Raccoon they have whatever value you place on them [21:14]
BorGor Selling 38775 lindens [140USD] for 20 BTC [21:14]
BTCTrader looks like a test to 5.5 now [21:16]
Raccoon i've even heard bitcoin explained as a "rating of credit". in that, people with a lot of it can be seen as having a "high credit score" they can exchange for a "lower credit score" if you give them money. [21:16]
smickles that's an odd one [21:17]
Raccoon that's essentially how any credit system works, right? [21:17]
BTCTrader jarred uses the "public ledger book" analogy [21:18]
* nelisky (~nelisky@unaffiliated/nelisky-/x-0749711) has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:18]
napkin_ so it's basically a universal currency, in addition [21:18]
napkin_ i'm sure it fluctuates depending on the general economy as well, in all markets [21:18]
Raccoon currency can be a dangerous word, since it implies coinage [21:18]
napkin_ yeah [21:18]
BTCTrader universal and open source [21:18]
* celeste (56001573@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:19]
BTCTrader you can buy bitcoin coins [21:19]
* speedyd has quit (Quit: Page closed) [21:19]
lebek in what sense is bitcoin universal? [21:20]
smickles cuz i can send btc to Andromeda [21:20]
smickles ;) [21:20]
Raccoon in the sense that it's not actually part of a national economy [21:20]
BTCTrader because it is not delimited by national boundaries [21:20]
Raccoon it's autonomous [21:20]
lebek universal would suggest you can use it anywhere [21:21]
BTCTrader time to sell :D [21:21]
lebek it doesn't have geographic/political boundaries but still has boundaries [21:21]
Mqrius smickles: Distance would cause blockchain splits ;) [21:21]
celeste Hi i have a $50 dollar CVS pharmacy email gift card i will send first i want 4 bitcoins for it thank you [21:21]
Raccoon 4? [21:22]
celeste yes 4 [21:22]
Raccoon you're offering $12.5 per btc? [21:22]
smickles Mqrius: i've read discussion that intra-solarsystem would work tho [21:22]
Mqrius smickles: That thread was a bit weird though, if we're talking about the same one :P [21:22]
lebek 12.5 CVS dollars [21:22]
BTCTrader are cvs cards reversible? [21:22]
celeste how much is it worth? [21:23]
celeste no [21:23]
smickles Mqrius: anyway, it was in jest ;) [21:23]
BTCTrader i could send the you btc [21:23]
Raccoon celeste: type /msg gribble ;;buy 4 BTC at 12.5 USD "as a $50 CVS Pharmacy gift card." [21:23]
Mqrius smickles: Yeah :P [21:23]
celeste ok BTCTrader [21:24]
celeste pm me [21:24]
lunks I'm still selling 20 BTC @ 6.5 USD using Paypal, need some personal info if you're new. Let me know if you're interested! [21:34]
* Tiggr ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:35]
* Tiggr is now known as Guest94900 [21:35]
* lordcyfer_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:36]
* teslacoil404 has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!) [21:37]
* MrTiggr (~MrTiggr@unaffiliated/mrtiggr) has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:38]
* Mr_Tiggr has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [21:38]
* splatster (~splatster@unaffiliated/splatster) has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:38]
* gribble gives voice to splatster [21:38]
* lordcyfer has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [21:39]
* lordcyfer_ is now known as lordcyfer [21:39]
* Guest94900 has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [21:40]
* nmat (529a0d92@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:41]
* Canucktux has quit (Quit: Leaving) [21:42]
* stamit (~stamit@pdpc/supporter/active/stamit) has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:42]
stamit gentlemen, we need shotguns. the bears are charging [21:43]
* Zillow has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [21:43]
pirateat40 They wont get far... we got the place surrounded. [21:43]
stamit i don't care if it's an endangered species. shoot! [21:44]
pirateat40 Shoot it, Shoot it... [21:44]
pirateat40 [21:44]
* johndoenotme (44d9c303@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:44]
* Joric (~joric@unaffiliated/joric) has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:44]
* gribble gives voice to Joric [21:45]
* stamit jokes fund: 1iJs2MAuhCVJJ2H1zuTtwNB7gMy8msQ4L [21:45]
* wazzootieman has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [21:45]
* wazzootieman (~wazzootie@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:47]
