Here's why you will end your days in a concentration camp

Wednesday, 20 December, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Exhibit A :

mircea_popescu sofiababy hey, do you have voice on your cam thing or just video ? can you talk to the virgins ?
sofiababy both
sofiababy nothing wrong with being purei

mircea_popescu o hey, so here's a deal, read out the log to them. i'll pay you say a bitcent for an hour. start say 10 minutes ago. and drop your link so people can check it out lol. give that lh0 or what was it a run for its money lol.
sofiababy okay. lets do it. what do i read? cant say anything racist

mircea_popescu << start there and read down.
a111 Logged on 2017-12-18 16:07 BingoBoingo: Argentina's slogan is the lie "Argentina no es un pais pobre", Montevideo's is the truth "Montevideo es muy tranquilo"

mircea_popescu sofiababy link to your camshow, what is it ?
sofiababy ; does it work ?

mircea_popescu o hey, it does actually.
sofiababy hi mp. im wavin at u

mircea_popescu hm, must be a recorded thing.
sofiababy there is a delay. there servers aint that good. its nnot fox news

mircea_popescu ah. alright, so go for it.
sofiababy what am i doing. director MP. lol

mircea_popescu go to which is a webpage like any other webpage and start reading down from there.
a111 Logged on 2017-12-18 16:07 BingoBoingo: Argentina's slogan is the lie "Argentina no es un pais pobre", Montevideo's is the truth "Montevideo es muy tranquilo"
sofiababy ahaha ppl are gona think im on drsg. drugs. loooooool

mircea_popescu who knows. maybe they think you're the only smart camho on mfc. or else yeah, drugs.
sofiababy this guys r stooopid. they wil think im on drugs
ben_vulpes who cares what they think?

mircea_popescu especially if they're dumb.
sofiababy i read the conversatio. i cant do the spanish. i duno how to pronouse. pronounc

mircea_popescu sofiababy do your best. you also don't know how to fuck, but you do your best and it works out.
sofiababy im not sexual. im a nerd deep down. just like them

mircea_popescu right. everyone's a nerd deep down. way the fuck easier than being a miner deep down. also, better healthy and wealthy than sick and poor.
sofiababy omg. really?. im a woman. i cant read this. ur mean

mircea_popescu the quote is actually from bernard shaw. who, other than being a major fascist supporter, was also a guy reputedly so smart, some woman wrote to him to propose having babies on the theory she's so pretty.ii
asciilifeform i r disappoint, i thought this was a jaguar , that mircea_popescu taught to use a keyboard
diana_coman that meanie bernard shaw...
sofiababy seriosly europes most powerfu leader is a woman.
diana_coman power-fu indeed

mircea_popescu who, laura antonelli ?iii
sofiababy mama merkel

mircea_popescu menopausal items are eminently not women. merkel is an ex-woman.
mircea_popescu asciilifeform and your proof to the contrary being... ?
sofiababy ex woman or not shes stil a woman.iv one hell of a woman.
asciilifeform nuffin but the critter's own word!11
sofiababy bought her biography. i havent read it yet

mircea_popescu asciilifeform dun believe everything you read! sofiababy how do you reason ?
asciilifeform i'ma bbl.

mircea_popescu anyway, anyone actually can be bothered to check teh cam ? is she actyually logreading ?
sofiababy i did and i stopped when i read women wil never own property. and no1 on mfc acknowledgges anything unless its tits

mircea_popescu oh! that's now shaw, that's... what was his name ? dick masterson
sofiababy these guys are different. like honestly. i didnt know such humans existed. apathetic horny fuckersv
ben_vulpes no reading is happening. for five seconds, an interesting thing happened on mfc

mircea_popescu heh
sofiababy leo should be proud

mircea_popescu let us reiterate that ancient ; nothing interesting can happen on mfc because mfc is composed of a) the people there who b) operate under the delusion they may make choices.
ben_vulpes dude a bitcent an hour.

