The negotiations of terms

Monday, 12 February, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

I dumped something in the vein of "Fetlife chicks are kinda dull" in channel yesterday. Here it is :

chickie Awesome! I am in Canada and I see you are in Costa Rica. I just spent the Christmas holidays in Mexico. If I let you tie me up, do I get to spend a week in Costa Rica?
Me Sure, why not. Buy your plane ticket and I'll pick up the hotel & feed you for the week.

chickie it took me 2 weeks to figure out how to respond to your last email, which I have to say was not well received. I don't need you to pick up the hotel and feed me. I found that insulting. I wanted to have an experience together, not negotiate terms... Maybe you can understand when the next girl offers to come for a visit

Me That's ok, there's really no room in this world for girls with delusions of equalitarianism or w/e that was.

By the reaction (both public and private) that met the item (both exactly identical) I came to suspect I'm perhaps the only one who understands what actually happened there. Yes a deal can be anything, so let's delve into this one!

First off, to get the minor point of pantsuit rhetorics out of the way : it's utterly untrue she "took two weeks" to complete the task of answering me (or for that matter any other task at any point during her short but insignificant life).

What happened there was that two weeks went by before her lazy, disorganised ass found itself in front of a blinking cursor in this specific box, and she did what she always does in this situation, be it Philosophy 404 or writing to her mom : she looked around, took in the surroundings, and attempted to forge that instant, present perception into some kind of passible shape. The rulebook guiding the attempt is based on her (limited) knowledge of the common locuses and general expectations of human beings, which is to say the sort of intellects that do have some notion of time rather than perpetually inhabit an unutterably sordid present. Exactly like the sociopath attempting to mimic humor, hence The Roomi, exactly like the ESL-tarded "business majors" attempting to mimic business, hence The Disaster Artist, exactly so the imbecile pantsuit attempts to mimic having a brain that's capable of supporting some sort of rational thought process while they have no such thing nor anything even vaguely similar.

That's the common, deep source of all those "As an X"ii bits of howling, batshit insane nonsense you previously found scattered everywhere yet never could explain. That's the common, deep root of all those inedible "human interest" ledes burying each and every unpublishable bit of drivel the jew press insists on publishing nevertheless. The "It was a summer day in Karachi and I was..."-style J. Peterman copy ? It comes from the same place the "as an X" construct comes, and really all of the rest of pantsuit abstract production : they are the necessary distortions wrought by a a timeless, memory-less signal processor "trying to fit in" a world made by humans for humans ; they mean no more nor connote any more than vibrations in an engine or ripples on the lake.iii

That out of the way, we can now proceed to

Does he love me ? I want to know how can I tell if he loves me so ? Is it in his eyes?
Oh no! You'll be deceived
Is it in his sighs?
Oh no! He'll make believe. If you want to know if he loves you so. It's in his kiss. That's where it is.

Call-and-response, because yes, Africans. The truth of the matter is, most women have always known and still to the present day do know (as they will forever know just as well) the facts of the matteriv ; and have consistently relied on the shriveled up old cunts to to divine their future as passive objects. Will "she be deceived" ie have to work hard for very little pay ? Is he looking to be financially dominated ? How can she tell ?!?!?!?!

It's not altogether unsensiblev an approach, even if it is thoroughly insensate. But it is also a crystal ball, and as a result it changes Do you know what it morphed into currently ? No, it's not "it's in his kiss" anymore, duh!

You've watched Scott Pilgrim vs the World with me, I know you have, because I mentioned it upstream and you definitely check up on all the references, being a respectable intellectual sorta fellow. You've watched it with me, but what did you see ?

There's for instance the scene where the girl, for no conceivable reason, "decides" to put out and finds herself in the "hero"'s bed. That part needs no explanation whatsoever -- yes it sucks to be them, but you're welcome to suck in one palm and piss in the other and report the revolutionizing, world-changing results at your leisure. There was no deciding there involved in any case (and mind the costs of pretending otherwise).

Then she decides, and this actually is a decision, that "she doesn't want to fuck anymore". Why ? What sort of insane, self-cutting, anorexic sense does this make ?

Exactly that! Precisely like anorexia, precisely like self-harm in general, the girl's doing the only thing she can do : reject what she needs, as the prisoner's only remaining avenue to signal. She's on hunger strike. But why ?

Why. Because she believes what the failuresvii told her, namely that if he sends her packing off to the dungeon to linger there chained against the cold wall with no food and water he "was an asshole" and therefore bad, whereas if he's a chinless limpdick of no possible import or consequence it's all alright and "he'll treat her right".

Why she would be dumb enough to believe this is not really germane -- for one thing I didn't yet meet anyone who actually did so believe ; for the other the actress surely doesn't ; for the third you hadn't thought about the waves, either. I guess it seems obvious now that you consider it but you never stopped to consider it before ? So what do you expect from ditzy twentysomething cuntlets then! They somehow came to believe that anything but catching a live one is a good outcome, and their lives really show the sad effects of the diligent application of just such nonsense.