AcidicChip ;;rate BorGor 1 Great transaction, easy to work with. Will do more business. Thanks! [21:50]
gribble Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user BorGor has been recorded. [21:50]
celeste BTCTrader is a good man and a very good trader thanks once again [21:52]
* BorGor has quit (Quit: BorGor) [21:52]
BTCTrader thx :D [21:53]
celeste np [21:53]
* FlyRyan ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:55]
* hngryhngryhippo ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:55]
smickles .title [21:55]
markac smickles: Toyota Tacoma Loch Ness Monster Ad - YouTube [21:55]
* Metabank has quit (Quit: Page closed) [21:56]
* wazzootieman has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [21:56]
* wazzootieman (~wazzootie@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:57]
* pingdrive (~pingdrive@gateway/tor-sasl/pingdrive) has joined #bitcoin-otc [21:58]
* BorGor (~admin@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:01]
* silvercoin has quit (Quit: Page closed) [22:01]
* BorGor (~admin@ has left #bitcoin-otc [22:04]
* BorGor (~admin@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:04]
* BorGor_ (6d818a80@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:05]
* BorGor (~admin@ has left #bitcoin-otc [22:06]
* azkabal has quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.88 [Firefox 10.0/20120202073415]) [22:06]
* BorGor (~admin@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:09]
napkin_ is there a link that can help me install gribble? [22:09]
BorGor ;;guide [22:09]
* tobi_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:09]
napkin_ i'm running xchat [22:09]
napkin_ [on windows] [22:09]
TruthTaco ;;guide [22:09]
BorGor how can i open a conversation with someone ? :) [22:10]
dirkdizzler type [22:10]
dirkdizzler forms words from letters and sentences from words [22:10]
* nelisky has quit (Quit: nelisky) [22:10]
dirkdizzler mix in punctuation [22:10]
napkin_ lol, guide didn't pop anything up ? [22:10]
napkin_ ;;guide [22:12]
napkin_ aha! [22:12]
* BorGor_ has quit (Quit: Page closed) [22:13]
* EasyAt ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:15]
EasyAt Can I see messages if gribble already delivered them to me? [22:15]
* Joric has quit () [22:16]
* BorGor (~admin@ has left #bitcoin-otc [22:16]
* BorGor_ (6d818a80@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:17]
smickles ;;voiceme [22:17]
* gribble gives voice to smickles [22:17]
smickles nwo [22:17]
smickles er, now [22:17]
smickles EasyAt: do you mean ";;later tell" messages? [22:18]
vinhpk hello [22:18]
vinhpk ;;later tell [22:18]
smickles howdy [22:18]
* Looking (63268c73@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:20]
EasyAt Uhm I dunno. I came in onetime and gribble had a couple messages waiting... but i completly forget the content [22:20]
* hngryhngryhippo has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [22:21]
BorGor_ ;;getrating AcidicChip [22:23]
* BTCTrader has quit (Quit: BTCTrader) [22:24]
* subpar (~JW@unaffiliated/subpar) has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:24]
BorGor_ ;;getrating BorGor [22:24]
* stamit (~stamit@pdpc/supporter/active/stamit) has left #bitcoin-otc [22:25]
* Canucktux ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:25]
* somebody ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:27]
* Looking has quit (Quit: Page closed) [22:29]
* lordcyfer_ ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:31]
* BTCTrader (~aaa@ has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:31]
* BTCTrader has quit (Changing host) [22:31]
* BTCTrader (~aaa@unaffiliated/btctrader) has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:31]
* Gaglia ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:32]
* lordcyfer has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [22:34]
* lordcyfer_ is now known as lordcyfer [22:34]
* somebody has quit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep) [22:35]
* somebody ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:36]
* EvanR ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:36]
* EvanR is now known as Guest45635 [22:36]
* BTC_Bear is now known as BTC_Bear|hbrntng [22:37]
celeste Hi i have a $150 dollar CVS pharmacy email gift card i will send first i have just traded a $50 one with BTCTrader with no problems thank you. [22:37]
