Christos Ballas ("TLP", archive

Sunday, 14 July, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

By cause already mentioned I set out to recover the historical TLP archive from further decay in the orclands.

I took the following approach :

  1. First, I downloaded the monthly archive as available on the site (/archive.html) ;
  2. Then, I downloaded the category-based archive, also as available on the sitei ;
  3. Then, I spidered a collection of various other pages linking in ;
  4. Each of these steps producedii a list of links.
  5. Because steps 1, 2 and 3 individually produced the same list of 698 article titles, I therefore conclude I have the complete list.iii

Here is then said listiv, sorted alphabetically (older adnotations of the same material in square brackets listing the year) :

  1. 1 In 5 Cars Has A Personality Disorder
  2. 3 Important Things About The New Wikileaks Controversy
  3. 3 Media Narratives About The Middle East You Should Defend Against
  4. 4 Easy Steps Towards Weight Loss That Aren't Drugs, Diets, Or Excersise
  5. 4 Unintended Consequences of Seroquel's Adjunct to Antidepressants Indication
  6. 50% of American Kids Receive Food Stamps
  7. $51M Vioxx Verdict Overturned
  8. 5 Signs Your Child Is a Psychopath, According To The NYT
  9. 5 Things You Need To Understand About Wikileaks Before You Celebrate
  10. 7 Things To Expect In Our Brave New World
  11. 8 Characteristics of Family Annihilators
  12. Abusive Teens Force Their Girlfriends To Get Pregnant! (Don't Let The Truth Get In The Way Of A Good Story)
  13. Academics Hide Drug Company Payments
  14. Acadia Gives Up On ADP-104-- Maybe It Shouldn't Have
  15. A Case Study On Why Policy Changes Fail: Pharma Paying Docs
  16. According to Time, The World's Most Influential Person Is...
  17. Accounting For Inflation It's Closer to 40, But True Anywayv
  18. A Diagnosis Of Schizophrenia
  19. Advancing Paternal Age And Bipolar Disorder
  20. Advertising's Collateral Damage
  21. A Final Thought On Cho's Mental Illness
  22. After You Shoot Three Women, Who Should You Call?
  23. A Generational Pathology: Narcissism Is Not Grandiosity
  24. A Little Bird Told Me
  25. All Girls School Or Coed? Which Is Better?
  26. AM Radio Kids
  27. Amy Schumer Offers You A Look Into Your Soul
  28. An Addendum To "Ten Things Wrong With Medical Journals"vi
  29. An Army of Narcissists? No Way
  30. CATIE: And Another Thingvii
  31. An Education
  32. An Observation About The Current Election
  33. Another Diagnosis Of Schizophrenia, This Time With Cats
  34. Another Final Word On Cho's Mental Illness
  35. Another Honor Killing That Isn't About Honor, And Even Less About Nietzsche
  36. Another Man Gets Harassed At An Airport, This Time On Purpose
  37. Another Round Of The Ultimatum Game
  38. Another School Shooting-- Sort Of?
  39. A not very happy observation about +/- being a woman
  40. Antispychotics and Lawyers
  41. A Primer on Pedophilia
  42. A Quick Word On Google
  43. A Quick Word on Porn's Effect On Your Penis
  44. Ara Abrahamian Wins Award For Medal Toss, Saved By Passport
  45. Are All Drug Reps Hot?
  46. Are Antipsychotics Overprescribed In Kids?
  47. Are Antipsychotics Overprescribed To Kids?viii
  48. Are Certain Behaviors-- And Jobs-- More Masculine? And Out Of Our Control? [2015]
  49. Are Drug Companies Hiding Negative Studies?
  50. Are Law Schools Lying To Their Applicants?
  51. Aren't Two Antipsychotics Better Than One? The Most Important Article on Psychiatry, Part 3
  52. Are People Attracted To Good Dancers?
  53. Are Schools Breeding Narcissism?
  54. Who Are Academics Writing For? (For Whom Are Academics Writing?)
  55. "Are there really so many people with such troubles in your country to make such medicine such an important matter?"
  56. Are Women Prone To Paranormal Beliefs?
  57. Are You Good At Reading Faces?
  58. Are You Mom Enough? The Question Is For What
  59. A Solution To The Pharma Problem
  60. As The Population Ages, Will Suicides Increase?
  61. A Study Finds Antidepressants Don't Work, And Suddenly It's October 25
  62. A Surprising Number Of Teens Think They'll Die Young, Or Live Forever, Whichever Comes First
  63. Atkins v. Virgina and the Execution of the Mentally Retarded
  64. A Trip You May Have Taken [2015 redux]ix
  65. Atypicals and Diabetes: Glucose Transport
  66. Atypicals for Maintenance Bipolar
  67. Autism and The MMR Vaccine
  68. Bad At Math
  69. Bait And Switch: Surveillance Movie Review
  70. "Because I Said So"
  71. Beer Goggling Isn't Natural and Being A Good Looking Girl Sucks From 9 To 5
  72. Being The Main Character In Your Own TV Show Is Sort Of A Delusion
  73. The Biggest Dick Ever
  74. Biology Is Destiny
  75. Bipolar Rates Are Increasing As Long As You're Willing To Call Everything Bipolar And Defy God's Will
  76. Birth Order: Are First Borns Always Older Than Their Siblings?
  77. Borderline [2015]
  78. Breast Implants and Suicide
  79. British Medical Journal Sends Its Scienticians To The Internet
