Friday, 01 December, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

This category, AICMF, was originally constructed out of the initialism of the Romanian phrase "Aceste intrebari care ma framinta", which is to say "These questions that kneadi me". I didn't bother to switch it to TQTKM when I started writing English Trilema because lazy, and it didn't go away because looky -- one can never be free of qneading kuestionsii.

So, imagine for the sake of argument that everything's a sleeping Cthulhu. You know how the entire modern and postmodern English cultural tradition, from Tolkien to Orwell and everything in between consists of naught besides one loud, ample and unyielding lament as to the prosaicity of the world ? Insufficient magic everywhere, where's the enchantment gone, what have you.

Ok then, suppose the opposite was true. Suppose every rock, any stray paperclip, each overflying crow had the potential to take offense at any act or omission of yours and suddenly, irretrievably react in mind-bending ways. Such as for instance, turning everything inside-out. You don't know what that would even mean ? What difference does this make! Cthulhu knows what it means.

So, if this is how the world went... how do you expect it'd look ?


But anyway, that wasn't the question that was kneading me. There's a different one.

Let's now cut to the story of the likeable auctorial character's life, like the retard prostitextutes of the pantsuit press do. So, there I was walking down the street one fine morning, when suddenly I stopped mid sentence. Because...


Yes, that's right.


So the question that kneads, me and soon you, is... what if the ants did that ?

I proposed this to my companion, "maybe they had enough of people ruining their house so they decided to put a face on it, maybe we stop". To which she offered that wouldn't you expect other things to impress the ants about people ? Maybe I dunno, the widely mobile phalanges we call arms ?

But what, I retorted, if they already tried this ? They made something in that vein, didn't work out, now trying something else ?

What if they reviewed their well kept ant archives and concluded on the basis of all human corpses they ate to date that the face is the least damaged portion and consequently the most likely to be relevant for their purpose ?

Yes, I know, it's just some shape a kid drew with a pointed stick.

But what if ?


  1. Romanian superlative activity of a question is to "knead" one, what can I tell you. []
  2. For my own peace of mind : do you pronounce "kneading questions" differently from "qneading kuestions" ? []
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