* bulanula (bc1da892@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [22:38]
bulanula everify [22:38]
bulanula ;;gpg eauth [22:38]
napkin_ where do I get my one time everify password? it didn't go in my clipboard like video says [22:39]
celeste wot was your password to kleopata [22:39]
celeste that is your ontime password [22:40]
napkin_ says not correct, hm [22:40]
* Guest45635 has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds) [22:40]
napkin_ the decrypted one-time pw? [22:41]
celeste think [22:41]
celeste yes [22:41]
celeste when you set up kleopatra [22:41]
celeste they ask you for a one time password [22:42]
napkin_ yeah, i tried that.. maybe i should start over [22:42]
celeste i dosent go to windows clip board [22:43]
celeste it goes to kleopatra clip board [22:43]
celeste so kleo has to be open [22:43]
celeste in taskbar [22:43]
napkin_ yeah, i did the decrypt put in pgp key then typed in my one-time pw that i used when i setup kleo [22:44]
napkin_ unless i just typed it incorrectly, which i swear i didn't [22:44]
celeste cop and paste [22:44]
celeste copy [22:44]
celeste Hi i have a $150 dollar CVS pharmacy email gift card i will send first i have just traded a $50 one with BTCTrader with no problems thank you. [22:46]
napkin_ still no dice hmm, can I reset my one-time decrypted passphrase? [22:47]
celeste dont think so [22:47]
celeste do you get a link? [22:48]
celeste yes [22:48]
napkin_ i got the very long pgp link [22:48]
celeste does it open [22:48]
napkin_ the link opens yes [22:48]
celeste to a tab [22:49]
celeste in a tab [22:49]
napkin_ yes [22:49]
celeste copy message al of it [22:50]
celeste all [22:50]
celeste every bit [22:50]
napkin_ yup start to finish [22:50]
lunks I'm still selling 20 BTC @ 6.5 USD using Paypal, need some personal info if you're new. Let me know if you're interested! [22:51]
celeste do you have kleo runnig [22:51]
napkin_ yes [22:51]
celeste in the taskbar on right hand side of computer [22:52]
celeste kleo [22:52]
celeste yes [22:52]
napkin_ then i go to decrypt, put in my password, says it completes, no signatures found, then i try to paste/put in my pw and says it's incorrect [22:53]
celeste click decrypt and verify [22:53]
celeste yes [22:53]
* pingdrive has quit (Quit: Leaving) [22:53]
napkin_ i was supposed to change to yes? [22:54]
celeste you have got message no signatures found [22:55]
celeste yes [22:55]
napkin_ correct [22:55]
celeste now go back to gribble [22:56]
celeste yes [22:56]
mcorlett Any Swedes in here? Speak up! [22:56]
napkin_ it doesn't seem to be pasting anything, it looks like i'm trying to get a decrypted key of the link it sent me [22:57]
napkin_ but it doesn't paste [22:57]
napkin_ i wonder if it's cuz i am typing on dvorak, but right click > paste should work [22:57]
celeste you are very close [22:58]
Mqrius down 9k [22:58]
celeste it seems to me you have password wrong [22:58]
celeste you will get it [23:01]
celeste Hi i have a $150 dollar CVS pharmacy email gift card i will send first i have just traded a $50 one with BTCTrader with no problems thank you. [23:01]
* malkauns ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:02]
* MrTiggr has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [23:02]
BTCTrader buy it before i do again, please [23:02]
celeste lol [23:02]
* whutruduin has quit (Quit: Leaving) [23:02]
napkin_ aight i got past that part, i think it was a dvorak/qwerty password shit [23:03]
celeste you got ? [23:04]
celeste it [23:04]
celeste yes [23:04]
* Dark_Apostrophe has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [23:04]
celeste i will help you [23:04]
celeste dont worry [23:04]
celeste we will sort it out [23:04]
celeste that video is not that clear on instructions [23:05]
napkin_ i think i got it [23:07]
napkin_ how do i look someone up? [23:07]
celeste does your one time pass work [23:08]
celeste ;;getrating napkin [23:09]
napkin_ You are now authenticated for user napkin [23:09]
celeste ;;getrating [23:09]
napkin_ ;;getrating celeste [23:09]
celeste napkin ya [23:09]
celeste well done [23:09]
celeste ;; last [23:10]
* M4v3R (~M4v3R@unaffiliated/m4v3r) has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:10]
* nmat has quit (Quit: Page closed) [23:10]
* nmat (529a0d92@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:10]
celeste ;;getrating napkin [23:11]
* dwon has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [23:11]