  80. Can Narcissism Be Cured?
  81. Can The Court Force Treatment on Jared Loughner?
  82. Catfish: The Real Danger Of Social Media
  83. CATIE Reloaded
  84. CATIE: Sigh
  85. Celebrities and Narcissism
  86. Charles Manson's Single Moment Of Clarityx
  87. Charlie Sheen Has An Awesome Experience, This Time With Drugs and A Hooker, Which Was The Same As Last Time
  88. Check Out My New Acura-- ads?
  89. Chicago Tea Party
  90. Child Rapist-Murderer John Couey Loses By Eight
  91. Children With ADHD Drugs Score Higher on Tests
  92. China Needs Fewer TVs, Or A Billion Of Them
  93. China Needs More TVs
  94. Cho Seung-Hui is Ismail Axxi
  95. Cho Seung Hui: It's The Movies, Stupid
  96. Christmas Breakxii
  97. Christopher Columbus Was Wrong
  98. Cinco de Mayo Is Not Mexican Independence Day
  99. Clarification On What Goes Wrong In A Psychiatrist's Family
  100. Clinical Experience vs. Clinical Trials
  101. Clozaril: FDA Misses The Point, Again
  102. CNBC Ratings And VIX Predict Rum Sales
  103. CNBC Ratings Seem Correlated To Future Market Volatility
  104. CNBC Ratings Predicts Bailout To Pass, VIX To Fall
  105. Comedians Tosh, Gaffigan and Hedberg for Narcisissm
  106. Competency to Be Executed
  107. Competency To Commit Suicide?
  108. Congress Has Its Say, And It Says, "Hey, Did You Cashew Shells Loan Out All The Money We Told You Not To Dare Lose Any Of?"
  109. The Contagion Is The Solution
  110. Cookie Monster Becomes Aware
  111. Couple Reveals Child's Gender Five Years Too Late
  112. Craig Ferguson, The Jonas Brothers, and Katy Perry
  113. Crazy
  114. Cut Rates Now
  115. Who Bullies The Bullies?
  116. Damned If You Do... No, That's All. Damned If You Do.
  117. David Duchovny Does Not Exist
  118. Deconstructing a Promotional Slide Deck: Geodon
  119. Deja Vu
  120. Delaying Gratification Is Easy If You Don't Try
  121. Desmond's Teleological Suspension of The Ethical-- Or My Novel?
  122. Deus Ex Homonymia
  123. Diana Chiafair 's Hot, but Is She Illegal?
  124. Did BP Fake A Picture? Yes, But We Did Even Worse
  125. District 9
  126. District 9 Now Elsewhere
  127. Do Antidepressants Induce Mania?
  128. Do Cougars Exist?
  129. Doctors May Only Be Paid Once
  130. Does Media Reporting Of Suicides and Homicides Promote Copycats?
  131. Do Narcissists Get Abortions?
  132. Don Draper Voted "Most Influential Man"
  133. What The Miss USA Pageant Says About Us
  134. Don't Hate Her Because She's Successful
  135. Don't Settle For The Man You Want
  136. The Dove Sketches Beauty Scam
  137. Do We Want Neuroimaging In Court?
  138. Dr. Nasrallah Asks Questions That No One, Including He, Wants Answered
  139. Drug Reps From Congress To Detail Doctors
  140. DSM-V Controversies
  141. Economy: Where We Go From Here
  142. ECT Deserves A Press Release
  143. Either Conservatives Are Cowards Or Liberals Are...
  144. Election 2008
  145. Election 2008: "What Patriotism Means To Me"
  146. Eliot Spitzer and Alexandra Dupre: Don't Choose The Red Pill
  147. Elizabeth Smart: Hey, You Brought It Up
  148. Esmin Green Died Because Only Kings County Hospital Cared
  149. Everyone Goes Crazy In A Different Way, As Long As That Way Is The Same
  150. Everything's Amazing and Nobody's Happy
  151. Experts Weigh In On Bipolar Disorder
  152. Family Annihilators Don't Do It Because They Love You
  153. Fanapt: Deconstructing A Promotional Slide Deck
  154. Fanapt Slide Deck
  155. Farewell, Depression
  156. FDA Discovers That Anticonvulsants Cause Suicide, Too
  157. Fearless Kids Go On To Become Criminals
  158. Federal Judges Order California To Release 50,000 Inmates
  159. Fifty Percent of Foster Kids Are On Psychiatric Medications
  160. Finding Existential Solace In A Pink Tied Psycho
  161. First Anniversary Of The Death Of Antidepressants
  162. First Person Account Of The Milgram Experiment
  163. Forget Paypal- This Is What Blogging Is All About
  164. Four Things Not To Do To Your Kids
  165. Fox & Friends punked by Obama supporter
  166. Friday Diversion: Jonathan Coulton
  167. Frosty The Snowman
  168. FTAC: Forensics Gone Awry, And I told You So
  169. Funeral
  170. Further Thoughts on Competency To Be Executed
  171. Geodon Is Not BID
  172. Geodon slide deck post finished
  173. God's Cheat Code For Accuracy
  174. Good Game, America
  175. Gossip Girl Is Going To Corrupt Someone
  176. Grade Inflation [2015]
  177. This Week On Grey's Anatomy The Preposterous Happens
  178. Guess What Isn't The Cause Of Physician Suicide
  179. Guess What Is Unstoppable: Movie Review
  180. Happy Fourth Of July
  181. Happy New Year 2011 From Your Friendly Neighborhood Pirate
  182. Has Anyone Noticed That Price Of Gold And Platinum Is The Same?
  183. Healthcare Reform Is About Protecting Monopolies
  184. Healthcare Savings Accounts: Emphasis on Savings, Not Healthcare
  185. Heidi's Real Problem On The Hills: She's In The Wrong Movie
  186. Here's What Governor Spitzer Should Do With The Pedophiles: Send Them To Cuba