But at least it keeps the printing press bills low, which is the ultimate point of this exerciseviii : "live ones" pose a disproportionate danger of actually doing something. As the perceived costs of doing are overwhelming the perceived benefits thereof (this, through a rational process, I have it under oath), it then follows that all your sons will have small chins.

See ? We actually understand each other!

  1. No, sorry, sociopathy is a disability, not The Power Of Cool. I'm aware ambitious betas have been miscasting it as "their missing and, alas, unreachable ingredient", a sort of "heroic flaw" if you will (don't!) for something like decades by now, yet that very much doesn't mean anything changed. It sure as fuck doesn't mean "oh, do we still have to DO that ? We all moved on as if this bit of fanfic were reality! And that makes it real [to me]!!", because nothing ever means that.

    Actual sociopaths don't live the life of the investment-banker-as-losers-imagine-it. Instead, they live the life of the Daltonist (except instead of not being able to distinguish green from red he's unable to distinguish eagerness from hatred, say), the life of the deaf (except instead of not being able to distinguish sounds, such as of speech, he's unable to distinguish emotional cues, such as on faces) and so following. It's a sad, desperate existence that only barely qualifies to human life, and if you had actually met some instead of wanking in your insalubrious tenement as to "how you imagine they'd be" you'd come off as a lot less idiotic.

    Same goes for girls, by the way. []

  2. In case you were wondering : just as MIT is chiefly famous for The Lightbulb Incident, Princeton is chiefly famous for trying to pass off Phuctor results with serials shaved off as their "own" and Harvard is chiefly famous for illiterate "graduates". []
  3. Speaking of which, you understand it's not the ocean that "makes" waves, yes ? The fucking earth makes the waves, what you perceive as "waves" are exactly nothing more than epiphenomena of the fundamentally insubstantial ocean trying to explain the rigid solidity of the earth to itself.

    Please tell me this isn't the first time you think of that. []

  4. They actually are the facts of the matter. That you "don't think so" is neither here or there. In fact, to help you understand your situation : suppose there's castle European Empire, consisting of so and so fortified positions, so and so fishing weirs, so and so everything in between, itemized. It costs so much to run, it produces so much by being run, in cheese, and young cunt ready and fretting for ravishment, in gold and whatever else.

    Suppose then the old owner of this item dies, and suppose his heirs are underage. That'd be you -- and by all appearences perpetually. So he does what one always does in this situation -- he leaves the execution of his testament in the hand of... well ? Some third party. That'd be the State.

    And what have we learned in De-Dumbifying 101 class that the agent always does in this relationship ? That's right! The State-executor of your father's will has all the interest in you a) staying underage, hence all the neoteny and b) pretending the property left him to pass on to you were worth a lot less than it actually is worth. Hence all the "human rights" and "decolonialization" and etecetera gargle.

    It's worth it for the State, even if Cape Town actually collapses into the sea. What's the alternative, having to give you account for the income you didn't see from that one colony ? No thanks, how about we act as if africans may make choices for themselves now, somehow, any proof to the contrary be damned.

    That you believe Claudius, earnestly or otherwise, just makes you a very happy/retarded Hamlet, naught more. Reality stays the way it always was, oman'yah. []

  5. The opposite of sensible. Insensible is "passed out", which has relativel little to do with it, Prozac notwithstanding. []
  6. The mores of Kink High be fickle indeed! []
  7. Again : success of society strictly depends on how well old women manage to train young women for slut-dom. If they fail, the whole thing ends, that's the proximate cause for "barbarians over the gate" moments : that the men can't be arsed to protect the dumb sort of old women that didn't make the young ones be sufficiently loose. []
  8. Remember the whole wrangling about "if the Fed has all this money, why's it not giving any of it to the kids ???". The problem with trying to build a society out of spending the money notional equivalents of free goods China keeps shipping (yet) for no apparent reason is that the overpowering concern is not rocking the boat, and a close second is "appearing respectable". That should explain a few things. []
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  1. When the original offence came up in channel, I was going to refine the argument against Canadians as a whole by pointing out that the galling ignorance displayed by fetlife fillie is only typical of the 70% of the population that honestly thinks themselves Canadians despite the only very recent cent-and-a-half-ary, mainly on account of their famblies having immigrated too long ago and the public education system having indoctrinated almost completely > 2nd-gen immigrants (20% of the country are 1st-gen immigrants, 9% are proper 2nd-genners (both parents)). The ripples on the lake are mostly confusing to the rats floating on driftwood who haven't the faintest clue from where or whence they came to find themselves here in the first place. In Canada, these lost souls even go so far as to call themselves "mutts," being born of an unknown and unknowable mix of German, French, English, Irish, Italian, some Metis, and whatever else besides. It's an apt description, and it leaves them only with reality tv, sports, junk food, and menial work related in one way or another to natural resource extraction... and a lot of ironically spinning in "progressive" circles.

    Anyways, I guess this comment is just as well immortalised on your blog rather than buried in the logs.

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