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Sunday, 24 November, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
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asciilifeform << i'm with herr limonov on this subject. the outlaw is '100x the man' of all of his pursuers put together. [00:06]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 02:10:55; decimation: asciilifeform: re: which prisoners: [00:06]
asciilifeform i personally wish him a long life and many successes. [00:06]
mats [00:09]
assbot Risky Business #368 -- AusCERT edition: Brian Krebs, Eva Galperin and more! | Risky Business ... ( ) [00:09]
asciilifeform mats: i actually just finished that one, l0l [00:09]
asciilifeform (in a car) [00:09]
mats im told its p good 3/4 [00:10]
asciilifeform galperin was a very sad case [00:10]
asciilifeform eff lobbyist who tells us that 'wassenar is a done deal, all that can be done is to litigate some of the edges off' [00:10]
mats as expected [00:11]
mod6 I forget whom it might have been, maybe nubbins` who said that the openssl headers don't get copied correctly on gentoo from the openssl build dir into ourlibs/include/openssl, i can confirm. [00:14]
decimation asciilifeform: as I said, many catch a bullet in baltimore every day, nobody gives a shit [00:14]
decimation two outlaws escape prison, commit the crime of making gov't look like buffons [00:14]
asciilifeform decimation: no one gives half a damn what orcs do [00:14]
asciilifeform aha, escaped prisoner is 'affront to the majesty of the law' (tm) (r) [00:14]
decimation exactly, which in this case consists of state bureaucrats [00:15]
decimation just like dpr did [00:15]
asciilifeform ;;later tell hanbot << do you recall tlp [00:17]
gribble The operation succeeded. [00:17]
assbot Browder the Bitcoinless | The Whet ... ( ) [00:17]
asciilifeform ;;later tell hanbot << do you recall tlp's 'if you're reading it, it's for you' maxim? consider, why is this fella on front page of nyt? vs the $maxint other folks held without trial [00:18]
gribble The operation succeeded. [00:18]
assbot Browder the Bitcoinless | The Whet ... ( ) [00:18]
asciilifeform e.g., did bernard von nothaus get on front of nyt? why not? [00:20]
decimation asciilifeform: good point, also committed lese majeste [00:26]
decimation < many on herr handle's list too [00:31]
assbot Bullied and Badgered, Pressured and Purged | Handle's Haus ... ( ) [00:32]
* asciilifeform has met ^ alive a few times [00:32]
asciilifeform but not lately. [00:32]
asciilifeform we didn't really hit it off, and possibly also his boss ordered him to stop hanging out with hooligans. [00:33]
decimation I haven't met, would like too [00:33]
decimation too bad his blog seems dead [00:33]
asciilifeform hence (2) [00:33]
mod6 hmm, weird, getting this error now: net.cpp: In function 'void ThreadOpenConnections2(void*)': net.cpp:1357:23: error: 'INT64_MIN' was not declared in this scope int64 nBest = INT64_MIN; [00:33]
decimation he occasionally posts on spandrell's [00:34]
mod6 anyway, I'll pick this back up tomorrow. getting closer... [00:34]
asciilifeform herr handle works, well, you know where, [00:35]
assbot A Fifth Column In Every Pot | Handle's Haus ... ( ) [00:35]
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decimation heh someone should invite him here [00:36]
asciilifeform i doubt he'll show [00:36]
* assbot removes voice from goregrind [00:37]
danielpbarron there are some people trying to get Bernard to speak at porcfest; not sure how that panned out [00:37]
asciilifeform my own personal picture of him is, he isn't 'ideological' usg, but rather a fella who quit a promising academic career to turn soldier, and went half-deaf in afghan, along with devil knows what else; but was then rewarded with lucrative bureaucrat post. he won't be giving it up. [00:38]
danielpbarron ah, apparently they sucessfully booked him [00:39]
decimation asciilifeform: probably alot of such in usg [00:39]
danielpbarron neato; I'll try to talk to this guy [00:39]
asciilifeform if herr handle turns up here, it will probably be in the 'ninjashotgun' capacity. so i'd rather he didn't [00:39]
asciilifeform let the man keep some dignity [00:39]
mats ah, the coveted 'ten point preference' [00:41]
asciilifeform mats: he's a lawyer. [00:42]
asciilifeform funnily enough. [00:42]
decimation I donno, I suspect usg is losing folks in droves [00:42]
asciilifeform decimation: the other usg. [00:42]
asciilifeform handle's usg is hiring. [00:42]
mats ah, assumed civil servant [00:42]
asciilifeform and bonusing. [00:42]
asciilifeform mats: lawyer employed as civil servant. [00:42]
decimation asciilifeform: nah, too hot of a potato [00:42]
decimation congress can't be caught doing anything positive for intel these days [00:42]
asciilifeform decimation: congress doesn't even sign off on that budget. [00:43]
asciilifeform ('intelligence committee' does. and signs like clockwork.) [00:43]
decimation lol of course they do [00:43]
decimation most of them just don't know what they are signing [00:43]
asciilifeform if they knew, they'd have to kill'em (tm) (r) [00:43]
decimation asciilifeform: what good can come from a congressman looking into secret stuff? [00:44]
decimation best case is nothing [00:44]
trinque the "they" that's smart enough to kill 'em is dumb enough to [00:44]
asciilifeform 'watchman may not know what is behind the door he is guarding; if he knew - would steal it himself' (tm) (r) (sov army) [00:44]
assbot Windows 8 is good enough for the US Department of Defense ... ( ) [00:44]
decimation worst case is that they learn something embarassing [00:44]
trinque we must be so goddamn tactically weak militarily at this point [00:44]
trinque the rot in our economy is surely there as well [00:44]
asciilifeform trinque: rot and infinite money, 200k usd office/fellatio assistants not only coexist, but go together like bread/butter [00:45]
trinque I'm sure [00:45]
decimation heh not on usg salary [00:45]
decimation unless they have general's pay [00:46]
asciilifeform decimation: intelligence has own pay grade ladder [00:46]
asciilifeform classified, and not subject to review except by self [00:46]
trinque and "intelligence" with which to make money [00:46]
asciilifeform plus access to butterball 'consulting' contracts [00:47]
asciilifeform where the actual money is [00:47]
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decimation no doubt it's the private sector where usg showers it cash [00:47]
decimation asciilifeform: < lol [00:48]
assbot NSA Salaries | Glassdoor ... ( ) [00:49]
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decimation doesn't look like big money to me [00:49]
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asciilifeform big money for folks with humble professions [00:49]
asciilifeform (e.g., programmers straight from school, maths grad students, etc) [00:49]
trinque about in line with working at a middling software company in portland [00:49]
asciilifeform plus the mega-benefits of guaranteed employment for life, fat pensions, health 'insurances', etc. [00:50]
asciilifeform herr handle bragged about keeping kid in day care 'guarded by battalion' [00:50]
asciilifeform obligatory: [00:51]
assbot Bureaucrat Song - Futurama Wiki, the Futurama database ... ( ) [00:51]
trinque heh! [00:51]
decimation lol it might be worth making a burner identity to read these reviews [00:52]
trinque with the abovementioned rot, I tend to anticipate the day when some US enemy of the many just turns whatever network-connected weapons we have inward. [00:53]
trinque everything the NSA and other unmentioned corruptors have done has made us utterly. weak. [00:54]
trinque and I know such systems are supposed to be disconnected from other networks, sure [00:54]
trinque like the boeing entertainment system [00:55]
trinque nobody ever connects a flash drive at the weapons installations [00:55]
asciilifeform trinque: go connect flash drive to pdp-8. [00:55]
trinque we're making new weapons-carrying machines all the time [00:56]
asciilifeform with 'microvax' (yes) [00:56]
trinque maybe they're safer than I think [00:56]
trinque I wouldn't mind that being the case. [00:56]
asciilifeform the only reason the nukes have not yet 'wandered off' is that the 'serious' part of usg works the same way as my house, or mircea_popescu's [00:57]
asciilifeform that is, on vintage iron [00:57]
decimation heh "Cons: The management. The lack of parking. The decrepit facilities. The location. The political fallout from recent events." [00:57]
trinque thank some god or another for that, then [00:57]
decimation doesn't sound like a sinecure to me [00:58]
decimation "cons: Process and management inhibit mission. Pay does not match market (as low as 60% of what you can get as a contractor)." [00:58]
trinque asciilifeform: still the thing must leak at the level of operational communications [00:59]
trinque I suppose that's what the win8 machines were for [00:59]
decimation "Very low quality workforce overall. At times NSA employment feels like welfare for ex-military who couldn't get better jobs. Moreover, because there are too many employees, we cannot reward the highest performers with a reasonable salary." [01:00]
asciilifeform no one ever talks about the 'up side' of being a bureaucrat, but i think it is necessary. otherwise you are stuck believing that these people are clinically insane (they are not.) [01:01]
decimation surely many of them are insane [01:02]
decimation otheres have found something interesting to do [01:02]
trinque not that insane to collect a good check and be relatively certain of life [01:02]
asciilifeform having worked in a very obscure usg bureaucracy (one of the many army labs) i will say this - it is a kind of valhalla for folks with own projects / ideas. not because anyone will support these (smoke less crack) but because there is virtually no accountability, management, or actual task [01:02]
asciilifeform you can sit there and do mostly whatever. [01:02]
asciilifeform for most of the 'staff', this consists of reading porn, yes [01:03]
asciilifeform but it is not mandatory [01:03]
trinque good place for scientist types to ponder; makes sense [01:03]
decimation the trouble is they still must eat [01:04]
asciilifeform so long as the thing you like to do can be done in front of a computer in a converted broom closet - you're in heaven. [01:04]
asciilifeform until the funding runs out [01:04]
decimation one can hardly raise a family in the wash dc area for $80k [01:04]
asciilifeform family no, reasonable monastic existence - yes [01:04]
decimation yeah, I buy that, good job for someone 'married to work' [01:04]
asciilifeform actually not at all [01:05]
asciilifeform good job for someone who doesn't give half a flying fuck about work. [01:05]
decimation heh good point [01:05]
decimation what's conquest's third law? [01:05]
asciilifeform didn't require selling soul or keeping secrets, either [01:06]
asciilifeform everything we did was printed in academitard rags [01:06]
decimation "The simplest way to explain the behavior of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies. " [01:06]
decimation asciilifeform: that sounds like a nice life, as long as you can work on what you want and aren't bothered by paperwork [01:07]
asciilifeform it was. [01:09]
mats so what i'm hearing is i should apply to be a clerk at the patent office [01:09]
asciilifeform mats: heavens no. they make you work! [01:10]
asciilifeform like post office! [01:10]
decimation mats: go read glassdoor [01:10]
asciilifeform complete with quotas [01:10]
mats o [01:10]
decimation yeah it's terrible work [01:10]
asciilifeform uspto is self-funded [01:10]
asciilifeform (like post office.) [01:10]
decimation unless you minimize your time there to become a patent lawyer [01:10]
asciilifeform bad, bad usg to work for. [01:10]
trinque I'm blessed I suppose by seeing software as only incidental to business [01:10]
trinque or any other such thing [01:10]
trinque I think I'd kill myself at any govt agency [01:10]
mats i enjoyed .mil service for this reason [01:11]
mats got a lot of college courses and personal projects done in my downtime [01:11]
asciilifeform mats: from my perch, it looks more like patent office (i.e. actual work) than the other kind [01:11]
mats and during work hours when not out playing fuck fuck games [01:12]
asciilifeform what good is downtime if it's in afghan with 300 baud modem-over-dead-goat [01:12]
trinque what's a social institution that works for this? [01:12]
trinque uber-wealthy king that funds research? [01:12]
mats my biggest regret is not going to afghan [01:13]
mats should've enlisted sooner [01:13]
asciilifeform mats: but presumably not because of the high-quality ways to spend time off work there ? [01:13]
mats well no. [01:13]
decimation asciilifeform: if stuck on base, you got a burger king, they are apparently universal [01:13]
asciilifeform decimation: being locked in a castle where quality food means 'burger king' sounds like my mental picture of jail [01:14]
mats lol [01:14]
mats i had a whopper this week and couldn't finish it [01:14]
decimation asciilifeform: yeah I think that's kinda the idea [01:14]
trinque it's not even food. [01:15]
decimation your alternative is mystery meat from local orc [01:15]
asciilifeform mats: one time when i was out of work for many months, i applied to be a... sysadmin in afghan. but was rejected, with polite letter that 'you gotta already be in the army.' for some reason this was not stated in the wanted ad. [01:15]
mats lol [01:16]
decimation asciilifeform: actually it would be interesting to be a russian speaker there [01:16]
mats where did you find ad? usajobs? [01:16]
decimation I bet you would find all kinds of obscure and interesting facts [01:16]
asciilifeform decimation: the office next to mine at old work was inhabited by a russian fella. with rank of major. [01:16]
trinque heh, I bet the locals would love a russian speaker around. [01:16]
asciilifeform (warrant officer, naturally, will never go near a war) [01:16]
asciilifeform mats: some snakepit. perhaps one of these. can't recall presently [01:17]
decimation major isn't warrant officer, that's field grade [01:17]
asciilifeform perhaps i am thinking of wrong term here [01:17]
asciilifeform what is it called in usa when you are nominally an officer, but only because you had ph.d. when you put on the uniform [01:17]
asciilifeform and never sent to command anything [01:18]
* asciilifeform checks dictionary. 'warrant officer' [01:18]
decimation heh [01:18]
decimation in the army 'warrant officer' is a specific rank [01:19]
asciilifeform hm. [01:19]
mats asciilifeform: sometimes regular officer [01:19]
* sinetek (~quassel@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [01:19]
decimation [01:19]
mats through 'direct commission' e.g. med corps seeking doctors, nurses, other health professionals [01:19]
assbot Warrant officer (United States) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ... ( ) [01:19]
mats also JAG [01:19]
decimation yeah, they are 'officers' mostly in pay scale only [01:20]