  187. Here's What Happened When I Went To LAX With No ID: Nothing
  188. The Effects Of Too Much Porn: "He's Just Not That Into Anyone"
  189. He's Not Yelling At You Because He's Angry
  190. Hey! We Just Now Invented A Cocaine Vaccine 9 Years Ago
  191. Hipsters On Food Stamps, Part 1
  192. Hipsters On Food Stamps, Part 2
  193. Holy Crap, I'm On Wikipedia
  194. Hong Kong Suicides, Revisited
  195. Hop, With Russell Brand: A Life Lesson For 4 Year Olds
  196. Hospitals Accused of Patient Dumping To Pay
  197. Hot Sports Reporter Ines Sainz Was Sexually Harassed
  198. How Am I Going To Get Paid If It Isn't Autism?
  199. How Dangerous Is Academic Psychiatry? Ask David Foster Wallace
  200. How Doctors Don't Think
  201. How Does The Shutdown Relate To Me?
  202. How Do Antipsychotics Cause Weight Gain?
  203. How Do You Lose Weight? Which Diet Is The Best?
  204. How Do You Treat Atrial Fibrillation?
  205. How Not To Meet Women
  206. How Not To Prevent Military Suicides
  207. How Seroquel XR Works, Part 1
  208. How Seroquel XR Works, Part 2
  209. How To Be Mean To Your Kids
  210. How To Create: Motivation for 2010
  211. How To Destroy A Marriage
  212. How To Draw (This Is Not An Article About How To Draw)
  213. How To Get Rich In Psychiatry Steps 1-5
  214. How To Get Rich In Psychiatry Steps 6-10
  215. How To Get Rich In Psychiatry (update on stocks)
  216. How To Lose Weight, Method #394
  217. How To Promote Energy Conservation
  218. How To Take Ritalin Correctly
  219. How To Treat Vertigo
  220. How To Write A College Application Essay Or Personal Statement
  221. How to Write A Suicide Note
  222. Hunger Games Catching Fire: Badass Body Count
  223. I Am Tiger Woods, Part 1
  225. If Bipolar is Kindled Than You're In Trouble
  226. If France Gets Its Way, 38 Million People Will Die
  227. If I've Won Cronkite, I've Won America
  228. If These Guys Aren't Invested, Then It's Over
  229. If this blog were a book you would give to someone else, what posts would you want in it?
  230. If This Is One of The Sexiest Things You've Ever Seen, You May Be a Narcissist
  231. If You Are Surprised By Vioxx's Risks, You're Fired
  232. If You Have To Ask, The Answer Is Neither
  233. If You Liked The Descendants, You Are A Terrible Person
  234. If You're Drinking Decaf, You're Probably Too Tired To Read This
  235. If You're Reading It, It's For You?
  236. If You're Watching, It's For You
  237. If You Want The Closest Thing To A Financial Disaster, Look To Etrade: How To Be Up 50% And Still Lose Everything
  238. I Go To Germany For A Week, And The Country Implodes
  239. Illusionist
  240. I'm Building A Rape Tunnel
  241. Imitrex (sumatriptan) Is Good For Many Headaches-- And Therefore Dangerous
  242. I'm Not The One You Should Be Worried About
  243. I'm One of The Best Doctors In America. Seriously.
  244. Impulsivity In Kindergarten (Does Not) Predict Future Gambling
  245. Inception Explanation
  246. Infidelity And Other Taboos, Media Style
  247. "Inflammable Means Flammable? What A Country!"
  248. In Honor Of Columbus Day: Christopher Columbus Was Wrong
  249. In My Language
  250. Intentionality In Treatment
  251. Interest Rates and The Moral Hazard: Why You Must Buy GOOG Now
  252. Internet Addiction Belongs In The DSM-V
  253. Intrinsic Value of Money
  254. Is A Brain Glitch To Blame For Financial Crisis?
  255. Is An Hourglass Figure The Ideal? Only If You're Weak And Stupid
  256. Is Cho The Question?
  257. Is Genetically Modified Food Safe?
  258. Is Internet Addiction Really An Addiction?
  259. Is More Regulation Needed?
  260. Is Obama Inspiring Black Adults To Step Up? The Nature Of Altruism, Part 1
  261. Is Schizophrenia Really Bipolar Disorder?
  262. Is Taking Nothing Legal?
  263. Is The Cult Of Self-Esteem Ruining Our Kids?
  264. It's Either Narcissism Or Dementia
  265. It's Not A Lie If It's True
  266. Why Do Politicians Cheat?
  267. I Win Again
  268. What Political Propaganda Looks Like
  269. Jay-Z Calls The Next Market Move
  270. Jay-Z Gives Ten Reasons Why Pop Culture Authenticity Is Real Only If It's Fake On Purpose
  271. Jay-Z Is A Genius
  272. J Crew Ad Promotes Something That Some Call "Transgenderism"
  273. Jezebel Proves Scott Adams Is Right
  274. Joe Paterno Fired For A Crime He Didn't Commit
  275. Judge Beats His Daughter
  276. Judges Accused Of Supporting Social Change As Per Script
  277. Just Because You See It, Doesn't Mean It's Gone
  278. Just How Many Drinks A Day Is Bad?
  279. Kanye West And The Video Music Awards
  280. Kerouac's On The Road: The 50th Anniversary Of A Book I Had Not Read
  281. LA Fitness Shooter George Sodini Did Not Kill Because He Was A Misogynist
  282. Language And Behavior, Embodiement, and Chronic Pain
  283. Law Says To Science, "You're Kidding Me, Right? "
  284. Lawsuit Funding
  285. Life's Possibilities As Seen By Men And Women
  286. Liver and Medications
  287. Lost TV Series: Desmond's Fear and Trembling
  288. Louis CK on being a dad-- the hidden piece of his happiness
