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Wednesday, 07 March, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Motto : "curvele" model 2.0 de azi is niste tanti
care stau si clicaie la plastic.
"cintaretele" is niste tanti care idem.
"dansatoarele" la fel. ospatarite, experte
in HR, vinzatoare de real estate, mame de familie,
piloate de avioane / stewardese / patinajiste / ce vrei tu.

About three months ago, I asked whitequarki if he wants to add #trilema to the list his logger logs, which he did.

The logic behind my asking is, transparently enough I hope, "hey, some people conceivably read that thing, if #trilema appears it is therefore conceivable they might read about it, and get involved".

The reason I asked him as opposed to ~anyone else~ is that as far as the eye can see no one else exists! For all the pretense to ability, skill and qualification, Freenode's practically speaking deserted, to a degree sadly reminiscent of Facebook.

Finally, the reason I asked him at all has to do with the acceptable technical standards maintained, chief among which

You can select bookmarkable message ranges by holding Shift and clicking on timestamp.

That three months have produced an okcupid bundleii in terms of bright new minds is so obvious and so utterly disgusting as to barely merit comment, so we'll pass it in silence. Instead, let's do the converse, and review the five-and-a-half dozen strong list of logged channels! Because why the hell not, right ? Maybe nobody has any time to do anything useful because everyone's so up to his ears in intricately documenting all the useful they aren't doing. So without further ado :

#arm-graphics : Dead.

#arm-notebook : Dead.

#bitcoin-wizards : Kanzure ag3nt_zer0ing for greater glory, and sipa talking to himself in circles around how pantsuit.eucrypt (called by them libsecp256k1) isn't actually usable for its intended purpose. I suppose in a very technical understanding of the terms not-quite-dead, but much rests on how you define "quite".

#bundler : Dead.iii

#cinch : Dead.

#coiniumserv : Dead.

#coiniumserv-dev : Very active and actually Dead.

#crystal-lang : Inane crap a la cat-viv.

#cubieboard : Dead.

#datamapper : Dead.

#elliotcable : Dead, just like Elliotv.

#gridcoin : Dead.

#gridcoin-dev : Heh. Seriously now, don't you think it's VERY ridiculous to ~start off~ with separation for concerns that don't in fact exist even jointly ? It took #trilema YEARS before the need for separate castles was even vaguely entertained at the theoretical level! And years more before it started being acted upon, that theory! How dares Schmucky McSchmuckerson act as if he's better than that ?

#homecmos : Dead.

#huawei-g300 : Dead, obviously, but holy hell, someone actually made a Freenode chan for that piece of crap ?!

#imx6-dev : Dead.

#imx6-dongle : Dead.

#ipfs : Working, after a fashion -- some dood announcing a pull request, some other dood inquiring whether restarting was tried. Nothing of interestvi but still, some movement rather than nature morte with mackerel and violins.

#jruby : ~dead, unless you particularly care to find out when subbu is now known as subbu|break and assorted rss-reader chatter.

#libreoffice-ru : Not much, but not exactly dead. Mostly a localization effort, but не домохозяйки пади!!!

#linux-exynos : Working, hardware minutia of (Samsung ?) cellphone processors.

#linux-rockchip : Working. Moneyshot

08:36 <hverkuil1> beeble: comparing the firefly dts from u-boot and kernel showed different tx/rx_delay values in the gmac section. Copying the kernel values over to the u-boot fixed the problem.

#linux-sunxi : Working, same deal as the other two.

#lisp : Not dead, but in this case it's actually deplorable it's not. Moneyshot :

02:58 <shmup> which lisp has the best vim support?

No, they still don't have a lisp bot ; but that doesn't mean they're rank idiots, of course. At least not according to them.

#maglev-ruby : Dead. And yes it's a great thing, don't get me wrong. That most of these have no business existing isn't much of a defense though.

#microrb : Dead.

#milkymist : Dead.

#mirage : Dead.

#m-labs : "Quantum physics" wank. Terrifyingly idiotic, but very verbose. Perhaps I should have said "and very verbosevii" ? Anyway, kinda lulzy watching rjoviii trying to PM.

#mutant : Dead.

#nanoc : Dead.

#neo900 : Dead.

#nextbsd : Very extremely dead.