decimation I think they do a few weeks of basic [01:20]
asciilifeform not only pay, but 'caste' [01:20]
asciilifeform (e.g., he eats with officers, avoids beatings, etc) [01:20]
decimation yeah, still get the 'customs and courtesies' [01:20]
decimation lol beatings [01:20]
asciilifeform is even permitted to grow fat [01:20]
mats ha, yes. [01:20]
* liquidassets has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [01:21]
mats get a 'walking profile' so you don't even hafta run the distance in fitness test. [01:21]
mats is a vigorous walk but still... always made me chuckle. [01:21]
* asciilifeform wonders where mats met these in the proper army [01:21]
trinque my googling suggests it depends on the service [01:21]
mats warrant officers [01:21]
decimation asciilifeform: I've seen recruiters for medical folks for this kind of position [01:22]
mats i spent some time loaned out like lawnmower [01:22]
asciilifeform mats: i wonder when usa will adopt the ancient ru tradition of commanders 'borrowing' entire regiments to build their country houses, chop wood, etc. [01:23]
asciilifeform i imagine it will materialize when the nominal 'civilian control over army' evaporates [01:23]
decimation asciilifeform: they used to do exactly this [01:23]
assbot Rapidan Camp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ... ( ) [01:23]
trinque order of magnitude or so of inflation I'd guess [01:24]
decimation "The Marine Corps provided construction labor as a "military exercise." [01:24]
asciilifeform l0l [01:24]
decimation but that was 1929 [01:24]
asciilifeform and for potus [01:24]
decimation today every labor union in the country would be up in arms [01:24]
asciilifeform but not when mexicans build? [01:25]
asciilifeform mexicans - 'a-ok' ; soldiers - no ? [01:25]
decimation they are a class that is privledged with construction [01:25]
mats all the joes would piss and moan, good luck getting anything done when they take smoke breaks every hour [01:25]
decimation ^ yeah they probably would do a shit job [01:25]
decimation a pro mexican (or in your area salvadoran) framing team can frame a house in a day [01:25]
asciilifeform mats: they have not yet invented beating-the-shit-out in u.s. army ? [01:25]
mats its a new, softer army [01:26]
asciilifeform l0lrmy [01:26]
decimation asciilifeform: I think they gave that up in the 90's [01:26]
mats old traditions are alive in select groups [01:26]
* asciilifeform bbl [01:26]
mats ranger regiment does it informally to clear out trash [01:26]
trinque I spent a couple summers on air force bases in texas in the jrotc thing [01:26]
trinque the officers on base seemed like college bros [01:26]
trinque angry, pissy, well dressed college bros, but nonetheless [01:27]
mats because they are [01:27]
trinque did not enlist [01:27]
decimation well, technically officers are commissioned, not enlisted [01:27]
trinque did not enofficer either [01:27]
mats hes doing it wrong again [01:28]
decimation it's all bullshit anyway, why bother with the distinction [01:28]
decimation some grunt who has done honest work surely outranks some ditz with a degree in english [01:28]
mats dunno that i agree with that [01:30]
mats somebody has got to drive the bus and another to read the map [01:30]
decimation sure, but in centuries past the distinction was based on nobility vs. commoners [01:31]
mats is this not the case? [01:31]
mats going to college is a privilege [01:32]
decimation heh [01:32]
* joshbuddy (~josh@wikimedia/Joshbuddy) has joined #bitcoin-assets [01:32]
decimation I suppose what I am getting at is that having any kind of distinction at all flies in the face of usg's egalitarian sermonizing [01:33]
mats i get it [01:35]
decimation actually the fact that usg is weirdly reactionary is probably the only thing holding it together [01:36]
mats i do not enjoy this game of catching the falling knife [01:39]
mats where i remain resident in US [01:39]
mats exciting, yes, healthy, no [01:39]
* mats also off [01:40]
mircea_popescu "Brian Krebs, who talks about the weird symbiotic relationship he has with the criminal underworld" orly ? [01:59]
mircea_popescu can i has break now, plox gimme. [01:59]
mircea_popescu <<< yeah, the pact two lamers made to proclaim each other cool is "a done deal". one nobody cares about, shillatron efforts notwithstanding. [02:00]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 03:06:53; asciilifeform: eff lobbyist who tells us that 'wassenar is a done deal, all that can be done is to litigate some of the edges off' [02:00]
mircea_popescu <--> [02:02]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 03:16:13; asciilifeform: e.g., did bernard von nothaus get on front of nyt? why not? [02:02]
assbot Logged on 09-06-2015 13:07:45; mircea_popescu: i will also observe that launches much awaited bitcoin's mmorpg, usg.agitprop is silent ; "blockstream" launches "much awaited" (by whom ?) nothing at all, the wsj seems compelled to write it up within the hour. [02:02]
mircea_popescu "As of 11-JAN-2015, this post has now been read by over 30,000 people." << wrong metric, i guess. [02:03]
* WolfGoethe ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:04]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform in fairness... rp oliver dude was beyond kooky. seriously, soviet conspiraci ? [02:04]
mircea_popescu by the way, the history of the "national alliance" is one of the top keks in kook history. so, nazi-like thing created in the 70s by a physics prof. he died cca 2000. appointed successor some random schmuck, who managed to lose pretty much everyone's support over the ensuing decade. some other schmuck eventualy staged a coop. schmuck #1 declares fuhrerprinzip refuses to yield. most of the membership follows schmuck #2, [02:18]
mircea_popescu because hey, new schmuck!!11 [02:18]
mircea_popescu except he gets nabbed for child pr0nz and perhaps underage rape. so organization goes back to schmuck #1, who now quits, because he had just married a stripper and "needs to spend time with his family", presumably servicing the black cock she's bringing home. [02:19]
mircea_popescu << she's now a "freelance make up artist" and none of the schmucks were ever heard from again. [02:19]
assbot About ... ( ) [02:19]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 44500 @ 0.00035971 = 16.0071 BTC [+] [02:26]
mircea_popescu 29-MAY-2002: Michel Houellebecq charged with inciting racial hatred for stating, in an interview, that Islam was “the most stupid of all religions”. [02:35]
mircea_popescu lol k. houellebecq is a ways from being purged. [02:35]
mircea_popescu fallaci nigh-on got national funerals when she died mid 2000s [02:36]
mircea_popescu not a very good list this. a collection of derps (middle school teacher, seriously ?!) and reasonably known people who had little to nothing to do. [02:36]
mircea_popescu the import of "derp" is noted tho, good for haus. [02:39]
* joshbuddy has quit (Quit: joshbuddy) [02:47]
* joshbuddy (~josh@wikimedia/Joshbuddy) has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:48]
mircea_popescu <<< yeah, hiring, sure. as long as you can put up with being paid in confederate money while being stuck with fastfood management, it's hiring. [02:50]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 03:38:39; asciilifeform: handle's usg is hiring. [02:50]
mircea_popescu every pimp in baltimore is hiring on the same terms. [02:50]
mircea_popescu job prolly a lot more fun, even without lube. [02:50]
mircea_popescu << inb4 "no, the ~OTHER~ DoD". because ya know. [02:51]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 03:40:40; trinque: the "they" that's smart enough to kill 'em is dumb enough to [02:51]
mircea_popescu << no, no, the OTHER nsa. [02:53]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 03:45:11; decimation: asciilifeform: < lol [02:53]
mircea_popescu << except they're not THAT guaranteed, are they. gotta hope your party wins, for one. other party has its own hangers. [02:54]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 03:46:32; asciilifeform: plus the mega-benefits of guaranteed employment for life, fat pensions, health 'insurances', etc. [02:54]
mircea_popescu << yeah, sure, sure. meanwhile something awful lost its head of eve ops irl. no batallion. [02:55]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 03:47:00; asciilifeform: herr handle bragged about keeping kid in day care 'guarded by battalion' [02:55]
mircea_popescu i guess they were all busy wiping this guy's kid's nose or something [02:55]
* Rozal (uid50160@gateway/web/ has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:57]
mircea_popescu << i can guarantee that no part of the usg does this. the parts that should provably do not. the parts that aren't provable to not, do not actually exist. [02:59]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 03:53:15; asciilifeform: the only reason the nukes have not yet 'wandered off' is that the 'serious' part of usg works the same way as my house, or mircea_popescu's [02:59]
mircea_popescu the only thing silence means on this network is that there's actually no machine there. [02:59]
mircea_popescu all connected machines - respond. as they shouldn't, myriad ways. [02:59]
mircea_popescu the only reason the nukes haven't wandered off is that a) they're not actually flight worthy and b) they're not actually strategically useful. [03:00]
mircea_popescu they'll fly off once the attention whores off social media get technically competent enough, which, barring any unemployed 40yo taxi drivers in fuckheadistan, pretty much means never. [03:02]
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mircea_popescu << contractor schmontractor. all the people that are even half-competent are working for options and warrants, not piddly fucking pay. [03:05]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 03:54:32; decimation: "cons: Process and management inhibit mission. Pay does not match market (as low as 60% of what you can get as a contractor)." [03:05]
mircea_popescu a salary is for the office cocksucker and for that twerp who actually sat through ALL FOUR YEARS of computer school. [03:06]
mircea_popescu these are not even "bright and brightest" of the 20th percentile. [03:06]
mircea_popescu << being a bureaucrat is much like being a housewife. it does, unerringly, without exception, require a broken brain. [03:09]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 03:57:50; asciilifeform: no one ever talks about the 'up side' of being a bureaucrat, but i think it is necessary. otherwise you are stuck believing that these people are clinically insane (they are not.) [03:09]
mircea_popescu one who is not mentally retarded can not BE a bureaucrat. they may temporarily work in a bureaucracy, but for short stints and fully loathing it, miller's cosmococcic empire style. [03:10]
mircea_popescu << generally speaking, prison's a better deal. sleep ad libitum, for one. [03:11]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 03:58:58; trinque: not that insane to collect a good check and be relatively certain of life [03:11]
mircea_popescu how many people do you suppose actually and deliberately go to jail ? [03:11]
mircea_popescu << not so russian. what the roman army did in between the marian reforms and the utter collapse. [03:16]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 04:19:17; asciilifeform: mats: i wonder when usa will adopt the ancient ru tradition of commanders 'borrowing' entire regiments to build their country houses, chop wood, etc. [03:16]
mircea_popescu << if only. compare like things : some ditz with a degree in english with some derp with ten years' counterstrike experience [03:27]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 04:25:02; decimation: some grunt who has done honest work surely outranks some ditz with a degree in english [03:27]
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scoopbot_revived Why I can't be bothered with Formula 1 anymore. [04:06]
* hktud0 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [04:09]
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* Now talking on #bitcoin-assets [12:32]
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* assbot gives voice to mircea_popescu [12:32]
mircea_popescu cazalla well, dja wanna quit ? [12:33]
mircea_popescu i mean, people can quit, it's a job not a conviction. [12:33]
* joecool has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds) [12:36]
mircea_popescu who/what is a bailey jay [12:43]
mircea_popescu "So basically I like to follow the philosophy of Toaism and the concept of wei wu wei, the closest English translation apparently is "action without action" which basically means you don't do anything. " [12:44]
mircea_popescu and why the fuck do i follow these reddit links even. [12:45]
mircea_popescu one in a dozen or so is still too much [12:45]
mircea_popescu toaism, aka sitoncouchism. [12:45]
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shinohai [12:48]
assbot Dr. Pinks Anal Brightening Cream - Natural Ingredients - No Hydroquinone - All Skin Types,50 ML/1.7 FL OZ: Health & Personal Care ... ( ) [12:48]
mircea_popescu oooookays [12:48]
shinohai "Your asshole is looking a little dingy my dear. Freshen that up, will ya?" [12:48]
mircea_popescu <<< juuuust teh fact that mastercard perceives the need to make this case... [12:49]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 09:49:38; wyrdmantis: materials for a qntra piece: [12:49]
mircea_popescu glwt. housewives everywhere have been making the case that they are safer and faster than hitchhikers [12:49]
mircea_popescu who ever fucks a housewife and who ever passed up the chance to wet it in random roadkill ? [12:50]
* shinohai will dip his pen in whatever ink presents itself ... [12:50]
mircea_popescu <<< ahahahaha fuckwit [12:51]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 10:17:47; scoopbot_revived: Bharara Seeks To Prosecute Silk Road Trial Commenters [12:51]
mircea_popescu dude do the stupid go to a special stupid school that makes them self defeating or what the fuck is it [12:52]
shinohai Welcome to the land of the free, and the home of "What the actual fuck." [12:53]
wyrdmantis !b 2 [13:00]
assbot Last 2 lines bashed and pending review. ( ) [13:00]
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* Petit_Dejeuner (asdasd@2001:468:c80:4391:ddf4:8ba2:3f03:7b2e) has joined #bitcoin-assets [13:01]
mats << what. [13:03]
assbot Former CIA Director: We're Not Doing Nearly Enough To Protect Against The EMP Threat | Peak Prosperity ... ( ) [13:03]
* wyrdmantis has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [13:04]
* DreadKnight has quit (Quit: #AncientBeast - Master Your Beasts ( )) [13:08]
mircea_popescu trinque wtf happened to teh deedbot yo! [13:08]
trinque wut [13:08]
* trinque checks [13:08]
mircea_popescu BingoBoingo << there you go, a qntra exclusive. [13:08]
assbot ... ( ) [13:08]
mats i loled [13:09]
mircea_popescu curious how'll they sort this one out. [13:10]
* deedbot- ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [13:10]