mircea_popescu the result is a matter of necessity in those circumstances.
ben_vulpes sofiababy what the hell is wrong with you
sofiababy i know but... no buuts actually. lol

mircea_popescu lmao.
sofiababy i can continue. i just got hurt. with that quote. sorry.

mircea_popescu move into the pain not away from it. pain is good for you. or as the orthodox tradition says, "durerea-i ziditoare"
sofiababy are you orthodox

mircea_popescu no, i'm just cultivated.
sofiababy is the romanian calender same as greek

mircea_popescu ~approx, yea.
sofiababy so easter isnt the same. its a month latter i think
ben_vulpes dude this is epic, girl would rather talk about calendar offsets than earn a bitcent an hour reading the log

mircea_popescu 2018 ro easter will be on april 8th. ben_vulpes this is why artificial intelligence will never be able to compete with the genuine article.
sofiababy i didnt refuse fyi
trinque girl will faff about trying to make sure they see all sides of her until someone grabs hold.

mircea_popescu ^
sofiababy lol

mircea_popescu faff. i didn't even know that was a word.
trinque texanism with either a little girl or queer connotation

mircea_popescu apparently brits also have it.
trinque hm neat
sofiababy faff means well over here like people use it in context like faff about faffin about

mircea_popescu it's what he said lol.
ben_vulpes doing anything but that which needs doing.
sofiababy like taking time to do something. yea. there

mircea_popescu ben_vulpes you don't understand how self-determination works!!1
ben_vulpes oh i understand this, i also understand how fist fits in cunt doesn't mean i'm not entertained from time to time with the concrete item

mircea_popescu lol
ben_vulpes holy fuckadoodle, imagine getting paid a bitcent an hour to do your six months. what a fuckin thing. she would literally rather dance for tips
mircea_popescu and as bonus lulz, we'll never know whether i would have actually paid the whole length or not. this is the true meaning of being wealthy, when your wealth stays wealthy for longer than the world stays active. they run out of puff afore you run out of dosh

But whatever, "just a dumb brown whore". Not relevant, right ? Where did I hear that objection before ?

Exhibit B will be the following circumstance : I've been running a spam script on fetlife for a while. What it does is that it adds every female under 30 and of recent extractionvi and then sends them a stream of private messages. This is artificial intelligence, you understand, exactly on par with Google's. No kidding.

The opener is "How goes ?" under the heading of "Hey there" ; then there's further Eliza-ing ; the "funnel" so to speak leads to some variation of answering how "I" am doing, which unerringly includes a reference to baby turtlesvii and

You may at this juncture perhaps notice that the actual article is over at ; MP-WP automatically redirects the former to the latter, but there's obviously a mark in the server logs thereby, which allows us to trace it.

Here's the problematic thing : instantaneous reactive engagement is hugeviii, whereas proactive engagement over time is nil. With numbers : in the first two weeks of this month,

$ cat | grep -c "GET /2017/galati-yacht "

Then I took a week off for solitary contemplation, and then after checking again...

$ cat | grep -c "GET /2017/galati-yacht "

That's right : item went from over 100 pieces of mail a day back when these were responses to "someone else"'s initiation all the way down to... 0! absolutely nothing, zilch, nada! once they were to be provided on the chumps' own power.ix

Because there isn't such a thing as the chumps' own power, you understand, as observed on OkCupid, as observed on StripperWeb, as observed everywhere and with everything.

The common femitardx excuse for the deep and fundamental worthlessness of the contemporaenous young female is something like

They owe you nothing

First—and this applies to your entire dating life, on and offline—understand, know, and accept that no woman owes you a damn thing. All those women you may want to date? They owe you nothing. Nothing. No. Thing. And that goes times infinity for sex. Accept that—that no woman ever, anywhere, owes you sex for anything—and you’re already ahead of the curve. The only woman who could possibly be defined as owing you sex is a prostitute, and you would’ve paid her (very well, I’d hope), and I would argue that even she doesn’t owe you sex, that if all she did was punch you in the mouth and walk away with your cash you would’ve gotten exactly what you deserve—maybe even more than you deserve since she actually touched you.

