It's 2018, but the "average guy" still belongs in chains

Saturday, 10 March, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Mottoi : buncha discussion from 2010, "what is best payment processor ?" "oh paxum/payoneer/webmoney/they all suck", then someone posts about bitcoin and thread dies -- only to be resurected in 2016! where some dood goes "oh, you must be filthy rich now" in response to the bitcoin guy AND THEN!!! they go straight the fuck back to "paxum/payoneer/webmoney/they all suck". it's something beyond fucking comprehension this. schmucks entirely understand the problem, ~pretend~ to be involved in solving it, will NOT ditch the fucking pantsuit trappings like they're sutured to their ballsac.

Let's read together a piece that was linked in the log.

We started from the backroom IRC channels on 56k connections, so torrents have always been a blessing. Between 2005 and 2010, I think the rise of ‘Private’ trackers really started to make the scene shine. You were able to find and connect with the content you wanted as well as the communities of people who shared interests as well.

The private trackers gamified seeding and rewarded their best members, this is what really paved the way for seedboxes. The users felt a need to compete and often did not have access to the means to do so, but could contract these machines out to help them succeed. The demand for seedboxes started in about 2010, which I think you will see coincided with a huge spike of private tracker activity.

At our peak, we serviced over 4000 customers per month. Our total email database was well over 10,000 customer accounts. We did not monitor bandwidth or user activities as we felt this to be intrusive. We only dealt with server providers who offered unlimited bandwidth so that we were able to allow for the best user experience without limits.

We noticed around this time that streaming services had started to become mainstream in almost every home and people were simply not using our services anymore. The main cancellation reason for the last three years has been 'Not needed anymore'.

I think torrenting developed for many reasons including ease of use, availability and cost to access media. Many of these issues have been improved by current systems so there is no need for consumers to use torrents for half their content, but we aren’t there yet and the industry seems to be dialing it back again. If a customer needs dedicated Netflix, HBO, CBS and Hulu accounts to access the shows they want, they might see these costs as too much compared to a decent torrenting connection.

I'm not sure you understand quite what happened, so let's belabour the point. "Average guy" aka the zek cow utterly defeated the whole arrayed collective of their would-be handlers. "Hulu" or however you call the videopium drip pantsuit outfit didn't make the subscriptions cheap because it wanted to. They're cheap because they have to be cheap, and the reason they have to be cheap isn't the possibility of torrents, but the reality of torrents.ii

Once the first battle was won, however, and the pantsuit shitholes made were forced to make the pellets "cheap" and "accessible" (not any of the good stuff, but whatever, what's the herd need good stuff for, "action movies" and "blockbusters" be good enough) -- the fucking imbecile cows che non sono altro find themselves perfectly willing to give it all back to save twenny bux a month. Because yes, totally, the armor and helmet that ensured dominance and survival are "too heavy" now, for the fucking dogvomit that had no business being involved with helmet or armor in the first fucking place.iii

Here's how this works, for the record : at time t0 you have a bunch of small stores catering to their specific clients, in complex and fragmented demographics. As a result of this very fragmentation, total satisfaction aggregated over the various groups is significant. At t1 a "supermarket" shows up, and while it caters to absolutely nobody, it does offer cheaper alternatives for ~some fraction~ of everyone's purchase. Over a slow (adjustably slow -- by the supermarket) grind from t1 to an eventual t2, the original small stores lose enough of their business to Satan so as to no longer make economic sense, and consequently they are closed. Once sufficient small shops are closed, Satan can finally move undisturbed to its programme of "total national transformation", turning the once vibrant scene of 1960s New York into the sad absence you can perceive today, from Greenwich village to Hell's Kitchen. That'd be t3, where you currently live.

That's how socialism always works, in all fields, because that's what socialism fundamentally is : ruin and destruction of everything right, good, proper and worth living for.

And you let it do it ; which is why you can't ever have the franchise, and which is why we don't fucking like you, at all.

Any questions ?

  1. In case you're wondering, the "talent" part references an older event. []
  2. Let's quote from an entirely identical piece of NEET imbecility, except "totally different" from a "totally different" place and so on :

    Whenever you are connected to the outside world, you are prone to attacks. This is true even for the most simple web browsing activities and also for peer-to-peer file sharing. Nevertheless, sharing files impose additional security issues.

    As already explained, the BitTorrent protocol is much more secure than other file sharing networks, because you do not grant anyone the rights to browse your folders. But a torrent client is essentially a server and thus will be listening to a port for incoming connections. This means anyone can connect to you without your request, as long as they are using a compatible BitTorrent client and sharing the same file through the same tracker. This is obviously wanted, to maximize the number of potential connections with other peers, since the download speed depends on being connected to several of them, as already explained in the Download Speed section. Nevertheless, some people might try to use this opened pathway to your computer to gain unauthorized access to other resources on your machine.

    In a normal situation, the BitTorrent client will not allow any access to your computer other than transferring pieces of the file specified in the torrent metadata, between both connected peers. Nevertheless, security holes exists in any kind of software. So, if your torrent client has a security vulnerability, it could be used to gain access to other resources on your machine. Fortunately, there are lot's of people in the open source community that tries to find those flaws in applications and alert the community about possible risks. To minimize the risks you should always keep your system and torrent client updated with the latest patches.

    Having an updated system is essential for any Internet activity, but does not guarantee your immunity, since an attacker could be exploiting a security flaw that hasn't been discovered or fixed by the application developers, which are known as "zero-day exploits". To protect your machine against "zero-day attacks", you can use Apparmor to limit what resources and permissions are granted to your BitTorrent client, thus limiting what an attacker could do if he gains full control of your client. More about Apparmor at http://ubuntu[shitlink removed]

    Yes, that's right, "it is [secure, whatever] because it could be" and say one Hail Mary "keep up to date" (because totally, progress, the libertard church and all) and alliswell.

    Any questions ?

    Because if there's no questions I have a question myself. How the fuck do you even live with yourself while any of these amoeba shits still walk your ground ? Huh ?

    HUH ? []

  3. And besides, they'll always find them where they threw them off, and in the same condition as when they threw them off. Because that's how things work, didn't you know ?

    Not to mention god will just upload armor into their idiot skulls spontaneously (and, of course, painlessly) when needed. Because he has to. Because that's why he's god in the first fucking place, rite ? []

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