  289. Love Means Not Letting The Other Person Be Himself [2015]
  290. Love The Way You Lie (With Me)
  291. Lunar Cycles and Psychiatry
  292. Luxury Branding The Future Leaders Of The World
  293. Major Depression is Major Depression, Until Proven Otherwise
  294. Man Convicted Either For Child Porn Or Nothing
  295. Man In Coma For 23 Years Not In Coma
  296. March 13 Week on Partial Objects
  297. Marc Maron's Mid-Life Crisis
  298. Market Capitulation
  299. Massacre of The Unicorns
  300. Why Do The Elderly Commit Suicide?
  301. McCain, Obama Describe Tim Russert-- And Themselves
  302. Medical Bankruptcies, Redux
  303. Mel Gibson Audio Tapes: A Closer Look At What Was Said
  304. Merck Publishes A Fake Journal
  305. Merry Christmas
  306. Michael Jackson Died Of Overdose
  307. Miners Get Paid, As Expected
  308. Missing The Point At The NY Times
  309. MMR Vaccine Finally Cleared Of Assault
  310. MMS Chicks: Oil, Sex, Drugs And Anything Else You Want To Imagine
  311. Modafinil vs. Clozaril
  312. Mood Stabilizer + Antipsychotic for Bipolar
  313. More On Amygdala, Anxiety, and MRIs
  314. More on Medical Competency
  315. More On Medical Journals
  316. Moriarty
  317. Most Common Cause Of Bankruptcy Is Catastrophic Medical Bills
  318. Most Frustrating Technology of 2010 (so far): Google Android
  319. Most Prescribed Drugs 2009: Post 1, JFK to SFO
  320. Murder-Suicide
  321. "My daughter deserved to die for falling in love" [2015]
  322. My Fellow Americans: The Speech President Bush Should Give
  323. "My fiancee is pushing me away and I've lost hope"
  324. My name is NotMichaelBay, and I just fucked your girlfriend
  325. Narcissism Out Of The DSM-- And Into The Open
  326. Narcissism Run Rampant
  327. Narcissism Up In College Students; The Goal Is To Keep Them In Puberty, Part 3
  328. Nature Says Scientists Use Performance Enhancing Drugs
  329. Nature Weighs in On What Is True
  330. Neither Is This Is A Narcissistic Injury
  331. No Bias Anywhere Here: The Future Of Bias
  332. "Nobody will understand what went on in this house to drive my dad to this level of insanity"
  333. No, Not Effexor, Too!? The Most Important Article On Psychiatry You'll Ever Read, Part II
  334. No One Likes A Sure Thing
  335. No One Noticed
  336. No Self-Respecting Woman Would Go Out Without Make Up
  337. Not A Good Month For Blonde Reporters
  338. Not Competent To Make Medical Decisions?
  339. Not Yet Ready For Porn
  340. Number Needed To Treat
  341. NY v Junco: Sex, Civil, Hygiene, and Mental, All In One Post
  342. Obama And McCain On Mental Health Coverage
  343. Observations Afterwards
  344. Ocean Marketing Supports Obama
  345. Odd Finding of Gender Differences In Walking
  346. Off Label Prescribing Turns Out To Be On Label
  347. Ohio Mom In Jail For Sending Kids To The Wrong School
  348. Oh, Please, What Do Europeans Know About Psychiatry?
  349. On Being White
  350. One Last Word on University Suicide
  351. One Of These Things Is A Straw Man, And The Other Is On Fire
  352. One Should Note...
  353. One Way Our Schools Are Training New Narcissists
  354. Or, You Could Just Nuke The Bitch
  355. Osama Bin Laden Has Been Killed
  356. Parenting and Personality Disorders
  357. Parenting and Personality: MAO-A
  358. Paris Hilton Loses Inheritance
  359. Paris Hilton or Mary Winkler? Forensics Gone Awry
  360. Part 2: Why Can't Kids Walk Alone To School
  361. Partial Objects
  362. Pathological Liars
  363. Paul Ryan vs. Rage Against The Machine
  364. Pediatric Bipolar. Yeah. Okay.
  365. Pedophilia Is Normal, Because Otherwise It's Abnormal
  366. Pedophilia Makes You Stupid
  367. Penelope Trunk, Abuser
  368. Pesticides And Fruit
  369. "Pivotal Role That Psychiatry Has Come To Play"
  370. Plan B Emergency Contraception: Doctors Out of Their League, Again
  371. Is Obstetrics Worse Than Psychiatry?
  372. Platinum vs. Gold
  373. The Ten Biggest Mistakes Psychiatrists Make
  374. When Your Patient's Parent Is A Psychiatrist and A Patient and You Just Want To Go To Bed
  375. Can A Patient Postpone Their Own Death?
  376. How To Be Powerful, And Why You Are Not
  377. Pre-Fed Update
  378. Presidential Anti-Pharma Rhetoric Heats Up
  379. Pricing of Placebo Affects Efficacy
  380. Probably Not The Best Lesson, But One Of The Few I Know
  381. Product Review: Panasonic PT AX200U (Hipsters On Food Stamps Part 3)
  382. Provigil vs. Cocaine
  383. Pseudoseizures vs. Seizures
  384. Psychiatry Is Politics
  385. Psychiatry is the pressure valve of society
  386. Psychology vs. Psychiatry
  387. Psychopaths Are Charming?
  388. Psychopathy, Antisocial Personality Disorder, and Narcissism
  389. Radio Host Has Drug Company Ties
  390. Everything Is A Teachable Moment When You Are A Piece Of Garbage
  391. Raising Wine Prices Makes Wine Taste Better
  392. Ramachandran's Mirror
  393. Randi Zuckerberg Thinks We Should Untangle Our Wired Lives
  394. Reality Responds To The Matrix