But let’s pretend you’re smart enough to assume that none of the women on OK Cupid are prostitutes, this means that they do not and never will owe you sex. In fact, they don’t even owe you a response to one of your messages. Sounds harsh? It isn’t. It’s reality. If there’s one thing online dating has done, it’s finally grant women the indisputable right to act as gatekeepers of themselves. They get to decide how, when or if they will interact with you. No matter how polite, how nice, how charming you think you are, they still owe you nothing. They have all the power. Does it suck to have an entire group of people, a whole freaking gender hold an inordinate amount of power over an important part of your life? Yes it does. Welcome to every damn day in the average woman’s life, mudder fugger. Now quit whining and know that you still have a huge advantage.

See, these women are using an online dating service, which means that, by definition, they are at least somewhat open to going on dates. That takes a huge chunk of uncertainty out of the game. Now, all you have to do is give them a reason to grant you the privilege of a date. How do you do that? Glad you asked.

~Surce unreportedxi

I didn't fucking ask. In case it wasn't obvious, I didn't ask, because I don't fucking ask, I take. And if you stop and think for a moment, if it's "the priviledge" of a date then maybe your time would be better spent fixing yourself rather than whining in the general direction of the opposite sex.

This aside, yes they fucking owe. All females owe the alpha their cunt, no questions asked, at any time and however he shall deign to take it. Without exception, without ifs or butts, if you've got it you owe it and that's the whole of the story.

But the whole thing is a red herring, of course : if we get sucked down discussing the wholly imaginary problem of "do they or don't they owe" we'll end up missing on the important point : they ain't got it in the first place!

They ain't got it. There they sit, perpetually pacified. In the old country the old saying goes that "you can't be cold as long as the cunt's working". This literally denotes the situation where in the poorly built, poorly insulated peasant hovels of centuries past, with sorta-watertight thatched rooves and a fireplace in the middle, the male couldn't be cold at night as long as his wife's cunt worked. Because, I don't know if you've actually experienced human sexuality or not, but in any case -- because in the young woman the cunt is always warm, and not a little warm. Warm enough to warm you too. This is a true and absolute fact of nature, of humanity, of the universe.

And they ain't got it, what.

In conclusion, let's review The dead Jew and the raped girl :

Mircea Listen, barbaric and hatred don't particularly help. Nobody cares you call him barbaric if he's decided you're an asshole prior. Fundamentally the cause of the Jewish bloodbath in Europe is the failure (or possibly refusal) of Jewish people to actually engage the reasons.
Rachel Why would I care that he cares tho?

Mircea Because if you don't you'll have to either kill him or be killed. And if you're a minority with no rights or army you're not killing anyone.
Rachel Yeah. Well to be honest in a way I think it's pretty admirable, they decided that's what they're doing and they stick to it. On the other hand, ofcourse, maybe there was a better way, for any definition of better....

Mircea I dont really think they decided anything. I think they were too clueless to understand the situation and merely continued on the collision course.

The fact that your fixation with the mirror does not actually require your eyes for any reason means, implies and necessitates that sooner or later you will be gazing upon that self-same mirror with the gaping holes where your eyes used to be, before they were gouged out.

Start paying your debts to your betters, today. It may already be too late ; but the alternative is a certainty, not merely a possibility.