celeste napkin This user has not yet been rated. Currently authenticated from hostmask napkin_! [23:11]
celeste good job [23:11]
napkin_ tyty wasn't too bad [23:11]
Tril ;;getrating [ident napkin_] [23:12]
* GlooBoy (48948d9a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:13]
M4v3R Heh, I knew it we'll see 5.4 again [23:13]
napkin_ so when do i get a page of feedback? after i do a sale? [23:13]
celeste Hi i have a $150 dollar CVS pharmacy email gift card i will send first i have just traded a $50 one with BTCTrader with no problems thank you. [23:13]
celeste yes [23:13]
celeste you cant rate someone untill you are rated [23:13]
celeste so buy or sell btc [23:14]
celeste and you will get rated [23:14]
celeste are you buying or selling? [23:14]
napkin_ i am trying to purchase btcs [23:14]
* johndoenotme has quit (Quit: Page closed) [23:14]
celeste payment method? [23:15]
napkin_ not sure am flexible [23:15]
napkin_ was thinking moneydot [23:15]
napkin_ or paypal but i hate the fees [23:15]
celeste money pack is best [23:15]
celeste moneydot [23:15]
napkin_ i'm just sorta waiting on dwolla to link w/ bank, thought i might as well try this [23:16]
* BTCTrader should of sold at 10 [23:16]
celeste how many coins [23:16]
napkin_ 20 [23:16]
* dwon ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:16]
celeste with paypal? [23:16]
BTCTrader friends dont let friends use paypal [23:16]
napkin_ i mean i have the option [23:16]
smickles yeah, napkin_ if you continue to try throughout the day or put the offer in the book, you should be able to find a seller fairly soon [23:17]
celeste yes [23:17]
celeste but paypal is bad [23:17]
smickles napkin_: weren't you buying with moneypak? [23:17]
napkin_ i can [23:17]
* smickles reads log [23:17]
GlooBoy ;;guide [23:17]
napkin_ this IRC is way helpful; i swear i would've said fuck it if I didn't have some encouragement [23:17]
smickles MP is usually best for -otc "newbies" [23:17]
celeste napkin press my name [23:18]
napkin_ MP is really convenient [23:18]
celeste pm me [23:18]
smickles ;;getrating [ident celeste] [23:18]
BorGor_ ;;help rate [23:18]
smickles napkin_: beware, celeste isn't authed ... (no offense intended celeste ) [23:19]
celeste np [23:20]
napkin_ celeste seems to know a bit about this though [23:20]
napkin_ but yeah you never know [23:20]
celeste just traded with btc trader [23:20]
BTCTrader btctrader > legit > foodst4amp [23:21]
smickles foodst4amp is like a bad word [23:21]
BTCTrader :D [23:21]
napkin_ ;;voiceme [23:22]
BTCTrader yes but a highly memorable one, i had his video tour of his house at one point [23:22]
BTCTrader it was full of lolz [23:22]
smickles napkin_: you need to be authed with gribble before ;;voiceme will work [23:23]
napkin_ i guess i need to be here a day or some shit too [23:23]
AcidicChip ;;voiceme [23:23]
* gribble gives voice to AcidicChip [23:23]
napkin_ i am authed [23:23]
napkin_ i believe [23:24]
AcidicChip Woot, I'm cool now. [23:24]
smickles ;;ident napkin_ [23:24]
gribble Nick 'napkin_', with hostmask 'napkin_!', is identified as user napkin, with GPG key id 67FB58AF3DE3BF93, and key fingerprint 29308393FF76C74F67CEADE167FB58AF3DE3BF93. [23:24]
smickles oh wow, i guess there is a minimum time [23:24]
napkin_ i'm just hella quick [23:24]
napkin_ :P [23:24]
smickles AcidicChip: welcome to the club ;) [23:25]
AcidicChip Thanks. :D [23:25]
* AcidicChip sets mode: +m #bitcoin-otc [23:25]
AcidicChip :P [23:25]
pirateat40 hmmm [23:26]
napkin_ so basically gribble proves that userid = same person who has feedback [23:26]
* pirateat40 pirateat40 kicks AcidicChip from #bitcoin-otc: Just Cause [23:26]
smickles hmmm is better than grr [23:26]
* xHire has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [23:26]
pirateat40 damn, messed it up [23:26]
AcidicChip f@!1 [23:26]
* smickles read that as "fart" [23:27]
* BTCTrader has quit (Quit: BTCTrader) [23:27]
* mcorlett has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [23:27]
* M4v3R has quit (Quit: - you place to exchange Bitcoin) [23:29]
smickles damn, the chip i'm eating formed into a 'scissor' and tried to cut my tongue out :o [23:30]
* BorGor_ has quit (Quit: Page closed) [23:30]
* silvercoin (47442431@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:31]
* xHire ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:31]
* BTCTrader (~aaa@unaffiliated/btctrader) has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:32]
