UHF (the film)

Tuesday, 28 February, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

UHFi is pretty much the entirety of the libertard blueprint. Here's what the retards that figured they inherited the world planned to do with it : a completely inept loser (title character) who is supposed to be redeemed by his "great imagination" coupled with a SJW-acceptable sort of salt-of-earthiness joins forces with a dimwitted (but magical! power of love!ii) janitor and together they, to quote Ballas,

The #OWS demo wants to see powerful men humbled before the t-shirted, tweeting masses, it allows them the fantasy that it could some day happen here, which it won't because the propaganda worked.

There's a kickstarter campaign involved, of course, and "the public opinion" and "leaks" and really, the whole shebang. "Transvestites" are missing, as are fat women, but then again in any serious examination of the libertard ethos one'd readily observe they're accreted straw that ended up glued to the side through happenstance, not essential to the substantial dung.

Obviously, that's the entire fantasy of the impotent, of the useless, of the powerless : that one day he may matteriii and I might care. That's all. Their whole fucking fantasy is about getting my attention undeservingly and perhaps awe me without earning it. What can I say... awwww ?

Anyway, Richards does more of his Kramer here than in his whole career subsequent, a sad testament to the natural ineptitude of biology. Similarily untrained, freeranged females tend do most of their fucking before they're twenty, because ars longa, and besides, stupidity and lazyiness conspire.

Leaving aside the cast and crew, let it be plainly stated and clearly understood that whippings and nothing else (perhaps some straw ?) constitute the entirety of the acceptable diet for whosoever perceives this item as familiar rather than alien, whosoever recognizes themselves in it and so following. If you think UHF is okay, I think rape in a burning shithole is the best thing that can happen to you.

PS. The main character gets the TV station from his rich jew uncle. TV station. For free. Geddit ?

  1. 1989, by Jay Levey, with Al Yankovic, Michael Richards []
  2. Have you seen Dreamcatcher ? I haven't even reviewed it, it's so fucking horribly bad ; but here's a comment from 2011 :

    Idem the stories about the genius kid, they seemed directly lifted from brainwashing footage for schoolchildren, the sort dedicated to "don't beat the chindribblers to death, they're important as retarded as they are and might one day save the world", a sort of Dreamcatcher if you've seen that piece of shit.

    To be perfectly clear : no retard ever saved anything. No frog ever turned into a prince, either, and it is fucking unseemly to see males engaging in the faggoty behaviour of kissing frogs. []

  3. But not through his change. He doesn't want to grow the fuck up and then matter. He wants to matter as he is, infantile, immature, entirely worthless. (And obviously, yet again, the whole story is a story of men and manhood.)

    Wouldn't that be easier ? []

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