  1. You know, moar "leave sexism at the door" femhallucinations. Apparently if one's looking one shall find. []
  2. This is factual ; he answered that he won't pursue her idea for fear the child might inherit the other way around : his good looks and her smarts. []
  3. Seen Il merlo maschio ? No ? Then vai a maniar! []
  4. You know ? []
  5. YOU KNOW ? []
  6. If you're curious, here's the bash oneliner :

    for i in {8012345..8067890}; do usr=$(curl -m 20 -k -A "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux i686; rv:20.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/20.0" --cookie "_fl_sessionid=7a0bb5b0002b23a963c4a6796790e7b5;remember_user_token=BAhbCFsGaQOadHpJIiIkMmEkMTIkN3BUV2xkNnAxbmFYb1VtTE94aHVOTwY6BkVUSSIXMTUxMTU1NDExNC42MzUwMjE3BjsARg%3D%3D--c3ad21a5cdc05b5d0ff92dd646ee8c05560f65de;_Fetlife_continuous_perving=on;language=en" "$i"); girl=$(echo "$usr" | egrep -A 64 "[1-2][0-9]F " | sed 's/<[^>]*>//g' | tr -d "\n" | tr "\t" " " | tr -s " "); token=$(echo "$usr" | grep "csrf-token" | awk -F '"' '{print $4;}'); echo "======$i\n" >> fetlife.txt; sleep $[ ( $RANDOM % 4 ) + 31 ]s; if [ -z "$girl" ]; then echo "nope\n"; else echo "$girl" >> fetlife.txt; res=$(curl -v -m 20 -k --referer "$i/" --data "_method=put" --data-urlencode "authenticity_token=$token" -A "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux i686; rv:20.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/20.0" --cookie "_fl_sessionid=7a0bb5b0002b23a963c4a6796790e7b5;remember_user_token=BAhbCFsGaQOadHpJIiIkMmEkMTIkN3BUV2xkNnAxbmFYb1VtTE94aHVOTwY6BkVUSSIXMTUxMTU1NDExNC42MzUwMjE3BjsARg%3D%3D--c3ad21a5cdc05b5d0ff92dd646ee8c05560f65de;_Fetlife_continuous_perving=on;language=en" "$i/follow"); echo "$res" >> hurr.txt; sleep $[ ( $RANDOM % 4 ) + 61 ]s; fi; done

    Everything works like it always works ; evidently if you alter the for range it will target different times in the site's history. []

  7. This somehow scores so fucking far above all other possible things you could say, I rather recommend mentioning baby turtles in conversation with the fucktards for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Not like they actually think, or read, or in any way interact with anything beyond the skin of things, so nude mention should work for you just as well as it works for the marketeers, which is to say as perfectly well as the underlying material permits. []
  8. Specifically, over 50%! []
  9. To dissipate any hope that Fetlife might actually in any sense matter in the grander scheme of things :

    $ cat | grep -c "GET /2017/galati-yachting"

    Because no, nothing is large enough to significantly alter Trilema traffic these days -- not the pantsuit press, not the USG.IAB properties, not facebook, not google, nothing, period and full stop. You can put those concerns to rest.

  10. No, idiots can't be feminists ; no, stupid women don't get to count as simply women. []
  11. I left the original author a comment on December 14th (it read "You’re an absolute fucktard. Stop penning this idiotic spew — no, being a humongous pussy doesn’t make you more attractive, to chicks or to anyone else — and go do something useful with yourself." if you're curious). He has so far failed to publish it (let alone engage it), and consequently I'm not going to link him, as per traditional practice here.

    Get it through your thick skulls, "independent" fucktards with "self-determination" : in all instances and without exception your lives would have turned out better were you sucking my cock in preference of whatever the fuck else you thought you were doing. Fact. Toxic or not, unpleasant or not, fact stays fact. []

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  1. Re:

    I am compelled to further expand on how wonderfully layered this is:

    "I was offered a sack of gold pieces if I read the words 'I will never own a sack of gold pieces' to a pond of turtles. Of course, I refused; the lessons of socialism have taught me this isn't so! Besides, the turtles don't even care!"

    And to explicitly quote that fundamental Trilema linked in this article:

    "This isn't some sort of conventional interdiction, it's not the case that some "we" won't let them. This is merely the recognition of a fundamental characteristics of the subhuman object : it lacks the ability to own"

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 22 December 2017

    Seriously now, where could you find comedy to compete with the stuff trilema's made of ?

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