* olp ( has left #bitcoin-otc [23:32]
napkin_ btctrader can i pm you quick? [23:33]
BTCTrader yes [23:33]
silvercoin ;; eauth silvercoin [23:34]
AcidicChip silvercoin, would your name happen to imply that you would be willing to trade BTC for USD Silver Currency? [23:35]
AcidicChip I have a few empty slots in my collection I would mind filling up via BTC. [23:35]
* Justasic has quit (Excess Flood) [23:36]
silvercoin Sorry Acid, tid just a nick. [23:36]
silvercoin tis'* [23:36]
AcidicChip Gotcha. Anyone else might be trading USD silver currency for BTC? [23:37]
* trisdan (59f6d94a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:37]
AcidicChip Or how about silver in general? [23:37]
* AcidicChip clasps his hand firmly around the tail of his large trout "ANYONE?!" [23:37]
MORA| I have solder paste with silver in it :) [23:38]
AcidicChip Extract the silver and comprize 1 troy ounce, and we'll talk [23:38]
* Justasic (~Justasic@unaffiliated/justasic) has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:38]
* olp ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:39]
AcidicChip Willing to buy 1 troy oz of silver for 5 BTC [23:40]
silvercoin Are you looking to get silver or get rid of BTC? [23:40]
AcidicChip I'm willing to do which ever has the higher markup at the time. :D [23:40]
* ovidiusoft2 has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [23:41]
AcidicChip I often thought about making a bank that would issue tangible items for your bitcoins, and visa-versa... Kind of opposite of what the government does now, lol [23:41]
AcidicChip goverment/banks [23:41]
AcidicChip each tangible "bitcoin" would have a serial number associated to it's entry in the wallet... Prolly not worth my time, doubt anyone would actually use it [23:42]
AcidicChip Would be nice to hand someone something tangible if out inthe streets and be able to redeem it for bitcoins [23:42]
* dwon has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [23:43]
AcidicChip I guess issueing the tangible item in and out of BTC would become a mess though [23:44]
* AcidicChip tucks that idea away [23:44]
smickles AcidicChip: see Casascius [23:44]
silvercoin It'd still requie a high level of trust. [23:44]
silvercoin itted [23:45]
smickles ;;bc,wiki casascius [23:45]
gribble | Jan 2, 2012 ... Casascius physical bitcoins, also called Casascius coins, are physical metal coins created by Bitcoin user Casascius (Mike Caldwell, Sandy, ... [23:45]
* hngryhngryhippo ( has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:45]
silvercoin Unless you had a third party insurer but that just means fees. [23:45]
silvercoin brb [23:45]
* silvercoin has quit (Quit: Page closed) [23:45]
smickles ;;bc,wiki bitbills [23:46]
gribble | Nov 27, 2011 ... A Bitbill is a plastic card that holds the cryptographic key that will allow the face value amount of the card to be spent. The key is on a QR code ... [23:46]
smickles ;;bc,wiki printcoin [23:46]
* bulanula has quit (Quit: Page closed) [23:46]
* dwon (~dwon@2607:f2c0:a000:c0:217:31ff:fe53:f7c7) has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:47]
gribble | Nov 27, 2011 ... PrintCoins are purchased as paper-stock and are later loaded with value. PrintCoins were announced on November 27, 2011. [23:47]
* MORA| has quit () [23:48]
* nelisky (~nelisky@unaffiliated/nelisky-/x-0749711) has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:48]
BTCTrader 4.19. damn [23:51]
celeste Last price:$5.53845 [23:52]
* Cablesaurus has quit (Quit: Some folks are wise, and some otherwise.) [23:52]
BTCTrader opps, was looking in euro [23:53]
celeste lol [23:53]
* Sil has quit (Quit: Verlassend) [23:53]
celeste it is holding it own around 5.5 and 6 [23:53]
kakobrekla maybe you would be interested in #bitcoin-otc-eu BTCTrader [23:53]
celeste strong coin [23:53]
* splatster has quit (Quit: Linkinus - [23:54]
* UNOE227 (~mmc@unaffiliated/unoe227) has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:57]
* hngryhngryhippo has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [23:57]
celeste BTCTrader bitcoins will just get bigger and bigger but they have made only so many so they will 100% go up and up think about it [23:58]
* nmat has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [23:58]
* angusbates100 (56001573@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-otc [23:59]
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