* assbot gives voice to deedbot- [13:11]
mircea_popescu ty! [13:11]
mircea_popescu deedbot- [13:11]
assbot ... ( ) [13:11]
trinque too many spaces for teh regex [13:12]
mircea_popescu deedbot- [13:12]
assbot ... ( ) [13:12]
deedbot- accepted: 1 [13:12]
mircea_popescu ah ok ty. [13:12]
trinque np [13:12]
mats i wonder who will be the first to be hanged for #b-a association [13:13]
mircea_popescu i wonder how much time will elapse between t1 where we reach hanging parity and t2 when there's 100 usis hangings per historical b-a hanging [13:13]
mats hue [13:14]
mircea_popescu provided we stop at 100 [13:14]
* joecool (~joecool@no-sources/joecool) has joined #bitcoin-assets [13:14]
mircea_popescu tho it kinda is historically the outer bound of responsibility. [13:14]
mircea_popescu moreover, you need better stuff than shit assemblages to not crumble way before any sort of parity is to be had. [13:15]
* ascii_field ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [13:16]
mircea_popescu !up ascii_field [13:16]
-assbot- You voiced ascii_field for 30 minutes. [13:16]
* assbot gives voice to ascii_field [13:16]
ascii_field << l0l neato [13:16]
assbot ... ( ) [13:16]
mircea_popescu no, seriously, i'm curious how the majesty of the turd statue is going to recover from something like that. [13:17]
ascii_field mircea_popescu: the usual way! [13:17]
mircea_popescu no, not really. notice that they knew enough to try and do it in secret. [13:18]
ascii_field [13:18]
assbot Logged on 04-06-2014 00:08:26; asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: the buggers' traditional defense is to pretend that the event was a non-event - or, if this is impractical, to continue living in an imaginary world where they 'scooped' the story first, and all of the 'unsanctioned' discussion never happened. [13:18]
mircea_popescu you know why this is. [13:18]
ascii_field ^ that's how [13:18]
mircea_popescu oh, so i get legal immunity ? [13:18]
mircea_popescu cool. [13:18]
mircea_popescu hopefully now the rest of you know how that goes. [13:18]
ascii_field the immunity of 'it never happened, move along' [13:18]
mircea_popescu coolness. [13:18]
mircea_popescu that's all the immunity i ever need. [13:18]
mircea_popescu i hope their daughters lubricate well. [13:18]
ascii_field their 'daughters' probably have shriveled syphilitic cocks. [13:20]
ascii_field (if all else is any indication) [13:20]
mircea_popescu all else is never an indication about daughters. [13:20]
ascii_field << ancient scamatron. see, e.g., (and up a few lines) [13:21]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 15:59:15; mats: << what. [13:21]
assbot Logged on 12-12-2014 00:03:19; asciilifeform: chemically-powered emp bomb is one of those weapons that really fails basic physics, for almost any scenario, but the brass can't ever fall out of love with it [13:21]
mircea_popescu << for a moment i expected it'd be gavin accepting some award for spice girls career achievement or something. [13:24]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 12:03:13; jurov: wow such whoring. complete with peroxide blonde. [13:24]
mircea_popescu "But what makes me the most pessimistic about Sweden’s future is how the social fabric itself has been undermined. " << heh. NORDIC SYSTEM!!11 [13:26]
ascii_field no meat without flies. [13:27]
mircea_popescu like the mouse system. "it works for as long as there's cheese to eat". [13:27]
ascii_field ^ applies to all living things [13:27]
mircea_popescu no. only applies to SOME living things. [13:28]
mircea_popescu some other living things make their own cheese. [13:28]
ascii_field out of grass [13:28]
ascii_field etc [13:28]
mircea_popescu do you feel particularly like twenty gallons of ocean water today or something ? [13:28]
* Petit_Dejeuner_ (asdasd@2001:468:c80:4391:ddf4:8ba2:3f03:7b2e) has joined #bitcoin-assets [13:29]
ascii_field approximately. [13:29]
mircea_popescu yes eventually everything applies to all things. in this sense preet's a respectable fellow - hey, how many indians own their own suit ?! [13:29]
mircea_popescu nevertheless... [13:29]
ascii_field l0l [13:29]
ascii_field i really can't help but wonder what motivates the man [13:30]
ascii_field torquemada, as i understand, believed in god [13:30]
mircea_popescu what motivates all quislings ever ? [13:30]
ascii_field what does preet believe in ? [13:30]
mircea_popescu a perceived social consensus and low self esteem. [13:30]
mircea_popescu doesn't believe in anything, why should he ? [13:30]
mircea_popescu there's a minimum bar to belief, and it's "not being made out of pressed shitboard" [13:30]
mircea_popescu he doesn't pass it. [13:30]
ascii_field because being inquisitor is something like work ? [13:31]
mircea_popescu only to you. [13:31]
ascii_field folks generally do work for a reason [13:31]
mircea_popescu yes. a perceived social consensus and low self esteem. [13:31]
ascii_field i'd imagine having men thrown in chains at one's say-so does something for 'self-esteem' ? [13:32]
mircea_popescu and you'd be wrong. [13:32]
mircea_popescu vast expanses of marble arches do nothing for the self esteem of the slavegirls chained there. [13:33]
* Petit_Dejeuner has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds) [13:33]
mircea_popescu yes, it's "their" palace, or in proper words their master's palace. [13:33]
ascii_field it isn't clear to me whether preet understands that it isn't 'his' palace [13:33]
mircea_popescu right. [13:33]
mircea_popescu because self esteem built on self delusion works [13:33]
mircea_popescu this is how the us became the most beloved, greatest and best country in the world. [13:34]
mircea_popescu herp. [13:34]
* Petit_Dejeuner_ has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds) [13:34]
* joshbuddy (~josh@wikimedia/Joshbuddy) has joined #bitcoin-assets [13:35]
mircea_popescu << last i saw, you said [13:36]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 13:32:58; asciilifeform: << last i saw, the 'confederate money' buys a good bit of btc. [13:36]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 00:09:38; asciilifeform: if i were to obtain (fell out of airplane, aha) a crate full of benjies, it would do exactly zero for my situation. [13:36]
mircea_popescu at some point you'll have to reconcile the two. [13:36]
ascii_field nothing to reconcile [13:36]
ascii_field the confederate money just needs to be 'legitimated' [13:36]
mircea_popescu << was briefly gone. it's coming back, and in a big way. ask around. [13:36]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 13:35:11; asciilifeform: << mircea_popescu is posting through a temporal modem from 1870s ? because 'spoils system' in usg civil service is long, long gone. nobody at nsa, usually not even the director (they don't stick around long anyway) worries about which party is in the white house. [13:36]
* ascii_field knows buncha folks working in civil service, not one gives a flying fuck which party is in office [13:37]
mircea_popescu are they consulting for $$$ or just taking living wage as zeks ? [13:37]
ascii_field both [13:37]
mircea_popescu strange. [13:37]
ascii_field gotta understand, the dod mega-projects have lifespans of decades and contracted for $maxint in advance [13:38]
mircea_popescu and the contractors keep getting shuffled. [13:38]
ascii_field as one fella put it explaining to me, 'it doesn't matter if they elect the democrats, republicans, or lesbians. i get paid.' [13:38]
mircea_popescu and whether the next budget overrun is going to be ok'd or not is always up in the air [13:38]
mircea_popescu and while people might pretend like it's not the case, everyone depends on their contacts and the days of the dual-head contracts are coming to an end [13:38]
* mike_c has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [13:38]
mircea_popescu (which is what the recent prosecutions around the govt of ny marks) [13:38]
ascii_field 'lockheed', 'raytheon', etc. laugh at the budget crap. [13:39]
ascii_field they are attached straight to the bezzle reactor core. [13:39]
mircea_popescu by what conduit ? [13:39]
* ascii_field does not know, has not touched with own hands [13:40]
ascii_field i suspect by the conduit of 'we get paid or the lot of you die' [13:40]
mircea_popescu again, this is what the coumo associates prosecutions mark. not that it wans't a fact a while before. [13:40]
mircea_popescu that conduit is politically vulnerable, whoever has the courts can send the guy up river. [13:40]
mircea_popescu which is why i spend my time publicly humiliating bharara rather than "the liberal lion elizabeth warren" [13:41]
mircea_popescu or the set of schmucks over at state. [13:41]
mircea_popescu either much softer, easier, lulzier targets. [13:41]
ascii_field wake me up when there's a humiliated rockefeller. [13:42]
mircea_popescu uh [13:42]
mircea_popescu what, seriously ? that's your golden standard ?! [13:42]
ascii_field nah just snap example [13:42]
ascii_field rothchild, if you like more [13:43]
mircea_popescu bad one, eh. what was the entire "we will herd you over at wh and tell you where to donate your money - it's not confiscation btw" episode than this ? [13:43]
mircea_popescu all the young schmucks enthusiastically approving the obamaplans. [13:43]
ascii_field that was done to middle class [13:43]
mircea_popescu no, it was done to a collection of "scions" of rockefeller and rotschild and the like. [13:43]
ascii_field rockefeller - laughs. [13:43]
mircea_popescu orly. [13:44]
mircea_popescu << to make sure we're on same page here. [13:44]
ascii_field mircea_popescu argues that -all of these folks- are in 'we'll show you what to sign, herr hindenburg' mode ? [13:44]
assbot Log In - The New York Times ... ( ) [13:44]
mircea_popescu no. [13:45]
ascii_field so there we go. the remaining ones are our $rothchilds [13:45]
mircea_popescu they're in "we thank the party for its great idea to make an orphanage in our ex country house - we would have done the same if we were as smart as it" mode [13:45]
ascii_field ah same thing [13:45]
mircea_popescu and there's no remaining ones, except for this place. [13:45]
mircea_popescu i guess similar thing yeah ok [13:46]
ascii_field what of saud? brunei ? [13:46]
mircea_popescu if you go abroad it gets complicated. [13:46]
ascii_field or let's try the zaibatsus [13:46]
* assbot removes voice from ascii_field [13:47]
* Pierre_Rochard has quit (Quit: Pierre_Rochard) [13:47]
mircea_popescu there's a large contingent of liberts (such as bharara, on the bureaucratic side, such as on the accounting side etc) [13:48]
assbot Pierre Omidyar also started a Qntra back in October. His failed. | ... ( ) [13:48]
mircea_popescu freed slaves with "a lot of money" or "power" or "influence" [13:48]
mircea_popescu usually castrated prior to their ascension and torn to pieces by the crowd after. [13:48]
asciilifeform !up ascii_field [13:49]
* assbot gives voice to ascii_field [13:49]
ascii_field freed slaves aha. [13:49]
mircea_popescu they're cheap. [13:49]
mats [13:49]
mircea_popescu which is the point of all the immigration [13:50]
ascii_field << related [13:50]
assbot Jacob Torrey - My MiniLock Concerns ... ( ) [13:50]
assbot Logged on 13-05-2015 05:12:34; decimation: heh there are amusing layers here > "In 1854, when sculptor Thomas Crawford was preparing models for sculpture for the United States Capitol, Secretary of War Jefferson Davis (later to be the President of the Confederate States of America) insisted that a Phrygian cap not be included on a Statue of Freedom, on the grounds that "American liberty is original and not the liberty of the freed [13:50]
ascii_field mats: gotta love the shitgnomatic pgptrons and truecryptrons [13:51]
ascii_field 'easy to use!! no keys files!!!' [13:51]
mircea_popescu ascii_field there's a bit to go with that : the more or less official hymn of the romanian revolution, which is this thing : (very neener tune, incidentally, much like the argentine's favourite thing - and btw those guys put the cap everywhere) [13:51]
assbot Imnul golanilor - YouTube ... ( ) [13:51]
mats if you put enough secret sauce in there, maybe no one will want to taste it [13:51]
ascii_field aha the damned cap is everywhere [13:51]
mircea_popescu it goes "better a hooligan than a communist" etc, and it specifically says "we do not wish for original liberty and other lies" [13:51]
ascii_field mircea_popescu: didja know, even u.s. senate has it in their logo ? [13:51]
ascii_field and (at least formerly) u.s. army ? [13:52]
mircea_popescu the notion that anyone can have a peculiar, different, original liberty... [13:52]
mircea_popescu mats myeah, exactly. [13:52]
ascii_field mats: if i were fuhrer, i'd fire these louts. the crap isn't even -trying- to be plausible ! [13:52]
mircea_popescu "the limit on open source is the open sourcer's willingness and ability to read code - so put more code in there!11" [13:52]
mircea_popescu ascii_field if you were fuhrer we wouldn't be at war in the first place. [13:53]
scoopbot_revived Space travel isn't for you. There are no virgins there either. [13:53]
mircea_popescu the only reason we're here is that they're too stupid to understand they need to negotiate, and yesterday, or for that matter to correctly evaluate their hand [13:53]
ascii_field << mega-l0lz [13:54]
assbot ... ( ) [13:54]
ascii_field aaaand [13:55]
ascii_field [13:55]
assbot ... ( ) [13:55]
ascii_field 'Fwd: [Cryptography] Did Intel just execute its warrant canary ?' [13:55]
mats ^silliness [13:55]
mircea_popescu ahahaah wait, INTEL had a warrant canary ? [13:56]
mircea_popescu wtf is this roflmao [13:56]
* referredbyloper (b295593a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [13:56]
mircea_popescu !up referredbyloper [13:56]
-assbot- You voiced referredbyloper for 30 minutes. [13:56]
* assbot gives voice to referredbyloper [13:56]
ascii_field hey, if apple could [13:56]
ascii_field why not intel [13:56]
ascii_field 'right hand bites left hand' [13:56]
mircea_popescu because intel's not cool. [13:56]
mircea_popescu you understand ? beria may rape women off the street. [13:56]
mircea_popescu the hero of the soviet union, marshall zhukov... no. [13:57]
ascii_field now this one's a definite yes. [13:57]
ascii_field mats: << i -still- insist that if your brainwallet is crackable, you are a moron [14:04]
assbot Jacob Torrey - My MiniLock Concerns ... ( ) [14:04]
ascii_field it is the ultimate 'iq test' [14:04]
ascii_field with instant results [14:04]
mircea_popescu iam not so convinced. [14:04]
ascii_field tests mental nimbleness, originality, memory, everything which makes someone worthy contender [14:05]
mircea_popescu let's work this out. ascii_field would you agree that the mental cost PER UNIT of generating five random bytes is larger than generating six ? [14:05]
mircea_popescu ie, that the marginal cost monotonically increases ? [14:05]
ascii_field this is mistaken right off the bat [14:05]
mats it can't be that hard [14:05]
ascii_field they don't need to be generated on the spot [14:05]
mats i use a memory palace [14:06]
ascii_field ^^^ [14:06]