#ocaml : Live. Spent a whole morning dealing with C-idiocy and otherwise having the minority (of mostly just one) technically capable participants being painted into a corner by the "well meaning" crowd of idiots, sheer lunatics and their assorted enablers.

#openfpga : Not dead. Moneyshot :

03:51 <rqou> aargh, maintaining gpg is such a pain in the ***

I even dropped by!

#Paws : Dead.

#Paws.Nucleus : Mmmkay...

#picolisp : Not dead, seems rather social. Lots of idle wank, too.

#pony : Dead.

#pypy : Dead, other than a lengthy list of automatically reported failures to build and some desperate users looking for support.

#qihardware : Dead.

#radxa : Dead.

#reasonml : Dead.

#rom-rb : Dead.

#rubinius : Dead.

#ruby : Live. Unfortunately. You could not believe the pile of gunk. Moneyshot :

00:46 <Mr_Tea> any tips on how to refactor my chip8 emulator? it works, now it's time to make it good.
<vccvbgfhfg> better variable names for one.
<baweaver> In nread_key and read_key you're using return with a case statement. Ruby implies returns. It also looks like those two methods are heavily duplicated


<phaul> Mr_Tea: one other suggestion: are you familiar with any of the testing frameworks? rspec, minitest etc?
<Mr_Tea> nope

Ruby, you know ?

#ruby-core : Just a bunch of rss-reader noise, but not technically dead.

#rubygems : Quite dead.

#rubygems-aws : Dead.

#rubygems-trust : Dead.

#ruby-lang : Dead.

#ruby-rdf : Dead.

#sandstorm : Live. Support chan for some kind of VM something, pretty lulzy windowsola. Moneyshot :

01:40 <TimMc> TMM: Oh! Right, no, you do need to do a sandstorm installation on the new host, then stop it and overwrite it.

Backups done rite!

#soletta : Dead.

#solvespace : Dead.

#stellar : Dead.

#stellar-dev : Dead.

#systemtap : Live, modest traffic. Some kind of better logging for linux or such.

#teamhacksung : Dead. Something to do with cellphone hacking, disbanded years ago.

#teamhacksung-support : Dead.

#tinyqma : Dead.

#trilema : Live.

#wallaroo : Dead, but they do have a "code of conduct" aka pantsuit impudence.

#xiki : Dead.

#yosys : Live, Verilog open synthesis something or the other.

#zig : Live. Some language though most of the discussion today revolved around making shit work in windows. Just... why ?!

To sum this up : there's just not that much out there altogether, you know ?

  1. Here, exactly :

    Nov 23 12:30:02 mircea_popescu hey there
    Nov 23 22:40:50 whitequark hi

    mircea_popescu i was curious if you want to add #trilema to your logger site.
    whitequark are you a channel op?

    mircea_popescu yea.
    whitequark sure sec. done.


  2. Like a counterfeiter's two dollar bill or the sea captain's tea, the okcupid bundle is very much not what the name purports, but something entirely else : a big fat bundle of nothing whatsoever. []
  3. I knew it's a good move to load "#arm-graphics : Dead." that line into a buffer! []
  4. If you must see :

