The girl that had the world ahead of her

Monday, 28 May, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

This much happens to be true, incidentally. She did have the world ahead of her, however briefly, while I talked to her. However briefly, however hopelessly, the ewe was nevertheless actually in the classroom, chewing peacibly at the paper in front of her.

It's not true, however, that there was one. In fact, there were two, supposedly distinct, allegedly distinguishable, entirely cosubstantial barn animals. I used "Burroughs' technique" to reproduce the monolinear flow out of their disparate, disjointed spews. The question before you is, can you reproduce the original "distinctions" ? Can you distinguish these putative "individual" cows at the breeding farm somehow ? Somehow, no matter how, to any degree, tiny as it may be ?

Because if you can't... the stakes are exceedingly high, you realise. Like the last time, like every other time, the stakes are your whole life. Can you, or can't you ? Is it, or isn't it ? We proceed!



Moo: Omfg

Moo : Not EVEN to mention if anyone is serving anyone in a relationship with me t'iaint going to be me. But again nice job on assumingii

Me : That's.... a lot of stuff.

Moo: And why I'm the would I do that? Not even kidding.

Me : You can start with Why would any girl want to be a slave ?! I guess.

Moo : No shit. Seriously talk to someone first before firing off your wack message because honestly we are not even close to compatible

Moo : No, you misunderstand. I know about the M/s dynamic. To better rephrase my question: Why would I do that for you?
You obviously haven't looked at my profile very well which is a red flag. You've breached protocol by propositioning me while I'm in a dynamic. You've not asked my daddy about this at all who has experience in M/s.
As he stated: Any man who msgs another person online, for lack of better terms, demanding service/submission deserves nothing. They're a pretender, a fake dom, a poser.
Daddy taught me well, engrained protocols, and etiquette in me.
Now if you wish to follow protcol, and speak to me with respect we can be friends.

Me : Lol. Suppose you stick with the dork in question instead, seems punishment enough.

Moo : I just read your profile too and I am laughing even harder because dude. Fifty shades is the worst fucking example of bdsm out there, it started as a twilight fan fiction, and I am not going to drop my life for some dude (ain't knocking girls who do just you for assuming). Like I just graduated with honors I got the world ahead of me. Thanks for the laugh tho

Moo : Well everything makes sense now, new to fet and the lifestyle. 25 friends, following over 10k women (doesn't come off as pathetic at all). No knowledge or protocol, or how to even carry yourself (you act like a dick when turned down) 37yr, thirsty, and desperate enough to msg someone asking them to serve you? Haha you're just another pathetic, thirsty, rapidly aging man who is lonely and can't get laid.
Good luck trying to get your little pecker wet

Me : "Following" is not nearly as meaningful as you assume. I don't think I've ever looked at anything to do with them at all ; the number is the result of automation, and there strictly to irritate the sort of assumptions you tend to make.

Moo : Following someone is the result of sending a friend request that hasn't been accepted. Meaning youve gone to over 10k profiles and sent friend requests. Your statement makes sense in this context
"I don't think I've ever looked at anything to do with them at all"
Had you taken a moment to look at my profile instead of throwing out blanket msgs, you'd see I'm in a dynamic/relationship, and I'm not interested in anything other than friendship. Instead you wasted your time (unless you really are as lonely as you come off and want someone to talk to.) When a breach of protocol was brought to your attention which you had made (protocol you as a 'master' should know) you came off as a butt hurt little boy resorting to insults.
Automation- the use of largely automatic equipment in a system of manufacturing or other production process.iii
You're typing words I don't think you know the meaning of.

Me : So how many passes of this "protocol" you imagine you can foist upon the world not working out for you does it take before you realise it's meaningless convention among people who have nothing to do with anything ?
It ~is~ a reviewable notion, yes, not a fixation. Hm ? Or you expect "Master that doesn't follow my protocol is not really a Master" to hold and "My prediction of what Masters do turns out to have been false" to not hold ? Are you educated enough to distinguish the structure of religious and scientific thinking if placed neatly before you or not quite ?

Moo : You really have no life do you? For some reason you just keep messaging me.

Me : Looky, I'm not particularly interested in what you think you're doing. I'm only interested in how well you pass my own filters. As far as it goes, your existence is purely performative. Why isn't this self-evident ?

Moo : I keep informing you how I'm not interested at all, and referencing basic protocols you've broken. Yet instead of apologizin for the insults, breach in protocol, and acting like an asshat you quickie change subject and continue to msg me

Moo : You proved my point again

Me : So tell me about this world you got ahead of you.

Moo : Why? It's not like this will go anywhere. Not to mention you in Costa Rica so like. We are never going to meet

Me : I was in Buenos Aires before, and all over Europe, the profile pic's taken in Turkey, and so on. Yet... I thought the world was ahead of you. What world, the inside of a cage ?
There's a lot you don't know, principally because your keepers don't tell you and you've not the werewithal to figure out much on your own.

Moo : Buddy I had figured plenty out on my own. Don't mansplain my own life to me because I don't want to be your slave and called you out on assuming someone who didn't explicitly say they were into that was into that. Certainly a bigger world than what some dude who doesn't know me assumes he can give especially after I said that if I was in that kind of relationship I would not be the caged one. Don't bring it up again.

Me : Is "mansplain" the updated soviet for "burgeois decadence" or what ?

And so it continues, indefinitely. Were I generous enough to keep throwing little tidbits of attention through the cage bars it would continue approximately forever, protestations of disinterest etc notwithstanding. Because yes, when sheep are concerned "no" very much means "yes". What the fuck else can it mean ?!

So anyway... how's the hallucinated optionality doing ? Pantsuit ideology defensible after all ? Aferations of unexamined individuality still erect ? Anything ? Hello ?


  1. Yes, I replaced their Windows apostrophes. Not because it'd have served to distinguish -- of course both retards use them, duh (and of course they're not aware that mark of idiocy already whispers stories in my ear that their brutish senses can not hear, DUH) -- but because I don't like the crap on my blog. D'uh. []
  2. That's part of the pantsuit retard handshake, the "accusing someone of assuming" bit. You're supposed to bla bla. It's like old style religious life, where the priest says dominus vobiscum (may your master cum on you, vobis being "you" and dominus being approximately how you say household), and the behehehes bray "et cum spiritu tuo", approximately preserved in Romanian as "[s-o] futi pe ma-ta". []
  3. Isn't the contrast between her satisfaction with her "education" and her utter cluelessness entirely sublime ?

    Was the point re "US education === sex abuse" ever more clearly splaid out for display ?

    Such unpleasant questions, especially if one's a moron. []

  4. I suppose there's always the usual solace of "at least we got the lolz", so don't feel too down about it. []
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