mircea_popescu ok, we can aproach this one too. [14:06]
ascii_field perhaps i generated it when i was 5 y.o. [14:06]
mircea_popescu mats would you agree that your palace is standing ? [14:06]
mats not sure where we're going with this, but ok [14:06]
mats yes [14:06]
mircea_popescu did i just make a prediction about your palace ? [14:07]
mats no. [14:08]
mircea_popescu ... [14:08]
mats perhaps i am not the right stand-in for this conversation... [14:08]
mircea_popescu perhaps. [14:08]
mircea_popescu i dun really think so tho. [14:09]
ascii_field go guess a bi- or tri- lingual macaronic poem that some fella wrote in his head as a boy. [14:09]
* ascii_field ^ not my key, for what it's worth. but example. [14:09]
mircea_popescu ascii_field but it was written in a language nevertheless, right ? [14:10]
ascii_field macaronic [14:10]
mircea_popescu and the argument here isn't about "guessing", it's about reducing entropy. [14:10]
ascii_field so, in this example, at least two languages [14:10]
mircea_popescu even so. constraints are present. [14:10]
mircea_popescu you wouldn't stand for this in your cardano rng. [14:10]
ascii_field i can 'reduce entropy' of mircea_popescu's pgp key by telling that the factors are odd. what of it. [14:11]
ascii_field still doesn't reduce it -usefully- [14:11]
mircea_popescu this obviously will only be verified in practice [14:11]
ascii_field it is certain to be. [14:11]
mircea_popescu as it's now an utility rather than a math argument [14:11]
ascii_field as it is, i would not trust serious coin, were i to have any, to anything other than brainwallet operated with optical keyboard connected to soviet z80. [14:12]
ascii_field in dark room. [14:12]
ascii_field (proper rng for the nonces, naturally) [14:12]
mircea_popescu oic [14:12]
mircea_popescu k [14:12]
ascii_field this is the -real- difference between btc and gold [14:13]
ascii_field go and store gold in your brain. [14:13]
* ascii_field can even imagine 'disposable' computer for operating brainwallets. thermite brick after each transaction signature. [14:14]
ascii_field hey, z80 is cheap! [14:14]
ascii_field go look, 'ebay' [14:14]
ascii_field $1 or so from hong kong [14:14]
ascii_field so no, i have no patience for the 'brainwallets suck because you are stupid' argument. [14:15]
* CheckDavid has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity) [14:16]
ascii_field incidentally, most people are already using the worst aspects of brainwallet -and- conventional crypto [14:16]
mircea_popescu brainwallets provedly suck in te general case [14:16]
mircea_popescu and i have my doubts about the particular case. [14:16]
ascii_field in that they keep multiple copies of their key around on the planet (or worse, don't) [14:17]
ascii_field and hence the location of key, and any symmetric decrypt password to it, -is- the brainwallet [14:17]
ascii_field i am not sold on the 'probably suck' bit. [14:18]
ascii_field *provably [14:18]
mircea_popescu but you've seen the general public lose btc to weak "brainwallets" ? [14:18]
mircea_popescu that's "the general case", what you tell urmom to do [14:19]
ascii_field yes [14:19]
ascii_field and i don't give a fuck about general public [14:19]
ascii_field general public cannot and must not operate reactors [14:19]
mircea_popescu aha well k then [14:19]
ascii_field or cut own appendix [14:19]
ascii_field reactor man - operates reactor. surgeon - appendix. [14:19]
* assbot removes voice from ascii_field [14:19]
mircea_popescu the entire thing was mostly about instructing the bitcoin-lemmings (peeps who think themselves "the community") about where to not step on the tiger. [14:19]
asciilifeform !up ascii_field [14:19]
* assbot gives voice to ascii_field [14:19]
ascii_field my point is that everyone here is either using brainwallet in some form already (backup of your key in a postbox in japan, symmetrically encrypted with pw in your brain, and postbox # also in your brain) OR is one stint in pow camp away from 'civil death' (total loss of key) [14:23]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 56729 @ 0.00035435 = 20.1019 BTC [+] [14:23]
* felipelalli (~Thunderbi@unaffiliated/felipelalli) has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:24]
ascii_field so it is not a question of whether to use brainwallets - but whether to -also- use permanent copies of keys ! [14:24]
ascii_field i would also like to point out that framing the question of key quality in terms of 'bits of entropy' is slightly misleading [14:25]
ascii_field because there are two kinds of 'entropy' here [14:25]
ascii_field one kind of the strictly-quantifiable varieties (kolmogorov, shannon, etc) [14:26]
ascii_field the other is actual 'guessability by enemy', a more nebulous thing [14:26]
ascii_field my favourite example is 'digits of pi', which max out (1) while being rock bottom on (2) [14:26]
* assbot removes voice from referredbyloper [14:26]
ascii_field most defective (or subverted) electronic rng have similar property [14:27]
ascii_field 128 bits from first 1 petabyte of digits of pi will be guessed [14:27]
ascii_field 128 bits by a clever child in three languages - never [14:27]
ascii_field even if kolmogorov complexity of both is equal. [14:28]
mircea_popescu ascii_field i can see that angle. [14:28]
ascii_field i urge mircea_popescu to eat some top ice cream and think of this. [14:28]
mircea_popescu "machine-empowered brainwallet" [14:28]
ascii_field machine is bonus. can hash on paper if you must. [14:29]
mircea_popescu the disagreement mostly stems from definitions tho. what people mean when they say "don't use brainwallets for you are stupid" mostly reduces to redditard going on [14:29]
ascii_field (then - burn it.) [14:29]
* Pierre_Rochard (~Pierre@unaffiliated/pierre-rochard/x-3593157) has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:31]
ascii_field i normally presume 'fella knowing what he's doing' as the subject of my ruminations. [14:31]
ascii_field rather than 'will mr lamer shoot himself in the foot and blow away his entire torso' [14:31]
* cazalla has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) [14:35]
* CheckDavid (uid14990@gateway/web/ has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:42]
* cazalla ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:46]
* cazalla is now known as Guest2805 [14:46]
mircea_popescu unsafe presumption :D [14:46]
* WolfGoethe ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:50]
* assbot removes voice from ascii_field [14:50]
* funkenstein ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:51]
* funkenstein is now known as Guest92026 [14:51]
* Guest92026 is now known as funkenstein_ [14:52]
* assbot gives voice to funkenstein_ [14:52]
* referredbyqntra (beac02d5@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [14:54]
mircea_popescu !up referredbyloper [14:56]
-assbot- You voiced referredbyloper for 30 minutes. [14:56]
* assbot gives voice to referredbyloper [14:56]
mircea_popescu !up referredbyqntra [14:56]
-assbot- You voiced referredbyqntra for 30 minutes. [14:56]
* assbot gives voice to referredbyqntra [14:56]
referredbyqntra Thanks MP [14:57]
mircea_popescu aha [14:57]
* funkenstein_ has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [14:57]
referredbyqntra Popehat or rather CloudFlare banning gpg content [14:57]
assbot dpaste: 1MXJF0H ... ( ) [14:57]
referredbyqntra That's the response when I try to put your declaration in there. [14:58]
mircea_popescu haha mmmmkay [14:58]
referredbyqntra I tried with and without link to but it barfs the same. Maybe allergic to ----- [14:59]
mircea_popescu makes sense. [14:59]
mircea_popescu then again, this is kinda why we don't give a shit about the lot of them. [15:00]
referredbyqntra I see. [15:00]
* referredbyqntra has quit (Quit: Page closed) [15:01]
* WolfGoethe has quit (Quit: My MacBook Pro has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…) [15:01]
thestringpuller i wonder how much irc traffic is referred by qntra/loper/trilema to here [15:03]
BingoBoingo So much log [15:04]
* Pierre_Rochard has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [15:05]
BingoBoingo BingoBoingo << there you go, a qntra exclusive. << To write up or paste verbatim? [15:11]
assbot ... ( ) [15:11]
mircea_popescu BingoBoingo ah, not necessarily either, at your disposal. [15:12]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [RENT] 100 @ 0.015 = 1.5 BTC [+] [15:24]
scoopbot_revived Popescu's Response to Bharara's Ulbrict Sentencing Commentary Inquisition [15:24]
* assbot removes voice from referredbyloper [15:26]
* pete_dushenski (~pete_dush@unaffiliated/pete-dushenski/x-8158685) has joined #bitcoin-assets [15:27]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 39746 @ 0.00036001 = 14.309 BTC [+] [15:27]
* assbot gives voice to pete_dushenski [15:30]
mircea_popescu poor reddit, stuck with this sad situation where it doesn't matter, and the people doing things are the people it hates. [15:30]
BingoBoingo mats would you agree that your palace is standing ? << My memory palace doesn't abide by such quaint physical conventions [15:30]
mircea_popescu yeah but he doesn't drink as much :D [15:31]
mats pot arguably rots the brain moar [15:31]
mircea_popescu the penis too [15:32]
mats o rly [15:32]
pete_dushenski BingoBoingo mircea_popescu the text on that last qntra piece is overflowing instead of wrapping. it's broked. [15:32]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 71700 @ 0.00036001 = 25.8127 BTC [+] [15:32]
mircea_popescu prolly code element not playing well with long lines huh [15:33]
mircea_popescu or pre or whatever's used [15:33]
BingoBoingo pete_dushenski: What browser? [15:33]
BingoBoingo wraps on all my browsers [15:34]
pete_dushenski BingoBoingo ah, seems to be safari-specific [15:34]
pete_dushenski serves me right ! [15:34]
BingoBoingo Fuck safari if safari can't implement web standards [15:34]
BingoBoingo This isn't even derpy HTML5OMGWTFBBQBUTTSEX, this is simple fucking text presentation [15:36]
mircea_popescu odd huh. [15:37]
pete_dushenski << look who's going back to the stone age. da g7 ! [15:37]
assbot G7 leaders agree to phase out fossil fuel use by end of century | World news | The Guardian ... ( ) [15:37]
mircea_popescu "the interwebs doesn't worx ? oh, you must be on a different browser" [15:37]
mircea_popescu pete_dushenski feelings fusion to provide free energy soon [15:38]
pete_dushenski also soon : mars colonisation [15:38]
pete_dushenski because it works in theory. [15:38]
BingoBoingo Behold the glorious CSS which makes the <pre> text wrap: [15:39]
assbot dpaste: 19Q4G0T ... ( ) [15:39]
BingoBoingo Mozilla 1999, IE 5.5+, Opera since version 4, also works on Chromium and Midori that I tested [15:40]
mircea_popescu cool [15:42]
BingoBoingo It is literally THE CSS snippet used everywhere to make <pre> text wrap. And safari chokes on it? [15:43]
pete_dushenski like apple's ceo chokes on it. yes. [15:44]
mircea_popescu Prior to this years HOPE conference, a few articles appeared touting Nadim Kobeissi's new project, miniLock and him and I got into a heated debate regarding some issues that I, as a certified non-cryptographer, was concerned about in his design (at least what I could gather from it from the pre-release Wired article). The essence of my concerns boiled down to the fact that in miniLock, Nadim is using the human user as [15:46]
mircea_popescu the sole source for entropy in the ECC key generation. At the time of the debate, Nadim suggested I wait until the big unveiling at HOPE to pass judgement as he had some research into secure human-generated pass-phrases that he was going to share. [15:46]
mircea_popescu HOPE was last weekend (I didn't go) and finally the design specification has been posted along with the audited code. It appears that my initial concerns were warranted, each key is generated directly from the user's pass-phrase with no salt, thus leaving the true amount of entropy in the key generation process highly unknown. [15:46]
mircea_popescu bwahaha o gawd. [15:46]
mircea_popescu and yet the guy ends his very apt article with "You can also find me on Twitter and GitHub." [15:50]
mircea_popescu why ? what exactly is the value of 2k followers that he would use the irreproducible value of his intellectual output to prop up twitter ? [15:50]
mircea_popescu more interestingly, facebook has had it's "turner buys myspace" moment, a while back. the only way it's going now is to that same 99.999% "value" drop. so did twitter. recently, so did github. the process of packaging the ignorant vouches of the average imbecile, selling them and running off has completed with facebook. [15:51]
mircea_popescu the process of packaging the ignorant vouches of your average 20something aspie "young professional" / marketing expert slut idem, with twitter. [15:52]
mircea_popescu finally, the ignorant vouches of random geek has been sold, in github. what's left ? [15:52]
mircea_popescu the empire's running out of shit to pretend like it stole. [15:52]
mircea_popescu maybe instead of phasing out "fossil fuels" the g7 tards should get together and phase out the pretense of gargle-economy. [15:54]
mircea_popescu ;;google Sean Smith [15:54]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 13:36:02; asciilifeform: << what was this ? [15:54]
mircea_popescu << it's not merely that i don't think. i know they can not. you try simulating a limp with working legs, see where it gets you. [15:56]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 13:38:14; funkenstein_: <-- one can simulate such a broken brain with a functional one dontcha think? [15:57]
mircea_popescu (and yes, i know these things from experience - i have the benefit that i can order slave girls do anything.) [15:57]
* Xuthus (~x@unaffiliated/xuthus) has joined #bitcoin-assets [15:58]
mircea_popescu << you personally misrepresent your income, for whatever reasons, but you actually are mostly working for warrants these past coupla years. the others - probably a combination of incompetence (note that high functioning autism is still mental incompetence) and similar misrepresentation, similarly for whatever reasons. [15:58]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 13:38:16; asciilifeform: << this has to win some sort of prize for 'martial in atomic dirigible.' EVERYBODY i ever met in usa works for salary. i suppose it follows that neither i nor anyone i know in meatspace is 'even half-competent.' [15:58]
pete_dushenski mircea_popescu current best theory is that 'gargleconomy' will generate enough heat to keep homes warms in the winter and enough feelgoodery to keep bellies full year-round. [16:00]
mircea_popescu << no. being rich is not like that. being rich is like having the power to alter the course of the world, and the responsibility therein incumbent. [16:00]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 13:41:24; asciilifeform: i suppose i should clarify, again, that i wasn't speaking of -actually working- as bureaucrat - that is, sitting in meetings, filing reports in triplicate. just that being paid to do, in effect, whatever the fuck you want, is almost like being rich. [16:00]
