"There is no such thing as rape", one of countless practical exercises.

Monday, 11 July, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Between the 90s and 2013 (not to mention ongoing since then, at an ever increasing rate), thousands of mostly unidentified, white, mostly underage subjects of the English crown were systematically raped by a gang of hundreds of Pakistani men in and around Rotherham (and, no doubt, in and around many other English dormitory towns). The menu included forced copulation of all kinds in public and by groups (with variations), being kept chained in basements, beatings, forced abortions, dousing in gasoline and other BDSM activities you think your girlfriend considers "extreme" because she simply doesn't like you enough. The girls in question liked the "rapists", and enjoyed the acts, so much so the prosecution was unable to make any convictions - they wouldn't testify. Other women not involved directly, such as "journalists" and other "public opinion" props on "social media" etc lied about it, both by omission and outright, misrepresenting the situation any of countless ways. If the men are men about it, you see, there's no such thing as rape, just a bit of lively copulation. Women know this, aged 15! It's called the sexual instinct.

Between the same 90s and ongoing to the present day, except recently and briefly reported, thousands of mostly unidentified, white, German girls have been raped and robbed, South Africa style.i Their concerns ? But allow me to quote [cached]!

A German left wing youth movement activist admitted that she lied to police about a sexual assault and concealed the ethnicity of her attackers out of fear of provoking “more hatred” against refugees.


Goren said she was assaulted and raped in January by three men of foreign origin, who spoke Arabic as well as Kurdish or Farsi (Persian) in the German city of Mannheim, where she works as a refugee aid activist. The attackers also stole her handbag, she said.

After the assault she went straight to police but instead of filing a complaint about a sex attack, she only reported being robbed. She also lied about the ethnicity of her attackers, claiming that she was robbed by a “mixed group of Germans and foreigners alike, who spoke German to each other.”


Goren also made her case public on social media shortly after the incident. However, she put the blame on “racist and sexist” German society rather than directly on her attackers. In one of her Facebook posts, she even accused other victims of sexual assaults involving migrants of framing their stories so as to “provoke racist hatred” and thus forcing her to lie to police.

In another post on Facebook, she virtually apologized to “male refugees” for the “racism” and “sexism” of German society. “You are not a problem. You are not a problem at all,” she said, addressing refugees and migrants.

“What really hurts me under these circumstances is the fact that the sexist and over the line [incident] that happened to me led only to [a situation, in which] you are subjected to growing and more aggressive racism,” she also said in her post.


Goren’s case appears not to have been unique as three schoolgirls aged between 16 and 18 in the city of Kassel located in central Germany said that they experienced repeated incidents of groping and sexual harassment on public transport by migrants for several weeks but would not report them, fearing “to contribute to the discrimination of refugees,” local media reported.


According to German activist group GESA (Active Together Against Sexual Violence), the number of sexual assaults have increased following the massive inflow of male migrants.

“[Sexual] offenders often come from areas with another culture and another vision of a woman,” Steffi Burmester, a spokeswoman of the GESA told German media, adding that, after the period of “fear and humiliation” linked to fleeing their homeland, these men “are alone and … are looking for a way to bolster their male self-esteem.”

So then! Always remember :

  • If you find yourself "accused" of "rape" as part of some sort of soi-dissant proceedings, all that's happening is that you are being oppressed. There is exactly no right or proper cause ; there is no law or Justice behind your oppressors, impelling their aggression. It is entirely and purely an act of wilful, deliberate violence on their part, unprovoked by you, and in no way different from what the Germans did to random people in 1940s, or the population of Salem to random people in 1692. They just happen to think it's cool and fashionable to attack random people for no reason, polar bear huntingii for a more "refined" and "civilised" horde.
  • If you find yourself among the bystanders (such as, police officers, district attorney's office, etcetera) invited to participate in the assault by a female "victim", consider that you are being baited to engage in pure and unadulterated, unprovoked aggression. You're more than welcome to it, if that's your game, but carefully consider the social connections of the alleged "rapist", lest you come to regret it. In Romania, he can only be a "rapist" if he's poor - and your country is strictly no different.iii

In closing, I leave you with a quote and an image, each of which worth well over ten million words of the opposition. The quote :

trinque "Politically expedient", she says. Damn that's some honesty.
mircea_popescu Who ?

trinque The raped chick.
mircea_popescu Oh, the German derp. Myeah. Hey, she knows how it goes. "Rape" is a matter of whoiv, not a matter of what.

And the image :


  1. "They don't do rape, they do theft. Rape's just a sideline.", recall that quote ?

    Then how about "I liked it and I'm not going anywhere... what if they come back later!", recall that ?

    Well then! []

  2. You probably know it as "the knockout game" because your media's trying to "protect" you from the implication that it's hunting, of white shamblers. []
  3. Duke Lacrosse team anyone ? []
  4. "Different" chick, provided there even is such a thing, at police station Sunday morning, filing complaint for gang rape the previous night :

    "There were six of them, they fucked me in every hole for the entire night and morning, up until half hour ago."
    "And what do you want ?"
    "What do you mean what do I want! I want you to arrest the perpetrators one through four and six ; and to get me the phone number and facebook link for #5.

    It's not even that she enjoys a little filling every Saturday night ; it's that she imagines the world is supposed to care about how she feels Sunday morning, and not just a little : so much so that it's obvious to this world which of the six she wants to force a relationship with. "What do you mean which!!!!", "Isn't it obvious ???" etc. []

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