Major changes in Eulora ; Another auction.

Tuesday, 09 February, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

mircea_popescu ***ANN*** eulora is going to be down briefly later today while far reaching changes to the crafting system are deployed. there's going to be a trilema article explaining what happened.

Here's what happened :

  • Tinkering, McGuyver, Gumbo, Bouquinism and Lapidary overcrafts no longer loot blueprints. Instead, they loot one of fifteen wholly new items.
  • These new items are split in five categories, one for each craft, with three degrees of quality (corresponding to base values of 10, 1k and 100k ECUi) each.
  • Items in each category can be transformed up the ladder through Lapidary applications.
  • A number of new craftable items in the McGuyver, Gumbo, Bouquinism and Lapidary lines have been included.
  • All blueprints can be looted through Bouquinism dedicated crafts. These use mostly new items, as well as Sacrifice Tokens.
  • The Supplication Drafts are no longer recipes and so can't be used to craft anything anymore. You can either sell your stocks to the merchant or keep them around as curios.

This should simplify management of overcraft, as well as improve in-game trade and resource allocation. Note that until the auction completes, there is no way to produce new blueprints in game for any craft. For which reason :

~ Auction ~

The following items will be offered for auction on behalf of S.MG on February 14th, 2016 starting at 14:00 ART :

  1. 100 (one hundred) Apprentice Bouquinist Considerations, quality 200ii ;
  2. 200 (two hundred) Black of Desspayr Recipes, quality 200iii ;
  3. 200 (two hundred) Misshaped Ampoule Designs, quality 200iv ;
  4. 400 (four hundred) Pointedly Odorous Charcoal Conceptions, quality 200v ;
  5. 10 (ten) Petrified Bubbles, quality 200vi ;
  6. 1 (one) Three Pointed Thorn of Circular Quality (q 31`415)vii.

for an opening bid of 6`702`069 ECU, through open outcry in game, with a minimum half million ECU increase per bid and a ten minute cutoff after the last bid. See you there!

And while I have your attention, what to expect for the future :

  • More stuff in the Sacrifice line, and generally in that tab.
  • Miners automatically producing Ennumerations will be discontinued ; miners will have to buy their Ennumerations from Bouquinists.
  • Storage 200 item limit to be significantly increased.
  • A lot of other stuff.

Enjoy the game!

  1. Eulora coppers. []
  2. Total base value 3`683`000 ECU. []
  3. Total base value 1`166`800 ECU. []
  4. Total base value 538`000 ECU. []
  5. Total base value 401`600 ECU. []
  6. Total base value 862`720 ECU. []
  7. Total base value 49`949 ECU. []
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