mircea_popescu pete_dushenski hey, it did it once or twice before... [16:00]
mircea_popescu to quote the pawnbroker, "more like a stench, if i remember" [16:01]
pete_dushenski quite so. [16:01]
mircea_popescu << you're right, i have very little patience and give very little credit to the affectations of people. the usians are not special in this regard - like i don't give a shit for the argentines' or the romanians', similarly i don't give a shit there. [16:01]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 13:43:17; asciilifeform: << mircea_popescu travelled for years through usa but did not, apparently, discover the caste system we have here. said system explains why you will never see an engineer contemplate 'working with a pimp' or considering whether prison may be a good vacation. [16:01]
mircea_popescu caste schmaste. [16:01]
pete_dushenski and being rich is most definitely not waking up at 7am every day to fill out paperwork and have coffee with a gaggle of geese [16:02]
pete_dushenski which is what bureaucracy is. [16:02]
mircea_popescu if the geese have nice tits... [16:02]
mircea_popescu how's canada pimpin' these days btw ? [16:03]
pete_dushenski mircea_popescu quite well ! [16:04]
mircea_popescu << why shouldn't the poor blacks get some cheese ? [16:04]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 13:43:17; asciilifeform: << mircea_popescu travelled for years through usa but did not, apparently, discover the caste system we have here. said system explains why you will never see an engineer contemplate 'working with a pimp' or considering whether prison may be a good vacation. [16:04]
pete_dushenski summer is here at long, long last [16:04]
mircea_popescu what, it hath been ordained for the "nordicx systems" only ? [16:04]
mircea_popescu uh wrong url. i meant [16:04]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 13:50:05; asciilifeform: << you know full well what kind of 'foreigners' sweden is importing, and why. [16:04]
* WolfGoethe (~textual@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:05]
asciilifeform !up ascii_field [16:07]
* assbot gives voice to ascii_field [16:07]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 98400 @ 0.00036128 = 35.55 BTC [+] {2} [16:08]
* Guest53541 has quit () [16:09]
ascii_field << 'highly unknown' ?!?! [16:09]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 18:43:12; mircea_popescu: HOPE was last weekend (I didn't go) and finally the design specification has been posted along with the audited code. It appears that my initial concerns were warranted, each key is generated directly from the user's pass-phrase with no salt, thus leaving the true amount of entropy in the key generation process highly unknown. [16:09]
mircea_popescu i agree, it is. [16:09]
ascii_field i just love the weird twist of the tongue - symptom of some mental fissure, surely [16:10]
ascii_field mircea_popescu: << ah, him. i think diametric knew the fellow. ask'im [16:11]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 18:51:02; mircea_popescu: ;;google Sean Smith [16:11]
mircea_popescu no need to ask nething really, it's all on public record. [16:12]
mircea_popescu no batallion. [16:12]
ascii_field battalion for some, for others - free burial [16:12]
mircea_popescu this doesn't work as a theory. [16:12]
mircea_popescu otherwise we'd still be on the pre-copernican astronomy. [16:12]
mircea_popescu "revolution for some - ??? for others!" [16:12]
* Cory (~Cory@unaffiliated/cory) has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:13]
mircea_popescu i can guarantee the schmuck in question had no "batallion", on the plain grounds that there isn't such a thing. [16:13]
mircea_popescu the reason the potus "security" is such circus is exactly the reason oprah's pay is so advertised : [16:13]
mircea_popescu to cover for the fact that i can go into the chambers of the ny comissioner for finance, and rape him. [16:13]
ascii_field go steal mr o's 'football' then [16:14]
ascii_field ought to be a convincing argument. [16:14]
ascii_field esp. if it works. [16:14]
mircea_popescu it does not trickle down. [16:14]
mircea_popescu mr o's "football"'s security protects you, bharara, forrest and cuomo just as much [16:14]
mircea_popescu which is to say not at all. [16:14]
mircea_popescu the only true universal equality, the equality to zero. [16:15]
ascii_field << again it is very easy to simulate the limp if -no one if checking- and it is enough to say 'yeah i limp' see the bureaucracy thread. [16:16]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 18:53:12; mircea_popescu: << it's not merely that i don't think. i know they can not. you try simulating a limp with working legs, see where it gets you. [16:16]
mircea_popescu it dun work thatway. [16:17]
ascii_field *if no one is [16:17]
ascii_field mircea_popescu: it worked great. they pay you, and you sit in a broom closet and mostly do whatever. [16:17]
mircea_popescu worked, yes. [16:17]
mircea_popescu in the past. always in the past tense, this. [16:17]
* NewLiberty has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds) [16:17]
ascii_field well, i personally only witnessed ~3 yrs of it, on account of the garden of eden having went under [16:18]
mircea_popescu which was in no way related to any politics [16:18]
mircea_popescu it just.... happened. [16:18]
ascii_field (i personally was only in it by accident, and one cannot replicate an accident) [16:18]
mircea_popescu aha. [16:18]
shinohai *one cannot replicate an accident [16:19]
* hegemoOn ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:19]
ascii_field did not say 'this is a mega-system that will last 10,000 years and build many fine pyramids.' but was trying to explain why a thinking person might voluntarily work for usg somewhere [16:19]
* WolfGoethe has quit (Quit: My MacBook Pro has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…) [16:20]
mircea_popescu and the explanation comes out to "any girl can get so horny one night she fucks a dog" [16:20]
mircea_popescu sure. [16:20]
ascii_field because per -hour of Actual Work- they demand, you get $10,000. [16:20]
ascii_field and yes, not at post office [16:20]
ascii_field or patent office [16:20]
ascii_field but .mil [16:21]
* Petit_Dejeuner (~asdasd@2001:468:c80:4241:4ce6:cccb:3705:6344) has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:22]
fluffypony !up hegemoOn [16:22]
ascii_field and yes, this reduces to 'mouse economy', lasts while there is cheese [16:22]
* assbot gives voice to hegemoOn [16:22]
hegemoOn hello there [16:22]
hegemoOn i wanted to share this research paper on bitcoin : [16:22]
assbot [1506.01513] Social signals and algorithmic trading of Bitcoin ... ( ) [16:22]
hegemoOn pretty fresh (4 june 2015)?? [16:23]
ascii_field << l0l mircea_popescu, last i checked i was paying rent with usd, 100% of which comes from the fine fella i work for at $dayjob. [16:23]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 18:54:56; mircea_popescu: << you personally misrepresent your income, for whatever reasons, but you actually are mostly working for warrants these past coupla years. the others - probably a combination of incompetence (note that high functioning autism is still mental incompetence) and similar misrepresentation, similarly for whatever reasons. [16:23]
mircea_popescu ascii_field unrealised income is not for that reason automatically not income. [16:24]
mircea_popescu accounting's a fascinating field. [16:24]
mircea_popescu hegemoOn written by whom ? [16:24]
hegemoOn David Garcia, Frank Schweitzer [16:24]
* ascii_field engineer not accountant. so can't say 'submarine is powered by future energy.' it has to be powered by what is aboard. [16:24]
mircea_popescu never heard of 'em. [16:24]
hegemoOn Chair of Systems Design, ETH Zurich [16:25]
hegemoOn Weinbergstrasse 56/58, 8092 Zurich, Switzerland [16:25]
mircea_popescu whatevs. [16:25]
mircea_popescu let the man learn enough about how to use a computer to get a gpg sig and register it with the bot. [16:26]
mircea_popescu until that day, he can continue playing with the xbox or w/e it is he's doing. [16:26]
hegemoOn whom ??? [16:26]
shinohai hue [16:26]
mircea_popescu either david garcia or frank whoever, chair of whatever else. [16:26]
mircea_popescu you were under the impression they're adults or something ? [16:27]
hegemoOn mircea_popescu: i think most of bitcoin trade are outside wot :) [16:27]
mircea_popescu you'd think that, sure. [16:27]
mircea_popescu most africans thing the world is africa, for that matter, and so outside of the world. [16:27]
hegemoOn but if you are not interested i can understand, just wanted to share a good paper :) [16:28]
mircea_popescu !gettrust hegemoOn [16:29]
assbot Trust relationship from user mircea_popescu to user hegemoOn: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 1 via 1 connections. | | [16:29]
mircea_popescu why's it good ? [16:29]
mircea_popescu so many people trying to matter in bitcoin "on their own terms" producing so much junk that's - to them, no doubt - meaningful and important that's not worth reading [16:29]
mircea_popescu what's so special about this one that made you click ? start with that part. [16:30]
mircea_popescu on its own strength, two kids pulling their dicks in zurich aren't worth the time of day. [16:30]
ascii_field << being rich, in my cosmography, simply means that your time is your own to do with as you please. everything else (starting wars, producing great inventions, etc.) is a cherry on the cake. [16:31]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 18:56:49; mircea_popescu: << no. being rich is not like that. being rich is like having the power to alter the course of the world, and the responsibility therein incumbent. [16:31]
mircea_popescu it dun work like that, not really. [16:31]
BingoBoingo it dun work thatway. << easy enough to give onself an actual limp for arbitrary periods of time. [16:31]
ascii_field pray tell, how not? [16:31]
ascii_field all i personally want out of a hypothetical 'be rich' is for my daylight hours to belong to me and only me [16:32]
ascii_field with all else - constant [16:32]
mircea_popescu take the sexual metaphor. sure, sexual freedom would supperficially appear to be that situation where "the cunt;'s your own to do as you please". however, the cunt so liberated from a context wherein cocks make demands upon it is not in any sense something for you to do as you please, it's just a painful bit of bleeding garbage enbittering your existence. [16:32]
ascii_field ^ i find this example utterly opaque [16:33]
mircea_popescu (note that this example is gender-invariant) [16:33]
ascii_field is it just me ? [16:33]
mircea_popescu hm [16:33]
mircea_popescu ok, something else then. [16:33]
mircea_popescu horse's notion of freedom is "the ability to run where it will". nevertheless, absent a ground to push him up and an atmosphere to push him down, the horse's freedom's not quite what he imagined, but rather painful if short an affair. [16:34]
mircea_popescu or, if you prefer, that chinese story where cocklet in love wished the entire world went away and was left with just his darling [16:34]
mircea_popescu only to wish the world back into the picture piecemeal as the clock ticked seconds away [16:34]
ascii_field mircea_popescu is trying to convince the horse not of the necessity of the ground, but of the yoke [16:34]
* ascii_field is an entirely unconvinced horse [16:34]
mircea_popescu no such thing. [16:34]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu is trying to convince the horse not of the necessity of the ground, but of the yoke << Once free of yoke it becomes necessary to "protect your neck" to keep the yoke away [16:35]
ascii_field BingoBoingo: this is compiled into my definition of 'freed' [16:35]
mircea_popescu well then your definition of freed is compiled on gcc [16:35]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 84683 @ 0.00036257 = 30.7035 BTC [+] {2} [16:35]
hegemoOn can someone explain me what assbot just said ? [16:37]
* assbot removes voice from ascii_field [16:37]
BingoBoingo !up ascii_field [16:38]
* assbot gives voice to ascii_field [16:38]
BingoBoingo hegemoOn: assbot tickered a transaction on the tapeophone [16:38]
* DreadKnight (~DreadKnig@unaffiliated/dreadknight) has joined #bitcoin-assets [16:39]
ascii_field mircea_popescu: how much 'freed' is achievable by mortals can be debated, but i'd settle for mircea_popescu-grade 'freed.' [16:41]
hegemoOn BingoBoingo: what kind of asset is it mpoe ? [16:41]
mircea_popescu it comes with an obligation, unenforced but nevertheless perceived, to for instance [16:41]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 16:08:37; mircea_popescu: deedbot- [16:41]
mircea_popescu is that a yoke ? if not, why not. [16:41]
ascii_field mircea_popescu: i get it, 'heavy is the crown' etc [16:42]
mircea_popescu heavy is the frigian cap more like it. [16:42]
ascii_field i'll take that 'heavy' [16:42]
BingoBoingo !t m s.mpoe [16:42]
assbot [MPEX:S.MPOE] 1D: 0.00034281 / 0.00036145 / 0.00037646 (3520048 shares, 1,272.34 BTC), 7D: 0.00031083 / 0.00034987 / 0.00037646 (42475653 shares, 14,861.19 BTC), 30D: 0.00023904 / 0.00030515 / 0.00037646 (139278699 shares, 42,501.20 BTC) [16:42]
mircea_popescu alrighty then. so apparently alf is a very convinced horse ? [16:42]
BingoBoingo ^ hegemoOn that one [16:42]
ascii_field crown != yoke [16:42]
mircea_popescu orly. [16:42]
hegemoOn it's a "futur" ? [16:43]
lobbes still, you have the freedom to throw the crown off and sit on thumbs for a year [16:43]
mircea_popescu hegemoOn do they have google in your country ? [16:43]
BingoBoingo hegemoOn: It's a stock [16:43]
ascii_field ^^ [16:43]
hegemoOn mircea_popescu: no just yahoo [16:43]
mircea_popescu lol [16:43]
ascii_field if mircea_popescu wanted to, he could vanish from the map and spend the rest of his existence in the company of ice cream, gurlz, and theorems [16:43]
BingoBoingo hegemoOn: Look at that 30 day volume though [16:43]
mircea_popescu lobbes sure. and in exchange, should you choose to do that, you get to see how they're "phasing out" grassland [16:43]
mircea_popescu or whatever the shit they come up with next. [16:44]
mircea_popescu sitting on thumbs and stroking cocks over "FOSS!111" has resulted in pretty much unusable software. [16:44]
thestringpuller "Even as an avid Bitcoiner, I can't stand waiting for bitcoinqt to sync. Makes me wonder if Gavin/Mike sabotaged it." via [16:44]
ascii_field mircea_popescu: i'm not entirely certain that 'we' (en masse) -ever- had 'usable software' [16:44]
mircea_popescu ms-dos worked. [16:45]
trinque ascii_field | if mircea_popescu wanted to, he could vanish from the map and spend the rest of his existence in the company of ice cream, gurlz, and theorems << and meanwhile they're making theorems illegal [16:45]
mircea_popescu and it WAS open source. [16:45]
mircea_popescu aha trinque gets it [16:45]
ascii_field ms-dos was not asked to do very much. at least, at first. but i still remember screwing with qemm, xms, etc. towards the last years. [16:46]