    00:20 <travis-ci> crystal-lang/crystal#f0e2be1 (ci/nightly - Add full workflows): The build passed.
    04:16 <FromGitter> <bararchy> It seems like we have a 3 month circle in Crystal where dev is being stale, people start getting annoyed , manas / core team say they will put more time into crystal/ be more communication to community etc.. And dev is getting back to regular speed.
    04:17 <FromGitter> <bararchy> It seems we reached the 'community feels dev is stale' stage again
    04:17 <FromGitter> <bararchy> Fun times LOL
    04:40 <FromGitter> <watzon> Well I'm on Windows again for the time being so I'm going to try and help out with #5430
    04:40 <DeBot> (Coordinate porting to Windows)
    05:10 <FromGitter> <bararchy> @watzon a worthy cause :)
    08:25 <FromGitter> <bararchy> Intresting news for anyone using LLVM on windows
    08:30 <FromGitter> <bew> Very good news!!
    08:33 <FromGitter> <bararchy> though it says they still use the Windows linker
    08:33 <FromGitter> <bararchy> but planning to switch to clang's linker soon
    09:46 <FromGitter> <straight-shoota> Yeah but Crystal's Windows support has very basic problems compared to that
    09:52 <FromGitter> <alex-lairan> There is a todo list for 1.0 release?
    09:57 <FromGitter> <sclee15> Beside windows support and parallelism, what language infrastructure are we lacking? As a beginner i want to know it.
    10:06 <FromGitter> <bararchy> @sclee15 not much which is painful, I guess look at the Github issues to see, a bug here, a needed thing there, and a more long term stuff which is the "normal" evolution of any languge
    10:07 <FromGitter> <bararchy> @alex-lairan the 2 big things, Windows support and paralalisem
    10:51 <FromGitter> <sdogruyol> hey everyone!
    10:51 <FromGitter> <sdogruyol> we just got a thread up for the Next Crystal Team Live Q&A Session
    10:52 <FromGitter> <sdogruyol> feel free to share your ideas
    10:52 <FromGitter> <sdogruyol> also on google groups!topic/crystal-lang/FX5_mwNRMaE
    11:05 <FromGitter> <bararchy> Right when needed @sdogruyol comes to the rescue of the community
    11:05 <FromGitter> <bararchy> haha
    11:22 <FromGitter> <straight-shoota> @alex-lairan there 's a
    11:22 <FromGitter> <straight-shoota> Roadmap in the wiki
    12:20 <FromGitter> <CImrie> @watzon I've written a first draft of RSA bindings - commented in here before submitting PR: If you get any time to help review/test that would be appreciated :)
    13:20 <crystal-gh> [crystal] CImrie opened pull request #5777: [WIP] OpenSSL RSA Bindings (master...feature/openssl-rsa)
    13:36 <FromGitter> <alex-lairan> Ok :)
    15:18 <travis-ci> crystal-lang/crystal#bb5488c (ci/nightly - Allow branding that does not match branch/tag): The build passed.
    15:23 <FromGitter> <r00ster91> is there a way that I can forbid that the user can enter something? I mean for example when I do `sleep 5`. Then you can still enter something.
    15:26 <crystal-gh> [crystal] vendethiel opened pull request #5779: Add an example of an operator delegation (master...patch-1)
    15:37 <FromGitter> <alex-lairan> @r00ster91 redirect STDIN do the job? :)
    15:41 <FromGitter> <r00ster91> ah its STDIN.noecho thanks
    15:51 <FromGitter> <bew> @r00ster91 this will just hide what the user is entering, not prevent him to enter anything at all
    16:04 <FromGitter> <r00ster91> yes i know but thats fine i think
    16:41 <FromGitter> <faustinoaq> Hi crystal community! ^ A thread on Elixir community about Crystal []
    17:53 <travis-ci> crystal-lang/crystal#601d3c9 (ci/nightly - Allow branding that does not match branch/tag): The build passed.

    I knocked out a pile of inane Unicode, as well as the string "https://". Tellingly, there weren't any http:// anythings. []

  5. For bonus lulz :

    2017-02-04 23:23 ec changed the topic of #elliottcable to: a 𝕯𝖊𝖓 𝖔𝖋 𝕯𝖊𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖒𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖉 𝕯𝖆𝖒𝖘𝖊𝖑𝖘 slash s͔̞u͕͙p͙͓e̜̺r̼̦i̼̜o̖̬r̙̙ c̝͉ụ̧͘ḷ̡͙ţ͓̀ || #ELLIOTTCABLE is not about ELLIOTTCABLE

    With warm thanks to phf for his de-facto de-turdifying tool! []

  6. IPFS is some ambitious (read : run of the mill pantsuit wank) javascript-based filesystem. As you can imagine, the only thing keeping the "dead" at bay is its relative novelty, while that endures. []
  7. Yes, obviously, the idle yakking will continue until funding dries up. []
  8. Robert Jordens, python... what's the word for one of these incomprehending keyboard mashers ? "Script kiddie" is not really sufficiently derrogatory, seeing how these are virgins, yes, but 30yo virgins. []
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  1. #mymother: Dead.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
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    Noa sarmana. Da' ce-o avut ?

  3. Cancer. Dupa cum ii moda in vremurile aestea.

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    Ce nu vii pina-ncoace sa te pun la cazne-n natura ?

  5. Ie, o fost nasol finalul si ii trist fara ea.

    La cazne ii (su)pusa io destul!
    Deocamdata n-am drum prin partile acelea... merg la africani si poate mai in toamna pe la mexicani. In rest numa” prin Oiropa.

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