Sztajnszrajber and things. No, seriously.

Sunday, 18 September, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


This guy, Dario Sztajnszrajberi, thought it expedient to run for political office. With that name. What, problem ?

This complete derealisation of the Argentine "mind", this absolute and total inability to perceive, with its attendant disinterest in reality - altogether as well as in each and every one of its discrete parts - will then readily explain how they come up with that sort of gargle they come up with. "Patria Siempre Vuelve", you wish to know what it means ? It doesn't mean anything. It's pure Sztajnszrajber and naught more. There's letters in it, therefore it's a name ; and as good as any other - even for a politician. There's words in it, therefore it's a slogan ; and as good as any other. So following in this manner - you get Argentina.

You get Argentina. An Argentina which has, according to at least one cab driver, a very major problem : there are some people who are like, not equal to other people. You know ?


So you're walking down the street one night, and you pass a shop that's being refurbished, its windows covered in old newspapers. At which point,


Can you imagine how low socialism sinks before they start stealing that ?

Back in the late 80s we kept making jokes about how bad it got ; and how bad it can get. We had no fucking idea. By comparison to Maduro everyone in Europe (even including Russia) was pretty cool, a hip, subtle intellectual, etcetera. By comparison to the Argentine situation, every socialism I ever saw or heard of was a sensible, historically necessary, effectual and desirable political regime.

They don't seem to realise this, of course. I ran into a kid who escaped Venezuela that same night, at the Cunt Clubii - he was trying to pick up this brunette slavegirl who was a bit nervous about going up for auction for the first time in her life!!1111 that night and so she kept gravitating to us for cover, I dunno if you know how this social dynamic works, but yes underexperienced girls in coy mode will hide behind the closest alpha available like a child playing peekaboo from behind its mother. The Venezuelan's pick-up efforts didn't work, evidentlyiii, in spite of his best cool-guy-with-a-sense-of-humour-and-easy-camaraderie suave, but that's ok, he then tried to get to this Brazillian blondy - who just happened to be a mistress telling us all about how fucking ill behaved the local bois are, and how unthinkable this'd be in Brazil. I'll take her at her word - from what I hear Brazil got slavery just right for many many years.

So the guy smoked his little smoke, drank his little beer, and then danced the night away! This is the nature and the substance of the postmodancin' fool : back in the 80s the inept regimes without ideas behind the Iron Curtain signalled this lack of ideas to their citizenry. That's the fundamental ingredients of the Romanian Reconstruction, and I have no doubt of the Polish or of the Russian : that the fucking idiots in charge had the minimum... humanity ? Fair play ? National sentiment ? Patriotism ? to signal to the population that they were entirely out of ideas. As stupid as they were ; as hated, reviled, heels of all time as they were - still, this much, they did. And the population proved ready, and able, to hear this call for help, and take over. Twenty years later - Romania's way the fuck ahead of Greece, the Onanist Republic in NATO since the end of the war ; and Russia's way the fuck ahead of the US - or what's left of it since the Sztajnszrajbers took over, at any rate.

But here, here in America, Northern or Southern, here in the colonies, here in Argentina, here in Venezuela, here in the United States - there's no such thing. The dead lizards in charge don't know how to, don't want to, and in the end can't signal their intellectual bankruptcy to the respective populations. Which works just as well, because the respective populations don't have the wherewithal, intellectual or otherwise, to hear such a swan cry anyway (the USG tried a little throughout the past decade, for what it's worth - zero hearing, and a lot of anti-hearing is all the reaction it got). Here, they'll drink their little drink, smoke their little smoke, and if it gets even littler they'll do with that. Problem ?

Derealization. It's what happens just before a fall becomes impossible. Калугин закричал и заметался в кровати, но проснуться уже не мог.



That pigeon's got himself a harem.


You realise I take these freehand, with a 100 gram camera while walking around town, yes ?


That's a hotel. Hotel Maipo.


Apparently random derps defrauding state agencies to pay for printing calumnies and affixing them to walls is a-ok in Argentina. It's just when $name "terrorizes" and whatnot the trabajadores (such as for instance by you know, making them work) do things become contentious ; otherwise for as long as the $dickless-sztajnszrajbe is safely behind his desk - all is well!


Random example out of a very sizable collection of complaints written on walls ; all of which neatly fit in the "so-and-so is in heaven and we are in hell" / "life is so unfair" Elliot Rodgers "thought" models, further proving that "liberals" ie socialists are all exactly the same.

This one is only notable because it's right next to... can you read that marble plaque ? Here :


Yeah, that's right. They'll get to multiplication next weekend, and to long division never - because division is divisive.

In conclusion, it is better to be drunk than stupid, because the drunk could at least in principle sleep it off.

  1. If you're curious, he's a philosopher! He occasionally gives interviews to the local radio stations and is introduced as such, which oughta count ; and he even published a "Para que sirve la filosofia" paperback a few years ago. You can buy it from Amazon - for forty dollars. Because who the fuck wouldn't give a shit what some rando spammer in a third world country has yarned together enough to give him twenty happy meals for one copy. Or else you could just review Charms-Harms for free - at least with him it's intentional.

    This is how they think, if you can call it that. It's a book, right ? Same as all the others! []

  2. It's an actual place. As the expression goes, ask the voiced people. []
  3. For pickups to work, it helps if you direct them to a girl who's looking to be picked up ; as opposed to one that isn't. How to tell ? Oh joy, they don't tell you anything in those seminars, do they.

    Oh, wait, wait, they do, they do, they tell you not to pay any damn mind to anything around you. Alright then, keep at it. []

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