ascii_field it wasn't fun [16:46]
lobbes and meanwhile they're making theorems illegal << just keep running? debatable if that is true freedom, but arguably you wouldn't run out of places to run before end of life [16:46]
mircea_popescu lobbes this is EXACTLY what wall street has tried, 1945 - 2015 [16:46]
mircea_popescu if you think "they" have a different set of problems... they don't. [16:47]
ascii_field what problems in particular ? [16:48]
* ascii_field a bit puzzled [16:48]
shinohai heh [16:49]
shinohai *is interesting [16:49]
mircea_popescu ascii_field in this case, the "running" he describes. [16:51]
ascii_field who is rothchild running from ? [16:52]
* assbot removes voice from hegemoOn [16:53]
* Xuthus has quit (Quit: Xuthus) [16:55]
scoopbot_revived under attack, or this is why you checksum. [16:55]
pete_dushenski ^started with "safari sucks a bag o' dix" [16:56]
pete_dushenski ended with a planted file on a website hosting old versions of browsers, irc clients, etc. [16:56]
mircea_popescu o.O [16:56]
mircea_popescu didja email them ? [16:57]
pete_dushenski not yet. will now. [16:57]
mircea_popescu ascii_field me. [16:57]
BingoBoingo pete_dushenski: Give midori a go. Just keep in mind its SSL implementation is especially retared so http is not going to really offer much of an illusion even of protection [16:59]
ascii_field mircea_popescu: wake me up when you catch him. i'd like a finger or toe as keychain. [17:00]
ascii_field pete_dushenski: can haz the payload plz ? [17:00]
pete_dushenski ascii_field << click the floppy disk icon [17:01]
assbot Old Version of Firefox 29.0 Download - for Mac ... ( ) [17:01]
ascii_field pete_dushenski: no [17:01]
ascii_field pete_dushenski: i want -your- binary [17:01]
ascii_field with signature [17:01]
ascii_field who the fuck knows what is hosted at this moment. [17:01]
pete_dushenski good point. [17:01]
ascii_field don't ever think of the enemy as a mechanism [17:01]
pete_dushenski gimme a sec. [17:03]
BingoBoingo Ah, meter reading day. [17:03]
* Petit_Dejeuner has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds) [17:05]
* hanbot has quit (Quit: Leaving) [17:05]
* assbot removes voice from ascii_field [17:08]
BingoBoingo !up ascii_field [17:08]
* assbot gives voice to ascii_field [17:08]
* wyrdmantis (5700a57c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:09]
danielpbarron goodwill is my new favorite store! just picked up 5 pairs of shorts and 3 cat5e+ cables for under 30 USD [17:10]
BingoBoingo danielpbarron: I still favor Rural king where you can get flowers, carhart, circus peanuts, and an AR-15 in the same trip [17:12]
ascii_field BingoBoingo: sounds expensive [17:12]
BingoBoingo ascii_field: Prolly would be. Never picked up that last item from there, but it is possible. [17:12]
* nubbins` (~leel@unaffiliated/nubbins) has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:13]
shinohai My closest solution to a decent fap bot thus far are categorized rss feeds. [17:14]
BingoBoingo Another hypothetical Rural king shopping trip is beef jerky, well drilling apparatus, unsinkable brown water vessel, and hay. [17:15]
* wyrdmantis has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [17:18]
* yang has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [17:19]
* assbot gives voice to nubbins` [17:19]
* hanbot (~hanbot@unaffiliated/hanbot) has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:19]
* assbot gives voice to hanbot [17:21]
* mike_c (~mike_c@unaffiliated/mike-c/x-9105598) has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:21]
ben_vulpes ascii_field: galois's in on the btc-usg-bezzle? [17:21]
nubbins` dat time when -otc failed to produce a buyer for a lowly 1btc sell and nubs had to rely on circle [17:22]
danielpbarron i woulda bought it [17:23]
* ben_vulpes has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [17:23]
mod6 hey nubbins`, did you ever see that issue on gentoo that I was talkin about lastnight? [17:23]
nubbins` i don't think so, log me up [17:23]
nubbins` danielpbarron you still can [17:23]
danielpbarron aha [17:23]
nubbins` ;;ticker [17:24]
gribble Bitfinex BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 228.72, Best ask: 229.02, Bid-ask spread: 0.30000, Last trade: 229.0, 24 hour volume: 10489.59325785, 24 hour low: 227.48, 24 hour high: 230.02, 24 hour vwap: None [17:24]
mod6 I haven't looked too deep into it, maybe something I missed. I did apply your & ascii's patches. [17:24]
assbot ... ( ) [17:24]
nubbins` that's a new one for me [17:24]
mod6 I'm using uclibc, so far going well. [17:24]
mod6 ok. [17:24]
* ben_vulpes (~user@unaffiliated/benkay) has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:25]
nubbins` are you using the buildroot toolchain? [17:25]
nubbins` or targeting gentoo [17:25]
mod6 I did have to copy over all of the openssl headers as you were saying once upon a time, but maybe i'm missing something else. [17:25]
mod6 no, its just straight v0.5.3.1-RELEASE, i'll get to buildroot eventually. [17:25]
ascii_field << now, i didn't see with own eyes. nor do i have own intel dept. like mircea_popescu. but from the evidence presently known to me - yes. [17:26]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 20:17:58; ben_vulpes: ascii_field: galois's in on the btc-usg-bezzle? [17:26]
* ben_vulpes has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [17:27]
* Petit_Dejeuner ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:28]
* ben_vulpes (~user@unaffiliated/benkay) has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:28]
assbot Browder the Bitcoinless | The Whet ... ( ) [17:30]
nubbins` [17:32]
assbot Imgur ... ( ) [17:32]
BingoBoingo Fuck you reddit. The one time there is something almost worthwhile they kill it [17:35]
assbot fatpeoplehate: this subreddit has been banned ... ( ) [17:35]
nubbins` heh [17:35]
nubbins` fat people hate? [17:35]
pete_dushenski << ascii_field [17:35]
ascii_field pete_dushenski: i thought this was a mac binary ?! [17:36]
pete_dushenski you thought wrong ! [17:36]
BingoBoingo Even fucking /r/fatlogic was banned. [17:36]
ascii_field and did you just clearsign a binary!?!??! [17:36]
pete_dushenski see my article [17:36]
ascii_field l0l! [17:36]
BingoBoingo pete_dushenski: Indeed [17:36]
ascii_field plz post virginal binary, with detached sig [17:37]
ascii_field this one is not usable and i'm surprised your pgptron agreed to shit it out [17:37]
BingoBoingo The one time I encounter a hate movement with quality momentum to take off it gets fucking banned. [17:37]
pete_dushenski lol one sex. [17:37]
ascii_field (dashes removed, newlines swapped, other things which do not make for a usable winblows exe) [17:37]
pete_dushenski ascii_field and there's no detached sig, only checksums [17:38]
* assbot removes voice from ascii_field [17:39]
pete_dushenski !up ascii_field [17:41]
* assbot gives voice to ascii_field [17:41]
pete_dushenski i gotta jet. i'll post it up later. cheers [17:41]
* pete_dushenski has quit () [17:41]
nubbins` clearsigned bin :0 [17:42]
nubbins` no wonder pete has an attitude, he obv doesn't give a fuck :D [17:42]
* williamdunne (~Thunderbi@unaffiliated/williamdunne) has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:46]
* joshbuddy has quit (Quit: joshbuddy) [17:50]
danielpbarron << broken again [17:53]
assbot Logged on 25-04-2014 11:29:00; random_cat: mircea_popescue: here on is apparently invalid [17:54]
danielpbarron ;;later tell davout ^ [17:54]
gribble The operation succeeded. [17:54]
danielpbarron I'm curious as to how this future thing works through coinbr [17:55]
BingoBoingo danielpbarron: Last I heard Jurov shows up at you case with a suitcase full of euros [17:55]
danielpbarron that's if you have a key registered with MPEx [17:56]
danielpbarron oh you said jurov [17:56]
* joshbuddy (~josh@wikimedia/Joshbuddy) has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:09]
mircea_popescu hm yeh dead huh. [18:10]
ascii_field ;;later tell pete_dushenski i got it, but you oughta post it publicly. [18:11]
gribble The operation succeeded. [18:11]
* assbot removes voice from ascii_field [18:11]
shinohai greetings danielpbarron o/ No news from the wonderful world of bitcoind? [18:21]
BingoBoingo [18:21]
assbot SLiMGUR - A Shitlord Image Host ... ( ) [18:21]
asciilifeform !up ascii_field [18:21]
* assbot gives voice to ascii_field [18:21]
ascii_field wtf is a 'shitlord' [18:21]
BingoBoingo ascii_field: It's what the social justice types call people who act like people. It was used as a slur too often and now people wear the title shitlord with pride. [18:24]
danielpbarron shinohai, my 0.5.3.x pogo is 6 blocks behind my 0.7.2 full size machine, and I'm not sure if it's because the network doesn't like two nodes asking for the same blocks from the same IP or what [18:24]
BingoBoingo ascii_field: A shitlord is basic anti-stupid [18:24]
BingoBoingo in some form or another [18:24]
trinque can confirm, am unrepentant shitlord [18:24]
shinohai You got me interested in that pogo thingy. I got one ordered. [18:24]
shinohai My other node, however, hums along perfectly of late. [18:25]
danielpbarron << re: "high functioning autism" -- I just found out about this internet phenomenon -> [18:25]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 18:54:56; mircea_popescu: << you personally misrepresent your income, for whatever reasons, but you actually are mostly working for warrants these past coupla years. the others - probably a combination of incompetence (note that high functioning autism is still mental incompetence) and similar misrepresentation, similarly for whatever reasons. [18:25]
assbot (NSFW) "For J-R's Eyes Only.MOV" A.K.A. PUSSY EATING 102 [4/19/10] - YouTube ... ( ) [18:25]
mircea_popescu ascii_field originally it was supposed to be some thing really cool 19yo girls with a modelling/pr career say about socially marginal, sexually undesirable geeks. five to ten years later it emerged as the new cool. [18:27]
mircea_popescu you know, like "faggot" [18:27]
mircea_popescu actually... perhaps more like "punk" [18:27]
BingoBoingo << What the fuck. LibreSSL syncs fine [18:28]
assbot configure: Detect (and reject) LibreSSL · bitcoin/bitcoin@a5a81f7 · GitHub ... ( ) [18:28]
mircea_popescu lmao wut ? [18:28]
mircea_popescu herp, luke being luke. [18:28]
davout danielpbarron: werks nao [18:31]
davout deedbot-: [18:31]
assbot ... ( ) [18:31]
deedbot- accepted: 1 [18:31]
davout while we're at it [18:32]
shinohai [18:32]
assbot ThePiachu's Bitcoin Blog: Handling bitcoins during a hard fork - pondering Bitcoin XT ... ( ) [18:32]
trinque still chewing on that discussion of freedom [18:39]
trinque I tend to think it's a bad concept to work with [18:39]
ascii_field trinque: when you have ebola, your concept of health turns into 'not having ebola' [18:39]
ascii_field this is both reasonable and practical. [18:40]
ascii_field i know exactly what i want to be free of. [18:40]
trinque right, one can consider being liberated from a particular shackle [18:40]
* wyrdmantis (5700a57c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:41]
trinque particularly considering human societies, do I want to be "totally free" whatever that means, playing cards on the worlds nicest beach, or do I want to be a part of the best-functioning giant human meat robot [18:42]
* assbot gives voice to wyrdmantis [18:43]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 178911 @ 0.00036883 = 65.9877 BTC [+] {4} [18:44]
danielpbarron << check out my new business card (sorry nubbins` I'm not ready to be a baller yet) [18:44]
assbot ... ( ) [18:44]
trinque I'm skeptical of the american notion of individualism, but am not precisely sure how far to take that skepticism [18:44]
shinohai nice danielpbarron [18:45]
trinque probably not getting it across [18:45]
BingoBoingo Reddit kinda lulzy at the moment shitlords are revolting against the admins [18:45]
assbot all subreddits ... ( ) [18:45]
trinque the highest good being some kind of infinite individual liberation sounds like something we crapped into the mental ether [18:46]
ascii_field trinque: it is what folks with ideas of their own generally want [18:47]
* danielpbarron upvotes it all in total disregard for reddiquette [18:47]
ascii_field i, for instance, have sufficient undeveloped inventions to occupy me were i to live even 10,000 years [18:47]
trinque are you free of your desire to invent, or does it viscerally urge you without asking first? [18:48]
* assbot gives voice to mike_c [18:48]
ascii_field what do you think. [18:48]
* ben_vulpes has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [18:49]
* assbot removes voice from ascii_field [18:52]
trinque !up ascii_field [18:52]
* assbot gives voice to ascii_field [18:52]
trinque that I can choose to ignore my desires or not, but I have not yet found the controls if any for desiring itself [18:53]
trinque they just seem to be there, built in [18:53]
trinque this in my ignorance, I think, grasps for an explanation for why the rich don't simply count their gold all day [18:53]
ascii_field trinque: see mircea_popescu's example about 'drinking the sea' [18:54]
hanbot trinque what does it matter if you have visceral urges or not, beyond using them as a diagnostic to tell whether or not you're alive? [18:54]
ascii_field thirsty man thinks he wishes to 'drink the sea' [18:54]
* ben_vulpes (~user@unaffiliated/benkay) has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:54]
trinque hanbot: it's not a question of mattering [18:56]
trinque they *are* [18:56]
trinque I take a breath because thats what a functioning human body does [18:58]
hanbot yeah. but what of it? you can understand them and act rationally, or not. what else is there? [18:58]
mircea_popescu i know exactly what i want to be free of. << my tao cat smile is thiiiiis wide [18:58]
mircea_popescu hint : you're well aware that eliberation is not necessarily the path to freedom. nuland's all about eliberations after all :D [18:59]
mircea_popescu << you know they could just go to 8chan and leave the corporapizde be. [19:02]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 20:33:45; BingoBoingo: The one time I encounter a hate movement with quality momentum to take off it gets fucking banned. [19:02]
ascii_field mircea_popescu: i have been to free-time-land and it was the one part of my life that was actually worth living [19:02]
ascii_field so no one can say that i speak of hypotheticals. [19:02]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: There's a settlement of diaspora folk there [19:02]
BingoBoingo [19:04]
assbot /fatpeoplehate/ - We hate fatties ... ( ) [19:05]
mircea_popescu seems an imageboard way more adequate than reddit for the purpose anyway [19:05]
mircea_popescu and for the record, "accepting" fat people on the mere basis of them being fat people is exactly as morally wrong / intellectually bankrupt as hating them for the same reason. [19:06]
trinque hanbot: there's why bother to live in the first place, and act at all [19:06]
trinque not something I can say to you, in my case [19:07]