  395. Real Men Want To Drink Guinness, But Don't Expect Them To Pay For It
  396. Real Or Fake? (Fake.)
  397. Recent Trends in Stimulant Medication Use Among U.S. Children
  398. Reciprocal Determinism And Why Punching People Out Is Way Cool
  399. Recollections Of Your Parents Before And After You Have Children
  400. Refusing To Answer The Feds
  401. Relative Income Inequality
  402. Ritalin Causes Cancer?
  403. Ritalin Doesn't Cause Cancer(?)
  404. Rutgers Student Commits Suicide (After (Being Taped) (Having (Gay) Sex))?
  405. Sara Ackerman Is Both a Nut, and X
  406. Schizophrenia and Dry Cleaning?
  407. Scientists Find Evidence For The Unconscious
  408. Second Life Is A Second Chance, Which Is Why It Fails
  409. Secretary Paulson Implements the Regulatory Act of 1773
  410. Selegiline Again-- Neuroprotective?
  411. Selegiline: Can I Still Smoke Crack?
  412. Self-Embedding Syndrome: What's Going On In Ohio?
  413. Seroquel For Bipolar Maintenance
  414. Sex In The City 2
  415. Shame
  416. Shame Is The Desired Outcome
  417. "She Said She Had Breast Cancer-- But She Lied"
  418. Shhh-- Don't Tell Anyone Cheerios Lowers Cholesterol
  419. There's A Shortage of Psychiatrists Somewhere, We Just Have To Find It
  420. Short Film: Bad At Math
  421. Should Hubris Be In The DSM-V?
  422. Should Kids Go To College Early?
  423. Should School Start Later?
  424. Shouting vs. Spanking
  425. Six Quick Changes That Will Lead To Better or More Cost Effective Hospital Care
  426. Sleep Loss And Moral Judgment
  427. So At Least Two People Agree With Me
  428. Social Welfare Is A Red Herring: The Return Of Feudalism
  429. So Doctors Are Allowed To Breast Feed
  430. So Ends The Ochlocracy of Medicine: How To Fix Medicaid, Part 1
  431. Some Inspirational Words From My Friend In Colorado Springs
  432. Sometimes The Question Is Worse Than Any Answer
  433. Stanford Prison Experiment Redux
  434. STAR*D Augmentation Trial: WRONG!
  435. Star-D Study Participants: What's Wrong With These People?
  436. Still Alive
  437. Stopping Meds Does Not Cause Relapse
  438. Study Finds Chocolate Causes Depression. In Other News, These Kinds Of Studies Cause Insanity
  439. Subtypes of OCD
  440. Suicidal Patients' Access To Their Psychiatrist
  441. Who Died?
  442. Psychiatrists On The Wrong Side of Civil Rights, Again
  443. Suicide Note Revisited: Formulation
  444. Sunshine and Suicide
  445. Superman's A Baby, But He's Still Superman
  446. Swallow This: How Seroquel XR Works, Part 3
  447. Taboos Are The Ways Christians Try To Control Us [2015]
  448. Tech Sunday: Will.I.Am Gets A Job At Intel
  449. Teenage Girls May Be Having Oral Sex, But The Problem Is You
  450. Temper Tantrums In The DSM
  451. Ten Extra Seconds Would Have Saved True Detective's Finale
  452. Ten Things Wrong With Medical Journals
  453. How 9-11 Changed America Ten Years On
  454. Test of Psychopathy 2
  455. Test Of Psychopathy?
  456. Thank God The 'Heart Attack Grill' Is A Great Name; Also, How To Learn French
  457. The 1000 Point Drop and What Is Happening Now
  458. The Abusive Boyfriend
  459. The Action Movie Fairy Tale
  460. The APA Says The Media Is Making Women Really Hot
  461. The Atlantic Recommends Abandoning Marriage Because One Of Its Writers Can't Keep It In Her Pants
  462. The Best Way To Improve Your Creativity
  463. The Black Swan Movie Review Criminal Attorneys And Hollywood Don't Want You To Read
  464. The Boy Who Cried Wolf
  465. The Boy Who Learned To Talk Too Late And Too Fast
  466. The British Model Of Cost Effectiveness Fails On Philosophy
  467. The Bubble In Academic Research
  468. The Charade is Revealed-- We Are Doomed
  469. The Chart Is Dead, Long Live The Chart
  470. The CIA Has The Same Problem Medicine Does
  471. The Cognitive Kill Switch
  472. Advertising's Hidden Second Message
  473. The Coming Global Collapse, Sponsored By British Airways
  474. The Communists Say James Bond Is Anti-Communist
  475. The Conspiracy Theorist's Guide The Financial Crisis
  476. The Copenhagen Interpretation of Lost
  477. "The Copycat Effect:" Does Reporting Violence Lead To Violence?
  478. The C Team
  479. The Dead Sea Effect In Academia
  480. The Decline Effect Is Stupid
  481. The Diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder: What Does It Really Mean? [2015]
  482. The Difference Between An Amateur, A Scientist, And A Genius
  483. When Therapy Won't Work, Try Cymbalta. When Cymbalta Doesn't Work, You're Dead Meat
  484. The Dumbest Economic Collapse In History
  485. The Dumbest Generation Is Only The Second Dumbest Generation
  486. The Enemies Of Promise Guard The Road To Success
  487. The Extent Of Psychiatric Knowledge
  488. The Fall And Rise Of Rebecca Black
  489. The Father That Shot His Daughter's Computer
  490. The FDA Says No Black Box Needed On Drugs That Increase Suicidality, But Still Needed For Those That Don't
  491. The Fed's Dilemma: The Moral Hazard
  492. The Fort Hood Shooter: A News Quiz
  493. The Fraud Isn't Baby Einstein
