The story of the bulb that was

Sunday, 26 February, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

You might remember I said back in 2009 that I'm not going to drop the incandescents ? I even translated it in 2015, when I bought the batch that's here depicted, on an entirely different continent.


On the left, a standardi lightbulb. On the right, a lightbulb of the same make and type, from the same batch, improved through aging in a light fixture. There it sat, undisturbed, until it popped two years later. Two years during which it lit up as many times as people turn on lightbulbs in a bathroom during two years -- ten thousand times or whatever.

Now show me your exploded light sources ; to qualify they must have been at work for two years ; they must have cycled ten thousand times ; and they must be as harmful to you and your immediate environment as this guy above.

Enjoy your mercury, halogens & assorted shit sandwiches. I hear it's part of what makes progressives & libertards quite this fucking stupid.

  1. 150 Watts, baby. My bathroom uses up more than your entire house, if we for a moment indulge the pretense of calling the barn you inhabit by that improper name. And let's not get into how much electricity my money burns up.

    Because fuck you, that's why. []

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