hanbot ascii_field i suspect the point is less about the where you are and more about the who you are. whatever gets to you in the present scenario will follow you to free-time-land or anywhere else, though probably in costume. [19:07]
ascii_field possibly mircea_popescu did not know this, but in usa 'fat' is a proxy for other things (mainly caste-related) [19:07]
mircea_popescu fat has always been this. [19:07]
trinque people-of-walmart ? [19:07]
mircea_popescu like, women with long nails -> do not need to work -> etc [19:07]
* mixdio has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [19:08]
trinque hanbot: something along the lines of "because the meat robot is programmed that way" way lower than whatever is having a conversation with itself [19:09]
* joshbuddy has quit (Quit: joshbuddy) [19:10]
ascii_field mircea_popescu: except we have it here in reverse. in usa, grotesque fat is (in recent decades; not speaking of president taft etc) seen as a sign of poverty (not in the no-money sense, but in the offensively-stupid-poor (tm) ) [19:10]
mircea_popescu aha. the macula of welfare. [19:10]
ascii_field (the 'why' is a separate subject, but it is not a baseless notion) [19:11]
mircea_popescu "you may eat for free, but the food will make you stay here" [19:11]
ascii_field (tm) (r) hades [19:11]
mircea_popescu but mind that reverse-indication is still not different indicatively. [19:11]
mircea_popescu whether fat = rich or fat = poor, fat signifies. [19:11]
ascii_field in that sense yes [19:11]
ascii_field they just flipped the sign bit. [19:11]
mircea_popescu and judging by signifiers rather than by realities is exactly the path to perdition [19:12]
mircea_popescu this is the crux of the entire discussion (of all text, as it were) : the ought/is debate is exactly this, observing the perils of judging by signifiers. [19:13]
mircea_popescu the cause/purpose idem. [19:13]
mircea_popescu the map/territory observation, idem. [19:13]
ascii_field !s name of the song [19:13]
assbot 3 results for 'name of the song' : [19:13]
mircea_popescu in the end, whosoever references pointers is going to end up with bitrot. [19:13]
mircea_popescu but yes, it is "faster". and of course "cheaper" [19:14]
ascii_field ;;google Haddocks' Eyes [19:14]
gribble Haddocks' Eyes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: ; Haddocks' Eyes?: ; Haddocks' Eyes - YouTube: [19:14]
mircea_popescu and we might be able to spend our entire lives running from it [19:14]
mircea_popescu or maybe not. [19:14]
hanbot trinque i'm sure it's a worthwhile investigation :) [19:14]
trinque been up one wall of my skull and down the other; I may be a barbarian [19:15]
BingoBoingo and for the record, "accepting" fat people on the mere basis of them being fat people is exactly as morally wrong / intellectually bankrupt as hating them for the same reason. << Hate is an emotional reaction, in this case to aesthetics [19:15]
lobbes is a learned reaction, I would argue [19:16]
* joshbuddy (~josh@wikimedia/Joshbuddy) has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:16]
ascii_field notice that nobody really hates other kinds of deformed folks [19:16]
ascii_field e.g. paraplegics [19:16]
ascii_field hence the caste connection [19:16]
mircea_popescu i imagine the same thing drives people to kill cockroaches / rats / assorted vermin, to wash, to choose their sex mates and to reject fatties. [19:17]
mircea_popescu it offends a sense of order. [19:17]
ascii_field mircea_popescu: this is especially cartoon-coloured vivid in children [19:17]
mircea_popescu ascii_field plenty of people do, actually. children certainly impulsivley hate all abnormality. [19:17]
ascii_field this - yes [19:17]
mircea_popescu aha! [19:17]
shinohai so no BBW porn in the bot. got it. [19:17]
mircea_popescu lol [19:17]
trinque wah ha ha [19:17]
trinque mircea_popescu: that sense of order thing might have something to do with what I'm babbling about [19:17]
trinque the kids hate weird because. [19:18]
trinque sure I have a rational reason for not wanting to be near someone sneezing [19:18]
mircea_popescu << kinmda lulzy. who's the bespectacled geek ? [19:18]
assbot ... ( ) [19:18]
trinque doesn't mean that's what hit me first, or caused me to consider it in the first place [19:18]
shinohai Chairman Ellen Pao [19:18]
* devthedev (~devthedev@unaffiliated/devthedev) has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:19]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: The Pao chick who is their new CEO, the one suing their former employer for insufficient promotions [19:19]
trinque reality gives you the options, then you select [19:19]
trinque there's no freedom to define reality itself [19:19]
mircea_popescu oh [19:19]
BingoBoingo But yes this obese underclass is typically refered to as hamplanets, they routinely exceed 350 pounds. [19:20]
BingoBoingo It's the corn thing. [19:20]
mircea_popescu if only it were ham [19:20]
shinohai mircea_popescu should buy reddit and force her to wax floors or something [19:20]
mircea_popescu it's usually lard. [19:20]
mircea_popescu why would i bother / expend effort and energy to serve her ? [19:21]
* assbot removes voice from ascii_field [19:23]
mircea_popescu anywya, i'm not gonna post on 8chan seeing how i still olathe captchas, but here's my contribution to resolving the conflict & fat acceptance : [19:24]
assbot Animaniacs - Schnitzelbank - YouTube ... ( ) [19:24]
mircea_popescu (nordic system) [19:24]
nubbins` <+ascii_field> mircea_popescu: i have been to free-time-land and it was the one part of my life that was actually worth living <<< wait now, you've been getting it this whole time? :/ [19:25]
mircea_popescu lol [19:25]
* joshbuddy has quit (Quit: joshbuddy) [19:25]
mircea_popescu he's perverse isn't he. [19:25]
asciilifeform !up ascii_field [19:26]
* assbot gives voice to ascii_field [19:26]
ascii_field what's so perverse here, l0l [19:26]
* joecool has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds) [19:27]
nubbins` "fat people hate" = zzzz [19:29]
nubbins` imagine being so empty of purpose that you put actual energy into creating internet fat shame memes [19:30]
nubbins` how depressing [19:30]
mircea_popescu how's this different from "imagine being so empty of purpose that you put actual energy into dirtying paper" [19:32]
* joshbuddy (~josh@wikimedia/Joshbuddy) has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:34]
lobbes ah, is this the cause/purpose thing again? [19:34]
lobbes I guess if one genuinely enjoys making shame memes, go for it [19:35]
lobbes just don't delude yourself that it is towards a purpose [19:35]
* yhwh_ has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) [19:36]
mircea_popescu what, dja think those people imagine they're making a better world ? [19:37]
mircea_popescu i thought that's the libertard fallacy. [19:37]
* yhwh_ (~yhwh@unaffiliated/yhwh/x-6819798) has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:37]
BingoBoingo pete_dushenski and ben_vulpes are pretty cool though so I feel bad if I hate jooz nao. Hating on smelly butter golems though is fine. [19:38]
trinque lol [19:38]
ascii_field i'm happy to settle for the dream of making a -worse- world - for the enemy. [19:38]
ascii_field good enough motivator for damn near everything i work on [19:39]
lobbes BingoBoingo: what if one day you meet a butter golem you genuinely like? either hate big or don't hate at all, I say [19:39]
lobbes go for the gusto [19:39]
trinque ascii_field: I'm just going for "died on my feet" [19:39]
trinque will revise as things improve [19:40]
BingoBoingo lobbes: See, good hating begins with wordplay. [19:40]
mircea_popescu what's a butter golem ? [19:40]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: The sort of rollie pollie that needs a rag on a stick to clean itself and always is covered in an oily sheen [19:42]
mircea_popescu oh [19:43]
BingoBoingo There's a whole vocabluary. Mini moons are fat kids, hamplanets are big and round. ham galaxies are the ones so big they flatten out on surfaces... Beetus monsters are covered in weeping wounds on their legs [19:44]
BingoBoingo Hating on the merely overweight is kind of a non-starter for me, but here in 'Murica there is no shortage of clearly celestial bodies to hate on. [19:46]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 93750 @ 0.00035959 = 33.7116 BTC [-] {2} [19:47]
ascii_field BingoBoingo: you would really enjoy dan mocsny's collected writings. [19:48]
ascii_field mocsny wrote, among many things, re: how it is not really possible to become 'galactically' fat without a host of 'unsung heroes' - enablers who feed you, wipe arse, etc [19:49]
ascii_field and how those folks never seem to get 'press' [19:49]
ascii_field yet what they do is not unlike what mengele did [19:50]
ascii_field in terms of sheer perversity [19:50]
mircea_popescu they just mean to help [19:50]
ascii_field mengele also 'helped' [19:50]
trinque I hate Yellen far more than any hamplanet [19:50]
trinque and many others [19:50]
* wyrdmantis has quit (Quit: Page closed) [19:56]
* assbot removes voice from ascii_field [19:57]
* Pierre_Rochard (~Pierre@unaffiliated/pierre-rochard/x-3593157) has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:05]
* ascii_field has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [20:09]
BingoBoingo !up Pierre_Rochard [20:16]
* assbot gives voice to Pierre_Rochard [20:16]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 125221 @ 0.00037746 = 47.2659 BTC [+] {5} [20:16]
* assbot gives voice to Pierre_Rochard [20:16]
* mike_c has quit () [20:34]
* mike_c (~mike_c@unaffiliated/mike-c/x-9105598) has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:34]
* assbot gives voice to mike_c [20:35]
* funkenstein_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:43]
mircea_popescu "The great thing about /r/fatpeoplehate was it was a prominent (6th most active) part of an extremely popular website. This is too private; we aren't pissing off fatties being here." [20:44]
mircea_popescu ah mystery explained. k. [20:44]
* assbot gives voice to funkenstein_ [20:44]
mircea_popescu and in the same ol news, [20:54]
assbot ... ( ) [20:54]
mircea_popescu << quite unconvincingly. the only reason that guy wasn't warhol is that at the time the libertard infrastructure did not exist that'd support a warhol. he tried and tried, but with libertardicy in its infancy he merely scraped by. [20:57]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 14:05:28; funkenstein_: Henry Miller goes on and on about his right to starve, rather unconvincingly [20:57]
mircea_popescu (dali did a lot better, but dali quite specifically whored out to power rather than to plebes) [20:57]
mircea_popescu williamdunne's not been around in a few days, relax eh [20:58]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 14:13:23; asciilifeform: ^^^ where the hell is my ticker ?! [20:58]
funkenstein_ lol :) well this helps me understand what is meant by libertardicy [20:59]
Pierre_Rochard < that was fast [21:00]
assbot reboot of the newly destroyed fatpeoplehate ... ( ) [21:00]
mircea_popescu "we the people" misunderstood as "we the pointlessly hopeful and unwarrantedly aspirational" [21:00]
funkenstein_ young, dumb, and full of bezzle ? [21:01]
mircea_popescu << interesting how these cluster. now we have a pure M * 29. rather than 11 or 13 rounding out, we get 29 diverging even further from expectation. [21:01]
assbot Welcome | Phuctor ... ( ) [21:01]
mircea_popescu funkenstein_ it's really dbezzle/dt. not bezzle yet. [21:01]
mircea_popescu likely, not bezzle ever. [21:02]
funkenstein_ ah right. "income". [21:03]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 133200 @ 0.00035784 = 47.6643 BTC [-] {3} [21:05]
funkenstein_ the latest ben fulford piece is pretty good [21:06]
funkenstein_ not sure why i like him, considering a decade of wrong predictions once a week [21:06]
mircea_popescu lol [21:08]
mircea_popescu and since we're talking art an' freedom, [21:11]
assbot The soft underbelly of hedonism, exposed. on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. ... ( ) [21:11]
funkenstein_ i can smell that sundae :) [21:17]
funkenstein_ <-- reminds me of a joke translated to me from mandarin [21:18]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 21:40:27; trinque: I'm skeptical of the american notion of individualism, but am not precisely sure how far to take that skepticism [21:18]
funkenstein_ american, african, and chinese are all asked, what's your opinion of your country's food? [21:18]
funkenstein_ american says: wait what's my country? [21:18]
funkenstein_ african says: wait what's food? [21:19]
funkenstein_ chinese says: wait, what's my opinion? [21:19]
* Petit_Dejeuner has quit (Quit: My legs are OK) [21:21]
mircea_popescu lol [21:21]
* yhwh_ has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds) [21:28]
* yhwh_ (~yhwh@unaffiliated/yhwh/x-6819798) has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:28]
asciilifeform << go ahead & generate a few million 4096-bit turds using your favourite /dev/random. see how many divisible by 29. [21:49]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 23:57:56; mircea_popescu: << interesting how these cluster. now we have a pure M * 29. rather than 11 or 13 rounding out, we get 29 diverging even further from expectation. [21:49]
mircea_popescu just about every 30th :D [21:49]
asciilifeform so whence the 'divergence from expectation' ? [21:50]
mircea_popescu we currently have 29 like 4 times (expected 2ish) and 11 or 13 0 times [21:53]
mircea_popescu this is all re [21:54]
assbot The strange case of the unentropic entropy and other bedtime stories of primes and people. on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. ... ( ) [21:54]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: try confining the search to the non-mirrored moduli [21:54]
asciilifeform although these, too, may have odd properties, being (as far as i can determine) mutilated versions of 'proper' ones [21:54]
asciilifeform not certain if we have a sufficiently large sample of these to make solid empirical conjecture [21:55]
asciilifeform (number theorists in the audience, please ready your barf bags) [21:55]
asciilifeform funkenstein_: i prefer: 'american says: what's food? chinese says: country ? african: wait, someone asked for my opinion?!' [21:57]
asciilifeform << the problem with agreeing to become the ball in a game of liberasty football is that, well, folks will kick you [21:59]
assbot Logged on 10-06-2015 22:26:59; nubbins`: imagine being so empty of purpose that you put actual energy into creating internet fat shame memes [21:59]
* Vexual (~Vexual@unaffiliated/vexual) has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:02]
asciilifeform !up Vexual [22:03]
* assbot gives voice to Vexual [22:03]
asciilifeform mod6, ben_vulpes, mircea_popescu, et al: did we ever discuss nuking the 'randomized change address' thing ? [22:05]
asciilifeform because in my considered opinion, it is clinically retarded [22:06]
asciilifeform and must die (tm) [22:06]