  494. The French Obey Authority Figures
  495. The Girls Of Pfizer
  496. The Graying Of Kindergarten: The Goal Is To Keep Them In Puberty, Part 1
  497. The Harvard Cheating Scandal Is Stupid
  498. The Hidden Zero Effect
  499. The Hunger Games Is A Sexist Fairy Tale. Sorry.
  500. The Legend Of Steven Colbert
  501. (Part 2) The Limits of Control: The Dream
  502. The Limits Of Control: The Movie
  503. The Lululemon Whydunnit
  504. The Maintenance Of Certification Exam As Fetish
  505. The Massacre Of The Unicorns II
  506. The Media Is The Message, And The Message Is You're An Idiot
  507. The Military And PTSD: A Star Wars Guide
  508. The Moral Hazard
  509. The Most Important Article On Psychiatry You Will Ever Read
  510. The Most Prescribed Drugs
  511. The Nature Of The Grift
  512. The Near Death Of A Salesman
  513. The Neurobiology of Wisdom
  514. The New Yorker Writes About Power
  515. The New York Yankees: Mission Accomplished
  516. Greece To Pay Disability Benefits To Pedophiles: America To Report On It
  517. The Next Step: Suspend The Capital Gains Tax, and The Market
  518. The Other Abortion Question
  519. The Other Ego Epidemic
  520. The Other Soprano Psychiatrist
  521. The Other Technical Analysis
  522. The Paycheck Cycle
  523. The Perfect Game: What Would You Do?
  524. The Plan Will Always Fail Catastrophically
  525. The Pornography Of Medicine
  526. The Problem With Science Is Scientists
  527. The Problem With One Specific Female Doctor
  528. The Process of Bringing New Drugs To Market
  529. The Psychological Uncertainty Principle
  530. The Question Isn't Why Do Babies Do It
  531. The Rage Of The Average Joe
  532. The Real Mystery of 'Lost'xiii
  533. There Is No Link Between ADHD And Organophosphate Pesticides
  534. The Scariest Thing I Have Ever Seen
  535. The Second Story Of Echo And Narcissus - Audio
  536. The Sex-Starved Wife
  537. The Sopranos Finale Explained
  538. The Source Of Society's Ills
  539. The Special Circumstance Which Causes The Wisdom Of Crowds To Fail
  540. The Second Story Of Echo And Narcissus
  541. The Suicide Of Bill Zeller
  542. The Supreme Court Hears Arguments That Warning Labels Should Include Things Done Correctly
  543. The Terrible, Awful Truth About The Debt Ceiling
  544. The Terrible, Awful Truth About The Tax Cuts
  545. The Trouble With Charlie Sheen
  546. The Trouble With Psychiatry-- "Not Even Wrong"
  547. The Truman Show Delusion Is Not Real
  548. The Twilight Movie Review Your Boyfriend Doesn't Want You To Read
  549. The Ultimate Explanation Of Inception
  550. The Ultimatum Game Is A Trap
  551. The Walking Dead: Not About Zombies
  552. The Wisdom Of Crowds Turns Into Madness
  553. The Woman Who Can't Forget Is Awesome Because She Can Forget
  554. The Women Of Lipstick Jungle Are The Same Age As Rachel From Friends
  555. The World Is At A 52 Week Low, And The Past 10 Years Never Happened
  556. The Worst Thing That Can Happen Is You Succeed
  557. The Writers of Fool's Gold Get One Thing Right
  558. The Wrong Lessons Of Iraq
  559. They're Going To Get Paid No Matter What
  560. This Is Baywatch
  561. This Is How I Know Society Is Collapsing
  562. This Is Just a Joke, Really, No, Really, It's Not Real, We're Much More Rigorous Than This, I Said It's A Joke, Okay? Let It Go!
  563. This Is Not A Narcissistic Injury
  564. This Is What You Wanted, Right?
  565. This Is Why Medical Care Is Expensive
  566. This Is Why The American Dream Is Out Of Reach
  567. This Man Killed His Family And He Doesn't Know Why
  568. This Needs To Be Explained
  569. This Onion Clip Is Hilarious; Now Let Me Tell You Why It's Scary
  570. This Shall Pass
  571. This Time It's ESP
  572. This Will Either Mean Something To You, Or It Won't
  573. Those Five Days Matter More Than Anything, Except The Other Days
  574. Three Vignettes You Won't Understand Until I Explain Them, And Then It Will Be Too Late
  575. Tiger Woods, Part 2
  576. Time Magazine Asks Cleveland Clinic What To Do About The Healthcare Crisis
  577. Time Magazine Stays Out Of the Election
  578. Time's Person of the Year Is Someone Who Doesn't Actually Matter
  579. To The Brain, God Is Just Another Guy
  580. Transgender Man Is On Women's Basketball Team, Sort Of
  581. Treating Insomnia With Less
  582. True Detective's Detective
  583. TV Creates Its Own Enemies
  584. Two Causes Of Autism
  585. Undue Influence On Psychiatrists, Or The Public?
  586. University Shootings: I'm Sure It's All Just A Coincidence
  587. University Suicides On Schedule
  588. Unpublished Lamictal Studies Left Us Thinking It Was An Antidepressant
  589. Update on Schering Plough
  590. Upgrading Movable Type Is Like Getting Hit By A Bus While Watching An Airplane Crash
  591. USAToday Says Drug Ads Are Smarter Than Doctors
  592. Vanderbilt University: The Goal Is To Keep Them In Puberty, Part 2
  593. Violence Intervention Program
  594. Violent Crime vs. Coffee vs. Wine
  595. Vioxx
  596. Vote
  597. Vytorin
