The anti-woman

Saturday, 18 March, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Trilema certainly has on display a well fleshed out notion of what a woman is, how she should behave, what her purpose is, etcetera. It may well not be completei, of course, nor will it ever be -- I much prefer it stays consistent instead.

No doubt there are... well at any rate, there do physically exist women females who fail to live up to that standardii, just as there are women who do not specifically attempt to live up to it. These are different things, of course -- one could succeed without trying just as one could try without succeeding.

Apparently there also are those who that specifically try to fail! It sounds incredible, I know, but it's true! Since an incursion in the desperate plains inhabited by the utterly lost might at the very least be amusing, let's proceed with examples.


Day 7: A Wife’s Prescription to Connecting with Her Husband

A Wife's Prescription for Connecting with Her Husband

Sex was a problem.iii

Steamy chemistry ignited first romance with my husband and sealed our marriage. It was like magic. Fifteen years later, where was it now?

Somehow we had slipped into a place of misery.

My gestures of love for him were met with hostility. The ways I knew to show my love didn’t include physical intimacy. We were at odds.

As his frustration grew, his talking ceased. I felt rejected. Who wants to make love when you feel misunderstood and empty?

Our shared belief in the Lord was still in place. However, strife continued in spite of doing all the God-stuff: attending church, Bible study, etc. I tried to be the Proverbs 31 wife. (Have you ever noticed that there’s nothing in that list that mentions sexual intimacy?iv)

Why couldn’t we connect? For a long season, we prayed to understand the invisible barrier that kept us from sharing our original spicy allure.

The Lord heard and slowly guided us to treasured wisdom.

What Little Miss Crazy Facev manages to thereby convey is, of course, her very primitive state. As is typical for her and her sad ilk, befouling the recently colonized new world as well as the poorer, sadder and less visitable sections of the civilised world, she followed the recipevi! Why did the advertised result not manifest itself ? She did all that god stuff!!

Anyway, don't worry about her, she "finds the solution" in the shape of another thousand words' worth of men-are-from-Triton-women-are-from-the-Moon rehashed & reheated pancake. Isn't it funny what passes for an idea among our sad and lonely colonies ? But "in her own words", of course, you know how the syrup goes -- not like she actually links to the original authors of the parasitic soundbyte she's trying to make a living out of parasitizing. Why would she, after all, she's born in John Smith lands out of John Smith stock, and feels ready to you know, face the world. What, not take her guns to town ? But you know she'd never shoot without a cause, she'd gun nobody down!!1

Forget the retard, who cares. Worry about yourself, rather. Are you turning into Jolene ?

  1. There's more articles, as you probably know. Nor am I going to bother trying to make "the full list of Trilema articles relevant to normative femininity", not just because it's a continuum, and I'll end up with a 16% of the site linked, half of which on the merits of some stray remark in a footnote but because a whole chunk of it isn't even written yet and I don't feel like writing it right now. []
  2. Is it exacting ? I don't think it is. Do you ? Why ? []
  3. I have nfi what they're doing with these single sentence single phrase paragraphs, or the repeated phraseology. I assume they're mentally dim. []
  4. Of course there isn't. L'amour, c'est pour les danseuses.

    Have you noticed nobody seems to wonder whether poor Adelheid's cunt is happy or satisfied or even there ? She could have a bloody, painful opening like her African mothers for all anyone cares. She's like one of those merchant ships, bringing her whatever, right ? So then. []

  5. Pro tip : if your "smile" exposes your gums / makes small children cry it's time to simmer the fuck down with the ritualized smiling-for-a-purpose. Relax, smile for cause, and smile like a normal fucking human being. Baring your fangs is a hostility gesture in mammalia. It says : "bitch, I could eat you", and every time you do it at me, whom you couldn't fucking eat, you're taking your life in your hands. Because I can totally fucking eat you. And sometimes do. []
  6. Complete Course of Instruction How To Enter Godville by Frederic LaDelle of Frederic LaDelle Co of Jackson, Michigan. Including The Keynote of Christian living. How to start in the Bible. How to make a Saved Soul souffle. How to secure an Original salvation recipe. What kind of neoprotestant Act to put up. Praying. How to present yourself at Church or the praying group. Soundbites. Items. How to hold your Torso. Photos. How to stand up after you're done. How to dress. Where to sit in a room where other people are sitting. A description of commonly seen Furniture in general use. Publicity and self-Advertising. Tedious yet endless Gossip and pointless but engaging Bickering. How to behave when you're not behaving. A dictionary of Faith terms limited to showing which words go with which other words, because words are basically Chintz and that's all you'll ever need. Appurtenances. Christian slang and fixed Phrases. How to appear Serious. How to overcome your own sense of Ridiculousness. How to get a Reputation quickly. Distinctiveness and Originality through irrelevant details of dress and speech mannerisms only. How to enter the Ministerial con game. Ordinary blather and Big Bucks. Religious publications. Circuits, especially Alf's Snake. Contracts, house rules and how to best use late night Cable. Writing to people who don't want to hear from you. List of People in the Business looking for a fresh piece of Ass. Money. Everything else. []
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