asciilifeform Vexual: none of this is 'matter of time.' if we shoot it in the head, it dies. otherwise - lives. [22:07]
asciilifeform and i don't see how amounts matter. [22:07]
asciilifeform l0l [22:07]
asciilifeform Vexual: go, send [22:08]
asciilifeform other folks won't retransmit, because 'sheepskin not worth the tanning' [22:08]
* williamdunne has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds) [22:09]
asciilifeform Vexual: we're not in the business of trying to euchre strange into the network rules. for that, go straight to phoundation. [22:10]
asciilifeform i'm kinda surprised that gavin and his merry gnomish friends have not attempted to reinstate 'dust' [22:10]
asciilifeform to help fill blocks [22:10]
asciilifeform what of poorly designed services that connect a user's mouth to his own arse ? [22:11]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform what's the problem with it ? [22:13]
asciilifeform with what ? [22:13]
* NewLiberty ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:15]
asciilifeform Vexual: just postulating that gavin & co would like to see blocks fill up, to help push their phork [22:15]
funkenstein_ lifting all these blocks gonna give me a hearneia [22:18]
mircea_popescu the change address [22:19]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: the classical 'random change address' is absolutely lethal to wallet backups [22:19]
asciilifeform thought that this was obvious to all [22:19]
asciilifeform i have serious trouble grasping what justification there could possibly be for it [22:20]
* NewLiberty has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds) [22:20]
* Vexual has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [22:20]
asciilifeform i can't fathom how a serious bitcoin user would be willing to tolerate it. [22:21]
mircea_popescu nothing prevents you from generating any arbitrary count of addresses. [22:21]
funkenstein_ one solution is to just rip out all the wallet stuff completely [22:21]
mircea_popescu moreover, backups should be periodic anyway. [22:21]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: speaking here of the default 'sendtoaddress' behaviour. [22:21]
mircea_popescu yes [22:22]
asciilifeform funkenstein_: we spoke of this. i say that'd be braindamaged, because we are maintaining a -reference client- [22:22]
mircea_popescu you can pre-load your wallet with 100k addresses for future use. [22:22]
asciilifeform which means that it is a complete description of bitcoin. [22:22]
asciilifeform this is why the cpu miner stays [22:22]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: yes, you can. but bitcoind as we have it will generate a 100,001th if you fire it. [22:23]
asciilifeform (alternatively, we could deprecate 'sendtoaddress' in favour of 'sendmany' only) [22:23]
mircea_popescu alternatively we could just leave this be for now and focus on CLOSING things rather than opening new things before we closed anything. [22:24]
* Vexual (~Vexual@unaffiliated/vexual) has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:24]
asciilifeform did not say it has to be shot -today-. [22:24]
mircea_popescu aha. [22:24]
asciilifeform (not like it's a hard patch) [22:24]
asciilifeform but as overall question. [22:24]
asciilifeform why keep a pistol that fires towards the hilt in your pistol collection ? [22:24]
funkenstein_ by random change address, I thought you meant the order it is listed in the TX [22:25]
mircea_popescu because it's your father's pistol collection and nobody asked you anything ? [22:25]
mircea_popescu throwing out the pistols that are on fire is one thing [22:25]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: by that token, ought not to touch any of it, l0l [22:25]
mircea_popescu but the rest can be shaved later [22:25]
mircea_popescu well... [22:26]
asciilifeform i see the 'generate change addr' as a boobytrap for the unwary (and extra lines of code) with no rational justification for continued existence [22:26]
asciilifeform but that's just me. [22:27]
mircea_popescu but anyway, the change address mechanism is bizarre, esp in its interraction with backups, but imo not actually doing anything bad. you shouldn't have backups that it affects negatively anyway, if you comprehend backups. [22:27]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: how do you propose to create a backup that it won't affect ? [22:27]
mircea_popescu there's a huge difference from taking out harmful stuff and taking out spurious stuff. these are never ghoing to be the first step, and we've not completed the first step yet [22:27]
mircea_popescu ergo, they're untouchable for now [22:27]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform when you speak of "a" backup you're already out in cosmic space. backups are a process not an item. [22:28]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: the 'generate addr' for instance prevents the use of the hypothetical 'brainwallet' machine discussed earlier. [22:28]
mircea_popescu tough :D [22:28]
* paxtoncamaro91 (~paxtoncam@unaffiliated/paxtoncamaro91) has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:29]
asciilifeform well, on closer look, it doesn't. [22:29]
asciilifeform (you craft a tx and feed it into the machine for signing, when you visit the darkroom) [22:29]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: speaking of 'hands off father's pistols,' i'm still waiting for a 'meta,' '' which will take issue with the excision of 'orphans' etc [22:31]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 8872 @ 0.00037892 = 3.3618 BTC [+] [22:31]
asciilifeform if the enemy had any class to speak of, this'd be a master trolltron [22:31]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 5081 @ 0.00037212 = 1.8907 BTC [-] [22:33]
asciilifeform unrelated: [22:34]
asciilifeform has anyone contemplated collecting the set of sks keys which crash the parser ? [22:34]
asciilifeform i bet a good chunk of those is stego blob [22:34]
asciilifeform for botnet c&c, etc. [22:34]
asciilifeform (since sks will apparently host -anything- purporting to be a key) [22:34]
asciilifeform and - apparently - permanently [22:34]
asciilifeform or is this, too, folks are waiting for me to do. [22:35]
asciilifeform there is no reason to wait! [22:35]
asciilifeform it isn't hard or anything. [22:35]
asciilifeform not like i didn't post example code here. [22:36]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 25909 @ 0.00037212 = 9.6413 BTC [-] [22:36]
funkenstein_ easier to use pastebin or mega methinks [22:37]
asciilifeform funkenstein_: nope. [22:37]
asciilifeform funkenstein_: both are heavily censored, and entirely centralized [22:37]
asciilifeform sks is more like usenet [22:37]
asciilifeform write-only [22:37]
asciilifeform or rather, write-once [22:37]
asciilifeform i'm frankly surprised that it hasn't been spammed to cinders [22:38]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform enemy is not in it for aesthetic considerations [22:38]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: aethetics are not entirely separable from utility here [22:38]
asciilifeform in a propaganda war [22:38]
mircea_popescu maybe, but this cockroach doesn't fly. [22:39]
asciilifeform but where are the other insects, which -do- fly ? [22:40]
asciilifeform why absent ? [22:40]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform judging by the alleged models they use, i'd be surprised too. except i don't believe even for a second the inept allegations of the shithead ycombinator parade. [22:40]
asciilifeform which allegations ? [22:41]
* asciilifeform has not been keeping up with the flea circus [22:41]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 21751 @ 0.00037892 = 8.2419 BTC [+] [22:42]
* Petit_Dejeuner ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:44]
mircea_popescu that "this is just how sks servers work" [22:48]
asciilifeform not like the code is not public [22:49]
asciilifeform who wants - go, read. [22:49]
* DreadKnight has quit (Quit: #AncientBeast - Master Your Beasts ( )) [22:53]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 11750 @ 0.00037677 = 4.427 BTC [-] [22:56]
* deedbot- has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [22:58]
* liquidassets (4b6f1ccf@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:58]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 32000 @ 0.0003771 = 12.0672 BTC [+] {2} [23:00]
* assbot gives voice to liquidassets [23:00]
decimation asciilifeform: are you saying google is gonna buy sks servers and slowly fade them away? [23:01]
mod6 Going back to this error from lastnight: net.cpp:1358:23: error: 'INT64_MIN' was not declared in this scope [23:01]
decimation mod6 is there an INT64_MIN in bitcoin? jurov's tool doesn't see it [23:03]
mod6 here's what I discovered: ``#define __STDC_LIMIT_MACROS'' is in ``headers.h''. But if I add ``#define __STDC_LIMIT_MACROS'' with ``#include '' directly after the #define in net.cpp, then it compiles fine. I found the same errors in util.cpp and wallet.cpp. Added those two lines fixes it in all places. [23:03]
mod6 decimation: should be line 1359 int64 nBest = INT64_MIN; of (net.cpp) [23:04]
mod6 im not sure what jurov's thing shows. i go by what's in the v0.5.3.1-RELEASE.tar.gz with hash: 5c41fe6cf286770a25bf61ab0c35747d0c760f8656754296d2e1d3c4274b5686 [23:04]
decimation ls [23:05]
* shesek has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds) [23:06]
mod6 anyway, after I fixed those hiccups, then I ran into this when linking. any thoughts here? this is a gentoo with nearly nothing installed... : [23:06]
assbot ... ( ) [23:07]
decimation INT64_MIN is defined in stdint.h on my redhat machine [23:08]
decimation adding #include should be cool [23:09]
decimation the linker is saying it can't find your built libssl and libcrypto [23:10]
mod6 yeah, i tried with just ``#include '', no dice, same error. my /usr/include/stdint.h has: #if !defined __cplusplus || defined __STDC_LIMIT_MACROS ... # define INT64_MIN (-__INT64_C(9223372036854775807)-1) [23:10]
mod6 <+decimation> the linker is saying it can't find your built libssl and libcrypto << hmm i guess i can understand libcrypto, but openssl was built with would have though it could ifnd it.. [23:11]
decimation did it actually build? [23:11]
mod6 ip-172-31-2-241 bitcoin-v0_5_3_1 # whereis libcrypto libcrypto: /usr/lib/ [23:12]
mod6 ah, it's an .so... so maybe it's looking for a .a [23:12]
decimation yep [23:12]
decimation you told it -Wl,-Bstatic [23:12]
mod6 openssl? yeah, i believe it built just fine. [23:12]
mod6 I have that whole part saved in a typescript. lemme check [23:12]
decimation is your target libcrypto and libssl in /usr/lib or in your built targets? [23:13]
decimation like, libssl.a and libcrypto.a should be in /mnt/btc-dev/sandbox-20150609-v0531-gentoo-uclibc/bitcoin-v0_5_3_1/ourlibs/lib [23:14]
mod6 ip-172-31-2-241 sandbox-20150609-v0531-gentoo-uclibc # find /mnt/btc-dev/sandbox-20150609-v0531-gentoo-uclibc -name "*libssl*" /mnt/btc-dev/sandbox-20150609-v0531-gentoo-uclibc/bitcoin-v0_5_3_1/openssl-1.0.1g/libssl.pc /mnt/btc-dev/sandbox-20150609-v0531-gentoo-uclibc/bitcoin-v0_5_3_1/openssl-1.0.1g/libssl.a [23:16]
decimation yeah but that's not in ourlibs/lib [23:16]
mod6 the typescript does say that it had some error installing the documents or something though, but other than that, looks ok. [23:16]
decimation yeah and when it failed to install documents it didn't move it to ourlibs/lib [23:16]
decimation which is where bitcoin's makefile wants it [23:17]
decimation you are probably missing that one tool [23:17]
mod6 ah, thanks decimation. that's probably the other part of what nubbins` was saying before about not being copied correctly. i had to copy the headers by hand for it to compile... [23:17]
decimation I think I told you about the docs [23:17]
mod6 ah, ok. [23:17]
decimation I remember looking into it [23:18]
decimation I think I solved it by turning off doc generation [23:18]
* gares_ has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [23:18]
* gares_ (~gares@unaffiliated/gares) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:18]
* devthedev has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [23:19]
mod6 ok copied libcrypto.a and libssl.a into ourlibs/lib [23:19]
mod6 got passed that problem... but now have something else. [23:20]
decimation yeah it's that perl doc bullshit [23:21]
decimation it makes make install fail [23:21]
* WolfGoethe ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:21]
mod6 [23:21]
assbot ... ( ) [23:21]
* joshbuddy has quit (Quit: joshbuddy) [23:21]
* CheckDavid has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity) [23:26]
decimation it's a weak symbol, the unwind shit is related to debugging [23:26]
decimation I'm not sure what the issue is exactly, it's probably some complicated ulibc <-> gcc interaction [23:31]
mod6 hmm. well, this didn't help either: recompile with -fPIC [23:32]
mod6 maybe I have it in the wrong spot though. [23:33]
* hanbot has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [23:33]
* WolfGoethe has quit (Quit: My MacBook Pro has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…) [23:33]
mod6 gentoo has a page that mentions PIEs & PICs... maybe i can try without -fPIE and see what happens. [23:35]
mod6 [23:36]
assbot Hardened/Toolchain - Gentoo Wiki ... ( ) [23:36]
mod6 didn't seem to help: [23:43]
mod6 hmm... [23:43]
assbot ... ( ) [23:43]
* WolfGoethe ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:43]
* gares_ has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [23:43]
* gares_ (~gares@unaffiliated/gares) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:44]
* kyuupichan has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [23:45]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 32484 @ 0.00036214 = 11.7638 BTC [-] {2} [23:45]
* kyuupichan ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:46]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 14266 @ 0.0003576 = 5.1015 BTC [-] [23:46]
asciilifeform << i spoke of this a month or two ago. afaik - unsolved [23:54]
assbot Logged on 11-06-2015 02:07:08; mod6: yeah, i tried with just ``#include '', no dice, same error. my /usr/include/stdint.h has: #if !defined __cplusplus || defined __STDC_LIMIT_MACROS ... # define INT64_MIN (-__INT64_C(9223372036854775807)-1) [23:54]
asciilifeform !s stdint [23:55]
assbot 8 results for 'stdint' : [23:55]
asciilifeform << you still have dns invocations in there [23:55]
assbot Logged on 11-06-2015 02:17:35; mod6: [23:55]
mod6 oh you think that's causing this issue? [23:57]
* Adlai` (~Adlai@unaffiliated/adlai) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:58]
asciilifeform mod6: two separate issues here! [23:58]
mod6 well, i've got the stdint thing figured out for the time being. i've applied your patch "asciilifeform-kills-integer-retardation.patch" and "nubs-gentoo-sanity.patch". [23:59]
asciilifeform this worked ? [23:59]
* kyuupichan has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [23:59]
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