  598. Wakefield And The Autism Fraud-- The Other Part Of The Story
  599. Wanted, Starring Angelina Jolie, Is The Greatest Movie Of Our Generation
  600. Was Brontosaurus A Herbivore?
  601. Wasted Billions In Iraq
  602. We Are All Mercantilists Now
  603. We Are All Skyscrapers Now
  604. We Have Breaking News: You Don't
  605. Werther Effect: Copycat Suicides May Not Exist
  606. What An Obama Presidency Means For Blacks
  607. What Are We Voting For?
  608. What Design Flaws Need Fixing In This Blog?
  609. What Did You (Not) Do In 2008?
  610. What Does The Woman Who Feels No Fear Feel?
  611. What Else Causes Suicide? You'll Never Guess
  612. What Goes Wrong In A Psychiatrist's Family?
  613. What Happens If Pharmaceutical Marketing Disappears? Part 1
  614. What Happens To An Action Hero When We Grow Up?
  615. What Happens To Fake Studies?
  616. What Hath Google Wrought
  617. What Healthcare Reform Means To Hospitals
  618. What iPads Will Do To Your Family
  619. What Is A Real Man?
  620. What is Off Label Usage?
  621. What Is The Best and Healthiest Coffee To Drink?
  622. What Percentage of Suicides Had Depression?
  623. Does CNBC Cause Market Volatility?
  624. What Should Count As A Disease?
  625. "What should I say/do to my son after this happened to him?"
  626. What Should Really Be Done For Autistic Children?
  627. The Fundamental Error Of Parenting: What's The Difference Between a Tiger Mom and A Wolf Dad?
  628. What's Wrong With Research In Psychiatry?
  629. What's Wrong With The Hunger Games Is What No One Noticed
  630. What The Hell Kind Of Suicide Assessment Is This?
  631. What To Do About Sexy High School Girls Having A Slumber Party
  632. What US v. Comstock Means To You
  633. What Was The Matrix?
  634. What Would You Do If Your Fiance Gave You a Ring That Wasn't Good Enough?
  635. What Would You Do If Your Fiancee Rejected The Ring As Not Good Enough?
  636. What You Need To Know About The MAOI (Selegiline) Patch
  637. When A Culture Is This Invested In The Lie, The Culture Is Finished
  638. When CGI Porn Looks Real: Is Anyone Thinking About The Children?
  639. When I Get Writer's Block, You Get This
  640. When I Said Doctors Were Too Involved In Social Policy, This Isn't Exactly What I Meant
  641. When Is It Okay To Rape A Woman? [2017]
  642. When Lilly Pays Out $800M, Where Does That Money Go?
  643. When Was The Last Time You Got Your Ass Kicked?
  644. Where Are They Now?
  645. Where Did The Title Come From?
  646. Where Does A Tree Get Its Mass?
  647. Where Parents Go Wrong
  648. Which Is Healthier: A Dunkin Donuts Bagel, Muffin, or Donut?
  649. Which Is Worse: An Altered Photo of Reality, Or A Photo That Alters Reality?
  650. White People Think Black People Are Dirty
  651. Who Are We?
  652. Who Can Know How Much Randi Zuckerberg Is Worth?
  653. Who's Afraid Of Lil Wayne?
  654. Who Should Pay For Continuing Medical Education?
  655. Who Would Benefit?
  656. Why Are Athletes Barely Better Than Their Competitors?
  657. Why Are So Many Psychiatrists From India?
  658. Why A Story About Russian Spies Who Use Facebook?
  659. Why Can't Kids Walk Alone To School? Part 1
  660. Are Chinese Mothers Superior To American Mothers? [2005]
  661. Why Did George Sodini Shoot Women?
  662. Why Do Autistics Score Poorly On The Eyes Test?
  663. Why Do Doctors Accept Gifts, And What Would Happen If They Didn't?
  664. Why Fly When You Have Tuberculosis?
  665. Why I Am Against Mental Health Parity
  666. Why Is It So Hard To Find A Good Black Man To Marry?
  667. Why Is Mel Gibson So Angry?
  668. Why Is There So Much Pollen?
  669. Why Is This Funny?
  670. Why No Progress Will Ever Be Made In Psychiatry
  671. Why Parents Hate Parenting
  672. Why The Latest Season Of Mad Men Blows
  673. Why We Are So Obsessed With Culpability vs. Mental Illness
  674. Why We Are Terrible At Math (And Reading Comprehension)
  675. Why We Love Sociopaths
  676. Will Lilly's New Glutamate Agonist Antipsychotic Be A Blockbuster?
  677. Will The Suicide Rate Change As The Population Ages?
  678. Will You Ever Be Happy?
  679. Wine Is Healthy In A New (Or Old) Way
  680. Wolf Blitzer Is Not An Idiot
  681. Wolf Dad, Tiger Mom, And Why Trying To Be A Good Parent Is A Bad Idea
  682. Worried About What Kids Will See On The Internet?
  683. Worse Than The Flu
  684. WOW
  685. Written Authority For Standard Of Care
  686. Wrong About Obama
  687. Wrong About Obama II
  688. Xanax, Vicodin, Percocet, Ritalin and Valium
  689. Yeah, Well, Cry Me A River
  690. Yet Another Study On Antidepressants, And No One Notices The Timing
  691. You Always Know Less Than Your Source, Unless It's Balenciaga
  692. You Are The 98%
  693. You Can Have Your License Revoked For That?
  694. "[You, not I, are] killing people on a grand scale"
  695. Youth Suicide Rates Up? Not So Fast
  696. You Want To Be Don Draper? You Already Are
  697. Why Zyprexa (And Other Atypical Antipsychotics) Make You Fat
  698. Zyprexa's Weight Gain: Does What You Eat Matter More Than How Much?

I then proceeded to download each of these ; along with the images included by Ballas in the articles as content (but not various spurious inclusions such as voting buttons etc.).

This resulted in a ball of gnarl, about 45% by weightxiv spurious mark-up and similar nonsensexv. I then proceeded to (mostly) de-gnarl the ball of gnarlxvi, producing a flatfile of the textual content of the archive, which is temporarily available as fulltlp-clean2.txt. The original images discussed are also temporarily available.

I intend to read and adnotate each of these over the coming weeks (and also as feasible replace the shitty images of the original author with better variants if available).

So... hold on to your shorts, Trilema's feed's about to light up!

Questions for a putative interview with TLP, should he ever re-emerge.xvii

  1. When / under what circumstances did he start using the term "core dump" ?
  2. Did he enjoy a torid/platonic relationship with a certain teen by the name Brittany, cca 2011 ; and if torid, did consummation first occur just prior to June 8, 2011 ?
  3. At the time of penning of that Amy Schumer piece, had he any idea that Maria Schneider was raped in the making of Last Tango In Paris, in the specific sense that a) "the butter scene" was improv rather than scripted, and single-take ; b) she was neither consulted nor informed prior ; c) the whole thing was Brando's idea, and it mostly came to him as he went along and d) not only did she not enjoy herself, but rater quit acting as a result ?
  4. Does he actually imagine he's having relationships with the voices he hears ? Does he take that fantasy as far as to alter his behaviour / thought process according to what he imagines they'd enjoy or dislike ?
  5. Did he ever see Equus ? What did he make of the Kaopectate monologue ?
  1. Enumerated list : Clinical ; Clinical.Antipsychotics ; Clinical.Suicide ; Coffee,Liquor,Etc ; CoolBeyondWords ; Education ; HomicidalManiacs ; Humor ; InsuranceCompanies ; LegalIssues ; Media ; Money ; Movies,TV,andBooks ; Narcissism ; Pharma ; PhilosophicalSpeculations ; Politics ; PsychiatryGoneAwry ; RelationshipsandFamily ; Sadly,Porn ; ShortStories ; WRONG ; []
  2. via

    | grep -o '<a .*href=.*>' | sed -e 's/<a /n<a /g' | sed -e 's/<a .*href=['"'"'"]//' -e 's/["'"'"'].*$//' -e '/^$/ d'


  3. This "completeness" is self-evidently illusionary. For instance, the original article that sparked my interest in the man's work (so much so as to motivate me to translate it into Romanian back in February 2011) was long deleted by its original author. []
  4. Should anyone know of more articles I would very much appreciate a note in the comments section ; I will consider pretty much any custody chain or other proof of paternity for possible inclusion. []
  5. Content-less fluff piece, skipping. []
  6. Contentless piece, skipping. []
  7. The whole article consists of

    if CATIE is so important, and was funded by the NIMH (i.e. taxpayer dollars), why isn't it available free on the CATIE or NIMH websites?  Or anywhere else?  Snakes.  All of you are snakes.

    Which... you know. []

  8. Don't you find that really subtle differences between practically identical titles are the way to go ?

    This is incidentally one of my points of pride re Trilema : there are places where one must type no less than ten characters to distinguish between two articles, but when that happens it's Whore Street and prospective holocaust. vs Whore strat, ie, not even close at all! Not formally, at any rate, by which I mean... not literally. The tree is well divergent, its endpoints are well distributed over the space of possibilities, the leaf nodes are all reasonably distant, how should I put this. And I wrote a lot more articles than he did! []

  9. I'm not adnotating this specifically, it's just some fiction piece. []
  10. Empty article. []
  11. Nothing much here, included in the next one. []
  12. Nothing here, besides the vague announcement of "starting another blog". []
  13. Nothing there, he's just bitching about the TV schedule. []
  14. 4.2 Mb out of 7.7 Mb. Note that the 7.7 Mb figure excludes most of the original html, only the articles and titles having been retained. The material actually downloaded weighs in at 95 Mb, meaning that less than 5% of the html content served by is actually meaningfully related to Ballas' work. []
  15. Besides the usual USG tendrils proto-Republicans and other ideological innocents unavoidably end up scammed into including in their work and their life, there's also large piles of painfully ineptly autogenerated mark-up, in the vein of

    </blockquote><p style="margin-bottom: 0.2in;"><meta http-equiv="CONTENT-TYPE" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
    <meta name="GENERATOR" content=" 2.3 (Win32)"><style type="text/css"><meta http-equiv="CONTENT-TYPE" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
    <meta name="GENERATOR" content=" 2.3 (Win32)"><style type="text/css"><meta http-equiv="CONTENT-TYPE" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
    <meta name="GENERATOR" content=" 2.3 (Win32)"><style type="text/css">

    etc qs. []

  16. I also removed typographical idiosyncrasies of the original author, such as the double space. []
  17. Seeing how I'm keeping this open anyway for updating the links, I figure I might as well collect these here. The ordering's historical. []
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  1. Thanks for doing this. It would be a shame to have that site lost to bitrot.

    Is that original deleted article that inspired you in this list?

    Also, #453 has no title in this list.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 17 July 2019

    Good point. It's this thing :

    Contentless piece, which is why it got lost.

  3. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 21 July 2019

    Obviously enough this page keeps getting updated -- by the time I'm done it'll easily be the most updated article in the history of Trilema, and possibly the holder of the majority of updates a published article ever received, because I never used to do this before.

    So this is to say I meanwhile added an interview ideas list, and well... won't be "&updated" all the time in the future.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
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    Saturday, 12 October 2019

    Meanwhile I've decided I really don't like this tard (or rather, I kept observing he's moronic, taking a break, then starting over later with diminished enthusiasm -- until this last pass today when the diminishing finally crossed underwater) ; whatever semblance of insight might've originally sparked interest is so thoroughly buried under sprawling, unyielding idiocy his life's work is not worth my time.

    I've discontinued work on this score as a going concern ; I vaguely regret all the "" prefixed derpage littering my history pages, but I'm not going to actually delete them -- the normal flow of trilema will cover them under the sands of time presently anyway.

    In closing, I augur him the traditional "mai meri si-n pula, bai Ballas".

  5. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 8 August 2020

    Added #201.How Does The Shutdown Relate To Me? because of some shattered thoughts.

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